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So idea: Thomas only falls for very few people but when he does he falls hard. He puts everything into his relationships and is crushed in almost every way when they don't work out. So when he meets Hamilton and there is this instant attraction, he is mean and stuff so he doesn't get his heart broken. But Alex is like an unstoppable wild fire that slowly burns all of Thomas. I should maybe just write a whole thing but I'm not very good at writing so hey jamilton for you! (also i love you sm)

Things about this that I love: Comparing Hamilton to fire because I legit love comparing him to the SUN
Thomas being  hopeless romantic
Things I don’t like about this: yousaying you’re not good at writing.

Even the smallest spark of positivity can spread like wild fire to everyone else you come across. It’s amazing what impact even the smallest acts of kindness can have on the quality of someone else’s day.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Sorry if someones done this already, but here’s a list of all the fe echoes characters ages:

Alm- 17
Celica- 17
Gray- 18
Tobin- 17
Kliff- 15 
Faye- 18
Lukas- 24
Silque- 19
Clair- 18
Clive- 27
Forsyth- 25
Python- 25
Luthier- 22
Mathilda- 28
Delthea- 13
Tatiana- 28
Zeke- 29
Mycen- 65
Mae- 17
Boey- 16
Genny- 15
Saber- 34
Valbar- 31
Leon- 24
Kamui- 28
Palla- 23
Catria- 20
Est- 16
Jesse- 24
Atlas- 20
Sonya- 25
Deen- 30
Nomah- 71
Conrad- 21

“So, Mom and Dad are gone for the night, so I thought I’d make you dinner!” My sister squealed excitedly. She was too cute for words when she came up with her brother/sister bonding ideas.

“That sounds really great. What are you going to make?” My eyes wandered her body as I waited for her answer. I could never get enough of my little sister.

“Chicken Stir Fry. One of your favorites!” She winked at me. I nodded, telling her how much I’d love her to cook me dinner, and she giggled and ran off to her room.

Twenty minutes later she returned. My eyes locked on her immediately. Her jeans were gone, but what remained were a very cute, very tight pair of panties. She wore a plain white t-shirt that clung to her skin. I could see how hard her nipples were underneath. And finally, thigh-high socks. She knows all my weaknesses by now. She walked by me towards the kitchen, giving me a sly glance and a wink.

She grabbed the small apron off the wall, tying it around herself. All it did was put more focus on her plump little ass. As she made her way through the kitchen, gathering ingredients and turning on the stove, all I could do was watch as her perfectly round bottom bounced with every step. I started to rub my cock through my jeans as I let my eyes wander. She glanced over to me occasionally, seeing the state she put me in, and smiling before returning her focus to the preparation of dinner.

I watched her as she cut the chicken, then placed the pieces in the hot frying pan. The sizzling chicken was enough to cover the sound of my footsteps as I snuck up behind her. I put my hand on her shoulder, startling her for a moment. “Hey! The kitchen is for chefs only! Get out of her” She mocked, but I didn’t leave. I brushed her hair off her shoulder, exposing her neck. I leaned down and pressed my lips against the sensitive skin. She moaned and closed her eyes, absentmindedly stirring the chicken. As I planted wet kisses all over her neck, one of her arms reached up, wrapping itself around my head. “Oh god that’s good…” she groaned as she ran her fingers through my hair. The hand holding the spatula slowed the more I kissed her, too distracted to keep stirring. And when my left hand crawled up her belly, under her shirt, and grasped one of her breasts, it fell from her hand, landing noisily on the floor. “Fuck…” she muttered as my hand groped her perky breast.

My right hand was rubbing her lower back, then slid it down, under the back of the panties. She gasped as my finger made its way down her crack, between her glorious cheeks. “Where do you want it…” I whispered into her ears. She bit her lower lip and moaned something under her breath. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.” I teased my finger against her puckered little hole.

“In my ass. Please, fuck my ass.” I pushed inside, which made her slap her hand down on the counter, supporting herself up as my finger invaded her asshole. “Oh god, fuck me!” She breathed. I started pumping my finger in and out of her ass, still kissing her neck and groping her breast, pinching and twisting her nipple. I saw her hand slide under her panties, and she started furiously rubbing her clit as I fingered her ass. “Oh god, you couldn’t have waited till after dinner?”

“No.” I said simply. “Cum for me.” My little sisters body began to shutter, and legs shaking. I put my arm around her waist, holding her up but still pumping my finger in her ass as she rubbed her pussy. She moaned in my arms, drooling as her orgasm spread through her body like a wild fire. Her thighs quivered and her ass squeezed around my finger as filth slipped from her mouth. “Shit, fuck… Fuck my ass, please!”

When she finally came down and was able to stand up on her own again, she turned to me, legs still shaking and unsteady. She smiled weakly at me and hugged me.

As I held my little sister in my arms, my nose picked up something that, in our lust haze, we hadn’t noticed until now. We both looked at the frying pan at the same time, and sighed. “We burned the chicken…” I said apologetically. “Sorry, sis.”

She just smiled. “It’s OK. We can just order out tonight.” She grabbed the pan, and set it down in the sink, and turned off the stove top. Grabbing the phone off the wall and handing it to me, she said “Here, you call. I’m thinking pizza. And while we wait for them to get here…” she reached her hand to the bulge in my jeans, rubbing it and licking her lips.

I just hope he payed for it. It was his fault after all. ;)

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Can you explain to me the just friends episode thing? Who was supposed to kiss? I'm sorry I'm so lost 😢

“Just Friends” was the first episode in cartoon history to feature mouth to mouth kisses between gay and lesbian couples.

there are at least 5 presented within the audience for the show.

And despite this lasting literally 15 seconds and not being very noticeable unless you were paying close attention…..people (As in, homophobic parents ) got angry about it.

It’s literally the most on the nose any disney cartoon has been with LGBT content and was immensely praised as it made cartoon history and put Disney on the map for possible future LGBT content within their shows.

However, as of recently, this episode has vanished off two of the most promenant sources of Disney in which to find them: Their TV Channel, and Their Official Site.

And the fandom believes this might be due to Disney finally cracking under pressure, and withdrawing this episode due to angry parents complaining about the kiss scene.

These episodes take months to make, Disney let this happen a long time ago, they knew controversy would happen, and suddenly months after it premiered and spread like wild-fire that disney made history, they seem like they might be either withdrawing this episode entirely…or pulling it out to censor it cause ppl are dicks.

Peter Quill (Star Lord) x Reader - A Royal Engagement (Rated M)

You’re a member of the Royal Family on your Planet. While your parents, the King and Queen are away on their travels, Peter Quill breaks into the Palace to steal the families treasured Jewels.

Little did he know the Princess was at home, never mind that he would fall so head over heels for you.

Warning - Breaking in, vulnerable reader, nakedness, kissing

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You're just a Cargo Pilot

“You only became a Fighter Pilot because I dropped out.”
Keith might as well have slapped him in the face.
Allura has spent the past few weeks, testing their strength, physically, emotionally, and as a team for Voltron. This however, was a result of pushing limits.
“Keith…” Hunk doesn’t know what more he can say to ease the tension.
“We are supposed to open up, and be able to trust each other. We can’t form Voltron if we are at each other’s throat.” Shiro mentions.
“He started it!” Lance throws a finger in Keith’s direction.
Lance tenses up when Shiro raises his voice. Keith isn’t lying. If it hadn’t been for his leave at the Garrison, Lance would still be a Cargo Pilot if anything, but just like Keith has his own reasons for leaving, Lance has special circumstances too.
“Maybe we should call it a day… I’m exhausted anyhow.” Hunk says, as he watches Lance tremble with hands in a fist.
“I agree. Paladins, we will have dinner then head to our rooms to rest before training again early in the morning.” Allura commands as she and Coran leave to prepare dinner.
“Not hungry.” Lance grits between closed teeth as he storms off to his room.
“He has never been much of a team player, I would know.” Pidge says, recalling the simulation training at the academy.
“Pidge, that not true…” Hunk tries to defend.
“What’s his problem anyways… we’re all busting our ass to form Voltron…”
“Why did you have to bring up the Garrisons?” Hunk interrupts.
“It’s true.” Keith Chides.
“It’s not.” Hunk challenges.
Hunk, doesn’t normally challenge head on, He doesn’t have trouble in taking commands and keeping his 2 cents to himself, so Shiro assumes that Hunk is only trying to protect Lance.
“He was sick.”
Pidge and and Shiro perk up at the information.
“What?” Pidge says, hoping Hunk will elaborate.
He looks to the floors, as if they have the answer…
“Lance is from a really big family, and it’s not like tuition for the Academy is cheap. He’s on.. Well he was on a scholarship…”
“Your telling me Lance is smart?” Pidge jokes.
Nobody is laughing.
“It was a Full ride as a Fighter Pilot, he just had to take the test and guarantee his spot by his second term. He studied a lot, kept asking me to help him in the library… and I dont know if I should keep talking?Can we just forget what I said?”
“Wait, I’m not following… what does a scholarship have to do with Being a Fighter Pilot or Keith?” Shiro says.
“Fighter pilots need to put in a certain amount of hours before graduating and there are only 24 seats in that class. Only one Pilot put in enough hours to graduate that term…. and that was you, Takeshi Shirogane.” Hunk and Shiro share looks.
“There was only one seat open. If Lance didn’t get in, they were going to strip him of his scholarship.
The only other person who was testing in that year was…” they both looked to Keith. “well you get the picture.
So we spent every night for 2 weeks training and studying, until he made himself sick. Right before the Physical Test, Lance collapsed. He was in the hospital for 2 days due to dehydration and what they said was a stress cold.
When he woke up, Lance said he was sure he was going to have to start packing his backs, but instead Sergent Iverson, came to congratulate him. He mentioned that Keith dropped out and even though Lance didn’t pass the physical, his test scores were almost perfect.”
There is a long pause, but Hunk continued.
“Rumors spread like a wild fire. As far as the academy knew, Lance only got in because Keith left, and yeah Lance knows that’s the case, but if he had a chance to do all over again…”
“Is this why he constantly feels like he need to compete with me?”
“I don’t know. It’s nothing against you Keith, but this whole rivalry thing he has with you, it doesn’t really make sense to any of us, but for him….he needs to know that he earned his seat in that class, Lance… at the garrison, he would never know if he could compete with you fairly.
Then all this happened.”
Hunk spread is arms wide and high.
“So… maybe what I’m trying to says is,
Are you sure that the only reason Lance became a Fighter Pilot, is because you left?

Just a Thought that has been lingering.
Please send me prompt and Asks… :)

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Clearly you have proven a Zelda Fire Emblem crossover would be perf. If Hoshido is Zora and Nohr is Rito then what is vallite?

This is so late and I’m so sorry! I had to draw this to accompany this answer because I love your question! Initially I thought that Vallites would be Hylians because… Well that’s the obvious one. But then I thought, hey as long as I’m doing what I want and having fun why not make them Gerudo instead?

The parallels that kind of cemented this decision were:

- Most notable Valliets you encounter in Fates are women

- Their king became a monster and is the driving force behind the conflict within the game.

- Said king has magic manipulation over the dead/monsters and creepy things like that.

My reasons: 

- Azura being an 8ft tall spear lady would be kick-ass

- Azura being able to deadlift Xander would be both hilarious and incredible

- I just love Azura a lot

Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part One?)

I know I usually write Teen Wolf fic, but I love Gotham so much. Are Imagines like this something you would be into? Warning this is quite long.

Y/N Gordon, what a name to live up to. You moved in with your uncle, after the death of you parents. You loved your him of course, but by no means were you anything alike. You had no interest in being the ‘hero’ of Gotham, if anything you were waiting for the city to crumble into non-existence. You weren’t always like this. But being forced to watch the murder of your parents, changed you. You cared about nothing- you were bored with life completely.

It was Wednesday, you and Uncle J had a tradition of eating takeout burgers in the police car during his lunch break. You had grown bored of it a long time ago, but you knew he needed it. Even if you both sat in silence, you were still together. But today stood out like no other. You were parked In an alleyway somewhere, when the police radio flicked on with urgency. “Jim, Jim are you there?” a voice spoke with panic. You looked at each other, before he responded. “Yeah, what’s the problem Harvey?” he asked. You slurped on your milkshake, awaiting the response. “The Maniax have been spotted downtown, you need to get here now!” he reported. “I’ll be there, I just need to drop off my niece” he told. “There’s no time Jim-” he began to say, followed by the faint sound of gun shots in the background. “Shit” your uncle muttered, before beginning to reverse out of the alleyway.

“Stay in the car!” Uncle J said firmly, knowing you had a problem with following authority. “Sure” you shrugged, looking at him with eyes that said otherwise. He huffed, before slamming the door shut behind him. He looked at you through the window and showed you his car keys, before putting child lock on, to prevent you from getting out. He smiled as you rolled your eyes at him, before following the sound of gun shots and shouting officers. You were sitting for no longer than 10 seconds, before you climbed into the driver’s seat and took out one of your earrings, before beginning to tamper with the mechanics of the vehicle. You then shoved the door open and slammed it shut behind you. Like hell, were you waiting in a police car for your uncle to return hours later. You walked along the sidewalk, away from the sound of shooting and screams. You found yourself in an empty street, as the breeze hit your skin. You took a second to spin around and embrace the feeling. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself looking up at the roof of a building. You could see someone with bright hair and an Arkham Asylum uniform on. They appeared to be fixated on you and you couldn’t seem to look away either. He began pointing a gun towards you, but you couldn’t move. Not out of fear, but curiosity. That’s when you heard more gunshots and shouting coming closer towards you. “They went this way” you heard Harvey shout. You looked away from the rooftop when you felt someone grab your shoulder. “What did I tell you Y/n!” your Uncle shouted, pulling you away. “I was bored” you shrugged, with no emotion. “Did you see where they went?” Harvey asked, joining the pair of you. “Where who went?” you asked with false naivety. “Jerome Valeska and the other whackjobs” he added. You thought for a second, before giving your response. “No” you replied laconically. He sighed before nodding and heading off down the street. Jim guided you back to the car, you climbed in willingly, sensing the annoyance radiating from. “Stay” he ordered, and this time you complied. He then slammed the door shut and also headed off. “Jerome Valeska” you repeated.

Your uncle returned to the car, after about an hour or so. You were on the verge of falling asleep, but you soon brightened up as he sat in the drivers seat. The car journey was silent for about ten minutes, before you reluctantly broke the silence. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, looking down at your nails. He simply raised his eyebrows, as a sign for you to continue. “I shouldn’t have left the car, it was irrational and stupid” you added. “Apology accepted” he returned, smug of you admitting defeat. “Did you find him- and the others” you quickly added the last part. “No” he said with clear disappointment. “What did they do?” you asked. “They made a statement, using seven innocent lives to do it” he didn’t want to tell you, but he knew you wouldn’t drop it until he did. “Why?” you pried. “Insanity Y/n, it makes a person do the craziest things” he spoke. You took that as an indication for you to stop asking questions, but by no means did you stop thinking about the insane criminals, about the boy with the bright hair.

It had been a week since you saw him, and the news of the terror group was spreading around Gotham like wild fire. You were the only person at your school who didn’t seem to be petrified by the thought. You were sitting on the school bus, due to your uncle taking away your own car keys as punishment. You prepared yourself for a long and boring journey, but the events that followed were anything but that.

You were surrounded by all the preppy losers, who were meeting up for their traditional meal, before a big game. You sat down on a seat on your own and rolled your eyes, after having no other choice but to hear them practice their cheers and chants. You hadn’t taken the bus since Freshman year and even you knew the bus was taking an abnormally long time to drive off. You opened the window and lit up a cigarette, ignoring the fake coughs from the annoyed cheerleaders, who were certainly convinced you were going to give them blood poisoning. Screams and cries soon began to erupt, from the front of the bus, making its way along. You glanced to the front, seeing a familiar figure. It was him. Before he began to speak, an accomplice of his began to cuff you all to the chairs. You were cuffed by a half-wit, still holding the burning cigarette in your hand. “Give me an O” Jerome shouted with amusement, beginning to pace down the bus. The students around you immediately complied, with shaky voices. “Give me a H” he continued. You simply lifted your hands to your mouth, having another puff on the toxic paper. “Give me a N” he added, reaching you. You looked at him, with no sign of fear or obedience. “Give me a N” he leant down and breathed on your neck. You simply turned to face him and blew your smoke into his face. He quickly jolted up, causing the other students to flinch and whimper. “I know who you are” he worked out. Before giving that unforgettable laugh of his. You watched in complete amassment. “You’re Officer Jim Gordon’s daughter” he claimed dramatically, as if he was giving a performance. “Niece” you corrected. He titled his head, surprised by your disobedience, as opposed to your bravery. “Why didn’t you tell them where I was? You could have saved your own life, as well of all of your peers” he once again grew closer to you. “You could have shot me then, and saved yourself if I did tell them where you were” you equally retort. He grabbed your chin and titled your head, staring into your eyes. He searched them, looking for any sign of emotion and found none. He smirked, before letting go and making his way back to the front of the bus.

Meanwhile, your Uncle and Harvey worked at the station, stuck in an endless pile of new leads and paperwork. That’s when they got the phone call. “Y/n’s on that bus” his eyes widened, as he slammed down the phone and grabbed his keys from his desk. Jerome grabbed the hose, filled with gasoline. “Give me a H” he finished. Your classmates once again complied. “What’s that spell?” he asked mockingly. “Oh No” they all answered. Shit. You threw your lit cigarette out of the window, as he began to spray gasoline all over the bus. He moved up and down all of the seats, spraying each person individually. That was until he reached you. “Anything to say?” he asked you casually, while holding the hose over the person behind you, drowning them in the liquid. “I’ve never been one for cliché last words” you retaliated sarcastically, looking away from him. “How about now?” he asked, now holding a gun to your head. “Shoot me” you said fearlessly, still refusing to pay him attention. You were the only person not coated in gasoline. 

Jerome stood outside, holding a lighter. He then gave a speech to his accomplices, as Uncle J and the other officers began to arrive. He threw the lighter on the ground, after realising it wasn’t working. “Anyone got a light?” he teased, as if he had all the time In the world. He then smirked, after seeing the lit cigarette on the ground. “She can finish this one” he grinned, throwing it onto the trail of gasoline, heading towards the bus, before making a quick escape. Jim entered the bus, getting into the drivers seat. He then proceeded to move the bus to safety, narrowly avoiding the flames. He sighed and the screams come to a halt, being replaced with cries of relief. “Everybody okay?” he asked, before turning around to the terrified students. They muttered their responses, still in complete shock. Uncle J then stood up in adrenaline and made his way over to your seat. The only empty seat. “Where’s Y/n?” he practically whispered, scared to hear the answer. “Where is Y/N!? He repeated, shouting this time. There was almost silence on the bus, before someone spoke up. “They took her- he took her” a voice answered in distain.

Part Two? Let me know if you want this to continue as a Jerome Valeska series x

Here is why Doyle’s death meant so much to me,

The man was never meant to lead, he even fainted at the sight of authority and guns, he was terrified of Locus to a degree. Yet, over the course of the trilogy we see him become assertive, we see him taking chances he knows are dangerous, we see him grow by leaps and bounds.

He isn’t like Kimball. His strength is different from hers. She is a flash flood, taking everything with her, her power coming in strong and fiercely after a sudden storm - no one able to stop her until she runs out. He is like a wild fire spreading through the forest, slowly at first, needing oxygen and fuel to grow - yet, if someone had put out his fire in the beginning he would have gone out before he was able to grow, but now he is unstoppable.

Donald Doyle there in the end was simply unstoppable. He was going to do whatever it took to save his people and Kimball’s people.

And in the end. With enemy soldiers threatening him. Donald Doyle did not faint, nor did he try to talk them out of harming him. No, he stood firm, even calmly misquoting Shakespeare.

His fire was put out, but his embers left behind were still burning in the end. He was just that unstoppable. 

Make Her A Stark~Part 1 - Robb Stark x Reader

Hey so I started watching Game Of Thrones instead of revising and, although I am only on season two (I know almost everyone dies and my heart will break), I have written a 2 part Robb stark imagine and I have begun a Jon Snow imagine. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if things aren’t accurate I am new to the fandom. This doesn't follow the events of the show. Let me know what you think, please!!!


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You shivered profoundly as you clutched at your coat. You had been in Winterfell for only a few weeks on you fathers orders, to be Lady Catelyn’s ward as your father and brothers were too busy to be dealing with your ‘woman’s antics’.

You were not used to the cold and each breath seemed to burn your lungs a little as your skin was constantly covered in goose pimples. You missed the heat and you could never seem to find warmth, even with your new clothes and furs. Winter was coming and you had no idea how you would manage then.

You could feel your own body slowly becoming tired and ill but you had to remain well, you could not embarrass yourself in front of your hosts. You father had been trying to make connections with the Starks for years and, although nothing had been said officially, you had a feeling your father sent you here for another reason other than to get you away. Not wanting to give him any other reason to hate you other than you being his only, unwanted daughter and youngest child.

You were attempting to cross the courtyard to the main hall to see Lady Stark when you could feel yourself swaying a little and almost stumble before a layer of large furs being draped over your shoulders and a strong arm gripping yours firmly.

“Are you okay, milady?” You looked up into Robbs blue eyes wearily,

“Of course my lord,” you lied, “I am needed by your mother so I must take my leave…” You tried to shrug away from his furs and pardon yourself but he wouldn’t let you escape him,

“Lady (y/n), You are becoming ill you need rest,” he pulled his coats further over you,

“And you need your furs, you will freeze”

“I am used to the temperatures,” He smiled kindly at you. That smile could truly thaw you. Despite his eyes being the colour of ice, they were warm and his touch would linger on your body leaving a different kind of warmth like a lasting tingle. You would not be able to deny your attraction to the oldest Stark boy who was just one year older than you. “(y/n),” he addressed you without your title for once, making you listen, “If you do not return to your room and allow me to get a nurse I shall carry you myself. My mother can wait I am sure.” His words of kindness and caring made your heart pang, with a little hope that maybe your silly little crush was reciprocated.

“I shall return after seeing your mother, I promise.” You returned his smile but he frowned.

“No, milady, you shall return now and that is an order.” His still firm grip on your arm moved you around and almost dragged you to your chambers that were considerably large compared to the closest you father had stuffed you in. You sighed at the warmth given off by the fire as Robb guided you to sit by it carefully. As you reached the chair you almost collapsed again from exhaustion only to have Robbs strong arms wrap around you - that in its self, made your head spin even more than it was.

Catching you as delicately as he could he picked you up effortlessly, calling for a guard to fetch a nurse as he carried you to your bed, laying you down on the sheets and raising your head to cradle it. You few weeks here had left him in a daze around you. You were the fairest lady he had ever seen and you care for his younger sisters and your need to help his mother and family so much meant he couldn’t help but admire you.

He and yourself had often taken little walks around Winterfell, more often when you first arrived rather than now but you had only ever really spoken formally, all 'milady’ this and 'milady’ that and that is what annoyed him a little about you, you were so focused on doing well for and proving yourself to your horrible, male-heir-obsessed father that you wouldn’t allow yourself to enjoy anything. He had thoroughly enjoyed being with you and he wanted you to see that but he could never seem to get through to you.

Little did he know that really, you wanted to let him in too. You were just afraid Lady Stark would, at some point, send you back to you family and back to your sheltered life as a disgrace to your brothers. You adored Robb and that was the truth, but formally, you were here for his mother. Informally, your heart would always be here for Robb.

He had been hoping to speak to his mother himself earlier when he had seen you stumbling in a sick state, not thinking twice about throwing his own source of warmth around your shivering body. He knew you were not coping being in the cold as opposed to the heat you were used to. He had watched you for days as you continued along with your life, trying to ignore it and simply stay out of the way.

Seeing you so sick, unable to hold yourself made a part of him hurt. He had so badly wanted to hold you and comfort you and take care of you, he never imagined he would have to see the girl he had fallen for so quickly and hard in such discomfort with such a fever. His feelings had grown quickly like wild fire. The way you were selfless yet could look out for yourself, the way you tied your hair back while focusing, the way you held yourself at formal events and then seeing you afterwards so relaxed.

Your sweats had begun to set in and your (e/c) eyes had fluttered shut just as two nurses rushed in before stopping before him,

“Lord Stark,” they bowed their heads a little,

“Help her, treat her as a Stark.” He ensured, his worry had set in and now he wanted nothing more than you to be awake and well so he could hold you again in a better circumstance. He still cradles your head in his lap when a nurse began to usher him away,

“A lord should never see such a lady indisposed,” she almost spat at him rather rudely but in a mad worry to make her well, he left squeezing her hand one final time before grabbing his sword and heading outside.

He had forgotten to take his furs but you had needed them more than him so they remained around you fragile body as he hacked away at a target with his blade. The way the healer woman had referred to you as 'such a woman’ troubled him. He had demanded she be treated like a stark yet she referred to you as an outsider. Yes, you belonged to another family but if he had just been able to speak with his mother earlier he could have gotten her to discuss a courtship. He would happily make her a Stark over any other woman in the land.

cheerleader | jughead jones x reader

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written by: yours truly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

anonymous said: if you write smut, could you do a jugheadxreader where like in ‘hypnotized’ he’s got “cheerleader kink” or something but like he’s dating the reader and he goes to pick her up after cheerleading practice but he gets there early and he walks in the gym to see her dancing to the routine and gets flustered and they have sex in the locker rooms? if you don’t write smut could you just hint towards it at the end?? thanks so much

chapter song: focus // ariana grande

warnings: mild smut

jughead’s pov

i walk toward the gym, helmet in hand as i stroll through the halls of riverdale high. my girlfriend had asked me to pick her up from practice so i decided to surprise her and turn up early.

i was hoping to catch a glimpse of her in her river vixen facade. something about her in her uniform and cheering made me feel some type of way.

i just couldn’t get enough of it.

the loud speakers rang through the school as i neared the door, the music growing louder with every step. pushing on the door the music fills your eyes clearer than before.

♫"i can tell you’re curious, it’s written on your lips. ain’t no need to hold it back, go head and talk your shit"♫

i sneak toward the back trying to stay out of sight as i searched the crowd for y/n until my eyes land on her, in the middle of the formation, that’s my, girl i smirked to myself, leaning against the gym wall.

i watched her dance her best, flicking her hair behind her shoulder as she moved along with the beat. her hips grinding in an agonising manner.

her uniform, or therefore the lack of, drove me crazy. watching as she flips and dances, her skirt seems to spin showing off a little of what i seemed to yearn for.

♫"let’s find a light inside our universe now, where ain’t nobody keep on holding us down. just come and get it, let them say what they say.“♫

♫” ‘cause im about to put them all away, woooo"♫

a smirk creeps on my face as i watch her totally outshine the HBIC also known as miss cheryl blossom. i had seen y/n cheer on many occasions and i always saw that she possessed more talent than the red head.

the only thing holding her back from captain spot was the lack of blossom for a last name. everyone knew it- even cheryl-

she made her work harder than any of the oyhrt girls and took every opportunity she could to discredit her. that made her feel anything less than amazing.

unfortunately i always seemed to be the root of all of cheryl’s hideous jealously. dating a southside serpent was frowned upon for anyone living on the northside.

let alone a socialite river vixen as beautiful as y/n. some would say it was a crime that she could do better that. she deserved better.

out of all the things i knew - call me selfish but i was in love with her and i didn’t want anyone to have the chance to treat her anything above what i was.

♫"focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me, wooooo. focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me wooooo.“♫

♫"focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me, wooooo. focus on me, fuh, fuh, focus on me wooooo.“♫

♫"focus on me, ooooh yeah"♫

a smile spreads like wild fire on my face as they finish their number. all the girls seeming to bend over in defeat and exhaustion, my girlfriend on the other hand…

she continued to practice. i push myself off the wall walking toward the group clapping my hands, gaining the attention of the whole squad.

a hot headed cheryl turns to y/n a scowl on her face “this is a closed practice” she spits.

not even that can steal the grin on her face as she rushes toward me throwing her arms around my neck as mine dart to her waist wrapping around tightly as her feet leave the floor.

we join our lips in a long heated kiss, the whole gym staring at the two of us.

i pull back, grinning, placing y/n back on the ground. we turn and watch the blossoms face turn as red as her hair. she giggles into my chest fiddling with the ends of my leather jacket.

“practice is over!” cheryl yells flicking her hair off her tall shoudlers and storming out of the gym, minions at her hip.

“thanks for coming to get me” she purs pecking my lips. i kissed back. my arm slung around her waist. “wait is that your helmet? oh my you bought your bike?!” she squeals.

i rolled my eyes bring my lip between her teeth “sure is- you wanna go for a ride?”. she smirks nodding her head furiously.

“lets go”.

she laces her soft hands with mine and pulls me out of the gym and toward the front of the school. her small skirt swishing in the light wind.

she releases my hand as she rushes toward my bike, circling around it with a wild smirk on her face as she runs her hand along the seat to the handles.

“do i get to wear the jacket?” she teased and i roll my eyes crossing my leather clad arms over my chest. i retort with a cute shake of the head.

“fine- you always looked better with it anyway” she flirts swinging her leg over the bike straddling the seat, her tiny skirt rising to show of her long legs.

i lick my lips heading toward the motorbike jumping on, feeling her shift on the bike, shuffling toward me as she pulls herself flush against my back.

“you good babe?” i ask the girl, trying to distract myself from the warm body pressed against my own.

“let’s go baby” she teases fiddling with my collar before wrapping her soft arms around my waist, securing herself.

i speed off and out of the school parking lot. planning on taking the long way home, i wanted to show y/n the scenic view of riverdale. there was something so different about the view from a motorbike.

the absence of y/n’s hands from my waist is noticed in an instant, i furrow my brows getting ready to turn to make sure the cheerleader was still on the back of my bike when she places her hand on my thigh.

almost swerving off the road at the sudden contact, her warm hands massaging my inner thigh, enough for me to imagine the growing heat between her two long legs.

i tense under her touch cussing out loud as i crave her touch. “y/n baby” i groan as she works her way over my crotch.

i can hear her giggle as she brushes over my bulge bucking her hips against my back.

gripping the handles, my knuckles turning white as i try to focus on the open road, cussing i miss the turn off and speed toward the southside.

i need to get the hell off this bike.

her hands work their way over my bulge, every stroke sending me closer and closer to the edge.

i can feel her laughter vibrate through my chest as she brings her legs up over my own.

the engine hums underneath us as we rapidly approach the trailer, her legs wrapping around me as her hips rock into me pulling my focus from the road.

i moan as her hands move faster, removing one hand and gripping onto her thigh, trying to release some of the built up sexual frustration.

the trailer comes into sight and i skid infront. y/n’s grip tightens her hands shooting from my lap to my chest clinging to me as the bike comes to a screeching halt.

i move swiftly off the bike turning to see a blush creeping up on y/n’s face. taking one look at the gorgeous river vixen on the back of my bike i lick my lips.

she turns on the seat, dangling her legs in front of me, parting them ever so slightly.

charging forward i crash my lips onto hers, my hands gripping at her thighs and tugging the beautiful girl into me. her legs wrapping around my waist.

i pull her onto my hips, off the bike and into the house throwing her down on the bed.

my eyes scan her body as she fiddles with the tiny blue skirt “so are you going to help me out of this uniform or am i going to have to do it myself?”

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15 things JK Rowling could include to treat Native people and culture respectfully:

1.       Don’t make the centerpiece of the story about a boarding school. If you’re white you probably don’t know this but, boarding schools were used to genocide Natives for centuries.

2.       Bother to do some research on the cultures you’re trying to write about. Natives are not simple. They are complex and deep. In some ways much more so than the European colonizers.

3.       Natives had the most advanced and sophisticated government structures in the world at the time. International war laws, reverse hierarchical federalized democracies, independent economic entities, the clan systems, the most expansive road and trade networks in the world, the list goes on just do some reading.

4.       Don’t diminish or dismiss the natives as backward or simple in the fiction either. JKR decided that natives don’t use wands for magic and stuff because they don’t do specific or focused magic, that’s racist nonsense.

5.       Natives would do some wild shit like Onondaga fire magic or Aztec surgical stuff. There were Mixtec oracles and mystics who cut the flesh from their face and replaced it with gems, that shit is metal.

6.       The wand thing could be replaced with turquoise gem totems, or obsidian magic knives or some shit like that. Taking the tools away from them is dehumanizing imagery.

7.       Don’t mess around with pipes or anything like that. You’re white JKR, you’re white.

8.       If you have a character run away into the woods in Massachusetts, she is gonna run right into Native cities. Don’t pretend that America is this open uninhabited nature reserve. That wasn’t true and it is racist.

9.       Don’t pretend that American societies are going to be as backward and prejudiced as other places. Most American languages didn’t have gendered pronouns. American cultures did not have the institutional patriarchal bullshit or homophobia. We would probably be pretty accepting of people that could do magic.

10.   There should be magical clans… that sounds dope.

11.   There should be magical schools already and there could be a really cool plot about protecting them from the Spanish and the English.

12.   They should not be schools as much as campus communities, workshops instead of classes. The predecessors to the Cherokee would create communities and give them a purpose, which was a practice common throughout North America. There would be a half-dozen schools the size of massive cities centered around dope pyramids like Cahokia.

13.   Magic using medicine men would come to villages to teach the citizens that couldn’t leave or something like that.

14.   Instead of skinwalkers which are too specific and appropriationy, try something like the Witiko, which is about cannibalism and evil deeds freezing your heart or something (fluctuates according to region). Could very easily be related to evil magic users.

15.   The basic thing I think is to do some research and maybe ask some natives before you try shit like this.

To be clear for some white people who think I’m being sensitive or something. First off, fuck you, the second thing is JK Rowling is trying to make a shit ton of money with this. And she will so she should at least not contribute to the immolation and genocide of Native peoples at the same time.

Extra Credit: Part 2

“What are you doing Y/N?!” Mr. Im practically shrieks.  

You realize that you just made a huge mistake. This could expel you from school. He could report you. What were you thinking? You literally attacked his lips.

Mr. Im began to speak with a shaken voice,“Y/n… I… uhh… well.. you see, I am a teacher. Although you kissed me first, I am sorry that I responded and promoted it…” 
There was a 15 second silence and he started again. “I will continue teaching you till the end of this school year and I will not be awkward. I would like to have a professional relationship. I will not bring this up to anyone.”

You open your mouth to speak but he walks out quickly and you are just standing in the teachers lounge awkwardly, with your mouth open. A fly could fly right inside your wide open mouth. You are appalled at yourself. He was very professional and awkward. He was surprised and so were you. Just last week you said to yourself that he was not hot and now you couldn’t control yourself and you kissed him. You had no self-control. You felt so immature. But that muscle tee he was wearing… how could you resist? He shouldn’t be wearing that around students you thought to yourself. You’ve never noticed his arms before because he was always covering them with coats and dress shirts. You noticed in class that he had two moles above his left eye. You noticed he always smelt like cologne and even though you hated the smell of strong cologne, he had this aroma that made you so attracted to him. He smelt like a mixture of roses and cinnamon. What a weird combination to enjoy. As your standing in the teachers lounge, you realize that you unconsciously noticed him and started to feel attracted to him this past week. But you’re just a little high schooler for crying our loud. He clearly would never be attracted to you. Today you realized that you ruined your chance with him for practically attacking his lips. Hahahhaha but wait. You never had a chance to begin with, you thought to yourself. “I’m just a little high schooler” you whispered under your breath. 

A tear trickled down your face and you can’t believe your crying over such a stupid situation. Youre crying over a man that you think smells like roses and cinnamon. You barely knew him and he just became your teacher last week. But there’s something about him that made him so irresistible.And you’re just noticing now. Im Jaebum. 

You wipe your tears and exit the room. You drive back home even though you should be working for the hallway decorations. You plop right in your bed and take a nap. A couple hours later you hear your phone ringing and you grab it and answer it without looking who it may be. It was your friend Jackson Wang. 

You met Jackson in freshman year and you sat together at lunch. You guys had the latest lunch period that year and no one else sat at your table because all your friends and his friends had lunch earlier in the day. He became your friend instantly and he always came to lunch with funny jokes and gossip from school. Because of him, you found out your three week boyfriend was cheating on you. He is your best friend and it is an innocent friendship. Nothing more you thought…

“Y/N, it’s me Jackson. I’m outside your house now and you told me Thursday you didn’t feel like driving to the school at night and i even offered to take you but now you’re not even answering the door”

“What Jackson? I was sleeping. What time is it?” 

“It’s 7:30 the stupid dance already started” 

You agreed it was a stupid dance but as a class president you had to attend. Jackson called it a stupid dance but you know that he secretly loved going because he could gather all the gossip of the school, who’s cheating on who, who’s fighting with who. It was the perfect place for him to gather his gossip. If you ever told him you kissed Mr. Im, it would spread like wild fire throughout the school. Even though you were his best friend, he couldn’t let that gossip get away even if it hurt you and your reputation.

“I’m comin downstairs to unlock the door and then I need to get ready. Come upstairs and plug in my straightener”

You went downstairs and greeted jackson then he followed you to your room and was plugging your straightener in like you asked him to. You quickly grabbed the dress you set out on your chair the previous night and went to the bathroom and brushed your teeth since you just woke up from a nap. Wow your hair looked disgusting and your makeup was ass. You ran outside the bathroom with the dress on and you looked like a crying girl who got dumped at a high school dance. Your makeup from school was all over your face and your mascara was coming down your face because you rubbed your eyes during your nap. Jackson stared at you and started laughing hysterically at the sight of you. 

“Shut up Jackson” you said as you took the hair tie out of your hair. 
“Straighten my hair like the good ol freshman days when you used to come over and I wanted to look perfect for my first freshman dances” you said with a laugh. 
Those were good times. When you and Jackson would hang out and he would burn your ear with the straightener and help you get ready. You didn’t want to straighten your hair back then because your hair was too long and you were too lazy to do it. But Jackson offered to for the first high school dance and it became a habit. Every time you guys had a dance to go to or you needed to look presentable somewhere, he would straighten it for you because he thought it was fun and he would kiss your cheek and laugh every time he burnt your ear. Even though you hated the fact he actually burned your ear, it was always fun with him by your side. That’s what a real best friend is, someone who straightens your hair for fun with no complaints.
He finishes straightening your hair and you go to fix your makeup because it still looked horrid. You fiercely put the deodorant on your arm pits and sprayed perfume and you finally looked like you were ready. Your dress was a tight red spaghetti strap dress.  

“Awh look at baby Y/N growing up”  

“Awh look at Jackson not growing up and still looking like a 10 year old boy who hasn’t hit puberty”

“Very funny but I don’t look like that and you know it. Also, why were you sleeping? You never take naps! I was wondering why you didn’t answer my calls and where are your parents?” Jackson said in a nagging voice. 

“You sound like a teacher yelling at me for sleeping in their class for the first time and then asking where my parents are so you could complain to them about me” you said.  

“Yup that’s my job. The nagging annoying teacher that you love” Jackson said. 

You thought about his words. “Nagging annoying teacher that you love.” Well, Mr. Im doesn’t nag but you sure love him. Oh no. Why were you thinking about Mr. Im again. 
Jackson drove you guys to the school again and you saw the decorations at the dance. Oh shoot. All the decorations you never helped with. You didn’t really care. Your goal for the night was to not run into Mr. Im and you knew for sure he would be there because he was a class advisor and chaperone. And of course he would be there because he was in charge of decorations for tonight. You met with your friends and Jackson’s friends. Your group consisted of Amber, Nicole, Irene, and Wendy. Jackson’s group consisted of Mark, Bambam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom. You guys all danced with each other but then “All I wanna do” by Jay Park came on and everyone started twerking and grinding. Jackson was grinding on Amber and you were grinding on Yugyeom. While you were dancing you felt a pair of eyes on you and you looked up and saw Mr. Im staring at you and Yugyeom from afar. Mr. Im locked eyes with you and smirked. You blushed and turned away. You looked into Yugyeom’s eyes and he asked you what was wrong because he saw the panic in your eyes.

“Oh nothing Yugyeom hahahah why are you even asking? I’m fine” 

Besides that awkward situation, the rest of the night was fine and you returned to school on Monday. Mondays are always the shittiest but it really got shitty when it was Mr. Im’s class. 
“Hello class I hope you had a fun weekend. I was at the dance because I was chaperoning and other things such as decorations blah blah blah and I know a few individuals were really wilding” Mr. Im said to the class but looked you and smirked.  

Why was he being so awkward and weird you thought to yourself. He was the one that said he would be normal. 

The school year went by and it was already Decmeber. During that time, it got less awkward with Mr. Im and he started making jokes with you and your class. Occasionally he would make fun of your short height. You remember one time there was a picture of a washing machine on the TV screen he was teaching from. How did washing machines have to relate to History anyway? You dont even remember what he was talking about the washer. You told your friend jokingly “I could fit inside in a washing machine” Mr. Im heard you and laughed at you. He said to you, “why would you need to go in a washing machine? You are already shrunk” Wow what a good one. 

He made those jokes occasionally and teased you. Every time he passed out worksheets, he accused you of writing novels for short responses and made fun of you in front of the entire class. 
"This nerd over here wrote an essay for these short questions” he said.  

During a test one time, you didnt want to get the question wrong but you were stuck between two choices. You asked him and he whispered in your ear “dont think too much honey” and you didn’t want to think it was flirting but when you told your friend Wendy, she told you it was. But he really was less awkward and more of a regular teacher now. You still found him very attractive of course. I mean.. who wouldn’t find Im Jaebum smoking?  

A few weeks later, you were walking in the hallways during your free class and you saw Mr. Im at the other end of the hallway. 

“Hey shortie” he screamed. 

“Hi Mr. Im” you said with a quiver in your voice because you really didn’t wanna deal with his taunting. 

You walked towards him and he looks at you and smiles genuinely at you. His smile is so sweet. You wanted to kiss him again. Nahhh you really need to stop thinking about that.  

“Y/N, I know we had a rough start but I really need someone to babysit my kid today after school because I have a school district meeting. I am asking you because all the other students i have asked have some sport practice after school today and I only trust you and your brains you nerd.”

Oh look, Mr. Im is back at making fun of people’s brains and calling you a nerd. Wait, did he just say kid? WHAT KID ? Kid? He’s married?! What kid? 
Your eyes darted towards his ring finger and you saw it was empty.

 He noticed your sudden eye movements.  

“I’m not married. My ex-girlfriend left me.” he said in a low voice.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first fanfiction and I think you can see where I am going with this baby sitter teacher thing… I have a lot of mistakes because I didn’t even proof read this. Sorry! I am just so lazy. I plan on writing smut for this series but it won’t be in the beginning chapters because I need to build up the relationship with Jaebum and Y/N. Yesterday I had 15 followers and today I have 50 followers. Thank you so much for being interested in this fanfic. I am such an amateur.

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