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While rummaging through a box he found in the attic, England uncovers some old photos, along with old memories.

(These took so long to make, I hope you guys like them! I was trying to put subtle stuff in the photos to try and tell a story, I’ve never done it before so it was good practice! I might end up writing something for this if I decide to stop being lazy.)

aint it wild how you could read about all the crimes committed by the US government from like a middle school library computer connected to wikipedia, like it’s so casually there 

tumblr is just so adhd conforming?? random posts ranging from scientific wikipedia like articles to posts full of humor that’s so obscure and incomprehensible to outsiders? like that’s our brains in its most default setting right there. you never know what you’re gonna get, neither with us nor this hell website

Positive things about the signs
  • Aries: You have this positive energy and are a really fun person to be around. You make most people happy and you're great at complimenting people. Nobody feels bored around you specially because you know how to party and make everything super fun. You're really fun.
  • Taurus: You definitely give the best and most fun presents. You can make smallest things look so much worth it with all the love and time you worked on the present to make it meaningful and beautiful. Your doors are always open for those in need and you can make your home feel like home to others. You're really kind.
  • Gemini: You have a great sense of humour and make almost everyone around you laugh. If someone is having a gloomy day you can make them forget all their sorrows and misery with your jokes and charming personality. You're definitely the best first date (and ofc more dates ;)) for people because you can make awkward situations almost funny and make people forget that few minutes ago things were awkward. You have a great smile. You make people feel all fuzzy and warm.
  • Cancer: You're someone people find easy to rant to. Probably because you're a great listener and try your best to support people when they're feeling blue. If someone would call you in the middle of the night and ask you to come over, because they're not feeling so good, you will be there with ice cream and you're ready to let the person spill all what is troubling them. You don't judge people and try to give people a chance. You really do have a heart made out of gold.
  • Leo: You're really loving and caring to those you love. You're generous and try your best to make people comfortable. People find you soothing and super charming. You're just a big kitty who wants to hug everyone, except those who hurt people you care about, then you roar!
  • Virgo: If someone stands up for their friends that would be you. Nobody can hurt the ones you love, that's just not going to happen on your watch! You make people feel really secure and you bring people comfort. If someone wants to watch a movie you might not be all that interested in, you watch it anyway, but of course discuss it heavily afterwards ;). You have the ability to discuss about things without making it an argument. You're a peace maker.
  • Libra: You're great at comforting people and make them forget their sorrows, however people who hurt you or your friends you don't let go so easily. Nobody can get get away with being mean! You easily charm people and you show most people kindness and try your best to be understanding and forgiving. You're really sweet.
  • Scorpio: You're really ambitious, if you have laid your eyes on some specific goal you try everything in your power to make it happen, no matter what! Since you have such a strong will power a lot of people look up to you and admire you. You're loyal to your friends and family and almost nothing can change that. You're sort of like a fluffy ambitious dog!
  • Sagittarius: You're almost always in a good mood. Like wow all Sagittarius' I know are always smiling! Everyone around you will sooner or later start smiling because you bring such positive aura. You stand up for people even those you don't know very well because you believe in justice. And you can be really convincing let me tell you that.
  • Capricorn: You're really passionate about things you love and give it your all into almost everything you do. You're really friendly and people flock around you, it's really hard to not like you.
  • Aquarius: You're really smart, like a wikipedia woah! If it's about a random fact you'll know about it. You love teaching people around you and people really appreciate you for it. Almost no one sees an Aquarius mad because you almost never are. You're really chill and people find it cozy to be with you.
  • Pisces: You have a really strong personality. It's hard to forget about you. Just like Scorpio you are very ambitious and try to make it to the top. You'll definitely succeed in everything you put your heart to because you're really strong. Don't forget that!

i can’t believe i just saw some wannabe feminist complaining that diana’s storyline was too much about steve…. you wouldn’t say that about lois and clark right? but of course female character can’t be strong and badass and still have love interest

give me a break

2tired2care  asked:

Pst hi I LOVE YOUR FICS you have no idea how much they give me life <3 <3 I came across this really cute (and frankly heartbreaking) AU: "[burgler gently wakes me] you live like this?" (stolen from a post I saw on fb) and I kinda just need Stiles to do everything he can to make Derek's life better? THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

It IS frankly heartbreaking… which means I’m totally into it.

(now also on AO3!)


Derek definitely went to sleep alone. He always does, these days. It doesn’t explain why he drifts awake in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone lightly poking his shoulder.

It’s probably not a good sign that when he opens his eyes and sees a gangly teenage boy in a red hoodie and grubby-looking black fingerless gloves standing over him, he doesn’t startle. His claws don’t come out; his eyes don’t flash. He just feels… resigned.

“You live like this?” the guy says, soft. Almost pitying. “I mean. You actually live here?”

That seems too obvious, not to mention too insulting, to merit a response. “What are you doing here?” Derek asks instead. His voice comes out low and rough. This is the first time in days he’s had any reason to say anything. “This is private property.”

The guy shifts on his feet and sticks his hands under his armpits uncomfortably. “Okay, straight to the awkward questions. I like that.”

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Language Learning Styles

You can have 1 or more styles combined, that depends on what you like or works for you. I tried to think of every style that i know.

Ant Style

The person who has this style is most probably that organized langblr who actually knows what they are doing. They have certain periods of time when they study and nothing can disturb their routine. 

How to know if you have this style? Easy, do you know when you’re done with studying your language? If you just thought of a period of time and what you are doing in this period, you’re an ant.

How to become an ant learner: take an agenda and make a schedule, a very detailed one. You write down everything, from what you study to for how long and with what (duo, flashcards, notebooks etc.)

p.s. This learns take everything seriously, their notes are probably goals, perfection is written everywhere and they work hard, too hard maybe.

Sloth Style

This is the entire opposite of the ant learners. Masters of procrastination, but somehow they know the language better than some ants? 

How to know if you have this style?  Ask yourself what plans you have tomorrow, if the answer is “sleeping” or “no idea”, congrats, you’re a sloth.

How to become a sloth learner: Hakuna Matata. 

p.s. this kind of learners prefer to immerse themselves, they prefer watching movies, listening to music, looking at others how they explain and they observe everything, they don’t have notebooks, they are spontaneous. (that’s why they are awake at 3am playing on duo most probably.

Panda Style 

This style is a combination of a sloth and an ant. They procrastinate like 20 hours and in the last 4 they can finish a duo tree, talk with Nth natives and finish Grey’s Anatomy in their target language. 

How to know if you have this style? Ask yourself if you know what you’re doing tomorrow. If you said "studying” but you have no idea what or how, you just won the Bamboo Reward of the year.

How to become a panda learner: Procrastinate at a medium level, learn using both, textbooks and games, movies, comics (fun stuff).

p.s. they are hardcore, they will most probably procrastinate their sleep and then sleep for at least 12h straight! The same goes for languages, they do nothing for Nth years, and when they do, they get to be B1/B2 in a weekend.

Cat style

Very similar to a panda, except that when they are studying, they are like an ant, they know what to do and when to do it, so let’s call this “fancy procrastinator style”.

How to know if you have this style? If you know what to do after a long procrastinating session, you just got cat ears.

How to become a cat learner: Keep procrastinating, but when you stop, always have a plan of what you’re gonna do.

p.s. This kind of learners prefer finishing a grammar book, a Duo tree and memorize a lot of vocab before talking/showing their skills to someone. They are B2-C1 when they 1st talk to someone using their target language

Puppy Style

They are the most energetic kind of learners, well, they and the ants. They have plans over plans, (that they don’t follow at all) they overwork themselves and are always up for games or talking.

How to know if you have this style? If i ask you now what you’re doing tomorrow for your target language, you answer me with “grammar” and the next day you watch Mulan in French you are a puppy. You will always do the opposite of what you planned.

How to become a puppy learner: what’s awesome at this kind of learners is that they aren’t afraid of mistakes, they know mistakes are the way to fluency. They will always do something for their target language(s), they are full of passion. Try to be organize and fail, don’t be ashamed of your mistakes and you will be a puppy in no time.

p.s. Their notes may not be goals, but their notebooks are like wikipedias, they are gold, full of details for every single thing related to their target language(s).

Owl Style

These learners are the most calm people you will ever meet. They don’t hurry. They know their stuff 100%, they enjoy the journey. Owls are those humans who know that quality is over quantity.

How to know if you have this style? If you know what language you want to learn, but you move with baby steps (owl steps in this case) towards that fluency, you are a tiny little adorable owl.

How to become an owl learner: all you gotta do is… don’t hurry, you make minimum of effort but you, and others, know how wll you know your languages, the grammar rules, your routine etc.

p.s. This kind of people have the same routine since forever, you can’t break it. Also, they learn from their mistakes, and by learn i mean they even have a sticky notes somewhere with every single mistake ever made.

Kangaroo Style

This kind of people are so… normal? They are balanced, they do what they got to do. They may seem like they have nothing special at all.

How to know if you have this style? If i ask you about resources for Haitian Creol, Hawaiian, Quechua and you opened 3 google drive accounts saying that you have resources, you are kangaroo.

How to become a kangaroo learner: have resources for resources, this kind of learners are prepared for everything seriously.

p.s. they also like to try out every single thing out there for their target language(s), they will try everything in order to find something more useful

Monkey Style

We all know/have that friend who likes quantity over quality, this is the monkey. They will try a lot of stuff thinking that they learn but they remember nothing.

How to know if you have this style? If you are asked what you did all day and you start saying Nth games, lessons, movies etc. and you are quiet when you’re asked again what you’ve learned, that’s a monkey trait.

How to become a monkey learner:  Learn lessons without bothering to understand them 100% 

p.s. now, this style is pretty useful for languages like japanese when it was proven that quantity over quality is better, just as a side note, monkey are full of excitment~ they will motivat you only bc they are right next to you.

Bunny Style

This style is so tricky, they may seem to be monkeys because they spend a lot of time playing around with everything but they are actually more organized than you may think.

How to know if you have this style? You go through Nth games daily BUT that’s because you try to master your topics so you do a lot of exercises for each lesson, you are quantity over quality in a quality over quantity style.

How to become a bunny learner: be anxious (joking here) So, to be a bunny is easy, all you gotta do is master everything in different ways, use games, then books, then go to videos, always change your learning style.

p.s. they may seem like they waste their time but they only want to be well prepared and avoid making many mistakes

This post is longer than i expected. Anyway, what kind of learner are you guys?:)

Foreign language songs on my phone: Masterpost

A list of songs in languages other than English that I have on my phone.

Languages included in this list: Sami, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Italian, Armenian, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Greek, Turkish and Norwegian.


Sofia Jannok

• Irene 


Elena Gheorghe 

• Ecou 

• Antidot 

• Autograf

• De Neînlocuit 

• În Bucăți (featuring Glance & Naguale) 

• O Simplă Melodie 

• Până Dimineață (feat. JJ) 

• Lăcrămioară

• Mama (feat. F.Charm) 

• De Crăciun 

• Polul Nord (Brrrrr…) 

• Acasă La Noi 


• Tu (Inima şi sufletul) 

• Condimente (feat. Nosfe)


• Lasă-Mă-Mi Place (feat. Raluka & DOC)


• Ieri Erai 


• Ceva nou (feat. Corina) 


• A lu’ mamaia 

• Da, Mamă 


• Autobronzant 

Nicole Cherry

• Vara Mea 

• Fată Naivă 



• Uno Momento (feat. Ministarke)

• Uzbuna 

• Tarapana

• Italiana

• Generale (feat. Učiteljice) 

• Slaba Na Slabiča

• Tango

Jelena Rozga

• Bižuterija 

• Dalmatinka (feat. Connect) (there’s another version on iTunes which I prefer)

Nina Badrić

• Nebo

• Ne Mogu Ti Reći Što Je Tuga

• Takvi Kao Ti

Nina Kraljić

• Dej Mi Bože Joči Sokolove

• Zajdi Zajdi


Milan Stanković

• Ovo je Balkan

• Face (Feis)

• Nepopravljivo

• Od Mene Se Odvikavaj

Željko Joksimović

• Nije Ljubav Stvar


• Adio


• Čaroban


Sergey Lazarev

• 7 Цифр

• Пусть весь мир подождёт

• Даже если ты уйдёшь

• Идеальный мир

• Это всё она

• Лаки Стрэнджер

Ani Lorak

• Зажигай сердце

• Зеркала

• Медленно

• Оранжевые сны

• Разве ты любил

• Удержи моё сердце

• Уходи по-английски

Egor Kreed

• Будильник


• Кружит

Aleksey Vorobëv

• #Сумасшедшая

• Самая красивая

• Больше чем любовь (feat. Egor Kreed)

Max Barskih

• Dance (RUS)

• Не Любить

Alena Lanskaya

• Solayoh (Russian Version)

Filipp Kirkorov

• Сиртаки

• Химера

Leonid Agutin

• Пора домой



• Дикі танці

• Коломийка

• Знаю я

• Shalala (Ukrainian version)

• Рахманінов

• Мій брат

• Я люблю

• Скажи мені



• Гісторыя майго жыцця

Alexander Rybak

• Небасхiл Еўропы 



• Прецака ме

• Както желаете, Мис

• В едно огледало (It’s basically Salma Ya Salama in Bulgarian)



• Црно и Бело


Donatan & Cleo

• My Słowianie

• Brać

• Sztorm


• Zaryzykuj (feat. Mr X)

Czarny Hi-Fi

• Niedopowiedzenia (feat. Pezet)


Baby K

• Roma - Bangkok (feat. Giusy Ferreri)

Giusy Ferreri

• Volevo te

Nina Zilli

• L’amore è femmina

• 50 mila

• L’amore verrà

Marco Mengoni

• Io ti aspetto

Lodovica Comello

• Il cielo non mi basta


• Piccole cose (feat. Alessandra Amoroso and J-AX)


• Tutto l’amore che ho


• Cercavo Amore

• La mia città 


• Cambierà

Ricchi & Poveri

• Mamma Maria

Tiziano Ferro

• Perdono


• La nostra storia


• Un’ora Sola Ti Vorrei

Il Volo

• Grande Amore

• Questo Amore


Lilit Hovhannisyan

• Inchu Em Qez Sirum

• De El Mi

• Eli Lilit

• Gnchu

• Te Axchik Lineir

• Tu Tu Tu

• Ser Im


• Ser e Sa

• PreGomesh



• Alabina

• Salma Ya Salama (Olé y Ola)


• Salma Ya Salama (Sueño Flamenco)

• Flamenco “oriental”

Hisham Abbas

• Habibi Dah (features parts in Hindi)

• Wana Wana


• Husain Al Jassmi Ba Wadaak 



• Requiem


• Echo (You And I)

Sexion d’Assaut

• Désolé


• Papaoutai

• Alors on danse

Jessy Matador

• Allez ola olé

Kendji Girac

• Andalouse


• Jour 1

• Avenir (Radio Edit)


• Loin d’ici

Maître Gims

• Laissez passer (Pilule Bleue)


• Les passants

• Je veux

• Le long de la route

• Prends garde à ta langue

• Dans ma rue

• Inséparables (feat. Pablo Alborán) (Has parts in Spanish)

• On ira

Black M

• Comme moi (feat. Shakira)


Michel Teló

• Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Nossa Nossa)

• Curtindo Solidão

• Fala Coração

• Baquinho / Eu Quero Você

Luan Santana

• Te Vivo


• Quero Ser Tua


• Espanha

• Lambada

Nelly Furtado

• Força


Era Istrefi

• Bonbon



• Addicted to You

• Chantaje (feat. Maluma)

• Ciega, Sordomuda

• Moscas en la Casa

• Inevítable

• Ojos Así

• Estoy Aquí

• Gitana

• La Tortura (feat. Alejandro Sanz)

• Te Dejo Madrid

• Suerte

• Te Aviso, Te Anuncio

• Me Enamoré

• Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte

• Pies Descalzos

• Rabiosa (feat. El Cata)

• Sale el Sol

• Gordita (feat. Residente Calle 13)

• La La La (Spanish Version)

• Lo Hecho Está Hecho

• Años Luz

• Loba

• Waka Waka (Spanish Version)

David Bisbal

• Oye El Boom

• Buleria

• Lloraré las Penas

• Como Olvidar

• Ave María

• Silencio

• Al Andalus

• Almería, Tierra Noble

Pablo Alborán

• Toda la Noche

• Me Iré

Daddy Yankee

• Lovumba

• Limbo

• La Despedida

• Que Tengo Que Hacer


• Adrenalina (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin)

• Que Viva la Vida

Álvaro Soler

• Sofía

• El Mismo Sol


• Cómo Te Atreves 

(About 50% of my songs on my phone are in Spanish but I’m too lazy to put all of them down.)


Miss A

• Good-bye Baby

• Play That Music, DJ

• Breathe

 • Bad Girl Good Girl

• Only You

• Hush 

• I don’t need a man


• Bole Chudiyan (from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham)

• Radha (from the movie Student of the Year)

• Where’s the Party Tonight (from the movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna)

• Señorita (from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)

• Selfie Le Le Re (from the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan)

• Chaiyya Chaiyya (from the movie Dil Se)


Konstantinos Argiros

• Ερωτευμένος και Τρελός

• Μια νύχτα Κόλαση

• Είσαι οτι να ‘ναι

• Σ'Αγαπώ Μη Μιλάς

Loukas Giorkas & Stereo Mike

•  Watch My Dance


• Opa Opa

• (I would) Die For You (Greek Version)


• Erotas

Giorgios Alkaios

• Opa






• 5 Fine Frøkner

the word “socialism” is present in “national socialism” bc for much of the 19th and early 20th century history the word “socialism” was not as inherently tied to left-wing politics and functioned more like how people nowadays will use “populism” to refer to both left-wing and right-wing movements and it wasnt uncommon for people to call themselves “right-wing socialists” this isnt secret knowledge like wikipedia it yo




Toyotama-hime, better known as Otohime [乙姫], is the Japanese goddess of dragons and the sea. She is the daughter of the sea King Ryujin.

Otohime lived in the sea until a young hunter named Hoori came upon her parts of the water, looking for a fishing hook that belonged to his brother. He usually hunted in the mountains, and his brother Hoderi fished, but they had decided to exchange equipment for a day. Hoori lost his brother’s best fishing hook and went under the sea to find it. Otohime saw him and asked her father to help him in his quest. He found the hook, and also found love with the goddess and they were married.

After a few years in living in the underwater palace, Hoori began to long for the world above. He convinced Otohime to go with him. She was pregnant with his child and consented, so long as he would promise not to watch when she gave birth. He agreed and they returned to the surface. Hoori built a house for them to live in, and it was not long until the time of the birth came. At first, he waited patiently outside, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he peeked inside. It was then that he saw a huge black dragon holding a tiny baby. Otohime, who had changed into her alternate form of the dragon to give birth, was ashamed that her husband had seen her in that form, and so she left him and the newborn child to return to the sea.

the blazing bombardier.

Idk, this is just a summery fluffball of a Sterek getting-together drabble because I’m tired of winter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Derek fundamentally doesn’t understand people who like roller coasters.

He knows such people exist because he’s been standing in line with them for the Blazing Bombardier for half an hour now, but even when he’s looking right at them, it’s hard to believe. Seriously, why. The list of things to do on a Saturday afternoon that don’t involve screaming and trying not to hurl is literally infinite. He could be lounging around in his pjs in his dorm right now and rereading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, just for example. Or working out, or going for a drive to the beach, or watching a movie with Boyd and Erica. (Boyd and Erica are officially his favorite people right now because, unlike his sisters, they understand the basic concept that friends don’t make their friends who lose bets ride the most terrifying invention since clown costumes.)

The line moves forward, and oh god, now Derek can actually see the loading station. The seats are wicked-looking hanging harnesses painted to look like flames. He’s going to be sick before he even sits down in the thing.

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peachykeen-piggy-prattles  asked:

ok, here's a question that's been with me for years now: so uh, what exactly is the history of the tfwiki? why is it comedic in nature? im not complaining, its just that the tfwiki is so different from all other fandom wikis that i'm curious how it got that way. did it start as a regular wiki before someone added a funny caption as a joke, and it just went from there? or was it always going to be comedic? who created it? why? forgive me if this has been asked before, but google is useless here.

“Teletraan I, the Transformers Wiki” was originally founded on Wikia (then called “Wikicities”) back in May 2005 by a user named Nova81426, with the intention that he and a friend of his would work on it as a hobby. The week after opening up the site, however, the pair were offered a big job opportunity (to take over the running of a comic book store), so their planned project had to be shelved so they could devote their time to that.

Nothing much happened to the wiki for a while, until April of 2006, when it was discovered by longtime Transformers fan David “@itswalky“ Willis. The editing of Transformers articles on Wikipedia itself had been increasingly troubled for some time thanks to the efforts of one particularly terrible editor, so Willis determined to turn “Teletraan I” into the “proper” Transformers wiki as a way to have a good online resource free of that nonsense. He chose to make it a little humorous, and the first few editors who joined him in working on the site - being from a similar era of fandom as him, and sharing a similar sense of humor from being in the same fandom circle - rolled with it.

And y’know, it might’ve ended there, with the site being somewhere these guys had fun while documenting Transformers, but instead it just kept growing and growing as more people joined up to contribute. And as popular as we are for our tone now, back in the early days, whee-OOOH, there were some folk that HATED it, and were really out to get the site! But as our main talkpage still says, “THE FUNNY STAYS,” and eventually history got on our side. :)

To complete this recap of our history and answer the other big question that’s often asked - “why are there two wikis?” - we’ll jump ahead to 2008, when Wikia was in the process of redesigning itself to look less like Wikipedia, leading to the incorporation of an increasingly ridiculous number of ads. You’ve seen what Wikia (or “Fandom,” as they’re call now) looks like these days, right? This was the move toward that. The Transformers Wiki had no time for the talking auto-play adverts that were being shoved into their page layouts, forcing text and images off the screen, and as the Wikia administrators were not willing to compromise on the issue, it was decided that, in order to preserve itself, the site would go independent, moving to its own server, owned by Willis. That was when we were rechristened “TFWiki,” and where we remain today, while the previous Wikia wiki still exists in a largely-abandoned state.