like why would you try to tame the mane

I don’t understand for the life of me why ADC straightens her hair. Let the kinky curls be wild and free!!!

Like…it’s just so…freaking cute and untamed…

why would you NOT want that majestic mane of crazy awesome hair??

Or even this tamed down version…

Hell, if you want to keep the beachy wave look instead, I’m all for it.

But just free your hair, child! BE FREE! Don’t try to hold it back. STEP AWAY FrOM THE FLAT irON. It’s an injustice, really.

(#4) Insecurities (Malum)


You sighed as you looked into the mirror and ran a hand through your thick dark hair. It was always so tangled and messy and you could never tame it. You’ve always hated your hair. It was so frizzy and resembled a lion mane instead of human hair. You tried to pat it down frantically as you heard Michael coming up the stairs. He entered the bathroom to find you patting down you hair. “What are you doing?” He asked. “Just trying to tame my lion mane.” You huffed. “But I like your lion mane.” He whined. “No you don’t.” You chuckled. “Why don’t you like your hair?” He said as he grabbed a strand of it and examined it. “Because it’s so wavy and out of control.” You said. He grabbed you and held you in a tight hug. His arms would always have a strong grip on you and made you feel secure. He placed a kiss on your head and then forehead going down to your cheek and ending on your lips. “I love your hair. It’s big so I can run my hands through it and just mess with it when I want to. It may be frizzy, but it’s soft and I just love running my hands through it.” He said as he ran his hands through a few strands. You smiled as you felt your heart flutter at the compliments. 


You looked in the full-body mirror at the new dress you had bought for an award show you were going to with Calum. It was a bit tighter than you were used to, so it hugged your curves quite a bit. You felt confident as you looked in the mirror, but that confidence subsided as you kept inspecting your body. You noticed how you didn’t look very curvy and your shoulders sagged and looked a bit wide. A small tummy was visible. You knew if you were to sit down a muffin top would be on full display. You were about to take it off and go return it when Calum came into the room. “Hey, Y/N, what are you doi- woah. Y-You’re looking good.” He cleared his throat and stood up a bit straighter as he looked you up and down. “It’s… okay I guess. I was thinking about going to return it so if you could just go so I can change-” “No! I mean… you shouldn’t return it. Y-You look really hot in that dress.” He smirked as he took a few steps closer to you. You felt the heat rise up to your cheeks at the feeling of having him so close. He pressed a kiss to your lips and mumbled, “Don’t you dare return that dress.”

Lashton right here: x