like why do you

Imagine Woozi quietly walking up to you and suddenly placing a kiss on your cheek before casually walking away, leaving you to be surprised and flustered by his unexpected action.

I’ve become really emotionally detached from the concept of dealing with people and forming relationships. The concept is definitely super cute but then I think about how much of my time has been wasted and how often people fail to see the value in me and then I’m like that’s a hard pass, eh. I’ll just continue being my own hype man and loving the shit out of me on the regular.

I pulled a Roy and finished this birthday fanart for @the-flame-and-hawks-eye two weeks late *sobs* SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHAY!!! Not as fantastic as your ‘Thiqué as Thievés’ pie, but here’s a cake made by your beloved couple with sprinkles shaped as Black Hayate  ✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)

You’re a beautiful ray of sunshine and the fandom is so lucky to have you <333 I wish you the best 25th as well as success for another year’s worth of veterinary achievements!! 

some hipster post on tumblr: “What if instead of intense fight scenes, compelling romance, or nuanced characterization character X and Y just accepted eachother from the start and became platonic friends who cuddled and did quirky things together like knit plaid blankets and sell them to the townspeople??”

50,000 of y’all: “SO MUCH THIS”

Me: “That sounds boring as shit.” 


I want a Saeran Route so I can protect him!


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou

this is why i shouldnt have photoshop


smh viktor ;))

yuri kinda looks like his sister with his hair pulled back lmao

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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                                         ‘Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
                                     oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.