like why do u all follow me

do yall like how i misspelled mutuals KALDJFKASDJF

hey its becky comin at u live w my first follow forever lmaoo UM so i remade 3 weeks ago and im already almost at 1k???? i was gonna wait to do this but i knew i wouldnt be in the mood to make this later this week so i jus did it now lol um thank u everyone for followin me like i rly dont know why yall are here? but i appreciate it n i love yall w all my heart <3

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anonymous asked:

ok this is really awkward to ask and i know it's a stupid question but what is louden swain? the only thing i know is that rob and richard speight jr are involved and that's it


ok. ok. so this is louden swain:

it’s a band that was formed in the mid-90s by rob benedict and mike borja. within the band you’ll find:

  • ^ the youngest member and lead guitar player, billy! he’s self-taught, soft-spoken, and a super super funny dude. he also does visual design for their albums, and he’s composed a number of songs as well. you won’t catch him leaving his house without his calculator watch
  • ^ next up is drum player and Committed Cat Dad, stephen! he handles a lot of scheduling, logistics, and merch stuff. if you’re at a con, he’ll be the one you see speed-walking the most back and forth from the the vendor room to the greenroom. he’s a world traveler and pretty outspoken about politics. he is also 100% aware that he looks intimidating in-person. he’s fine with this.
  • ^ and, to top it all off, we have bass/keys player and infamous robot, mike!! this man is pure sunshine and smiles. there’s a theory that he was murdered years ago, and was replaced by an exact robot replica commissioned by the band. i believe this was all spawned because his phone sent random coordinates to a starbucks to the band one day. he has another job outside of the band, and no one knows what it is. the people at his job-away-from-band also have no idea what he does other than “they think he’s in a band” 

they travel across the country with the SPN con circuit and play throughout the entire weekend. they also stay on stage with J2 during their panel, so if you’re at a con and can’t really see j2 but you can see the band, i suggest watching stephen. i can almost guarantee you, at some point during the panel, he will find food. however, on-stage at cons they don’t speak other than mike making the occasional robot noise. they will also shake their heads “no” at generally any remarks rich makes. 

(rich, by the way, isn’t actually involved other than on stage he will occasionally sing and perform with them. he will also harass them. it just happens to be his best friend’s band!)

along with that, they also had music they’ve done featured in spn. they are played in bars in season 7 and season 11. 

robbie thompson had actually thrown the idea around to have the entire band playing in the bar where chuck reveals once and for all that he’s god. in the end i think this was just too complicated to do, but i love knowing that someone else was also including them in the fabric of the show.

and now that you know this,

you know why i created The Swaingels:

the band is so deeply involved in the show–to me, they’re like…the foreground of the background. if that makes sense.

i’ve been a big fan of their music for years, and they’re just so dang great it was impossible for me to resist not actually giving them their own parts to play ;u;

(i suggest following them on twitter! : Louden Swain, Billy, Stephen, Mike)

Hikari : Why do u keep following me?
Takeru : It’s dangerous to let a girl wondering alone like this in the digital world.
Hikari : I am strong enough to be by myself and I don’t trust a guy who keeps smiling all the time.
Takeru : Awnn… come on Hikari chan. Please let me accompany you.
Hikari : Wh…Wha…Who are u calling “Chan” to!!?

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

devilangel657  asked:

I want to find out what would happen if obi wan is de aged to padawan yrs where he doesn't know Anakin Skywalker and therefore does not care for this dramatic knight that clearly is wasting his masters time (based on his interactions with qui gon) and how Anakin reacts to not being the center of obi wans universe. Bc to this one, he is basically another quinlan vos. It would be interesting as this obi doesn't have the attachments or memories of Anakin. What do u think?

The idea of Knight Anakin Skywalker following around that sassypants early-20s Phantom Menace-Era Padawan Obi-Wan and being totally frustrated, all “BUT LOOK AT ALL THE COOL STUFF I KNOW HOW TO DO OBI-WAN ALSO CHECK OUT MY HOT HAIR” and having a fit because Obi-Wan isn’t paying attention to him, and finds him kind of obnoxious, is hilarious to me. Anakin’s friends keep feeling secondhand embarrassment for him because why do you care so much about what that Padawan thinks about you? and Anakin is like I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. 

Anakin is always walking around shirtless or doing cartwheels around him or talking loudly about what a great pilot he is. What a showboat, Obi-Wan huffs. Even if he *is* kind of handsome. Not that I would care. 

heyo!!! ur friendly neighborhood hyungwon stan w an edawn url is here doing a follow forever!! i’ve done one in the past on my previous blog so technically this isn’t my first one but i remade since then and haven’t done one yet so.. this should count as the first, right?

not only did i hit a follower goal a while back (like 2+ weeks ago lmao) but i also want to show appreciation for my mutuals who have stuck w me through my constant acc changes nd hiatuses nd random mass deletion of posts nd. .. i feel like i don’t deserve u guys? ?? which is dumb to say but i know i’m not the greatest mutual nd i suck at responding to messages nd reaching out to make friends so it’s a wonder why u still follow me but!! i’m glad u do. pls know that i care abt u guys nd consider u all my friends even if we don’t talk or we just follow each other. u make logging online so much fun n entertaining nd when i’m stressed or sad or lonely scrolling through my dash makes things better, even if it’s for .7 seconds. u all have quality blogs nd are super nice nd friendly nd funny nd i don’t regret following u. thanks for always being amazing!! if the biggest group hug could happen it would be happening rn. :-) ━ ysa (aka 6hyojong)

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Questions for MBTI Types

- why ya’ll so depressed sometimes?
- I’m not equip to comfort you but somehow you know how to comfort everybody ….how?
- how do you have so many cares?

- how do you know things about myself that I don’t even know?
- can you tell the future? I’ll pay you double what I pay my usual psychic
- why are you so pessimistic sometimes?

- will my isfp kid need art lessons or is being artistically gifted a preprogrammed function? I’m kinda cheap ya know $$$$
- when I say ‘long term’, how far do you think I’m talking about?
- if you had to give up 1 artistic pursuit (but you can reclaim it in your next life), which would u choose?

- do you have a hidden set of antennae for picking up gossip?
- can we switch wardrobes for a day?
- do you have a book of savage AF personalized comebacks ready at your disposal?

- how do you not run out of tears?
- if I have a friend who doesn’t want anymore flower crowns, how should they voice their opinion? I’m asking for a friend obviously
- why don’t I feel emotions the same way you do?

- what are you thinking about right now?
- is there anything you’re not good at?
- Your stare is sexy, it’s like you’re studying me, has anyone told you that?

- would you rather use google calendar or a physical planner?
- Did that question turn you on?
- how do you coexist with Ps?

- do all of you know how to start fires or wut?
- how many times have u been arrested? (I’ve stopped asking ‘have u ever been arrested’)
- what rules do you even follow? If at all

- did you eat? (Most likely no)
- was math created to understand and interpret the laws of the universe or was math always an inherent feature of the universe?
- loop quantum gravity or string theory? Come at me baby … I can physics

- how do you have time to work + volunteer + extra curriculara + socialize + fam time + school?
- how come you’re still awake at 4am whenever I drunk call you?
- how do I run a cult? Oh, you teach weekly training classes? Where/what time?

- where your liver at?
- do all ESFPs dance well or is dancing just another way of communicating that you’re single and ready to mingle? (mating ritual)
- why do we only communicate in emojis now? I’m 🐳ly tired

- how do I turn you off?
- how does your facebook profile have sooooooooooo many photosss? Zuckerberg prolly shaking his head rn trying to store all your pics from the spontaneous trip to iceland u took last week
- why do animals just appear whenever you’re around? Do u radiate weird animal pheromones or smtg?

- what’s it like being a productive member of society?
- at what age do you wanna retire? If at all
- where do you hide all your money? I’m asking for a friend

- is there a way for you to deliver criticism without yelling?
- does it ever bother you that your to-do list will never end and will spontaneously regenerates everyday? *Ps reading this get an anxiety attack*
- is there anyone you don’t raise your voice at?

- would you rather sex everyday for a month or $1000 straight up?
- why do all of you have nice eyes?!?!
- what is the smoothest pickup line you’ve ever used (that was successful)? (All of them were successful I know)

- who would be your ideal debate partner?
- lip sync dance battle or straight up rap battle?
- what do you think about Trump?



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But…why? Why do you organize an art raffle? 

Because you are more than 500 amazing and wonderful peoples who follow this blog


You all are so incredible, amazing and beautiful peoples!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

That’s why I’m going to organize an art raffle, like the last time, when every participants win something!! BUT if you follow the rules properly ;)!!


  • you can participate if you followed me before the art raffle started. Yup, not like the last time cuz someone followed me just for a prize then they unfollow me. I’m not against the fact that they unfollow me, but the fact that they follow me just for a prize.
  • to participate, it’s easy. Like/Reblog this post! No double entries this time.


Two places for each… Places(?) (I can’t put examples, sorry :/)

  • 1rst places: A little animated gif with one character
  • 2nd places: A digital drawing with 3 characters max and a simple background
  • 3rd places: A digital drawing with 1 character max and a simply background
  • Everyone else: A traditional drawing. It can be a character or two. You can ask me to redesign one of your characters, or to draw a logo for you, or to redraw your icon (if it’s not too complicate),…

cuddleinq’s friendship awards!

hello and welcome to the friendship awards! if you want to apply for the chance to be featured then read below!

This awards is kind of different- it doesn’t have categories to be placed in, but I will be choosing blogs which are perfect in all ways, and then saying what I love about their blog + why they were picked on their description on the page!

r u l e s

  • must be following me
  • must reblog this post (likes will only be counted as a bookmark)
  • do not delete the text or self promote- you will be instantly disqualified.

p e r k s

  • a follow from me (if not already)
  • a spot on this awesome page
  • promos up to twice a week upon request
  • queues from me
  • a new bestie that will help with anything (html,advice, etc)

o t h e r

  • banner made by me
  • i will be choosing as many blogs as i deem appropriate
  • if you have any other questions, message me
  • i will choose when i’m happy with the notes
  • please don’t let this flop, loves x

good luck everyone! - zoe x

Mo’s follower moodboards !!

okie so i just hit 4.6k and i didnt do anything for 4k or 4.5k so i decided that i would do a thing,,,and i didnt feel like putting in TOO much work into something so i saw the lovely @danshine do this (pls go follow them :/ amazing blog) and i thought why not give it a go ?? so what u needa do is:

  • follow lil ol me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your face tag and what u think youre aesthetic would be (that part is optional tho) 

i would say that if this gets less than 50 notes then pretend this never happened but lets be real we all crave that sweet validation

you can blacklist “mo’s follower moodboards” if u dont wanna see them !!

anonymous asked:

I feel like a lot of blogs are way too cool for me ?? do u feel this way if so any "too cool for you" blogs you follow that u can't believe followed you back (or haven't whatever) ?

do you mean every single one of my mutuals?

no but seriously I feel this way all the time. I cannot believe so many amazing blogs follow me (a lot of which I used to lurk on when I was just starting to like dnp and was low key obsessed but too scared to actually follow people from my main). 

shout out to a few of them because I love them and hope they know that: @doinganap @ratinof @danslester @danieldaily @astronautdan @fringegaps @hobbithair @donthavetobebrave @fallinghowell @cuddlesphan @cringe-attacks @snowbunnylester @dandromedas @dannyhowell @dantlers @pseudophan @writerdan *insert an endless list of etc. because I know I forgot so many people sdfghjk and I seriously do feel that way about all my mutuals*

blogs to follow! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

hello! so after a long hiatus im back again on tumblr, yay *-*  and since all the blogs i follow are either inactive or arent in my fandoms, im on the hunt for new nice blogs to follow! ☺

please reblog/like if you post any of the following:

— movies
*the hunger games
*harry potter

*the maze runner

— series
*the 100
*13 reasons why
*how to get away with murder
*prison break
*teen wolf
*greys anatomy
*pretty little liars
*the vampire diaries

— other

im mostly looking for new mutuals, whom i can blog happily and be friends with so if u do like/reblog make sure u also follow me♥

thank you to @rvvenclaws for the lovely banner!

Hey guys! Thank you so much for O N E H U N D R E D serial killers, i mean followers. I’m literally so shook, and like any typical newbie I was gonna do blogrates but my friends were already planning out a fandom family so that’s what’s happening! asdfghjkl I’m literally so hyped and excited I don’t even know why, I’m literally such a meme r i p pls love me and don’t let this flop ill have to go watch all the percy jackson movies and cry

also I’d love to be friends with all of you so I’d love if you joined!

rules because all the posts i saw had them

  • must be following this jily obsessed trash
  • pls reblog this post 
  • send me an ask with your name, a thing about you ( ex. your age, hp house, coffee addict ), a quote, and your top three hp characters
  • check here to see who’s taken

what you’ll get because there’s always gotta be a bribe 

  • my not so cliche love + friendship ( like actually my definition of love is much different than yours )
  • a m a z i n g friends!!!
  • the tag #jacsfandomfam is all yours to share your creations, plans for world domination, and whatnot

so like be a dear and join the avengers, i mean my fandom family!

oh man so i finished reading master & commander, i loved it! kinda hard to push through all the naval terms but i thought the characters were really fun (mowett is my fave) and it was just a straight-up adventure with little overarching plot. just kinda hanging out in the mediterranean, encountering all kinds of people, it was so fun

but there’s one thing that bothered me about the book, and that is NO ONE EVER GETS A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF SLEEP. GOOD GOD, IT’S SO UPSETTING. like one time stephen goes over to some french ship to help the captain’s wife have a baby, and then he and james just kinda hang out there and talk about ireland ALL NIGHT? why didn’t u guys rest???? one time stephen and jack stay up until 3am doing paperwork and then they encounter some ships and just stay up to follow them the rest of the night? another time jack stays up for like 3 days straight chasing some ship and then he takes like a 2 hour nap and is like “yeah i’m good to go!” no the fuck you aren’t buddy, get a full 7 hours and then we’ll talk about fighting spain. if i recall right, the night watches had 3 shifts or something like that which was specifically mentioned to only give the crew like 4 hours of sleep a night. but they still always wake up at like 5am so that there can be an epic battle at sunrise.

like. what the heck, p,lease,, rest,,,,

Guys this is like surreal for me okay I don’t know why you guys like my crappy sketches but thank you all so much??? It’s been so incredible finding so many people who love the same things as I do and getting to share my doodles with you all!

dailyshinycutiefly  asked:

hey like random but i just wanna say i adore ur art? like the shading and everything its so soft and good and yeah keep up the good work friend

I joke >u< Thanks for the random complement, not sure why but I’ll take it, Though i’m still a bit surprised you (Or any one with a daily blog) like my art, I’m still in the mind set that other artists don’t care much for my stuff X3

Even at 600 followers, maybe i should try get out of that. never-the-less Thank you, any and all complements give me more intensive to do this (not that i needed much to begin with) and I love your art too, you have a nice sense of humour >u<


this is why i could never leave tumblr lol.. as much shit as there is here, there’s still so many nice people and i really rely on my followers a lot when i feel down bc u all make me happy. even if u do something as simple as liking one of my posts it makes me happy!! i know i make these cheesy posts a lot lol but i really am so grateful for all of u!!!! i really hope u all know how genuinely appreciated u are

hey like genuine, no jokes question here

why? do you all follow me, what do u all even like about me, im not rly that funny and i think like 4 people follow me for art?