like why do kids exist

ok cool he changed his username now let’s just move on ok, he’s literally been changing his branding for months

Not wanting to point at people but, this was on a wattpad story someone made.

And I’m like

Triggered 13 year old is triggered

But God, why do these kids exist? Also down at the very very bottom was #FuckNo so that’s a thing as well.

And to top it all off was the whole story was a jab at bendy.x reader stories, as all they do is.complain and never upload chapters. Just one fake oneshot and the other 50 chapters are just complaining about nsfw and shippers and ocs and the save bendy tag

UPDATE: they told me to stop and the chapter was a.‘joke’ after I.told them what is happening, and I think they removed my comment because I.can’t reply. So ‘mature’ of them. Ugh

Some people really need to realise that Doctor Who is not Battlestar Galactica. It is not a super dark sci-fi series, so don’t get mad when the writers don’t make it as nihilistic as you’d like it to be.