like who says stuff like that

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So...I'm sorry if this is offensive😤but...what does "CIS" mean🙏🙏🙏

definitely not offensive!!!

first off - it isn’t an acronym. it’s not “C.I.S”, it’s all lowercase, and spells a word “cis”. pronounced like the first half of the word “sister”

it’s short for “cisgender” which refers to somebody who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth. so, if your birth certificate says “this lil potatoe’s a dude” and you, to this day, agree with that, and are like “yes. i am a guy. that is me.” then you’re cis!

its antonym is the word “trans” - short for “transgender” which means the opposite: somebody who does not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. for example, when i was born, the doctor and my parents and stuff were like “aww look at this cute little boy” and years later i grew up and said “no actually, i am a Girl, but yes i agree i am very cute”

hope i helped

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I really love your blog! Could you do something where the reader and Remus are together, but the other marauders don't know, so when they see her they say that she's really pretty and stuff, and when Remus says they're together they are like *gasp*?

“You’ve got to admit, Prongs, she gives Evans a run for her money,” Remus heard Sirius saying as he entered the common room. Used to his friends getting all moony-eyed over the girls in their year, he didn’t bother to question it.

“Jeez I said she was pretty, you’re going too far now,” James joked. “I’ve only got eyes for my Lily flower.”

“It doesn’t sound like it,” Remus commented in amusement. “Who are you two harassing today?”

“No one!” said James defensively.

“(Y/N) (L/N),” said Sirius at the same time.

Remus’ eyebrows shot up, and he glanced across the common room at where you were sitting reading by the window. You looked up and smiled softly at him, tilting your head slightly to beckon him over. He nodded.

“She’s bloody gorgeous,” Sirius sighed, resting his chin in his palm and smiling dreamily. Remus rolled his eyes, standing up.

“I know,” he replied with a grin, looking over his shoulder at Sirius as he made his way over to you. “That’s partly why she’s my girlfriend.”

As Sirius made a noise somewhere between a gasp and a scream, Remus sat down opposite you in the window seat, letting you rest your legs in his lap as you leaned forward to greet him with a kiss.

When you pulled away, you felt eyes on you from the other side of the common room. Sirius was staring at you with a slackened jaw, his mouth forming words silently as he looked between you and Remus.

“Is he okay?” you asked in concern and confusion, raising your eyebrows at Remus, who chuckled.

“Yeah he’ll be fine. He’s just in shock.”

apparently this was taken today. i’m sorry but i need to rant. i could never go up and ask them for a photo knowing that they’re going through a tough time right now. they both look so sad. who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? if i saw them in person i probably wouldn’t say anything at all. at the very least i’d give them a hug and just talk to them about how they’re doing. i’d never in a million years even begin to ask for a picture. idk man like i hate to get so worked up about it but i just don’t want the twins to think we’re disrespecting their privacy and stuff like does that even make sense????? idk i’m tired af but this just rubbed me the wrong way completely

Wednesday Drabble Wabble & Long Fic Friday

Ok…So I’m going to change this blog up a little compared to last time! On Wednesdays and Fridays I’m going to be reading the drabbles and fics that are posted on here and reblog them (with tag commentary) so if you’d like your stuff read/supported by bear, go ahead and tag me in a reblog and I’ll try to get to it.

I know there’s a ton of DA fanfic out there and I’m someone who likes to read and have something nice to say about it (because that’s just what I do) so it could take awhile to get through them all. Regardless of how fast or slow I get through them, I still want to read them so send them my way please!
Ok that’s it! Have fun! And remember you’re awesome! 😘

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Do you know anything about guide dogs, and if there are guide dogs trained to aid with other disabilities as well, say for instance if someone who was blind also had other disabilities like panic disorders or seizures or the like?

I know very basic stuff, but nothing detailed enough to give too in-depth advice. Though, yes, I believe it is possible for service dogs to be trained for more than one purpose. In fact, I believe a friend of mine has just that: a service dog trained as both a guide dog and for a seizure-related disability.

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Are the regs dying down cause i quit tumblr bc of them and when i check ace blogs all i hear are asks saying theyve been getting nastier. They not only abused me visciously JUST for talking about ace experiences in MY OWN BLOG but engaged in so much abuse denial of my own personal abuse that i cant even trust myself now. They made my life hell and im terrified bc of them. I just want to know when they will leave.

Your mileage will vary

Is there less? I feel like it, I don’t have any data to prove it.
Are they worse? I feel like people who are left and still going at it really hard. I feel like there is less of the casual and fake edge lord stuff.
Have I gotten asks saying they are worse? No. Actually the reverse I’ve gotten tumblr is so dead I’m left alone. But again you mileage may vary.

If you want to come back to tumblr I highly suggest that you don’t follow anyone who platforms REGs. I’ve even unfollowed amazing people because reading the hate only to see it called out  was still reading the hate. Also make sure you block freely and quickly. And if you are worried about being gaslit keep anon off. Or turn it on only for 20 minutes if there’s an ask game you want to play.

Is it 100% safe? No.
Can you make the platform save in the ways you need? Yeah maybe. I don’t know exactly what you need, but I do know tumblr has the best blocking system of any social media. It won’t make everywhere safe but if you put safe care first I do think the platform can be enjoyable. 

Shakthi Gans

ahh ive been wanting to post another flute cover here and i couldnt decide which one but then i remembered @safesins talking about heaven and thought that you might like a cover of it and its also my bad way of saying thank you for helping me when that ‘incident’ happened so pls enjoy!!! 

Heaven by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who is such a beautiful, important song directed at LGBTQ+ youth and tells Troye’s own coming out story when he was young and i love the song sosososo much so yes this is for you melly :”)

I also have a cover of Talk Me Down by Troye Sivan recorded and cleaned and ready to post it but idk if anyone actually wants to hear it 

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I'm just catching up and the last post literally made me quietly say 'holy shit' with wide eyes. Like, good on you bc not a lot of stuff gets that kind of reaction out of me.

I JUST WANT YOU TO KNWO WHEN I SAW THIS MESSAGE I GOT SO GIDDY THAT I SCREENSHOT IT AND SENT IT TO MY BF in an attempt to convince him to read this story someday

but really like WOW i cannot even fathom this, getting this kind of reaction out of people, it means so much to me because i never know how you’ll all receive it. it exists in my mind and then i try my hardest to make it match my vision and i concentrate on it so much that i start becoming desensitized to it and then i get messages like this and it’s like WOW i don’t even know what to say but thank you for reading and becoming invested, it means not just the world but the uNIVERSE to me <3

Those who say the reason the show is flopping is because of jeff - get out.
As an actor, he can’t change shit. That’s the writers (and specifically Gimple has been failing since like season 5). Trying to blames things like the stuntman’s accident and Xander’s stuff on Jeff as if he’s cursed is honestly the shittiest thing to do. Leave

i DONT understand critiques that are like…. ‘this superhero movie is so much like a superhero movie’ 

like YES i applaud every new take on the genre, bc yes! superhero movies are a GENRE, DEBORAH!!!! THEY ARE A WHOLE NEW MOVIE GENRE AT THIS POINT!!!!!!! THATS THE FUCKIN THING!!!!

so yes! innovation and toying with the typical elements of the genre is a great artistic direction, this is why ant-man and wonder woman are rly good superhero movies! ant-man takes the heist movie and gives it a superhero twist, wonder woman does a similar thing, by combining a war movie setting with a superhero origin story etc !!

but at the same time, people who say stuff like ‘this movie is too superhero-ish, it has all the stuff superhero movies have, im tired of that’… i dont get that. to me its the same as sb criticizing a western movie for having cowboys in it!! superhero movies are a GENRE. they have elements native to that genre, such as themes of responsibility, adulthood, attempts to define concepts such as heroism, sacrifice etc etc BUT ALSO big cgi battles, light humor, pure entertainment value. nobody criticizes war movies for showing battle scenes, nobody slags sport movies for all these long game scenes that are meant to do nothing else but excite you, no depth attached.

but for some reason, comic book movies do get shit for having elements that are just NATIVE to their genre!!!! probably bc they are so deeply connected to corporations and make a whole lot of dolla, so they all just seem like cash grabs to most movie critics. and YEAH some of them are crafted that way, yes the directors need to be allowed for more artistic freedom, YES the studios are greedy as fuck… but thats not all those movies are.

and if as a critic u cnt look past that then like… idk man, i guess this genre is not for you. but if ur a professional reviewer u should be able to should look past that. imagine starting a western review with like ‘idk i hate cowboys why are they shooting guns anyways, im tired of the commentary on americas history thru themes of solitude and masculinity, bad movie op ://// ½ star… i would have liked it if it was a soft mumblecore piece tbh’

did i tell y’all about the time one of my former friends who did all that witchcrafty stuff did some bad luck curse shit or something on me

there’s no real story, we got into a huge argument and they got pissy and the next week another friend told me that they had “put a curse” on me

tbh i cant tell you how hard i laughed


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I kinda hate it how terms like gay and straight don't really make any sense if you yourself are nonbinary and like I really dig all the gay jokes this site has to offer but sometimes I wonder if I'm allowed to reblog that stuff aaaaaaaa

IKR! it’s like,,, if you’re nb but you say you’re “straight” like who the hell is that referring to? we need better terms to define nb attraction. i’ve heard a few of them but i can never remember them. and about the gay jokes part, i’m not really binary-aligned but i still rb them because…. gender is too weird. if ur nb and you feel gay then i think you should be able to call yourself gay, whatever that means to you. does that make any sense at all???/

let’s talk about lgbt+ stuff!

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who would take cough drops without needing them? who would reply with "i like it dark and bitter like my eyes" to "how do you want your coffee sir?" who would breaking into musical numbers no matter where they are? who would poke the others tummy and say "tum tum" and cute and stuff? who would platonically call people babe, and call people dude romantically?

Thomas definitely cause Aaron is just like “No more candy” and Thomas just consumes cough drops like their mcfucking candy.

Definitely Thomas again, Aaron would be so done with him.

Both of them because they’re dorks and they don’t care who’s watching.

Aaron would do that to Thomas and Thomas just bursts out laughing.

None of them tbh. They take terms of endearment very serious.

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post more bitch

zoe you heartless wench im working on it!!!!!

*side note guys zoe @comic-khan and my friend jen @hekxate are what i call my spoogle aka spidey google they got me into marvel years ago and have been hype over spider-man for a year and a half i showed up late to the party sometimes i text them lines from skyline and other stuff to see if it’s like ooc for spidey and they give me feedback!!  so to those of yall who have messaged me like “you’re spidey is so in character and exactly how i imagine him!!!” they’re the ones who are the reason why (every single stutter spidey said in skyline pt 2??? approved by them.  the whole flower pot tripping over scene???? approved.  “guys should peter say shit??” “leyla pls yes” THANK YOU SPOOGLE!!!!!!)

like i just want the astrology posts to be chill and casual but i can’t help but start organizing and writing disclaimers like… just don’t take what i say here seriously cause im just a dumbie who likes the planets and judging ppl and like i’m not trying to prove astrology or phan or shit so idk i just wanna see stuff i find online and offer commentary

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Oh, am I too late? Can I say I always read stuff about H dirty talking and I think he would find it really fucking hot if YOU were the one talking filthy. Like if you're at a party and lean in all nonchalant to whisper in his ear about how badly you need him to treat "my throat like it's my cunt" and he splutters on his drink in shock and you tell him "I'm the one who should be choking" - devil's words 😈


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do you prefer Alina or Evgenia? who's your favorite student of Eteri's?

evgenia. i know i don’t say nice things about her very often, but i guess she’s my favorite eteri student. she’s a good skater, even if there’s stuff about her skating and programs i don’t like. if i’m allowed to pick a former eteri student, i like julia more than evgenia (but only after she switched coaches). i used to dislike tsurskaya but she started growing on me last season. she has the best jumps in that whole group when she’s healthy, it’s a shame about her injuries. i’ve only watched a little bit of scherbakova and trusova, but they’re alright. i like scherbakova more than trusova. i don’t like panenkova. zagitova might be my least favorite eteri student because her skating seems messier to me than the others…nothing against her personally, of course.

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I'm sorry that men are gross dude. Just because someone compliments you they assume they deserve some ever lasting gratitude. Especially if it makes you uncomfortable you in no way owe them a damn thing. I'm sorry some of the stuff we say as followers can make you uncomfortable and I for one will try harder not to comment or reblog things of you with captions that might make you uncomfortable. Hope you're day gets better and that person realizes their mistake

Hey! Thank you for this!
I’m fine with compliments, it’s just when people get really heavy with the affection that I get uncomfortable. Like telling me they want to write me poetry and draw me and kiss my head and all of that sort of stuff, it’s really overbearing and uncomfortable especially when I’ve no idea who is saying that to me.
Please don’t feel like you need to censor yourself when you want to say something nice to me, compliments (especially about my work) really brighten my day!
Thanks again mate, hope you’re having a good day.

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack