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Addictions (Jiyong)

Description: After Jiyong’s military service he comes back to you, a girl from his past only to find out she’s engaged to one of his colleagues. 

Genre: Smut/ Angst (Cheating) 

Part Two Part Three Part Four 

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Being with him was like taking your first drink of alcohol. At first taste bitter but the more you began to drink the harder you found it to stop. He made a raging alcoholic both metaphorically and literally. He was the one that had bought you your first drink and he was the first to give you your first orgasm. He was the man who you blamed for the addictions in your life. it was until he left the country that you finally found yourself once again. You kept a safe distance between you and bars, there was no need to tempt the devil. With distance both of your addictions slowly became memories. 

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Let’s Not Fall In Love - Part 8 ( Reader x T.O.P )

  part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9

authors note: I’m so sorry this took so long if you hate it I AM SO SORRY

“You got something good right?” He asked.

You sighed heavily. Relaxing at his simple question, and licking your lips shaking your head.

“Hopefully.” You tried to hold back your relief as you left the room.

Pacing yourself until Seunghyun was behind you.

“What do you mean hopefully?” He asked curiously, coming from the bedroom.You were standing in the kitchen, removing the boxes of food from the bag. Placing them on a tray.

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Stormy Weather vs. Evillustrator

Who would win in a fight:

*reminisces over the Akuma Hunger Games where it actually did indeed happen like twice* *also shamelessly self-promotes said fic*

I feel like it would be really, really close. Could go either way. I mean, Evillustrator can draw anything into and out of existence, but Stormy Weather has control over the weather and air itself, so… yeah they’re both really powerful and I think it might come down to a matter of luck.

Give me two characters in my inbox: “vs.” for who I think would win a fight, “or” for who I like better, “+” for how I ship them (platonic, familial, romantic, not at all)!


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“Well, that was easy.” you say and wipe the tears on your face. “Oh my God, I haven’t felt that better since what? 1800s?” You know Rebekah went out to call the others before you turn your humanity off but who cares now? You can go to anywhere you want without a single feeling, right? As you are about to leave the compound, you hear that your siblings’ arrival.

“Y/N–” Elijah comes near and takes your hand. “What have you done?”

You raise your eyebrows and shrugged.

“I did what has to be done, brother.” you stated. “Now, there’s this hunger going on inside my veins so if you don’t where can I find someone to dry, I suggest you to–”

“No.” Niklaus appears out of nowhere and you roll eyes. “You are not going anywhere, sister. Not like this.”

“Oh now you care about my feelings, Nik? It’s touchy, you know. Since you are the reason of my… upgrade. But thanks, I guess.”

“We did not do anything, Y/N!” Rebekah yells at you. “We didn’t kill the love of your life for God’s sake!”

“That family did.” you disagree. “We corrupt everything we lay a finger on and that made me go crazy, so… Why not dealing with my own problems when I had a chance?”

“Y/N!” Freya insists. “Kol and Finn’s death were overwhelming, we know, but–”

“Oh please, older sister, not now.” you giggle. “Yeah, they died before I bet those assholes are just fine.”

“Language, sister–”

“Shut up, Elijah.”

“Did you just–”

“Yes, Bex, now before I break anyone’s neck, I need to go.”

“Not that easy, love.” Klaus says and with a flip of Freya’s fingers, your neck is broken.

When you wake up in your chambers, you stop for a while. Everything around you was–from your past? Every photo of your family you’ve ever taken since the first photograph machine, your ex lovers’ letters and every toy you’ve had back in the late 10th century? You scowl as you walk in the room and then you realize - it’s your family’s mind games. Now that there’s a witch in the family, they are really good at these things.

You look at the pictures of Kol and the painting of Finn. They were alive and strong – you try to avoid the images in your head and close your eyes. You won’t let them get in your brain.

But seeing your own history right in front of you isn’t the funniest thing in the world.

“What are you doing–” As your family comes in. “Stop it, it won’t work!”

“But it does.” Freya smiles slowly and puts her hand on your back. “Even if our brothers are gone, sister, we are still here.”

“As a family.” Rebekah says and holds your hand.

“Always.” Elijah says.

“And forever.” Nik smiles devilishly.

“Till the forever ends.” You whisper as a teardrop rolls on your cheek.

Liveshow 29.03.2015

Favorite Quotes/Moments:

Note: They released some info about the book and said that Just Dance will probably be coming out tonight (Dan teased Phil about spoiling it in his liveshow last week), but that’s not really what I want to talk about here.

“A big thing happened in our life!”—Phil

“I swear to God, that is like 90% of the reason I’m on porridge right now, is because you can’t secret-eat it.”—Dan

“Gerard, what about me?!”—Phil, when discussing Gerard following Dan on twitter

“Much like we stalk all of your blogs and know what you’re saying 100% of the time….”—Dan

Phil, repeating user question: “What was the last movie I watched?” *turns to Dan* “What was the last movie we watched?”

“Shh, shh, shh!”—Phil, holding up a finger and shushing Dan

Phil: “Do you reckon you’d die before me?” Dan, gets a slightly unnerved look on his face: “You mean like in life, or in the Hunger Games?”

“Did no one even say, ‘Are you okay?’ British people!” Phil, indignant after Dan retells his escalator-falling story.

“Here we go, here we bloody go!”—Dan, to Phil, about anime

Phil killed his Tamagotchi. Dan: “I don’t care about Tamagotchi.” Phil: “Dan! For shame.”

Phil: “My mum says I have dextrous fingers!” *wiggling fingers* Dan: face-palms

“Just gonna let you wallow in your strangeness for a minute.” Dan, to Phil

“Quietly phallic if you put it the wrong way ‘round.” Phil, about his cactus

Their ensuing argument about where Phil puts the cacti.

“Phil bought an automatic air freshener and I HATE IT!”—Dan

Their fixations with the color changing candle Phil bought

Dan said something about Phil becoming Voldemort (video froze for a sec, so I didn’t quite catch it)

They took a hideous polaroid together. “Look how long my tongue is…I didn’t know my tongue could be that long.”—Phil

“I don’t want to leave!”—Dan, who had originally planned on leaving early to finish editing Just Dance, but decided to stay til the end because he was having so much fun.

“Let’s frame it!”—Dan, about the polaroid, in a weird voice and making a stupid face

“Do you want to eat the chicken nuggets, or the dog?”—Phil, doing a Lancashire accent

Phil and Dan looking at their elbows, and Phil being confused by Dan’s elbow

“You’re bad, you’re terrible, you’re a bad friend…. Bad Phil! Don’t buy cookies!”—Dan, to Phil about delicious Tesco cookies

“Domestic arguments”—Dan, singing

“You always talk to me about animal facts.”—Dan, to Phil

“If you say you have a broken toe, then you don’t have to do it.”—Phil, about P.E.

Dan, singing/humming annoyingly: “D’you like my lobby music?” Phil: “No.”

“The murder of Dan and Phil.”—Dan singing while Phil checks on a weird noise

They made firework sound effects while Dan was drawing

Dan: “How d’you spell scissor?” Phil, teasingly: “I’m not telling you.”

They thanked everyone for their support, said that the liveshow had been a lot of fun, and that more info about the book/tour will be coming out over the next few months.

General Observations:

They just looked really, incredibly happy. They were both laughing and smiling and grinning, and just seemed more relaxed and cheerful than I’ve seen them in ages. It made my face hurt from smiling so hard back at them. They also said “we” like five thousand times, and Phil used the phrase “our life.” It was the best liveshow I’ve ever seen with them by far, and I’m just so glad that they’re really comfortable and enjoying themselves right now. You should all go watch it now!!

  • [SCENE: walking out of the theater, where my parents and I have just seen the third Hunger Games movie. My mother read the first book and hated it, loved the second movie, then went back and watched the first movie and liked it better than she expected. My father has only seen the first two movies. Neither of them knows any of the characters' names except Katniss and Peeta, and neither had any idea of the plot of the third book.]
  • Mom: So, what did you think?
  • Me: I loved it. Loved it! I am going to be singing that song for weeks.
  • Dad: I don't trust that woman. The one with the hair.
  • Mom: The rebel leader? I don't trust her either.
  • Dad: Yeah. She's just like the evil President but on the opposite side. You could see it in her speech. She's a President-in-training.
  • Mom: She could end up just like him.
  • Dad: She already is. She's just the other side of the same coin.
  • Mom: Exactly! The other side of the same coin. What's her name again?
  • Me: [too delighted for coherent speech]

“I always wanted to be a good hockey player. I wanted to be like the guys on TV. It wasn’t until I was 9 or 10, when I realized I was one of the best players in my age group, that I started to develop a hunger. Once I got to the NHL, I wanted to be the best NHL player to ever play the game. Nothing was going to deter me. My dad made sure I had the right mindset. He bought me the Best of Bobby Orr tape, and I watched it thousands of times. I didn’t aspire to be like Bobby Orr, but to have an impact on the game like he did. When I step on the ice, especially in playoff games or critical times during the season, where we’re in a slump and need a win, or battling for a division title, I always wanted to be like Bobby Orr. It’s not just about winning, it’s about being the best player on the ice and leading my team. Those are the moments I thrive in the most. That’s why I play this way.” - PK Subban

Creative Story: “Think Again”

Have you noticed the innocent girl on the edge of a popular fast food restaurant with her empty can waiting for someone to give her a penny?

Have you observed those tears and sob every 5’oclock in the morning? They’d probably thinking how to survive the entire day.

How about the little boy who seems to play patintero with the roaring vehicles along Ermita?

Did you notice his skin with cuts and bruises and dried blood? Or the holes in his crumpled and filthy shirt?

How about when you’re riding a jeepney, maybe you always notice those two kids, one is around 5 years old and the other is 7 years old, they always had this white envelope and singing a song for the passengers?

Have you seen those group of teens holding a transparent plastic with a mixed of brownish crimson stuff?

And every time you go home to your province did you notice that little girl wearing short miniskirts?

Waiting at nine o'clock every night? Then, a black car is going to pick her up.

Did you hear the sob of a baby?

Have you seen those boys wearing their crumpled uniforms? Have you noticed their wounds and their black eyes?

Did you see it?

The sad truth: probably yes, somewhat no. Think again.

Perhaps you are a student reviewing while you’re riding a jeepney.

Or perhaps you’re an employee who stole a few minutes to take a nap while you’re on your way to office.

But even once, did you ever wonder what’s going on with their lives?

If you’re going to ask me? Yes, I noticed. I saw. I heard.

But I can’t help myself but to stare. I don’t have a voice. I don’t know where to start reaching out for them. I am, just like you, wondering how I could help in my own little ways.

I asked myself:

Why does the girl lying in the streets of Morayta cries? Is that because of hunger?

Why does the boy I encountered last time, has bruises in his body?

And those white envelope that they always bring with them, what are those for?

What are those white plastic bags that those boys are holding?

Why are those teenagers out by 12 midnight wearing short miniskirts?

Think again.

I want to reach out and be an advocate for change. Let’s give love a chance. Would you mind joining me?


Kanlungan sa Er-ma
Photo Credit: Jonalyn Ledda
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The Signs in the Hunger Games

12 signs fight to the death, there can only be one winner….

Alliances are quickly formed… at Gemini, Libra and Aquarius’ camp…

Aquarius: It’s all about tactic guys, you two are in charge of manipulating the public into sending us supplies, I’ll be responsible for everything else…

Gemini: I want a sword!

Aquarius: That’s a knife Gem….

Libra: I think we’re all capable of fighting, but I’d rather just hug everyone to death *sigh*

Gemini: Fuck that I want to brutally kill some bitches!

Aquarius: This might take a while…

*In another part of the Arena…*

Taurus: Ugh, can’t be bothered

Aries: Persistence is key! We can’t let our guard down for a second, everyone follow me…

Taurus: Ugh, more walking

Pisces: omg, I can’t do this, I can’t 

Cancer: to look into someone’s eyes as you kill them, to see the life drain from them…

Aries: Bro chill, no one’s even died yet 


*And we’re down to eight…. *somewhere else….

Sagittarius: This is actually not too bad, oh wait I don’t have an alliance with anyone, I’m just talking to myself, hahahaha

*somewhere else*

Virgo: Practical minds working together towards a common goal… I love it

Capricorn: Yes, I’ve never felt so accepted in my—

Scorpio: DIE DIE DIE

*Six down, six to go…* 

Leo: Probably singing or dancing or something to get supplies…

*Somewhere else*

Aquarius: Yes guys! We finally did it! This is the perfect plan!


*Let’s just assume that Leo fell down a hole or something*

Scorpio: Where the hell is that bouncy one that’s always shouting?

Sagittarius: Looks like I win LOL

(Cause let’s be honest, Scorpio would kill everyone EXCEPT for Sagittarius)


So, I thought, why not ruin make someone’s day with 3 minutes of beautiful devastation? hessofluffyyy, this one’s for you :)

I love this interview of Colin’s by his drama school because: 

(Read more if you dare)

1) It’s black and white, and makes Colin look EVEN BETTER (black hair, white skin? I’m in!) 

2) his accent’s thicker than usual 

3) pretty sweater/jumper 

4) just the right amount of scruff 

5) hair that nearly covers his eyebrows, and his ears (don’t think we don’t know you try to do that, Colin) 

6) flawless skin per usual 

 7) eyes! You can see his every eyelash and they are perfect 

8) he looks so much younger and that’s always awww-worthy 

9) he looks so much less tired than he’s looked of late 

10) should I even mention lips? OK, yes, just stare at them for a second… or two… Or the entire video. And the way he talks… I’m a writer and I still have no words to describe it. Like he’s trying to convince the camera to kiss him? I sound like a bad fanfic now, and I’m stopping all further thoughts of Colin and kissing in the same scenarios stat.

11) OK, should we move on to the actual video? I’ve had it paused at 0:07 all this time. First off, HE’S SO HAPPY to be talking about his old school. Clearly he has fond memories of the place :D 

12) he’s so smiley

13) so much positive attitude (at this point, we take this for granted with Colin, but do you realize how seriously hard it is to be positive and nice for as much of the time as he is??) 

14) all the philosophy on learning, all the philosophy on LIFE (I want to know who taught Colin all of it cos I want a lesson too) 

15) this screenshot of when I paused it to write more things perfectly sums up this entire video and what it does to me 

16) all the head bobs, “mmm’s” and “uhh’s” 

 17) how he pronounces “pond” (what is it with him pronouncing bodies of water in the most adorable way?) 

18) all the enunciating, from Mr. Mumbles himself, good job honey, also his voice is so smooth and low, low, low, low (OK let’s not desecrate Colin with bad song references Helen) 

19) who knew “theme” could be such a sexually frustrating word?? 

20) geeky laugh at “marble Archie,” and talking about the audience shouting at you, OK seriously, I need to come back to this list later while I go scream in a pillow at how cute you are 

21) (I’m back), the way he BLINKS, oh my god, why did I ever think this list would be a good idea? 

22) how he’s soo pleased to now be living his dream :D 


Editor’s note: Helen hopes you enjoyed the show, please gather all belongings on your way out and try to not leave important things like your melted brain behind. She apologizes for this not making it very far elevated above an appreciation of Colin physically, and for thoroughly derailing whatever you were trying to do before. :p

In the past year I feel like I’ve made a fundamental shift in the way I approach life, moving from a place of deep melancholy to a place of deep joy. And while i’m not totally sure of all the specifics of how i’ve arrived here i suppose i just wanted to put it out there that finding a place of peace within yourself to draw from creatively can be just as soul stirring as drawing art out of turmoil and sorrow. i see so much art/writing/poetry/etc pass through my dash that comes from this place in people of perpetual sadness… and it’s gorgeous and moving and there’s so much brilliance there, and i understand because i did that for a long time, the proof of it is here in the archives of this blog. But I reached there was a point where I was scared of letting go of my sadness because I felt like it was the only part of me that I could turn into something beautiful andI just think that everyone should know that isn’t necessarily the case. You are worthy of everything that you desire… sometimes the most difficult step is simply giving yourself permission to hunger for things, to have wants in the very core of your being and to fulfill them out of love for yourself.