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part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Escape: A Peter/Gamora ficlet

(A/N: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2. Is anyone else dying to know the story of drunken Peter telling Gamora about David Hasselhoff? Here’s my headcanon of how it went.)

“If you like piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiña coladas!”

Gamora lifted her head from the book between her slender fingers and glanced with mild annoyance at the off-key exclamation that had just come from outside of her hotel room door. Her lips threatened to smile, but she refused to, despite being in her room where no one would see it. It was the principle of the thing, after all. She wouldn’t admit even to herself that Peter Jason Quill could be amusing on rare occasions.

“Getting’ caaaaaaught in the rain!” Peter’s voice continued. “If you’re not into yogaaaaaaa! If you have half a brain!”

Gamora snapped the book shut and stood up as she heard a fumbling, scratching sound. She pressed the button to slide the door open and affixed her lovely face into a bemused look. “Peter, what are you doing?”

Peter Quill abruptly stopped his caterwauling and blinked a few times. “Oh. Hey, G’mora. Whatcha doin’ in my room?”

As soon as he spoke, she caught a wave of alcohol fumes. It made sense. They’d just gotten paid for another job and the boys’ idea of celebrating was flying to the nearest habitable planet and getting completely trashed, spending most of their score, and bickering with each other. Baby Groot had curled up on a pillow on Gamora’s sofa, mumbling in his sleep every so often. Judging by his dilated pupils and shaky footing, Peter was all but three sheets to the wind.

“Your room is behind you,” Gamora said patiently. “That’s why the key card didn’t work.”

“Oh, man,” he said, his face falling with actual regret, to her surprise. “M sorry, G’mora, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’m such a jerk.”

“Usually, yes,” she said frostily. “But not in this case. I wasn’t asleep. I was reading. However, you might want to apologize to the hallway full of guests who had to hear your shrill voice through the walls.”

“You’re so right,” he agreed, and then tilted his head to bellow, “SORRY, EVERYBODY! DIDN’T MEAN TO WAKE YOU UP!”

“SHUT UP!” someone shouted back.


Gamora palmed her face. “Peter. Your room. That way.”

“Right, right, right. Sorry. G’night, G’mora.” He swiveled on his heel and walked up to the door. She watched him try to slide the card in eight times before finally sighing to herself and closing her own door. She snatched it out of his hand and placed it inside the hole. The door whooshed open and Peter stumbled inside, but not before turning and giving her an admittedly adorable smile.

“You’re a life saver, beautiful.”

She shook her head and caught his hand, dragging him towards the bed. “You need sleep or you will be too hungover to fly us out of here in the morning.”

“Well, one thing you’ll find out about me is that I bounce back like that.” He tried to snap his fingers on his free hand. “That. No, that. C’mon. That.”

Gamora sighed. “I will never understand why you find this infuriating state of intoxication so enjoyable.”

“Rocket said I couldn’t out-drink him,” Peter said defensively. “He was wrong. I won.”

“Did you have to buy every round to prove him wrong?”

Peter paused. “Yes.”

“Then no, you didn’t win. Rocket just wanted free drinks.”

Peter scowled. “Little trash panda.”

Gamora again refrained from smiling as she continued pulling the sheets down. She turned and helped him out of his red leather jacket. She felt his gaze on her and ignored it, brushing it off even though she felt her skin warming over her face and neck, over her shoulders, and in the tips of her fingers. Her heart beat mocked her with its accelerated pace. She tried to picture him as a child getting ready for bed, but it didn’t work. He was too close, too warm, and under the scent of alien beer was a rather nice, mild cologne.

He lifted his arms as she pulled off his outer shirt, still strangely silent and watching her fold it and set it on the nearby couch. Finally, when she turned around, he made a move.

He hugged her.

She stiffened, having expected something else. Stranger still, it was completely wonderful. He kept his hands on the small of her back and buried his nose behind her ear and into her dark hair. She hadn’t been held in years. Decades. Not since her parents. Gamora had lovers in the past, but none of them were permitted to touch her that way. This…it was affection, not lust.

And it scared her even more.

“You’re so good to me,” Peter mumbled with a sigh. “I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry.”

She shut her eyes for a second. “Peter…”

“No, really. Thank you, G’mora. I know I get on your nerves all the time. S’ just ‘cause I like you. You’re pretty and smart and so much stronger than me. Dunno how you do it.”

Gently, she settled her hands on his chest and pushed until she could meet his gaze. God, his eyes were all for her, like there was nothing else in the entire cosmos. No one had ever been foolish enough to do such a thing. Maybe that was why he did. Peter Quill defied everything, and her expectations most of all.

Heart in her throat, she smiled weakly. “Guess that’s just how my father raised me.”

She led him over to the bed and pushed him to sit. He obeyed and she knelt, unlacing his boots. “Bet he was a great guy. Probably smart like you too. Y’know, when I was a kid growing up and everybody else had a dad and I didn’t, I used to pretend that he was this famous actor.”

Gamora’s brown eyes widened and flicked up at Peter’s face. She’d never heard him say much about his father since they left Xandar. She’d gently tried to ask about his life before Yondu abducted him, but he wouldn’t talk about it. She licked her lips, unsure of how to proceed. She wanted to know, but she also didn’t want to invade his privacy while he was drunk. Eventually, she softened her voice and kept unlacing his boot.

“What was his name?”

“David Hasselhoff,” Peter slurred. She frowned, unsure if that name was correct or if his drunken state had altered it somewhat. “He was this German icon. He could sing and dance and his biggest success was this TV show with a talking car called Knight Rider. It was the coolest thing I ever saw.”

He fumbled for a second and pulled a slip of paper out of his pants pocket. She took it, examining the square-jawed, fluffy-haired man that he apparently idolized. “Why him?”

Peter shrugged. “He’s the coolest man alive. Who wouldn’t want him for a dad?”

“No,” she said softly, rising and sitting beside him. “Why tell the others it was him? Why not just pretend on your own?”

“I don’t know. Guess I just ran with what my mother used to tell me, that my Dad was perfect and not like all the other people on earth. Hasselhoff sounded like a good option at the time.”

He took the picture back and stuffed it into his pants. Gamora took the plunge. “Do…the others know this about you?”

He shook his head. Her stupid, selfish heart fluttered. “They’d probably laugh at me.”

Without thinking, Gamora reached over and slipped her fingers through his. He looked at her then. “No, they wouldn’t. Out here it’s hard to find family. They’d understand.”

He smiled, running his thumb along her knuckles. It tickled and sent butterflies exploding through her stomach. He leaned in towards her. Her eyes flicked to his lips. They parted as he drifted closer.

He kissed her cheek. “Thanks, G’mora.”

She felt a tug of disappointment at her core. “You’re welcome.”

“Stay with me.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Not like that, I mean…stay here tonight. Just tonight.”

“I…” Word clogged her throat and got stuck. She couldn’t look away from that hint of desperation and adoration on his face. Eventually, she just nodded.

He stood, drawing her up by the arm, their hands still connected, and she slid under the covers after kicking off her boots. She curled onto her side as Peter climbed in beside her and settled down, facing her. He smiled again, kissed the back of her hand, and snuggled down in the pillows, his eyes closing.

“Night, G’mora.”

“Good night, Peter.”

Slowly, she let her eyes drift closed.

And she never slept better.


I just have a lot of feelings about this ship, okay?!

HannibalCon RDC3 - day 1. Personal recap

So yesterday was the day that so many of us feverishly anticipated and dreaded :), the actual possibility of meeting Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy, Aaron Abrams, Scott Thompson, Demore Barnes and Ellen Muth! I mean. What -are- the chances?

I flew over Friday morning (having dreaded flying in that storm but it did die down that night, fortunately) with Alex and we made our way over to arrive at 10 am, to photos of other Fannibals on Twitter already, though the hotel was still very much empty. Good to take photographs :)

I got upgraded to the next room level (which is why I can now drink coffee while writing this at 5:30 am (thank goodness)). By afternoon the lobby was filling slowly, flowercrowns everywhere. A truly elevating atmosphere, because even though I’m not really a flowers and frilly stuff kind of gal, it just is incredible to watch. Btw the bloody flowercrown @idontfindyouthatinteresting made for me drew many compliments (thank you, again!)

Registration openend a bit early and people went queuing until the main ceremony started. Incredible, there were soooo many people there, so many beautiful cosplays already. @lovecrimecat came by and we distributed the flyers for @radiance-anthology flyers to those standing in line, managed to meet so many of those who signed up (yay), got little gifts in exchange from so many people (and everybody just gave me a second one when I asked so I could give them to Katrina who couldn’t come - so awesome of you guys, thank you again!). I met so many people ‘from’ Twitter and it’ so nice to recognize some from last time, to put name and face to the @s. *hugs at all*

Opening ceremony.
I have a gold ticket this year so I went up front and sat next to SpiceyScorpion, only to realize that -that- was way to much in front for my nerves …. *rolls eyes at self*. I went a few rows back and to the side, which was a good decision for later^^.
“They” came in a few minutes to late, we saw Aaron and Scott do shadow theatre behind the scenes and Sean called them out one after the other.

Demore seemed honestly happy to be there, addressing us with such kind words, upping the applause and calling backstage that that could not possibly be topped*fg*. Aaron came out and asked us to clap for Hugh because he was supposedly afraid he wouldn’t get any ^^^^^, Scott said something along these lines as well, I think. Both very funny. Ellen was there^^ and addressed us with a few kind ords and then Sean announced Bryan next and the room (not in any way quiet before) went -wild-. And Bryan…. Bryan went “crowdsurfing”. Meaning he ran through the aisles and high-fived us. You know that sitting to the side decision? Yeah….
What a moment, there’s lots of pictures in the Tag #HannibalCon, go and look, it was…. incredible. God bless. Anyway Hugh came out last, announced by Sean as one of the best british actors, and boy, that was applause^^. He seemed a bit overwhelmed with the energy there^^ and honestly, I can’t quite remember what he actually said but it was something along the lines that he was looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

They came out together after that and we held up the signs that @the-winnowing-wind distributed - “Fannibals Forever”…. They took videos and photos of us. Bryan posted some of it later. Incredible moment to have been part of. I’m even in Bryans video (yay^^ (and if you know where to look^^)).

The gold ticket holders went across the hall next, to a slightly smaller room with tables set up and we were seated by group/friends. And then we waited, because they got something to eat first…. (darn^^^). Colleen got out some booze and we talked a lot and proverbially bit our nails a lot *g*. When they finally got in they were sent to the various tables for 4-minute-meet-ups. Only the meet-ups didn’t stay at 4 minutes :P.

Demore was first and I was soooooo nervous. (The seat next to me was free btw, and so the -all- ended up sitting right next to me (*still screaming about that*. …. ) I shook my hands in the air in an effort to get rid of some of the energy and he put his hand on my shoulder asking me why I was nervous and I brabbled something unintelligible and shook my head. Very sweet. We talked a bit about his fight scene with Mads and that we would have liked to see more of him^^ and I told him I can’t wait to see him in American Gods and he rubbed my back when he left. *float*

Next was Scott, who brought his pizza and drank some mooneshine with us^^, played Tarot with us and was generally just this very kind and interesting person. I wasn’t -quite- that nervous anymore by then (thanks Demore (and Colleen for the prosecco)), meaning I actually talked a bit, though I can’t quite remember what^^.

Ellen was next and she was also very nice, we talked about the fact that her scenes are imho some of the most scary in Hannibal. She also wore some of the coolest jeans I’d ever seen^^.

Ok. Next? BRYAN. He saw the Will!Faun scarf of @flying-rotten we had put on the table cloth and chuckled that he knew who -we- are waiting for and that he couldn’t blame us^^. He asked us, if push came to shove, if we would prefer Will & Hannibal S4 or SotL. Our table was Hannigram, though there was apparently one that was 'done’ with it…. He told us about it a bit, much the same that Hugh has said before as well, that it would be an inversion of S1 etc. I…. hope that push does not come to shove, because he told us a bit about how much he loves the lyric of Thomas Harris books and I would really love for him to be able to fully lay out his vision. I hope he gets to do this (we have to continue to fight, guys!!!). He also told us, that Thomas Harris apparently writes a new book and he…. poked Martha to get the rights to it already, without quite knowing what it was about yet *g*.

I…. took all my courage then and showed him one of the Radiance-Flyers and explained a bit and we asked if he wanted to do a little something like a foreword for it. And guys - HE DOES! He asked when it would need to be done and I said May 1st and he looked at the flyer and indicated the twitter @ there and asked if he should send it there and I was like (you know this situation, where, once you start, your mouth kind of runs away with you?! At least mine did^^^) “Oh well, yes, or you know you follow me on twitter, you can just send it there if you want” and he looked at me (directly) and said “yes, I know.” Well, RIP me. I answered with a very intelligent “ah” if I recall correctly and ducked my head and then Romina and I emphasized that it would be awesome if he actually wants to do that and finds the time.

He asked us after what drew us to Hannibal, as he got feedback from a lot of the other young women (I thanked him for 'young’, you know, once you’re in it doesn’t matter anyhow *another eye roll at self*) and we said that its not only beauty and connection, but also intelligence. You have to think with Hannibal. He recommended 'Legion’ to us and asked if we’d seen it before and I said that some stuff hasn’t made it across the big pond yet. And then Bryan went and …. not ranted directly…. but expressed his lack of understanding of the fact that things take so long to be legal and why series were not streamed worldwide because people would just go and pirate it anyway -because- it was not available legally. He went and made a (imho) very fitting anology with the conservative stance on abortions in contrast to piracy, meaning just because it’s forbidden it doesn’t stop people from doing so, it just gets unsafer and illegal.
Oh and he took photos of our table and @dr3piecesuit s and another girls tattoo, because he loves them. :) And he told us that he brought something for Hugh to wear for the Cosplay contest. Can’t wait *g*
He was called away then, way past the 4 minutes^^ and …. he is such a precious human being?! Exuding so much warmth and honesty and exuberance. I feel honored that I got to sit there.

A propos honored… Hugh was next and there I was again - nervous. Awesome. *third eyeroll* He complimented Camilles Will!Faun, saying it was very beautiful and then laughing that that was maybe a bit weird^^, and then telling us about all the gifts he gets and that he keeps the little plush Wills, giving them to his son to play with, even the bloody ones….. *fg*.
The girl next to me (@OnTheVerger) talked to him about how much Adam means to her because she has Aspergers and then broke into tears and Hugh comforted and hugged her and it was sooo sweet. We showed him the Radiance flyers as well and he said “blood fueled embraces, indeed” *g*.
Bryan ran by then and left a bitten off Babybel for Hugh. IDK if Hugh bit off that piece or if Bryan did but it was hilarious^^.

Hugh had to leave then and Aaron came to our table last, I told him I backed him and he told us about the film he and Scott are in (Scott came by and set down next to him^^) and we talked about how much we would all want to see more of Hannibal. Oh and Scott said (before) that he was supposed to teach Clarice Starling - how awesome would team Sassy Science be doing that in SotL? Seriously?
Anyway, I remember I touched Aarons shoulder in the spur of the moment talking about -something- but I can’t remember what exactly and the panicking about that. ;))

I went to my room at 1:15am, got into bed by 2am and was wide awake again at 5:15 am.

What. a. rush.

PS: This is no photos because my cameras not that good - check the Hashtag on Twitter, there’s TONS of them ;). Already ;)

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #109 - Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) The early 2000s have a lot of truly underrated gems, especially from Disney. Along with The Emperor’s New Groove and Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is probably one of the most underrated and overlooked films in their catalogue. Which is a true shame because it is such a great film.

2) This film opens with the city of Atlantis being washed away by a great flood, but if there was originally an alternate opening featuring vikings with the Shepard’s Journal in search of the fabled city. I prefer the opening we have, but you can watch the viking prologue if you want.

3) Michael J. Fox as Milo Thatch.

Originally posted by snowflake-owl

I saw this movie when it first came out in June of 2001. I fell in love with Back to the Future in February of 2009. So when I realized Marty McFly and Milo Thatch were one in the same my love for this film only grew. Fox brings a sincere enthusiasm to Milo, and like with the best voice acting you forget that you’re listening to Michael J. Fox. He BECOMES Milo, the guy who has to deal with everyone doubting him while still clinging true to his beliefs. It is a great character supported by an incredible actor.

4) There is a nice juxtaposition between how Helga sets up Mr. Whitmore (“Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite. Much.”) and the quirky little nut Mr. Whitmore actually is.

An enigmatic man who I would’ve liked to know more of, Whitmore is a little eccentric but comes off as a good hearted man. His relationship with Milo’s grandfather seems to be the defining thing in his life, so much so that he’s funding a multi-million (1914 million) dollar expedition to find a myth. John Mahoney (best known for the role of Frasier’s father on Frasier) gives a strong performance in his little bit of time, but this film is filled with strong voice over performances so it is no wonder his stacks up.

5) This line was improvised by Michael J. Fox:

Milo [after he throws up from being seasick]: “Carrots. Why is it always carrots? I didn’t even have carrots!”

6) Animated films tend to be short and with the added benefit of exaggeration need to establish personalities of supporting characters IMMEDIATELY. This is very true of the expedition’s crew. This starts with Jim Varney as Cookie, a hillbilly type who fits Varney’s comedic styling very nicely. Varney passed away before filming was complete, leaving some lines to have a stand in, but his life is in Cookie all the way.

Helga: “The men need their four basic food groups.”

Cookie [holding up three fingers]: “I’ve got your four basic food groups! Beans, bacon, whiskey, & lard!”

7) Oh my god Vinny.

Every line out of Vinny’s mouth is glorious! Voiced by Don Novello, Novello makes Vinny his own in the same way that James Woods made Hades his own in Hercules. I saw a behind the scenes featurette for this film way back when that said Novello improv-d a lot of lines and most of them are included in the film. Vinny is hysterical, with his penchant for blowing things up and dead pan delivery. The crew is made up of a bunch of great individuals & Vinny is no exception.

8) Rourke…

Rourke is the captain of the expedition and - after the film’s twist - turns out to be the main villain. Voiced by James Garner, Rourke is honestly at his most interesting towards the end when he can be a ruthless bad guy. Up until that point he’s a pretty good commander and seems like an honest man. But looks can be deceiving.

9) There are so many jokes you don’t get in these movies when you were a kid (just wait until I do Shrek). For example:

Mole [about his dirt from different countries]: “England must never merge with France!”

10) Although Vinny is awesome, there’s a good chance that Sweets is my favorite crew member in the film.

He’s fast talking, genuinely kind, a good doctor, and when the crew needs to start acting like bad guys he’s the first to abandon Rourke and his selfish quest (although much more quietly than the other characters). Phil Morris - like the other actors - breathes such life and personality into Sweets that you don’t even question that he’s real.

11) I love the wit in this film.

Sweets [presenting Milo with the vials presented above]: “Here, I’m going to need you to fill these up.”

Milo: “WITH WHAT!?”

12) And to round out the crew, Audrey.

Like most of the crew, we learn more about Audrey in a pivotal scene later. But when we first meet her she’s already impressive. Just a teenager, Audrey is the head engineer on the expedition and tough as nails. She knows her shit and is tough as hell, but that’s not why she’s awesome. Well, that’s not the ONLY reason she’s awesome. But more on that later.

13) The Leviathan.

Mike Mignola, the creator and artist behind the character Hellboy, is credited as a production designer on this film. Nowhere is his influence more clearly scene than the leviathan, the mechanical sea beast meant to defend the entrance to Atlantis. It is an impressive feat of imagination and animation, a creature which is truly menacing in both size and design. The leviathan and its attack on the submarine crew could quite well be the best part of this film.

13.5) Why does a science expedition have battle stations? I mean, now we know because they’re mercenaries. But did this not raise any red flags?

14) God bless Packard. I’m not even sure what her role on the ship is besides announcer, but god bless her.

Originally posted by miusix

15) The pivotal scene for so many of these characters in this film is when Milo eats with them for the first time and we get their backstory.

  • Sweets’ of mixed descent, part black part Native American (I believe he said he’s Navajo). He studied to be a doctor when he got enlisted in the army.
  • Audrey’s father wanted sons, one to run his auto shop and another to become world boxing champion. Her sister has a shot at the title.
  • Vinny’s family owned a flower shop and when the business next door blew up, “It was like a sign from god! I found myself in that ‘boom.’”

And then of course we get this line.

Milo: “What’s Mole’s story?”

Sweets: “Trust me on this one. You don’t wanna know. Audrey, don’t tell him. You shouldn’t have told me, but you did. And now I’m tellin’ you, you don’t wanna know.”

You see THIS is what fleshes out these characters. Its this one scene which makes them more than jokes or stereotypes or archetypes, but real people. We get their conflict, their history. We learn of Audrey’s family, of Vinny’s boredom with flowers, or Sweets’ history in the army. THIS is what makes the film standout in the way it does.

16) Kida.

Originally posted by heymadmoizelle

It’s too bad Atlantis didn’t do too well at the box-office, otherwise Kida might take her place among the official Disney Princess line. Along the same lines as Mulan, Kida is a warrior princess. A woman who can kick ass but also loves her father and her people very dearly. Cree Summer is an accomplished actress in the voice over world, with Kida possibly being one of her finest roles. Kida is tough but never mean, curious but never overbearing, capable but able to form a meaningful relationship with Milo (while also not being too over the top lovey dovey), and just an all around great character.

17) Hey look, its Spock!

Leonard Nimoy has had a number of voice over roles, particularly in the 21st century. Its nice hearing him in this, even if we don’t get to spend too much time with the king.

18) So you know the trope of a 100+ year old vampire forming a slightly weird relationship with a much younger woman?

Originally posted by moan-s


Originally posted by justmeandmythoughts32-blog

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

19) The betrayal of the crew wouldn’t have hurt nearly as much as it does if it weren’t for the scene where we get all their backstories.

Notably we don’t get the backstories of the two most evil characters in the film: Rourke & Helga. This is when Rourke becomes REALLY interesting and when James Garner has a lot of fun as the bad guy. He’s a brute! A bully! He’s ruthless, pretty much kills the king, beats on Milo when he’s down, all while cracking a jock and flexing his impressive muscles for a 60+ year old man. Rourke doesn’t get enough credit as a Disney bad guy in my opinion.

20) I love this.

Milo [after Rourke asks him to translate better]: “I know, why don’t you translate AND I’LL WAVE THE GUN AROUND!”

I live for heroes telling bad guys who are “in control” to f*** off.

21) The entire crystal chamber scene is just absolutely gorgeous. The early 2000s were noteworthy for frequent mingling of hand drawn and computer animation, with Atlantis being one of the finest examples of it.

Also this shot is gorgeous:

Originally posted by curvecreation

22) I never got this line.

Rourke (after his crew decide to stick with Milo & the Atlanteans): “PT Barnum was right.”

Only now do I know one of Barnum’s famous quotes is, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” And I had to google it.

22.5) Fun fact: Joss Whedon worked on the story for this film! For you Whedonites out there, doesn’t “PT Barnum was right.” sound like a very Whedon-y line?

(GIF originally posted by @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer)

23) Okay, as a child and even now I was OBSESSED with crystalized Rourke.

Like that image is just very memorable to me, especially after Rourke was supposedly killed by being encased in crystal. It’s too bad we only got a minute or so of it before the airship crashed, but damn that’s just the coolest thing to me. If there are any Kingdom Hearts fans reading this, imagine this: A Rourke boss fight, where after you beat him the first time you have to fight his crystal form and its an even tougher fight.

24) And of course Milo stays in Atlantis at the end, because it is what he and his grandfather sent their entire lives searching for. What would be the point of returning to the surface where either A) no one will believe him, or B) people will believe him and try to take advantage of this culture they found? It’s a great ending which makes a lot of sense.

I love Atlantis. It’s one of my favorite Disney films, but it maybe wouldn’t be if it weren’t so underrated. If you’re a fan of action, adventure, Disney, animation, or heck, even Stargate, I think you’ll enjoy this film.

bnha l/n II translation.

Chapter 4, AB Union: A Girls Only Gathering, Final Part.


[Part 1] [Part 2]

t/n finish! this was cute, minor kacchako, more kamijirou! in regards to next translation I was planning on doing the boys arm wrestling thing, but apparently i’ve seen ppl say its being translated? if so, I’d leave that and do the last chapter of the l/n! once again thank you for reading! ^_^

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….what if Sirius actually kept a photo album(or seven thousands) of him and the Marauders and everyone else he knew back when he was still a student at Hogwarts? And one day, when Harry was taking his kids to visit the house of one of the bravest man he ever knew (sorry Snape), 10-year-old James and 8-year-old Albus found those albums stashed somewhere in an empty room in Grimmauld Place when they were wandering around the house. That was how they (and Lily too, in the end), learned about how great their grandparents were, and the lives they and their friends had before they died to give them all a better future.

From the pictures, they learned how James Potter Sr would do the most idiotic things to impress then Lily Evans (“I can’t believe Granddad actually jumped off the Astronomy Tower and mounted his broom just metres before he crashed!” James Sirius would exclaimed in adoration.). They also learned that their father’s Godfather was probably the coolest person they’d ever seen (“And the most handsome,” Lily Luna would add, earning a look from her brothers, to which she added, “What? I’m 9, but it doesn’t mean that I’m blind. He was fit.”). And when they saw the pictures of Remus trying to separate both heavily-drunk James Sr and Sirius from clawing each other’s eyes (“Man, I wonder what it was all about,” Albus said as he eyed the picture closely, trying to imagine how those people were.), they started to invited their honorary-older brother Teddy Lupin to join them to see the pictures. Because let’s face it, Teddy had a right to those pictures more than they did, seeing that it was his father there in most of the pictures.

They learned a lot of things about the Marauders and his friends. They knew now that James Sr had a crooked-smile that he inherited to Albus, that Sirius loved to tilt his chair to stand on its two back-feet and threw his head back in a laugh, that Remus smiled a lot more than what was appropriate when he was watching his friends fight over something that was no doubt trivial. But there were also some people they didn’t know though. Like that pretty raven-haired girl who Sirius loved to carry on a piggy-back ride all over the Gryffindor Common Room on a lot of the pictures. Or the cute blonde who blushed whenever she saw Remus, even when she pretended she was listening to Lily Evans, who was talking while waving her hands dramatically. Or even the tall guy kissing a nice-looking woman who looked a lot like their Professor Longbottom, with both James Sr and Sirius photo-bombing in the background. They also saw many pictures of a short, mousy-blonde man, who looked at his three friends in adoration. Nevertheless, they didn’t mind the fact that there were some people that they didn’t know. The truth was, the Potter kids and Teddy Lupin learned more about the Marauders from their pictures instead of the stories they often heard.

They never told Harry though. Because they thought it was Harry who stored those pictures away, thinking that it must be too painful for Harry to see it. They never said anything about it, unaware that they probably knew more about their grandparents and their friends more than their own father. So, one day when James Sirius was seventeen, Harry was lecturing his oldest son that he shouldn’t jump from the Astronomy Tower just to impress Neville’s daughter because that was just plain crazy, son, and you can’t be that stupid. Rolling his eyes because he was convinced his father was being ridiculous, oblivious and irritated James Sirius waved his hand dismissively and said, “Yeah right, as if Granddad James hadn’t done it before. I saw the pictures, Dad. You can’t blame me if I followed his example.”

He expected his father to yell at him for his insolence. Instead, Harry froze, those green eyes that were identical like his brother’s and grandmother’s were wide as saucers as he stammered, “W-what pictures, James?”

And that was when James Sirius and his siblings realised that for all his life, Harry was way more clueless than they were about his parents. And they couldn’t help but to feel sorry because they felt like they’d stolen something privately belonged to Harry. So they showed him the pictures, hugged him when he cried, and laughed along with him when he did.

Later, Ginny would tell her brother and Hermione how she had never seen her husband so happy.

Meeting Roman Reigns.

I went to the World of Wheels auto show in Rosemont today and met “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. To be honest with you straight up, I was never a huge Reigns fan. I preferred Ambrose in The Shield and always felt Roman receieved too bulletproof a push to the proverbial moon when the crowd reaction just wasn’t there. Fans in my own personal demographic (male, mid-late 20s, smarky) hate his booking and how inorganic his rise to the top has been. A stubborn, insistent Mr. McMahon loves “The Guy,” so he’s pushed as Superman babyface while the crowd boos. Would it be easier to satisfy fans and just turn him heel already, so the boos match his actions in the ring? Nope. And I learned why tonight.

For starters, Reigns is over like a motherfucker. There were, I would estimate, in the neighborhood of 650 people gathered trying to get a piece of the Roman Empire. I arrived to the convention center two and a half hours early, around 1:30 p.m., for a scheduled 4 p.m. signing. I didn’t get to shake his hand (forgot to shaka or fist pound, damn it) until about 6:15. And when I got out of the line, finally, there were about 300 people still waiting in line for a chance at meeting him. It’s funny: there were more men in line to meet him than just about any other demographic. Weird, right? When I met him, I actually jokingly apologized on behalf of my fellow adult male fans, and he also noted that there were more grown men there than anybody else. There were definitely tons of ladies, though. And kids. Reigns draws them all out, but yeah, especially surprised by all of “my people.” Including two guys, a man in his 30s and his elderly father, who would serve as my line buddies for the afternoon. It’s always nice meeting fellow marks, and these two were cutely mark-y. Hating the heels like they’re supposed to and such. It was wonderful.

I wanted to document a bit of the scene of a WWE autograph signing for those who couldn’t be there, or were on their way and wanted to see what they were getting into, so I took some short clips and posted them to my Twitter. Before I knew it, I was being retweeted by 20, 30, 40, 50 people and fan sites. Little 10-second videos I considered inconsequential to anything or anybody, were “liked” dozens of times. Fans – almost all female and younger than 21 – replied to my tweets with affirmation. It really opened my eyes to the fact that Roman Reigns is the most polarizing WWE Superstar since John Cena, and those who love him absolutely cherish him, while those who don’t like him will pay $20 on top of $15 parking just to boo him. (That particular contingent was uproariously minuscule, and I can probably count them on my two hands, and I’m sure they were half-joking because seriously, “hating” Roman Reigns is “cool” now, and the “in” thing to do. I’ll admit, I boo him because it’s fun. And, accordingly, I will cheer for him when he turns heel. Because of course.)

A word about those under-21s: I teach middle school girls on occasion, so I understand them. Plus, I have a sister; I grew up with a teenage girl. But, man, what a contingent of folks. The bombardment of notifications on my iPhone throughout the afternoon, after using just one hashtag (#worldofwheels, take a spin, if you will) was incredible. These girls run in packs, and like most women, they are something us men do not comprehend: They are “there for one another.” When one Roman fan speaks out, so do others. And it’s all positive stuff. The meat and potatoes of Roman’s fan base, at least socially speaking, are, I guess, a bunch of “stans.” And I mean that in the best possible way. Having been a part of my own group of wrestling fans my own age and gender, it has always been difficult to see outside that bubble of fandom. Today changed that. Although I didn’t meet one of these stans, I have to say, I dig the positivity. I dig the good vibes they send this particular wrestler. These aren’t people to bitch about booking or backstage nonsense, or what rumors they heard. They’re just loyal fans who get excited over the giant Samoan guy similar to the way girls got excited by those fab four British lads way back when.

The highlight of the night for me, beyond shaking The Guy’s hand, was meeting a mother, father, and 13-year-old son, who happened to have special needs and was thus on the opposite side of the stage, where those with special needs wait for Roman to come down to meet them individually. Long sentence there, but we’re really cooking now. What astounded me about this happening was just how loving these parents were to their son. The mother said something to the effect of, “[Meeting Roman Reigns] is going to make his day. It’s going to make my whole world.” And the boy stood there, so patiently, so excited. But so patiently. Surrounded by fellow marks for five hours, some of whom counted the minutes with the tap of a finger on the face of their watch, some of whom panicked over what kind of photo they were going to get with The Big Dog. But this boy was quiet and so respectful. Talking to him, giving him a high-five, telling him that he’s about to meet one of the coolest wrestlers I’d ever met (and get a totally terrific one-on-one photo with him, as well)… great stuff. It felt wonderful, witnessing this family do its thing, taking such pride in their little boy, whose birthday is tomorrow, whose day was about to be made by meeting his favorite Superstar. To him, Roman was a hero. To experience the sheer joy of that boy, again, top stuff.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, meeting a wrestler I honestly was on the fence about, proved quite fruitful today. I got to meet a new group of fans that thought entirely different than me, and with more positivity than comes with being a fan my age, and that’s just one takeaway. I also walked away with a greater appreciation for the guy behind The Guy – how charitable he was with his time, how happy he looked to be there, I could go on. I’ve invested a lot of time over the years meeting my share of wrestlers, and Roman Reigns is up there with the coolest of them all. So respect to him, and his fans, for today, today was pretty all right.

Honest Review of "of Witchcraft and Whimsy"

So last week I bought @orriculum’s book, “Of Witchcraft and Whimsy” and have been reading it throughout the week. Honestly, it’s super exciting seeing somebody I’ve followed since like the beginning of my time on this blog (not more than a year but still), write and publish a book. As a writer myself that’s the coolest shit and I will always support my other writers. When I review I try to look at the material from both a reader’s and writer’s perspective, (and this time a witches). I’ve broken down this one into three parts: the good, the bad, and the important.

The Good:
1. The book starts off with a lot of advice for beginning witches, or people just curious about it, and the overall tone is “you make it how you want it” which is extremely important and I wish somebody told me that years ago.
2. Corespondents! Omg are there a ton it’s like a tiny like handbook for a quick reference!
3. Definitions! I didn’t even know some of these and I sometimes feel stupid for asking. Again, great for starters.
4. It really focuses on topics generally avoided in some books. I was going to put this in The Bad but I feel like it goes in both. It is biased on a lot of things but that leads to the discussion of racism, appropriation, safety, etc. and honestly I agree with them all.
5. Concise! Omg there’s no lengthy extra explanations of things a beginner would hardly understand. Each topic gets a brief description and the point gets across. It makes things easier to find and refer to later.

The Bad:
1. The book is clearly not edited. I know it was self-published through Amazon (I think), but that doesn’t explain some of the clear mistakes. There are a plethora of typos and format errors that I wonder if some of these sections are just copy and pasted from text posts. Also the cover and back cover are well designed but low quality as if it used a low resolution picture. I don’t know if that’s a printers error or image selection error.
2. The second half of the book lists spells, which is fine, but they seem very random and there is a wide range of levels. I’m not sure if I’d recommend some of them to beginners. The spells are also not at all clear, even to me let alone a total beginner. They also don’t share any type of format or style.
3. Some topics are brought up without an explanation, like storm magic. The book introduces itself as like a precursor to going off on your own research but one thing it totally misses is talking about the different kinds of path somebody might want to research as they are getting started.

The Important:
1. Holy fuck you publish a book I’m sorry but that’s still so cool to me. Like somebody sat down wrote and laid out a whole book and got it published and sold it like that itself deserves some respect.
2. It functions both as a good introduction for beginners and a refresher or reference for older witches. I would both recommend this book to newbies and also keep it in my back pocket for spells for a quick handbook.
3. Its fucking cute let’s be real
4. I am fucking here for witches and writers supporting other witches and writers like can we have our own little group see what projects everyone is working on and such. I just really love it 🌷

So, I’m pretty picky when it comes to what witchcraft books I buy but like, I will always want to buy and support people I know, when I have the money for it. I plan on buying a few other books from Tumblr authors this summer but I’m trying not to spend too much money! So we will see how many I can get my hands on and maybe I’ll come back and do another review (if you guys are down for that kinda thing) Anyway, go buy orriculum’s book, it’s $5 on Amazon ✨

-Messy Witch 🍄


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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9


Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst including smut of course

Word Count: 1.412


I arch an eyebrow at JungKook questioningly but he refuses to answer. He just shakes his head quietly and we get in the car. Even though he wants me to let go of what happened I just cannot. My voice is calm and smooth as I ask.

“Who was that guy?”

JungKook sighs as he keeps his eyes on the road. The grip of his fingers on the wheel gets tight that his knuckles gets white.

“Thats Ha Joon… He was kind of a sponsor for my company and we have a debt that we need to pay to him.”

Kind of a sponsor? There is definetly something fishy about this. I know I shouldn’t hence I insist.

“But he was talking about winning a game, wasn’t he?”

JungKook uncomfortably shifts in his place and grunts his teeth.

“Yes because he is the owner of a casino and I was gambling there to pay him back.”

I am confused and its probably obvious. JungKook takes a look at me for a mere second. His voice is lower and deeper.

“Look … I didn’t want to gamble but my company didn’t have enough money when we started… and he said we could pay if I gamble there. Now its all in Ha Joon’s hands…”

I avoid his stare and look down.

“So you still have to pay…”

JungKook groans in frustration as he shakes his head.

“Yes but this has nothing to do with you.”

I just raise my voice unintentionally as I keep my eyes on him with my arms crossed.

“I am coming.”

JungKook suddenly and harshly stops the car. He fixes his deep eyes through mine, the shock obvious in them.

“Are you out of our mind? You aren’t going there.”

His voice is stern leaving no room for acceptance but I could always make a hole. I shake my head.

“I want to go… You want it or not ! Just pick me up when you are going.”

Not to let him complain and refuse I almost throw myself out of the passanger seat.


Here I am, watching people having their way under heavy smoke. A simple casino My step brother Ha Joon smiles at me as he is out of his huge whole black decorated room.

“I asked JungKook to bring her just as you wanted me to.”

I smile back.

“Thanks… You are better than a real brother.”

Ha Joon fixes his dark grey jacket as he murmurs.

“Don’t know why you are obsessed with this Jeon guy.” 

I arch my eyebrows.

“JungKook isn’t a play thing and I don’t need him falling for other girls.”

Ha Joon shrugs with a smug smirk.

“Other girls or her? I can see why you are like this… She is a hot piece.”

I smile widely at him, my voice low as I am happy with the plan.

“So thats a double kill Joonie. You enjoy her and I get Jeon. I did you a favor.”

Ha Joon shrughs nonchalantly, murmuring.

“What about this… uhmm…Jimin guy? Never thought I would have to step in.”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“He is taking it too slow for my taste. I don’t like waiting.”

Ha Joon shakes his head.

“The impatience…”

He turns away to leave. The glass stairway shines under the somewhat as he walks down stairs in the coolest way possible.

They have already arrived but I have to let Ha Joon do the greeting part. However watching them above the second floor is frustrating. JungKook holds his arm for her while walking slowly to the table. He looks hot in his white fitted shirt and black pants.

To get myself busy I go back to Ha Joon’s room. Standing by the mirror which literally covers half of the wall. I look fine I guess. My black lace dress is a killer. My nude high heels are those expensive ones that would make any girl look sexy. My hair is on point too.

Walking down the stairs slowly, I smile at JungKook casually. His and her eyes are wide, mouths hang open. They didn’t expect to see me for sure. Taking the seat next to Ha Joon, I enjoy their expectant stares. Ha Joon explains instead of me.

“Guys, YeonMi is my step sister.”

From the way she squints her eyes I can see she doesn’t like this at all. The option is going to be hers later on. Well not exactly an option because I already know what she is going to do. The price will be worth anyways.

I simply nod with a smile on my face.

“When he said he was going to play with you tonight I thought I could watch it.”

Ha Joon keeps eyeing Y/N and thats so unpleasant to see JungKook hardly can resist that.  The drinks are filled again but JungKook puts Y/N’s shot away.

“Enough for you tonight.”

Y/N bites her lips.

“You cannot decide…”

JungKook looks into her eyes directly.

I can… You weren’t supposed to be here.”

Even if they argue JungKook looks at her in a different way. The way he talks… Not knowing what exactly it is or how to explain, I can sense intensity.Its lucky that he doesn’t realize it himself yet.

Ha Joon glares at JungKook and his voice is sharp.

“She is my guest and she can drink if she wants.”

JungKook clench his fists. I notice how Y/N put her hand on his below the table to calm him down. She gently smiles at Ha Joon.

“Thanks… I wasn’t going to drink it anyways.”

Ha Joon nods then takes his eyes away from them.The guy in black shirt and bright red vest gives the cards. JungKook’s face is cold as ice as I keep watching him across the table. Its not even easy to tell what he has in hands. On the other hand Ha Joon has been into this for way too long.

He raises the bet, so does JungKook. However it was just a bluff. When he looses he cracks his knuckles, seems kind of stressed. She leans in and whispers something. Even though I know there is nothing between them it bothers me.

While I am lost in my own thoughts JungKook wins the second round. Things are going just as I expected. I try to make an eye contact with Y/N secretly. She catches me and obviously sees the gesture. She knows that I want her to come with me but does nothing at all. When I do it again she rolls her eyes at me. Grabbing her purse Y/N excuses herself.

“I thing I will use the restroom.”

JungKook nods and stares after Y/N. Saying nothing I just follow. JungKook arches an eyebrow but I ignore it anyways. She turns the corner, stops right there in front of a painting that matches the silver bottom of the walls.

By her crossed arms I can tell this ain’t going to be friendly. I sigh when she asks what I want with a surprisingly calm voice. My question is plain and simple.

“Whats in JungKook’s hand?”

Shaking her head, she smiles.

“So you could tell Ha Joon… Noway. Do you know what I expected better than you.”

Her voice is venomous and mine comes out similar.

“Well then I may show you whats better.”

I held the spade within my fingers. Her eyes squinted when she sees it.

“You stole it?” 

I put a gentle smile on my lips.

“Yes technically I stole from Ha Joon but I know JungKook needs it.”

Y/N bites her lips as she uncomfortably taps her feet to the ground.

“Ok I get it. You are going to give it to me so I can give it to him but what do I have to do in return.”

I applause her quick wit and smartness.

“I love people who are on point. For your part…It’s nothing much. Just stop seeing JungKook, simply avoid him.”

Y/N looks down as she lets a bitter chuckle out.

“Nothing much huh?”

I take a step towards her slowly.

“Ahh…Here… The amount of debt he has. Thought knowing this would help you to decide.”

When she sees it Y/N covers her mouth. In my head I can hear the victory bells ringing. I hold the spade out again.

“Now its your choice. Agree and take this or leave him with the debt.”

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What about parenting AU with RFA + V + Saeran, pretty pleaseeeee? <333

ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

~Like, what they’re like with kiddos? U got it. I’m a huge sucker for them as parents tbh. Marshmallow fluff ahead

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s such a good dad!
  • Very sensitive to the babies needs
  • He will stay up late to hold and rock the baby while he plays LOLOL
  • Carries photos of his kid and a family photo and shows it to everyone
  • Like
  • If he’s at the grocery store he will whip it out nonchalantly
    • “Thanks for bagging my stuff so fast! Gotta get home to the wife and kid heh heh. See, that’s them there with me, aren’t they so cute?!!!!”
    • “………I know. You showed me that just yesterday, sir.”
  • When they get a little older they sit on his lap while he plays LOLOL and they cheer for him, they love it!
    • “Go get em, daddy!”
  • Expert ouchie kisser
  • He can not say no to them ever.
  • So he’s a “go ask your mom” type of dad lol
  • You guys wear matching family shirts when you go out
  • It’s less fun for the little ones as they get older but it makes their dad happy so they groan and put them on lolol
  • Yoosung is the only one they call for in the middle of the night when they’re scared
  • Daddy is the master monster slayer in LOLOL
  • So of course, he has to come in and scare away any in the closet or under the bed

◉ Jumin

  • If it’s a girl, they’re wearing so many frills and bows OMG
  • The kids can do no wrong in his eyes
  • Everything is cute to him
  • His favorite thing with the babies is putting them to sleep
  • Will sing them lullabies while rocking them its freaking precious!!!!!!!
  • His kids will be spoiled rotten of course
  • But also have manners
  • He steps back from work to be home more after he has kids
  • Family is something that Jumin’s always felt incredibly strong about
  • He is adamant that you all have quality time together
  • And his father even changes when he sees his first grandchild
  • Him and Jumin both have strong family values, and so he actually steps back from women to spend time with his grandchildren while he still has time
  • He no longer cares about going out on dates with young pretty girls, he just wants to be around his sons family-which makes Jumin sooooo happy !!!
  • You all take lots of family vacations together
  • When they get older he likes to bring them to C&R and teach them about the business, he lets them hang out in his office
  •  He opens up so many new products related to children after becoming a father and uses his kids as the models because he thinks they’re perfect!

◉ Zen

  • He is such a softie when it comes to his babies
  • If it’s a girl-LOOK OUT
  • He will be the dad who enjoys scaring the shit out of her boyfriends
    • “Just remember…if you touch one hair on her head…I was in a biker gang. And I’ve scouted plenty of places to hide bodies, punk.”
  • If he has a son, that’s the kid that comes home from preschool like
    • “I have 12 girlfriends!”
  • And Zen is so proud but teaches him how to be a proper gentleman
  • The kids help him practice and run lines
  • They put on performances for you in the living room
  • Constantly gloating about them and posting pictures online
  • His fans are oBSESSED with the kid pics tbh they love his kids so much
  • They’re always sending toys and stuff in the mail for them
  • He thinks it would be so cool if they wanted to pursue an acting career like him
  • But
  • He is constantly telling them that he will support them no.matter.what.
  • He doesn’t want them to feel the same way he did when he was young
  • And he’s always super aware of what their dreams are and he always has their backs 100%

◉ Jaehee

  • Super mom
  • She can be a bit of a control freak at times but it’s all out of love
  • Has a schedule for everything and when they get older there WILL be a chore chart
  • Love to cook and bake with the kids, it’s her favorite thing
  • They’re always doing something on the weekends
  • Whether its going to a movie, the park, museum etc but she feels it’s important to get out as a family and experience stuff
  • Master of lunch packing tbh
  • Her kids always have amazing lunches
  • She never wants them to be scraping by for food and has to make sure they are eating healthy for growing minds!
  • Tiny Zen fans OMG
  • They watch his dvds together and they all gush about him its so cute
  • Their fav thing is going to his performances!!
  • Zen lets them backstage afterwards and they just jump on him and hug him
  • They’re his favorite fans–ever.

◉ Saeyoung

  • We all know he’s the goofball dad, o k
  • His kids will have meme onesies
  • He builds tons of toys made especially for them
  • They’ve always got the coolest gadgets, all their friends are constantly begging to hang out at their house
  • You will randomly walk in and your house has been made into a giant obstacle course or fort
  • He’s always encouraging them to play and have fun
  • They help him prank Yoosung
  • a lot
  • Teaches them many languages and they make fun of Yoosung and he can’t understand it and they’re just laughing and laughing and Yoosung is crying
    • “Don’t drag them into this too, Saeyoung! Stop talking about meeeee!”
  • Yes, he likes to have fun and play with them
  • But that’s only a part of it
  • He’s actually pretty strict!!!
  • Obviously, within good reason. He just wants them to be the best people they can be, and he wants to be a good father who can both tell them right from wrong as well as play around and make them laugh a lot
  • You do.not. want to come home with bad grades or have the teacher say you were goofing off in class
  • He will ground you SO FAST.
  • Tries to stress that it’s okay to have fun but there’s a time and place, and your studies come first
  • Will not tolerate them mouthing off to you, not listening or having an attitude
    • “Hey. Your mother asked you to set the table. If you don’t do it right now I’m going to send a virus to your phone and computer both and you’ll be living like a pioneer until I say otherwise.”

◉ V

  • Tender papa!!
  • So many pics of the kiddos all over the place!!
  • His favorite thing is cuddling with them, honestly
  • And they love it too !
  • Master at piggy back rides
  • Also a fan of carrying them on his shoulders when you’re out and about
  • Wants to spend all of his time with them, and enjoys taking them to school and picking them up when they start getting older
  • Family dinners are full of laughter and smiles and he loves to hear all about everyone’s day
  • Not a dad who shies away from telling his kids how proud he is of them, and how much he loves them

◉ Saeran

  • Very protective of his kids
  • His favorite thing is sleeping with you all in the bed
  • Wouldn’t let Saeyoung hold the babies for the longest time lol
  • He is the dad that wears the kids in a baby bjorn whenever you guys go out
  • When they get older he is guilty of sneaking candy and ice cream for them and himself
    • “Shhh…our secret, ok?”
  • Very loving and caring
  • He’s the type of parent that his kids trust to come with any of their problems
  • Although they hate that they can’t sneak anything by him as they grow older
  • He’s been there, done that, and will not hesitate to hack into their stuff if he feels like something fishy is going on
  • His favorite thing in the world is reading to them before they go to bed
  • He tucks them in and reads whatever book they pick out
  • Or sometimes they ask for him to make one up, so he does
  • It’s so cute
  • On the weekends you guys always have picnics in the park
  • He wants them to always be able to run and play outside and enjoy the sun and laughter

A letter full of regrets. So I played dragon age and here is a small tribute for a decision I had to make.

“I’m not a specialist in writing feely stuff. Despite being completely sure drama was my thing. Whatever…
I used to recall our life in Kirkwall pretty often. Every single day actually. Sitting in tavern with that good old smile and openly saying nonsense like “Oh yeah, that joke of him was perfectly timed” or “Never gonna forget such stupid faces those sons of nags made”. I didn’t care if someone’d heard me. Memories were too fresh to shut them up. All that adventures, no wonder nobody believes my books. Come on, kicking tons of asses, getting wealthy, killing few dragons, robbing a castle. Sounds astonishing, right? And what’s the coolest part - I remember it all. Every tiny detail. Bet I can even recall how Rivainy’s burnt hair smelled after one of slavery market’s clean ups. She looked like a well cooked vivern and screamed furiously. Hawke had to buy every single shiny Jewell from all the Hightown stores just to be sure he won’t be stubbed harshly later on.
Hawke…you remember that bloody champion never played cards well? I still can see his eyes glittering with glory and pride at the day the victory was finally his. Once and for all, I guess. Odd man. You know, despite being damn serious in business and battles, he never said names in such rude and harsh way. He was all like “Hey, Varric, buddy how’s life going?”, “Aveline, you, woman of honor, get out of your desk, lets get some drinks”, “Fenris, I owe you an elvenage-sized box of vine for saving my poor ass!”. It never resembled metal cold “Die” he addressed every piece of crap standing against us. He called us family. We all had dark temptations, odd weaknesses but he saw the light in shadows. And even when our bodies tried to betray him, Hawk…believed. He cared for us so freacking much my own mother never did. Though he wasn’t even the oldest of us. Did anyone really felt older? Doubt that.
So….what I’m trying to say…
Danm, I can’t. Why is it so difficult to operate with simple words. Or don’t I still believe it?
You remember our nights in the Hanged Man? Alcohol, games, face punching. Although Saint boy barely held cards, Hawke still was loosing. Daisy got knocked out from the first glass and all gang unwillingly had to carry her home. And of course there were bandits on the way, and of course they got screwed. After a huge lightning show party had to skedaddle not to bump into bunch of templars. Grumpy argued about “stupid magic” and Blondie just had to answer. Captain talked in commands and Daisy hiccuped so loudly I was aware knights would track us by sounds. Hawke remained silent. And then burst in laughing. Hugged everyone tightly in the giant arms of his. And said he’s happy. He thanked us for all we were. That was a long time ago…
Hawke is gone, guys. I wasn’t there to help him. Wasn’t there to save. I didn’t even had a chance to make up to him. For all he did. I was the one who dragged him into it. It’s on me. But…he wouldn’t want me to blame myself, would he? Guess I still can hear his voice.
Hawke would have said something…supportive. It won’t help anyway. When he lost an important part of him words barely worked. And Hawke wasn’t just a part. He changed people from the inside. Made them better. He made us better. Without him…I don’t even need to know, what would I be like. Life did its best in challenging him. He never fell, never surrender. Beating Arishoc to stand up for Pirat Queen? Sure, why not, he only was five times bigger. Fighting mad templar empress? Living statues? Beams of fire and energy? Oh, okay, everything so that Blondie won’t cry over and blow up something else. Ghosts, spirits, blood mages? No problem. He ripped his ass for our sake. I owed him life I live. I still do.
I want nothing, but promise. From you all. Hawke…was a person worth following. Do not forget it. Do not forget him. Keep that memory. Save it. We had known him long before he became the champion, before he became refugee. We knew him out of those titles, out of history pages. We knew real him. Knew and loved.
Hawke will always be with us….
In our hearts”

Two Sides (Barry Allen x Reader)

Originally posted by justbarryallen

Prompt: Team Flash finally were able to go to Earth Two to find out information about Zoom. There, Barry sees your doppelganger and is able to see his life in Earth Two. As he discovers more about E2 Barry’s everyday life, he realizes just how much he wants you to be his.

Word Count: 4kish (its a lot im sorry)


Author’s Note: So, I have a tendency to go off on my imagines which is why I already have two series BUT I will try to keep this one short haha so this one will only be one part! Also, I’d love to hear feedback from y’all by the way!:)

“You should ask her out,” Cisco told Barry as he put the finishing touches on the large portal machine that would take them to Earth 2.

Barry whipped his head over to where his best friend stood. Then scoffed nervously.

“Pshh, me? I don’t like Y/N,” Barry stuttered. He shrugged his shoulders as if it were no big deal. Cisco looked up from his work and gave Barry a face before resuming where he left off.

“Yes, you do, Barry. It’s kinda obvious. Plus, Caitlin and I both think that she likes you too.” At that, Barry was suddenly interested. 

“Wait, what? You think she likes me?” the speedster asked. Barry has had the longest crush on you. You didn’t work at S.T.A.R Labs, but you came over frequently enough that he began to develop feelings for you. Perhaps feelings deep enough to where his day consisted of always being with you and his nights wishing you were lying next to him. 

Cisco smiled and pointed a finger at Barry. “See! I knew you liked her. I had a suspicion that Y/N liked you, and Caitlin might’ve had the chance to get Y/N to slip a little secret,” Cisco said, winking at Barry.

Barry blushed. Could you like him? He knew that you considered him one of your best friends, but did you consider him closer than a friend?

Right on cue, you walked in with a tray of coffee.

“Hey!” you greeted. Your smile met Barry’s and his heart started to beat a little faster. 

“Here,” you started, grabbing a coffee to give to Barry. “It’s my day to get coffee, so I ran by Jitters real quick before coming here.” You then gave one to Cisco before taking yours. 

“Done!” Cisco whooped as he pumped his fists in the air. He clapped his hands together and looked at Barry.

“We’re going to Earth Two,” he told Barry who came over to clap Cisco on the back.

“I wanna go,” you said smiling. 

“Uh, no, Y/N. You’re staying here with Caitlin,” Cisco told you. You scrunched your eyebrows and got defense. 

“No, I’m going. I already asked Harry. He said it would be fine if I came.”

Then Barry stepped in. “Y/N, Cisco’s right. It’s dangerous over there. I think it would be best if you stayed here.”

You crossed your arms. “I can take care of myself, guys. Plus, I spent two years of my life studying cosmology. This would be the coolest thing to experience!” Barry went to argue with you again, but you wouldn’t have it.

“No,” you interrupted. “I. Am. Going.” Your voice was stern as you glared at the two boys. No matter how tough they acted, they always crumbled under you and Caitlin’s stare. 

“Fine,” they said, giving in. 

You smiled and gave a small noise of victory. 

“Alright, guys,” Harrison announced as he walked into the large room with Caitlin following close behind. 

“You ready to go?” Harry asked, looking at the three of you. You nodded. 

“Then let’s go.”

In Earth Two, the four of you appeared at S.T.A.R. Labs. Only it wasn’t the S.T.A.R. Labs that you’ve come to know.

Barry and Cisco looked at each other and started to chuckle in reverence. 

“Dude, we did it!” Cisco said excitedly. You started to smile. You and the boys walked outside to see Earth Two. It was the same as Earth One, only more futuristic. You looked at it in awe. 

“Welcome to Earth Two,” Harrison said.

After Barry and Cisco fanboyed a little and took pictures of Earth Two, they finally composed themselves to focus on the mission at hand. 

Barry went to get his doppelganger as you and the rest waited in Harrison’s office. 

Not a moment later, Barry came back with…another Barry. You sat up in your seat in curiosity. This was interesting. As E2 Barry freaked out, you were looking at him. He looked just like Barry, but in a nerdy cute way.

His hair was gelled back and he wore huge glasses. His clothes were different too. E2 Barry wore a vest and slacks whereas your Barry wore a t-shirt and jeans. It was weird, but you kind of liked it.

Barry cringed at the sight of E2 Barry ranting at Harrison and when he saw you checking him out, Barry began to dislike him just a little bit. Y/N liked this nerd? Barry slightly rolled his eyes, but then a stop in E2 Barry’s ranting made him look over.

E2 Barry was staring right at you, speechless. 

“Y/-Y/N?” E2 Barry stuttered. You raised your eyebrows in confusion.

“Yeah…?” you responded. 

The nerdy Barry began to look at you then at Harrison then back at you. “How-how do you know Y/N? Is she here with you?” he asked Harrison. 

But E2 Barry didn’t wait for Harry’s response. He walked up to you and kneeled to where you were still seated. He cupped your face in yours and looked at you with a genuine smile. You were so confused that you couldn’t move. You stared into his eyes, seeing the same golden flecks that were in your Barry’s eyes.

“I knew it,” he whispered. “I knew that you’d be good again.”

Barry was beyond uncomfortable. What the hell was happening? He was about to cut off this little talk when suddenly E2 Barry kissed you. Barry’s eyes went wide with shock and jealousy. Who the hell did he think he was?

In a flash, Barry snatched Harrison’s taser and used it on E2 Barry in the midst of kissing you. You didn’t know what to do. Your eyes went wide when Barry kissed you. 

You did like Barry. You didn’t even know how many times you’d fantasized about Barry kissing you, but this was not what you imagined at all, no matter how soft or good that E2 Barry’s lips felt. 

You watched, frozen, as E2 Barry fell on the sofa unconscious after Barry had tasered him. 

“Whoa!” Cisco yelled. “What was that for?”

“It’s part of the plan,” Harrison explained, but all Barry could focus on was you. 

“Are you okay?” he asked you, slightly worried.

Then, you started laughing. “That was super weird,” you said. You looked up at your Barry. “How’d he know me?” you asked.

Barry shrugged, but he grabbed E2 Barry’s glasses and put it on his face. You smiled internally at how cute those glasses looked on him.

“That’s what I plan to find out.”

Barry was now wearing the vest and slacks. After he tasered E2 Barry, they ‘stripped’ him of his clothes and made Barry wear it, so that he could walk around Central City as this Earth’s Barry.

You smiled as you fixed Barry’s bowtie. “You look very handsome,” you said softly. He grinned at you.

“Really? You like it?” he asked, blushing slightly.

“Yeah,” you patted it down lightly when you finished, “It makes you look sharp.”

“Oh.” Barry raised an eyebrow. “So I wasn’t sharp before?” he accused jokingly. You slapped his chest. 

“You know what I mean,” you replied. 

“Alright, lovebirds,” Harrison interjected. “Barry, you need to go and get as much information about Zoom as you can before this one here wakes up.” Harry tilted his head towards the tied-up unconscious E2 Barry.

Your Barry nodded before giving you a last smile. Then, he ran out of the room, the wind making your hair fly around your face.

At CCPD, however, he came to see Iris who was a detective in this Earth. He was still best friends with Iris and when she offered to go to Jitters, or Jitterbug as it’s called in Earth Two, Barry forgot about his mission to find Zoom in order to figure out was his doppelganger’s life was like.

In Jitterbug, Barry sat next to E2 Iris while Joe sang on stage. And he sang well. Barry was awestruck at this different life of his. Here, Iris was the detective and Joe was singing his heart out at the cafe.

Barry was just about to ask Iris about Zoom when two metahumans walked in, silencing everyone from fear.

It was Caitlin and Ronnie. Although here, they went by Killer Frost and Deathstorm. 

Barry was shocked. He knew that Earth Two would be different, but he didn’t know that it would be this different. Caitlin was probably one of the nicest people that he knew, and here she was as a villain. Part of Zoom’s team. 

Just then, another meta walked in. One that made his heart drop to the bottom of his chest.

You appeared at the doorway, heels clicking against the tile. 

“Well, someone likes to make an entrance,” Killer Frost said with a smirk. You, E2 you, sauntered towards her and shrugged.

“What can you say? I’m a sucker for attention,” you purred.

Just then, E2 you made eye contact with Barry. He looked at you, still in awe. You wore a tight black jumpsuit that displayed your figure more than you usually did. You wore black stilettos, which he was pretty sure you rarely wore, and your y/h/c was unruly, yet in a sexy way that made Barry captivated with this E2 version of you. And to top it off, you wore a black mask, covering only your eyes, which somehow, made the white in them stand out more.

“Midnight,” Deathstorm said, using your pet name. “I told you to stay with Zoom.”

You ignored him, however, and still looked at Barry. You gave a tiny smirk before looking back at Deathstorm. 

“What did I say about calling me that? It makes me sound like a dog,” you objected. “And I got bored. Zoom left, and I heard-” you paused. You started to walk around the coffee place, looking at the terrified humans. “-that there was a breacher here. I’d love to meet them.” 

Then, Iris stood up and pointed a gun at you. “This is CCPD! Everyone out!” she yelled. She looked at you. “You’re under arrest.”

The three of you watched amusingly as everyone scrambled out the doors except for E2 Iris and Joe, and Barry, who was still intrigued by your doppelganger. 

Without lifting a finger, you used your telekinesis and nodded your head slightly towards the left that made Iris’ gun fly out of her hand and across the room. She stood baffled. You chuckled darkly.

“You thought that you could arrest me? Arrest us?” You looked over at Killer Frost who had come up beside you. 

“Oh, you’d be fun to kill,” Killer Frost whispered to the detective as ice began to form on her hands. 

“Wait,” you said, putting your hand in front of Killer Frost to stop her. It worked, as she put her arms down and looked at you with slight annoyance.


“I don’t think Zoom would appreciate us killing one of the police officers,” you started. “Imagine the mess that would cause.” You gave Killer Frost a look, knowing you were right. 

“Plus,” you said, looking at the three humans in front of you. “They’re in no way the breacher. Go. Find them. I got this covered. Wouldn’t want Zoom getting impatient,” you finished with a sly smirk. 

Killer Frost looked at you for a moment before shrugging and walking back to where Deathstorm stood. 

“Alright, but be quick. Zoom’s gonna want this breacher found. And quickly.”

You nodded, standing as if you were about to attack the humans the second that the couple left. And when they did, you did the opposite and relaxed your stance. 

“Okay, you guys need to go,” you demanded as you looked at Iris and her dad. Barry looked at you shocked at your sudden change in demeanor but smiled internally. He knew you were good. Earth One or not, you could never be a bad person, and he loved you for that. 

Iris nodded, not surprised at your command, and grabbed her dad by the arm and began to drag him out of Jitterbug. Iris then looked back at Barry. 

“Barry, you coming?” she asked. Barry looked at you and something in your eyes told him to stay. Remembering the debacle over at S.T.A.R. Labs, he assumed that something was going on between E2 you and E2 him.

“Uh, yeah, just a moment,” Barry responded.

Iris nodded, and then closed the door behind her. When the satisfying click of the door reached your ears, you walked over to where he was sitting and immediately locked your lips with Barry’s. He sat still for a moment before melting into your touch. He moaned into the kiss as you climbed on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I haven’t seen you in a while,” you whispered against his lips. Barry hummed as he grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him. But then Barry realized how wrong this was, even if it felt so good.

This wasn’t you. This was Earth Two you. He liked you. Not this doppelganger you. Even though he knew that he’d come to like both anyways.

Even with the million voices in his head telling him not to, he pulled away from the heated kiss. You pouted. 

“What? You’re not up for it today?” you whined. You grabbed his collar before pulling him into another kiss. “You told me you loved it last time.”

Barry had to pull away again. “Wait? What do you mean? We did it?” he asked shocked. 

You cocked your head in confusion. “Yeah, Barry. Like ten times now…are you okay?” you inquired. 

“Yeah, yeah,” he chuckled. “I had just had a little memory slip there.” You wrapped your arms tighter around his neck, bringing him closer to your face.

“Well, why don’t I give you something you won’t forget?” you said in a voice that made it very hard for Barry to reject. But he had to.

“Y/N,” he said. “Why’re you working with Zoom? I can tell that you’re still a good person underneath all that.”

That made you stop. “You always ask me that, Barry. It’s ruining the mood,” you grumbled. He smiled at you. You were making the same face you always make when you didn’t get something that you wanted. He thought that it was one of your cutest traits.

“I just…I want to know. I mean, telekinesis. That’s a super cool power. You could be helping so many people,” Barry proposed.

You sighed, playing with his bowtie. “I know. I know. It’s complicated, Barry. I told you before, if I could tell you why, I would. But it’s better if you didn’t know,” you murmured.

“Why?” he asked, cupping your face to look at his. “You can tell me, Y/N. Anything,” Barry whispered.

You gave him another kiss, but this one was filled with love. He kissed you back. Barry knew that this wasn’t actually you, but he had to play along in order to keep his act up. Or, that’s what he told himself anyways.

When you pulled back, tears were in your eyes. “Please, Barry. Trust me on this. I know that it’s been killing you to see me on Zoom’s side, but trust me. I’ve been holding up my side of the promise. I’m trying my best to not hurt anyone and trying to stop anyone else from hurting others. Keep your end of the promise, okay?” you asked, sincerity laced in your eyes.

He smiled sadly and nodded. “Okay, Y/N.”

You gave him one last kiss before getting up from his lap. “Alright, I need to get going before Zoom sends one of his minions to look for me.”

Barry reluctantly let go of your hand. He could tell from the bottom of his heart that you didn’t want to go and it hurt him that you had to.

“I love you,” you said. 

Barry felt like the wind got knocked out of him. You guys were dating on Earth Two? This Barry was supposed to be this dorky CSI technician and you, on Zoom’s side, yet he still managed to get the girl that he loved. He grinned at you.

“I love you too,” Barry said, realizing that he meant every word. You blew him an air kiss before walking out of Jitterbug and back into reality.

Barry had just arrived back to CCPD when suddenly Zoom appeared in the middle of the lobby.

Every police officer pulled out their guns when Iris pushed Barry behind her. 

“Hello, CCPD. I think it’s time that you officers learned your place,” Zoom growled. Behind him stood his most loyal follower. You. You walked out from behind him, your cocky stance taking over.

Zoom glanced over at you, a secret message given to you. As much as it pained you, you swiped all of the handguns pointed at you, leaving them unarmed. 

You smiled menacingly. Barry looked at you, knowing that you wouldn’t let this get out of hand. However, he knew how Zoom worked and began to have doubts that this would end well. 

Suddenly, Zoom grabbed the nearest police officer and wrapped his hands around his neck. Every nerve in your body clenched at the thought of the officer dying under the hands of Zoom. 

“You do not control this city,” the blue speedster said. “I do.” And with that, the sound of bone cracking echoed throughout the department.

A second later, Barry flashed towards Zoom and knocked him off his feet. Barry then carried Zoom and you outside where most of the CCPD couldn’t watch or intervene. 

You looked at Barry in surprise. ‘When…Barry isn’t a speedster,’ you thought.

“So you’re the breacher, Flash,” Zoom grunted. “You think you can beat me?”

Barry cocked his head in mock thought. “I can certainly try.” He gave a smirk.

You watched in horror. Zoom was too fast. Barry, even if he wasn’t your Barry, could get hurt. He could die. Before you could blink, Zoom came out with another officer. Iris.

You didn’t know her, but you knew that Barry and her were best friends. Because of that, you knew that you had to stop Zoom. You had to. 

“No!” Barry yelled. 

“Surrender, Flash,” Zoom commanded. “And I’ll let your little friend go.”

Barry stood there, unsure of what to do. Then, without hesitation, you quickly flung Zoom away from Iris, giving Barry enough time to get Iris to a safe place. 

Then, Zoom came back to stand in front of you. “Oh, are you sure you wanted to do that, Y/N?” he asked, growling your name. “Your friend will die if you don’t follow my orders.”

You looked into Zoom’s black eyes. When you first met Jesse Quick, you thought that she was just another one of Zoom’s prisoners, but when you got to know her, you began to find your way back. Jesse Quick was the reason why you became good again. You realized the harm that Zoom was doing and thought to defeat him from the inside. But it was getting to be too much. All the lying, the murdering of innocents, and the constant fear that Zoom would figure out your attempts to kill him.

You were done.

“Try me,” you threatened. You brought Zoom in the air before he had the chance to run away again. He couldn’t run on air, could he?

“You think you’re so powerful, Zoom!” you yelled. “You’re only powerful by stealing other’s power. Too bad you can’t steal mine,” you said as he dangled in midair. 

While this was going down, Barry had messaged Harry and Cisco that Zoom was preoccupied. Then, the two went to go rescue Jesse from Zoom’s holding cell. When Barry got the message that they were successful and ready to leave Earth Two, Barry yelled your name.

You turned your head to look at him, causing you to loosen your hold on Zoom. He quickly ran and went straight for you. He grabbed you by the neck, your feet dangling above the ground.

“Let her go, Zoom! Your fight is with me,” Barry told him. Zoom looked at you with his black eyes. You mustered all the power you could while oxygen to your brain was being cut off and threw Zoom across the street from you, knocking over a street lamp in the process.

As you landed on the ground, Barry, which you’ve realized wasn’t your E2 Barry, came to stand next to you, holding you by your elbow.

You smiled at him with compassion. Although he wasn’t your Barry, you could tell that he was just as kind as Bartholomew. Just then, Zoom came back. Barry pushed you gently behind him. 

“You might’ve won this time, Flash. But this race is far from over,” Zoom warned before speeding away into Central City.

You watched Zoom disappear with your breath caught in your chest. Suddenly, you broke down in a sea of tears. 

“Woah, woah,” Barry stuttered as he caught you before you hit the floor. You’ve been terrified, so terrified, for the past couple of months. Every second you lived in fear of Zoom finding out your plots. He could easily kill you and even more so with Jesse who was basically a sitting duck in Zoom’s lair.

“Jesse,” you breathed out in between sobs, concerned about her welfare.

“Jesse’s fine,” Barry said soothingly. “You helped save her.” You took one shaky deep breath in before standing back up. You went to hug Barry.

“Thanks, Barry,” you whispered. “But you’re not my Barry, are you?” you asked with a smile. He returned it.

“No, I’m not. Your Barry is over at S.T.A.R. Labs, safe and sound,” Barry said.

You raised your eyebrows. “Wow, he must be having a field day over there.” You laughed, knowing exactly how much your Barry loved that place. E1 Barry laughed and grabbed you by the waist. 

“C’mon, let’s bring you to him.”

There, Harrison, Jesse, Cisco, E2 Barry, and you waited in Harrison’s office for Barry to return. E2 Barry kept on shifting his eyes from his shaking leg to you, like you were going to move from your spot on the couch. 

E2 Barry explained who your doppelganger was and you thought it was reasonable that he kept on staring at you but it was getting real uncomfortable real fast. 

Then your brain starting to wander off. So here, in Earth Two, Barry and you were a thing? Although, you guys weren’t official, you were still in a relationship with Barry. You were slightly jealous. You wanted a life where you could be with Barry. But you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Barry your true feelings, so you lived everyday seeing the man you loved without doing anything in fear of ruining the great friendship that you had made. However, seeing your doppelganger and Barry together gave you a little hope that maybe you could have the same thing.

‘Okay,’ you thought to yourself. ‘I’m going to tell him. I’ll tell him I like him.

A moment later, your Barry flashed in the room with another person next to him. You. Or rather, E2 you. E2 Barry looked at your doppelganger and stood up from his seat with a large smile. 

“Y/N! You’re okay,” he said relieved as he went to go kiss E2 you.

“Yeah, I am,” you whispered. They kissed and you made eye contact with your Barry from across the room. Butterflies erupted in your stomach.

“Y/N!” Jesse exclaimed. E2 you broke away from Barry and went to go hug Jesse. 

“You’re okay,” you said, tears forming along your eyes. 

“Thank you,” Harrison said, gratefulness shown on his face. You grinned.

“She made me find my way back. It was the least I owed her,” you said.

“Okay, guys,” Cisco interrupted. “Caitlin just sent out a message that we need to go. Now.”

“Alright,” your Barry said. “Let’s go home, guys.”

After saying your goodbyes, Barry, Harrison and Jesse, Cisco, and you were ready to get back to Earth One. Your earth.

Barry had opened the portal, but before you could go in, your doppelganger stopped you.

“Y/N,” she said.

“Yeah?” you responded.

“Barry, your Barry, really likes you. I didn’t spend that much time with him, but I can tell that he’s an amazing guy. Don’t let him get away, okay? I almost let mine slip, and I think it would’ve been the biggest mistake that I’d ever make. Don’t let him get away,” she told you with kind eyes. You smiled back and nodded.

“I wasn’t planning to.”

“Yo, Y/N! Let’s go!” Cisco yelled. Your head turned to him and back to the E2 version of you. 

“Thank you,” you said before you ran into the portal and back home.

Back in the large garage-like room in S.T.A.R. Labs, you jumped from the portal and onto the floor. After you was Barry who closed the portal to Earth Two, sealing Zoom forever. 

The next plan was to figure out a way to defeat Zoom before they could open the portal again. 

As you stood, looking at everyone’s welcoming hugs, Barry came up behind you.

“So,” he started, scaring you. 

“Oh crap, Barry. You scared me!” you said, one hand to your chest.

He laughed before grabbing both of your hands. “By going to Earth Two, I’ve come to realize something.”

“What?” you asked, slightly hoping that he realized the same thing that you did.

“I really like you, Y/N. And I don’t want to waste another day without you beside me,” he whispered, his face coming closer to you.

You grinned. “Then don’t.”

With that, Barry kissed you softly but when you grabbed his head to bring him closer to you, the kiss became deeper. You honestly had forgotten that there were other people in the room when you heard a high five in the background.

“Yes!” Cisco yelled along with Caitlin who winked at you two.

“I knew it,” Harrison mumbled with a smirk.

You smiled at the gang before looking back up into Barry’s green eyes.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” Barry asked quietly. “We had to see us dating first to finally tell each other our feelings.”

You beamed, cupping Barry’s cheek. “I guess we’ll always find each other,” you said. 

“Even in different worlds.”

The End


Author’s Note: OKAY so this turned out hella long lol but I hope that you guys like it:) Anyways, I have some requests in my inbox, and if you were one of them, I’m sorry for the long wait! I will try to get them done by the end of this week. Hope you guys liked this imagine!

Science and Faith: A Sherlock x Reader One-shot

(So I hit two hundred followers and I’m just trying really hard not to lose my mind because this is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. I wanted to thank you guys, so I hope that this is good enough because you all are wonderful people and this is so awesome. wow what a time to be alive. i love you guys. Please enjoy xx)

”You really don’t believe in it, do you?” You laughed a bit, fingers poised over your laptop keyboard. You were staring at, well, (you wouldn’t really call him your boyfriend – he didn’t care for the term and you didn’t either) your significant other, the famous Sherlock Holmes. He was wearing his blue dressing gown, his head in his hands.

He ruffled his hair, groaning, “No, I don’t. I don’t believe in the idea; I don’t believe in its actions. Love - it’s simply a chemical imbalance in the brain.” He looked up at you, blue eyes boring into yours. He turned away from you, curling into the couch. “Now can we stop talking about it?” His voice came muffled.

You raised your eyebrows, “Alright.” You turned your attention back to your computer, fingers dancing over the keys once again as you created a response to John’s e-mail he had sent you over a patient. You glanced up at Sherlock, who had kept his spot on the couch. You paused once again, running a hand over your face, “So.. What have you felt then for the past two years?”

You weren’t mad at Sherlock; you were only curious. You and Sherlock had been “together” for two years now, and you had genuinely enjoyed every day of those years. He kept you on your toes, keeping you from being bored. You kept him out of his addictions, even keeping him from becoming bored. Coming into the relationship, you knew that he didn’t exactly know how the typical human felt, nor did he completely understand human emotions. Even with all of that, you figured that he would have experienced something dealing with emotion towards you. You weren’t mad, not in the least. You genuinely were curious as to how Sherlock’s mind worked.

Sherlock sighed, standing up on the couch, then stepping down onto the ground. “Obviously I’m attracted to you, you intrigue me.” He stepped closer, hand trailing over your own. He traced the lines of your veins, eyes peering down at them. “I simply know that love isn’t an actual thing. It’s a chemical imbalance, as I’ve said before.”

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These past two months have been wild but a complete blessing.
To my followers, new and old. Thank you so much for continuing to support my art! <3 You guys are the reason I’m motivated to keep drawing everyday ^_^
Thank you to the skk discord server, for making me laugh and filling my days with such warmth and kindness. I love you all so, so much. 
I will continue to work hard for you guys!  がんばります~

(Individual shoutouts below the cut)

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never interact with attractive people (1/?)

OK YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TIRED OF STRESSING OUT OVER THIS FIC. JUST. ENJOY WHAT I GOT SO FAR. YUP. (an AU born from these posts, and the nail is that the kwami show up about a year before Adrien attends public school)

In which Chat Noir doesn’t want to love in vain and Marinette can not deal with hot a what.


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anonymous asked:

How do you think the vongola family would treat their pregnant wife its can be headcannons it scenerio it's doesn't really matter to me.


  • We all know Tsuna would be fussing all over you, not to mention possibly annoying you as well.
  • He will definitely up the protection around you.
  • One way he’ll try to protect you is by locking securing you in the mansion.
  • Tsuna will try, but believe me, he’ll go overboard in the protecting.


  • He will trust that you can take care of yourself, giving off that “she knows how to take care of herself” vibe. In reality, he will be secretly worried about you and your baby’s health.
  • He trusts bodyguards, more or less, but he trusts himself more, so he’ll be the one keeping an eye on you.
  • You’ll definitely see a change in Hibari’s attitude towards you– he won’t be as aloof as before
  • I think Hibari would be that guy to pretend he doesn’t see it as a big deal, but will definitely be flipping out over your pregnancy.


  • Yamamoto will definitely be the sweetest guy you could ever ask for to care for you.
  • Whenever you have your cravings, for food or any other comforts, he’ll be right there to get anything for you.
  • That being said, he’ll also be a little strict in what you can and can’t have. It may be annoying, but when the baby is born you’ll be glad he did.
  • Yamamoto would be the kind father who stops his wife from giving into unhealthy temptations, I can totally see him feeding her some Greek yogurt thinking it’ll do her good.


  • This guy will be act carefree, but be just as worried as everyone else.
  • His main worries would be the events that would transpire after the baby is born, rather than the pregnancy itself. He’ll worry if you’ll be alright when giving birth and how he would be as a father.
  • Mukuro will be like Hibari in which he himself takes care of you, except he doesn’t trust the bodyguards at all. Who knows what they can do to you.
  • Basically, he will be, or at least try to be, on his best behavior as possible. He can’t afford to get you all worked up thanks to him (interpret that as you wish).


  • Gokudera will be the most serious out of everyone else. This is no time to be relaxing!
  • He’ll get all of his work done like, super early in the morning, so he can spend the rest of the day with you.
  • Gokudera practically do everything for you. He doesn’t mean to offend you, if you are, but he just believes you’re in a vulnerable stage and need as much rest as you can get.
  • Gokudera will be fussing over you so much to the point that everyone thinks it’s annoying, but it’s really just the sweetest thing. He’s going to be a father, he can’t be caught goofing off!


  • Oh Ryohei. He’ll be the energetic and excited one. Basically the opposite of Yamamoto (not that he can’t have fun).
  • He will be dragging you out, despite everyone else’s insisting not to, and talk to the baby about the environment and surroundings. He wants it to see the world before it’s born!
  • That being said, Ryohei will always make sure that you’re comfortable whenever you two are out.
  • I can totally see him acting all like Greg Universe from Steven Universe, being all energetic and telling the baby he’ll have the coolest dad (remember that scene Steven Universe viewers?).
You know you watch SWAC too much when...

1. You called Sonny nice and are expecting some scented candles soon.

2. You can remember Sonny’s number off by heart.

3. You quote Chad Dylan Cooper in real life.

4. You want to go to Lookout Mountain.

5. You know all the words to the Stop SPS song. What a legendary song :D

6. You adore Cupcake, even if he costs $60 an hour.

7. You think Chad Dylan Cooper really is the greatest actor of our generation.

8. You smile hugely when Chad gets jealous.

9. You think Channy is the greatest couple there will ever be.

10. Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about Sonny With A Chance.

11. Your favorite dog combination is a chocopoke, the ice cream that licks itself.

12. When you want someone to change something you bawk like a chicken.

13. You used to watch the episodes a week before they aired on youtube.

14. You say “It’s rediculous!” with the Princesses of New Jersey accent.

15. So Far So Great is always stuck in your head.

16. You think cheese pants are the coolest invention.

17. You want a blarmie, the blanket with arms.

18. Your cellphone ringer is MOOOO!

19. You wish you could taste the creamy goodness of the fro yo machine.

20. Instead of Oh my God, you say Oh my Chad!

21. You can honestly say you love Chad Dylan Cooper.

22. You suddenly want to go live in a vent.

23. Your favorite lipstick is Coco Moco Coco.

24. You know the difference between Coco Moco Coco and Moco Coco Moco.

25. You settle things by playing musical chairs.

26. You wrote a complainent letter to Condor studios about the unfair treatment to the So Random! cast.

27. You can’t say no to the kiss cam.

28. You understand this statement, and why its one of the best: Peace out suckahhs!

29. You keep telling your friends that Chad Dylan Cooper is real.

30. There are eighty shades of white.

31. Even 3 named jerk-throbs look amazing in pink.

32. You shouldn’t fake your own fan letters. (Unless you have a weird beard costume)

33. You shouldn’t open giant boxes that belong to a certain eleven year old.

34. Tawni Town is one heck of a town.

35. You can fall in love with your mortal enemy.

36. Not all proms end in disaster.

37. You have to play yourself before you can play someone your not.

38. People will get mad if you wear the same clothes as them to the

“Oh No You Di'n'ts”.

39. Five weddings and a wedding makes a lot of weddings.

40. A mop makes a great present.

41. A tiara can also be a key to a secret unicorn stable.

42. Anyone can pull off a weird beard.

43. Chicken fingers and ski ball are a great combo.

44. Cold Cut catapults also work with cheese.

45. A 9 year old could be the final vote between losing your job or keeping it.

46. You should never let your co-star talk without a script.

47. Tween Choice Awards make great toilet paper holders.

48. If you rent a snake, be sure you know which size you are getting.

49. You spend most of your time reading and writing fanfiction for Channy.

50. You answer your phone with “Let me hear you say HEEEEY!”

51. When you wanna show your friend something, you say check it out, check it out!

52. Instead of sandwich, you say sammich

53. You leave the room yelling ‘PEACE OUT SUKAHS!“

54. You say a'ight in a Chad Dylan Cooper fashion

55. Whenever someone acts OOC, you like to draw a circle in the air and explain the circle of life.

56. You laugh at people who say double duty (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

57. You know the importance of having two phones.

58. You know it’s serious if Chad cuts his massage to an hour.

59. Camp Hip Hop is better than the Chad Dylan Cooper Story.

60. You break up people by dressing up like Big Foot.

61. Syrup and feathers is the best way to prank someone.

62. To scare someone out of your prop house, you lure them into the arms of a rat that used up all your film.

63. You know to get a hug from Chad, you need to buy a box of cookies.

64. You joined the Blossom Scouts.

65. You know pacts are broken when you deal with a guy who hides cameras in gift baskets.

66. You cheer up people by making them a balloon animal.

67. You know Sonny will always do your science project if you act sad enough.

68. You always practice to be a tennis judge in the middle of the cafeteria.

69. You know why Zac Efron is banned from the Mackenzie Falls set.

70. You know, even if you deny it that you can fall in love with your enemy.

71. "Really, *name here, really?”

72. You like to name your pets/plants/siblings after characters.

73. Most of the stuff you search for on google/youtube/ect. is SWAC related

74. When eating a sammich you use the bite, wipe, and gloss method.

75. Every time you say you feel something- it’s immediately followed by 'and pretty!’

76. Any time you hear banned, you think Zac Efron.

77. Whenever someone’s being dramatic you shout “There’s just so much drama!” and people agree, not getting the reference.

78. Whenever you see a soap opera, the first thing you think is MacKenzie falls.

79. Whenever someone says 'I love you’, you have the urge to say- 'I- I’m afraid of flying’ regardless of whether it was directed at you or not

80. You start answering your phone with, “*your initials* what it do?”

81. You continually channel surf on Wednesdays at 8/7 to see what channel MacKenzie Falls is on.

82. You refer to frozen yogurt as “Fro-yo”.

83. Whenever you hear a dog fart, you try to decipher the message.

84. You go to a Church Play, and when the gospel singers come out in white robes swaying and singing with lights shining down from above, you automatically think about Stop SPS.

85. Blue eyes and blonde hair are suddenly very attractive in a guy, when they weren’t before.

86. In the middle of lunch you start randomly talking with a New Jersey accent while twirling your hair, saying you’re the 'real princess’.

87. You are scared of Candy Face.

88. You have the Chad’s Birthday Song stuck to your head (Chad Chad Chaddy Chad Chad…)

89. You have a hat which says “Embassador of fun”.

90. You think the “Chad-o-meter” should reach 1 million.

91. You will kiss your future boyfriend when pigs fly.

92. You’re a guy and you scream like a girl and run CDC’s style.

93. When you’re nervous you drink too much water until you explode.

94. You want an autograph from Pauly.

95. If you have a problem, you “Sonny-it-up”.

96. You want a pony named Frank and a puppy.

97. Everytime someone says fine or good, you start a Good-Good-Fine-Fine fight.

98. You say “Not cool” with a Sicky Vicky voice.

99. You try fixing problems with a peace picnick and egg salad.

100. You just wish Channy would get back together!

VOGUE: 73 Questions with Taylor Swift
  • Interviewer: What's keeping you busy these days?
  • Taylor Swift: I'm just working out and getting ready for Grammys.
  • Q: What's the most exciting thing in life right now?
  • A: Grammys.
  • Q: What are you completely bored of in life right now?
  • A: Click bait.
  • Q: What is something that recently moved you?
  • A: The movie The Martian.
  • Q: How many guitars do you own?
  • A: I lost track of that in probably 2007.
  • Q: What's the first song you learn to play on guitar?
  • A: Kiss me by Sixpence None The Richer.
  • Q: What's the first thing you do when you get an idea for a song?
  • A: I record a voice memo of myself singing it or I write it down on my notes.
  • Q: What's your songwriting process?
  • A: Lots of preparations. I write a lot of my ideas down before I get to the actual session.
  • Q: What song took you the least amount of time to write?
  • A: Blank Space, because I've written a lot of the lines down already in the year preceding the session.
  • Q: Which one took you the longest?
  • A: All Too Well, because it's really an emotional song and I kept putting it down for months.
  • Q: Is this the room where you keep all your awards?
  • A: No, they're kind of everywhere.
  • Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
  • A: My guitar player, Paul Sidoti teaches me a lot on the road about piano and guitar.
  • Q: If you could teach one subject in school, what would it be
  • A: English.
  • Q: What's your favorite beverage?
  • A: Coffee.
  • Q: What's your favorite cocktail?
  • A: Vodka and Diet Coke.
  • Q: What's your favorite food?
  • A: If we're just saying like, what I wish I could eat everyday, if calories didn't count, is chicken tenders.
  • Q: What would you order at a drive-through?
  • A: Cheese burger, fries, and chocolate shake.
  • Q: What was the best birthday cake you'd ever had?
  • A: It was from Milk bar. It was from my 25th birthday. It was so good that even Jay-Z rave about it.
  • Q: What was the last thing you bake?
  • A: A gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake.
  • Q: What one thing do you need to have in your fridge at any given time?
  • A: Hummus, weirdly.
  • Q: What one thing you still have from your childhood?
  • A: My insecurities.
  • Q: What's your favorite TV show of all time?
  • A: Friends.
  • Q: Favorite TV show that currently on the air?
  • A: Dateline.
  • Q: What is your favorite movie?
  • A: Love Actually.
  • Q: What was the movie that made you cry your eyes out?
  • A: The Martian.
  • Q: Why do you think you're the most followed person in Instagram?
  • A: Because my cats are adorable!
  • Q: Have you ever googled yourself?
  • A: Yeah.
  • Q: What do you think when you google yourself?
  • A: I think you should never google yourself again.
  • Q: If you have a superpower, what would it be?
  • A: Healing people.
  • Q: If you are not a singer, what would you be doing?
  • A: Might be in advertising. Maybe like coming up with slogans and concepts is the same as hooks and songs.
  • Q: Can you show me a really cool or bizarre talent?
  • A: I'm well aware that this is not a talent but this is the only thing I can do. I have a double-jointed elbows. They're weird.
  • Q: What's something you can't do?
  • A: I can't do a cartwheel or a handstand.
  • Q: What's the best compliment you've ever received?
  • A: That I'm generous.
  • Q: What's the best gift you've ever received?
  • A: My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas.
  • Q: What's one habit you wish you could break?
  • A: When I'm sitting, usually I just do this with my leg *shakes leg* and people think that I'm nervous and then they get nervous then everybody is nervous.
  • Q: Do you have any nicknames?
  • A: Yeah. My brother calls me Teffy.
  • Q: What's surprises you the most about people?
  • A: I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that I tell my friends absolutely everything and it never ends up getting out.
  • Q: What makes you laugh no matter what?
  • A: Kevin Hart.
  • Q: What does creativity mean to you?
  • A: Creativity is getting inspiration and having that lightning bolt idea moment and then having the hard work ethic to sit down at the desk and write it down.
  • Q: I found out that Nicole Kidman swim with sharks. What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
  • A: Watching Shark week.
  • Q: What's your favorite lyrics of all time?
  • A: I had some dreams / they were clouds in my coffee
  • from You're So Vain by Carly Simon.
  • Q: What one song you wish you had written?
  • A: The Friends theme song because those were royalties.
  • Q: What's the great fan moment that comes to mind?
  • A: I'll be driving down the street and I'll see a kid walking down the street with my shirt on from my tour and Ill just stop my car and say "Hey, Nice Shirt!"
  • Q: Most memorable career moment so far?
  • A: I think filming the Bad Blood video was my favorite memory.
  • Q: What's one accomplishment you're most proud of?
  • A: My grammys.
  • Q: What's something you've always wanted to try but you are too scared to do?
  • A: Oh, Coachella.
  • Q: What's your spirit animal?
  • A: A dolphin because they are very social. They travel in groups.
  • Random guy: My wife and I's anniversary is coming up, where should I take her?
  • A: Congratulations and you should take her to Big Sur.
  • Interviewer: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a singer?
  • A: Get a good lawyer.
  • Q: Any pre-show rituals?
  • A: I stretch. I warm up my voice. Then my band and the dancers and I get in a huddle and it's just good vibes.
  • Q: What's the most difficult song to perform on stage and why?A: This song I wrote called The Best Day that is about my mom. It's just hard to sing because it makes me so emotional.
  • Q: How many cats are in this room?
  • A: Probably more than 10, and I don't know if you're counting the one that's alive down there.
  • Q: If you were a cat, would you get along with your cat?
  • A: Probably not. They would probably not think I'm cool.
  • Q: How many cat breeds can you name in 10 seconds?
  • A: British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Himalayan, Exotic Shorthair, Exotic Longhiar, Sphnyx cat, Munchkin, uh...Siamese. Um..the..the... *times up* I can do so much better than that.
  • Q: What's the coolest thing in this room?
  • A: The coolest thing in this room I think is the fireplace.
  • Q: If you could raid one woman's closet, who would it be?
  • A: Blake Lively.
  • Q: What's your favorite fashion trend of all time?
  • A: High-waisted stuff.
  • Q: Besides your phone and wallet, what's the couple must have items?
  • A: I have this lavender anti bacterial hand spray. Whenever me and my friends are in a public bathroom, we have to wait in line at the sink to wash our hands. I'm like, "No! check it out" *makes spraying sounds* and everybody was like, "Thanks girl!"
  • Q: Can you tell me what you'd be wearing to this year's Met gala?
  • A: I'm going to be dress as a robot and I'm gonna carry a sword.
  • Q: My little cousin Julia wants to know, what did you want to do with your life at age 5?
  • A: When I was 5, I knew that my dad was a stockbroker but I did not know what a stockbroker was yet I walk around telling people "I'm gonna be a stockbroker when I grow up."
  • Q: What's the one thing you wish you knew at 19?
  • A: If I could talk to my 19-year-old self, I’d say, hey you know, you’re gonna date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to, but you’re going to be a national lightning rod for slut shaming.
  • Q: What's something you will not be doing in 10 years?
  • A: I'll be 36. I really hope that I'm not stressed about the idea of approaching 40. I hope that aging is not something that really freaks me out.
  • Q: What do you think is the most important life lesson for someone to learn?
  • A: Karma is real.
  • Q: What can you say in other language?
  • A: I can count to ten in German *counts from one to ten in German*
  • Q: What do you love most about the town where you grew up with?
  • A: I grew up on Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and I like the fact that it has a lot of historic buildings.
  • Q: What's the bravest thing you've ever done?
  • A: Writing the Apple Music letter.
  • Q: Most spontaneous thing you've ever done?
  • A: Writing the Apple Music letter.
  • Q: What's one goal you are determined to achieve in your life time?
  • A: I really want an honorary doctorate degree because Ed Sheeran has one and I feel like he looks down on me now because I don't have one.
  • Q: What is your favorite scented candle?
  • A: Byredo Tree House.
first kiss

ive had this as a draft forever but I finally finished it so here yall go

AU in which you and 10k have your first kiss
“You guys see if you can find anything in that gas station.” Warren says, everyone climbing out of the truck.
“Are we staying the night here?” Murphy asks, mouth twisted like he ate something sour.
“Indeed we are, and if you complain, you wont get a bite of the lovely dinner Y/N and 10k are about to scavenge.” She says, arching a brow, daring him to argue. He huffs, and sits back in the passenger seat with the door open.

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