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Awkward Encounters // Tom Drabble

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: none

Request - you’re living in the same building as Tom and you walk out of the apartment and walk into Tom wearing some unruly clothes and hair.

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The day was going to be a good one. Until you woke up with an agonizing headache and sweaty skin. You were sick. And it was the achy, cold kind of sick. The type that drained all your energy and made you dead on the couch for five days. You hated being sick. Well, you were positive everyone hated being sick, but you especially hated it because you always felt like you were losing days you could be doing something productive. 

Sun draped the walls as you groggily walked from your large comfy bed, to the living room. Staring out the large windows at LA. Sun kissed the roof tops and spelled out a forecast of high twenties. You smiled warmly as you felt the sun reach your skin and warm your aching body. What you really needed was your favourite tea and to watch Gossip Girl on repeat. Gathering more strength, you dragged your body to the kitchen, which was open to the living room so the sun followed you where you went. 

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(Yoongi x Oc ) Tumblr Prompt.

Genre : unhealthy relationships. Married Au. A bit of an asshole yoongi. But he has his reasons.  

Rating : Mature. 

part 1/?

“Where are you?” his voice is scratchy, slightly rough and a little hoarse, like he’s been talking too much for too long or maybe he’s just been out in the cold winter weather without wrapping a scarf around his neck again. Or maybe he’d just woken up. 

Where was he?

New york? Paris? what time was it there? 

i glanced at the huge map on the white board near the drawing room, where i’d pinned post its to track his schedule as he traveled around to promote his company’s newest product. My eyes trailed over to the edge of Japan. 

Ah, he was in Osaka. 

“Y/N Can you hear me?” He said loudly and his voice momentarily jolted me. yoongi always had a really deep and booming voice and it’s effect on me hadn’t diminished over the many years we’d been married. A room full of men and Yoongi’s voice would still stand out, resonating inside my soul and making my ribs constrict around my lung, cutting off air. 

“Y/n!!” He growled and I pulled myself into the present flinching at how loud his voice was.

it echoed around the empty living room of our apartment, jarringly loud from the phone’s speakers and making my heart pound just a little. 

“Home. It’s twelve in the night. where else would i be? ” I said bleakly, grabbing the tin jar full of basil leaves and giving it a little shake before carefully wrenching the lid off. The small pan of water on the stove was already boiling and i carefully shook a handful of leaves into my palm, dropping them in the water before grabbing the phone off the hook . 

“Alone?” There’s an edge to his voice, a subtle nuance that ought not to be there. that had no right to be there because  he  wasn’t the one sitting hour after hour, night after night in an empty apartment, waiting for a spouse who wasn’t there. 

When  he  was the one breaking vows and treating me like shit. i wondered if he was sleeping with someone else. Had he gone to a bar, picked up a nice , pretty young thing with his impressive, “ i’m a pediatric surgeon, i save children for a living “ resume. i wasn’t bitter. i loved Yoongi. His profession was one of the most attractive things about him. He worked selflessly to help young kids who couldn’t afford regular medical treatment. 

But I wondered who took the edge off, when his work became too much for him. it sure as hell wasn’t me. 

So i wondered if perhaps he got it else where. you know. 

Who was i kidding? of course he wasn’t. Min Yoongi was just too much of a ‘ nice’ man to cheat on me, but everything else he did, broke my heart. a million times over. 

The apathy. The disinterest. That way he had of staring at me when i was trying to talk to him, like he just couldn’t wait for me to shut up. On numerous occasions, i’d stopped half way through a sentence simply because of how uninterested he’d appeared and cruelly, he wouldn’t even ask me to finish. 

it ought not to hurt so much, after two years, i thought bleakly.  it ought not to hurt because it was never a real marriage anyway. it was a transaction , an exchange of commodities. 

it was like one of those political marriages in historical dramas, done for the greater good of everyone involved so by all means, it should not hurt at all. 

But it did. 

“why do you say that? You think i’m with someone? “ I said softly, exhausted at the unsaid accusation. At the injustice of it. i wanted to toss it back at him.

 what am i being faithful to? It’s the vow you haven’t broken yet but what about all the other things you promised me? Where’s the love you promised?  

“ Don’t be absurd. i just wanted to know if mother is down to visit. she told me she wanted to see you. ” He sounded annoyed as well and lately it felt like that was all he felt for me : annoyance and irritation. 

“Your mother wants me to get hit by a car.” i said simply and he took a deep breath.

“ stop demonizing my mother. She wouldn’t treat you that way if you could be a bit more filial. why don’t you go to her Circle meetings or help her with her charities. ? You were so fucking eager to marry me… can’t you at least take your responsibilities as a Min daughter in law, seriously?” He snapped. 

 a min daughter-in-law. 

The most coveted position a young women in Korea could aspire to. The chance to be married to one of the youngest, most influential men in the country. A handsome, intelligent young man who held an unfair amount of power in his hands. 

 i wanted to run away, i thought with sudden detached clarity. Somedays , i just wanted to lock the door, grab my wallet and run as far as I could. when he touches me, when he presses himself against me, inside me and then shuts his eyes like he’s pretending its someone else…. it makes me want to run and disappear. 

“are you even listening to me, Y/N? Why are you taking so bloody long to respond to me?!” He snapped. 

“I’m listening. ” i said tiredly, switching off the stove and grabbing the strainer off the rack. the fine bone china cup on the kitchen shelf is well used while it’s pair is brand new. A subtle reminder of how often  I was alone. So often. From the moment, i packed all my clothes and moved into his luxury penthouse.

 “ Are you drunk?” he said finally. 


“No.” i said, feeling jittery.  But i wish i was. i can’t put up with you when i’m sober.  

“  Good, listen carefully. i called you because I will be landing in Seoul tomorrow night. We have a luncheon with the Kim Corp CEO the next day and i want you to send my Valentino suit to the cleaners.”

 a glorified maid. with occasional access to her master’s bed. 

“Okay. i will.” I said dully. 

“ and call my mother.” 

i opened my mouth to protest but he had already hung up.  


“Billionaire Heiress Lalisa Manoban landed in Seoul after a successful modeling campaign and Fan Meeting across Asia and Europe. Coincidentally, she was found travelling with world renowned Pediatric Surgeon, Min Yoongi and…”

“ coincidence, my ass. He’s fucking her! i just know it.” My sister growled, pointing an accusatory finger at the small portable TV high up on the shelf of her shop. I grimaced and watched her as she directed her employee to take care of Yoongi’s suit. 

“Unnie please…I really don’t want to talk about that.” i said, feeling exhausted. 

“Why are you even with him?” She said bitterly. “ You should just dump his ass.” 

I smiled a little at that. 

“I really should…” i said thoughtfully, thinking about something far more important. There was a small budding hope inside me. But i hadn’t confirmed it yet. It could be a way to salvage my hopeless marriage. Could be…. but I was kind of terrified to actually confirm it. what if i’d just gotten my hopes up. what if it would all come crashing down on me? 

“Y/N…are you even listening to me? You don’t have to worry about me and mother. The shop is doing well now. We hardly need yoongi’s support. ”

“You know it isn’t that easy, unnie. i can’t just  leave him. No matter how much i want to.” i fumbled with the ring on my finger. a handcuff, i thought softly. A tiny handcuff , soldered by the love I had for an undeserving husband and the fear I had for being alone. 

that was it essentially. the fear that if i left him, i would somehow be more unhappy than i was now and then it would all be for nothing. 

But my sister didn’t drop the subject. 

“So that’s the only reason you’re staying? Not because you’re still in love with the guy, right?” She said shrewdly, eyes sharp and accusatory as she stared at me. 

i flushed a little. 

“That was a long time ago.” 

“But you never got over it.” She pointed out. 

“i was a child! i was fifteen or something! I didn’t know better. i thought he was handsome that’s all……”  

……..and kind and generous and so incredibly funny. i loved the way he would rule the basketball court, the way he would sound so passionate as he talked about his photographs in the photography club. i loved the way he would bring a flask full of milk for the stray puppies behind the school grounds. i loved the way he would play the piano during School festivals, using those ivory white fingers to coax the most beautiful sounds out of something lifeless. The way he breathed life into those keys and made them sing. 

But somehow the delusion had carried on into adulthood. 

And i’d thought, stupidly , that his hands were magic. that his breath was magic. 

That if he would touch me then he would be able to breath life into me too. that he would somehow takeaway all the misery and hurt that i’d accumulated in my soul over the years. 

That if only i could have Min Yoongi, everything else would fall in place. 

 “ Hey.. Y/N…. are you listening?” My sister’s voice pulled me out of my reverie. Everyone was asking me this, weren’t they? are you listening? are you listening? 

I couldn’t listen. not with the voices in my head screaming too loud . 

“uh..huh?” i said, momentarily befuddled.

She smiled.

“i said, i’ll send the suit around with one of the kids. Go get some rest. you look like you haven’t slept in a while.”

Two years. I haven’t slept in two years. 

 “ thanks unnie.” 


“…. We’re planning on introducing and Android and iOS app as well, something that would help the parents have a closer relationship with the Hospital itself, be updated on any new vaccines, get notifications for them or make appointments online as well. The app would be linked to our main data base and the kids who are staying with us will be included as well…” Yoongi’s voice was deep and steady, ringing clear with intelligence and it was physically evident, how impressed the CEO of Kim corp, a young man called Kim Seokjin was,  

“You’re clearly very good at what you do, Yoongi ssi..” He said brightly, glancing briefly at me and smiling. “ and your wife is truly lovely. My chaerin said that you offered to design some antique pieces for her.” He said brightly. i bowed my head politely.

“Y/N is one of the best antique jewelry designers in Asia. Chaerin noona should be honored.” Yoongi wrapped an arm around my waist, fingers spanning across my lower abdomen, thumb dipping into the small space between my skirt and blouse, cold against the warmth of my skin. 

The public persona that he wore, when we were out in company was flawless. i felt slightly nauseous. slightly dizzy but along with it was a little bit of happiness. i had a feeling that this nausea was linked to something new and exciting. something that could perhaps make yoongi like me again.

But i wasn’t sure. Not yet. The two brand new pregnancy tests in  the bottom of the bathroom cabinet, carefully wrapped in brown sheets , reminded me that this could go either way. it could be nothing, a false alarm in which case i wasn’t aby worse off than i was now. or it could be positive. 

Which would mean, me telling yoongi that somehow, against all odds of maths , our drunk, ill-judged decision to have sex, that one time in the back of the car without protection had resulted in a baby. 

I felt my skin go a little cold at the prospect. I didn’t really want to think about how he would react to that. But i couldn’t help but hope. 

He loved children, didn’t he?

He would like one of his own, right?

“what’s wrong?” His voice drew me out of my introspection and i blinked at him, feeling a little queasy. 

“Nothing… i.. i’m sorry.” 

He hesitated.

“ Have you been sleeping less.,.. You look really tired.” He sounded almost worried and i swallowed dryly. 

“I.. no. I’m fine. “

he nodded , unconvinced. 

“are you sure? if you want to head back home and get some rest…”

It was times like this that made it hard to fall out of love with this man, i thought miserably. 

The occasional bouts of genuine concern . 

The extra cup of coffee on the side of the bed table. The closed windows when the morning was too cold. The home cooked dinners when I was feeling sick or tired. 

And i didn’t mind repaying him this way. 

See, sometimes, i wasn’t a shitty daughter in law.

 sometimes, i lived up to the min family’s reputation and did the right thing. i was the perfect trophy wife who greased wheels and helped the whole machinery of the nepotistic Seoul society to function. 

“It’s important right? This.. meeting. Luncheon. Seokjin ssi is supposed to be investing in your hospital. i’ll hold out. don’t worry. I’ll be a good girl. . ” i said nervously.

the words seemed to affect Yoongi. His breath hitched, gaze dropping to my lips as he swallowed.

“Fuck, you’re such a pain.”

I frowned. 

“what’s wrong? don’t you want me to do that? “ 

Yoongi sighed, nodding. 

“Yes, but i’d rather not do it at the expense of you falling face first into the food later on.”

i smiled weakly. he had a way of making me smile, even when it wasn’t really his intention. another trait that drew me to him. 

“i’ll try to resist.”

He shook his head .

“Fine. i need to go meet a few other doctors. Will you be okay by yourself?” 

I nodded, watching as he untangled himself from around me and walked to the other side of the lawn. I moved to the corner where a small table held a collection of drinks and refreshment. i grabbed a small flute of lemonade and nearly jumped out of my skin when Chae Rin , Seokjin’s twin sister appeared in front of me. 

“Y/N, are you okay? “ She said , looking concerned as she peered at me.

“i’m fine, chae Rin ssi..” i said softly and she smiled kindly.

“i really wanted to apologize about what happened. I didn’t know that Yoongi and jiyeon had history.” she said apologetically.

i blinked, confused.

“Jiyeon?” i said surprised. 

“Yes… You know, the doctor we met earlier? I didn’t know that Yoongi was engaged to her before he met you. i wouldn’t have added her to the guest list if I’d known.” she said , looking genuinely sorry and I kept a neutral face , while my heart dropped somewhere down to my knees, leaving my entire chest hollow and weak. 

“that’s… that’s alright.” I said firmly. My voice was steady and even , not even betraying the sheer unadulterated pain that was coursing through my veins.

 Yoongi had been engaged to marry. To a doctor. 

 suddenly the past two years made more sense. No wonder he hated the sight of me. i tried to conjure up an image of the woman we had met earlier. But it was impossible. We’d met so many of them and i hadn’t kept track. 

i turned around and my eyes caught on yoongi’s white suit, somewhere ahead and to the left and i saw her at once. she wore a champagne colored gown with silver sequins and she looked less like a doctor and more like she’d stepped right off a ramp.

“That’s her isn’t it ?” i said softly and Chae Rin hummed.

“Yes. She just got appointed here at yoongi’s hospital. So we really couldn’t avoid inviting her.” She said breathlessly.

I watched Yoongi smile at her, wide, unrestrained. i’d never seen that smile on him. not even once. 

Suddenly, the nausea that i’d held inside for the entire morning came rearing back in full force. i excused myself hastily, rushing to the nearest bathroom and emptying my stomach into one of the porcelain bowls. 

 i stood in front of the mirror, staring at myself. 

Suddenly, the prospect of being pregnant was so unwelcome that i vomitted again. 


When Yoongi found his way back to me, Jiyeon was on his arm. i watched them walk over, looking for all intents and purpose like they  belonged  together ( and they did , didn’t they? They were both doctors? They had both been in love? )

i stayed perfectly still as Yoongi smiled and introduced us. 

“this is my wife, Y/N.” He said brightly. 

jiyeon gave me a smile that was perfectly artificial but flawless.

“You’re the lucky girl, then? “ She said softly. 

I hesitated, thrown by the words which sounded condescending. 

“i…yes… i am. … “ i said, feeling somehow like it hadn’t been a compliment at all, as much as it was an observation. an assessment. A subtle ‘ so you’re the one who stole my fiance’. 

“ Jiyeon’s moving to Seoul this week. She’s going to be working with me in the pediatric department of our Hospital. “ Yoongi said and there was genuine pleasure in his tone. 

He was really happy about it. i felt my heart begin to pound again as a sinking feeling of despair began to take hold. 

“Which reminds me. Yoongi , could i crash with you guys for a couple weeks? I need to find an apartment but the chairman wants me to jump in from tomorrow and i may not have time to look for one.” She turned to Yoongi fully, completely omitting me out of the decision and I flinched. 

 really? was this how it was going to be?

To his credit, Yoongi looked genuinely surprised , hesitant even as he glanced at me. There’s a bit of discomfort there, mixed with a little helplessness.

and it’s silly how familiar he looks like this. Hesitant and unsure. He’s always 

 it’s the look which screams , i don’t know what to say or how to say it,  and over the years it’s become instinctive, for me to step in and sooth. To step in and iron out the creases that came from Yoongi’s introverted nature. 

“of course you can. there’s plenty of room. We’d love to have you over.” 

And only a part of that sentence is a lie. 


the next two days changed things. 

it was blatantly obvious that Jiyeon wanted yoongi back. i would watch as she leaned over him at dinner, grabbed his coat for him when he was leaving , even feed him bits of meat off her own plate while he stayed glued to his laptop. 

Yoongi stayed oblivious, or maybe he put on that act for my benefit. i tried prying a bit, asking him how he met her and stuff but he stayed perfectly stoic, unaffected. 

He didn’t tell me that they had been engaged. 

i wasn’t sure how to take it. 

Maybe he didn’t want me to know because he was over her and it no longer mattered. 

Maybe he didn’t want to let me know because he was still in love with her. 

And later that night , lying on the bed with Yoongi so close , yet so unreachable, so untouchable, i felt miserable. i liked this. i liked being able to sleep, with my gaze on his broad back. Watching the slight rise and fall of his chest, the fall of his fringe into his forehead. The handsome, ethereal features that looked breathtaking in the moonlight.

this bit of Yoongi that was mine. 

The way he slept, often curling around himself, on his left side, bent elbows cradling his head as he breathed evenly. 

 the way he looked stepping out of the shower, towel slung low on his sharp hips, chest glistening with stray droplets of water, fairly glowing. 

 the way he looked with his hair wet , the fringe falling into his eyes as he towel dried the wet strands with his beautiful surgeon fingers. Fingers that healed and made music and felt like heaven against my skin, the few times I’d been touched by him. 

And more importantly,  the way he had looked that night in the back seat of his Porsche, when he loomed over me , trying to control his strength as he fucked into me, gently, never with more force than necessary, eyes shut but lips wet and parted , breath hitching into pants as he made love to me. 

 and honestly, it had been enough.

 It had been enough, somehow. 

it ought not to be, but it was . 

but now, here i was , at risk of losing that as well. 

This could be it, the voice in my head whispered. this could be the last few times you get this. This could be the end . This thing with Yoongi. This ‘ marriage’ it could really be ending. 

 and i realized how badly I didn’t want it to end. 


Perhaps it was the fact that Jiyeon was there, that made me put off taking the test. it was stupid but i really wanted to wait. i’d been looking forward to the pregnancy. Been happy but now a more terrifying prospect came into play. the thought that perhaps, Yoongi wanted to be with jiyeon instead. 

it was stupid, but i couldn’t help but wonder. 

it all came to a head a few days later, during dinner. Jiyeon seemed to be watching me carefully and then, just when Yoongi reached for a glass of water and poured me some, she laughed.

“Y/N, i still can’t believe you let me stay here. i mean most wives wouldn’t be so happy about an ex staying in the same house as their husband.” 

Yoongi startled obviously, water sloshing from his glass all over his dinner and i flinched, more worried about him than jiyeon’s provocation.

“yoongi, are you okay?” Jiyeon leapt to her feet, grabbing a bunch of tissues and reaching out to press them against his chest and hips, where the water had spilled and my breath caught in my throat, stomach cramping uncomfortably as I gripped the edge of the table. 

“ It’s all good. ” i said stupidly, looking anywhere but at Yoongi because i knew i would likely do something incredibly foolish if i did. 

the rest of dinner was awkward, incredibly so, and my skin felt itchy because of how Yoongi stared at me.

But the damage was done and when i stepped into the bedroom,. I froze because yoongi was sitting on the bed, fingers fumbling with his tie, as he stared at me. 

“Y/n, about what jiyeon said…”

“you don’t have to say it. You don’t have to tell me about her..”

 Please don’t tell me about her, ignorance is bliss…

 “ i want to. We were in med school together in London… and I was engaged to her. “ 

i shut my eyes, head aching. 

“yoongi, i just…”

“We didn’t break up. I just want to be honest with you. We never broke up.” He said dully.

My eyes flew open, mouth going slack. 



“What does.. what does that mean…?”

“when i moved here , I promised her i would come back and marry her.” 

 But i got roped into marrying you instead.  

The unsaid words hit me so hard that i stumbled a bit. 

“Y/N..” He half stood, like he was reaching for me but i quickly moved away. 

Is this what it was like to actually lose everything that ever mattered to you?

“do you.. do you still love her?” i said stupidly.

And he just looked at me. 

Evenly, honestly.

“i.. i don’t know.” he said, shattering the last remaining piece of my heart. 

I laughed out loud . i couldn’t stop myself. it was the single most painful thing i’d heard all night. 

“i.. i understand.” 

Did I?

would i ever understand?

would i ever even breathe agin….

 “ Y/n …”

“i can’t… right away. “ I said , miserably. “ i need some time to … move out..”

Yoongi flinched.

“that’s not what i want.. Y/n.. We should talk about this and ”

I shook my head.

“Shut up. i don’t want to hear another word. i’m leaving…” I said feverishly. 

 before i change my mind and do something foolish and convince myself that i could stay here like this, just happy with breathing the same air as you because i can’t… i shouldn’t.. i should leave. 

“I’ll take the guest bedroom.” i didn’t stick around to hear his protests. 


I grabbed the two pregnancy tests, still unused and tossed them in the trash. there was no way i was taking those tests. 

it no longer mattered, i thought stupidly. i wouldn’t take those stupid tests. 

Or maybe i would. because it had been nearly two months. i hadn’t had my period./ And just because i wished it didn’t happen didn’t mean it would. 

So, i’d do the normal sane thing : take the pregnancy test, realize how badly i’d fucked up, maybe get a job, become a single mom  and all that …

but only after i left him for good. 

after i was safe.

You know, when there was no possibility of me grabbing on to the test and clinging to Yoongi because of a  a child he may not even want. i wanted to say i was strong enough to stand my ground and not do something as pathetic as that but i wasn’t . 

i was weak. 

Especially when it came to Min Yoongi. 

so i would leave him and his fiancee and get lost so that he could live well. And i would watch him be happy without me. accept that he was done with me. 

My body jerked in pain at the thought. 

I packed my clothes quickly and called my sister. For all her insitence that i leave yoongi, she still broke down when i told her i would be coming back home. 

“i’m so sorry baby… he’s such an idiot..”

 No, i am. 


 You look sick.  jiyeon’s voice was strong and surprised. 

I jumped a bit too much. 

“uh.. what?” i said, stunned. 

“I don’t think you’ve been eating much. ?” She said softly. 

“I..” i stopped, too tired to lie. “ something like that.” 

“it definitely explains how tired you’ve been. You should take some supplements and stuff. if you can’t eat…they’ll at least give you some sort of energy. It’s what i do most of the time…” She grabbed a small bottle of pills , with the name torn off. 

“this.. what is this..?” i said confused. 

“Just some vitamin supplements… They’ll really help.” she said genuinely and i smiled weakly. 

it was odd, knowing that she wasn’t a bad person. she was only taking back what had always been hers anyway. 

My husband. 


“Do you think of the day we first met?” i said stupidly, watching Yoongi as he got ready in our bedroom. we hadn’t spoken in a week. He had worked extra shifts at the hospital.Not even coming home for dinners. whe he’d come today morning to shower and get dressed , i’d followed him in. 

He hadn’t said a word. 

“Y/n …” his voice was tired. miserable. 

“i remember it. i think of it, often. You told me you were okay with the marriage…. and then… on our wedding day…. You told me you would try to love me. you promised..” i said, fighting tears. 

He stopped, fingers stilling midway as he knotted his tie. 

“Y/n …baby.. please just…”

“you promised you would only look at me, that you would only protect me and that you would make me happy .. you promised you would love me…… you promised! Not just before me but in front of all those people. in front of my front of yours.. in front of god!” 

“Y/n…. calm down..i just..”

“But you never tried!” I shouted.

it was the first time i’d raised my voice to him.

He looked stunned as he stared at me.

“and i believed you. i believed your, filthy lies.” i hissed. 

“Wait… Y/n.. let’s talk about this…” 

“I want a divorce.” 

Part 2 

Who’s Your Daddy?

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / / Part 3 / / Part 4 / / Part 5 / / Part 6 / / Part 7 / / Part 8 / /Part 9 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:   more “who’s your daddy” please!!!!,  I need more Who’s Your Daddy?,  I love who’s your daddy when are you going to post part 10 ?,  When are you going to update who is your daddy? :-)

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Note: No, I’m not dead :) But, I am terribly sorry for keeping all your beautiful people waiting - I’ve recently started a new blog that I’ve nourished and grew and love with all my heart - but this one will always be my number one. The series is almost over - and things are getting juicy…

It was eerily quiet in the dinning hall, very uncommon when it came to dinner time. Not even the builders spoke a word, being the loudest of them all, you would think at least they would utter at least a whisper. Nope. Just pure silence. And Y/n knew that it wasn’t normal. 

How could she possibly know, you might ask. All eyes were on her and where she sat, some not even touching their pathetic excuse of meal as their focus was strictly on her. The attention was becoming unbearable, unfortunately being left alone to wallow in it as Minho had left to go grab his portion. Y/n was ever scared to move an inch, all the attention making her palms sweaty and her already occupied stomach into back flips. Mentally, she wished for someone to save her from this suffocation. 

“What the shuck are you all staring at - eat your shucking food.” Alby’s voice struck fear through those who didn’t even notice him walk in. Quickly as they came, everyone turned their direction to their meal - some grumbling under their breaths at it in annoyance at its small stature. Now able to catch her breath, Y/n sends a grateful smile to Alby, him merely placing a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. 

“Don’t be such a pushover, greenie. You want to survive here, you better start growing some back bone. Or you’ll be nothing but a doormat before the week ends.” 

“Well, I’m sorry that my back bone is preoccupied by holding up this baby weight. Can’t really be threatening when you look like you swallowed a ball.”

“That isn’t my problem. Look, I want you to stay, I really do. But, there’s only so much myself, Newt, Thomas, Gally or Newt can do. If you can’t take care of yourself…then how do you expect to take care of your baby in this hell?” 

With that being said, and left to linger in the air, Alby was on his way to his usual area. As if she wasn’t freaked out to begin with, already stressing herself out, he had to go and say some shit like that. This day was just getting better and better. 

Minho had returned, setting his plate in front of himself, taking his seat. Having a punch to the gut wasn’t really something that Minho was aiming for when he first sat down - especially out of no where. It only drew a few stares in their direction, but none to worry about. “What was that shuck was that for?” 

“You left me by myself to be eyeballed by everyone! As if I wasn’t already self conscious enough about not being wanted here - not to mention being called out by Alby for not having a backbone! Well, excuse me for being pregnant, with barely any memory, in a maze with strangers!” 

“I wasn’t gone for that long, plus they’re not bold enough to try anything. Besides, Alby is only trying to give you some advice - and if you would stop being like your brother, you’d listen and retain it.”

“I just found out he’s related to me today, and now all of the sudden I’m acting like him when I feel like I’m being humiliated?” 

“Call it whatever you want: humiliation, embarrassment, I don’t care. But, Alby is on your side. Anything he said to you is only to help count on the fact that you’ll be here for a long time. When he stops saying klunk to you is when you should worry.” 

Huffing in response, Y/n only crosses her arms as she decides to leave the argument at that. Minho, nodding his head that she was satisfied, started to chow down on his meal with a content grin upon his face. At least he was pleased with his meal. 

“How come you’re not angry with me, like everyone else?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean - I got you to stop doing your job. I’m in the way of your food, water, your way of living and you just recently found out you’re not the father. Why is it that you’re sitting here with me, instead of cursing at my existence? You don’t have to be forced to like me anymore…” 

Minho stopped chewing for a moment, until finally setting his sandwich down. Staying silent for a couple of minute, he cracks his neck before speaking again. 

“I don’t have any reason to be angry with you. You’ve done nothing wrong by me, everything that’s happening to us is not in your control - so I find no point in blaming you for the creator’s stupid mind-games. Plus, you’re one of the very few shuck-faces in this damned place that I can tolerate. And as for my job as a runner - I’ve been wanting to have a vacation anyways. So, no sweat.” 

Y/n felt very assured with his answer, smiling softly. Finally someone who was being rational with all of what’s going on. Well…not the only someone. Her thoughts couldn’t help but to drift toward the lanky second in command. Sighing heavily, she rests her head into her palms, rethinking the whole argument they had and how stupid it was. 

Suddenly, the sound of two boys bickering from outside came within the thin walls of the dinning hall - speak of the bloody devil. 

“Leave me the fuck alone, Thomas.” 

“You’re being ridiculous! You asked me a question, and I gave you an honest answer! Why all of the sudden are you giving me the cold shoulde-…” 

All eyes were instantly on the two as they walked in. Not expecting it to be quiet as it was, Thomas cut his sentence off as he scanned the room. He’s never heard it be so quiet around dinner time before. Slightly nodding his head to the crowd, Newt makes his way to get his food, taking advantage of the silence to slip away from Thomas. 

“Newt, we’re not done talking about this!” He followed right behind, putting a pin on the fact that it was quiet and saving that for later. 

Looking back at the door, Y/n raised her eyebrow in confusion. 

“What’s with those two?” Minho spoke with his mouth full, his own eyebrow raised, but for a completely different reason. 

“Where is Gally? I haven’t seen him since the box sounded off - he’s going to miss dinner.” Slowly ascending from her seat, Y/n takes a deep breath before fully standing on her feet. 

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Where do you think you’re going?” Minho had finished his dinner, quickly standing up to help her back to where she started. “You should rest, not strain yourself to-”

“I’m just gonna bring him some food, that’s all. I’m not a delicate flower, you know. I might be pregnant, but I’m capable of handling myself.” Y/n pats his shoulder, removing his hands from around her middle. Alby did say show some backbone. “Is that alright with you?”

“No, it’s not. Every time you’re not in sight, shit hits the fan. You stay your ass on this bench, and I’ll go give Gally his dinner. Wait for Thomas and Newt to come back - after today, you’ve proven that you can’t be left alone for more than five minutes. Good that?” Before she could even think to protest, with a pat to her head, Minho was already making his way back to the kitchen to fetch Gally his portion. Not even a moment later did those very two have a seat at the table, now communicating in nothing but silence compared to when they walked in. 

Thomas didn’t even bother with his food as he stared down at the small portion, picking at it a few times before finally deciding to push it away. The action caused his plate to knock straight into Newt’s, seeming to cause some sort of vain to start bulging in his neck - possibly from him clenching his teeth. Rolling his eyes, Newt goes back to doing his own picking at the food, suddenly no longer having an appetite. Just being able to feel the tense atmosphere, Y/n concludes that it was time for a subject change; even when no one spoke a word in the first place. 

“Uh, Newt…listen. About earlier, I just wanted to apologize. You know, about my irrational behavior, and not being caution when you asked me to. I shouldn’t have pushed your buttons, or disobeyed your request - I’m sorry.” 

As if he didn’t hear her sincere apology, Newt stabs at his food while keeping eye contact with the boy sitting across from him. His eyes were no longer their warm, honey brown - instead, being this deep color. Like black coffee. Thomas refused to look at the Brit, his own jaw going to work as it locked and unlocked. It wasn’t until he finally spoke after a couple minutes of silence. 

“Don’t you think you should be apologizing as well, Newton?” 

The way he spoke was so condescending, that it was blatantly obvious he was doing it on purpose. Giving one more harsh jab at his beef, Y/n could have sworn Newt’s nostrils were flaring in anger. What was the matter with him? 

Y/n, not really understanding where his behavior, did nothing but reach over and touch his should - gently. Who would have thought that was enough to break the camel’s back, to finally allow the beast to break free of its cage. This wasn’t the Issac Newton that she met earlier. Something within him had changed. Not giving her a moment to comprehend, he grips her wrist tightly, shoving it away from his space as if it burned his flesh. Slamming his fist onto the table startled not only the two sitting near him - but the rest of glade as well. 

As if it wasn’t silent enough - this was now a dangerous quiet. 

The sound of heavy breathing traveled in choppy paths, as Newt tried with all his might to keep his composure. Now wiping that spiteful look off his face, Thomas now looked at his friend with a mix of confusion and fear. What was the matter with him? It wasn’t until he slowly ascended from his seat, that he finally opened up his mouth to speak. But, honestly? They’re gonna wish he hadn’t. 

“I got a memory. When Thomas answered my question…everything finally clicked. Didn’t think it would come this quick, and definitely not bloody happy with what I remember.” 

“Newt, what are you talking about? You never said anything about a memory! Was this why you’re pissed at me - what could possible have remembered that made you so furious?!” 

Silence. Eerie silence filled the room once again. Newt now leaned his weight on the table, but now stared directly into Y/n’s eyes. He looked so hurt…so betrayed…she just didn’t understand. What was the matter with him? 

“She’s my girlfriend. But, it’s not my baby. It’s Thomas’s.” 

Work Visits

Another part to my nurseydex children series! Ive offically deemed this Au “Things That Stop You Dreaming” and it can be found on AO3 under that title!

Enjoy Addy being cute af, plus an introduction to Bella! 

(pst, i posted this in two parts on AO3 but yall will get it all in one bc im lazy)

“Daddy, are we there?”

Derek sighed and looked at his daughter for probably the seventh time in the last 10 minutes he’s been driving. This was the seventh time she asked.

“Addison, I know you have the route to the rink memorized, so I know that you know that we are literally in the arena parking lot. You don’t have to antagonize me.”

Addison gave what could only be described as a shit-eating grin from her spot in the back seat. She swung her legs happily. “I know Daddy, but Papa says that I should mess with you more often. He says its funny”

Derek was going to kill his husband.

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The First Eyes, Newt Imagine.

Request: imagine where newt breaks up with the reader and goes with Sonya due to what he thought was loss love but then he takes her fro granted. So when the reader and newt breaks up his gets the worst nightmares start again, Sonya tries to comfort him but fails so they call the reader and the reader is the only one who can comfort and and make the nightmares go away. Newt realizes it and apologizes and makes up for it. FLUFFINESS PLEASE

A/N: Okay. So this request will have to be changed just a little bit to fit what I’m gonna write cause of a few things. First off, I can’t write him having a “relationship” with Sonya (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FEVER CODE) cause she’s his sister. So what I’ll do is make an OC for it. Secondly, in this it’s a little bit of an AU to where, He is immune and this takes place in paradise. I hope you guys enjoy it! And remember that requests and ships are 100% open.

Warnings: Mentioning of suicide attempt, AU Immune Newt, Paradise.


The walls aren’t very thick in our living unit. Paradise was something that had felt out of reach when it was first mentioned to our group after escaping the Maze, the idea of home felt so fleeting that we couldn’t trust it. At least my closest friends and I couldn’t.

I can still remember the feeling of my hands pressed into the box floor, the smell of the farm above invading into my senses, and I can remember the first pair of eyes I saw analyzing me from above. They were beautiful to me because it was all I had locked into my mind other than the ill-fated trip on the lift and I just can’t shake how mesmerized I was by the first eyes. They were his. I saw Newt before I saw anyone else in that place.

You could say that Newt saw me too because not after long of staying there we had become attached at the hip. It all started with being placed in the Gardens together but then turned into spending meals together and talking on our breaks. Suddenly everything felt better, the sun shined a little stronger and the warmth of it on my skin when I was invited into his company grew hotter. Newt sparkled up the the worst parts of being in that place.

Although I must admit that Thomas’s discoveries has piqued my interest on the subject of escaping the Maze. This was when Newt started getting a little closer than what was comfortable with me. Not that I minded, yet it was closer than being the most important part of each other’s lives. It was closer than the platonic care we had and transformed into unconditional romantic love.
Except we sucked at expressing it.

Other parts of our lives had stayed the same when shit hit the fan, like the little goodbye kisses on the forehead or even on the lips if we were in a life-threatening situation. We still talked like best friends, considered the other a best friend but we didn’t act like it. We acted like we were in love and everybody else picked up on it too. Towards the end of the Glade he’d just keep me closer, whenever trouble drew near. Maybe it was because he knew I felt safer touching him or maybe it was because he knew he felt safer touching me but it was enough.
We made each other safe and motivated to move on.

The Scorch hit us all hard of course, from the heat that drew blisters up on our skin to the desperation for water and for the cure to a disease which we were told spreads through the air like a wildfire. Newt still remained loyal at my side.

It was only when we were back in WICKED’s hands when he started to drift away. I recall his hand holding a bone-crushing grip on mine as they went out through the list of non-immune system and that I felt like I’d been given the ability to breathe again when I realized he was safe from the Flare. His eyes had closed gently. I could have sworn he wanted to die rather than not, that he just wanted everything to turn into a consuming black nothingness than be in a world with so much carnage or sorrow.

It felt like salt being shoved deeply into an open cut when he seemingly abandoned me though. When we got here he’d just isolated himself off from my world, almost from everyone’s until he felt good enough to start talking again. Even then it would never go back to how it was. The first few months were cold, lonely, and unforgiving. Specifically Newt was unforgiving. He told me that I didn’t understand because I didn’t know how it felt. He said I didn’t understand cause I wasn’t in the Maze when he jumped

“Is that why?” I mutter to myself while staring blankly into my ceiling.

My eyes sting with tears, like they do most nights, and I smoothen the sheets out to my body. The bed is always cold without him. In the Glade we’d fall asleep together, anywhere we deemed fit enough. In the Scorch we huddled together in the nights with sheets draped over us to protect from sunburn. The first night we were in their compound he held me all night. Now he holds her.

“Get her! Get her now,” I can hear the broken sobs from a few doors down, “I need Y/N!”

So the walls aren’t very thick in our living unit and before anyone can even rush into my room to alert me, I can hear exactly what’s happening on one of the only other inhabited rooms of the floor. His room.

“Y/N!” Jacqueline is frantically pounding on my door.

Jacqueline came into the picture pretty recently. Nobody’s really sure if they’re “together” but it looks to be that way as of lately. Thomas and Minho tried for the first month of it to keep them out of sight from me whenever they were together, the same overprotective brothers from the Glade still trying to keep me safe here. But I insisted it was okay. Cause it is, for me if Newt is happy I will be alright. The only problem is that he isn’t. According to Thomas he’s been quite the opposite.

I’m already up by the first knock, not even thinking to pull clothes on over my pajamas, meeting her within seconds.

“Is he hurt, what is it?”

“An hour ago we were just laughing and talking but he fell asleep and I think he had a nightmare cause he’s not doing well right now…”

Everybody is asleep on the floors below so we keep it as quiet as possible rushing down the hallway and stops me when we reach the door.

“This isn’t like what I’ve seen before he’s really messed up, are you sure you can-”

I shake my head and let out a sigh as I open the door, “I promise you I’ve seen him at his worst before.”

The sight we come into contact with just inside the room isn’t nice. Newt is huddled over on the floor sobbing and heaving for air, his chest looking like it’s collapsing into his thighs with every breath. I push myself forward to the horrifying image of the person I love so bent out of shape despite how much I want to freeze up. I know what to do.

“Newt, Hey,” I whisper once I’ve knelt down to his level, “I need you to look up at me.”

He doesn’t.
Jacqueline’s hands move to him but instantly push them away before they come in contact with him.

“I don’t want her here!” He cries and motions in her direction.

“Don’t crowd him or touch him or do anything really, he can’t breathe.”

Ignoring the flash of hurt and a little annoyance on her face, I push myself as lowly to the ground as I can a decent space away from him to meet his face.

“Listen to me, listen, you need to sit up okay? Newt, I need you to sit up for me before I can help you.”

My voice is as calming as I can will it to be for him. I rise back to the position on my knees when he starts to look up and take this as my opportunity.

I say, “Hey, Newt, look at me. Keep your eyes on mine okay?”

Tears have wet clear streaks down the front of his face through the thin layer of sweat, his face of strength is nowhere to be seen here. Whenever we were going through rough times in the Glade or out on our own in the Scorch Newt was the one who we counted on to keep it together. To keep us together. So he never faltered or misstepped, in public.

“Look at me, okay? Try to breathe like me,” I say and make an effort to keep breathing as deeply as he needs to.

I’ve dealt with this before. Every so often he gets bad nightmares about things that happened back in the Maze, specifically a certain incident. Of course she wasn’t there so she wouldn’t know how to handle him like this. She wouldn’t know not to crowd or especially hug him until he can calm himself down.

I glance up at Jacqueline and nod my head to the door, “Get him some water and take a walk for a bit. Just go back to your room once you bring it back.”

“But I-”

“No, go now!”

Sure I’m being a little harsh but it’s not for what I want. She can’t get in the way of him calming down, he’s been tense all week, I can tell just from how he’s looked lately and it hasn’t been let go.

“Hey,” My voice is soft and my pitch spikes a little, “Don’t stop breathing now, keep on doing it. Just look into my eyes.”

The eyes that are staring into mine are still the same ones I saw first in the box. Except now they aren’t as dark, they’re happy considering the situation and I can actually see a normal guy behind them. Nevertheless I stare into his eyes and keep nodding him along to breathe. His hand grips mine and he collapses into me,  face buried into my neck while he tries to follow my advice.

The first pair of eyes I saw clearly held some inner demons hidden within, the film of sullen darkness that settled over them didn’t go unnoticed no matter how much beauty I found there. No matter how many times I looked up, all I saw was mystery swirling in his irises.
Eventually Jacqueline comes back with a bottle of water most likely from the pantry on the first floor and sees him clinging to me like I’m his lifeline.

She walks in slowly, carefully as if she’s afraid someone is going to rip the carpet out from underneath her feet and sets the bottle down just next to him.

“How is he?”

I wish I could hate her. I really want to hate her and I really want her to be a bad person so I have a reason to but I can’t. She’s so good for him. She’s innocent and doesn’t know of the Maze’s horrors like I do. She doesn’t have nearly as many skeletons in her closet, so she brings a significant amount of light into his life.
But there isn’t a good reason to hate her. The only reason, unjustified at best, to dislike her is that she in a way took my best friend and if I’m being truly honest-my boyfriend from me. Yet the only person at blame for our distancing is us.

I smile up at her and whisper while stroking my hand across his forehead, “He’ll be okay soon, you should go to your room for sleep okay? Check in on him in a day or two cause he’ll want space.”

The light of hope that sparkles in her eyes falters for a moment but she nods regardless. He deserves someone that happy. Maybe that’ll rub off on him you know? It’s all I want, all I want is for him to be happy and whether or not it’s me who does that is up to him.

She doesn’t move forward anymore than she already has but lets her arms cross over her chest.

“How do you know him so well, Y/N, it’s like you know everything going through his head and you were able to calm him? How’d you know how to?” Jacqueline’s voice is strained, which tells me she must have been crying on the trip to get the water.

I shrug, “Newt and I have known each other for as long as I can remember. I have no right telling you about his past but you can know mine, I don’t mind you knowing. The Maze was terrible and life was miserable but he was there. He was my light.”

Instead of getting emotional or aggravated at my clear displays of affection to her new-whatever they are to each other-she listens carefully and looks like she’s mentally noting every word. This only makes my respect for her grow.

“We go way back, been each other’s anchor through it all and if I’m being honest I would have died without him.”

Newt hums softly into my breast at this, his tears wetting the skin exposed against my chest and leans into my body comfortable. Fingers tighten into fists of fabric from my tank top and he holds me back against him by it.

“You’re very lucky,” She says quietly and backs up until the door is directly against her back.

I don’t make a sound. There’s no point in me talking to her about it. I’m not the one he chose so I wouldn’t say I’m the lucky one.

“I guess, you should go. Go get some rest and I’ll take care of him for a little while.”

The door shuts with a light click and neither of us move a single bit from where we are, instead just cling on to each other for the sake of everything around us that’s crumbling. It reminds me of the Glade. Sitting here with him holding me reminds me of what it was like before we knew how doomed our world was.

While I do feel bad about making Jaqueline leave I also do not. She may be good for Newt but she doesn’t really know him well when I come to think of it. For example, I don’t think he ever let her stay the night over until now which would explain why she wouldn’t know that he gets these nightmares quite often.

They’re always of the incident but I ask anyways, “What was it about?”

His body isn’t stiffened or tense like it was when I got here but is now the exact opposite. Newt is slumped against me with his arms still held securely around my midsection and his face buried into my neck. I run my fingers through his hair, mostly cause it’s one of the things that puts him at ease but also because I’ve missed this. I’ve missed being close to him and being able to touch him like this.

“It started out really happy,” Newt starts to explain with a voice crack interrupting from his sobs, “I was hanging out with you like we used to and it was fine. We were laying on my bed and everything was fine then it just flipped to a different place out of nowhere. My ankle was broken like it was just after I jumped but this time nobody came to help me. I was just bleeding out while getting fed on by the Grievers. it was so slow…”

I was there the day that he was dragged back through the Maze doors, blood trailing behind him as if it was a lesson for others to see and read from. My heart just dropped into my stomach when I saw his sickly and pale figure laying on one of the cots in the Medhut.

That was the first time I realized how much I loved him though. Surprisingly it didn’t scare me off, it only pushed me closer to him. I spent as much of my free time devoted to waiting for his wake up and helping him walk again after he woke up.

“Well you aren’t there anymore, Newt, you’re here. You’re safe with me okay?” My voice is soft and my touch matches it.

“Promise me you won’t leave?”

The sound of his cracking, utterly distraught voice tugs at my heart strings and all I can manage to do is hug him tighter. Having him back in my arms is something surreal. Imagine not speaking to your boyfriend for months then out of nowhere, being just back to where you were, it’s terrifying. And even though I’m not sure if I can forgive him so quickly, it doesn’t matter right now.

All that matters is that he gets uninterrupted rest for the remaining duration of the night. After everything we’ve been through he at least deserves to feel happy here.

I move his arms from around me and stand up, holding his hands in mine, “Come on.”

His eyes gleam with hope, the same kind of sadness as earlier but he complies with it.
I love him. It’s a crazy, complicated, and passionate love but it’s there. And it’s mine.
The bed is warm with the two of us curled up in it. Newt’s arms hold me into his chest and I can already feel my eyes wanting to close.

Morning comes before I can register it and it comes with a harsh jolt back to reality. Light shines through the blinds next to his bed into the room to blind my eyes the moment they open. Newt’s arms are still clutched around my body and I’m slumped halfway on to him.

“Good morning,” I say groggily upon realizing he was awake already and let out a yawn.

His eyes still follow my every move, analyzing me like I’m some mythical created he’s in disbelief about.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t-”

“Y/N! Stop it. I was wrong okay?” He defends his claim.

We’re still pressed against each other just as close but right now I’m surprised by how little I want to run away. We never fought before, not as badly as we have lately and I’m just hesitant all around to trust him. When he dropped out of my life it hurt, it hurt me badly especially since I thought he could be trusted the most.

“I shouldn’t have pushed you away like that and I know it’s wrong of me to just come back out of nowhere into your life but, you know me,” Newt confesses, “Y/N I’m afraid that if I let you go then I’ll never be happy again. I’m afraid that I hurt you too much this time…”

I take his face into my hands with hesitance.
“I want to let you in. Really, really badly but I’m afraid of that too. I’m just terrified of losing you for good.”

Maybe it was supposed to be this way? Maybe we were meant to just get each other through the dark times and leave that as is but deep inside of me I can feel that this shouldn’t be the end for us. I love him with every bit of myself, I’m invested in him now and I can’t just turn my back after all these years. His eyes stare into mine with tears brimming on the edges of his waterline.

“I love you, okay? I don’t want to lose you either so why don’t we just relax for now and give it another chance in a month maybe?” He’s talking so softly.

I counter, “What about Jaqueline?”

He looks slightly taken aback and playfully scoffs as if the thought hadn’t crossed his head until I mentioned it.

“We aren’t together, it isn’t a problem,” Newt says with a genuine pleading look in his expression, “Please, Y/N.”

My eyes shut to block everything out. I’ve kissed him more times than I could count. We’ve told each other I love you only on a few occasions but only because we’ve always been so sure in it. We didn’t feel the need to proclaim it all the time because the other always knew. If we have survived the Maze, Scorch, and taking down WICKED then why should this stop us?
All I can feel right now are his fingers drawing circles into the bare skin of my back and feel his eyes boring into my closed ones.
The first eyes I ever saw…

“Okay,” I say in a newly found confidence,
“I’m in.”

Summary: A BonesxReader that’s set during ID when the Vengeance is crashing down on earth: The reader is an engineer stationed in San Francisco during the crash (Bones knows that), survives it without being injured and then starts to help fix things after everything calms down (Bones doesn’t know that) and when he lands on earth and hears that the reader is on the ‘battlefield’ he freaks out? But then everything turns into fluff? (: for @littlecarowrites

Notes: I’m so sorry it took so long! Hope you like it! ((also first bones fic omg y’all))

Word count: 1222

Tag: @usscomics @youre-on-a-starship @trekken81 @yourtropegirl @enterprisewriting @imoutofmyvulcanmind @starshiphufflebadger @ussimagine@kaitymccoy123 @starmission @outside-the-government @imaginestartrek @paigeinastory @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @bkwrm523 @frostedej

While sliding around the corridors of the flagship, Leonard’s focus was 100% on the job at hand – making sure nobody ends up dead. The ship was falling down from the sky and pulled towards the Earth by its gravity. A one-way trip to certain death and imminent destruction.

Usually, as a grump that he is, he’d whine about the weight of his toolbox. Even though he always knew it’s in the job description, he would’ve sometimes wished he could just throw it into open space and never see that damned thing again. Now, though, while running around the ship making sure everybody gets home in a single piece and with a pulse, he did not feel the weight of the box. Despite the grip on the box’s handle being real tight, he even forgot it was there until he had any real use of it.

Only once did he take away a few moments to focus on something other than the task. ‘My mother was right. Hell is real.’ he thought to himself, a single eyebrow cocked. What never even crossed his mind, though, was you. And not because he didn’t care, far from it, he loved you more than life and treasured you more than booze (and Bones is quite a lover of fine alcohol). He was just unconsciously sure that you were in safety, based on nothing specific, and that enabled the mind to concentrate on other lives at stake.

And the exact same thing happened to you.

While watching a big, black, unknown ship fall down in flames and destroy 1/3 of San Francisco, you were scared. And the moment they placed you, an ordinary officer, on a commander’s spot and set you to repair the damage that was done, you were fucking terrified. ‘Out of all the things that could fall from space it had to be a big-ass ship with an infinite number of weapons and loads of toxic matter and nuclear energy?’ you screamed at nobody in particular before rushing to the scene with a toolbox in one hand and a communicator in the other.

Needless to say, your brain was on the verge of catching fire and exploding in your skull. You were constantly being called from 5 different directions and 10 different places. You were forced to answer them all whilst figuring out how to fix the problem in your own hands. Not to mention that all the machinery was extremely delicate and shit could hit the fan real fast if something wrong was done.

While speaking, thinking and working with your hands all at the same time, there wasn’t any space for your beloved doctor in your mind.

Luckily, it all turned out fine for Bones. Engineering pulled some strings, Sulu sprinkled some magic fairy dust and, god bless, the Enterprise stopped just before crashing, burning, exploding and killing everybody.

Bones threw himself in an empty seat in medbay and sighed.

The ship did have a few scratches and bruises here and there, but nothing Scotty and a good engineering team back on Earth couldn’t fixed.

Wait a moment.

Engineering team.

“Y/N! Shit!” Bones yelled, voice achieving and echo as the room was previously silent.

His eyes widened with pure fear while his mind scream at itself, disappointed by how he didn’t even think of you. He jumped from the chair and basically threw himself at a nearby computer.

“Locate Commander Y/L/N, Y/N, Engineering.”

“Commander Y/L, Y/N, Starfleet Headquarters.”

That’s where the Vengeance crashed.

Leonard sprinted out the door and straight to the bridge. He pushed through a sea of officers, forcing everybody and everything out of his way. Those few moments he spent in the turbolift, he spent them cursing at the damn thing for not going any faster. It appeared when Bones became worried, time flew in slow motion and his pulse skyrocketed. Not to mention that curse words star flying out of his mouth limitlessly. As he entered the bridge, Chekov didn’t even have time to announce his presence to the captain.

“Uhura, connect me to Starfleet HQ right now!”

Jim stood up from his chair with a bewildered look on his face and turned to his best friend and partner-in-crime.

“Bones? What-“

But as soon as he said the man’s name, Bones turned around and sent a glare Jim had never seen before in his entire life. Eyes full of passion, resentment, rage and love. Jim did not dare spend another moment analyzing those eyes, so he quietly returned to his spot.

“All frequencies open, but I can’t reach them. I’m sorry Bones.”

But before the young woman could finish her sentence, Leonard was out the door and in the turbolift once more.

This time, he headed directly to the transporter room with a clear goal on his mind. Before the door swished and closed, the doctor was already being beamed down to Earth. He had to remember to thank Jim later – it was he who announced Leonard’s arrival and destination to Scotty. Turns out he knows Bones better than he even thought.

You were working on picking out and storing pieces from the fallen ship which would be used in future creations (hopefully not secret ones), because even Starfleet believes in reusing unharmed whole parts.

You kneeled on the hull and bent down to scavenge a little more, just to make sure all the non-faulty parts were taken out. Later you picked up the box and turned around, just to drop it on the ground once more, this time because you suddenly lost all strength in your arms.

It was Leonard.

10 meters away from you and nearing, a dead serious look on his face. You choked on thin air as a stray tear came rolling down your dirty cheek. You closed your eyes and rubbed them, and only managed to take one step before being enveloped in a pair of strong arms. One of his hands held on your back and the other pressing your head to his warm chest, the beat of his heart calming your already wrecked nerves. Due to visible height difference, you wrapped your arms around his waist, your fingers intertwining on his lower back. Both of you pressed with equal force, with each squeeze negative energy pouring out of you and being replaced with nothing short of love.

You stood there for quite a long time. The way you held each other, it wasn’t just about physical contact. Together with body heat and tension relief, the two of you shared emotions via touch – something only people who are truly in love would be able to do. Together with your bodies your minds were in a peaceful place of their own. Contrary to chaotic thoughts that were swarming through your brains just an hour ago, your minds cleared of all worries. You were in Leonard’s arms and he was in yours. You were both alive and unscathed, and that’s all that mattered to you.

Even though the two of you stood like that for about 17 minutes, for you it felt like centuries.

Bones pulled away for a moment, still never letting go of you, almost like he was afraid that he’d lose you if he did. Before you could say anything, your lips collided and happiness came over you all over again.

working to hard #1

what you do when he works to hard

requested: NO

warning: fluff and cuteness, bit of fighting, smut

sidemen: simon aka miniminter

I was siting on the sofa in the sidemen house just on Twitter while the lads are recording videos for their channels when i could hear simon screaming from his room. I roll my eyes and know exactly what kind of scream that is, he’s frustrated and stressed. I walk up to his room and knocked on his door but quite shocked when he said this “GO AWAY!” He fucking shouted at me, now i know it’s because he’s working to hard.

“I DON’T GIVE A SHIT I’M COMING IN ANYWAY” I hear him sigh then walk in to see exactly where i thought he would be on his gaming chair editing. He looks angry that i walked in, his eyes darker then the normal bright blue ones that i love, “i said go away phoenix (you can change the name to yours if you want it’s just easier doing mine name lol even tho it’s not my name but i wish it was tho lol) why DIDN’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!” I’m getting scared now but i’m not showing him that i am though.

“BECAUSE YOUR WORKING YO HARD DICKHEAD. STOP OVER WORKING AND THEN MAYBE I’LL LISTEN TO YOU, YOU PRICK” by surprise he grabbed my hips and smashed me to his bedroom door his face inches away from mine making me gulp at how close he is. You see me and simon are best friends that’s why i’m surprised he’s this close to me.

He’s breathing quite heavily which is making me heart to speed up “why don’t you listen to me phoenix, you never listen to me at all” his voice is low and husky, god why does he have to do that, you see i have a huge crush on him but only josh knows about it. I tried to get out of his grip but his grip gets tighter and he pushes me further in to the door if that’s even possible.

“Are you even listening to me jay or not” (my nickname) he’s moving closer and closer every time he speaks. I look up to meet his eyes that are already staring at mine, he has no idea what he’s doing to me i’m trying to hide the fact that i’m turned on but failing miserably. He moves closer to me now touching me with his body, my breath stops mid breath and my heart skips a beat.

“Please stop touching me simon” i whisper to him and he just gets closer to me looking dow at me like he’s not doing anything wrong. I tried pushing him away but he just grips me harder probably leaving bruises too. “I told you not to come in but you did anyway, i need to get that video out now because the fans will complain other wise” he’s still angry but hot dayum  his low husky voice is sexy.

“Stop over working yourself take a break simon. I know it’s your job but jobs ain’t 24/7 are they” i’m looking straight in his eyes him still breathing heavily in my face “leave before i hurt you phoenix NOW!” Shouting in my face making me jump by shock. I start to breath more faster then ever while his eyes are getting darker by the second because i haven’t moved.

I nod my head no but boy i chose the wrong answer, he let go of my and smashed both of his hands on the door to close to my head. Which just turned me on more the fact that he’s super hot when angry. I tried to run to the other side of him but got stopped by his leg blocking me “where do you think your going jay”.

He pushes me up the door again with more force this time so i made a little noise that sounded sexual so i slap my hand over my mouth but he took it away and put it at the side of me and then realization hit him and then i could feel him on my stomach, he gets closer to me and i try to not moan by biting my bottom lip which just makes him sigh “don’t do that phoenix” “do what si” he closes his eyes to calm himself down but didn’t work.

I could feel him getting more hard by the second which made me moan lightly which made my eyes widen which is making him even more hard. I looked up to look at him but didn’t have time to do or say anything because simon smashed his lips to mine i kissed back straight away. His hands loosened a bit and slid them down down to my ass and pulling me into him more which coursed me to let out a slightly loader moan in his mouth.

I put my arms around his neck he pushed me to the door again grabbing my thighs and pulling then up so i wrapped my legs around his waist i can feel his anger slipping away from him by the kiss. He thrusted up which made me moan louder and him to moan too. He licked the bottom of my lip asking for entrance which i denied to tease him a bit.

It didn’t last long though he thrusted up again coursing me to let out a breathy moan which gave him an advantage to put his tongue in my mouth, we was in this position for a little while before he stopped kissing me and moved to my neck trying to find my sweet spot which he found quite fast.

I moaned letting him know he found it and started to suck on it, biting it once in a while probably leaving a mark. Then he found the hem of my shirt and took it off while i took his off too, we started moving to his bed with him still kissing my neck. He put me down by throwing me then climbed  on top of me and kissing my collar bones this time so i could hide then when i make videos for my channel.

Before i know it we are fully naked and he’s putting a condom on spreading my legs making me whimper and him to smirk he pinned my arms over my head before going inside me making us both moan in pleasure.  He started at a slow pace but got faster and harder making us both moaning messes i flip us over which got him by surprise and started leaving my mark on him but on his collar bone bones  and shoulders and a sneaky one on his neck.

I love hearing him moan and the reason for that is because of me but i think simon had enough of mr teasing him because he flipped us back so he’s now on top of me. With every thrust he does he get’s harder hitting my g spot every time which is making me moan really load and he’s still smirking at me.

As he started kissing my neck again i can feel his cross necklace on my chest which makes me shiver because it’s cold which he just chuckles but then after saying “i’m close baby girl” this coursed me to cum first and him after. He throws the condom in the bin and cuddles up with me with my head resting on his bare chest while he draws little patterns on my bare back which tickles a bit.

I can hear his slow heart beat but what really surprised me was what he said “be mine phoenix please” i looked up and smiled “i was always yours simon you just never took notice of it” i giggled so did he. After that we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day we got woken up by a iPhone camera click and guess who it was……… it was jj.

hope you enjoyed reading it :)

Gus Wins

Michael isn’t really happy with how you really do not want to go public with your long-time relationship. Or even tell your friends.

Wordcount/Warnings: 2,358 || alcohol cw, swearing, passing discussion of abortion, food mention, mentions of baby related unsanitary things
A/N: @switchtodecaf asked for an angsty/happy ending secret relationship fic with Michael. Here you go babe.

Michael and you are standing on either side of the bed, straightening up the last wrinkles of the bed the two of you had just made up, mostly dressed for the day, when he stops abruptly and stands to look at you. You straighten up and look back at him, narrowing your eyes, because he’s either had a really wonderful idea, or a really bad one.

“We should tell everyone.” Is what comes out of Michael’s mouth.

So, it was a bad idea.

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Sunny Days-chapter 1

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary: There’s nothing left in this world that isn’t hidden and Negan just found some gems.  

Word Count: 2,802 words

Warnings: surprise there. Not much for this chapter. Some hints at daddy kink. Let me know if I need to add any. Will get explicit in the future. This will be slow burnish.

Author’s Note: First foray into fan fiction. Not sure what I am doing, but this won’t leave my brain alone. I got this idea when I started thinking about how I would like to spend my days post zombie apocalypse and the movie Blast from the Past kinda popped up in mind. I’m not meant for roughing it. It’s been 12 years since I have written anything. @negans-network thanks for the encouragement. Here’s goes nothing.

His scouts had found the seemingly abandoned house in the middle of nowhere a few days ago and swore up and down that they had seen a girl going in through an upstairs window. When they tried to climb the fence surrounding the property, they were shocked, literally, that the electricity still flowed through it. The short wall of burned walkers around the perimeter made a lot more sense though.  

How the fuck was that fence still electrified?

Negan could see the house boarded up, a flat roofed car port, and a large dilapidated barn but nothing to suggest any kind of inhabitants or fucking technology. This place looked like it had been abandoned long before the world turned to shit.

He had been hiding in the trees beyond the fenced in yard. He hadn’t seen any sign of life all day. Every now and then a walker would meander through. Lucille took care of them easily. He was about to give up for the day. He didn’t want to be out at night especially when he could be balls deep in one of his wives and then tucked into his comfortable bed.  

Well hot diggity dog. Those fucking morons were actually right.

He saw her. She climbed out the second story window, lowering a basket on a pulley attached to the roof. The pale skin of her arms and face practically reflected the sunlight. Her long dark hair was in a ponytail. She scaled the lattice on the wall until she could easily jump to the ground. She grabbed the basket and seemingly without a care in the world walked to a cluster of trees. She scoured the ground and every now and then picked up something up and dropped in her basket.

When she was done scavenging in the dirt, he watched her climb back up, pull the now full basket up and go back inside. He walked the perimeter of the fence and found what he was looking for. One tall tree with a branch over hanging the fence.

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Big Brother! Lai Guanlin

I’m back, don’t hate me

ok fine, you can…

this one is still short because my brain went blank

btw, is it spelled Guanlin or Kuanlin?

Big Brother! Masterlist

  • you missed him so much
  • you were soooo pissed when your older sister and your dad went to see him in Korea
  • when your dad told him that you cried because you can’t see Guanlin and cheer him, he laughed
  • he laughed!
  • you were furious 
  • you two were siblings that have each other’s back and tease each other from time to time
  • the bond was tight between you two

  • and how much Guanlin wishes to forget that you two go to the same school 
  • because you would brag to everyone 
  • his underclassmen would text him and ask him to keep you under control
  • that resulted in a three-minute call
  • “Stop shouting my name in school will ya?”
  • “Hey, it’s either your name or Swaggy Rapper.” the both of you cringed at the nickname and you hear him groan on the other side
  • “I know that you love me lots” you gagged, “but tone it down a bit, please. The boys won’t stop texting me about your loud mouth.”

  • ok there’s this one time where Guanlin showed a photo of you with him 
  • and one of the members said that they would date her if he was given the choice to
  • “Hyung!” he whined and the others laughed 
  • “My sister has standards, she won’t date any lowlifes like you guys.”

  • there’s this one time where you’re on holiday and you saved enough money to travel 
  • you’re like 
  • “Hey, I should visit Guanlin.” and by that you’ve set off to Korea
  • and not spend them on more kpop albums…now that’s self-control
  • you’ve found a cheap inn to stay for three days and then fly back to Taiwan 
  • Of course, you asked him if he was free during the time you were staying and for the address of the dorm
  • Guanlin doesn’t suspect anything, he didn’t ask why you needed them
  • he was that stupid
  • Let’s say you scared the shit out of Jisung and Guanlin
  • “Hey, is Guanlin-ge” you asked in English before getting slammed in your face, “here?”
  • “HOW DID A FAN GET OUR ADDRESS!” You heard Jisung shout from the other side from the door
  • “Guanlin-ge?” You called one more time in hopes that your voice is loud enough for him to hear
  • Sighing and you leave the building, but you’ve heard him call you and you stopped in your tracks
  • “Y/n! What on earth are you doing here?” He started to raise his voice
  • and you were like, kinda scared
  • because you’ve never seen him mad, in like forever
  • “I'm…here to visit my brother.”
  • he gave you a bone crushing hug
  • it hurt…in a good way
  • he introduced you to his band mates

  • and of course being the GR8 brother he is
  • he shows you around the city and makes extra sure that none of the other tries to hit on you
  • but you’re like 
  • OPPA NOTICE ME!!!!!!!
  • anyways
  • you were PLEASED that he asked for a day off just to be with you
  • why does this keep going to be boyfriend/girlfriend vibe
  • cries
  • You would laugh at his dolphin laughs
  • the both of you just talk in Korean 
  • mostly because you only have a handful of Korean vocabulary
  • the members are like
  • WTF??!?!?
  • they just let you talk…
  • surely the waterworks didn’t fail you when you went to the airport
  • you cling on like a koala to him
  • it wasn’t nice to him
  • “Yah!  Y/n get off me!" 
  • "Do really want to send me out of the country?”
  • “In matter of fact yes” he says jokingly, “That’s how you go home”
  • “Ge~don’t leave me!" 
  • he promises you call you or text you daily
  • in which he did
  • having a sibling staying abroad is hard, i know

Originally posted by euiwoong

*Ge(哥) means big brother in Chinese

the songfic request are still open if you’re asking

feed me with requests please….i’m hungry *insert ‘bae geopa’ meme here”

i have zero ideas on who to do next, seriously

Surprises - Part 2

Summary: You received your surprise from Crowley, your very own Hellhound. Hunting with a Hellhound has been interesting, but things get complicated when some unexpected guests stop by. 
Characters: Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley
Word Count: 3725 (whoops, kind of went crazy)
Warnings: Some minor angst, a few curse words
A/N: Second and (probably) last part of this series. It was fun to write and I hope you enjoyed this story! Just in case anyone was wondering, the Hellhound’s name (Onchú) is pronounced “Un-Choo”. As always, I’m still a newbie and would appreciate any feedback you all can give!

Originally posted by mockingbbird

Over the next six months, you adjusted to the life of having a Hellhound as a pet; although you didn’t really view Onchú as a pet. He was more of a partner that would show up and help whenever the shit hit the fan. All you had to do was say his name and he appeared at your side. He saved your life several times, including when you were almost killed by a nasty shapeshifter who had an interesting fetish for women with Y/H/C hair. You couldn’t help but shudder as you remembered him braiding your hair and whispering to you.

You doubled up on the amount of cases you were working due to the efficiency of having Hellhound assistance, but you had to be careful. Last month, you ran into another hunter on a job in a one-stoplight town in Southeast Oregon. He offered for you to help him with the small nest of vamps, but you couldn’t risk having to call Onchú in case the job went sideways. Judging by how many scars this guy had on his body, you knew he wasn’t a new hunter, so you bowed out and let him tackle the nest.

You were able to buy a new pickup truck thanks to the money Crowley had given you for the museum job, which was a welcome upgrade to the clunker you had before. Although Onchú didn’t need to ride with you (his whole teleportation thing was still pretty interesting), he did enjoy lounging in the bed of the truck while you cruised down the highway.

You were walking back from the grocery store when you got a news alert on your phone. You smiled at the prospect of another job and tapped the notification to read what it was. A body was found in the woods of a town about fifty miles from where you were, heart missing and torn to shreds. Werewolf, you thought as you reached your driveway and walked up the steps to your front door. The news article was from at least a day ago, making you question why it had just popped up now. The news algorithm must be having some issues again, causing you to sigh as you shifted the grocery bags in your arm and unlocked your door.

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Don't wanna be a Grandfather

Can you make a Carl Grimes smut?

A/N: Since I wasn’t given a lot of detail I didn’t know what or where was requested. So I’m going to change it to Carl being 18 and the prison still standing. Everyone is the same age as they are just changed Carls age. Enjoy

Everyone was in their cell getting ready for the night. I saw Daryl look at me when he was walking around making sure that everyone was ok. Walking to my cell I saw that there was someone waiting for me. Probably Carl, lately he’s been coming into my cell after his watch was over. Rick used to always give him shit for it, but now that he’s eighteen Rick has been more quiet about it. But giving us both a hard time, he would always say that he didn’t want to be a grandfather. We couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of that.

“Hey Carl.” I said as I turned to close the cell door.

“Hey Y/N.” I heard Carls footsteps make his way over to me. I felt his lips trail from my neck to my collar bone, he carefully moved my camisole strap off my shoulder. I started smiling a little and let out a lustful sigh.

“Come on, I don’t have to keep watch tonight.” I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Wasn’t complaining, haven’t had sex with you in a while.”

“Good, because tonight we will be amazing.” He pushed me on the bed looking at me while taking his shirt off and undoing his pants I could already see his erection starting. I couldn’t help but look at his muscular lean body.

When he got on top of me, he took my shirt and bra off at the same time, taking a second to admire my bare breasts that he hasn’t seen in a while. With both hands he started to play with my nipples. Setting off hormones that were telling me to jump on him. I then felt his tongue on my right nipple biting it with little pressure giving me pleasure. A few moans left my mouth. He stopped and kissed me, pulling on my lower lip to roll me on my side.

“Like that?” He said in a raspy voice.

“Yes.” I said a little too loud.

“Good.” I felt his hands go into my pants and his fingers started to rub against my clit. He only played with it enough for me to almost reach my high. When he knew that I was about to finish he stopped for a second. Fast but carefully he took off my pants. Looking down I could see that he already had a full erection that was growing fast. “Because I’m about to show you something a lot better.”

Before I could say anything he opened my legs and slammed himself inside of me. Almost as a reflex I dug my nails into his back. I was given so much pleasure that I didn’t know what to do. He was inside of me for a few seconds before leaving and then with much force going back inside of me hitting the spot. I looked up to see him smirking, he himself let out some pretty loud moans.

“God you’re so wet Y/N.” He said as he grabbed my thigh to give it a squeeze. To set my oragzam off I felt his hand go to my clit. I moaned so loud that it echoed in the cell block. He put his hand on my mouth not missing a beat. As out orgazims declined I felt Carl pull out and lay next to me. Both our bodies were covered in sweat, I felt Carls arms wrap around me.

“I love you Y/N.” He then kissed the top of my head.


The next morning we sat down with the rest of the group. Rick came down and sat at the table with Judith in his arms.

“See this.” He said jestering her with a stern voice. “We don’t need another one. Everyone heard you both.” He couldn’t say that with a straight face. Carl started laughing with his father, who got up and patted Carl on the back.

“No we don’t want another one of Judith. Do we Y/N?” He said before he kissed me on the lips.



Best Mistake (M)

Originally posted by thelunaticfringe1

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 3,733

You can hear his breathing speeding up, but he doesn’t move. He won’t unless you tell him to. 

“Say it, Y/N. Tell me to stay.”

You open your eyes again, locking with his. They’re a dark brown, almost black at this time of night. His pupils are wide, his lips pressed into a thin line in anticipation.


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*Hello! this fanfic will be in chapters. It will follow strictly the tv show plot. every chapter will have the name of the episodes which is inspired by. I’ll post one chapter a week. It’s all new to me. hope you’ll enjoy.*




Y/N is held hostage by the saviours. who is she ? what have she done? where’s she from? what kind of relationship she have with Negan? what he want from her? what does that have to do with  Daryl,Alexandria and Hilltop? want to know? keep reading. 

PAIRING: NeganxReaderxDaryl

Genre: angst

WARNING: mention of rape

It hurts. Everythings hurts.

I was expecting everything but this. Oh God, not this.

they were gone. Everyone was gone. I thought it was the end but no. I was fucking wrong. There is always more. 

I was on he floor in a fetal position. My hands were gripping my hairs,hard. My eyes red and puffed.

I cried so much,I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. 

I was also biting hard on my already split lip.

What the fuck was even normal breathing at this point? I felt as I had a huge fucking rock shoved down my throat. 

How in the fuck I was een still alive? 

How many times have I ever asked myself that?

-OH FUCK! Tell me you’re fucking kidding! tell me you’re kidding! we are all goin’ to fucking die. All that bitch fault!

- Calm the fuck dow. She’ll never tell him shit after all he did. Besides, she doesn’t even look like she’ll eer talk again… ahahahah

I hear the door slam open, letting in a little light.

-Listen to me,you girl, you shut the fuck up, you don’t tell shit. Got me?

The moment they walk in, I instictly go stiffer than before, make myself even smaller, biting ang gripping at my self tighter.

I let out a whimper. I couldn’t talk, I just couldn’t. So,instead, i nodded. 

-Good, ‘cause he’s coming here and he’s going to kill you. I thought  we would have to do it but nope! So shut up. It’s going to end soon.

And they left,again. 

Now, there’s noone in this place besides me and the guy who yelled at me before. The other run away, back to his outpost. 

- Allright,where’s my doll? I gotta talk to her!- Negan say in a high tone, making sure his entrence is noiced. 

-Hi,Negan. You don’t have to. I can kill her for you! No need to go to her.-

-Shut the fuck up,moron, I just said that I have o talk to her. Are you deaf?-

-Sorry,Negan She’s always in the same spot,Sir.-

-I know,dumbass. It was a retorical question. Jeez,calm the fuck down.-

I heard them talk, still crawl up on the floor. 

I wasn’t even processing what they were saying, my mind flashed with imagines of death and what just happend to me. I tried to blocked everything out, to feel nothing,but with no success. 

The door shut open again, but this time it wasn’t slammed, and he come in. 

I hear his footstep because my eyes are still close. I was still trying to shut my mind closed, to stop shaking, to not let my heart explode.

-DOLL! WHAT THE FUCK! what the fuck happend to you?- Negan duck down next to me.

He tried to put a hand on my shoulder bu I immediatelly turn on my back and crowl evenn further into the corner of the room, until my back hit the wall. 

With one arm, I embrace my knees, while I trow the oher beetween me and him, signalim him not to come closer.

Shaking body, short breath, messy hairs covering my face. My face red and puffy for all the crying.

And he did that, he stopped where he was. 

He still had that, that look of concerned. 

With even softer voice he repeat - Girl, relax. what happend? tell me.-

I was jumping from an emotion to the other since that morning. I was scared but in a zombie apocalypse it’s the “everyday base emotion”, like a defaul emotion. But that day I wasn’t scared for me, but for my group. 

I felt powerless, hopeless,defeat,done.

Then,they came in and I felt petrified,alone,disgusted. 

And now,now this. I was totally done, I flipped.

-What the fuck do you still want from me you fucking asshole! Fucking kill me already. You killed them all! All of them! all of my group. You just killed my dad, what else do you still want from me? Do you want to leave me again to your men? Tell me what you still want from me. Kill me,fucking kill me! They’re all dead!- 

He’s expression changed when I mentioned his men, it was a mix of disgust and anger. 

-What my men have done to you,Y/N?- his voice was slightly raised,dead serious.

He never called me by my name.

I started laughing and crying all togheter. 

I couldn’t take any shit anymore. There wasn’t a reason anymore. 

I recover myself quick. I lean my head to the wall.

- you fucking asshole. Just end me already. You have to.-

-Y/N,please,tell me-

I narrow my eyes, if I could have, i would have jump on him, on everyone there. Kill ‘em all with bare hands.

But I couldn’t. I had no strenght left.

- What do you think,you prick? They thought you would have ordered them to kill me right after you had killed all my group. They had fun with me,asshole-

My voice crack after I mention my group and at the end I was crying again. What I just told him woke all the hurt in my body,all the bruises.all the scratches. Everything.

I make myself even smaller,hands covering my face,body shaking. I really couldn’t take anything, anymore. I had been too strong for too long. 

I knew I was dead the moment they had captured me, but I thought I was safe from one thing. One thing only. 

That definally broke me

He moved his hand to cover his face.

Negan sit down, watching me. He was looking at my slightly torn clothes.

- You just tell me who they are,Y/N. You tell me who they are and I kill ‘em. I’ll do it.-

-Go to hell,asshole- I stop crying, rise up my head and again, watch him dead in the eyes. 

Suddently the door opened again.

One of them enter and I swear my heart stopped for a second. I jump in my spot, eyes opend in terror.

-Negan,I…- He stop,fear in his eyes.

Negan was watching him with pure hate, he understood who he was the moment I had sight and jumped.

That disgusting man was backing away towards the door.

-Negan, I can, I can expla– He didn’t finished, he couldn’t. Negan swung Lucille over and over again against his head. 

All I can do is to watch.

You never get used to the sound of bones crushing.

Negan was screaming at his dying body while hitting him with more force every time more disgusted. 

-ARAT!- he shout - burn this mess- 

She come in and before dragging the body away, she whisper something in Negan’s ear.

-GODDAMMIT,what the fuck! For real, how it his even possible?- 

He was about to leave, but before, he turn to me and say:

- I gotta go know. Shit hit the fan. Bu I was here to tell you something. We found them,but we didn’t kill them all, only who was left. The walkers had done the most.-

My head rise as quick as I can to stare at him with wide eyes. 

-Yes,Doll. The walkers came before us. No, I’m not sorry for that,I was going to kill ‘em anyway. Bu you,I’m not going to kill you. I wasn’t before, I won’t now. I gotta go but you still need to tell me who else - his voice break - who where the others. Saviours will bring you to the Sanctuary now. You will have some options. You earn that.-

And with that he was gone. 


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Cuddle Drabble Part 13

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Game of Throne spoilers. Honestly, though, if you haven’t seen season 1 or read the first book, that’s your fault. It’s been out forever.

Summary: You got to Bucky looking for comfort.

A/N: My laptop is going haywire, so I’ve decided to turn it off for a little while. The next parts have been added into my queue because I don’t know how much I trust the tumblr app/mobile with these posts! lol

I hope you guys enjoy this part!

We’re doing double time this week! Expect part 14 around 2pm Central Time! 

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Originally posted by assetandmission

You knocked quietly, gently pushing the door open before you got a response. “Bucky?”

He was up in an instant, worry etched into his features. “What’s wrong? You okay?”

You nod sheepishly as he closes the door behind you. “I just missed you.”

Ugh. Why can’t your brain stop blurting these things out?! You did miss him. You had both been on missions for weeks. But you were going to give yourself away if you kept this up. He would never want to hang out with you again!

But the way he smiled at you cut your thoughts short. “I missed you, too, doll.” He grabbed your hand and lead you back to his bed. Bucky pulled you tight into his side, encouraging you to get comfortable and wrap your leg around his. It hit you how long you two have been cuddling with each other. He knew which positions you preferred, the most comfortable placement of your legs and arms. The consideration he had for you did not help your erratic heartbeat.

You realized that this was the first time you’d come to his room to seek out comfort. As soon as you made this connection, the smell of Bucky’s skin enveloped your senses. God, you just wanted to bury yourself in these sheets.

Was that weird?

Damnit, get it together.

As soon as you were settled, Bucky picked up a brand new copy of Game of Thrones that had been on his bed. He showed it to you, asking, “D’you mind if I keep reading?”

“Game of Thrones? Look at you getting caught up!”

He smiled, and closed the book around his thumb to hold his place. “Sam said I’d probably like it. He said you were obsessed with the show.”

Your cheeks grew hot. Goddamn it, Sam. Your best friend had figured out that you liked Bucky, and had been pestering you for it constantly. He never hesitated to drop some (not so subtle, in your opinion) hints to Bucky by telling him the things you were interested in. Sam Wilson was effectively trying to kill you.

You clear your throat, knocking yourself back into reality. “So, who’s your favorite? What part are you on?”

Robert Baratheon was dead. Ned Stark was in prison. Shit was about to hit the fan, and Bucky had no idea. You groaned when he recounted the events that happened in the last few chapters. “Dude. Uh, just. Don’t get attached to anyone, okay? It’ll save you a lot of heartache.”

“Oh, God, who else dies?!” His eyes bore into yours seriously.

You wanted to answer honestly, but you couldn’t ruin the whole series for him. You had read all the books, watched the tv series twice… You went with the safest answer. “Everybody. Everybody dies. Nobody makes it. Just don’t get attached.”

“Okay,” he nodded, taking your answer in stoically. “So, who’s your favorite?”

Your muscles tensed with excitement. “I love Dany. And Jon. And Tyrion. And Arya. I can’t have just one favorite.”

“Okay, so they live. Thanks, Y/N.”

He laughed at your scandalized face when you realized what you’d done. “You jerk!” you smacked his chest as he laughed and pulled you close. You felt something soft skim along your hairline, finishing with a faint amount of pressure.

Did–Did Bucky just kiss you?

Fuck, you are so boned.

He opened up his book and nuzzled his cheek into your hair. You cleared your throat. “Could you read it to me?”

You felt him smile. “‘Course, doll.”

He shifted, facing you, and deposited the book in his other hand. Your face was tucked securely into Bucky’s chest. His arms pillowing your head and wrapping around your waist. Your leg slotted between Bucky’s, hitching it up so you would be comfortable.

“Yeah, just jam your knee right up my crotch. This is fine.”

You pulled away, wide eyes assessing Bucky’s physical state. “Oh, God. I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean–”

He burst into laughter and pulled you back into his embrace. “I’m fine, doll. Get comfortable.”

His hand ran soothingly up and down your spine as you realigned yourself with him. When he felt you settle, he started to read. “‘The sound faded slowly to silence. One blast meant rangers returning, and Jon thought, I was a ranger for one day, at least. Whatever may come, they cannot take that away from me…’

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Sing Me A Song

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

This is part four of A Touch. This is a short one because the next two are going to be a long and I didn’t know how else to brake it up. Please let me know if you want to be tagged in this or any of my other fics.

Reader goes back to Alexandria.

Reader X Negan

Warnings :Swearing, blood I think?

@dead-head-joker @cryinersaved

I woke up to the sound of running water it muffled from the closed bathroom door. Blinking I sit up everything that happened last night coming back to me at once. I shiver and run my fingers threw my hair. Taking a deep breath I move out of the bed and walk across the room. Looking out the window the first thing I noticed is the chained up walkers. People dressed in weird jump suits trying to keep from being bit as the moved around them.

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As long as it takes. (”The Talks” - Part 20) (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Description: “I’ll wait for as long as it takes, as long as I get you at the end" You meet Sebastian Stan on the street in New York. What starts off as a fan encounter stretches to an unexpected coffee date and before long you’re caught up in a whirlwind and left with an internal struggle of what to choose.

Word Count: 6205

Warnings: Minor language. Tons of fluff…per usual.

Author’s note: Thank you for sticking it out with me. Hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear what you think!

When you re-entered the house, you found Sebastian and your grandfather laughing loudly with each other at the table. You adored your grandfather. He could always make you laugh with how crazy he tended to be. You were immensely grateful that you had become close in recent years as when you were growing up you rarely saw each other nor had much interaction.

The evening passed by and after dinner, the children opened presents. During this time, you noticed Sebastian’s focus on the children and how elated he appeared while watching the kids open their presents. He was going to make such a great dad one day if he ever chose to pursue that. Around 11, you noticed his eyes were drooping and yours weren’t too far off from doing the same. You gently nudged him and said, “let’s go home.” You both smiled, remembering the comment earlier. The two of you bid farewell to everyone and told them you’d see them tomorrow.

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Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover


Originally posted by teen-martinski

“Hey babe” Lydia greets her boyfriend and kisses him on the cheek.

“Hey, are you excited for today” Stiles asks his beautiful girlfriend Lydia. 

“No stiles i could care less if our favorite author is here for a book signing” Lydia replies

“I thought sarcasm was my thing” Stiles laughed

Lydia rolled her eyes and than smiled. “Stiles of course i am very excited, it is chuck. It is the supernatural books” Lydia exclaims and stiles chucked at his cute girlfriend. 

“Well then hurry up and get ready so we can have lunch before we go” Stiles pushes Lydia in the direction of her clothes and shoes. Lydia gets changed and touches up her makeup for the book signing. 

They both are thinking to them self how amazing it’s going to be to meet chuck. Chuck will be in the Harvard University Library doing the event. Yep Harvard, where they are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. This is where Stiles and Lydia have been attending and are in their first year.

Lydia and Stiles make there way to the lunch area holding hands. 

“I will have a garden salad please” Lydia orders 

“And i will have a cheese burger with curly fires” Stiles smiled and spoke to the lady at the counter. The lady nods and says “Okay, That will be fourteen dollars and thirty five cents”. Stiles gives the lady the money and a small tip. They wait for their orders and once its done find a small table to sit at together. 

“You have a serious issue with curly fries stiles” Lydia said

“Waaat” Stiles says with a mouth full of fries

Originally posted by dylanobrien-tbh

“Curly fries are the best kind of fries” Stiles declares

Stiles and Lydia finish their lunch and walk over to the library where they can not wait to see chuck.

Lydia and Stiles brought their favorite book, Swan Song. They were lucky to have showed up when they did at that exact moment, because Chuck was just starting to read the beginning of the prologue.

“On April 21 1967 the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in janesville. A blue two-door caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches, the lieutenant governor even showed up. Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her, but they should have. Because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car, in fact the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.” Chuck read and stops at that point.

There is so many people here. Though Stiles and Lydia sure can believe it, it is the best book series of all time.    

The young couple went to wait in line to get their copies of Swan Song signed. Stiles was jumping with joy while Lydia was calm on the outside but surely freaking out on the inside. After a bit of waiting it was Lydia and Stiles turn coming up. To both their surprise there was two other people sitting with Chuck signing books and talking to fans. As they get closer they saw the other people’s name tags. Sam Winchester, Then there was the girl. She had sandy blonde light brown hair and green eye’s. Her name Y/N. Stiles and Lydia approach the table.

“Hi who should i make this out to” Chuck asked with a smile

“You can make it out to Lydia Martin, that would be me” Lydia smiles

“And mine to Stiles” Stiles spoke

Chuck gave a weird look to Stiles “What’s a Stiles” He asked. Lydia chuckled.

“It’s a person, me, i’m Stiles” Stiles replied to Chuck

Chuck nodded and signed the book. “Would you like are special guests to sign your books as well” Chuck asked while Sam and Y/N smiled at them.

“Hello, I’m Sam Winchester” Sam greeted

“Like Sam and Y/N  from the books” Stiles looked at You and Sam confused. You both nod and smile.

“Is this not fictional writing” Lydia asked with her eyes wide

Lydia looked around seeing others freaking out about Y/N and Sam being real. Who wouldn’t freak out in a good way once they find out the characters of their favorite books are real.

“Yeah we are real, flesh and bone” You say while slapping Sams cheek lightly as if that proves your real. Sam gives you his famous Bitch Face.

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

“So would you like us to sign your books” Sam asked politely

“Yes that would be fantastic” Lydia smiled answering

“I actually think i’m going to pass out” Stiles dramatically says while holding onto the table.

You and Sam signed both books.

“Hey where’s a good place for a slice of pie around here” You ask looking at Chuck and Sam

“The cafe by the lunch area has amazing apple pie” Stiles butts in

“Good, let’s get me some pie” You say while rubbing your hands together

“I’m guessing i probably can’t get a beer in the lunch area on campus” You ask

Sam hit your arm lightly. “What i’m thirsty and we have been signing shit all day sitting around” You pout

Everyone still hears squeaking and squealing about the special guest’s Sam and Y/N.

“I can’t believe the Y/N and Sam Winchester are going to eat pie at our campus” Stiles fangirls over the thought of it.

Lydia rolled her eye’s at her ridiculous boyfriend but fangirling inside also.

“Alright show me to the pie” You Say putting your hand on Stiles shoulder

“Okay” Stiles looked a little confused. He did not expect for and Lydia to take them to the cafe but he sure is not going to reject.

They watched Y/N eat a lot of pie and talked with Sam. They all talked about what is not fictional in the Supernatural books. Stiles and Lydia spent a lot of time at the cafe with Sam and Y/N having their dreams come true about their favorite character from their favorite books be real.


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Please Don’t Leave (M)

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» jongdae x reader
» 3.8k
» softest fluffiest sub!jongdae smut []
» warning: smut (riding, slight fem!dom, sub!Chen) & reaction to hate (tw)

I like you Jongdae, it doesn’t matter what you look like. But, now that I think of it, I’d love to see your arms flexing above your head when they’re tied to the bed frame.

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