like when she's crying in the middle of the night

Harry Potter being raised right, by Sirius Black who just ‘fuck rules, Moony, I’m not letting my Godson live in hell’ because he managed to transform into his animagi form and escape the scene of the crime before he got caught, and took Harry before Dumbledore said anything. Him technically being an Honorary Potter, still gives Harry the protection from Voldemort, while at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Him carrying a baby Harry, who just started speaking, his first words being, ‘Dada’, which makes him start to cry and ‘no, Harry, he’s not here. It’s only Padfoot and Moony now.’ And Harry giggling, because he’s only an infant, and is innocent like that.

Harry being sent to Neville Longbottom’s grandmother’s place during full moons so Padfoot can take care of Moony.

Harry when he’s 2, and can only call them ‘MoonMoon, and Pa'foo’ and laughing when they play Hide And Seek, and Moony just found Padfoot and Harry sleeping on the couch, Padfoot protectively draping his paw around Harry, in his animagi form, and Harry clutching onto the fur happily as he sleeps.

Moony and Padfoot buying a toy broomstick for Harry when he’s 4, and he learns to fly before he can walk, but, 'Its only two feet about the ground, Moony, relax.’

Harry finding the portrait of the Black Family tree, and seeing Padfoot blasted off of it. Harry getting angry, and drawing Padfoot back onto the portrait, with 'Padfoot’, with his crayons, and putting 'Moony’ next to it, and later covering all the other people in his black coloured crayon. 'I’m covering them up.’

Moony and Padfoot telling Harry the truth about his parents when he’s 7, because 'He’s old enough, Padfoot, and he needs to know what really happened. We’d be no better than those Dursleys if we didn’t.’

Harry understanding completely, crying a bit, in the middle of the night, but making sure no one heard him. The next day, Harry asks about his parents, and what they were like.

Harry getting small things that belonged to Lily, that Moony and Padfoot got from the house, and kept for him, including a picture of James and Lily’s first kiss, and many small muggle items she had from when she was small. He also got a sweater that belonged to James, which was from his Quidditch Practicing days.

Moony and Padfoot teaching Harry small jinxes and counter Jinxes when he’s 8, and Harry sneakily using a jinx on Padfoot because it was a prank war, and every prank war means at least one man having pink hair.

Harry when he’s nine, and being prepped on everything to do with Hogwarts, and how to get away from trouble, and which teachers to avoid or go to in the school, if Harry can’t contact Moony or Padfoot.

Harry being 10, and waking up in the middle of the night, to see Moony and Padfoot sleeping together on the couch, Moony putting his head on Padfoot’s lap, while his hand is in Moon’s hair, as he was playing with his hair before he fell asleep. Harry giggling, because 'Moony and Padfoot are in loveeee~’ yet neither of them deny it.

Harry getting his letter to Hogwarts as soon as he turns 11, and Moony and Padfoot’s throw a small party to celebrate, inviting Neville as well.

The three of them going to Diagon Alley, and many people greeting Harry, and Padfoot boasting about it, while Moony laughs.

Harry getting to meet many kids who might meet him at Hogwarts, including Ddaco Malfoy, and Padfoot growling when he sees Lucius, and says 'they’re a bad sort, Harry, keep away from them,’ but he didn’t listen, and being the small outgoing kid he was, he went to say 'Hi! Are you going to Hogwarts too?’ And Draco, actually being surprised and smiling awkwardly because his father was talking to the shopkeeper, at the corner of the room, so he didn’t know what to say, and he nods. Padfoot smiling because Harry looks happy, and Moony thinks that maybe Draco might be different.

Harry promising to send them letters every single day, by owl, while he hugs them goodbye, and runs towards the Hogwarts Express, waving at them until they are no longer visible.

Harry keeping his promise and telling Moony and Padfoot all about Hermione Jean Granger, and Ronald 'Ron’ Weasley, who are his new best friends, and Draco Malfoy 'who is an absolute git sometimes, but can actually be a sweetheart.’ and how Hermione and Ron managed to help him battle a troll in the girls bathroom, as well as meet Fluffy, the three headed dog, and how they played a game of wizard chess, and defeated Lord Voldemort, who was stuck on Professor Quirrell’s head, and how, when he saw the Mirror of Erised, he saw Padfoot, Moony, Lily, and James, (Or mum and dad) standing next to him, while they sat in the house. Oh and 'I’m seeker for the Gryffindors! Just like dad!’

Harry receiving a howler the next day, which was the day before Ron received it, and hearing Moony scream himself raw, 'YOU WERE TAUGHT BETTER THAN TO FIGHT WITH SEVERUS— “Moony, it’s Snivellus, Harry meant no harm, I’m sure of it.” — AND HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DISOBEY ORDERS. PADFOOT, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY? “I’m proud of you, Harry, keep up the good work. Tell Snivellus that if he irritates you any longer, he’s gonna have to speak to me.” PADFOO-’ And the Howler ends, bursting into flames, while Ron is laughing, and Hermione smiles, while Draco hollers a “congrats Potter!” and I AM SORRY FOR TAKING UP YOUR TIME BUT I VERY WELL NEED THIS IN MY LIFE, AND SO DO YOU.

♛ fill in the blanks | fluff otp edition

icon/gif here (if you got one)

Who’s more likely to find who wearing their clothes?:
Who enunciates hand holding?:
Who likes having their hair washed by who?:
Who likes to slow dance?:
Muse that’s more likely to fall asleep with their head in the others lap?:
Muse that does all the cuddling in a blanket fort?:
Who hogs most of the covers at night?:
Muse who nuzzles the others shoulder to get them to give them a head rub?:
How do they share a desert? Two forks or one?:
Who gets jealous more easily?:
Who gets angered more easily?
How do they go to sleep at night?:
Who gets the most shoulder rubs?:
What are there arguments/fights like? How often do they fight?:
Who is more likely to throw things in fights?:
How do they make it up to each other/apologize after an argument?
Do they have nicknames for each other?:
Caring for each other while ill, how does the other muse go about it?:
Who’s more likely to be patching the others wound?:
Muse that says ‘I told you so’, after they come home from the beach and other muse is burnt to a crisp while whining how bad it hurts for not listening and putting on sunblock after the other muse repeatedly told them they’d get burnt?:
Your otp has a newborn baby, who gets up in the middle of the night when he/she cries?:
Your muse’s of the otp reaction to finding the others crying about something? And how do they make them feel better?:
What would they be like as parents?:
What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?
Who enunciates taking a bath together?:
Who likes who playing with their hair?:
The place they mostly likely accidentally fall asleep together?:

Daddy. (Joshua Smut)

Hey everybody  i am so so sorry that i’m so late, we moved houses and there is nO FUCKING INTERNET  so i had to live on shitty data, it’s been hell for me but i know it’s even more hellish for everyone considering you’re all so thirsty.  but yeah, so i hope you enjoy this i’m so sowwy it took so long but it’s here, i had a great time writing this daddy one, AND I WILL BE HONEST I SCREAMED RANDOMLY WHILE WRITING THIS JUST SAYING. I’ve been working on many stories at once, so that i’ll be able to finish them at the same time so i’m working really hard, PRAISE ME PLS.  also, thank you all for being so patient, i know it’s hard, also fucking whAT. there are so many of everyone now.  we can’t help but feel overwhelmed and happy by how many you guys are, what should we call you ugh. I love you all so much, and honestly in my opinion this 2017 will be a good year for this blog we will improve ourselves in order to make everyone reading happy/horny, maybe this year juuust maybe, you’ll be able to get to know us better.  well only if you all want to.


also credits to shwua for the gif
-admin kate x

warning: contains daddy kink, rough sex, spanking and SIN. if this ain’t your thing then we have a lot of other stuff to choose from.

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  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
  • Besides, I can’t fall in love with anyone
  • Can’t… fall… in love? But, a life without love, that’s… terrible…
  • Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!
  • Never knew I could feel like this. Like I’ve never seen the sky before.
  • Tell our story _____, that way I’ll-I’ll always be with you.
  • Hurt him to save him. There is no other way.
  • I owe you nothing. And you are nothing to me. Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.
  • Why does my heart cry? Feelings I can’t fight… 
  • You’re free to leave me, but just don’t deceive me, and please believe me when I say I love you!
  • I’m sorry, _____, I’m dying.
  • You expect me to believe that scantily clad, in the arms of another man, in the middle of the night, inside an elephant you were rehearsing?
  • I don’t need you anymore! All my life you made believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me! 
  • And in the end, should someone die?
  • She said you make her feel “like a virgin.”
  • I can’t believe it. I’m in love. I’m in love with a young, handsome, talented duke.
  • I’d rather, um, just get it over and done with.
  • Hmph. Oh. Very well. Then why don’t you come down here and let’s get it over and done with.
  • The French are glad to die for love. They delight in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives… and gives expensive… jewels.
  • The difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose. But this is my home.
  • His eyes upon your face. His hand upon your hand. His lips caress your skin. It’s more than I can stand!
  • It’s not important. We could work on it tomorrow.
  • He’s got a huge… talent .
  • I love sex.
  • It’s nothing. It’s just an infatuation… it’s nothing.
  • You’re going to be bad for business. I can tell.
  • It’s not that I’m not a jealous man. I just don’t like other people touching my things.
  • I couldn’t! I couldn’t go through with it! I saw you there and I felt differently! I couldn’t pretend!
  • You’ve gotta stand your ground for freedom, beauty, truth, and love.
  • Outside it may be raining, but in here it’s entertaining.
Domestic Craig Cahn Head-Canons

some fluffy, domestic craig cahn head-canons because i live for him. anyways these are all mxm, if you want any fxm or gender neutral pronouns, hit me up with some requests :)

requests are open!

○ craig is an amazing cuddle buddy

○ he likes to completely tangle his legs and arms with yours whenever you two are in bed

○ or if you somehow get him to sit down, he’ll have his arm around your shoulder with his chin on the top of your head

○ if he isn’t cuddling he’s always touching you in some way

○ like having his hand on your knee while you two are driving

○ or holding hands at the dinner table where briar and hazel can’t see so they don’t make fun of you

○ him always preparing dinner even if you insist otherwise

○ sometimes you two stay up late so you can watch the history channel together

○ taking turns consoling river when she has crying fits in the middle of the night

○ you nearly always taking craig’s turn to get river because he just looks so peaceful and you can’t bring yourself to wake him up

○ every other breath craig tells you how much you mean to him

○ “thank you so much for everything you do, y/n. it all means so much to me that you care.”

○ sometimes he breaks down because he feels like he doesn’t do enough for you

○ and you have to remind him that he does everything and more

○ he still doesn’t believe you though and tries to make it up to you with really cheesy gifts

○ you often come home to a spotless house (then find craig passed out on the couch. you can’t pick him up but you give him a pillow and blanket)

○ craig does everything in his power to make you happy because of all you do for the kids

○ like driving them to sleepovers after softball games

○ or nuzzling up to him to get desperate moms away from him

○ all n’ all craig really loves you and does his best to show it because you’re his #1 bro forever and always

○ and because he finally found someone who cares about his kids as much as he does

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His ||Jungkook|| 0.4

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4

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Third Time’s the Charm

They’re 14, the first time MC asks Damien out.

Damien still went by “Dahlia” back then. Still dressed in pretty sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, forced to be his mother’s little dressup doll.

Even at that age, MC already refused to answer to his birth name, and Dahlia had always admired him greatly for it.

(Through countless and increasingly irritated calls of his name, he’d sat convincingly oblivious, even when his mother’s eyes were wide, her nostrils flaring, her fists clenched.

Miles Christopher Young, you answer me right now!

He’d been grounded the entire winter vacation of their ninth grade, and still he stubbornly refused to acknowledge his name until, finally, his parents and teachers alike had decided this was a war no longer worth fighting, and had finally agreed to start calling him MC.)

They’re together for all of high school, practically attached at the hip.

Dahlia is the first one MC comes out to about being pansexual.

MC is the one that buys Dahlia’s first pack of pads, when he’s shut himself in his bedroom, crying and refusing to let anyone into his room, too ashamed to tell his mother.

They pose together for countless prom pictures, and MC gives Dahlia a corsage with a single, beautiful white rose.

(Innocence and purity; charm and innocence.)

But then they’re 18, and both leaving the nest for parts unknown, attending university on opposite ends of the country.

They try to make it work. They try so hard. But in the end, the stress, the distance, the workload, it’s too much. The phone calls and texts falter away, from daily to weekly to monthly, until quite suddenly it’s been three months and they realize they can’t remember why they’re still together at all.

And so they quietly cut ties and go their separate ways.

A clean cut, simple and easy, and so much more painful than either of them are willing to admit.

They’re 27 before they see each other next, and MC almost doesn’t recognize him at first.

Not that Damien can blame him.

Damien’s been on T for almost a year now, and has done away with his birth name for good.

MC smiles, wide and bright and joyful, telling Damien how proud he is of him, and Damien wonders for a dazed moment why he’d ever let this beautiful man go.

(He doesn’t tell MC about how, on some days, he had been the only one that kept Damien from falling apart at the seams.

He’d remember MC’s bullheadedness, sitting peacefully at his desk and reading a book as their furious fifth grade teacher called his name over and over again until finally she’d given in and said, with an exhausted sigh, “MC.”

And he’d looked up with the sweetest, most innocent smile.

“Yes ma’am?”)

They fall back in with each other so easily, it’s like nothing had ever changed, like they’re still the two goofy children who had imprinted upon each other on the first day of elementary school and had never let go.

They aren’t, of course.

They’re adults now, and reality isn’t quite so rose-tinted.

Damien is a single father, victim of an emotionally abusive transphobe of a fiancé who had walked out on him when Lucien was just a year old.

And MC is freshly widowed, still so lost and alone after losing Alex, clueless on how to be there for little 5-year-old Amanda when she wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying for her papa.

But maybe that’s why the universe had brought them back together.

Because they were both drowning, and only the two of them could bring each other back up.

Three months after being reunited, MC shows up at Damien’s door with a red face and a bouquet of elegant white camellias and charming little yellow cowslips dotted throughout.

(Perfected loveliness; youth and healing.)

The next four years are perfection.

They take holidays to the beach and weekend trips to museums and art galleries.

Damien gives Amanda her first camera and teaches her how to use it.

MC teaches Lucien how to ride a bike and picks him up when he punches classmates who make fun of his papa. 

(Officially, MC scolds Lucien harshly for these instances and grounds him for a week.

Unofficially, he takes the little punk out for ice cream and praises him for looking out for his dad.

“Papa,” Lucien corrects him one day, and MC looks at him in confusion.

“Damien is papa,” Lucien explains. “You’re dad.”

And his voice is so matter-of-fact, as if he’s stating a simple truth of the universe, like the sun being yellow and snow being cold.

MC most definitely does not cry.)

But then, things start falling apart, like they always do.

The endearing little quirks they love about each other become irritating, the fights louder and more vicious.

Damien and MC both have their own problems, so many things to work through, so many hurts to heal from.

And maybe…maybe they’re not the right ones to help each other out after all.

Maybe they’re just hurting each other more by being together.

The second break-up is, if possible, even more painful than the first.

Amanda becomes withdrawn - why bother getting attached to anyone if they’re just going to leave you in the end? The only one she opens up to is her father, and to him she clings, like a baby koala. Because she’s already lost two parents. She can’t bear to lose a third.

Lucien becomes harder, more angry. He was 3 when MC had come into his life, and can’t remember a time without him. The longing for his dad is like a hurricane, a wild, fierce ache he doesn’t know what to do with. So he turns it outwards - to students who sneer about his weird last name and adults who call his papa she and her. But he never turns that snarling, explosive anger on his papa. Never on Damien.

They’re 39 when MC and Amanda move to quiet little Maple Bay, and it’s a few days before they actually become aware of each other’s presence.

Amanda is hanging out with some of her new friends (a pair of girls from her class, both named Emma), and MC, with nothing better to do, is at the Coffee Spoon, a nice little cafe within a few minutes’ walk from their new house.

He’s got a book open in front of him, and is sipping at his piping hot chai latte when the bell over the door gives a chime to announce a new customer.

He doesn’t look up as a pair of teenagers walks in talking about something or other, and he doesn’t notice how one of them freezes in his tracks, staring at MC with a breathless shock.

His friend stops too, and turns to look at him with confusion.

“You okay, dude?” asks his friend, Ernest, but he doesn’t reply.

“Dad?” he chokes out, voice just barely above a whisper.

And Ernest turns to follow his gaze, expecting to see Damien Bloodmarch.

But the man Lucien is staring at is short and broader in the shoulders. He has messy red curls and freckles sprinkled like cinnamon across the bridge of his nose. He’s engrossed in his book.

“You high or something, dude?” asks Ernest, but Lucien doesn’t reply.

“Dad!” he calls again, louder this time, as he walks up to the man sitting at the table, and his voice is maybe a little desperate, maybe a little vulnerable.

The man looks up, and Ernest sees his expression cycle through a million different emotions in the span of three seconds.

Confusion, bewilderment, dawning realization, tearfulness, joy, love.

He gets to his feet, pulling Lucien into a crushing embrace.

And the teen may be half a head taller than him, but he folds into the embrace with something akin to relief, like a tension Ernest hadn’t even known existed finally being released from his shoulders.

He’s quiet, almost docile, in a way that’s so completely foreign, Ernest is rooted to his spot.

They exchange a few quiet words, the stranger wiping what look like tears from Lucien’s cheeks.

Then, they pull apart, and Lucien watches the man leave with longing, watches him cross the street and head towards the Bloodmarch residence.

He doesn’t snap out of it until the man is completely out of view, after which he proceeds to ignore Ernest’s questions in favor of dragging him to that house that used to belong to the Wilson family until they’d moved last week.

He pulls out a key that Ernest hadn’t even noticed the other man give him, and let them into the house, where they sat watching television while they waited for…something.

An hour or two later, the front door finally opens, and a pretty older girl with healthy dark skin and a sweet, freckled face walks in.

She stops short when she sees the two strangers in the living room, and looks like she’s about to take on a fighting stance before Lucien quickly unfolds from his position on the couch and approaches her cautiously.

(He, better than anyone, knows not to underestimate her sweet and unassuming appearance.

She’s been taking kickboxing since she was 6, and had been formidable even then.

He shudders to think how dangerous she must be now.)

“Calm down, Manda, it’s just me,” Lucien says by way of greeting, and her expression morphs into confusion.

“Who is “me”?” she asks, eyes narrowed.

“What, don’t recognize your own baby brother?” he asks, tone teasing, and she gasps.

“LUCY!” she shrieks, tackling him, and Ernest would probably be laughing at the ridiculous nickname if he wasn’t just so darned confused.

It takes about ten minutes for her to get her squealing and tears back under control.

“Where’s dad?” she asks. “Where do you live? Can you take me there? I wanna see pops! Is he home from work yet? How-”

“They’re busy, Manda,” Lucien finally interrupts, and Amanda’s eyes light up.

“’Busy’?” she asks, her smile taking on a sly edge, and Lucien huffs and rolls his eyes, pushing her face away from how annoyingly close it was to his own.

Talking,” he stresses. “Busy talking.”

And Amanda’s smile takes on a softer cast.

“About time,” she says. And her voice is hopeful as she asks, “Do you…do you think they’ll…?”

She doesn’t say the words, worried that vocalizing them will break the fragile hope that’s woven tight around her heart.

Because she wants this. More than anything she’s ever wanted in her life. Wants it so much she can barely breathe, so much she doesn’t know how she’ll survive if it doesn’t happen.

And Lucien, for all of his cynicism and jadedness, wants it just as fiercely as she does.

“God I hope so.”

It doesn’t take MC 3 months to ask Damien out this time.

It’s been nine years since their fragile happiness had broken apart, and in that time, he’s done a lot of thinking.

A lot of learning and growing and regretting.

And now that they’ve found each other again, he’s not going to let go a third time.

They sit and talk for a long, long time.

They talk about their lives, their hopes, their problems, their children, their love.

They talk about everything that had gone wrong the last two times, and they talk about whether they’re willing to give it one last shot.

After five hours of talking things over and working things out, they decide to take some time apart to think things over.

MC goes home with a spring in his step and hope in his heart.

Amanda and Lucien, as well as the other boy from the coffee shop whose name MC never got, are slumped over each other on the sofa, fast asleep while an episode of Long Haul Paranormal Ice Road Ghost Truckers murmurs quietly in the background.

With an exasperated smile, MC turns off the television and tucks a blanket around the teens.

Lucien returns home the next day just before noon with a kink in his neck and a smile on his lips.

He badgers his father for the next hour or two about what he’s going to do about his relationship with MC until Damien finally gets fed up and throws him out of the house to go and “bother someone else for a bit.”

Lucien obviously takes this as a good sign, because he’s wearing a satisfied grin across his cheeks.

Damien wants to be annoyed at how easily his son can seem to read him.

But he doesn’t have any room in his heart to feel anything but excitement, happiness, love, optimism.

When his doorbell rings a few hours later, he opens it excitedly to find MC standing there, hiding behind an enormous bouquet of dahlias.

(Dignity and elegance; commitment and everlasting bonds.)

And Damien can’t help but think back to that innocent little girl more than three decades ago, with her pretty little sundresses and sensible black Mary Janes, with her scraped knees and fingers covered in paint.

He wonders if she’d be proud of the person he’d become.

He sure hopes so.

Daddy Keith headcanon:

Keith and Ally have this weird connection where they can tell when something is wrong with the other.

The first time, Keith wakes up Lance in the middle of the night, “Lance, I think she has a fever.”

Lance looks at the monitor and sees her sleeping.

Keith is getting out of bed and Lance is all, “Keith, if you wake that baby, I swear to God -”


Queue baby crying before he even leaves the room.

At first Lance thinks things like this are just a coincidence but after awhile he just accepts it.

When Ally is 8 she falls and breaks her arm at school. Keith and Lance are on a lunch date between Lance’s classes (he’s an instructor at the Garrison) and Lance is like, “Time to get back,” and sees Keith make the Ally’ s hurt face.

“Nope we’re gonna go get Ally.” They are all ready on their way to the school when the school calls.

When she is in university, she has a bad date where the dude gets aggressive and handsy. Ally defends herself but Keith still senses her distress and insists they go to the university.

When Ally is telling them what happened, Keith just gets up and leaves.

Ally tells Lance, “Papa, don’t let Daddy kill him,” because even though he appeared calm she can feel the Galra rage.

Ally is able to find Keith and he has the guy up against the side of the building, ready to just plumble him.

Lance has to stop him from hurting the guy and getting himself arrested, though Lance does let Keith scare the crap out of the dude first.

When Keith is an old man, he suffers from arthritis and other wear and tear from a life time of being rough on his body and Ally can sense when he is having bad days.

I could keep going with this headcanon but I don’t want to make myself cry.

Sensuality does not wear a watch but she always gets to the essential places on time. She is adventurous and not particularly quiet. She was reprimanded in grade school because she couldn’t sit still all day long. She needs to move. She thinks with her body. Even when she goes to the library to read Emily Dickinson or Emily Bronte, she starts reading out loud and swaying with the words, and before she can figure out what is happening, she is asked to leave. As you might expect, she is a disaster at office jobs.

Sensuality has exquisite skin and she appreciates it in others as well. There are other people whose skin is soft and clear and healthy but something about Sensuality’s skin announces that she is alive. When the sun bursts forth in May, Sensuality likes to take off her shirt and feel the sweet warmth of the sun’s rays brush across her shoulder. This is not intended as a provocative gesture but other people are, as usual, upset. Sensuality does not understand why everyone else is so disturbed by her. As a young girl, she was often scolded for going barefoot.

Sensuality likes to make love at the border where time and space change places. When she is considering a potential lover, she takes him to the ocean and watches. Does he dance with the waves? Does he tell her about the time he slept on the beach when he was seventeen and woke up in the middle of the night to look at the moon? Does he laugh and cry and notice how big the sky is?

It is spring now, and Sensuality is very much in love these days. Her new friend is very sweet. Climbing into bed the first time, he confessed he was a little intimidated about making love with her. Sensuality just laughed and said, ‘But we’ve been making love for days.

—  J. Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities
Don’t Turn Around (Steve Rogers x reader)


1. Can I have a one shot/fic where the reader is 18 and an avenger. She instantly became close to Steve and he’s like a protective older brother, and they’re really close. One day they all go on a mission and she tells Steve that she has a bad feeling. Sometime during the mission she goes missing. Steve is a wreck & about 6 months later they find her. When they do she’s completely broken. Shattered. She doesn’t say anything to any of them on the ride back and there’s an occasional whimper.  When they fix the physical damage she goes back to her room, and she doesn’t really leave it. They all try talking to her but she just doesn’t say much back. One night Steve wakes up in the middle of the night and just hears of crying. So he goes in to comfort her like any big bro would. Once she’s settled she tells Steve every single detail of what she went through and he finds it’s worse than what he imagined.  (It’s already angsty, so I didn’t go into these details)

2. Omg, requests are open. I was wondering if you could write a Steve x reader where they are dating and she gets captured by hydra, so Steve looks for her, finds her and helps her recover

As he sat in the back of the quinjet, relinquishing his control and allowing Sam to fly, Steve sat with an eerie stillness, with the exception of the bounce in his leg to demonstrate the withering of his last moment of patience.  His muscles were rigid and his fists clenched, with closed eyes that allowed the torturous images to continue in an endless loop like a bad movie stuck on repeat. You had told him that something felt wrong before that last mission together.  You told him that you thought they should retreat back, but as usual, he didn’t listen.  He didn’t listen, and now it had been six months since he had last seen you. Because of his own damn insistence on thinking he knew best, you were missing and this was the first lead that they had caught the trail of in that whole time. 

“Steve, I swear, you’re shaking the whole jet. Stop it.”

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"please come home. i miss you." // that's what home felt like.

prompt list. number thirty nine. (( #39 ))
“please come home. i miss you.” // “that’s what home felt like.”

1,678 words 8,889 characters
summary: reader calls harry in the middle of the night crying explaining to him how much she misses her. she eventually describes throughout the story what home means to her when he’s around.

restless cold nights in your bed alone wasn’t ideal. being too lazy to close the window because it was giving off such a cooling yet uncomfortable breeze to the point where you were freezing. it also didn’t help that you were currently wearing just your underwear and one of harry’s shirts he left at home.

home. your shared london apartment with your boyfriend of three years. there was a lingering odor of cinnamon and vanilla from the spray that you had sprayed all over your apartment from the previous day. home was staying up on a friday night with your significant other and watching romantic comedies while you ate popcorn together. he would lay his head on your chest and wrap his arms around you and repeatedly speak about how he “got so lucky to have a girlfriend as amazing as your are.”

home was waking up in the morning underneath the same sun. the sun that would beam through the windows forcing you to groan and wake up. the sun never seemed to bother him but every time you tried to get out of bed he would immediately pull you back in. he hated sleeping alone.

and so did you. it was preordained that harry would be touring another country while you stayed home in london working and taking care of your shared apartment. however, that doesn’t mean you were strong enough to do it. two calls a day and text messages weren’t enough. and as the days went by your realized how much you were craving his touch. loving the way his soft lips touched your skin. loving the way he pulled you back into bed because he swore up and down the king size bed felt much colder when you weren’t around. loving the way the both of you debated on what the two of you were having for dinner that night.

that’s what home felt like. but he wasn’t there. he wasn’t in your home. and suddenly home felt like hell. you sat up in your king size bed that’s usually shared with your boyfriend before reaching over to the nightstand and turning on the lamp. you immediately grabbed your cell phone before unlocking it, the passcode being the day your boyfriend asked you to be his. it was a memorable date.

you immediately checked the world clock seeing what time it was in new york city. that’s where harry currently was. 12:43am. you knew harry like the back of your hand and depending on how he felt he could either be getting rest or staying up all night with band mates on the tour.

your days usually weren’t like this. you made the best of your days and you weren’t dreading the days without him. however, these months seemed longer than usual. it was causing you to wake up in the middle of the night just craving his arms wrapped around your body. you felt tears swell up in your eyes. it felt like they were going to become waterfalls coming from yours eyes.

your one motivation wasn’t laying in bed next to you. instead, he was on a whole different continent. you knew you should only be calling him when it was urgent this late at night but it felt urgent in that moment.

dialing his number wasn’t the hard part. the difficult part was waiting for his answer. well, hoping he would answer. your pressed the phone against your ear pulling your knees up to your chest impatiently waiting. it felt like an eternity and you were just going to give up and end the call when the phone stop ringing. your eyes widened before hearing his voice on the other line.

“y/n? isn’t it like 5am over there? why are you awake?”

hearing his soothing voice did nothing but make the tears come down your eyes. you immediately put your hand over your mouth silencing yourself but a small whimper escaped your mouth before you could and immediately he knew.

“oh no y/n. you’re crying.” he spoke, not asking a question. he just knew. he knew you like the back of his hand and of course you were the only person he didn’t mind interrupting his slumber. it was one of those nights when he was in bed early. you figured silence wasn’t your best choice in this situation so you decided to speak up.

“please come home. i miss you.”

you squeezed your eyes shut letting the tears fall down from your eyes onto your skin and bed sheets. you’ve never had nights like this when you called him sobbing your eyes out but this was a different case.

“facetime me.” he spoke, softly before turning on a light switch in his bunk. you immediately took the phone from your ear and pressed the face time button. maybe you looked a wreck but to him that’ll be the total opposite. you waited for his answer. it seems like the call connecting took years but your heart started racing when you saw the male wrapped in blankets inside his bunk.

“y/n my love. what’s wrong?” he asked. worried written across his face as he starred at you. tear stained cheeks cause heartbreak in his eyes. if there was one thing he wasn’t too comfortable watching it was his girlfriend crying.

“i-i just… i miss you so much.” you spoke, causing him to frown as he saw more tears fall from your eyes.

“hey now, i’ll be home in two weeks. you’re a strong woman. you can wait that long for me can you?” he asked. obviously the answer he wanted was yes. but in the back of his mind there was always a strong feeling of doubt building up. in his mind he knew for a fact that you would never throw it all away unless he had done something horrible to harm you. but doubt was a whole different story.

he was scared another man would somehow take her away from him while he was gone. his girlfriend was the most loyal woman he ever met and he knew for a fact the woman would never cheat on him. however, he knows. he knows how men are. some have this mindset when they see what they want and their immediate first thought is to take it. he didn’t want any man leaving an good impression on her.

“of course i can wait. but it gets hard.” you spoke, causing him to sigh. a sigh of relief.

“well, im not denying that. i suppose it gets very hard over here too. you know i don’t like-”

“sleeping alone..” you cut him off practically stealing the words right from his mouth. finishing each other sentences was normal after being in love for months now.

“neither do i. i guess i’ve just come to the sudden realization that sleeping alone is not my cup of tea.” you mumbled, wiping the tears from your eyes. speaking with him was relaxing and it gave you a sense of hope.

“you know i’ll be home soon. sooner than you think. it kills me to see you crying in the middle of the night over me. you know if i could i would jump on a plane and come see you right now.”

but you didn’t like that. you didn’t like that at all. harry had two happy places. two asylums. two heavens. performing on stage and being with you. you knew that having so many of his fans see him every night meant the world to him. who would you be if you were to take that away from his fans simply because you have a difficult time sleeping alone?

and he knew you didn’t like that. he knows he shouldn’t put his job before the love of his life. and he doesn’t. however, he cares about his fans more than anything. he sometimes finds himself debating which is more important. he knows that those are horrible thoughts but sometimes he can’t seem to help it.

“you know i wouldn’t want you to do that.”

“then you have to wait for me, love.” he spoke, keeping his eyes locked with yours. if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was right in front of you. everything has felt too real.

you nodded your head because you knew he was right. you knew that you needed to wait and crying wasn’t going to do anything but make the experience much longer.

“you know i would wait an eternity for you.”

“likewise. but you know i hate to see you cry.” he spoke, keeping his eyes on her examining her every feature.

“i guess i just badly missed you tonight.”

“in a few days it’ll be just me and you. a romantic comedy and eating brownies together.” he smiled, causing her to laugh.

he missed that laugh. he’d be lying if he said seeing her upset didn’t want to make him cry as well. however he stayed strong. strong for her.

“and morning sex. then breakfast.” you spoke, causing his smile to grow wider.

“i wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world angel.” he spoke, causing them both to laugh a little.

you smiled, wiping away tears from your eyes before speaking up. “i love you styles.” she spoke, holding the phone in her hands starring at him through the screen.

“i love you more.. try getting some rest for me? i’ll talk to you in a few hours alright?” he asked, making her nod.

“goodnight y/n.”

“goodnight harry.”

and with that the call ended. you locked your phone sitting it on the nightstand before turning off the light and closing your eyes.

and he locked his phone closing his eyes as well thinking of his return to you. how you were the only girl who dare call him while he was sleeping just to tell him you missed him. in a way, that made his heart flutter. someone who would wait for him no matter what.

that’s what home felt like.

jungkook when you are sick

- spending 24 hours a day with you because he is the golden maknae and nothing gets him sick

- eating with you but not feeding you bc after the first spoon gets into your mouth he’s cringing and laughing “what is thiS” and you purposely asking him to feed you to see him all red and flustered “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS” “im sick”

- being a lot more affectionate than usual bc he’s worried about u “did you eat yet” “come here, we should stay close together since it’s cold” “i’ll go get you water” 

- ordering take out because he doesn’t know how to cook good food for you and you feeling full just watching kook finish like ¾ths of the food that he had ordered “why aremmmn’t you mm eatmgin?” “you have a piece of onion on your cheek” “BWAo?” 

- not knowing what to do when you had a 107 fever in the middle of the night and u could barely talk and calling his hyungs for help “hyung, hyung, i don’t know what to do, her head feels so hot, and she could barely talk and–” “jungkookie, im okay really” “hyung help me” nearly crying as he’s trying to lower your fever 

Heartbreak isn’t beautiful. It isn’t fucking poetry, it’s not staying up ‘till 4 am listening to sad songs. It’s breaking down in the middle of a busy street. It’s seeing their face in the people you pass by. It’s feeling okay for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden you feel the ghost of their lips on your neck and then you’re choking on the memories of their presence. It’s waking up from dreams of them coming back and screaming in the middle of the night because you chest feels like a rotting tooth. Stop romanticising pain. Stop using people like their objects. A heart isn’t a cigarette: you can’t just light it up and then stomp it out when you’re done. Don’t act like anything about heartbreak is beautiful, because I wouldn’t wish that feeling upon my worst enemies.
—  There’s nothing beautiful about bleeding from the inside out (o.k.)

jake dillinger headcanons

- jake is probably one of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.

-jake isn’t the brightest in street smarts but he really is good at algebra and trig.

-although he is good at sports he’s actually not that strong.

-shops at h&m 24/7.

-he actually loves places like starbucks and panera but only because they comfort him.

-jake is actually really depressed over his parents leaving and now he has trust issues.

-he’ll just wake up in the middle of the night and start crying and if rich is ever over rich soothes him and calms him down with cuddles ans hair massaging.

-jake really likes being “popular” but only because he enjoys knowing everyone and being friends with them.

-he loves picking up (and being picked up) by his small boyf.

-he used to really be head-over-heels for chloe and it really crushed him when she cheated on him(keep in mind this was a long tome ago before the squip incident)

-jake HATES heights.

-he loves cats !

-he really enjoys being a host either at dinners or just your average reenage party.

hey guys!! i love jake dillinger and jake boyd so v much so i descided this had to be done:) also we just gained 900+ followers! holy heckles this is crazy!! like one month ago we had 100 followers :0 i am so thankful! i’ll be making a seperare text post for you guys to ask some q’s for the mod q&a !!:)

Mc being abused in her past by the professor but nobody believed her



  • He wondered everytime why you got so afraid when someone laughed 
  • Everytime you heard a group laugh you would shriek and hold close the ears
  •  Jumin didn’t think of it as an annoying part of you 
  • But he was curious why you were so afraid
  • But you didn’t told him so he couldn’t do anything 
  • But one day at work, you were with him and Jaehee, it got really bad 
  • You got so paranoid that you forgot to breath 
  • He was angry that he didn’t knew what was wrong 
  • When everything was calmed he forced you to tell him 
  • ,,You can’t take everything on your own! God tell me! How can I help you if I don’t know what’s wrong?!“ 
  • You cried and closed your ears with your hands. 
  • You didn’t wanted to hear it.
  •  No shouts, no laughs, nothing. 
  • You lived in pain but keep on smiling. 
  • But this was over now. 
  • Since you had someone who could probably believe in you 
  • But, would he believe you? 
  • You cried so hard and Jumin could only reget his harsh words. 
  • ,,Will you believe me? Will you still stay at my side? Will you help me out, even if I tell you, that my high school teacher abused me?” 
  • Jumin was shocked and so was Jaehee but they just kept it quiet. 
  • ,,Will you believe me, if I tell you, that I told a lot of lies in the past because everyone liked me they way I was? Would you believe me, if I tell you, that my teacher abused me? 
  • That he asked me, to do bad things after school?! Would you still believe me, if I tell you, that he told me bad things and none believed me?
  •  Would you still love me, if I tell you, that he told me bad things while my classmates laughed?! 
  • That he gave me bad grades even if I was right? 
  • My mom, my dad, my brother, my friends… THEY ALL JUST LAUGHED AT MY FACE BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT I WOULD LIE. 
  • But none cared that I was afraid of other laughs. 
  • But none cared that I cried until late in the night.
  •  None cared that I hated this tiny room where he abused me.
  •  None believed. 
  • But still. Would you believe someone who could only lie, to be accepted, ending up being hated because of the truth?“ 
  • Jumin took a huge breath and smiled. 
  • Of course he would believe his wife.


  • You were his beautiful princess. 
  • Your smile was the biggest and brightest smile he ever saw. 
  • And he loved your smile. 
  • He was happy that his Manager was his girlfriend.
  •  But he was curious of your swings of mood. 
  • And, why would you go away, everytime something got wrong in the studio? 
  • Once, the director shouted really loud and clapped on the table so violent. 
  • You disappeared and Zen followed you.
  •  You entered his changing room And he could see how you sat in front of the mirror
  •  You took your T-Shirt off and were sitting there in underwear. 
  • He could see a lot of scars 
  • You laughed in the mirror
  •  Telling you the same things while crying 
  • ,,None believes you. None likes you. 
  • None will help you. 
  • The persons with the biggest smile got hurted  the most. 
  • Keep smiling. Keep….” and you cried touching your scars. 
  • Zen couldn’t understand why you were so hurted but he got really afraid. 
  • ,,Please don’t shout…don’t shout… DON’T SHOUT MR (NAME), DON’T I WILL BE A NICE GIRL“ you cried. 
  • Still thinking you were alone 
  • But Zen came out asking why you were so strange. 
  • He really thought he knew you. 
  • But you looked in his eyes. 
  • You saw his despair, the scared look you saw in your own eyes. 
  • You told him. 
  • You told him that your professor would always hurt you with scissors, his hands and the school tools. 
  • Why? 
  • You looked like his wife who went out with another man.
  •  So you had to get punished.
  •  You didn’t deserved happiness.
  •  He always told you, you have to life in despair.
  •  When you told your friends they all went away from you. 
  • You were alone.
  •  Maybe he was right. 
  • You didn’t deserved happiness. 
  • So you didn’t told your parents.
  •  Zen hold you.
  •  He wanted to give you happiness. 
  • You cried and cried.
  •  The darkness followed you but with him  at your side there may could shine something.


  • You were married since five years. 
  • And you looked happy.
  •  But everytime you got in a full place, you looked scared snapping for breath. 
  • You hated the RFA parties with so much people. 
  • And it got even worser when you heard, that one guest was married to a math professor. 
  • You just begun to cry and run away. 
  • The RFA was shocked but not angry. 
  • Yoosung wanted to hug you but you rejected him.
  •  He was really sad but then he looked at your trembling body 
  • You mumbled weird things like ,,Hai Anata.” Or ,,Forgive me master" 
  • what was really strange.
  •  ,,I know. None will believe me. None will help me out.“ 
  • That’s when Yoosung just hugged you. 
  • Ofc he knew, you shouted things like "not there, not here, not you!" 
  • And that was the baddest feeling he ever had. 
  • The feeling of realizing that your wife got raped.
  •  You calmed after an hour and told him.
  •  You told him that your professor raped you and gave you bad grades. 
  • That your dad was drinking alcohol and wouldn’t believe you and that other teachers hadn’t got time for "lies like that" 
  • But Yoosung believed you 
  • And he promised you that you would never go near a professor or a crowded place.


  • The nights were the scariest for Jaehee. 
  • She would be afraid of sleep since you moved too much while sleeping. 
  • You even talked while sleeping. 
  • She was annoyed a little bit.
  •  Who would not. 
  • She bought a cafe with a girl who couldn’t sleep.
  •  One night, maybe the scariest for Jaehee, you even walked. 
  • You went in the kitchen and talked something about family and death Jaehee followed you. 
  • She wanted to awake you even if she knew that it was dangerous for a sleepwalking person. 
  • But then you hold a knife in your hand. 
  • She got so scared when you woked up on your own crying like a baby. 
  • She wanted to know the truth and so you told her. 
  • The professor at your school was once a paramedic.
  • He did really awful things to you. 
  • He hurted you and then he patched up. 
  • He told you things like 
  • ,,Dummy, your good for nothing´´ 
  • making you cry and hate yourself for comforting you. 
  • Jaehee didn´t knew what to say
  •  but she was sorry for all the annoying feelings she felt.
  •  She wanted to help you.


  • The first night with You was awful for him 
  • well, he mistook your nightmare with your pleasure moaning. 
  • He woke up in the middle of the night because of your moaning.
  • he thought you were doing naughty things on your own and wanted to help you. 
  • But then he realized that you were sleeping. 
  • When he turned on the light he saw you wet sweaty and noticed soon-
  • you were having a nightmare
  •  three nights in the row and every night you were crying or moaning.
  •  he really wanted to know what your nightmares were about. 
  • One night, you even shouted. 
  • You ended up waking up Searan. 
  • He was also thinking you two were doing naughty things. 
  • When he came in to shut you up, he saw his brother sitting on the bed and you still sleeping 
  • It was an awkward situation but the two boys soon realized you had also problems in the past. 
  • The next day the boys talked a long time with you. 
  • You knew that you couldn´t sleep good but you hoped, that you wouldn´t wake up Searan or Seayoung 
  • You had to tell them about your past.
  •  About your teacher shouting at you, even if you were right, telling you to leave you behind even if your grades were the best and making you embarassed in front of the whole school. 
  • Your Mother didn´t believe you but even if she would- she wasn´t interested 
  • Seayoung and Searan believed you. 
  • They had so much faith in you
  •  so they asked Jumin for help and destroyed the life of the man, who destroyed your life. 
  • You never knew and you didn´t need to know. 
  • You just had to get better
  •  but this was maybe impossible.


  • He was shocked you panicked so easily and you even had pain in the stomach.
  •  but he never asked you. 
  • everyone had secrets so if you didn´t wanted to tell him, he couldn´t force you 
  • but he was worried for you. 
  • You seemed to have a trauma. 
  • everytime you saw something, you seemed to get flashbacks and after that you seemed to be in pain 
  • he didn´t wanted you to be in pain he thought, you had a trauma because of the things with the RFA 
  • but, the keys had nothing to do with the RFA 
  • neither the school or the blackboard in the kitchen 
  • so it had to be something in your past
  •  he looked through your past with his computer and saw, that you were really good in school 
  • but really bad in the behave 
  • but, you seemed to be fine. 
  • so he looked more and more
  •  until he found out, that your professor abused you 
  • when he asked you, you told him you told him, that you had no friends and that he hated you because you weren´t korean 
  • telling bad things at you like ,,slut, bitch, dummy, pork..´´ 
  • he even throw things like keys at you 
  • and very often he would write something about you on the blackboard 
  • about you being bad in school.
  •  but your mother didn´t believed you after she talked with other teacher or classmates.
  •  so she stopped believing you
  •  and your friends just didn´t tell anything. 
  • Searan was so angry. 
  • but your professor died a long time ago. 
  • Searan knew what you felt like. 
  • You weren´t alone he was there for you.


  • When you could go finally in your own apartent, you never let V in 
  • you never kissed him, 
  • told him you liked him or loved him. 
  • he thought you were really shy.
  •  but you seemed to be really afraid 
  • like, a half blind blu haired man could do something to you.
  • but you seemed to have nobody, not a friend, not a best friend, no family 
  • but it even looked like you never let someone in your heart. 
  • you couldn´t trust anybody
  •  V wanted to know why. 
  • was it something in your past? 
  • Or had it to do with the RFA?
  •  He was puzzled but still wanted to know something.
  •  he decided to ask you.
  •  After distract  him from the topic a few times, 
  • he finally got you to tell him 
  • and he wished he would never asked you that.
  •  he was feeling so bad.
  •  literally it was his fault for you feeling bad.
  • you were in love with hm again 
  • and you somehow were scared again. 
  • you once loved your professor and he knew that but still he abused you and took advantage of it.
  •  Nobody believed you. 
  • they all knew you were in love with him so they thought you wanted to take revenge 
  • and soon you were left behind without anybody 
  • so that´s why you can´t tell others that you love them 
  • that´s why you can´t trust anybody anymore 
  • but ofc V wasn´t so like the others. 
  • He won your trust and never took advantage of it.
  •  he helped you.
Miya Ivy

Part one

A/N: I really feel like I suck at writing recently! :D I try not to compare myself with other writers because everyone works different but well it’s hard. I think this is one of the side effects if you have not English as your first language! Anyway, hope you enjoy this! (Picture is not mine)

“She’s almost there, love! I need just a few more pushes!” The lovely midwife called, encouraging the young woman lying in front of her who had her legs spread wide open. (Y/N) had been in the process of delivering their second child to the world and to be honest she was nearly at the verge of giving up. A wave of immense pain consumed her whole body, giving her the feeling of being ripped apart in two halves. It was the most aching birth that she ever had to endure.

Her back was pressed against her husband’s chest who sat right behind her. One hand ran through her now wet and sweaty hair while his other hand was intertwined with hers to give her the opportunity to squeeze it whenever she was in pain. His own eyes swam in salty tears and sweet words of encouragement left his mouth. Knowing that his wife was going through so much pain, more than she could ever handle and he was just sitting there with desperation and worry, made him feel helpless. All he wanted to do was taking the pain away from her but he knew he couldn’t.

He was concerned about her health because there had been a few moments where (Y/N) struggled with her breathing. Her entire face took a shade of red whenever she was ordered to push and Alex had to remind her more than once to breathe.

“I-I can’t anymore!” (Y/N) cried, wishing with her entire heart that it would be over soon. Her body was almost drained out of power and she had no more strength to keep pushing.

Alex peppered her temple with kisses, telling her that she was doing great and that she needed to hold on. He wiped away the tears that escaped from her eyes with his thump.

“A little bit more, darling and we’re going to hold our baby in our arms.” He sweetly spoke to her. “I know she’s going to look so much like you, like her beautiful mother. She will have your eyes, your nose, your lips, and your incredible personality. She will be just like the woman her father loves so much. We’re almost there, love. You can do this! I believe in you. You’re a strong, my love.”

Another contraction hit (Y/N) and with a loud scream she gave a next push.

“The head is out!” The midwife called with excitement. “You’re doing great, love! Come on give me a one last push.”

And (Y/N) gathered all her strength, all the power that was left in her and pushed and pushed and pushed until the room was filled with a baby’s cry. She rested her back again on Alex’ chest, exhaustion and tiredness overwhelmed her.  This time tears of relief ran down her cheeks as the midwife wrapped the newborn in a towel and laid it on her chest.

“There we go. A healthy baby girl.”

“Jesus Christ, she’s so tiny.” Alex breathed out, looking at his baby in awe. His mind couldn’t really process that she was finally there. He was completely embraced with shock, but also happiness. He carefully stroked the tiny cheek of the infant, feeling its softness consuming him. He couldn’t put into words how he felt right now. He was utterly proud of his wife.

While the baby was cleaned and put into some baby clothes, Alex helped his wife to get cleaned up while uncountable words of praise left his mouth. (Y/N) had made him a father for a second time and he was beyond grateful for this gift. He loved her more than his life but right now he shared more love and more passion for this woman than he could ever express. She gave him two precious children, something he was very grateful for. He would spend his entire life to make it up to her. Every pain, every scream, every tear would be replaced by affectionate actions of pure love.

(Y/N) placed the newborn in her arms and weighted her back and forth. Alex was beside her with a wide smile on his lips. His shining green eyes could have brightened the whole world in no time.

“Miya Ivy, welcome to the world, little baby girl.” He greeted his new love. He promised he would do anything to protect her and her older brother Luke. His family meant so much to him, without them he would be a no one. He was so grateful of getting the privilege of being a father. With Alex by their side, they wouldn’t be alone in this world, he would make sure that they got everything they needed. He would work hard for them so he could fulfill every wish they had.

“She’s so beautiful.” (Y/N) sighed. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“She’s a pretty little one, eh? Just like her mummy.” He kissed his wife softly, expressing his emotions that flooded through him with a single kiss.


It was in the middle of the night as Alex stormed out of his bed when he heard his baby girl crying. When it came to Miya, he had a very good hearing. Whenever she cried because she needed something, Alex was not too far away. He would cradle her in his arms and would make sure that she felt better. It would be an understatement to say that he was not protective over her. No, he was very over protective. More often than once he caught himself getting jealous once somebody who was not him or his wife held her. They received many visits of family and friends and honestly, Alex couldn’t wait them to disappear so he could spend some time with his little girl again. Every minute was precious and important with him. One day his baby girl would grow to a wonderful and pretty young woman and times like these would be over.

He was afraid and not ready for this. He wanted to savor every second with his children.

“Hey, baby girl.” He cooed as he arrived to the nursery, taking her out of her crib. They had placed a rocking chair right next to the crib and Alex sat onto it carefully with his baby in his arms.

“Don’t cry, darling. Daddy is here. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. What’s the matter, huh?”

Alex started to hum a lullaby, which had become one of Miya’s favorite. She calmed down immediately whenever he sung that to her. Besides Alex had a very good voice, that also soothed and relaxed his wife when she was stressed out.

“I really hope you’re not hungry yet because I can’t bring myself to wake up your mummy.” He laughed slightly. (Y/N) had already spent many nights without rest and sleep because Alex had to work the next day. But he wanted to support her as much as he could. When he was out of the house, earning money for the family, (Y/N) was required to take care after two little children. Luke could be a hard deal sometimes and (Y/N) needed all her patience and strength. And now with Miya around it would be harder for her. That’s why Alex made sure that his mother was at least there when he couldn’t.

“You’re daddy’s girl, aren’t you? Daddy loves you so much, princess. And you know what? We will have so much fun together. You and me and Luke and mummy. I will buy you as much as dolls as you want, as much as toys as you want because daddy wants you to be happy, princess. Whatever that is what you wish you will have it, I promise. But just for your information, no boys until you’re not out of college, yes? Daddy wants to be the only one for his baby girl. I want to be your hero, darling.”

“She will always look up to you.” The sweet sound of his wife’s voice startled him. (Y/N) leaned against the doorway with crossed arms, watching her husband interacting with their daughter.

“Why are you up, darling?” Alex asked. “Go back to sleep. You need it.”

(Y/N) entered the nursery. “I woke up because a certain someone was missing. You know I cannot sleep without you. The bed is cold without your warmth.” She bent down to kiss his forehead. Alex closed his eyes at the tingly sensation that her kiss had left on his skin.

“She’s lucky to have someone like you as her daddy.” (Y/N) said. “She doesn’t know right know but she’ll figure it out when she’s older. But we can’t keep her forever.” She referred to what he had told Miya before (Y/N) interrupted the father-daughter moment.

“I don’t want her to grow up, neither Luke.” Alex mumbled truthfully. When he just thought about how fast three years have passed since Luke was born, he couldn’t even imagine how it would be the same with Miya Ivy.

“Me too, love. But let’s not think about it for now, okay? Whatever happens, she’ll always be our little girl, the same goes for Luke as well.”

(Y/N) made sure to treat her children all equally. She didn’t want any of them to feel less valuable. Especially Luke shouldn’t feel this way because Miya was now around. The little boy often asked his parents if they still loved him because he noticed that his parents had not much time for him anymore like they used to. Alex made sure to explain while certain things had changed, but they would still love him so much.

The young couple gazed at the infant, watching her chest lifting and falling. Miya slept so peacefully with soft snores escaping her little mouth and Alex couldn’t dare to place her into her crib again.

“I’ll go ahead.” (Y/N) informed him. “Don’t be too late, okay? I already miss you in bed.”

“I won’t.” He promised.

After spending a few more minutes with his baby girl, carefully placed her into her crib again, covering her tightly with her blanket so she wouldn’t catch a cold. Giving her a kiss on her head, he whispered “Goodnight angel. Sleep well.”

You Didn't Ask Me to Stay

The boat rocks under her feet and she has to grab the railing to hold herself steady. It’s a strange feeling; she hasn’t felt uneasy on the seas in years, since she was just a little girl. But it unsettles her now-or maybe it’s just that she’s so deeply unsettled that everything shakes her. The world is always roiling under her feet, even when she’s on dry land. 

Viserion. Her child, her sweet child…gone now, dead where he’ll never be found again. It happened so fast she still can’t quite realize it had happened; she’ll be hit by waves of panic and loss at random times, or waves of depression that drag her down so deeply that nothing can shake her out of them. 

Except for Lord Snow. Jon. 

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rowanismybae  asked:

Nessian losing their unborn baby... can't get more angsty than that. 😭😭😭


It destroys me internally, but also, you know how much I love to cry while writing. Thank you, friend, for fulfilling my angsty needs.

For those of you who are new here, I love to cry. Get used to it.

Warning: Intense, graphic material ahead. Angst.

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She was sitting on the window sill, watching the rain when I had left our room earlier that afternoon.

I could still remember the crimson stained sheets in the middle of the night, of her crying my name, shaking my shoulders in a panicked daze.

She blamed herself. It was early in the pregnancy, and the doctor said that sometimes, unfortunately, things like that just happened, to no fault of anyone. Nesta didn’t believe that, though. She was stubborn. 

Often times, I found her stubbornness charming. It was one thing that attracted her to me in the first place, how she held her chin up high and stood her ground. But, in this instance, I wanted to fight. I wanted to scream, and punch things, and shake her until she realized that our loss was not her fault.

It was no one’s fault.

It was a tragedy. 

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