like when he told sammy his kid might not be his I wanted to slap him

Novocaine-Chapter 7

Summary: Confrontation. Lots of it. 

Pairing: Bucky x reader, Dean x reader

Warnings: Swearing, So much swearing. angst

Word Count: 1479


Hot boiling anger. It sets your skin on fire, pulls at your nerve endings. A curious tingle spreads over the surface of your skin, the tiny hairs raising with the force of it. You can’t contain it, can’t control it, it takes shape and morphs into Dean. Into Bucky. Familiar yet shapeless faces swim with it, a tide that ebbs, flows, turning into a tsunami threatening to wipe out everything that lays in its path. It steals your breath, constricting your lungs painfully. Years of regret, longing, abject horror and rage swirl into a single emotion so strong you cannot hope to repress it.

You stop in the middle of the hallway, ignoring the raised voices drifting from the communal area. Leaning against the wall, your head thunking against the concrete as you attempt to suck in air, you can’t afford to lose it now, you can’t afford to let it consume you. Sliding down the wall, your grip on reality slipping, you hug your knees to your chest, getting lost in the endless pit of emotion. The endless well of pain seems to be ever present nowadays. You let out a silent sob, and let yourself feel, feel for the first time in what seems like an eternity, digging your nails into the flesh of your knees as some sick sort of anchor, anything to drag you out of the dark.

You sigh heavily, raising your head and opening your eyes. Time to face the music. Scrubbing your hands over your face, you shove down every bit of feeling you have, lock down every emotion but one, putting them in a box which shakes and rattles in your mind like a box of angry bees.  

You shuffle into an upright position, closing your eyes briefly, searching for the anger, your armor against further hurt, against further attack on your battered heart. You wipe your eyes and fix your hair, throwing your shoulders back, striding confidently toward the yelling in the lounge. Rounding the corner you take in the hell that is currently the living room.

Wanda is keeping her distance from an irate Dean whose dangerously close to Steve, jaw tight, ready to swing at any second. Steve to his credit is not rising to the bait, his hands raised in surrender as Sam tries to calm his brother.

“Who the fuck was that?” Dean yells. “And why the fuck is he acting like she’s property?” he adds as he shrugs Sam’s hand off his shoulder.

“C’mon Dean, enough,” Sam urges.

You can tell Steve is close to losing his patience. “Listen to your brother, pal. This isn’t going to end well for anybody otherwise,” Steve replies.

Fucking cavemen, you think harshly to yourself as you move forward, nodding slightly at Wanda who inclines her head in silent agreement.

She steps between Sam and Dean. “Let me show you to your room,” she says in her soft, accented voice. It seems to startle Sam who flounders for a moment before his eyes land on you.

His mouth snaps shut and he nods at her, letting go of Dean and following Wanda out of the room. He glances back once, eyes darting to you. Shaking his head, Sam walked away.

“Steve, go find Bucky,” you command softly.

He deflates, stepping away from Dean, who’s staring intently at you. “Ya sure, doll? I can hang around…,” he asks gently, his eyes soft, full of silent understanding.

You nod shortly, all your attention on the remaining Winchester. Steve grunts and leaves, and you take a fortifying breath, anchoring yourself to the anger like you need it to breathe.

“You’re gonna tell me what you want. No bullshit, no lies, Dean. Tell me and do it quickly before I throw your sorry ass outta here,” you hiss at him venomously.

His eyes widen marginally in shock. He takes a step toward you. “I came because I needed your help. And I need you,” he says simply. “I need you to come home,” he adds confidently, leaving no room for argument.

You let out a peal of laughter, devoid of humor, your body shaking with rage. “Are you fucking kidding me, Winchester? If you expect me to run back to Kansas with my tail between my legs, you have another thing coming, asshole!” you snap.

He snorts what he thinks of that. “You belong with us, and you know it. This…” he gestures at the living room, “is not you. It’s a band aid, a quick fix, something to hold you over until you have what you need. You’re a hunter, a warrior, Shadow, and you ain’t doing shit here, sweetheart, but wasting your gifts.”

“Fuck you, Winchester! You left me stranded in the middle of a field. Alone! Sam was dead as far as I knew. Cas was gone. All I had was you and you left me there for Lisa! You bailed! I am not going back with you!” you screamed. “You used me! I had only ever been with you, only loved you and you left. No explanation, no goodbye, no nothing! I searched for weeks, months until Bobby told me where you were.” Fighting back the tears you forge on. “So I drove all night. I found your perfect little house, with your perfect little family! Dean Winchester had left his fuck toy, his side piece, his whore for the real deal. I’m not going back to that!”

Dean’s face had drained of color during your monologue, his green eyes a striking contrast against the bloodless skin. “You were never, never any of that! You were everything to me! I only did what Sammy asked me to do,” he replies softly, gently like you might break into pieces, shatter at the slightest raise in his voice. “I love you.”


The ringing sound of flesh meeting flesh when you slap him swiftly across his face startles you both. Heavy breathing and a deafening silence fills the room.

His eyes are glossy, His heartache evident.

It’s no longer possible for you to feel bad for him. “You made me feel like nothing, Dean Winchester. You have no right to say that to me when you couldn’t even once tell your brother you and I were lovers. You have no right to look at me, to breathe the same air as I do, when you were so embarrassed by me you couldn’t even admit we were together. I want you gone. You and Sam. I want you to leave and never come back. Lose my number, Dean.”

He clenches his jaw. “We can’t. We need your help. Cas is in deep and we need you to help pull him out.”  

Cas who you loved like family, the big dumb, too innocent for this world angel. “Fuck!” you scream throwing your hands in the air and turning around. Grabbing the first thing you can find, which happens to be a lamp, you hurl it at the wall. Breath ragged, the anger rolling off of you in hot waves.

It’s so typical. Such a Winchester thing. Break a heart, then come back seeking help.

You begin to laugh, a hysterical, maniacal sound that breaks Dean’s heart. He can see the madness fizzing underneath the surface, and it scares him, terrifies him to know he had a hand in pushing you this far. He had to help you, had to glue back the broken pieces of yourself back together. “Shadow.”

You turn back, eyeing him up and down. “I wanted you to fight for me like i kept fighting for you. Just once have you chase me, but you didn’t,” you intone softly, meeting his gaze. “I’ll help you find Cas, but then I want you gone. For good. Understood?”

He merely nods, and you grunt in acknowledgment, striding out of the room and leaving him alone, wishing with everything you had you couldn’t feel a damn thing. That your heart hadn’t jumped at his declaration of love. You needed space from him, from both him and Bucky. You had to survive them, survive this, for your own sanity.

As he watches you leave, he makes a silent promise to himself and you. This time around he would do it properly, give you what you deserved. “I was stupid, lost and broken back then when Sammy died, darling. I did what he asked because it was his last request. Didn’t mean it didn’t hurt like hell leaving you behind. But I’m through walking away from you. I’m gonna fight for you now, sweetheart. I need my Shadow back,” he whispers quietly to himself.  He wasn’t going to stop until you saw sense, and if that meant laying a beat down on the metal armed menace, so be it. He was a Winchester, and they didn’t give up without raising a little hell.

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Toon Henry 'Bad Ending' AU

phantoms-lair submitted: 

“I think he’s in there,” Boris whispered to Alice. It had been several days at least (time was hard to tell here) since they had seen Bendy. Not since Henry-

They hadn’t exactly liked what Bendy and Joey were doing. Both thought it a bit mean to put the former cartoonist through a series of scares as payback without even letting him explain himself, but ultimately harmless.

Until it wasn’t.

Bendy had been mad at Sammy when he had arrived on the scene of the ‘sacrifice’. The ink-covered man had fled at his ‘Master’s’ rage, so Bendy had turned his attention to Henry. He’d wanted to play with the guy first, get a bit of payback before he was was willing to let bygones be.

But Sammy had knocked the guy for a loop pretty badly. He wouldn’t get up. Not when Bendy threatened, cajoled, or begged. He couldn’t be dead, after all. His eyes didn’t turn to Xs and his tongue wasn’t stuck out. He didn’t float above his body with a halo and a harp. None of the things that signified dead to toons. That way it was funny. There was nothing funny about just laying there in a puddle of reddish ink (it had to be ink) and getting colder and colder. Toons were animated, that’s what made them toons. It wasn’t natural for them to be still. So he had to get up eventually.

It was sitting there waiting toes tapping, fingers drumming, that Bendy realized there wasn’t anything funny about any of this.

The final blow, though, was the things that had fallen out of Henry’s pocket. A wallet filled with little money, but mostly pictures. Some he recognized as others from the studio. But most were a woman and several children that he could see bits of Henry in. The other object was the note in Joey’s handwriting; the one that had called Henry here.

“Your best pal, Joey Drew.” Boris had read, frowning.  “Gosh, that’s not a nice trick to pull on your best pal. You’d never do that to me, would you Bendy?”

And that had been what had broken Bendy. Because all it would have taken to get Henry back had been a nicely worded letter. Why hadn’t they just done that ages ago? Henry had come to see an old friend with no more prompting that a brief message, and now he was dead.

Boris and Alice didn’t know what had happened next. Bendy had run off and soon after they had heard him screaming in rage. Then nothing, not a trace. The two toons had kept out of sight of Joey and Sammy, thankfully neither of them had fixed on them like they had on Bendy. But with no sign of the Dancing Devil, they had begun to fear the worst. Then Boris had noticed some drag marks with Bendy’s footprints leading into one of the many unused rooms in the studio.

Sure enough, upon opening the door, they found Bendy surrounded by balls of wadded up paper, scribbling frantically at something on Henry’s old desk. “Hey Guys,” He greeted cheerfully. “I’ve almost got this done!”

“What is this?’ Alice asked, carefully unfolding one of the pages on the ground. It was filled with scribbles of Henry as he had looked as a toon. The lines were rough and the proportions wrong, but it was recognizable.

“It’s Henry, or at least it will be. If he’s a toon from the start, then he can’t die, right?” Bendy grinned. “That’ll fix everything!”

“Fix?” Boris stepped back as Alice audibly growled. “You think this will fix-” She stomped up to him and slapped the pen out of his hands. “Of all the self centered, self serving- Do you think Henry can be replaced with a copy?! That the fact that you helped kill him will just be undone?!”

“That’s not fair, Alice.” Boris tried to interject. “Joey told us he wouldn’t die.”

“Joey also told us Sammy would be fine. Whatever he is isn’t fine and Joey’s a liar.” Alice snarled. “And what would you be bring him back for? If he’s pure toon, he’s trapped here like we are. He’ll never see his wife, kids, grandkids again. Just the people who killed him, the people who helped, and the people who did nothing. Punish him for leaving by making him stay forever? You’re not doing this for Henry, Bendy. You’re doing this for yourself. Trying to bring him back to suffer, just like Joey.”

Don’t you ever compare me to him!” Bendy’s eyes shrunk and the ink around his horns seemed to melt a bit.

“Like Father like son,” Alice said bitterly, turning around and leaving the room.

“She didn’t mean that,” Boris assured Bendy. “She’s blaming herself for what happened and it’s really getting to her. We know you didn’t really mean any harm. I’ll get her calmed down.” He hugged his best friend and went after the angel.

“I didn’t mean it, but it happened anyway.” Bendy whispered to himself. “And it’s going to happen again and again till everyone from Sillyvision is like Sammy-or you.” He turned back to his drawing. Unlike the early attempts, this looked almost identical to how Henry had looked towards the end. “I can’t do anything to stop Joey. He made us, he can counter anything the three of us do. But you already proved he can’t control you.”

He picked up the page, the creases on it the only sign off how hard he was gripping it. Bendy has considered drawing Henry younger, in his prime, but dismissed it. That was the Henry who thought Joey was his friend. He’d need the older, cagier Henry. The drawing was even wielding an axe, just to be sure. He retrieved the pen from where Alice had knocked it away. The Ink Machine needed a sacrifice from the artist’s workspace, after all. The pen was the only one Bendy had ever used, and a reminder of when Henry was happily a member of the studio. It had to do.

“Come on, Old Man. Let’s get you back.“



Perfectly Fine

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

Request: Could you do a dean fic where he saved the reader on a case long ago and they’ve been dating since. But then on djinn hunt dean gets captured and put into the dream world and while their he finds the reader. She’s living an apple pie life with another guy and two kids. When the reader and Sam saves dean from the djinn he feels guilty for pulling her into the hunting life. The end like an angsty/fluff mix where the reader promises she wouldn’t want that life. 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Angst & fluff? This definitely leans to one of those…

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Title: Nobody
Summary: The Winchester’s little sister deals with high school and wonders how Sam and Dean survived it.
Word Count: 2136
Pairing: Sister!Winchester x Sam, Sister!Winchester x Dean
Warnings: Older brothers, cussing

Tags below the cut

     My alarm went off and I rolled over and hit snooze. 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Dean yelled down the hallway.
“Y/N, get up. You’re going to be late.” He called.
“I don’t wanna!” I whined.
“Too bad.” He added.
     I crawled out of my warm bed and went and took a quick shower. Sam and Dean insisted I go to school since I had the chance. They didn’t want me to end up like them and spend their whole life hunting. I pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. Grabbing my bag, I headed for the kitchen. I set my bag down and poured myself a cup of coffee.
“Morning.” Sam chirped.
“Not all of us are morning people, Sammy.” I grumbled. “Why do I have to go to school? It’s not like they have the right information.”
“You’ll thank us when you’re older.” Dean said when he walked in. “There’s more to life than hunting.”
“I know.” I sighed. “I should get going. I’ll see y’all later.”
     The boys called their goodbyes as I walked out. The school wasn’t far so I walked every day. I hated school more than the average kid. Eventually the ugly brown building entered my line of sight. I took a deep breath and kept walking. I walked in the door as the first bell rang and students made their way to class. I blended in the crowd as I made my way to my locker. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.
“HEY WINCHESTER!” A voice yelled.
“Shit.” I whispered while closing my locker.

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Miss Something - Request

Requested by @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester:  Dean x reader have been married for years, she gets pregnant but he doesn’t want it. She leaves but never moves on. He ends up in another relationship and about to marry her. At the altar he decides he needs to be with reader and their child.
& Anon:  Part three to “Miss Everything- Miss nothing” where Dean bonds some more with his daughter but mostly of his relationship with the reader becoming even stronger?
& @captain-morgans-bitch:  Please continue and make a series out of this
& A bunch of people voting for it in the past two Sequel Fridays.

Summary: After apologizing and meeting his daughter, Dean is willing to get back to her life for once and for all. He wants everything back, including (Y/N) who is still reluctant about his comeback.

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 3,755

Warnings: None.

A/N: I wanted to focus more on Samstiel with Louise, but also daddy!Dean and his relationship with reader (if that makes any sense at all). Happy Sequel Friday!


| Miss Everything (1) | Miss Nothing (2) |

Dean followed the deal like an obedient man. He called Louise every day after school – or at least after eating something because they would spend hours talking and Louise would forget to eat – and then he called (Y/N) to have dinner on Saturday.

Sam and Castiel weren’t only cheerful, and proud of Dean finally manning up and trying to make things better, but they were also far too excited to meet the little Winchester.

They would have dinner together at (Y/N) and Louise’s house that day. Sam made sure to buy pie and wine, while Castiel spent his whole morning collecting flowers at the nearest park – because Sam told him it was polite to go to a home with a present for the owner – and Dean made sure to buy Louise a colouring book and (Y/N)’s favourite sweets.

The three men arrived punctual to the appointment and Sam was impressed to notice how (Y/N) still looked the same. She was at the kitchen, checking the oven, when they arrived and so she didn’t notice. However, Louise had heard Baby’s roar and she stormed out of the house, excitedly.

“There’s my chipmunk.” Dean spoke proudly as he turned Baby off.

“She looks just like mom.” Sam commented.

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By My Side

Summary: You find it hard to deal with the fact Sam wants to work with the BMoL which causes a slight strain on your relationship with him.

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: S12 SPOILERS, mentions past torture, angst, fluff, feels, Winchester boys being cute af 

A/N: This idea has been brewing for a while, just wanted to show some Sammy love! Enjoy guys xx 

Originally posted by neededtofrolic

Sam sat there phone in hand, just staring at the blank screen waiting for a reply from you, for a text, a call- anything. He just wanted to know you were alright, that things could get sorted out between the pair of you.

Last night, after Sam had admitted he too had started working with the British Men of Letters, you couldn’t stand there and act all calm and collected. Not when that same organisation were responsible for torturing and almost killing your boyfriend. You were the one who saw him look so broken and hurt as Toni had made you watch all the horrific things they put him through in another room, you chained up and completely helpless to rescue him. 

So, after a pretty heated argument, you left to clear your head. Sam hated fighting with you, after all you’d been through together ever since you were kids, getting into hunting, starting a relationship after the angels fell and all the chaos before, after and in between - you’d always had each other. 

“Still no word?” Dean wandered through the doorway, taking a seat opposite his brother, pulling him out of his thoughts.

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Let Her Go (Part One)

Pairing: Mick x Reader

Word Count: 2006 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Angsty

Song Used: Let Her Go - Passenger

Notes: The first of many song challenge fics I’ve set myself! It also may turn into a mini-series. Sorry if my writing is trash; I’m super rusty! Hope you all like it! xox

Part Two

Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same old empty feeling in your heart
Love comes slow and it goes so fast
Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
‘Cause you loved her too much and you dive too deep

'Cause you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go

Reader POV:

Your nails tapped on the beat-up wooden table as you waited apprehensively. You both knew this wasn’t going to end well; it never did when Dr. Hess made an appearance. Mick had been with her in the office at the British Men of Letter’s bunker for over an hour now and you were getting worried. Feeling too anxious to wait around, you drove to the closest dive bar.

Checking your phone for the fifth time, your heart raced frantically as you saw nothing; no messages, no calls, nothing. You knew damn well what those Brits were capable of, especially Arthur Ketch. Your grip on your phone tightened dangerously as you thought of him, your skin crawling. When you had first met them with the Winchesters, you’d definitely been interested in the charismatic Brit but, after getting to know him better, you uncovered just how vile he was. Mick, on the other hand, hadn’t even turned your head at first. Sure, he was good looking but he wasn’t Arthur Ketch good looking. However, after working more closely with Mick, you’d realised he was actually a sweet, funny, incredibly insecure man and you fell hard.

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No More Breaks- A Sammy Wilk Imagine

Quick Summary: In this part we meet Y/N, a teenage girl who makes a promise to herself to take a break from dating… That is until Sammy comes into her life.

Warnings: None really, I actually refrained from cursing in this one lol.

“Don’t let the fear of getting your heart broken, stop you from finding something as amazing as love.” “Whatever,” I scoffed. I closed the book that I just read this lame quote from and threw it in my backpack for class tomorrow. We were being forced to read this book about love for drama class. I hate drama class. I’ve tried transferring classes but the only other class available was music–and lets just say I don’t have a musical bone in my body.

I put my hair in a messy bun, and slapped my body against the bed beneath me. I looked up at the ceiling and thought about everything that happened last year. What happened last year?What didn’t happen last year. Well let’s see, long story short, I got my heart broken three times, lost my brother to a dumb college all the way in Paris, and my best friend Hailey moved to Florida, leaving me behind in Omaha.

“What am I doing,” I asked myself out loud. “I’m a 17 year old girl, moping around about 3 no good ex’s, my older brother Tyler who’s on the other side of the world, and frickin’ Hailey who said goodbye over a text message. And I’m talking to myself, might I add,“ I said to no one in particular. “I should be out with my nonexistent friends,” I said covering my face while rubbing my eyes, from being sleepy. Yep, I had no friends. I didn’t need friends. I sit by myself at lunch everyday, and when it’s time to work with a partner for an assignment or whatever, I usually beg my teacher to let me work alone. I pick up my phone and read the time. 11:48 p.m. “Ugh! Where did the time go?” I got under the covers and lay my head down on my pillow, absolutely ready to get a good night’s rest. I stretch my hand over to my lamp and turn it off. It isn’t too long before I begin to doze off. *Beep Beep* *Beep Beep* 6:45 a.m. Time for school aka hell on earth. I stay in bed for what feels like thirty seconds and look back at my clock to see 6:51 a.m. “Shoot! I’m going to be late!” I throw my sheets off of my body that’s not quite awake yet, grab my towel and run to the bathroom. I push the door open and literally rip my pajamas off my body. I jump in the shower and take the quickest shower known to man. I finish my shower and get back to my room. 6:57 a.m. “Okay, I’m on time,” I say out loud. I throw on a random outfit, grab my heavy ass back pack and go downstairs to grab breakfast. Once, I get downstairs I see my mother hovering over the stove, cooking something that smells like the old breakfast diner she used to own. It must be pancakes. “Hey mom,” I say a little too loud. I’m assuming since since she jumped and almost dropped the plate of perfectly made pancakes in her hands. “Oh, hey hon. C'mon breakfast is ready.” I set my bag down on the floor and begin eating the breakfast my mother placed in front of me. As I started eating, she walked over the staircase, tripping over my backpack that laid lazily on the floor. “Y/N, how many times do I have to tell you keep your bag off the floor. I know your taking a break from dating but I didn’t know you were taking a break from listening too.” I was taking a break from dating - but how did she know? I’ve only told my little sister, Maria - nevermind I just answered my own question. Once I finished eating, I picked up my bag from the floor, and threw it over my shoulder, followed by the weight of my bag falling harshly onto my back. Just as I’m about to go upstairs to find out where my sister was, she comes downstairs ready to go. We both kiss mom goodbye and hop in my car to get to school. Whoops, I mean hell on earth. We get there about ten minutes later and I see kids still hustling and bustling outside. Great, we’re not late. Just as I finish my thought, the school bell rings, signaling first period has begun. “I’ll see you during lunch, ok?,” I tell my sister and she nods her head in response. First period: Trigonometry. God, I hate trig. I mean I understand it, but I just hate the teacher. I don’t know he just gives me bad vibes. I sit down in my seat in the back of the room and take out my notebook, when I hear my teacher say, “Class, today we have a lot of work to get done, but first, we have a new student, um Samuel Wilkinson. I don’t believe he has arrived yet, but when he does, Y/N”, he says my name, getting my attention, “he will be sitting next to you, so any questions he may have, I ask you please, to answer them,” he says while picking up piece of chalk and turning his back to begin the lesson. “Oh god”, I say to myself. But wait, if he was the teacher, why was I supposed to answer Samuel’s questions? What am I? His secretary? I proceed writing my notes down when I hear a voice calling to Mr. Dawson, my trig teacher. I look up at the door to see a blond-haired, beautiful eyed boy standing at the door with a note in his hand and a book bag on his back. He hands the note to Mr. Dawson and they whisper to each other a little bit. Mr. Dawson points to the desk next to me and blond-haired boy makes his way over. This must be Samuel. I look over at him to get a good look. I soon realize that I’ve been looking for too long when he looks over at me and flashes a smile. Oh my God, he’s so cute. Ugh, those dimples. I quickly look away and continue jotting down notes that seemed to appear out of nowhere. There is a silence in the room, other than Mr. Dawson explaining himself, when Samuel whispers,“ Hi, I’m Sammy,” flashing that same beautiful smile again. I wanted to melt. What was he doing to me? Boy, do I have a big storm coming. A/N: OMG, this literally took 10 years to get here, but it’s here. I’m so fucking sorry for the long wait. I keep letting you guys down, it’s not okay. I’ll do better I promise 😘 Don’t forget to drop in a request! Love you guys ✌️👋

Sam Girl

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Dean finds out reader has been looking at fanfic and encourages her try something out with Sam…

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1,500ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: For you Sammy lover’s out there…

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Baby Shower **Skate Imagine**

Being six months pregnant wasn’t the easiest task in the world,but it had its perks. One of those perks being your loyal fiancé, Skate. He was there whenever you needed him. If it was for late night cravings, foot massages, or even to help you put on your shoes, he was always there.

Today, all of the girls got together to trough you a baby shower. Normally this would be exciting, but today you were a little bit grumpy. You truly and honestly didn’t want to be around any one except Skate. But, part of you felt that it would be rude for the girls to go through all of that trouble and you not even slightly enjoy it.

You walk downstairs from your bedroom and see pink and blue streams everywhere. Walking into the kitchen you see a pink and blue cake, which is how you will be revealing the gender to everyone. You go outside to the back yard and pool area and see Skate helping Swazz put up some final decorations.

“Hey babe. I thought there was no boys allowed.” You say waiting for Skate to get off of the ladder.

“Well there wasn’t until Kaylan told me to stop being lazy and help. But how’s momma bear feeling?” He says rubbing you belly, and kissing you cheek.

“I am currently very agitated, and I want some food.”

“What do you want babygirl? I can go run and get you something.” Skate asked already grabbing his car keys.

“No babe it’s fine I’m pretty sure the girls are bringing back some catering. I’ll just eat what they are having.”

“Well what if you don’t like what they bring babe? Ma it’s nothing I can go get you some food.” He says kissing your neck.

“Come out of poppa bear mode for a second. I said I’m fine then that means I’m fine.”

“Alright if you say so.” Skate says as he slaps your butt when you turn to walk into the house.

Walking into the house, you run into the girls carrying all of the food.

“Yes someone heard my prayers. What did you guys get?” You say licking your lips.

“We got all of your favorites,but we need to finish getting set up.” Stassie says rubbing your belly.

“Alright then that’s fine.” You say say sneaking some M&M’s.

“Umm Skate, Swazz you guys can leave now.” Madison says to the guys.

When you heard this you walked as fast as you could, for someone with child, into the living room.

“Woah what do you mean Mads?” You say looking a little frantic.

“It’s a baby shower. It’s for the girls only.”

“Well I just thought that since they helped set up, and that they were already here that they might as well just stay.”

“No hun we wanna have like a little girls day.” Kaylan says walking up to you.

“Um I don’t think so. What are the guys supposed to do? This is Skate’s baby too.”

“Well y/n this party is just for you.” Emily says.

“Well Em what if I don’t want this party to be just for me.” You begin to raise your voice.

“You need to calm down and stop acting difficult. We want to do something fun for you. Kami’s gonna be here, and so is your mom. You really just need to chill.” Stassie says as she began to get irritated.

“Excuse you?” Skate says getting involved. “She is pregnant and you have the nerve to talk to her like that. I swear if you weren’t her friend I would kick you the hell out Stass, I’m too serious right now.”

“Babe it’s fine I swear.” You say grabbing Skate’s hand,while turning towards the girls.“ You guys its just that this is a big thing for me and I would like to have Skate here. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m being ungrateful because I truly do appreciate this,but at a time like this I need him here with me. I hope you guys can understand that.”

All girls look at you with forgiving eyes, as you being to smile.

“Alright little brother you need to help finish this because everyone is going to be here soon.” Kaylan says.

You kiss Skate’s cheek and let him go and finish. Soon after,you hear the doorbell which means that your guests have arrived. Apparently the girls took your wishes into consideration, because as you walk down the stairs you see all of the guys talking. Once you are visible, Skate looks up and gives you the biggest smile. He walks over to help you down the stairs.

“You look amazing,you know that?” Skate whispers in your ear.

“Well I do now.” You say pecking his lips,which led to a little make out session.

“Okay kids that’s how y/n got prego.” Sammy says interrupting you guys.

“Alright you guys it’s PARTY TIME.” Madison says in a sing song voice.

Everyone important to you and Skate was there for this important occasion. Everyone gathered into the kitchen for the gender reveal.

“You ready babe?” Skate says grabbing a knife to cut one of the cakes.

“The question is are you ready because you don’t even know the gender of your own child.” You tell him laughing.

“Damn y/n you didn’t even tell Skate?” J says filming the special moment.

“No I wanted everyone to find out at the same time. And plus Skate has a big mouth so everyone would know before I even told them.” You say looking at Skate, who had an offended expression on his face.

“Alright enough with the chit chat I would like to know the gender of my own grandchild. ” Kami says to you guys.

“Okay ma you ready?” Skate asks one more time.

“JUST DO IT ALREADY.” Stew yells from the back of the room.

You laugh and take the knife from Skate. Normally this would be a time filled with suspense,but you were hungry and the cake looked really good at this moment. You lift the knife up and cut directly into the pink,sparkly cake. When you look up you see tears in everyone’s eyes, and then you see Skate looking as happy as can be.

“We’re having a girl?” He says on the verge of crying.

“I’m not done yet babe.” You take the knife and slice it through the blue,broad cake. You lick the icing off of your fingers, and look for everyone’s reaction.

“I’m confused as hell.” Stew says.

“She’s having twins. A little girl and a boy.” Skate says with a tear running down his face.

“You are correct.” You say leaning up to kiss him, while everyone is cheering and taking pictures.

“I’m ready for this ma.” Nate says while rubbing your tummy.

“For what babe?” You say eating a piece of cake.

“To finally start our lives together. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m just ready for us to finally have everything in order.”

“You know I truly love you to the ends of the Earth.” You say slightly rubbing your thumb over his cheek.

“Of course I do mami. I love you and our children too much for my well being.”

Capturing Skate’s lips in a sweet kiss, you realized that even though you were young and still had much to learn,but you were ready to take it all on with Skate.

Thin Lizzie

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Pairing: WinchestersxReader
Word count: 3,160
Tagging at the end

Episode 5 of Season 11

When they finally walked back in the door, you shot up. “What the hell?!” You looked them over.

“We’re…fine.” Dean sighed.

“Like hell you are.” You motioned over both your bodies. “You and you. Park it.” You pointed at both of them. Dean looked at you, slightly surprised. “Now. You two are letting me at least clean you up.” You turned to find the first aid kit. “Stupid big brothers. ‘it’ll be fine’ they said, 'we got this’ they said.”

They looked at each other and chuckled as they sat down.

You were sitting in the library doodling while Sam looked for any hints of the Darkness when Dean came in. A beer for each of them, and a soda for you. “Don’t suppose you have a twenty on the Darkness?” He asked, doubt in his voice.

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“Well, I, uh, thought I had something earlier. Half a town flip their gourds, and started attacking people…but it turns out they ate rancid possum meat.”

Looking up, you made a face much like Dean’s. “That’s disgusting.” You gagged.

“Okay, they do realize that a possum is a giant rat, right?” Dean pointed out, seemingly less grossed out than you.

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The Adventures of Dean Constantly Seeing Sam Getting Fucked


Summary:  Dean has walked in on Sam being fucked a couple of times before, but he never expected this.

Length: 4k

Warnings: Bottom Sam, some weecest, completely 100% porny filth


The auto shop let Dean off early and he was eager to get home to Sammy. Dad was off on some hunt again, so it was just the two of them in a tiny house in Buttfuck, Texas, sweating away the summer by diving in the lake down the street and watching old cartoons.

It was fucking perfect. Usually, he hated when Dad left them cooped up like this, useless to him while he threw himself down the throat of danger, but this had been a damn good summer. Sam was growing up, no longer some chubby little kid. His frame grew taller faster than his muscles could keep up and he was one long, awkward beanpole, tripping around, his voice dropping. A lot. It freaked Dean out a little, honestly. If Sam was taller than him in a month, he wouldn’t be surprised.

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Of heartbreaks and goodbyes

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!OC x Sam Wilson

Warnings: Lot of cursing, sad af.

Summary: Alice’s story with Captain America didn’t end in the best way possible, all thanks to her powers that most of the time seem like a burden. When Sam Wilson enters her life, the world seemed to light up. Unfortunately, a mission goes south and she is not prepared for what happens next.

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New York City, a year ago.

It was getting pretty late, and neither Alice nor her boyfriend waited for someone. Sam Wilson, Alice’s boyfriend was fast asleep from a few hours ago; the avenging life was exhausting and there was no one in the world that could understand him as she did. The two met in strange circumstances, rather unlikely to happen, but life has its mysterious ways of getting people together, and so it happened with Alice and the Falcon.

Washington D. C. once held SHIELD’s headquarters and the agency was what Alice knew for a life for more time than she could remember and by then, she could barely remember the circumstances of her addition to the super-secret almost spy-like agency, but since then, her life and world gave a 180° turn. There she met the people she would later consider friends and family, and what it seemed to be the love of her life.

The always righteous Steve Rogers fell in love with her noble and pure heart, and Alice fell in love with the man behind the legend. But deep inside him, there was no way of hiding the fear for what she was able to do. Alice was one of the first modified people that were under SHIELD’s radar that actually worked for them and not against. Her telepathy and telekinesis was under control and she did everything at reach to keep it that way. Hell, she was extremely conscious of what she could do if pushed an inch too far away.

Everything in the SHIELD’s sweethearts lives was milk and honey until the moment of the sudden goodbye. Steve never said why and Alice tried to never look back at something that was definitely over and with no chance of coming back. Avoiding Steve at work was one hell of a task, but she managed to keep her promise and her heart in a healthy way. Soon enough, she decided to quit everything that could remind her of him, she didn’t need him in her life anymore, and she had saved some good cash to live without having another job again.

And when Sam appeared in the picture, her word gave another turn. A good one, a great one. She could finally be herself with a man with issues of his own. A man that loved her even though the danger he was stepping into. Sam Wilson loved her, adored her, cherished her, and once again, she decided to surrender at feeling loved and to love back. She wasn’t the kind of girl that would say no to adventure.

Alice’s TV watching was interrupted by some knocks on the front door. She heavily sighed but opened it anyway.

“What an unpleasant surprise” she said flatly. “You again, Rogers?”

“I just need a minute” he hurried to add, “Please, Alice”

“No” Alice’s head shook and her brunette hair moved along. “You have no right to ask for a minute when you didn’t even give me one to try to convince you to stay with me and you didn’t even help me out that day” she tried to close the door but Steve’s hand was faster and stopped it. “Steve get the hell out of my house”

“Or what?” he cocked one of his blonde eyebrows, “you’re gonna make this house explode and shit?” his voice was raising in volume, and she felt ready for a fight. “Because I’m sure you don’t want to lose another house; SHIELD doesn’t have that much money.”

“SHIELD is fucking dead anyway, Rogers” she replied, her breath increasing its pace. Alice gulped and took a deep breath before speaking again. “Last warning, get the fuck out”

“Alice?” Sam’s sleepy voice sounded form behind them. His pajama pants hung on his hips and his bare feet slapped against the hardwood floor. “Steve?” he narrowed his eyes to get a better look at the blonde, Dorito-shaped soldier. “Man, it’s super late, what are you even doing here? And why are you yelling like a fucking maniac, do I have to remind you what time is it?”

“Sam, honey… Go to bed, ok?” Alice tried to sooth the veteran who was now too awake to ignore the scene. “Steve is already leaving”

“No, this is going to be fun to be a part of” Steve entered the house pushing Alice to the side and slamming the wooden door behind him. “What are you doing here Sam?”

“I live here?” the dark skinned man replied in a puzzled voice, “This is our house, and why on earth are you yelling?” Sam yawned. “Dude I had an exhausting day and you were there to tell”

“Another avenger, Alice?” Steve folded his wide arms over his chest and smiled ironically. “Real classy”

“Don’t kid yourself Rogers” she followed in suit, “you’re not as important as you think”

“I’m sure I’m missing something here, any hints?” Sam’s finger quickly moved from pointing Alice and then Steve.

“Oh, didn’t she tell you?” a huge grin grew on Captain America’s lips, “we were together” the words came out poisoned; Steve was drunk, either way he wouldn’t be making such a pathetic scene. He had nothing to lose now; he lost her.

“Yes, until this scumbag over here dumped me for no reason whatsoever and abandoned me two seconds after, and now his sorry ass wants to talk it over” Alice rolled her honey colored eyes. “Real classy” she said with a smirk. “Steve, you’re making a fool of yourself, just leave”

“Did she also forget to tell you that she tore our place down when we broke up?” Steve carried on, at this point nothing mattered. “Did she tell you she is fucking dangerous and that she could raise hell anytime?”

“Whoa there Steve” Sam turned his head, “you are not going to talk about her like that” Sam’s voice was firm, “get the hell out man,” Sam pointed at the door with his thumb, “or I swear to god I’ll make you leave”

“Have it your way” Steve raised his hands in defeat, “but then don’t come to me physically hurt because she went fucking nuts and destroyed this or any other place. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’”

“I had enough of you.” Sam grabbed Steve’s collar and without hesitating, his fist landed on the super soldier’s jaw. “Now get the fuck out” Sam’s word were harsh, and it even made Alice step back. Two minutes ago she was ready to make Steve leave by force, but now, the loudness and demanding voice of her boyfriend sent shivers down her spine that were not exactly pleasant.

She never told Sam anything because she knew he would think she was with him just to forget about Steve, and that was far from being true. Alice adored Sam for a number or reasons that didn’t include him being a petty fuck. After getting punched, Steve left with his pride broken and a stinging jaw. Sam turned around.

“Come to bed, is kinda late.” a soft smile spread on his lips and he leaned forward to kiss her forehead. “I don’t care what happened between you and him, I really don’t. I just hope you’re not with me to forget about him” he sighed tiredly.

“I’d never do that, Sammy” Alice cupped his face in her hands and leaned forward to gently lock her lips against his, “what I had with Steve is buried, burned and forgotten. I’m with you because I do love you”

New York City, present day.

Alice had just gotten out of the shower after an awfully long day. SHIELD might have found its doom after agent Romanoff revealed every secret about both the intelligence agency and HYDRA, but former director Fury still had work for the people he trusted in. She was one of them. Sam had gone on a mission of his own with the Avengers, while she had been putting some intel together to make a report that would be sent later to Fury.

Her gut instinct warned that there was something wrong, and as she slid her oversized shirt over her torso, the doorbell rang. ‘Who’s that?’ she thought to herself as she gave a little jump to put on a pair of shorts. She was still fit, but she didn’t train as hard anymore; her work was on an if-needed basis, not actively as it used to be.

Twisting the knob, a familiar figure stood in front of her. The always handsome Steve Rogers was on the other side of the doorframe and she couldn’t help to sigh heavily. The story of the two was rocky to say the least, and their last encounter was far from being friendly. Alice crossed her arms over her chest and cocked an eyebrow as a way of saying hi.

“Allie… May I come in?”

“Someone following you?” she replied dryly, feeling how the nick name he used to call her triggered the worst of thoughts and memories. The blonde soldier shook his head. “Where’s Sam? Why are you here and not him?”

“Alice, may I come in?” Steve asked again with a heavy and tired voice. Alice had no other option but to step aside and let him in; he was using her name after all. The soldier’s steps pounded in her head until he let his body fall onto the cushions of the sofa.

“I never said you could sit down” she rolled her bright eyes “Now answer me. Where is Sam” she said each word very carefully.

“Remember we were on a mission?” Alice nodded. “Well, we had these guys, we truly did… The mission wasn’t hard, or that’s what the reports told us” Steve rubbed his temples and tried to hide his face.

“Never trust records” Alice replied, “Fury always says that”

“Things went to shit and unfortunately Sam took the biggest hit” Steve let his head hung forward for a minute before looking up to the now cold eyes of the woman he still loved. “He’s in a coma.”

Alice’s eyes widened. She knew Steve wasn’t lying because he was never good at it. His words repeated over and over in her head and just the thought of Sam being bound to a bed, with IVs and machines around him made her sick. The tears pooled in her eyelids and they were unstoppable; Sam was not an ordinary boyfriend to her, he was the reason she smiled again.

“Allie…” Steve whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder. Even though being the one who broke up with her, she still was the love of his life. Maybe letting her go was not the right choice. She was with another man now, and being together was not an option, not anymore. Testing his luck, Steve tried to hug her, but she backed away immediately.

“Don’t you dare, Rogers” she hissed, pushing him away. “This is not a moment of weakness” Alice looked up; and the thought of Sam was replaced with the memories of the day the SHIELD sweethearts broke up.

Washington D. C., four years ago.

“We need to talk” Steve said harshly. He never used that voice unless he was scolding an agent or sometimes her.

“What is it baby?” Alice asked in a high pitched voice. Her smile faded from her lips when she saw her hard expression. “Is everything alright?”

“No” he replied coldly “Nothing is alright anymore. We can’t be together any longer”

“What?” her brows knitted together trying to sink in the words “You–you want to break up with me?” she asked. A nervous laugh escaped from her, but it also faded and turned into tears when Steve’s expression didn’t softened “W–why on earth…?” her question was left unfinished the minute her heart started to beat fast, and a buzzing sound on her ears kept the soldier’s words away. She took both hands to the sides of her head and grabbed it tightly. Her eyes shut tight. “Calm down, Alice. Calm down” she repeated to herself in a barely audible whisper, but it was useless. She saw it coming, and most importantly, so did Steve.

The living room started to shake, and Steve looked around himself in terror. He knew what she was capable of; he had seen it in her missions. She was extremely powerful and for that, she could be extremely dangerous. Out of a sudden, everything crashed. The windows smashed as if someone threw a rock at them, the glass and plates inside the cabinets exploded as a loud scream joined the crashing noise.

Steve still had the protective instinct, so he held her body tightly to receive every little bit of whatever was coming to them; plates, glasses or the windows. When everything stopped, he let go of her without saying a word. For Alice, not only her house was destroyed, but also her heart was tore into a million pieces and her world seemed to stop. She fell on her knees, exhausted, and what was even worse, she was terrified of what she could do for the very first time.

New York City, present day. Again.

Steve drove to the facilities in silence. Alice rested her head on the window of the ridiculously big car. The music did nothing but to make the silence between them even more awkward. She closed her eyes and drifted away, to other time, to better times.

The soldier looked at her every once, but whenever she felt observed, a harsh “keep your eyes on the road” made him turn his head again. They arrived to the facilities in a hurry, a lot had changed since SHIELD disappeared.

“Why him?” Steve asked finally. They were heading to the infirmary quickly, but he stopped before the doors “Why Sam?”

“Excuse me?” Alice asked from over her shoulder, frowning in confusion. “As far as I’m concerned, that is none of your business”

“Sam is my friend.” he pointed at as a matter of fact. “Why him?”

“You wanna know why?” she said, turning around. Steve nodded impatiently. “Because Sam actually loves me just the way I am; with the powers I didn’t ask for and the danger they imply. He is not afraid of what I’m capable of” Alice stopped for two seconds to think of the thing that would hurt him the most. “You really wanna know what I love the most about Sammy?” she asked in a softer voice, placing her pale and powerful hands on her hips. “That he’s not a fucking coward” she spat the poisonous words, making Steve’s Adam’s apple bob.

“I loved you…” Steve whispered; her words had fulfilled her expectations; she wanted to see him weak, and now he was.

“Oh right, and you made it fucking clear when you dumped me, fella” she let out an ironic chuckle and shrugged, raising her hands up to her chest, “I wouldn’t have known that”

“Give me a fucking break!” Steve yelled. “You don’t know how it feels like to live with the fear of you turning things to shit, the same way you did to our house”

“Oh, going at it again?” she spat, “I hate to break it down to you, but you came to my house saying the exact same bullshit” her voice was harsh and filled with anger. She never had the chance to let everything out, and now she was able to do it under dreadful circumstances. Thinking about how much time she was losing with this only got the worst of her. “And just to get things straight I do know what it feels like, because believe it or not, I live with the same fear every fucking day” Steve’s eyes widened and his Adam’s apple bobbed again as he gulped down a heavy lump. “Oh, you thought that being a walking freak show was a piece of cake? Oh no pretty boy. My biggest fear is to tear down shit, and most importantly, shit I care about”

“Then why did you do that?” Steve asked after a long pause; he was having a hard time sinking in the words after so many years of seeing her going mad. “Why would you destroy the beautiful life we had?”

“What? I destroyed the beautiful life we had? You fucking joking Rogers? And you seriously think I wanted to turn everything into bits?” a chuckle slipped from Alice’s thin lips; their corners curled up into a slight smile. “Besides, it wasn’t me who broke someone’s heart, right? Steven Grant Rogers, you have got to be fucking kidding me. You saw me trying to calm down!–You know what?” she shook her head, “I have no more things to discuss with you, Steve.”

“Do you even love him?” Steve asked at last; he feared whatever answer Alice would give. If the answer was a yes, this love would never be reciprocated. She was filled with sorrow and the will of moving on with her life with someone who was a hundred times better than him, Steve knew that. But the fear was even bigger if the answer was a no. She had all the right to not love him anymore; he was a dick and the hugest of them all, but he kept the hope of making things up for her, for the love of his life.

“I do… God, I do” her lips curled into a smile again, “You know… Sam didn’t even knew we were together until the day you appeared by our place. He even doubted if I truly loved him, but I can’t imagine my life without him…” Alice’s voice was now soft and cracked, the thought of losing Sam was unbearable and each second she spent trying to make Steve understand was wasted, “If you wanna play victim and go around talking shit about me and the one day I went crazy and crushed everything we once built and how now I’m fucking your best friend, that’s up to you” Alice pointed at him; her voice was filled with defeat. She didn’t want to fight anymore; not with him, not with anybody else “in the meantime, I” she pointed at herself now, “am going to see my boyfriend. Who, if you don’t remember, is in a fucking coma”

Alice turned on her heels and crossed the gates that lead to the infirmary. For the first time in years, she had left Steve behind and he was not a part of her thoughts anymore. Her feelings for Sam were completely real, but the ghost of unfinished business with Steve always haunted her… That until today. The doctors working there were old SHIELD friends, so they took her to the especial room they were keeping Sam.

The instant she saw him unconscious on the bed and surrounded with different machines and medical equipment, her breath got caught on her throat. He looked so peaceful, even with the constant sound of the heart rate monitor next to him. The doctor that went with Alice said something, but she couldn’t place it in her memory, neither on her ears. She was numbed by the fear of losing the only good thing in life she had.

“Is he going to make it?” Alice asked, trying to cut the doctor off.

“If I’m honest, we don’t know” the doctor sighed, “he got here pretty bad; broken bones, a blood loss I haven’t seen since the SHIELD days… I don’t know how he even made it here.” The soothing words were nothing compared to what he was really thinking. Alice shut her eyes to push his voice away from her head. She rather hearing false comforting words than to accept the inevitability of Sam’s situation.

“He’s a tough guy, aren’t you Sammy?” Alice said in a whisper, and after a long pause she spoke again, “May I have a moment with him?”

“Sure, Alice” the doctor squeezed her shoulder lightly and left in silence. Unfortunately, his mind was screaming.

The room was big enough to wander a little. The constant beeping was a somehow relief for her, Sam was still alive for now; she kneeled next to him and held the cold hand of the Falcon. Tears blurred her vision as a loud sob escaped from her lungs. In the many years of working for SHIELD, there was never a time like this. There was never a person she cared for like she cared for Sam. Not even Steve.

“Sammy, honey, please come back to me” Alice pressed her forehead to the back of the hand she held and the tears ran down her face, wetting her cheeks, neck and collar as they went on. Her powers were filling every inch of her body but this time everything felt different. “Please, please come back” she repeated the words in her head as if it was a wish. She longed for it to come true. “Talk to me, Sammy… Come on” she reached out for him on another plane of communication.


Alice found herself in an empty white room, as if she was floating; there was no way of telling where the floor started and the walls ended or vice versa. There was no windows, no doors, not even lights. It was an empty space more like a cage if she thought about it. And the noise, it was that same noise when TV is not working; that buzz, that god forgotten buzz that got all the way to her core. She tried to scream for help, for him, for whatever thing that could possibly be wandering around the Falcon’s mind. But there was no one there to answer her. Any sound she made drowned and died in the buzzing.

“No…” she muttered when she was able to get out of the cage. Sam was as immobile as she left him two seconds ago. “Sam, no you can’t be…” Alice looked up at the heart-rate monitor. It was still beeping.

Family Business Part 2 - Scott McCall Imagine (Feat. Supernatural’s Dean Winchester)

Requested by several of y’all

Word Count: 1,712

Pairing: Reader x Dean Winchester

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Liam Dunbar, and Sam Winchester

Author’s Note: I got bored and played around with creating a picture for this imagine, solely because there are no Scott and Dean in the same gif. So, I created a terrible picture of the both of them. Anyways…. happy reading!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

Part 1

That same night

The room was quiet and slightly uncomfortable as Dean and I sat on the same sofa, while Scott and Stiles sat on the other sofa across from us. We just stared at one another, while trying to grasp the stories that were shared just a few minutes ago; how I found out about the supernatural with Dean and how Scott got bitten into the supernatural world. I knew Scott and I didn’t know everything about each other, but this was just too much. How is one supposed to process my baby brother is a True Alpha and had a pack of his own?

‘Back in Black’ echoed loudly in the living room as Dean’s phone rang in his pocket, causing me to jump out of my skin. Dean squeezed my knee, almost as if he was apologizing for scaring me. He quickly looked at the caller ID before he answered. “Now is not a good time, Sammy.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed as Sam spoke. I couldn’t hear exactly what Sam was saying, but I could hear him rambling rapidly.

Scott shot up from his seat and looked at Dean. “That’s my beta!”

“Sammy, don’t hurt him!” He nodded at Scott. “Because I said so; that’s why!” Dean answered Sam as he stood up and grabbed my hand. It all made sense now. Sam had caught a werewolf, who happened to be Scott’s beta.

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Guardian Part 5

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: You are Dean’s Guardian Angel, sent to take care of him when he was a baby.

Characters: Dean, Sam, (Most characters make a brief appearance)

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,721

Warnings: Swearing, Mild Gore, Death,


Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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Savannah and Finn

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Pairing: Reader, Sam, Savannah (OC), Finn (OC), PJ (OC)
Word count: 1,018
Request: @thewalkingmombie A single parent series.
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything  @myspnsmutsave

You felt your shoulder being shaken gently and sat up. “Yeah?” You mumbled.

The chuckle you heard made it clear that it came from Sam. “We’re back at the motel.” You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Figured you might want to, I dunno, get into bed?” He teased.

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When Jumping the Shark, Please Wear Sam!Goggles.

So…. I was watching a painful episode yesterday. 

Jump the Shark. 

And as I watched it, I got really upset because it comprised so many things that makes me mad about Supernatural and the fandom. 

Throughout the episode Sam (who has learned from his mistakes concerning keeping information about monsters from people who might one day be in danger) wants to teach “Adam" about hunting. Or he, at least, wants to give "Adam” the choice, at first. 

However, this is spun through Dean’s eyes as a Sammy/Parent-Dean scenario, almost. And at the same time, John-Sam vs. Mary-Dean, which is a very convenient exercise in black-and-white thinking! 

Though Sam calls Dean out, because he believes Dean wants to keep “Adam” in the dark for selfish reasons, Dean is supposedly the one who wants what’s best for little, baby “Adam.” They are John’s pet martyrs; they knew the true John/ John had no choice raising them. Dean chooses to lean on John’s understanding, not his own. If John didn’t want Adam to know about hunting, despite the danger of that, then that’s holy writ. (And it’s a parent-y thing to do, riiiiiiiight?)

People, keeping things from your kids while simultaneously putting them in danger is not a good parenting strategy. Please and thank you.

Though they spin it as a harshness in Sam, I see it as more of a practical way of dealing with their situation. And again, it’s about autonomy. He doesn’t think they have the right to withhold info from someone who just lost their mother and who might one day be in danger again. 

THIS IS WHERE SUPERNATURAL FAILS SAM. I don’t want to be in a club where you have to have Sam!Goggles on to be able to see his perspective!

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I hope y’all like this one. I had so much fun writing it.  

Word count:3427

Summary: The reader and Dean get body switched on a hunt, causing Dean to find out that the reader has a rather heavy crush on his brother.

“Let’s go,” Sam said as he loaded the last bag into the Impala.

I climbed in the back, eager for the fight. We’d tracked the witch to a small cabin not too far from the bunker. He’d disrupted the peace one too many times, and we’d decided that he couldn’t keep on hurting people.

The drive would still take a couple of hours, and Dean entertained himself by teasing me – his favourite pastime at the moment.

“How long since you’ve been on a date, Y/N,” he said.

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