like when he struggles for words

McDanno thoughts...

I don’t know if it’s just me wearing my McDanno shipper goggles, but IMHO throughout the whole episode everybody felt aware of how these relationships (Steve-Lynn, Danny-Melissa) are totally off and of how it would be best to just… switch up the teams.

I think Steve pointed out one of the biggest issues here when he said “Hide your true self from your girlfriend. I’m sure that’s gonna be great for your relationship” and then Danny involuntarily reinforced Steve’s point by saying “I am supposed to be romantic this weekend with her”. They both feel so unlike their true selves when they are with Lynn and Melissa, like they have to force themselves to play a part. It seems like they have to struggle to find the right words to say, the right thing to do. It’s awkward and uncomfortable to watch, I’m sorry, but that’s the way I feel.

We’ve got to know Steve and Danny through these years and we saw they love each other just the way they are, warts and all, they can really be themselves when they are with each other.

We saw that they never have any problems saying/showing to each other how they feel even if there are people around. True feelings are the discriminating factor here. I mean, if Steve’s presence affected Danny so much he couldn’t even talk, if the way Steve was touching him made him use their safe word, it has to mean something, right? As much as Danny finding the silliest reason to distract himself from the double date, as much as Steve following him because, well, he loses his balance when Danny is not there with him. As much as both of them telling Chin they could get back to work in no time… to work, together. The together part sounds always fine to them. Together with Lynn and Melissa around, not so much. I wonder why…

We saw how natural it is for them to say and do the most romantic things for each other. No effort at all, it all comes from their heart, in the most beautiful, simple, natural way.

- Steve booking three nights at the Kahala hotel for Danny and Grace.

- Danny buying a guitar for Steve so he could play the song he never got to play.

- Steve being there for Danny when Charlie was born and, later, when he found out he was his father, that he was robbed of three years with his son. 

- Steve showing up in court when Danny was fighting for Grace’s shared custody. Wearing his dress blues: “It’s for you. I wore it for you”.

- “Maybe you’re not as alone around here as you think, Danno”.

- “I’ll think about you the whole time”.

- “I just want you to be happy, Danny, that’s all“.

- Steve willing to die blown up by a bomb, risking everything to stay with Danny in episode 3x06 (one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen in my life of TV viewer).

- Danny literally giving a part of himself to Steve. 

- North Korea, Afghanistan, Colombia… They would go to the ends of the earth for each other.

- Steve making Hawaii Danny’s home. Danny giving Steve the family he craved for, being the one constant in his life, that one person who would never betray or leave him, unlike so many others, who always chose someone else or something else over him. 

And I could go on and on with the examples.

I think they are so right for each other, they fit together perfectly. I know, they’re two men and it’s not simple, it’s a challenge, it’s risky, but please, at least think about it. They’re so worth a chance.

Okay but does anyone realize that Otabek is probably the first person to acknowledge Yurio’s effort? Everyone else sees the genius with skating skills so far from his peers, but Otabek is the first one who see the Yurio who fights and most importantly HE’S THE FIRST ONE WITH WHOM YURIO SHARE HIS STRUGGLE DURING HIS MOVE TO ST. PETERSBURG (the boy was 10 years old for goodness sake). So yeah, I ship it because these two is another type of (ahem) friends who connect without many words needed. PLEASE DON’T F*CK THIS UP I HAD ENOUGH WITH JJ x YURIO BEFORE!!!


let’s give ‘em something to talk about

jyn/cassian | 3.3k words | rated T | post-movie, au
everyone thinks jyn and cassian are dating, and they’re only half-wrong.
read on: ao3

His first night at home is spent entirely in the med bay, half unconscious most of the time, and only awake to be fussed over and given bacta patches, medicine, stitches, what have you. He hates hospitals, but it’s not like he can get up and walk out.

Jyn comes by his makeshift room – really just a curtain, separating him from Bodhi – late that night when he’s lying in bed struggling to breathe for the nightmares and the injuries.

She looks smaller, silhouetted in the moonlight. Almost fragile, like a dream. Like if he touches her, she’ll shatter.

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Pinball is big business in Japan. Known as pachinko, the multibillion-dollar industry is dominated by Korean Japanese, an immigrant community that has been unwelcome and ill-treated for generations. In her new novel, Pachinko, Min Jin Lee tells the story of one family’s struggle to fit into a society that treats them with contempt.

Lee got the idea for her book when she was still a college student. It was 1989 and she went to a lecture by an American missionary who had been working with the Korean Japanese in Japan. He told a story about a 13-year-old boy who committed suicide. After his death the boy’s parents found his school yearbook.

“And in this yearbook several of his classmates had written things like: Go back to your country,” Lee says. “They had written the words: die, die, die. The parents were born in Japan, the boy was born in Japan. … That story just really could not be more fixed in my brain.”

‘Pachinko’ Is A Family Saga Of Exile, Discrimination … And Japanese Pinball

Autistic Headcanons : Eridan Ampora

-Has a superiority complex like Equius
-what the heck are social cues
-Seriously, guy has no capacity to read people whatsoever. He just launches straight in to whatever it is he needs/wants (very similar to how Jane does)
-He struggles to process emotions on his own so needs to talk them through with other people.
-His typing quirk is based off of something that started off as a vocal stim and has since reinforced itself into a tic. He can’t help but stutter over Vs and Ws.
-The good thing about this is he gets really nice echolalia from W words! (He likes making wuhwuhwuh sounds to himself when no one is around)
-Generally not too sensitive to touch but h a t e s anyone touching his hair
-His clothing is all stim related; heavy jumper and scarf are both pressure stims and the scarf and cape are both materials he loves to touch
-Flapping his cape about is also a fun stim!
-He spends most of his time on land because the feeling of being underwater is really disorientating for him (and Sensory Hell for his hair and gills)
-He likes shiny things and likes to collect them, his rings for example
-Special interest in cryptids. Tell me i’m wrong.
-He is the guy who will spend hours proving the nonexistance of troll Bigfoot by scouring the internet for every scrap of information on it.
-This plus hoarding is why he has so many wands (magic isnt real so let me jusT TEST EVERY WAND TO PROVE IT)
-He also has a special interest in tactics and game mechanics, similar to Vriska but more focussed on crafting legitimate strategies.


THIS HAS BEEN BOTHERING THE HELL OUT OF ME! As literally all of you know cultural appropriation is and has been a huge problem in kpop. HUGE. Its to the point where some people are just leaving the fandom all together. But thats not what this is about. THIS is about the reactions. Mainly the people reacting to the people who get offended. The other day i was legit screaming at the fact that Youngbae had the nerve to say that he wanted to experience the black struggle in order to make better music. Boy. How you gonna use another persons culture and struggle to benefit yourself? And someone told me to get over it. Its not that big of a deal. Same with Jimin from AOA when she said the N word and i was told i shouldnt be offended its just a word. Like how are you to tell me a black kpop fan that someone using a racial slur isnt bad and i shouldnt be offended? Now i mention this because its completely different when it comes to k fans. No tea. No shade. Buttttt every time something happens to k fans yall are quick to defend. “We shouldnt tell them how to feel since we cant relate to why its offensive!” AND YET YALL LEGIT KNOW WHY THE N WORD IS OFFENSIVE AND WILLINGLY CHOOSE TO TELL US “Get over it. Its just a word” or yall throw the “Theyre korean they dont know its a bad word.” Lee Hi legit said it on a broadcast and immediately apologized and said that it was a bad word and she shouldnt say it. They know. Some of them dont know and i acknowledge that but alot of them do. That being said 1: STOP DEFENDING IDOLS WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING PROBLEMATIC “oh he just wants to relate to black people thats it” i should slap some sense into yo ignorant ass 2: STOP TELLING BLACK KPOP FANS AND OTHER NON BLACK POC KPOP FANS THAT THEY SHOULDNT BE OFFENDED WHEN THEIR CULTURE IS APPROPRIATED. You have NO SAY in what offends and what does not offend another person 3: STOP ONLY SIDING WITH K FANS AND TREATING THEM LIKE THEYRE BABIES THAT NEED TO BE PROTECTED. Its legit the same situation except theyre korean and were not. and finally 4: Stop being ignorant. Shit. I know its not easy but damn. Yall needs all the sense knocked smooth into ya skull. NEVER MIND ONE MORE! CAN YALL STOP USING AAVE WRONG?! YALL MAKIN US NOT WANT TO USE IT ANYMORE LIKE DAMN Anyway thats all for tea time. Tune in next time when i literally try to eradicate the koreaboo population from the earth

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i wrote something

[it wasn’t requested but here you guys go xx]

its being with him that gave ‘actions speak louder than words’ a real meaning to me. he tries hard, but i know its a struggle for him to express how he feels to me. but i know he tries. i can tell.
its when he huffs and rolls his eyes at my jokes that i know.

its how he holds me close to him when we’re at a table with his friends. how his hand rests atop of my my thigh, while his thumb strokes my skin, sometimes bare and other times through the material of what i’m wearing. sometimes his hand will skid down my leg until he’s touching my skin again, because he can’t let my skirt stop him from feeling my skin under his fingertips.

its how he always needs to be touching me, like to make sure i’m still by his side. if its not a hand on my thigh, its around my waist or holding my own hand, our fingers intertwined.

he loves hugs, or hugging me i guess. he really loves that. i think he enjoys way too much the fact that i’m shorter than him. he’ll kiss my forehead before resting his chin on top of my head as we wraps his arms around me. he’ll hold me for God knows how long and when he pulls back, he’ll be fighting really hard to hold back the huge smile that’s trying to break out because he always feels better after hugging me. he’ll hug me when he’s frustrated because of school. when he’s sad his hugs are really long. i know he won’t want to talk for a while, or at all. he’ll just want to hold me until he doesn’t feel as bad.

its the smile he smiles back after i laugh at something he says, even if i’m making fun of him.

its the way he kisses me. his lips are almost always chapped but that doesn’t stop him from making my head spin with his kisses.

its how he holds my face, thumbs stroking my cheeks when we kiss softly. his soft kisses are the best, he’s always so gentle but still sensual at the same time (when needed).

its how he grips my hips when we’re making out. he’ll hold me tightly, his hands will make their way down my body, stopping at my ass to give it a firm, hard squeeze before doing the same to my thighs. then he’ll stop being rough and it’ll just be slow and tender caresses on my skin. he’s not much of a tongue guy when it comes to making out, but fuck, he knows how to use it.

its how his lips will move down my neck at an agonizingly slow pace. biting, kissing, sucking at the skin, bruising it just enough for it to be noticeable, but not enough for me to have to cover it up.

its how he’ll hold me when we’re alone, in bed, making sure he’s touching my skin. whether it be by tracing my patterns up and dow my back, along my hips, down my thighs.

its how he’ll burry his head in my neck after i’ve taken a shower. he’ll breathe in and out, his warm breath tickling my neck. i’ll squirm in his arms and tell him it tickles. he’ll laugh and blow on my skin, holding me tighter as he does so. then he’ll be kissing me neck, soft, wet kisses across my skin, still tender from the scolding hot water of my shower.

its how we don’t need to talk for hours when we’re together. he just needs to be holding me, touching me.

“what are you doing to me, princess?” he’ll whisper as he kisses up my neck, bruising the skin right below my jaw. he’ll then trail kisses along my jawline before finally reaching my lips. upon which he’ll plant a thousand soft kisses before pulling back and looking into my eyes.

“hmm” he’ll mumble again. “you’ll be the death of me.”

its then i know how much he loves me.

Soft and Gentle (Emmett Cullen x Reader)

Prompt: “Hi! Can I have an Emmett Cullen One shot where the reader is his (human) wife. He’s his usual big and intimidating, but when she admits to him that she’s pregnant he turns all soft and gentle” (requested)

Word Count: 690 {struggling to write more, are we?}

 A/N: thanks to @paigeywinkle for requesting this! Sorry for taking so long with this! I love Emmett and this is how I imagine he would react, I hope you like it! 

 (Y/N)’s POV

I could feel my heartbeat getting faster by every second, my hands were sweaty and I was struggling to breathe. I rubbed my face in an attempt of waking myself up as if everything was a dream; of course, nothing happened, it was real.

I stared at the pregnancy test that was lying on top of the bathroom counter, I grabbed it, closed my eyes and sighed preparing me for whatever the result was; I opened my eyes and just stared in awe at the two lines in the test, I was pregnant.

Suddenly I didn’t know how to feel, in a way I was happy, I’m going to have a child with the man I love but on the other hand, I was scared, we knew what happens when you get pregnant with a vampire, and I had to tell Emmett.

I hide the test, I didn’t want Emmett to find it without an explanation before, and I was going to show it to him anyways.

I walked through the school hallways with Emmett by my side, I looked at him, his big muscled body looked enormous next to mine, his face showed no emotion whatsoever, and even if his face looked childish with his dimples and his childlike grins when we were outside his demeanor changes and he likes to be intimidating to everyone;  I knew it was just a look he likes to give to everyone and that with me he is the biggest dork, but it still scared me to think about his reaction when he finds out the truth.

“Emmett” I whispered but I knew that he heard me because he looked at me “we need to talk, later”

His face became more serious if that was possible.

“Ok, we’ll talk” he winked at me and continued to look forward.

The day went by and school was finished, finally, when we got to the house I quickly made my way upstairs to my room, Emmett came through the door after a few minutes.

“What’s wrong?” he sat on the bed gesturing for me to sit down next to him, and that’s what I did.

“Please, don’t freak out” hi tilted his head and raised an eyebrow.

“Is something wrong, (Y/N)?” he asked grabbing my hand “Is someone bothering you? You know that I can’t take care of that bastard”

“Emmett, I’m pregnant” the words came out quicker than I expected. I looked at his face, his expression got softer but he remained quiet.

“Oh” he sighed and I could feel my heart pounding inside of my body, suddenly I was wrapped in his strong arms, confused I put my arms around his torso.

“I’m feeling so many things at the same time I think Jasper is going to explode” he whispered in my ear which made me laugh softly.

He pulled me away from his body a little so we could see each other’s faces; he had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face, making me smile.

“We are going to get through this; we already know the drill, babe” he gave me a peck on the lips “I’m going to make everything I can so you can be safe” he gave me another kiss “I’m going to be by your side every goddamn day you will have to beg me to go away” another kiss “I love you, (Y/N)”

Then he suddenly pressed lifted me in his arms and turned around making us both laugh, he hugged me tightly before setting me down on the bed and coming closer to press a hand to my belly and caressed it gently, he got closer to it and kissed it.

“I will be the best dad ever, I promise” he whispered looking at my belly “I’m going to teach you how to fight like your dad; you will be the best fighter ever”

“No you won’t” I cut off his speech and he looked at me with a disappointed look on his face.

“But babe…” he whined but quickly pulled me into another embrace and kissed me. “We are going to be the best family ever”

Perfectly Imperfect | Drabble.

pairing: Jungkook x Reader
word count: 1027 words
genre: fluff??? angst??
a/n: idk what this is so i hope you enjoy it anyway! Also, would this qualify as a oneshot or drabble? who knows.

When your coworker asks you why you stick around you struggle because… Why? How do you put into words that he’s your whole world and it’d be like giving away your heart and soul if you no longer got to wake up and know he loves you of all people.

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❝ Flu, pajamas and Naruto’s manga  ❞

Plot:  When you’re sick and don’t tell your boyfriend Leeteuk. He finds out and gets so upset and angry at you that he storms home to only melt when he sees how’s sick and cute you look in bed. 


Words count: 1.2k+

For this cutie @vintage-misery16, I hope you like it! M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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The flu sucks.

Is the only thing you can think of while your headache increases and your continued putting up with your nose make you feel like when you were a baby, a little girl struggling with the worst flu ever.

You observe the desolation of tissues around you, thinking that you couldn’t clean up that mess even with the last shred of strength that you have left in your body. You cough, having to lay a hand on your head because of the pangs that cough causes you, throwing then head against the pillow staring with vacuous gaze at the ceiling.

Everything would be so much nicer if you could get Leeteuk close to you, but you “inadvertently omitted” to your boyfriend how bad you were. You don’t want to worry him nor make him sick, then you have preferred to avoid to tell him and force him to be your personal nurse.

The voice of your favorite actor captures your attention, which is still very low due to the fever that inflames your head, body and even your toes, trying somehow to follow the drama’s episode you’re watching at that time. 

You sneeze, mentally cursing, taking the cell phone hidden in the folds of the bed sheets by sending a message to your sister. You’re practically begging her to take cough syrup and any medicine useful for the fever and you hope that she’ll accept your prayer as soon as possible.

“But why me… Aaah, I hurt everywhere. ” You complain, turning angrily off the television and putting you sitting impatiently. You look back to the tissues “graveyard” and with a sigh start collect them all, by pouring it into the bucket that you keep appropriately and beside the bed. Behold, now you think your living space has improved by a thousand times and go back to wind up yourself under the covers, hiding beneath them.

You’re about to fall asleep when you hear Leeteuk’s voice in the living room but for a moment you think it’s just the fever that can make you see and feel untrue things.


You arch an eyebrow and think it’s impossible that your mind produces a scenario so apocalyptic, so you completely hide under the covers so that nobody can see you. Of course they can see you but fever fails to make you think straight, so you keep quiet and plug your mouth to not issue a single sound.


“Oppa!” You groan in pain, moving just the covers so you discover only the eyes and the tip of your small and thin nose. You look at him and you realize that it isn’t a vision, but it’s so angry that you’d rather go hide under the covers. And it’s what you do, accepting the darkness of that lucky “fortress” with joy.

“Y/N” He screams again and catches you completely, you scream blinded by the sudden light and cover your face with your arms, feeling humiliated for wearing Pajamas at that time. Cats and flannel aren’t considered very sexy and you always tried to show a more “sexy” side in his presence, avoiding with panic to get him to even a glimpse of your Pajamas for the “flu”.

You squeeze your eyes hard, preparing you to his rant but the seconds pass and you don’t hear nothing from him. So you reopen only the left eye, watching as he stops beside the bed and looks at you, almost out of place compared to the fury that seemed just before


“Oppa.. Are you done yelling? ”

“Yes.. ” He whispers and back to cover  you with blankets, swelling them right under you so you don’t even have a body part discoveries except the face and part of your shoulders. You seem more like a Mummy at the time, but it’s nice to feel that that “bundle” causes you.

He sits down next to you and starts to slide your forehead, moving away some hair stuck to the skin because of the slight veil of sweat pearls your skin. You look at him and smile, releasing the arm from under the covers and going to shake his hand in yours. You softly pat with your thumb on the back of his hand, that hand so often attracted you to him or touch lightly you in ways prohibited as just sweet, continuing to watch him with a small, almost shy smile.

“Oppa… What.. How did you do that? ”

“You sent the message to me and not your sister… You must be really gripped with high fever if you mess up recipient that way ”

You puff and start coughing, having to turn your face so as not to get your bacteria on him. However you don’t want to get him sick and you don’t mind that your forgetfulness, or rather your confusion due to fever, he returned home in spite of your influence.

“What are you staring at? And why did you suddenly stopped screaming before Oppa? ”

“How do you expect that can feel me seeing you in this state hate!”

“Disgusted… I’m a monster. ”

You let yourself get away and a little pinch on your cheek making you moan with pain, so you gave him your best death glare and pinch him back into the side that extends directly towards your hand.

“If you’re a monster right now, then at your best what are you? Don’t answer, I already know… Now get some rest while I take care of you. ”

“What if you g–” You rarly to say but a sneeze shakes you and you hide your face again the tissue, wondering who the heck did you get a health so precarious. You start fidgeting in bed desperate, causing him to nearly fall out of bed, and screaming at the ceiling all your frustration and anger. You hate being sick but especially hate having to be stuck in the house all the time.

“Jagiya. Now you stay quite, calm and rest or I swear I’ll destroy all your Naruto’s manga in one fell swoop. ”


“Don’t test me kid.”

And with those last words he swipes his lips gently against your forehead, making to you an amused wink, then he gets up and puts another package of tissue on the bed next to you.


“Yes, but at least I’m sure you rest… Threaten Naruto is always the fastest way to get something from you. ”

You fix him and throw against him the package of tissue. Yes, the flu is now the thing you hate most in the world. Maybe more than your obnoxious boyfriend.

Imagine Alec scaring you

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Neither of you knew when it got to this.
You and Alec were fighting.

You didn’t appreciate his consistent distant and cold attitude to you then expect you to be affectionate to him only when he pleased. You were stunned when he shoved you into the wall behind you…and so was Alec.
He hadn’t pushed you hard yet that didn’t matter. He had no right to put his hands on you, even he knew that.
“I-” Alec couldn’t muster out any words. You slid away from him slowly, small sobs escaping you.
“No, please… don’t…don’t do that.” Alec felt an instant overpowering wave of desperation and grabbed you before you could reach his bedroom door. He couldnt let you leave, not like this.

You began to struggle, attempting to push him away, but he was having none of it. He needed you to hear his apology, he needed you to see his remorse. He swung you away from the wall before walking you toward his bed, making you fall onto it, him landing on top of you gently. You struggled more and more begging him to stop. You wanted to leave, you were terrified of what he could do next.
Even if Alec’s intentions were innocent enough, it didn’t change how overpowering he was being.
He pinned your hands above your head before whispering pleadingly into your ear how sorry he was.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’d never hurt you, please stop.” He pressed kisses to your cheek and jaw as he continued to plead.

After a while you both just lay there silently. He had let go of your wrists and had his arm wrapped around your waist.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked quietly looking into your eyes. You nodded. “I’m fine. Are you?”
Alec didn’t answer, his grip tightened slightly.
“Its okay, I just got a fright.”
“No it’s not. I should have handled this a whole lot better. I should never have put my hands on you. I can’t even believe I got so frightened of you leaving that I forcibly pinned you to my bed. That is wrong (Y/N). I’ll never forgive myself for that.”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know it was wrong, you won’t do it again.” “I’m not used to … relationships.”
“I know.”
“That’s not an excuse.”
“For this time and this one time only…it is. I saw your face Alec, you were horrified when you pushed me into that wall.” Alecs grip tightened on you again. “You are one hundred percent forgiven. I’ll always forgive you.” You slowly put your lips to his. “You’re…too…forgiving…too nice…” He mumbled against your lips.
“Only for you.”

((This is weird behaviour Alec, lets just settle down. xD))

Rookie Mistakes - Jason Todd x Reader

Request: It’s not a Christmas prompt so I was wondering if you could write about Jason’s finding out there’s a new vigilante in town and stalking her outside her costume? Like he intentionally bump into her and flirt and later convince her not to do that stuff because it’s dangerous? Also while fighting alongside her at night without her knowing it’s him?

Sorry this took so long love! I’m a terrible human being who can’t force herself to write on a regular basis. But hey! It’s longer than most of them!

Words: 1024

He’d met you on the rooftops a week ago.

You’d been struggling to beat up one of Penguin’s goons when Jason had shown up and given you some much needed assistance. By the way you’d been fighting, Jason figured you were new to the vigilante game.

And no offense to you, but you really shouldn’t be fighting in the first place. This city is full of thugs and villains who won’t hesitate to kill a would-be superhero if given the chance. And if you keep fighting like you were the other night, you will get killed.

The thug had knocked you to the ground and was prepared to shoot. He would have killed you had Jason not shot the gun out of the thug’s hand at the last second. While the thug was distracted by his weapon disappearing, you pulled your foot behind his leg and knocked him to the ground.

Jason knocked the guy out before turning to help you to your feet.

“Name’s Red Hood,” he’d said when you took his hand. “You looked like you could use some help.”

“I had it under control,” you huffed as he pulled you up.

“Sure you did, Princess.”

“It’s Impact, thank you for asking.”

“Oh, excuse me. Princess Impact.”

You shot him a slight death glare that would have been more intimidating had you not been wearing a mask. “Are you going to take him in, or should I?”

“I’ll get him,” he said as he walked over to the unconscious thug. “You know, you really shouldn’t be out here alone. This is dangerous work.”

“Thanks for the advice, Red, but that seems pretty hypocritical of you. Since you’re running around out here alone.”

“But the thing is, Princess—”


“—I actually know what I’m doing. You’ll get yourself killed if you keep up like this,” he picked up the thug and slung him over his shoulder. “For your own good, leave this crazy game now.”

“I know you fight for something, Mr. Red Hood. And I want you to know I’m fighting for something, too. And I won’t give it up that easily,” you said before disappearing off the side of the building.

Worry had crept up in Jason’s stomach. He had to convince you to leave this life before it was too late. But who were you really?

Just as he was about to carry the thug to the GCPD, he noticed something lying on the rooftop where you’d been knocked down. He bent over and picked up a broken hair tie with a couple of strands of hair clinging to it. He smirked to himself.

This is how he would find you.

With a sigh of exhaustion you plop down into your couch. Work had left you absolutely exhausted, and you’re still sore from last week’s exciting encounter, but you’re still determined to patrol the city tonight. You even have your costume laid out on the coffee table ready to go.

You just need a nap first.

It feels like you’re eyes have only been closed for a few seconds when a tapping on your window startles you. You open your eyes to see what it is only to see that you’re sitting in darkness.

Apparently you did take a nap.

The tapping on your window continues while your eyes adjust and wake up. You stand up and make your way towards the window, swearing to yourself when you stumble over your shoes and your shin rams the coffee table.

By the time you make it to the window, the tapping is really starting to annoy you. You fling the window up without looking out first. You’re prepared to shoo away a random bird or something. So when a familiar red hood pops his head in your apartment, you can’t help but scream in surprise and stumble backwards into the couch.

“You missing something, Princess?” the Red Hood asks as he crawls into your living room.

“What are you—”

“Y/N L/N, I’ve come here to tell you that being Impact is a very bad idea.”

“This city needs help—wait,” you knit your eyebrows together. “How did you—”

“Find out who you really are? Why, I’m holding it in my hand,” he flashes a hair tie at you; you swear you can practically hear the smirk under his hood. As soon as you recognize where it came from, your eyes widen, and you glance at your costume on the coffee table. “First rule of playing hero,” he says, “Never leave evidence behind.”

“And why do you care so much? What does it matter to you whether I patrol the city or not? There are at least five of you out there on a regular basis. What’s one more?”

“The difference is that we have all been trained for this. It’s no place for an innocent. You can make a difference some other way.”

“If it bothers you that much, then train me,” you say. You’re really starting to lose patience with this guy.

“What?” Red Hood actually looks surprised.

“I said if it bother you that much, train me yourself,” you stand up and walk up to him so that your chest is only a few inches away from his. Even though you still have to crane your neck up to look at his face, you feel more confident than you did before. “Train me. Because I promise that no amount of ‘convincing’ will prevent me from trying to change this city.”

The two of you stare at each other for several minutes in silence. The tension between the two of you is thick enough you could cut it with a knife. When the Red Hood speaks, he’s raised his hands to his helmet.

“Fine,” he says before taking off the mask to reveal an extremely handsome young man with a white streak in his hair and blue-green eyes that show much more age than his body. “I can tell you’re serious about this. So my name is Jason, and I’ll be your vigilante mentor. Our first lesson will be ‘How to Not Get Killed in Action.’”

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I'm feeling super conscious of my appearance and weight and just altogether insecure. I was wondering if chubby John could make a come back? Like maybe a chubby alpha john being comforted, but at the same time being conflicted because he feels like he's being too emotional for an alpha?

Alex, in John’s mind, was a perfect omega. He was fierce, independent, and loving. He fit perfectly in John’s lap, knew exactly which buttons to push for the best sex for both of them, and knew John’s moods as well as his own.

When John came home from work, struggling to hide his humiliation and his tears, Alex knew. He always knew. He pulled John to the couch without a word, taking his bag and dropping it on a chair. He pushed John to lay down, and when he did, Alex put one knee on the couch and kissed him. They shared a few more kisses and when a tear escaped, John brought a hand up to wipe it away. Alex frowned at him.

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"I love you. I'll protect you! Nothing will harm you and if it does, then it shall pay! I love you so deeply. Close your eyes now. Sleep... You can not be harmed when you stay asleep." - [Insert character]

Luciano pressed the rag even tighter against her nose as she struggled under him. Why wouldn’t she listen to him? Did his sweet words really fall deaf on her ears. Now that just wouldn’t do. But he did have to admit it that the face she was making, was simply lovely.

She cried uncontrollably and tried to kick him, but eventually fell into peaceful slumber. Just like he wanted her too. He hugged her close for a moment, before quickly picking her up bridal style and walking towards his car, putting her in the backseat, tying her up, before he started to drive.

He chuckled and Kissed her unresponsive lips, gently. She tasted so sweet. He wanted her now. But he would wait until he got home. All things git better with waiting but he wasn’t a patient man.

“You’ll never leave me now, bella~”

That was the last thing he said before he started driving towards their home.


Happier (Jelena Drabble)

Third Person’s POV


He was in a different continent and yet somehow, she was the one person he ran into.

And just his luck, she wasn’t alone.

It felt as if there was a fist wrapped around his heart when he saw her laughing and smiling in another man’s arms.

It had only been a month since their split and he was struggling to adjust to a life without her yet here she was with someone else.

He felt his lungs constrict when he realized her smile was twice as large with this new man than it ever was with him.

She was happier with this person.

She was happier without him.

He watched as she walked inside a bar with him, the words being whispered in her ear making her laugh.

He knew he shouldn’t be feeling like this.

He had hurt her more than anyone else in her life ever could but that was because he loves her more than anyone ever would.

He gave her his everything. When it came to her, he lost control of his emotions; he lost control of himself.

He wanted to be selfish.

He wanted to blame her for moving on and leaving him in the dust and maybe the old him would have.

But he had matured now and in that maturity he only wanted the best for her.

He couldn’t blame her for moving on.

He had hurt her one too many times. He wanted her to be the happiest she could be and if that was with someone else then so be it.

He understood where she was coming from.

He followed them into the bar, solely because it was the only one around and he needed a drink, and found a seat in the corner.

He hated that everything reminded him of her.

The song playing, the drink in his hand…

Everything. Her ghost was always there; haunting him.

He drank so much that he didn’t even realize he was currently nursing an empty bottle.

He looked at the silhouette next to him.

“You’re happier, aren’t you? With him?”

It was only when he blinked and she disappeared that he came to the conclusion the alcohol had made him hallucinate.

She was never there.

But he knew the answer to his question already. She didn’t need to answer it for him.

Yes. She was definitely happier with this new man.

The fog in his head made him rethink his earlier thoughts.

He needed her more than anyone else ever will.

He knew that he didn’t deserve her, not anymore.

There were other people more worthy of her but that didn’t stop the way he felt about her.

He was in love with her.

He always would be.

He closed his eyes and saw her smile again. The way her red lips curved upwards to reveal her teeth and her chocolate eyes lit up.

She really did look happier.

His friends kept telling him that one day he would feel it too.

That one day he would be just as happy as she was but he doubted it.

He would smile at them to hide the truth.

Because even though she was happier with another man, he was happier with her.

He always knew that one day she would have moved on; that one day she might fall in love with someone new but he also knew that he would break her heart eventually.

All lovers hurt each other eventually.

And when that day came, he would be waiting with open arms for her.

He had changed. He would be the one to make her the happiest.





This was short but I really wanted to do this even though I have no time.

Hope you liked it.

Flip, I still can’t get over how good of an episode 129 was, and how well they handled Yuya slowly being taken over by Zarc.

This post will just be my random thoughts so please don’t pay mind to any typos, missing words, or how incoherent it may be/is. :”D

Yuya’s internal struggle was portrayed so well.

Like Yuya not talking much, as it goes back to him trying to keep Zarc from taking over, the only times Yuya does talk is if it’s his turn in the Duel or if Zarc is speaking through him.

That moment when Leo almost beat Yuya but then Yuya grabbed an action card, everyone knew that Yuya was in control then, and how after lands he just stood there. He gathered up enough will power to move around quickly and swiftly to save himself but one may have guessed it probably took a toll on him.

Or when after Reiji said that he would save Yuya, we learned that Yuya can’t let his guard for NOTHING or else Zarc would take control, thus that scene with Yuya yelling in pain and then talking about getting back his true form.

Yuya being talked down by Yuzu…people seem to think it was JUST Yuzu but I kinda feel it’s a combination of EVERYONE trying to calm Yuya down though I do think Yuzu’s word made more of an impact. As someone as jokingly(?) “music soothed the beast“ or something along those lines, and yeah in a way it kinda did.

But I feel that there are few reasons why Yuzu’s words had more impact.

1. Yuzu and Yuya are very close, so much that one could probably say they harbor feelings for each other. They care so much for each other, it only makes sense for her words to be stronger

2. Like Yusho basically said, Yuzu and her Counterparts help keep the Yu boys from being near each other. I wouldn’t be surprised if their presence also calmed the boys.

And…this probably goes with the first thing I said, you could just SEE how hurt Yuzu looked. How she was stuck in a tube only to sit and watch her best friend hurting and suffering.

I don’t know, this whole post is just random thoughts of mine. Speaking of which, I kinda feel that the scene where we see Yuya struggling to break free of the card effect, not sure why but I kinda feel that it’s Yuya and Zarc talking.

Either way it’ll be cool to see what Zarc/Yuya does in the next episode and how he’ll break free or what’ll he’ll do.

The Horrors Of Spring | Prologue

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                       Words: 1066

A/N: I’ve had this in the works for a while, and despite my post about giving up on fics and the like, I’ve decided to try and get my depressed ass out of the gutter and not let it go to waste. I hope anyone who’s interested in this new fic can understand if I struggle, but I hope to update this regularly and that you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think!

           “We all have one foot in a fairy tale, and the other in the abyss.”

                                                   – Paulo Coelho

Lucy watched as dust motes floated through the wandering rays of moonlight. The chamber was so old yet it was always kept in immaculate condition. She didn’t know where the tiny particles had come from. Perhaps they’d floated down from the open skylight.

She looked up, her eyes skimming past the ancient paintings of the constellations that adorned the domed ceiling and coming to rest on the patch of cloudy night sky directly above her. The firelight was dim in the chamber, causing her eyes to sting when she looked to the sky. The moon was hidden by some stray clouds, but it wouldn’t be forever.

Her time was running out.

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Omg the cheating scenario you just did was amazing ;3; when you have the time can you make one for the Mukami's?

[Mun] マリ: I suppose you mean the scenario regarding the way they try to win back their lover after they cheat on her, right? Hope you like it!

Ruki would seem as stoic as usual on the outside when approaching his lover, but he would be having excruciating moral debates going on inside of his head, and he starts realising that he cannot simply keep her out of his thoughts, even if he’s merely taking someone else’s blood. What is he to do now that he has completely ruined the confidential bond with her? As his lover approaches him, Ruki, quite frankly, gets nervous and struggles finding the right words to apologise to her. If his lover accepts his apologies, Ruki will gladly take her into his arms for a little while. If she does not, he’ll get angry with her as he thinks about not having her in his vicinity, and he’ll therefore just manipulate her into doing so by means of (sexual) punishment.

Yuma would take out his frustration on his upset lover by yelling and pointing his finger at her, yet not physically harming her, until she starts crying. This wouldn’t be his intention, but sometimes he feels like he cannot do anything but blame her for his foolish actions and make her feel guilty to make himself feel less guilty. Quite selfish. In the aftermath of the argument, Yuma will hesitantly try to get closer to his lover and hug her as he mutters his apologies, realising that he desperately needs her in his life and should therefore not threaten their relationship. This is why he does not give his lover a choice in the matter; he’ll insist he makes it up to her and treats her like a princess, even for a little while, so she, at that moment, has no reason to leave him.

Kou would initially joke around when she confronts him about his dishonesty, but get extremely upset after a little while, telling her that she’s simply wrong about him; it wasn’t technically adultery because it was only the other’s blood he was concerned with, according to the vampire. This would result in a heated argument, at the end of which Kou would forcefully pull her close and, regardless of whether he convinced her or not, start whispering perverse things in her ear. To his satisfaction, Kou’s lover would not feel in the position to deny him. Depending on how upset she is with him, they’ll end up having either slow, passionate make up sex or angry sex.

Azusa would instantly realise he made a mistake by committing adultery, or, rather, doing anything that comes even the slightest bit close to it, and he would therefore tell his lover himself, almost right away, as his guilt would make him unable to keep it to himself. If it’s a really severe case of adultery, he would consider begging his lover for her forgiveness, telling her that she’s too good to him instead of guilt tripping her. There would be a really big chance his lover will give in to him, either as a result of empathy or her finding out that Azusa was not actually dishonest with her, but was only afraid that he was or would be. Whatever might be said and done, the two would nearly always end up cuddling.

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Either Nienor or Turin!

Apologies for the super-late reply, but as I mentioned, I wanted to finish re-reading CoH again first in order to do them justice, bc I haven’t read it in ages and when I did, I did it super fast and amid a jumble of other shit. SO ANYWAY:


1-3 things I enjoy about them

-His whole smorgasbord of kindness, pity, empathy, fairness, as such strong character traits, which he’s quite open and outspoken and insightful about in words as well as actions, but which constantly get either tangled and tripped or just trampled and drowned by his other more negative traits due to the triangulation of circumstances that is basically the whole book

-His…desperation? The way he’s like, fleeing, fighting, challenging, silencing, struggling, scrambling, with every choice-persona-name-disguise and down every route and in every direction and into the middle of every arena - anything, anything, to not be caught by the doom, though what the doom means, and what being caught by it means, isn’t even a concrete thing or anything that can be properly contrasted against an alternative, but it involves the most human things, the horror of senseless misery, and of the unfathomable forces of the world hunting one’s footsteps, and he eventually winds up doing so many bad things and causing so much collateral damage but never calculated, just incapable of changing the circumstances of the world including the Doom in which he exists, and incapable of changing everything about himself as he exists, and incapable of avoiding the conflagration the combination makes

-The way that the existence of the narrative of his life turns almost everything he says and does into a terrible tasteless pun or something. The number of lines next to which you could write “ba-dum-tish!” like an asshole if you really wanted to

Something interesting about them based on tenuous circumstantial evidence

Like. He and Galadriel probably knew each other in Doriath? It just feels like such a weird combination, but with distinct overlaps as well.

A question I have about them

How did he feel about his unborn child? Was he more afraid about something that dependent and helpless being entrusted to him of all people, or more hopeful that things might work out better now that he wasn’t so unattached, or more in denial, or…?

A random relevant line I like

Just one? Goddddd okay fine how about one that’s kind of off the beaten path:

“Therefore, out of sight in the underwood, Turin made a great noise of stamping and crashing, and then he cried in a loud voice, as if leading many men: ‘Ha! Here we find them! Follow me all! Out now, and slay!’

At that many of the orcs looked back in dismay, and then out came Turin leaping, waving as if to men behind […]

[…] At last they halted on the bank, and Dorlas, leader of the woodmen, said: ‘You are swift in the hunt, lord; but your men are slow to follow.’

‘Nay,’ said Turin, ‘we all run together as one man, and will not be parted.’”

Guhhhhh I can probably count the number of funny moments in this book on like one hand and I love this one so much given that it follows one of the bleakest parts

My preferred version, if there is more than one version of their story (or part of their story)

The full version is better, ofc.

Favorite relationship(s)

Ev…ery…one…? No really, his relationship with basically every character he meets and interacts with meaningfully is pretty much the main point of a lot of the book. I guess I would just say more emphasis on the non-Beleg characters! I mean, I love his relationship with Beleg too, but I think the fandom overemphasis on it in comparison to the other characters is unwarranted. Oh yeah, also I want to know more about his relationship with Thingol and Melian!

How would they react to Tom Bombadil

I think he’d be, kind of disturbed actually, maybe even obscurely offended. Especially with Tom’s, attitude, worldview. Wow. Um. Have we found the most polar-opposite characters in the legendarium?

Optional: Something about them that I think people forget

How smart and reasonable and genuinely insightful a lot of his speech is. It tends to get drowned out by his drama and his….stuff but I think the contrast makes things better, the drama doesn’t diminish the meaningfulness of his other lines.


1-3 things I enjoy about them

-Her boldness and stubbornness and clearness of thought (which makes Glaurung’s wiping of her memory all the worse, I think, for the contrast)

-As Niniel, her delight and curiosity and eagerness in learning about the world all around her - especially given the time and place of this story, and how there is war and desolation and fear and ugliness all around, but the world is still the world, and has so many things!!! Good things!! And ofc, the inwards reference, to the Awakening of Men etc.

-I love her trick to follow Morwen, and I feel like she did this kind of thing more than just the once, especially back in Dor-Lomin where they had to traffic in a lot of sneaking and secrecy for survival

Something interesting about them based on tenuous circumstantial evidence

Even though she never met him, she was probably taller than her dad :)

A question I have about them

What was her life in Dor-lomin like? Given her personality, I don’t think she would have coped by outwardly diminishing herself like probably Aerin, but of course she also probably couldn’t do all the things she felt like doing or she’d have been dead long ago

A random relevant line I like

“Mourning you named me, but I shall not mourn alone, for father, brother, and mother. But of these you only have I known, and above all do I love. And nothing that you fear not do I fear.”

My preferred version, if there is more than one version of their story (or part of their story)

The full version shows her character a LOT better

Favorite relationship(s)

Morwen, Turin, Mablung

How would they react to Tom Bombadil

Ooooh before or after the memory wipe? Before, I think she’d be interested but after a while get impatient. After, she would get along with him really well and try to convince him to tell her everything.

Optional: Something about them that I think people forget

“Tall and strong she seemed; for of great stature were those of Hador’s house, and thus clad in Elvish raiment she matched well with the guards, being smaller only than the greatest among them.”