like when he struggles for words

little things i like about michael
  • when he gets excited he either gets super loud or can’t form words at all
  • the face he makes when fans kiss him on the cheek
  • how he always plays with the same bracelet in interviews
  • he always looks for the best in people
  • how his eyes legit have a sparkle in them
  • he sometimes forgets lyrics, but he doesn’t care
  • he’s not ashamed of the stuff he likes (anime, video games, pokemon, etc.)
  • his relationship with his parents
  • sweater paws
  • he goes out of his way to meet fans even if he’s in the middle of being mobbed
  • he’s not afraid to talk about his own struggles with mental illness
  • he’s got a squishy tummy
  • always making jokes about balls
  • he gets so excited over fan gifts and is genuinely grateful
  • he supports marriage equality
  • he’s such a NOOB
  • how he’s fallen off stage more times than he should, but still isn’t embarrassed by it
  • he writes in a completely dark room
  • he tried to throw a water bottle to fans but instead dented a car
  • he’s so bouncy even in acoustic shows
  • he’s always taking his pants off
  • he has a special relationship with each of the boys
  • how much passion he puts into singing wayf 
  • he’d always rather be sleeping
  • he gave luke twenty bucks to go away once
  • he’s sarcastic, but never rude or mean
  • he can go to cute little kitten to a sex god in .02 seconds
  • he walked around tokyo with a damn pokemon hat on all day
  • he tried to spin his mic but ended up flinging it across the stage
  • he knocked over his microphone while singing and then couldn’t pick it up
  • his front teeth are slightly bigger but that’s okay because i love them
  • how he squints and throws his head back when he laughs
  • he’s got sausage fingers
  • he’s so sentimental he got a tattoo meaning ‘home’
  • he’s always screaming (even if he’s waking up poor calum)
  • the boy is ticklish 
  • his epic jacket collection
  • he has so much love in his heart

let’s be honest, this list could go on forever and ever


A guy came up to me and he was like who is your favorite artist, and like most people do when they ask you that, he didn’t really want to listen to what my answer was. And he continued about a struggle to recognize who he said was the greatest of all time. He said, I mean is it Shakespeare, is it Frost, is it Picasso, Michelangelo, Beethoven. So finally, I kindly smiled and said, okay, sir you asked me who is The Greatest of All Time, now you tried to share yours, so let me share mine. x

you love the hate that we share

I think this is the most antagonistic version of Stiles and Derek I’ve ever written. It was surprisingly fun.

Sterek high school AU,  ~5.7k words, rated T. Title from the song “Enemies” by Shinedown.

Maybe it’s petty — okay, it most definitely is — but it just irritates Stiles that the universe makes people like Derek Hale. He’s practically superhuman at lacrosse; he’s been blessed by the puberty gods with stubble and muscles on top of muscles and not a pimple in sight; he spouts off effortless monologues in Spanish class while Stiles is still struggling to remember how to say “Can you repeat that?”; he could probably make a killing as a male model; and when he asked Lydia to study with him, she said yes. Like, seriously, what the fuck.

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The several instances when Nini could be seen struggling with his speech in japanese and Soo was mouthing the words beside him, showing that he’s not alone.. It looks like maybe Soo knows his speech, and Nini takes comfort in his support since he keeps turning around to look at Soo ;-;

I mean look at this… 

soo helping nini with the word when he can’t remember it T___T 

turning around to get help from soo 

once again helping out with the words to nini’s ment

to this guy you seem to be doing just fine Nini *.*

a struggling ninibear wanting his hyung’s support ;-; and soo gives a reassuring nod!  

“it’s ok nini you did good!”

(attentive soo decides to clean off some lint whilst he’s at it..)

idk guys.. but it wouldn’t surprise me if Soo knew Nini’s speech, since maybe Nini wasn’t confident about it so Soo wanted to help him *cue tears* 

it doesn’t matter what they are to each other, they rely on each other a lot!! and it shouldn’t be ignored ;; 

(gifs are mine, vid credits to queen alvabear94 x x

A strong case can be made for Dexter having Asperger’s Syndrome. Look at his personality: He struggles to interact with others socially, has repetitive patterns he adheres to, and has very unique interests – if Dexter could, he wouldn’t leave his lab. These are all signs of Asperger’s, as is his baffling pseudo-Austrian accent: A lot of people with this condition sound like foreigners to their own families because they mimic words the way they were pronounced when they first heard them (in many cases, on TV).

Does that change anything in the show? Actually, it changes everything, because we view all the other characters through Dexter’s lens, and people with Asperger’s have trouble empathizing with others. He views his sister Dee Dee as a huge dolt, but what if he just doesn’t understand girls? His mom appears to have constant mood swings, but could it be that Dexter doesn’t know when he’s making her angry? Meanwhile, his dad is always a bumbling incompetent, but maybe Dexter is simply disappointed that he isn’t a world-class genius.

The 42 Most Insane (But Convincing) Fan Theories Ever Found

another thing I love about zimbits bc I am overwhelmed:

bitty is canonically a talker. he talks when he’s nervous. he talks when he’s happy. sometimes, he just talks to talk. hell, he has an entire vlog dedicated to him talking (and occasionally baking)

and jack is just?? not?? jack doesn’t talk. jack doesn’t have the words & often doesn’t have the desire to say them. jack is a stoic canadian hockey robot who struggles to express his feelings.

which is why I love that each of their ways-to-share-their-feelings reflected that so well? like, bitty internally drafted speeches. he hugged jack, but what he really wanted to do was say something (before he chickened out). that’s how he imagined things going.

but jack? jack didn’t need to say anything. he literally said two words that entire update. he said bittle twice, and then, just before he kissed him, he called him bitty. and bitty, for all his desire to talk, understood that that meant something. jack, for only the second time (and the first that bitty heard), called him by his nickname. and after that long speech bubble, bitty fell silent. he fell silent so that jack could express his feelings the only way he’s capable of — through touch.

Sunday's Horoscopes:
  • Aries:Is the light at the end of a tunnel or a barrel?
  • Taurus:You hate sunsets because they remind you of unreachable beauty.
  • Gemini:Forgetting a face is hard when you have to use a mirror every morning.
  • Cancer:You've always found comfort walking the highway, even after the accident.
  • Leo:Your childish fears didn't disappear, they just grew up with you.
  • Virgo:You always remember to close the door behind you, but struggle with closing words for people you've left behind.
  • Libra:Seeing an empty sky is uncomfortable, like swallowing water while swimming, or choking on their words.
  • Scorpio:You never felt right until you became what you promised what you wouldn't become.
  • Sagittarius:Everyone remembers their first love, but you remember when they moved on.
  • Capricorn:They never say "I love you" until it's over. Painful isn't it?
  • Aquarius:Baptised in cold rain on a city street. The holiest water he had.
  • Pisces:Fear isn't the problem, it's the seclusion. You drown alone.

Prompt: can you do a steve x reader soulmate au?

His mom tells him that it was nearly 85 years away, but smiles, saying how magical the moment would be regardless. Steve almost mentions the fact that people barely lived to be seventy-five.

Word Count: 1293

Warnings: None.

[Bucky’s version]

When he’s five, his teacher is tall and wears a yellow dress, drawing 00:00:00:00 on the board as she teaches them how to count. Her timer’s up and she wears a shiny band around her finger, smiling widely as she says the word soulmate.

“Mine says-” his classmate struggles to get the words out, trying multiple times on the first syllable. “Three-two-one-six, three, four, ten.”

“That’s wonderful!” His teacher exclaims, putting down the chalk to clasp her hands together. “Would anyone else like to share their numbers?”

“Two – um,” the boy next to him struggles to say it and she walks over to their table, reading the numbers two thousand six hundred nine, nineteen, twelve, thirty. The kids marvel at the words – I didn’t know that number existed! – and she glances at Steve’s timer, eyes widening.

“Whoa, look at Steve’s!” The girl on his other side grabs his arm and he yanks it back, holds it close to his chest. “It has five numbers!”

“Settle down, now,” their teacher tries to rein them in, but they crowd around him and he sinks in his seat, tries to make himself smaller than he already is.

“-five numbers isn’t that much-“

“it was on the first one-“

“-come on, Steve, let us see-“

“Everybody back to their seats! Three-” There’s a pause as the kids realize that Steve’s not letting up- “two,“ -and groan, reluctantly going back to their tables. “One.”

Steve pulls his sleeve over his hand.

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Answer me this: How can we ever expect Dean to understand that he’s more than just a pretty face when that’s all he ever hears? “…This blade was stolen and smuggled into the US in violation of treaties with several governments. We can compel you to speak." Does that sound like Dean even slightly implying that he is interested in this woman? NO. Yet the at the first chance she has she twists his words into something else. Then look how uncomfortable that makes him! It’s sickening. We question why Dean feels the need to play the macho man? It’s because of situations like this. When all that matters to the people around him are his looks. I mean, remember Tara? I can’t even count the amount of times Dean’s been called ‘pretty’ before. Too many of us understand what it feels like to be treated like an object. To struggle to be taken seriously. To start each day by strapping on our armor, and trying to keep our heads up. It’s unfair, and it makes me sick. And to Dean it’s just another reminder that all he’ll ever be is a pretty face. But like I’ve said time and time again, Dean! Please stop doubting yourself. I wish you would understand that you are so much more than that. You’re worth more than your looks. And you deserve so much better.

Dear Scarlet, 
I wanted to take a second to reiterate some of the things I’ve said regarding body image on instagram. I think this is a really important issue for little and grown females alike. 

The lovely @greerinez tagged me for the #20beautifulwomen challenge. I feel most beautiful when: I see myself in Scarlet. When I read over something I’ve written that still resonates with me and I feel like I’m getting something right. When Bobby looks at me like he’s never seen a dang woman before. When girls email me and tell me I inspired them to leave their crappy boyfriends. When women who I respect compliment me. There’s no better way to be lifted up than by a fellow lady friend that knows the struggle. When I have early 2000s r&b dance parties alone in my room. When I accept my body as a vessel for my words and as the machine that built my daughter. I feel beautiful when I wear clothes that don’t hide my body, even if I don’t pull them off by other people’s standards. Because no matter what you can’t please everyone, so if I decided to wait around for approval I’d be waiting around forever. I’m too busy and life is too fleeting. And anyway, anybody who is vocal about being “offended” by a soft belly or thick thighs is saying a lot more about themselves than they are about me. One day I woke up and realized this: I don’t exist for you to look at. It changed me. My body isn’t here for your comfort. My purpose on this earth is not to arouse you. I spent years of my life feeling imprisoned by something that I now celebrate. I’ve tracked my calories so closely that I’d cut a carrot stick in half to stay under. That’s sickness. I feel beautiful when I remember that the circumference of my arms does. not. matter. The most important thing about me has nothing to do with the amount of space I take up in a room. I nominate all of the babes I tagged and whoever else wants to join, because feeling good about yourself is a message I love hearing. 

I’m posting this because most of my followers are young girls and they need to hear it more than anyone. Turns out you can gain weight and still be ok. Turns out I’m ok. The world isn’t crashing in. My husband still loves me. People don’t hate me (well, not for that reason 😏) Most importantly, I don’t hate me. So that’s actually fine if you want to order mozzarella sticks. You will be okay. I don’t want any of you babies feeling ashamed because you’re freaking hungry. It’s all going to be ok. I promise.


Most news articles about Bernie Sanders in the mainstream media include the phrase “avowed socialist” or “avowed democratic socialist.” The phrase has become hackneyed to the point that one struggles to remember when “avowed” was used to describe anything other than Bernie Sanders’ left-wing politics. If nothing else, Sanders’ campaign for president, which he (re)announced in Burlington, Vermont, on Tuesday, will forever link the word “avowed” with the words “democratic) socialist Bernie Sanders” in the minds of political junkies, much like fans of “The Simpsons” can no longer hear the words “dental plan” without immediately thinking “Lisa needs braces!”

2016’s socialist candidate wants to use the tax code to transfer wealth downward. Are you terrified yet?

BTS meeting a fan at a signing that can speak Korean.

hehe thank you for sending this in anon~ i take this as an international fansign right? i’ll base it so that the fans speak English.i hope this is ok and that you you like this~ ^^


Would probably give you most encouraging words to keep up your learning, telling you you’re doing great. Winking with you and giving you a high five, being thoroughly impressed.

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He would try to speak to you in English at first but when you switch to Korean he would feel betrayed in a way and a little taken a back. Cutely scolding you a little

 “You speak Korean so well, why did you let me struggle”

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Probably would just start smiling like a dork and just saying “woah” over and over, complimenting you on your pronunciation. He would love it. 

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He would be trying so hard trying to speak English to you and would be in the middle of asking Namjoon next to him what a certain word was in English when you answer in stead making him confused. He would start laughing when you start speaking fluently just because he wasn’t expecting it. 

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I feel as if Jimin would be super impressed at how good the Korean is. Asking questions about how you know Korean and would say how he wishes he could speak English as well as you do Korean. 

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Would be mesmerized and would find the little accent you have so cute. He would ask you to say certain words over and over just so he could hear your accent again and again. 

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Would not expect to to be able to speak Korean as well as you do and when you do his brain would just fizz. You’d have a funny conversation where you would speak to him in Korean and he would reply as well as he could in English. 

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the worst thing that ever happened to me

so yesterday in study hall, my friend was drawing a picture and asked “should i turn this into a drawing of jar jar binks”

so i say to her, “boy oh boy, do i have a WEIRD picture of jar jar binks saved to my phone”

the picture came to me through a whatsapp group, in which any picture sent to the group is automatically saved to my camera roll

right at that moment, a teacher walks by, sees only the body of jar jar, and yells “NAKED PICTURE”

i become a useless, sputtering mess, turn bright red, and struggle to get any words out at all. i slam my head on the desk, and yell “no” a few times.

“WHY ARE YOU OBJECTIFYING MEN” (he was joking, but i shit you not, he actually said this) “YOU DON’T LIKE IT WHEN MEN DO IT TO WOMEN”

“IT’S JAR JAR BINKS” my friend manages to say through her tears of joy


“HE’S NOT NAKED HE’S WEARING JEANS IT’S JAR JAR BINKS” i am not saying at an acceptable volume, i am shouting

everyone is study hall, and i mean literally everyone is staring, but the teacher calls another specific teacher into the mix. a teacher who does drama stuff and who ran the camp i have gone to since the 4th grade and learned my love for theatre at.

“cece” he says “i have never seen your face so red”


i slam my head on the desk again. all my pens go flying. i hear someone whisper “oh my god.” everyone in study hall pretends they aren’t still watching me. later someone asks if it’s true i had jar jar porn in study hall. i take a deep breath and retell my story. the pain is never ending.

tl;dr i got caught in study hall with a picture of jar jar binks photoshopped onto a shirtless man and caused a huge scene

Happy 86th Birthday To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Happy 86th Birthday To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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January 15th marks the 86th birthday of a man whose name is synonymous for words like peace, humility, resilient, and non violent.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  played a major role in ending the struggle of inequality for African-Americans.  Although he took a non-violent approach to a very volatile situation, in taking the road less traveled, Dr. King made it clear that when the enemy strikes…

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after the end: mulan the mentor

a series about after happily ever after

after saving china, mulan is determined to live a normal life being a loving wife to shang. he encourages her to be herself and continue fighting, but the matchmaker’s words linger in her mind. she wants to be a Good Wife to shang! she spills the tea. she burns dinner. mulan is struggling when a little girl arrives at the door. she knows who mulan is, she explains, and she wants to be Just Like Her- a hero. mulan, holding a ripped tunic and ruined rice, has a hard time accepting this title. but shang insists- he practically pushes her out of the door to train. she begins training the little girl in swordfighting, battle, everything shang and mushu taught her. another little girl soon joins, and before long- mulan has her own mini-army. shang has never been prouder. he helps her open a school, and together they train little girls to save the world. shang tells her she is his hero, and for once- she believes she is good enough.

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Instinct is a lie
Told by a fearful body
Hoping to be wrong.

Zaheer, quoting Monk Laghima’s ancient poetry

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that, like Unalaq’s, “find the light in the dark,” Zaheer’s words are the key to the theme of the season.

He explains the poem as such: “when you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality."  And, interestingly, this seems to parallel the struggles Korra’s been having in Republic City, as well as the problems Tenzin’s been having in recruiting new airbenders.

Korra’s instinct is to try to get rid of the vines to make the people of Republic City happy.  But, as Jinora suggests, there’s more to it than that.  She asks, "Why do you want to get rid of them? You’ve changed the world,” and while it’s easy to see where Korra’s coming from, I can’t help but to feel that Jinora’s the one who’s meant to be in the right.

Tenzin’s instinct is to try to turn the new airbenders into new Air Nomads.  But, as we’ve seen, that doesn’t work very well when the airbenders want nothing to do with a culture they have little connection to.  He needs to learn to let go of his expectations and build the new reality he’s been given the opportunity to build.

Whatever Zaheer’s plan is, Korra’s going to have to stop him.  But I think that, like Amon and Unalaq, Zaheer’s philosophy is going to be absorbed by both Korra and the world at large to bring about positive change.

(I also think that, however Korra resolves the conflict, some people are going to call it a Deus ex Machina.  If there’s ever been foreshadowing that the resolution will be something completely out of left field…)

What really gets me about the Bellarke hug, though, is that is wasn’t necessary

I mean, Clarke joins Bellamy on the shore to make sure he’s ok, and their whole conversation is about him: it’s about Octavia (she needs time), it’s about Lincoln (it’s not on you / some of it is), it’s about Bellamy’s mistakes (you have to find a way to forgive yourself). 

When Clarke tells him he’s not the only one struggling with that, Bellamy’s words move to a more personal ground, the conversation moves from him to them.

I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

Clarke is not ready for that, so she pulls away, emotionally. 

She refocuses the attention on their mission. We need each other, she tells him, but it’s because of how they work together, it’s more about what they have to do, than about their personal relationship. 

It’s typical of Clarke, really, to put aside emotional distress and turn to the matter at hands, but it goes a bit deeper than that here, because Clarke, right now, is also grieving and her pain is too raw to deal with, so she can’t let things go personal with Bellamy, because personal, right now, hurts like hell.

Bellamy accepts the change easily. 

He doesn’t push for anything, although there must be questions burning in his brain, swirling in his mind with all his desperation. But he doesn’t ask anything, he doesn’t even speak.

He nods, because she’s right and he knows it, he agrees with her even.

And, you know, this could be it, the end of the scene. They’ve talked, Bellamy is back on track with what they have to do.


Only Bellamy is also at his lowest point here. He keeps quietly crying ffs. He’s scared he’s losing his sister, and he’s scared that, with all that they seem to be able to work in sync when needs be, this draft between himself and Clarke is not going away, might never go away, and that emotional distance is impossible to ignore, but they, and Clarke especially, are doing just that.

And he is right in front of Clarke, you know. She sees all this in his eyes, in his tears, in his sad stance. 

It’s too much to handle and… it breaks her heart. It breaks her.

So she acts on impulse.


She pulls him to her and takes him in her arms, and although this doesn’t magically dissolve the distance that’s still between them, it goes a long way in rebuilding their emotional connection.

It’s more important than we need each other (to do this). It’s I’m sorry you feel this way and I’m sorry I can’t make you feel better, but I care for you and I want you to feel better, and I am here, at least I’m trying to be, you can lean on me.

It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking how Bellamy clings to Clarke in the hug, how he tries to lose himself in her. And Clarke? For one tiny, impossible moment, she lets her own pain go, and there, in Bellamy’s arms, she breathes again. Also that little, peaceful smile is everything.

They have shitloads of things to talk about, and L.exa especially stands between them. It’s not even about romance, it’s about what they were forced to do in the Mountain because of L.exa’s choice, it’s about Clarke choosing to stay in Polis to keep an eye on L.exa and protect her people, and it’s about Clarke eventually falling in love with her. 

It’s a very personal matter and while this has nothing to do with who Clarke and Bellamy are to each other at the moment, it has a lot to do with how strained their relationship has become.

It’s not by chance that they keep showing us Clarke cradling the Flame in her hands (a visual reminder that she’s grieving) while Bellamy glances at her. Clarke is not ready for that particular topic and the truth is, Bellamy is not ready either, especially because of the way his awareness of his feelings for Clarke is shifting and coming slowly into focus.

It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll be able to have that conversation by the end of the season or if defeating ALIE will have to take precedence (and in that case, what kind of closure Clarke will be able to get with L.exa and if Bellamy will play any of role in that).

He was so fucking sick of this white room. The constant beeping over the heart monitor, the hum of the lights overheard. It was never silent, not completely. Not even at night when they shut the lights off and encouraged him to sleep. He hadn’t been talking much, only answer questions when asked and even then they were short one word answers. He had started eating after the third day, small portions at a time. It was a struggle but he felt like he had to try.

For him. That was all Bucky wanted. He wanted to see Steve. He couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t let him see him. He was confused…

He had been there for ten days when the doctors declared him stable. They decided it should be Sam that would tell him. So that Thursday morning saw Steve Rogers in the front seat of Sam Wilson’s car, Sam quiet for a long time as he chose his words.

“Look man, I’m really sorry, first of all, okay? If I had been allowed to tell you earlier I would’ve. But they need to make sure everything was stable first.” He spoke quietly as they sat in the parking lot of the SHIELD building, fingers twisting a little as he spoke. “But Steve…they…he’s here, Steve. He brought himself in.”

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Skater!luke, your best friend, finally teaching you how to skate on his long board. With his hands on your waist and your small hands gripping his shoulders tightly, he guides you slowly along the sidewalk. And you realize for the first time that his voice is much deeper than it ever used to be, and when did his shoulders become so broad? So you take this opportunity to look at him in a different light and you realize that somehow Luke has become a total babe. You blush deeply with the newfound revelation, suddenly hyper aware of your proximity to him. Nervously toying with his lip ring, he stops the board, “why are you looking at me like that?” You struggle to find words so instead you tilt your head up, the long board boosting you a few inches so you’re faces are more level than usual. Rising up on your tip toes, you slowly press your lips to his. And as you pull away you see Luke is flushed and you can feel his palms sweating onto the thin fabric of your shirt. “If that’s what I get for teaching you to skate, I would have done it years ago…” and you smile, catching onto his hidden confession.


[from last night’s skater!5sos night!!]