like when he plays around and acts crazy because i can tell that's really him and it makes me smile

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Uncle Genji, McCree, and Hanzo headcanons? I've seen the ones as fathers, but how would they react to their nieces and nephews?


  • Would be such a cool uncle 
  • Is the type of uncle to do crazy shit with his nieces and nephews and have the parents scold him afterwards 
  • Is super adamant on taking goofy pictures with them and making the most ridiculous faces possible 
  • Can sometimes be a little irresponsible because he forgets that they are just kids and he sometimes gets a little too careless or carried away when rough housing 
  • Is secretly really good at making them feel better when they are hurt though (e.g. kissing their injuries and tickling them a bit to see them laugh and smile or letting them hurt him and pretending to be in immense pain just for their amusement)
  • Is probably the best uncle tbh because he’s funny and crazy and all the kids favor him as an uncle lowkey
  • Loves his nieces and nephews so much he’d willingly play any game or do any activities they asked shamelessly (e.g. getting in a dress to play tea party, sneaking them desserts when they aren’t allowed any, would watch childrens movies and shows with them even going as far as to sing the songs and dance around with them)
  • Lets be real though parents (Hanzo) sparsely let Genji take care of his nieces or nephews for long periods of time because they’d likely come back sugared up and super hyper and acting completely sporadic and energetic 


  • No one can tell me he does not partake in a well played game of Cops and Robbers with his nieces and nephews
  • He’s always the sheriff and is really good at playing pretend
  • Sometimes he lets the little robbers tie him up and he pretends that they’ve beaten him until he breaks the restraints miraculously and scoops them all up and tickles them for their heathenous crimes (guys is heathenous a word?? oh well it is now)
  • McCree is commonly caught dozing off with the bunch of rascals piled all over him snoozing off with him (who ever is around always snaps photos because I mean thats flipping adorable who could resist?)
  • Has definitely succumb to being a horse and having his younger nieces and nephews riding his back as he neighs and walks around on all fours
    -Whoever the parent is has most definitely caught it on tape and has used it as blackmail ever since
  • While he comes off as a real fun uncle, he can be very serious too, as soon as someone gets hurt fun and games are over and he’s immediately cautious after that
  • Okay can we talk about how he is the master pancake maker and his pancakes go from this to this for his nieces and nephews
  • Lets be honest he’s probably the uncle that accidentally curses a lot but does it in a funny way so his nieces and nephews go home saying, “Damnit Jacob you’ve got to be shittin’ me!” and the parents look of disapproval practically burns through McCree


  • Hanzo is a far more responsible uncle out of the two
  • I feel like he’s a little anxious around his nieces and nephews at first because he cannot be hyper and entertain them as easily
  • He’s the best story teller though and is 110% a magician at putting his nieces and nephews to sleep
    -Yooo what if he told fantasy stories about the adventures of the 2 dragon brothers that have fought, but made amends and it teaches life lessons about peace and forgiveness and the kids love it, it’s their favorite bedtime story
    -Bonus: they are Genji’s kids so they go home and tell him about the story Uncle Hanzo told them and Genji smiles and is secretly really touched by it
  • Anyways, Hanzo’s go to activity with his nieces and nephews are arts and crafts 
    -He puts their drawings all over the house and helps them color within the lines if they ask
    -If they are old enough he teaches them origami and it’s so cute watching them get excited when they make something and he decorates the coffee tables and counters with little paper cranes and stars
  • Hanzo is really stern when it comes to fighting so anytime one of his nieces or nephews are fighting with one another he sends them both to timeout and scolds them about sticking together and being there for each other
    -Probably references his little dragon stories and tells them they don’t want to end up like the dragon brothers and it makes the children definitely rethink their actions
  • Is likely the most peaceful uncle and is really good at teaching his nieces and nephews life lessons that usually stick with them for years to come

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Members : All of BTS

Genre: Pretty much everything fluff, angst including smut of course

Word Count: 1.726

Our eyes meet…then lips.

His lips are warm and soft. The way JungKook kisses me is passionate so I have no choice other than giving in. When JungKook gets more persistent, I part my lips. 

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Dylan O'brien Imagine - Christmas

Each year for Christmas and your birthday, it was a running joke in your family that someone would buy you some sort of a gift that would represent a boyfriend. Wether it be a blow up doll, a giant teddy or some sort of male porn magazine, you basically had a cupboard full of the stuff. It started when you were 13 and everyone had brought some sort of a date to a celebration except for you. Your parents made a joke about you being forever single and ever since then, you had received the stupid presents from your family. But this year was different. This year, you had met the love of your life. Your parents knew about your boyfriend but told you to keep it a secret from the rest of the family so you could surprise them at this years Christmas celebrations. 

“Ok Dylan, I have to warn you, my family are very weird and very confronting people and one of them has bought me some weird stupid present that is supposed to substitute for a boyfriend. Just play along and act natural. None of them know I even have a boyfriend…” I warned him before we got out of the car. I could already hear my younger cousins playing in the pool and a few of my uncles talking loudly in the backyard, probably about some sporting game or what not.

“I get it babe. Don’t worry, I’ll win them over with my devastatingly good looks,” he winked, make me scoff and shove his shoulder lightly.

“Don’t act too modest,” I teased, making him stick his tongue out at me playfully. 

“Come on lets go! Stop procrastinating!” he yelled excitedly, jumping out of the car and grabbing the bundle of presents I had stuffed in the backseat. I followed suit, carrying a few of the lighter ones. We marched around to the back gate, walking through together making all conversations cease and all eyes turn to us. 

“HOLY CRAP Y/N HAS A BOY!” one of your older cousins yelled, making everyone laugh.

“Yeh yeh laugh it up,” I rolled my eyes, continuing my journey into the house, Dylan following suit. We dropped the presents down by the tree before going into the kitchen to greet my mum and various aunts. 

“Y/n darling who is this?” one of them asked, looking at Dylan with adoring eyes. 

“Uh this is Dylan… My boyfriend,” I smiled, tugging his hand so he was standing next to me. He smiled cutely, greeting all of the swooning women with hugs and kisses on the cheek, making me face palm. 

“Its lovely to meet you all,” he grinned, returning to my side after he had said hello to everyone.

“Y/n why didn’t you tell us you had a man. A cute one at that,” my oldest aunt whined, gripping my hands tightly.

“Because you are all crazy and he is mine so get your own,” I joked, sticking my tongue out at her. She rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath. As you can see, my entire family is pretty sassy, so it isn’t just me. 

“Come now sweetie. You two love birds go sit outside and we will be out with lunch shortly,” my mum ushered us out, pushing us to now get interrogated by the men and all my cousins. Oh joy. 

“Dylan my boy, how you been,” my dad boomed, pulling my poor unsuspecting boyfriend over to the men. I pray for his soul. I however, went to go terrorise all my little cousins who were wrestling on the grass. The younger ones squealed, running at me and tackling me to the ground, giving me kisses and hugs whilst the older more normal ones decided that they were too cool to give me a hug. 

“So y/n, your dating Dylan O’brien. Worldwide super star, famous actor from Teen Wolf who you used to obsess over whenever someone brought something up that you could relate to him,” Serena, my 16 year old cousin, grinned, raising her brows suggestively.

“Yes and no I do not give any of you permission to go and tell him any of that stuff. He already knows that I liked him as an actor and he does not need to know how much I obsessed over him. God why are you such a pervert,” I groaned, shoving her arm lightly. 

“Kiddies! Lunch is ready!” a voice broke us from our conversation, all of us jumping up and racing to the table. Yep. This was a typical Christmas celebration for my family. Twas basically centred around food. I sat next to Dylan, both of our plates piled high with various foods, mentally starting the timer on who could eat it the fastest. The adults chatted about various things, the kids were shouting over each other and us 2 were just sat quietly, playing footsie under the table. 

“So Dylan, any new projects you can tell us about?” my mum asked, making us stop our game. 

“Oh uh yeh, I recently got cast for The Maze Runner,” he smiled proudly, making all my female relatives start screaming at him, asking him about the rest of the cast and any spoilers he could give them. I guess its good to know that my family likes him. I honesty haven’t met a person that doesn’t like him. He is just so loveable. The chatter went on through the rest of the evening, the parents telling embarrassing stories about all of us kids until a particularly horrid one popped up.

“I JUST REALISED WHERE I RECOGNISED YOU FROM!” one of my uncles shouted, standing up like he just had an epiphany. “Your the young boy Y/n used to have posters of all over her room!”

“Oh yeh! And she used to bring him up it literally every conversation,” my aunt chimed in, making my cheeks redden. 

“Didn’t she used to make us all watch that show he was in whenever we came over?” my eldest cousin added, winking at me.

“ALRIGHT THATS ENOUGH ABOUT MY EMBARRASSING CHILDHOOD!” I tried to stop the conversation, emphasis on the try.

“Awkward moment when this was only like last year,” another cousin joined in, literally almost pissing herself. It was really hard to make me blush ironically and this is the only story that can get me like this. I scooted my chair back as I had had enough of my family embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend. I walked inside, flopping on the couch face down, hiding myself under all the pillows in shame. I was lying there quite peacefully for a few minutes until I felt the cushions sink, letting me know that someone had just sat down next to me.

“You don’t have to be ashamed of anything baby girl. I think its cute,” Dylans soothing voice rang through the room, his hand rubbing small circles on my lower back.

“I don’t want you thinking I’m some freak who was obsessed with you…” I turned my head so I was looking at him, my cheeks still a bright red.

“It’s ok though. I don’t care about any of that stuff… It’s nice having a girlfriend who supports me and actually likes what I do…” he smiled, leaning down and giving me a peck on my forehead. I smiled gratefully, turning my body and pulling him on top of me, linking my arms around his neck and bringing his lips to mine. If anyone walked in right now it would be extremely awkward. 

“Oh Dylan did we tell you about Y/n’s fan account she had dedicated to you,” someone piped in. I groaned, picking up a pillow and throwing it in their direction, hearing a squeal in response. 

“You had a fan account?” he asked, a shit eating grin spreading across his face. 

“Do not even,” I grunted, pushing him off me and onto the floor.

Two Can Play That Game (Luke)..or..(Calum)? - Part 4

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Part 3 

A/N: here it is finally!! hope you all like the way the craziest story I’ve ever written wraps up!! also I’m so psyched that this story was so popular, i can’t believe people even read the stuff i write honestly i can’t get over it … 

She walked over to where her phone was charging as soon as Luke walked into the bathroom. She was dreading the fact that she was about to go sit and eat lunch at a table with both Luke and Calum. She had a gut feeling that it just wasn’t a good idea.

She unlocked her phone, checking her texts to finally see what Cal had to say:
- We really need to talk
-Will you meet me somewhere as soon as you get a chance?
-I know you’re bugging out about this I saw the look on your face last night
-Please don’t hate me
-I just really need to tell you something in person please

Wow, he really was blowing up her phone she thought. She heard Luke fumbling around in the bathroom and typed out a quick reply before deleting the conversation.
-Cal I don’t hate you… I wanted to do what we did  just as much as you… I just cant stand knowing I cheated

She turned her phone off quickly before giving Calum a chance to reply. Tossing it on the table she turned around quickly as Luke walked out. “What did Calum want?” He asked suspiciously.

She looked around the room, “He, uhh,” she hesitated for a moment before it came to her, “he wanted to know if I was as hungover as he is.. apparently he’s really struggling.”

Luke stared at her for a minute before shaking his head, brushing it off. “You ready to go?”

She nodded her head and followed after him as they made their way down to the restaurant located inside the hotel. Once they got there and Luke spotted the table where the guys were sitting he reached back grabbing her hand and leading the way.

Of course when they got to the table the two open seats were directly across from Calum. Luke pulled out the chair for her to sit and she turned and gave him a ‘since when do you do shit like this’ kind of look, raising one of her eyebrows.

Once she sat Calum finally looked up at her from his menu. She couldn’t help thinking that he looked sexy, his hair was all messy in a perfect just rolled out of bed kind of way, she wanted to run her fingers through it.

She felt Luke slide her chair towards his and she snapped out of it, ‘fuck’ she thought, ‘you really need to stop’.

Luke put his arm around her, leaning in to whisper in her ear. He was being really weird, he never acted like this. She wanted to accredit it to his desire to start fresh, but she just couldn’t he was up to something.

“What are you getting?” He whispered.

Why the fuck was he asking her questions he could very well ask out loud in such an intimate way. Thats when she realized, he was doing it to get a rise out of Calum.

She looked across the table to see Calum staring at the two of them with his jaw clenched. He rolled his eyes and went back to talking to Ashton and Michael.

Luke joined in on whatever the guys were talking about and she sat there in silence. She zoned out unable to focus on the conversation. Luke continued being overly affectionate keeping his arm around her, squeezing her shoulder, and rubbing her leg under the table. She was so uncomfortable, especially because she knew he was doing it on purpose, he was looking for Calum’s reaction.

Luke and Calum were being nice to each other to an extent, but everyone could sense the tension at the table. Luke would make sarcastic comments every time Cal said something, usually when he did this it was in a funny or playful way but today he was just being rude.

Calum kept looking at her, deep into her eyes. She couldn’t help but gaze back and hope Luke wouldn’t notice. It was almost as if he was asking her 'what the fuck’ because he was surely confused as to why the fuck Luke was suddenly all over her.

“You seem fine Calum,” she heard Luke say and checked back into the conversation, “I was under the impression you had a crazy hangover..”

Calum glanced back and forth between the two of them. She raised her eyebrows with pleading eyes, hoping he would go along with it. “I .. Uh .. Yea its gone now, vanished like it was nothing.. Must have been the fresh air.”

She gave him a half smile, knowing sitting across from the two of them and being subject to Luke’s attitude was probably really pissing him off.

She felt Luke’s warm breath against her ear again,  "I can’t wait to get back in bed,“ he whispered to her. She shrugged uncomfortably, rolling her shoulders trying to get his arm off of her.

She lifted her napkin from her lap throwing it onto the table. “Sorry, I’ll be right back” she announced abruptly, standing up from the table. She couldn’t take sitting there much longer.

Luke looked up at her, “Where are you going?” He asked sounding concerned.

“I’m okay Luke, I just need some air I think, I’m getting a second wave of being hungover.. tequilla does that to me sometimes.”

Just then their food came. Luke looked back and forth between her and his plate, “stay and eat” she insisted, “I know you’re starving.”

He smirked at her, “we really worked up an appetite this morning,” he said with a cocky tone, making sure Calum could hear him.

Her face fell, why was he doing this? She didn’t even acknowledge his comment before leaving the table.

Not more then five seconds after she got outside onto the patio Cal stepped out behind her. She looked at him in shock.

“What are you doing out here, Cal? Why would you follow me?”

“I told you we need to talk,” he said reaching into his pocket for his cigarettes. “What’s the deal with you and him? All of a sudden you’re all over each other.” He said in a harsh tone, “did you just forget all the shit he’s put you through?”

She stared blankly at him, “I.. I don’t know Cal.. this is just all so fucking screwed up.. I don’t know what to do.. I feel horrible .. I’m a fucking cheater, Luke doesn’t deserve that.”

Calum exhaled deeply, becoming frustrated “I know I’m probably the last person you want to talk about this but you can’t beat yourself up over it and just forgive him for treating you like a piece of shit.”

“Why not Cal? Anything he’s done to me what I did was worse, I feel fucking awful about it.. How can I not forgive him when I’m the worser evil. All of this is so fucked up, he wants to start over and I have to tell him the truth, he didn’t deserve that .. No one deserves to be cheated on.” She heard her voice break as she spoke, she couldn’t help getting choked up, “this is all so fucked up, I’m so fucked up.”

“This isn’t you, y/n, your smarter then this,” Calum shook his head staring at the floor, “I know its hard for you to let go, you an Luke have a lot of history.. and it sounds bad coming from me because I’m completely bias.. but even with my own feelings aside .. You gotta open your eyes y/n,”

She looked up at him through watery eyes, not knowing what he was getting at. “I don’t know why you think he’s so innocent in all of this,” Calum continued, “think about it, think about the way he was acting in the club last night with those girls.. he was pulling that shit right in front of you, please just think about it,” his tone was becomeing stronger, “What the fuck do you think he is like when you’re not around.. I know you’re smarter then this, how do you not realize?”

Calum cut himself off, choosing not to say anymore. She looked at him carefully, watching the expression on his face, it was as if he felt bad for her.

She finally got the message, he didn’t have to say what he was trying to tell her. She let the tears begin to stream down her face, she couldn’t hold them back any longer. Calum wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight hug. “I just can’t watch him hurting you anymore,” he admitted “I can’t even imagine how hard this is for you, I shouldn’t have gotten involved, I’m so sorry y/n.. but he doesn’t deserve you and thats the real truth.”

She had to suck it up, all of this was fucked and she knew it. She took a step back from Calum, whiping her tears. “You’re a good guy Calum,” she forced a smile, “It’s my fault you’re all caught up in this mess, not yours, I knew exactly what I was doing last night .. I didn’t expect things to go so far, but I knew it, even before the first tequilla shot.. I pulled you into this sick game and I shouldn’t have done that.”

He just stood there watching her, not saying anything at all. She reached her hand up to his cheek, “I see the way you look at me Calum, you don’t look at other girls the way you look at me.. I see the fire in your eyes when I’m with him,” she searched his face for a reaction, “I know Calum,” he tilted his face towards her hand, embracing her touch, he reached up to cover her hand with his own, “I know theres something more to it Calum, I know you feel something more for me.”

He held her hand a bit longer before pulling it down from his cheek. “We should get back in there,” he advised, “we don’t want pretty boy getting all worked up.”

She nodded her head agreeing before leading the way back into the resturaunt. As she approached the table she could see the look on Lukes face, he was glaring past her at Calum and Ashton and Mikey were both staring at her with very alarmed expressions across their faces.

Luke stood from the table before they had a chance to sit down, walking right up to Calum. He stood in front of him with his chest just a few inches away. “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM MATE?” he snapped, sounding enraged, “Why the fuck are you always following my girl around, she doesn’t need your help.”

She stood there looking back and forth between them helplessly. “Your girl?” Calum laughed sarcastically, “Isn’t that funny, she’s 'Your girl’ when it’s convient for you and every other day you don’t give two shits about her.”

“Theres something wrong with you mate,” Luke growled moving even closer to him, “What do you think you’re just going to come to her rescue every time I screw up?” Luke continued to raise his voice, everyone in the resturaunt now turning their heads to see what was going on, Luke lifted a finger tapping it on the side of Calum’s head, “Get it through your brain mate, SHE IS MINE.”

She watched the expression on Calums face go from relatively calm to 'I’m going to fucking kill you’ in a split second. Calum reached up pushing Luke away from him, “YEA?” he spat, “Was she your’s last night when she was getting with me on the roof of the club?!” Her heart felt like it fell out of her chest, this was literally the worst possible situation coming to life.

In a split second Luke tackled Calum to the floor, bringing his fist to the side of Calum’s face. Instantly Calum threw Luke off of him, hitting him right back, “what are you so mad about?” Calum yelled, “You fuck a different girl every night, WHAT? ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU CARE ABOUT HER AGAIN?”

Luke charged Calum, slamming his body into the table, forcing him to the ground. She didn’t know what to do, she was frozen in place, what was happening didn’t even feel real, it all happened so quickly.

Mikey and Ash were already up doing their best to pull Luke and Calum off of eachother, just before the guys got them seperated Calum got in one last good swing, slamming his fists into Luke’s jaw.

“Fuck you,” Luke barked, “what kind of fucking friend are you trying to snake your best mate’s  girl every chance you get?”

"Like you fucking deserve her.” Calum bit back, “you don’t give a shit about anyone or anything… You’re my friend but you deserved a good fucking punch in the face mate, you’ve turned into a real piece of shit and everyones tired of you acting like a pretentious asshole.” They were heated, clearly this anger between them had been pent up for a while and was just surfacing.

They were both struggling to get at each other, Ashton holding Luke back and Michael holding Calum. Neither of them even knew what to say, they couldn’t believe what was happening either.

“What did you think was going to happen?” Luke laughed viscously, “Did you think she was going to leave me and come crawling to you.. You think my girl would ever even take two looks at you?!” he spat.

“ENOUGH!!” She yelled finally looking back and forth between the two of them. The restaurant was silent.


They both went to answer her, probably to defend themselves, and blame the other but she put her hand up, “No stop.. Listen to me!”

She looked back and forth between them, then rested her eyes on Luke, “YOU,” she said sternly, “I am a person, not your fucking property! Somewhere along the line you must have forgotten that!” Luke looked down at his feet. “I am an idiot for trying to force a relationship that was so clearly over a long time ago,” she shook her head, “.. I think you and I both know we’ve been holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore. You aren’t the same.. I may not be either, but Calum is right you need a fucking reality check. I should be so angry right now knowing you’ve been cheating on me for god knows how long but I can’t help but laugh because I should have known… I should have know our relationship was a joke.. But thats my fault I wanted things to get better so badly I was blind. ” She told him straight up.

“And you,” she said turning to look at Calum, “I never should have dragged you into this and honestly I don’t regret what happened between us last night, not for a second .. but the truth is Luke is right too .. We’ll never be together Cal, even if there is something there, we couldn’t act on it.. I’ve been dating your best friend the past two years, and even if he has been an asshole towards the end we just can’t that would be entirely fucked.”

She didn’t know where this adrenaline she had was coming from, but the confidence that came with it was exactly what she needed right now. She could feel the eyes of every single person around on her.

“You two are supposed to be best fucking friends,” she said now looking back at Luke, “you’ve literally known each other your whole lives,” she looked to Calum, “the fact that the two of you would fight each other like animals is absolutely fucking ridiculous.. And what? Over a girl? Don’t you think your friendship is a little more important then letting a fucking girl come between you?” She continued looking back and forth at them. They were both speechless. “This is so dumb,” she through her hands up, “you both need to chill the fuck out and also just so you know the only person who makes decisions for me is ME,” she added, “so here is a decision, I’m walking out of this restaurant right now and your both going to watch me leave and its going to be the last time either of you see me again, got it? And then you’ll both have one less problem and maybe, just maybe you can both man up and get the fuck over this.”

They both stared at her with their jaws dropped. She gave them both one last look before turning to leave, thats when she realized, the other patrons in the restaurant were clapping. They had all watched the whole thing, heard her entire speech and were applauding her.

She knew she had done the right thing, but she also knew sooner or later her adrenaline rush would end, and she had to get the fuck out of there before that happened.

She rushed up to Luke’s room as quickly as she could, throwing everything she could find that belonged to her into her duffle bag. She knew if she wasn’t fast on of them would be up there soon, trying to confivince her to change her mind, she couldn’t let that happen.

She couldn’t wait to get out of there, she exited through a side door of the hotel so she wouldn’t be seen, soon after she flagged down a cap. “Take me anywhere but here,” she told the taxi driver. She watched out the window, smiling to herself, she realized that finally .. for once in her life .. she had finally done what was best for her.

She knew that maybe once she got home, the reality that it was all over might set in, the reality of what Luke had done and of Calum wanting to be with her might bring her to tears, but for now, for right now she was free, she was more free then she had ever felt before.

BOOOOM GIRL POWER .. lmfaoo …. okay so i hope you’re into the way this ended.. i suck at endings if you haven’t already noticed that.. but this one I actually don’t completely hate.. it kinda felt good to write something where the girl came out on top so I really hope you enjoyed reading it .. as always THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING … i really appreciate every single one of you who takes the time to read the crap I write.. it makes me so happy and makes me want write even more when i get feedback and see that like holy shit people actually like my stuff.. … ANYWAYS lol ,, please please please feel free to drop anything and everything into my ASK BOX .. getting messages legit lights up my day 

Also if you’re new to my blog here is my


Truth or dare

Steve x reader

Prompt: “Kiss the person to your right.“

A/N:the reader has the ability to control plants and talk to animals. Also It’s not the same Rose as my other sorry but i dio like the idea of an OC named Rose but her superhero name is mother nature that can control the elements her speciality plants. Thoughts?? Also request are open!! I had a problem with my ask box but I think I fixed it so feel free to request things!


When you were younger you always loved plants, just nature in General. Your mom would always get angry with you because everyday youd bring home another animal begging to keep it. Most then likey the animal was a neighbors. Youd have to return them and apologize for the robbery. But if it was a stray youd start sobbing and throwing a fit. Youd say how upset it was and hungry so your mom would try and feed it but his was hard depending on the animal. Its not your fault someone couldnt take care on their pet alligator and let it loose in the creek behind your house. That was when your mom realised your gift. She wouldnt let you keep the gator but you found the correct home for it, for all the animals.

When you hit puberty you realised you didnt only have the ability to talk to animals but also plants. You could make them grow whenever you please. Your mother was hesitant at first but soon decided to try and help you learn more about what you could do. You spent most of your time training, you now basically have a forrest in your bedroom. Not that you were complaining.

You decided you should do good with your gift but not like most would assume. You helped farmers grow crops and make fruits and veggies for the homeless shelters. This became widely spread across your county. It felt really good to help. You were in newspapers and all over social media. This caught the eye of the one and only Nick Fury.

The day after he found you Phil Coulson was knocking on your door.


“I was thinking maybe a green suit? It fits the whole plant vib.” Tony said while typing your measurements into a tablet, you nodded not fully paying attention. You’re too focused on meeting the rest of the avengers. “But not Hulk green more of a light green. Thoughts?”

“I dont care as long as theres no stupid head gear or capes, fucking capes.” You mutter. You swirl on your chair trying to swish your hair around. Tony notices and rolls his eyes in response.

“I think thats all we need for now. Lets get you introduced to the gang.” He leads you into a common room where they all sit, you recognise they from TV, especially Steve.

“Everyone this is the Venus Fly Trap, Venus Fly Trap this is Everyone.” You frown and shake your head at the nickname. Everyone else just called you Rose, its basically replaced your actually name.

“Normally, people call me Rose.” You smile and shake Clint and Sams hand. Then Nat, she told you to call her that and Wanda. Then Bucky, who surprisingly smiled at you and Bruce. Then Finally Steve, you were most anxious to meet him.

“Nice to meet you.” His smile is warm and caring. He extends his hand for you to shake but you only stare until you blurt out, “Damn
, you’re a lot taller in person…and wider.” You realise you have thought out loud and a blush instantly rises to your cheeks. Stark makes a gagging noise and Clint mutters a comment you can’t quite make out. Steve smiles again and crosses his arms.

“I’m hoping thats a good thing?” He questions while raising a brow. You nod.

“Well, you’re still as gorgeous as ever.” You cringe hoping to stop the word vomit that is happening because of him.

“This got very awkward very fast. Nat, Can you show Rose to her room?” Tony interrupts. She nods and turns in the direction of the elevator, you follow and look at the ground hiding your embarrassment.


Its been a month now. You and Nat have became really close along with Wanda. They were the only two that knew you liked Steve, well you made it kind of obvious so everyone else probably did as well. You havent talked to Steve much since the word vomit, you were much too embarrassed to face him. Whenever you did speak to him you would become discombobulated and stutter a lot more then you should and then use sarcasm to cover it up, which Stark enjoyed. He has trying multiple occasions to ask you out but you were oblivious and thought you was joking or just trying to be friendly.

 Everyone saw the obvious connection, Nat and Clint even had a bet going on when you two would get together. Tony planned a game night for tonight, saying how they need a relaxation night. After a round of Uno and a few rounds of cards againist humanity. It started to get boring after an hour or two, you werent really keeping track you were to focused on the blonde across the table. You would sneak glances every once and awhile, trying to make sure no one else saw.

 “Lets play truth or dare.“ Tony says with a mischievous look in his eyes. Everyone groans but still end up sitting in a circle. Tony claps his hands loudly making the room fall silent. “I’ll take the honor of going first.” He scans the room, deciding who his victim is, his eyes land on you as a smirk appears on his face. 

 “Rose, truth or dare?” You ponder it for a second, whenever you played this game in, last time it was the fifth grade, you always pick truth. You were different now than then, it was time to pick a different answer. “Truth.” you return the smirk and Nat sends a look saying, “you’re screwed.” You knew you were with either answer you picked. 

 “I dare you to put a rose in the person you likes hands, no thorns of course.” You move your hands, a green light illuminate from your fingers. A small pink rose appears in Nats hands matching the blush on her cheeks. Tony scoffs and rolls his eyes dramatically. “Fine, but Ill get you next time.” He jokingly glares at you which you smirk. You could do this all night. The night continued until it was Tonys turn again. You knew what would happen, He’d pick you and want you to show your feelings for Steve, you werent letting that happen. 

Tony scanned the group of heroes trying to decide who to pick, his eyes landing on you once more but he doesnt say anything only smirks and quickly adverts his eyes to the red headed assassin. “Nat, truth or dare?” His eyes had a look in them you couldnt quite make out. Nat was thinking, probably deciding which to pick, she always ends up picking dare.

 “Dare.” You called it. Tony acts like hes thinking about it and then sticks his finger in the air. “Kiss the person to your right.” Her eyes go wide knowing whos next to her. Steve. She shakes her head no and flips Tony off. Steve looks kind of hurt but then covers it up with a laugh.

 “You know I cant do that.” She glares, leaning back againist the coffee table and crossing her arms. “And why is that?” Tony knows what he’s doing. You feel heat rush up your cheeks but not from embarrassment like normal but from anger.

 A vine starts to grow from in between the crack of the floor and wraps around Tonys head, covering his mouth. He looks alarmed as does everyone else. I feel tear prick my eyes from embarrassment and regret. I release the vines from Tony and stand up, wobbling a bit, normally I brush it off but this feels different. Like a pit in my stomach. I run down the hall, only tripping once, to my room. I tell FRIDAY to not let anyone in, but with in 10 minutes theres a knock at the door.

 "Captain Rogers wishes to come in.“ FRIDAY says, I dont respond, I only hide my face in my hands. Steve finally gets in. "Are you okay?” He questions, his hand on my back, rubbing it slightly. I finally raise my head, rubbing my eyes. 

“Yeah, I guess I just dont deal with jealousy well.” I admit, I know where this will head. Most likely with me admitting my feelings for him, if I didnt already. He smiles, his eyes filled with kindness.

 "Jealousy?“ He actting as if he has no clue but we both know he does. He sucks at lying. "Yeah, a common emotion. Normally associated with romantic feelings. I hope he gets the hint, I really dont want to have to spell it out for him. 

"Do you happen to have romantic feelings?” Hes got to be kidding me.

 "No shit sherlock.“ I say not able to look at him, fear of drowning in the sea that is his eyes. He grabs my chin, forcing me to look at him, he has a huge smile on his face. Our lips meet and a fire inside my stomach goes crazy. Its almost as if this is what Ive been missing all my life. The kiss deepens and my hands find the back of his neck. His arms are around my waist until theres giggles at the doorway. Steve didnt shut the door so standing there is a giggling Tony and Sam and a smirking Nat with Clint behind her. 

 "Get a room!” Tony says almost yelling because of his laughter. I chuckle at his expression. 

 "We do have one but it looks like some nosy teenagers have stumbled upon it and were enjoying the show. But if you excuse us, the curtains are now closing.“ I get up and shut the door, only to be left with Steve and the groans from Tony and Sam.

Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different.

Its been five months since Harry Styles, my three year boyfriend, left me for some blonde bitch. Honestly, at first I was devastated. Until my best friend, Amanda introduced me to the party life.

I was never a party girl. I was that girl that sat in the silence reading a book or studying to become a lawyer. If anything, I was a nerd and a dork. I hated my life but I couldn’t do anything about it. I never wanted to become a lawyer, read books, nothing. My parents never really asked me what I wanted to do with my life and assumed that I wanted to do everything they did. Oh they were so wrong.

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My Brother's Best Friend (Andy Biersack Imagine)

{Requested by the lovely greendayschool :3}

You and your brother Jake were just kicking back and hanging out. Jake just got back from tour two days ago, you were happy to see your brother again, but you were even happier to see Andy again. Secretly you had a huge crush on Andy, but of course since your brother was pretty much over protective with you and boys, you couldnt possibly tell Jake. Ever since you can remember, even when you were in elementary school and boys would be around you, Jake would always scare them off. He acted more like a father than a brother, sometimes you liked it, but sometimes you hated it.

Jake was being annoying in his guitar when you watching t.v. “Dude shut up!” You yelled. Jake just looked at you for few seconds then smerked turning up the volume on his speaker playing his guitar again. “Jake!!” You shouted, but he couldnt hear you over the loud guitar. You grabbed a couch pillow and threw it at his face, he dropped the guitar and crushed your face with the couch pillow, “Hmmm!!!” You mumbled under the pillow. Even though the two of you were basically adults now, you still acted like little kids with each other. Jake didnt get off of you until you punched him in the stomach, “Ow! You bitch!…” he said breathless. “Dont fuckin mess with me.” You striked with an evil smile.

The two of you heard the doorbell ring, “You’ll get it.” You tell your brother. He just shook his head, standing up, “I taught you that, dont use that shit against me.” He said poiting at you and opening the door. You felt your face turn a deep red when you saw the blue eyed angel standing at your doorstep. “Shit…” you whispered to yourself. The good thing was that you were already dressed up. “Hey man come in.” Jake greeted him. As Andy stepped in you were the first thing his beautiful blue eyes noticed. “Hey (Y/N).” He greeted you with a huge smile. You stood up and hugged him, the scent that was on him was so manly and sexy, you could smell him forever, it was also a little bit of a turn on for you. As he leaned away his blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight, you were even beginning to question if he was even human.

“What brings you here dude? I thought you were gonna sleep in today.” Jake said. “Nah, Im not tired after all, so I thought I just stop by and kick back with you guys.” He says sitting down on the couch. “Well..hate to say it but you picked a bad time to come over dude, Im heading over to Jinxx’s place he said he wanted to work on some notes for some lyrics.” Jake notifies him. “Thats cool I’ll just hang out with (Y/N).” He says putting his arm around you and hugging you. You blushed again and couldnt say anything but just giggle. Jake didnt take it as flirting or anything so he approved and left the house. Your heart was beating fast, it was just you and Andy…alone..under the same roof. You didnt know what to say to him, usually you were very shy around him.

“So whats up cutie?” He asks and your eyes widen a little, he never called you that before. “Uh..not much just same old same old.” You replied. He gazed at you for a moment, “Wow..theres something different about you.” He says. “I dont know if its because Ive been away for a while look.. better than before.” He complimented. You tried to hold back your smile but you just couldnt. “Thank you..” were the only words that came out of you. Another moment of awkward silence filled the room, you hated yourself for not being able to just talk to the guy. It wasnt like he was going to bite you or something..but secretly you wanted him to..on your bottom lip. Andy seemed like he wanted to tell you something but was also holding back. He kept glancing at you from time to time. “Something wrong?” You finally managed to ask.

“(Y/N)..I actually came over for you, I already knew that Jake was leaving somewhere else.” He confessed. Your heart felt like it was about to come out of your chest now..even your vision was starting to become blurry. “” You muttered. Andy scooched closer to you making you feel even more nervous, his face only inches away from yours, “(Y/N)..I really like you…Ive been liking you for a long time now…youre an amazing girl, youre sweet and so caring, and I think its very adorable when youre shy around me.” He softly says, his oh so deep voice alluring and sexy. He bit his bottom lip when he looked at yours. “Wow….I dont know what to say…” you replied almost whispering. “Please say you feel the same way…” he begged. You slolwy started to smile and started to crazy his seductive and soft lips. “I really like you too Andy…” you whispered. His face lit up and was filled with so much happiness, “The be mine baby..” he whispered back and slowly leaned in to kiss those lips he had been craving for such a long time.

Your lips connected with each other, moving and mingling so softly and slowly, the taste of his lips was your paradise, it was your heaven. It was like both of your lips were glued together, you couldnt seperate them. Almost as if they had a mind of their own. Even if you tried to lean away Andy would pull you back in. Your eyes widend when Andy started including his tounge. You loved the feeling of it, you loved his touch and his taste. Both of you just went on and on kissing not even realizing that Jake was standing right behind the couch, thats how much time went by. Jake leaned in his face a little closer and just shouted one word, “SUPP!!!”

The two of you flinched and leaned away. “Jake!!” You shouted. “Well well well Im away for just a little amount of time and I come home to find this, my best friend and my little sister sucking each other’s faces holy cheese!” Jake yelled very shocked and outraged. “Listen dont blame (Y/N) it was my fault, I was the one who leaned in to kiss her.” Said Andy. Jake shakes his head, “I knew it, I shouldve known you had the hots for my sister as soon as I started noticing that way you looked at her.” He said. “Jake please dont-” Jake raised a hand cutting you off, “Dont talk (Y/N), a have a few words for mr.biersack here.” He says getting closer, you were so scared you thought he was going to punch him. “What the hell took you so long?” Jake asked Andy. “Wait what?” Andy said surprised. “Dude..Ive known you for a long ass time, I know you well enough to see that youre a great guy. I wouldnt want my sister dating any other person.” He tells him.

You become so relieved and happy to see that finally your big brother approved of someone for you. “You are awesome man.” Andy said and Jake pulled him into a hug, seeing that really made you feel fuzzy inside. As they were hugging Jake gave him a little warning. “Just one thing, if you ever hurt her I will beat you up and shove my guitar up your ass got it?” He said. Andy laughed a little and nodded.
“Yeah man…I got it.”

(Big brothers.. -___-)

Hi Guys! Sorry it took so long, I really struggled with the ending, I hope you enjoy the final part :) 6,000+

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Adventures in Nelson-Sitting Part 4 final

“You what?” those words hung in the air as a few free tears spill down her cheek.

She took a step away from him, turning around taking the opportunity to quickly wipe away her warm tears. She felt a firm hand on her shoulder, it soon slide down resting on her waist as he came into view.

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine// A Broken Heart

Request: Can u please do an imagine where you really like stiles, and get the nerve to tell him, but he gently lets you down that he doesn’t feel the same way. Most imagines are all the same where they feel the same way, and I’d like to read something different.

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Love. It’s such a strong, meaningful word. Love gives us so many different feelings and emotions. It makes us do crazy things we never thought we’d do.


Up until recently, I never knew what love felt like. I thought it was overrated and believed most people were over dramatic about the word. Now I know how wrong I was.

I love Stiles. I love Stiles. I love Stiles.

Wow, thats it. Just that one small sentence. But that one small sentence, describes how every single tiny part of my body feels.

He is perfect, so, so perfect, all of him. His beautiful features, his amazing personality, I could have a conversation with him for hours on end and not be in the slightest bit bored. He makes me laugh so much. 

…But he loves someone else, and it hurts. To think that how I feel towards him, he feels, but towards someone else. She’s so lucky…

You finished writing your sentence and closed your diary, before tucking it safely under your pillow and laying down onto your bed. You sighed. Maybe it’s time to come clean to Stiles about your feelings. You both have a very close friendship. Besides Malia, he comes to you with all his problems, just as you do with him. The pack, including Malia understand your friendship. She doesn’t mind you and Stiles because she trusts him, he is a loyal person. But when she isn’t around, he’s so flirty with you, he acts almost like he’s forgot about Malia, he tickles you, and plays around. Only when she’s not around, its only harmless but it doesn’t help with your feelings with him.

The way he acts with you. Maybe he feels the same way. What if he feels like he has to stay with Malia, or maybe he thinks he loves her more than he really does, after all she is his first everything. First proper girlfriend, he lost his virginity to her. If he loves her so much why does he act the way he does around you.

Opening your eyes, you were awaken by loud banging at your front door. Rolling onto your side you looked at the time, 18:05. Shit! You were supposed to meet the pack at Lydia’s over an hour ago! Stumbling out of bed, you almost threw yourself down the stairs to answer the front door.

“Hi…sorry I…Stiles?”

“Jesus (Y/N), What have you been doing?” He pushed through walking into your living room and turning to face you

You followed him before answering “Sorry, I fell asleep, why are you not at Lydia’s?”

“Hmmmm, well you didn’t turn up and I was worried sick when you weren’t answering nobody’s calls. There are psycho chimeras about, I came to look for you, so here I am” He replied sarcastically, raising his voice.

You frowned “Sorry”

He walked closer to you pulling you into a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

“I wish you wouldn’t care so much…” You spoke barely a whisper.

“Huh?” Stiles asked, pulling out of the hug.

You shook your head smiling.

“Lets go to Lydia’s”

Should I take this opportunity to tell him how I feel? You thought to yourself. What if he doesn’t feel the same? Oh I don’t know… 

“Uh wait, Stiles” 

He turned to face you after he had started to walk to the front door. Shit, there’s no way out now. “Can we talk? You asked, slightly embarrassed. He nodded and followed you back to the living room, looking a little confused. 

“Um, I just wanted to say” you suddenly felt your heart sink into your stomach  and your eyes filled with tears, you let out a choke, your heart was racing so bad, you could feel your cheeks burning up “How I feel…” you paused taking in a breath, a tear fell to your cheek “about you…” 

“Stop, (Y/N), please don’t do this, don’t” Stiles interrupted. “(Y/N)” He held your face “Don’t make me choose. I will choose her, always. I am in love with Malia. But you, you are my best friend, I trust you with my life, I don’t want to lose you. Please don’t put me in this position” 

You nodded and smiled. Your heart had just broken up into a million little pieces. But what can you do? He loves Malia.

“Come on, don’t be sad. My best friend. We will always be friends. Please don’t cry” Stiles softly begged.

You laughed and wiped your eyes. For show of course, because really, what was funny about the situation? The guy you loved just turned you down and declared his love for another girl. You felt nauseous. “Yeah, sorry. That was so ridiculous. Can we pretend that never happened?”

He hugged you “Of course, lets go to Lydia’s” he got up of the sofa, clearly wanting the conversation to end.

“I’m not feeling it right now; can you just tell them I’m not feeling great or something?” You asked.

“Sure. See you tomorrow” He squeezed your hand and left. Just like that. Gone.


I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any questions or requests, just ask!!! xxx

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Backstabbing 4

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A/n: i know that Brett has a sister but i have no idea what her name is so i’m just going to make it up and call her Laura! Someone told me Brett’s sister name so thank you to that anon! And i made someone really bitchy in here, so i’m really sorry! But you’ll see why soon! Thanks for reading x

Sorry if this chapter kind of sucked

Backstabbing series(Link won’t somehow work) so here:

I know that i shouldn’t listen to what Liam is saying. He’s just saying that to hurt me, he doesn’t want me with Brett. Why can’t i have someone to talk to. My parents aren’t here, i’m not best friend with Hayden anymore, i’m not close with Liam’s friend well except Lydia and i can’t talk to Brett about these stuff or else he’ll go and kill Liam. Which i do not want. Being a girl is so frustrating.  

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