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Unspoken rule

A little late to the party but here I am!

A million thanks to @bathtimefunduck for beta reading this.

You don’t mess with Lex Luthor’s group. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows that.

Everyone knows that they rule the school. They are powerful, smart, and liked by the teachers. Since most of them were in seventh year and had to study for their NEWTs, that meant a lot of students kept away from the library in fear of getting on their bad side. But that fear of Lex’s reputation didn’t seem to extend to his own family.

“Hey Lex, isn’t that your little sister?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Hey yeah, what is she doing with those freaks?” frowned Rick

Lex turned to look at the table they were pointing at and saw Lena sitting with five other kids of all houses.

That in itself wasn’t so unusual. The Luthor family believed in extending their reach as far as they could, and that was reflected in Lex’s own group of followers. After all, Max was in Ravenclaw, Rick in Hufflepuff, Leslie Willis and Siobhan Smythe were both on Gryffindor, and finally, Lex himself was in Slytherin, just like every Luthor had ever been, Lena included.

What was weird about Lena’s apparent group was that the kids seemed to be from different years, not just different houses, and the range seemed wide. Lex’s only follower who wasn’t in seventh year was Rick, who was in sixth, so Lena’s companions tickled his curiosity.

“Any idea who they are ladies?” he asked.

He knew that Gryffindor’s top bitches, and more importantly, ruthless gossips, Leslie and Siobhan would probably be able to tell him something about them. He wasn’t wrong;, days. And one thing was ; the two girls quickly started trying to one-up each other to see who could give him more information.

“That Ravenclaw boy is Winn Schott, he’s a pureblood but his father is in Azkaban for being a blood purist and attacking mudbloods. He’s also the only other second year there other than Lena,” Leslie said.

“The two older girls are in fourth year. The Hufflepuff is Maggie Sawyer, she’s a mudblood, and she’s dating the other Slytherin girl. Alex Danvers is a pureblood, her father was an Unspeakable for the Ministry, and her mother is a famous Potions Master. Alex herself is the most promising Slytherin since you, and she has the best marks in her year, although she’s closely followed by Sawyer,” added Siobhan.

“The two Gryffindors are firsties. Kara Danvers is a mudblood that was adopted by the Danvers recently. No one knows where she came from. I don’t know who the other kid is.”

“That kid is Adrian Rodriguez, mudblood too, and he knew Sawyer before Hogwarts. Something happened at the beginning of the year when he tried to follow Danvers Jr. up to the girls’ dorm rooms and the tower wouldn’t let him up, but I don’t really know the details. I do know he looks up to Sawyer and she considers him sort of a brother,” finished Leslie.

“Okay, anything else ladies? No? …what is it Rick?”

Rick suddenly looked excited, and he gave the two Gryffindors a smug look. “I know something you don’t!”

The girls glared at him, but Lex urged him to continue.

“Okay so, I used to live in the same town as the Danvers, and I was there when the little one showed up. And rumor has it, she’s related to Clark! You remember him right Lex? That older Gryffindor who was always getting in your way for everything till he graduated two years ago?”

“Yes, I remember him,” Lex said angrily, thinking back to his old rival. He turned back to his sister’s table and saw that the two fourth year girls seemed to be leaving in a rush. He turned his attention back to the little blonde girl. “So you’re saying she’s related to Kent? How so?”

“She’s his cousin, apparently.”

“Really now? How do you guys feel about going over there and introducing ourselves to my sister’s friends huh?”

They shared knowing looks and headed for the table with the four remaining kids.

Alex and Maggie hadn’t meant to be gone for long. In fact, they hadn’t even been gone for more than 20 minutes. They had seen Professor J’onzz leave the library and ran out to ask him to let them pair up for next week’s DADA teamwork exercise (“we don’t do well with partners, but I think we make a pretty good team”). On their way back to the library they had gotten a little sidetracked staring at each other, and that had led to some making out in an empty classroom. Eventually though, they started heading back to help their little siblings and their new friends with a transfiguration exercise that Kara and Adrian were having trouble with, and a charms essay that was baffling the second years.

Maggie opened the door to the library and nearly ran into Rick Malvern.

He shoved her aside and laughed “watch where you’re going mudblood! Hey there, Alex, if you’re ever in the mood for some better company than these freaks, you know where to find me.”

“Move Rick,” said Leslie.

Alex and Maggie shuffled to the side and watched Lex’s whole group leave the library.

“Bye ladies,” Max said, giving them a wink as he left.

Lex and the girls did not bother to look at them.

Once they were gone, Alex and Maggie let out the breaths they had been holding and were turning back towards the library when Maggie suddenly stopped short.

“Wait. Why did Rick say ‘freaks’ as in plural?”

The girls exchanged wide-eyed glances and turned as one to run inside. They went straight for their siblings’ table, but they stopped in their tracks when they saw that every single one of the kids was crying. Even Lena, who was trying to hide her tears to comfort Kara while Winn and Adrian hugged each other next to them. Maggie and Alex both started talking at the same time.

“Are you guys okay?”

“What happened?!”

“Was it Lex?”

“Are you hurt?”


A loud sniff cut them off, and they noticed that Winn was shrinking away from their loud voices. They exchanged another look and sat down.

Maggie hugged both Adrian and Winn and asked softly, “Are any of you hurt?”

They waited until all four of them shook their heads before Alex spoke from where she was wrapped around Kara and Lena. “Can you tell us what happened?”

The younger kids exchanged nervous looks, before Lena took a shaky breath and started explaining. “Lex and his friends, they, they came over and started asking questions. They said they just wanted to get to know my friends better but then they got really rude. They made fun of Winn, and they called Adrian names, and then Lex, he… he…”

“He what?” asked Maggie, trying to hold back her fury and indignation.

This time it was Kara’s small voice that answered, “He told me that I better stay out of his way if I know what’s good for me. And then he started insulting Clark, and then…”

“Kara, Kara calm down,” Alex said, stopping her sister before she could work herself and the others into even more of a panic.

Maggie nodded and said, “We get the picture. Come on, get up. We’re all going to the kitchens for a snack and then you can rest in my common room. You’ll be safe there, the rest of the ‘Puffs won’t let Rick near you, and none of the others ever goes there anyways. That all right with you?”

She received nods from Kara, Adrian and Winn, but Lena looked hesitant.

Alex, sitting right next to her, noticed and asked, “what is it Lena?”

Lena looked up at her with wide, scared eyes and whispered, “But it was my fault…”

Kara practically jumped up at that and said, “No it wasn’t! Lex came for me! If anything it’s my fault for bringing attention to the rest of you guys!”

“This was no one’s fault but Lex’s,” Alex interrupted firmly. “It was Lex and Max and Leslie and all of them, they are the problem.”

Maggie quickly nodded her agreement, but instead of commenting further, she got up and helped the boys stand.

“Come on, you’ll feel better after some hot chocolate. All of you will,” she said, looking warmly at Lena.

The group went to the kitchens, where the house elves loaded them with a mountain of snacks and a silver tray with never ending cups and hot chocolate. After that they headed for the Hufflepuff common room, where they went straight for the warmest, coziest corner, and settled on the couches. A few other ‘Puffs gave them curious looks, but a firm glare from Alex kept them away.

All of them except for James Olsen, a fifth year who was good friends with Maggie, and who approached the fourth years looking concerned. “What happened?”

“Lex and his gang happened,” answered Maggie.

“What did those idiots do this time?” asked a new voice behind James.

The three of them turned around and saw Lucy Lane, James’ sixth year Gryffindor girlfriend.

“Are they seriously picking on first and second years now? How low can they get?”

“Way too low apparently” Alex said darkly. She looked up and locked eyes with Maggie. She subtly pointed at James and Lucy with her head, and Maggie nodded slightly. Then she turned towards the older couple and asked “Hey guys, do you mind staying with the kids for a bit? We need to go back to the library for a minute. With everything that happened, Maggie and I didn’t have time to check out a book we need for our potions essay and we don’t want to leave them alone.”

“A book? Really?” asked James with an arched brow.

“Yup, a book. We really need it or Slughorn is gonna fail us,” Maggie jumped in to say.

“Seriously Sawyer? Danvers here is the kid of a potions master,” said Lucy, unconvinced.

“Ugh, don’t remind me. That only means that the teachers have higher expectations of me than they have of the rest of the class. If we do anything other than perfect he’s gonna fail us, or worse, my mom will find out!”

“You need to sort out your priorities.”

“You clearly don’t know my mom.”

“OKAY, let’s get back on track. Guys, we’re really just getting a book. Can you watch the kids or not?”

“Yeah, sure. Go. We won’t let anything else happen to them. You are really just getting a book right?” asked James, still unconvinced.


“Of course.”

“Fine. Don’t take too long!”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thanks guys.”

Alex and Maggie left. Upon exiting the room, they turned to share a look.

“We are not going to get a book are we?”

“Of course not.”

“I just want to point out that they’re five seventh years and we’re just two fourth years.”

“Technically, Rick is a sixth year”

“You know what I mean”

“You don’t have to come with me you know?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. We’re ride or die, Danvers.”

Finding Lex’s gang hadn’t been hard. Back when she was a first year, muggleborn Maggie had been captivated by everything at Hogwarts. She had always been polite and nice to the portraits, the ghosts, the suits of armor, the owls, and anything else that seemed even remotely sentient. (“They may seem different from us, but who am I to say that they’re too different? Is there even such a thing as too different?”) Because of that, she had a lot of unusual friends in the castle. Alex privately thought that the castle itself liked her (and how could it not? She was smart, tough, and so, so beautiful). It only took a few minutes of asking around to find out that Lex and his friends were in an empty classroom in the third floor. Luckily there was a portrait in the room that agreed to tell the girls where every older student was, and what they were doing. With that, the two girls made a plan and got ready to bust in and take as many of them out as they could.

“Last chance to back down Danvers. Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this. I’m okay if you are”

“Nobody touches my family”

“My thoughts exactly”

“On three?”

“One, two…”

At that exact moment, Mr. Filch was walking down another corridor in the same floor. When he heard a loud explosion, he brandished his broom like a weapon and ran towards the noise that was steadily growing louder. He saw smoke coming from a door at the end of the corridor, and in anticipation to catch a few students red-handed, he charged right in. what he saw in there was pure chaos. Spells and debris were flying everywhere, two girls were crouched down behind an upturned desk, shooting spells and hexes at two older boys and a girl that had taken cover on the other side of the room. Two more older students were sprawled on the floor not moving. As he watched, one of the young girls, a Hufflepuff based on her tie, started trading spells with the two other boys and turned her back on the older girl. The Gryffindor immediately sent a spell at her back.

However, just as Filch was starting to shake his broom and yell for them to “STOP THIS NONSENSE IMMEDIATELY…” the other young girl deflected the spell coming at her friend’s back and unintentionally redirected it at Filch.

The last thing he saw was a flash of red light before everything went black.

It didn’t take long for the story to make its way around Hogwarts rumor mill. By the next day, poor Kara was absolutely frantic, and she ran to find James hoping to get some answers.

“Madam Pomfrey won’t let me see Alex!”

“Kara, what are you talking about?”

“Haven’t you heard? Two fourth years attacked four seventh years and a sixth year, and all seven students plus Mr. Filch ended up on the hospital wing. Nearly-headless Nick says a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were the most injured, and they’re still in the hospital!”

“Okay Kara, calm down…”

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! I need to see my sister!”


“She was such a dummy! Why would she do something like that!”


“And Maggie too, they could have gotten seriously hurt! They probably did get seriously hurt! and…”

“Geez little Danvers, nice to know you have such faith in our abilities”

“Not now Maggie. What if they had to be sent to St. Mungo’s and… hold on, MAGGIE?!”

Kara turned around to see both Alex and Maggie walk up to her. Covered in bandages and limping a little, but with huge smiles in their faces.

“What… how… but Nick said…”

“That a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin were still in the hospital wing? Yeah, we may or may not have gone a little hard on Rick and Lex.”

“But… they’re seventh years…”

“Yeah kid, but they messed with our family,” Maggie said.

The story spread like a fire. The fight was something everyone was talking about for days. The rumors kept getting crazier and crazier with every retelling. But one thing was clear:

You don’t mess with Alex and Maggie’s family. That’s the rule. Everyone at Hogwarts knows it.

We always say Jungkook is the golden maknae and I think a lot of people think of that as him being the golden boy: prefect at anything and everything, a quick study, a sweetheart, etc. But today, a thought struck me… gold, the element, is malleable and ductile. This basically means that it bends under pressure. But look at Jungkook. He’s not infallible; he relies so heavily on the other members (which is by no means a bad thing, he was practically raised by them since he was, what, like 15??). But he learns and he gets stronger and he adapts and just?? completing blows everyone’s mind bc he’s always working so hard and he rarely lets it show when he’s hurting (the other members have talked about this too) Anyways, my point is: he isn’t the golden maknae because he’s perfect. He’s the Golden Maknae because of all the effort he puts into everything he does (he takes bOWLING LESSONS for goodness sake). also, fun fact, gold is thought to be created from stars colliding into each other and most of the planet’s gold is probs in the core of the planet. Jungkook is the center of the world okay bye

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i feel like to get a lot of genuine scenes (in the case of evak but also boy squad, etc.), she lets the actors kind of act as they do, like teens & talk about what they wish but make sure they hit their core plot points or make sure they touch base on certain topics but them getting to that convo could be up to them

hey you! I really, really, really don’t think so, I’ve seen some of tiny parts of the script and it’s all super, super detailed. I think people really underestimate just how much of what we’re seeing is all Julie, the script, what the characters are saying is all her, and I think she deserves all the credit, really.

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hey!! ive always admired ppl who are able to design ocs and get really into developing them & i wanted to try making my own ocs but it wasnt something i did when i was younger so i dont really know where to start. whats your first steps when it comes to making ocs?

hm, i’d say is that it really can’t hurt to make an oc that comes from a personal place or something you admire/aspire to be. vern started off as my own venting tool before developing and becoming his own character with goals and wants.

i don’t typically use OC templates bc i find them a bit restrictive and focus on unimportant things, but i would say something to always keep in mind about your oc is “what are they like?” “why are they like this?” “what do they believe in”, “what do they truly want?” and “what are their flaws?”

those five things were my starting point for everyone, which makes creating newer ocs easier. then i can lump in other info i find appealing like, “who is their family”, “what do they enjoy eating” etc.

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UF/US/SF skelebro's reaction to one day when they are sitting down and relaxing,their S/O jumps down from the air vent above,lands in a pose, then points at them and asks " ARE YOU READY FOR AN ADVENTURE!?!". (saying yes will result in an adventure)

I’m gonna have to negate the “saying yes” part otherwise I have nothing to write lol




Does he have to? Why go on an adventure when you can just stay home and eat junk food with him? That sounds like a better plan to him. But then you bring up all the places you can have sex in and Red is out the door before you even know it. 


WHERE? HOW? WHEN? AND WHY? You know what? He doesn’t even care, he’s packing up his weapons and dragging you out the door. 



The moment you said adventure, his stuff is already packed and in the car. Get in loser. 


Will this adventure consist of beds and naps? Eh, fine then, but you’re carrying him when he gets too tired. 



YES! Black is sooo down for an adventure. But what’s the plan? The details? Where are you guys going? Are there accommodations? HE HAS TO KNOW EVERYTHING


 Wherever you go, he will follow.  

fieldofclover replied to your photo: [4] WHO’S LYING NOW SAKURA WHO’S LYING NOW FAI YOU…

Please note that Kurogane and Mokona are like the only honest members of the fam at this point. Mokona is honest because she’s a troll, and Kurogane because he doesn’t see the point of lying.


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you know what i dont understand, why people associate denki to pikachu. if anything, it should be pichu. Becaus e pichu is well known for the fact its skills hurt it when it uses them and that alone makes it a better fit for denki TBH

That’s……………… a really fair point. Like. I actually am not very well-versed in pokemon, and when I started this blog, Pikachu was the only electric-type that I knew anything about, so that’s why I tag Kaminari as pikachu, but… as for other BNHA fans who probably know more about Pokemon than I do…. that’s a super fair point!!!

How to Read Energy and What to Expect

As many of you know, one service I offer on this blog are energy readings. I have gotten a lot of inquiries on how I do these readings, so I would like to inform you on my methods as well give you tips on how to do them yourself. Please note that I am not an expert nor do I have the final say on how to do energy readings properly, this is just my experience. 

Understanding Energy
The way I understand energy is as the force that inhabits everything at one point or another. Everything has an energy signature, down to the smallest grain of sand. However, the energy of living things is a bit different. There have been many names given to this energy but it is most often known as one’s life force. The hardest part of an energy reading is picking up on one’s particular energy among the trillions of energy sources swirling around at any given moment, but I will tell you how I do this.

How to Read Someone’s Energy

My method for reading energy is going to be different from everyone else’s. Your method for reading energy will be different from everyone else’s. Everyone has their own techniques for reading energy, but here are a few of mine.

  1. Sit in a comfortable location with at least part of you pressed firmly against the ground. 
  2. If you are reading for someone irl, have them sit near you. Physical contact often helps if both of you are comfortable with that. 
  3. If you are reading for someone not physically present, it can help to have a piece of them “sit” in front of you. I ask for names and blog urls when I do my readings so that I have an energy signature to focus on but you really can use anything or nothing at all, whatever helps you get a lock on the other person’s energy. 
  4. Sit in front of the person or blog and close your eyes. A bit of meditation before you try to tap into their energy is a good idea.
  5. Feel the energy of the earth under you and feel out this individual’s energy as it appears, a piece of the earth just like you.
  6. Grab onto this energy. Snatch it from the earth just briefly. Images, smells, tastes, sounds, colors, and feelings should come to you as you feel their energy. Keep a mental note of what you experience and write it down once you return.
  7. What you have experienced while feeling someone’s energy is their energy reading. It may be a bit of a jumbled mess, but that’s okay. Everyone’s energy is different but there may also be some overlap, which is also okay.

You can give someone their energy reading in many forms. I give mine as a paragraph with everything I saw, yours may be only a line or two. Everyone experiences different things when reading energy and having shorter readings isn’t a bad thing. You may even pick up on more or less energy from each individual. Its totally okay if some readings are long and others very short. 

So…. What if your energy reading doesn’t resonate with me, like, at all?

There could be a great number of reasons your reading went screwy. As I said before, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes shape. This being said, it could be a number of factors.

  1. I am picking up not on your energy, but the energy of someone very close to you. If you have been in contact with them recently, pieces of your energy sometimes clings to them. 
  2. It could also be that I am reading into the energy of one of your past lives, something you won’t necessarily resonate with or remember.
  3. It could also be that the reading was accurate but maybe some part of it was hard to hear, or some repressed memory. This is not the fault of the reader, in the long run it is up to the client to interpret the reading. 
  4. It could also be external factors in my own life clouding my ability to pick up on your energy. My cat knocks over a vase in another room and not thinking I write that in as your energy because I was so lost in the moment.
  5. It could also be you’re my last in a long line of energy readings and I am exhausted and hurriedly trying to get through your reading without paying attention to detail. 
  6. It could be any number of things, all acting upon one another. Keep an open mind. 

Whatever the reason for your energy reading not being accurate, it is best to just be polite and move on. No good will come of harassing a reader, especially if they are offering a free service. 

I just did an energy reading and I’m exhausted!

Yup, that’s a real thing and totally normal. Energy readings can be draining, especially for beginners, as you expend some of your energy when you tap into the earth and go out in search of other energies. This is especially draining at first if you have not yet learned how to shield your energy when searching in the energy field and subsequently some of it may be leeched out. Here are some self care tips to help you regenerate faster.

  1. Time yourself. I like to light a stick of incense before I start my readings. Once it is completely burned out, I stop no matter what I’m doing and go drink some water and just do something I enjoy for 30 minutes or so before returning to readings. 
  2. Eat or drink something sugary or high in carbohydrates while you read to return energy lost. I like to munch on sweet cherries while I read.
  3. Learn to shield yourself from energy drain. I imagine my energy dressed in a suit of impenetrable armor before I search out someone’s energy. Your shield can come in any manor of form, find one that feels right to you and keeps the pesky energy leech out. 
  4. Take little breaks in between readings, even just a minute or two to catch your breath. 
  5. Use crystals to return your energy. I like to take some moon-charged amethyst and hold it in my palm during breaks, feeling its energy flow into me. 
  6. Practice self care. Shower, change your clothes, put on some lotion or makeup… Anything like that will help replenish energy.
  7. Take a nap! I have a bad habit of doing energy readings as soon as I wake up and then I’m dead for the rest of the day. Napping helps immensely. 
  8. Know your limits. You probably won’t be able to do 20 energy readings your first day. Pacing is so important.
  9. If you are doing energy readings online, be prepared to use the block button. Some people are going to be rude, but that is their problem not yours.
  10. Have fun! If energy readings become stressful take a break. If someone is waiting on you for their energy reading, they will understand if it comes a little late. If not, fuck ‘em. You don’t owe anything to people who don’t care about your well being as a reader. 

There are a great many things you can do to recharge after an energy reading, but these are just a few of my favorites. Everyone is different, and respecting that is key. 

Remember actually enjoying yourself is key. Good luck with your energy readings!

okay I’ve been thinking about this a lot today, so lemme just Jane Austen vent for a bit:

The thing is that I want as many diverse and queer adaptations of Austen’s work as possible. Please. I really want to write a Sense and Sensibility modern adaptation where all/the majority of the characters are wlw, and that’s the reason Edward (Edwina?) keeps her engagement secret from her family and Elinor, she’s terrified of being disowned. An actual dream of mine. Or an adaptation of Persuasion where the leads are bi women and they were both convinced to look for men cause that’s what will make them truly happy and then it’s like nope. Love isn’t about gender. However what I’ve been thinking about all day is that P&P adaptations are strongest when Darcy is a straight white male. Why?

  1. Darcy is an idiot at the beginning and let’s be real, a lot of straight dudes are idiots. Especially straight white dudes.
  2. Darcy’s privilege is a major point in the novel. He has the highest social standing of anyone (sans Lady Catherine), which is why he thinks he is so above the Bennets. And even today, the people who have the most privilege are straight white men with money. In his proposal he tells Lizzie that it hurts him to propose to someone so below him but he loves her just that much. He sees it as a compliment but she recognizes what an insult that is and that his social standing doesn’t make him better at all.
  3. If Darcy remains a straight white dude and Lizzie becomes anything but, their contrast becomes even more interesting. This is why despite a lot of the problems I had with Bride and Prejudice, I loved the ideas behind it. Because adding that extra element of race and different countries added even more context to Darcy’s prejudice. In fact I think it makes it more interesting when Lizzie is a woman of color, because she goes through injustices every day that Darcy doesn’t understand.

So unless you want to put Darcy in a modern matriarchal society, such as Mosuo, (which I would pay fucking top dollar for oh my god), you can’t really understand why Darcy is an asshat unless he stays the most privileged person in the environment. 

But in conclusion even if you adapt it where Darcy and Lizzie have the same amount of privilege I’ll probably still watch it cause I love everything about Pride and Prejudice.

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I'm bitter about how the percabethians and even the percycos make a point to treat rachel like a hellbeast whore doormat bitch. Why do people disregard such an inspiring girl??? She's literally just a mortal, faced with gods and monsters and heroes, and she stood among them, even going so far as to THROW HER HAIRBRUSH AT THE LORD OF TITANS. WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE EVERYONE

red’s the loml and yes she’s still unfairly stigmatized bc of something that happened over a series ago and that’s bs

i am bitter about pjo cliches so send them in

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What do you think about the "pretending to be in a relationship" trope in the Voltron fandom? For me, it doesn't make sense for two paladins to pretend to be a couple to secure an alliance. I know the point is them getting together, but wouldn't the potential allies get mad about being lied to?

A) It’s fic.  I will suspend my disbelief for the sake of a light-hearted romp, same as I will for a rom com, and same way I accept kooky nonsense from golden age ray gun gothic sci-fi, and same way I accept that an alien race made robot lions that form together into a giant humanoid in vaguely samurai armor to punch monsters.  Sure.

B) These fics tend to be one time deals.  Either it’s to sneak in somewhere or a place they don’t expect to go back any time soon.  And then ‘oh we broke up’ works.  So the lie is just getting your foot in the door.

C) Wheeeeee!!

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Radiohead’s new Man of War video speaks to me very deeply

Radiohead have always had an odd relationship to vehicles. Most vehicles are modern, and so they don’t sit in essential categories. Walking, running, maybe swimming, are essential categories because you don’t need anything to do them, just your human body. You need to be at a point in history where the vehicle in question has been created, however, to drive, to ride a train, even to ride a bike. This is important to Radiohead because OK Computer, which “Man of War” was left off of originally, defined an era because it felt (and I can’t quite know this, but it felt) like computer-dominance and technological paranoia stopped being categories and started being what most modern people were feeling at all times. So crashing in one machine (a car), and being saved by another (a seatbelt), became something weird because it felt like man being bounced around by machines had become an essential category.

And yet, not quite, because the pre-requisite for dystopian-technological-urban fictions, like OK Computer, is that the knowledge lingers that we have done this to ourselves. So it’s an album made in an age of transition, and things like neon signs and trains and cars hover around the lyrics. Essentially, Radiohead are not nearly being as simple as saying “break away from trains because they put you on tracks, man, be individual and fuck the machine”, it’s more like “this technology makes me feel just a little more emotionally disconnected”. Radiohead tend to use bleeps and bloops and tech sounds in their songs not as enemies to the narrator, but as proxies for human emotional disconnection. In a rough sense technology is impersonal and inhuman, but that’s more a symptom of increasing inhumanity post 1995 as Thom Yorke may have seen it. Man vs the Machine, much like Man vs Fascism, tellingly, is not entirely black and white across Radiohead.

So what happens in the Man of War video? A man walks around some London looking streets, and as the scene flips from day to night he gets chased by a group of people to some train tracks, where he collapses, then gets up when they catch up to him, and ambiguously continues walking along the train tracks with them. Is this a basic “fall in line or be hunted down by the Karma Police” sort of narrative? To me it’s more about paranoia and the ambiguity of paranoia. As good as any Radiohead song from the OKC era it makes the point that paranoia very often means being scared of nothing. Before the threat is overt this is communicated brilliantly because we have no idea what’s going on, and neither does the man. We are all a little bit more scared walking at night, but not for any good reason. Then he reaches the point of highest panic, as we all do, in a rhythmic kind of way, and then he, and us, sort of have to move on. Are they taking him down the line to kill him? In a fatalist sense, yes, but isn’t he more happy and less panicked for not running? The video poses the question of whether technological paranoia is all in our heads or not, or whether this is not technology’s fault, but yours, whether or not your contrarianism is genuine or paranoid. 

I think that’s why Radiohead were never really punk, and why their personal commentary feels like social commentary, and why that social commentary doesn’t tire. It’s never as simple as “watch your back”, even on Hail to the Thief. The overtly punk songs like 2+2=5 get gaslighted by the calmer songs on the same album, as if it can never be all that bad. There’s a question of excess and overreaction, there’s a dampening of the punkness. Why it speaks to me, and the rest of this is all a personal point, is because I often feel that kind of flitting from the day feeling to the night feeling, as portrayed in the video, and I often feel like I don’t want to be told to calm down, or be told that my morning commute doesn’t mean anything because everyone has a morning commute. No one, me included, likes to have their personal narrative taken away from them. In the opening shot the man is calmly writing a crossword, then in the night shot of the same thing, it’s like he’s figuring out a code, like he knows that everyone is coming to get him, like he knows that the events of his life have transpired to have people chase him.

I never feel like anyone is ever coming to get me. I feel pretty calm all the time. But looking out the window coming into Victoria Station every morning, and seeing all the other tracks that all meet up at the Station, while listening to OK Computer, I often felt like there was some way in which trains did and didn’t speak to the lyrics and to the experience of the album, like it would make sense that it would all come together on the train tracks, with the vague threat of a train running you over from behind, the vague idea of everyone being cattle-carted to work, while knowing full well that none of that was true, that it was just a bunch of people going to work. There’s a kind of flitting effect created by that sort of self narrative, like the flitting between day and night in the video- paranoia, simple narratives of totalitarianism and resistance in daily life and being chased, are all weighed against their realities: the relative safety of modern life, the truth of choosing a career which imprisons you, the seeing of shadows. For me those oppositions, which may have to eventually be thrown away as childish things, or perhaps not, are all at the heart of OKC. 

Being told to calm down is more scary, more ambiguous and more enduring than a resistance narrative. Walking along in the day, feeling like you’re walking at night, wondering if any of it is real, but not being affected strongly enough to point out a problem, and not having enough potency to attack a vague idea. I do think I’m right about this, but maybe I don’t quite have the words to describe the OKC feeling. It’s not sleepwalking or daydreaming, but it’s like waking up into an imperfect future, but it being half your fault and half not-so-bad, and therefore being unable to do anything about it. There are no matrix-pods to smash, because it’s real life, but you might just get hit by a car, and then saved by the machine in that car, and then realise that we have all come too far, but also that there is no sense in going back, that something weird is happening and a huge price has been paid, the glimpsed sense that an enormous eternal category has been shifted, that life itself as a human has changed, but only really being able to gesture at how you feel, to feel more disconnected without gaining potency. That’s not how you have to feel about modern life to enjoy or to agree with the album, it’s not what anyone but silly people fully believe, but it’s the glimpsed sense that the album arises from, and I think that’s where Vaporwave as a genre comes from as well. Vaporwave is so distant and weird and posits so many alternate realities because there was always a sense garnered from Windows 98/ME, and from old graphic design programs, and from Muzac, that new and whole utopian realities for humans, like the ideal of the modern technological utopia which we are notionally moving towards, had been created too inhumanly. 

I like the Man of War video so much because 20 years after the album release it seems to match my feelings about listening to the album while staring out of a train window, the same train window as hundreds of times before, and knowing that other people both do and don’t get it, that you are and aren’t special, that maybe falling into line is pretty good, that there’s something weird and non-essential about iron lines being welded into the ground which carriages of people pass over, but then you share that idea and someone either entertains it or laughs at you, and then you move on again. 

  • Ace holding up phone: I want you to meet the love of my life! Aren't they gorgeous?
  • Luffy: I love them too! I had a date with them just yesterday!
  • Ace: WHAT!?
  • Luffy pointing at the picture: Yeah that pizza is really tasty.
  • Ace looks at phone: Wrong picture. *swipes* This is the right one.
  • Luffy: I don't see the difference. They both have pineapple. Wait. Nevermind. Sabo's in this one.

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I have to say I 100 percent agree with your fs hogwarts sorting. Jemma is totally a Slytherin and it's been especially evident in the later seasons. I think people tend to ignore the fact that she's incredibly ambitious and resourceful and has great self preservation skills because it could be used against her (let's be honest it totally could)? But that's what makes her so interesting to me. And FitzSimmons' relationship dynamic is very much one of a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin.

Yep, yep, yep. Look, I’m not saying that Fitz and Simmons are NOT highly intelligent and courageous. Obviously they are. What I’m saying is sorting them based on those characteristics is a very two-dimensional way of understanding who they are. It’s like the bullet points on the back of their trading cards or something. IMO, the important part of sorting a character comes with understanding a) their dynamic decisions, actions and reactions that DRIVE their narratives and b) taking those into consideration even when the narrative is painting them in a less than bad-ass heroic light, when it’s their flaws and weaknesses and insecurities that are driving their narratives instead of their strengths.

Yes, Fitz is very brave and very smart. But it wasn’t bravery (or intelligence) that made him jump into that portal or give up the oxygen, it was dedication to (and love for) Jemma. And far too often, especially early on, many of his “smaller” moments of bravery were because of his inferiority complex (heh, something that seems far more Hufflepuffian, or at least fanon-Hufflepuffian). AIDA didn’t appeal to his intelligence or his bravery when she manipulated him into building the machine or going after Jemma in the Framework; she appealed to his loyalty to her, she brought in the father who’d left him. As I said in the tags somewhere, there’s a reason that all of his major storylines involve betrayal of trust, which is a key factor in his characterization, for good and for bad.

Yes, Jemma is very smart and very brave. And while those factors certainly helped when she was dying of thirst and hunger in an alien wasteland, they weren’t the things that kept her going all those months. It wasn’t intelligence or bravery that made her argue against Coulson and go behind his back to investigate the GH formula. It wasn’t intelligence or bravery that prompted her initial response to the Inhumans. It wasn’t intelligence or bravery that convinced Hydra she’d abandon SHIELD for the opportunity to advance her knowledge and career, or made May and the others think she’d happily serve as #2 to Mace, or that tricked AIDA into not recognizing the LMD version of her.

Fitz is Hufflepuff. Jemma is Slytherin. That doesn’t mean they DON’T have characteristics of other houses. It means at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, their choices – both positive and negative – are going to be influenced by particular personality traits (and particular historical experiences that reinforce those traits) most closely aligned with those two houses.

Sigh, someone give me a plot idea because obviously I’m writing a Hogwarts AU next.

Because I grew up in a home where my mother was against vaccines this lead to me I having this very deep fear of them. I believe some of them that are for deadly diseases are very important but I’m so deeply afraid of them that I’ll be in a constant state of panic if I were to get a vaccine. I would be afraid to go to sleep because what if I woke up paralyzed or something. It would seem the majority of the people who get vaccines aren’t hurt by them but I grew up with this anti-vaccine mentality to the point the fear of them is ingrained in me. It would be so much easier to believe authority figures (like doctors and scientists) if we lived in a society that wasn’t driven by greed and fear but rather by simply a constant pursuit to make the world a better place. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore.

I’ve had to unfollow some blogs and that really sucks cause I had a great ride with them up until this point, but seriously there is a zero tolerance policy here for slut shaming of any kind. Fully support any woman’s freedom to choose, whether I like the choice or not. No judgements.

Believe me, I am grossed out too, but that’s my problem, no one else’s. Consenting adults are allowed to do what they want and obviously the place they were was supposed to be relatively private. They look like consenting adults to me (pretty sure GA can/will tell him to fuck off otherwise).

I support women in their body autonomy and right to privacy. I do not support slut shamers or their enablers.

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why do you hate reboot fans? serious question, not meant as an insult. if you don't actually hate them, what's your opinion?

I know some reboot fans who would tell you how I love them ‘til death.

I don’t hate reboot fans, or LAU trilogy fans, or any kind of fans. Tbh, I don’t hate anyone.

Hate is a strong word. I don’t think I care enough about someone to the point of hating. If I don’t like you, I’ll ignore you so I’ll never hate you.

You’ve told me what’s my opinion if I don’t hate them. Here we go:

I don’t like some fans. I don’t like those Reboot, LAU, Classic fans who come to my page and tell me what I should do or what I shouldn’t do. This is my page where I can post my shit. MY page, MY rules.

Even if they like to say it, I don’t go to anyone’s page and try to lecture them. NEVER. I stick to my accounts and everyone is free to come and see what’s in here. Everyone is entitled to tell me: I don’t agree with this. That’s welcome in here. We can talk and we can voice our opinions, politely.

But… don’t come to my page to tell me to fuck myself, to kill myself, to leave the fandombitch, miserable person, get over it, move on with your life, fat

I don’t care if you are a Reboot fan, a LAU trilogy fan, a Classic fan… I don’t care what race you are, what your sexual preference is, if you are ugly, pretty, fat, skinny…. If you come to my page and talk shit, you will go away burnt.