like what is the purpose of these gifs

This might just be my single favorite Dean moment of the entire show. He’s smiling, he’s on the way to a case, Baby is purring happily, and he’s got his brother sitting next to him. He is content with his place in life and he knows he’s got purpose, that what he’s doing is good.

I hope you’ll get many more happy moments like this, Dean! Happy birthday!

Guys can we just talk about lexa’s little shoulder strap thing for a second. What is the point of it?

Never once have we seen Lexa use it to block an attack and it literally only covers one of her shoulders

The only purpose of it really is her hold her little red sash, which she has draped over her head numerous times

Especially in this scene like what does she use it for? After her extra performance as a slave girl with a limp, she literally just has gustus place it on her shoulder so she can strap it all badass and make her revel more dramatic

Once again we have stumbled on another example of how commander lexa is the most extra person known to mankind

My favorite thing about Lexa is that whenever Clarke challenges her, she just gets really really close to her face. Its like she is asking “you sure you want to test me?” and Clarke always looks a little flustered because she knows Lexa could totally kick her ass but she’s also kind of turned on? Clarke is like “Oh shit I should not have said that, wow she’s really pretty, wait what?” and I feel like Lexa knows she has this effect on Clarke. So she steps closer with a dual purpose of dont test me but also now you’re thinking about kissing me.

the chainlinkgun (chnlnkgn) (hold on that contraction looks, like, racist, i’ll try again) (chaingun) (yeah that’s fine) raises a lot of questions.

Q: what is the chainlinkgun’s actual purpose? is 144 using it right? if so, who concieved a gun like this? are they dead? did their gun kill them? did they get shot by it, or did they try to use it and learn first hand that they had made a poor product? if she isn’t using it right, what is it’s purpose? is the explosion a dust cloud, or some sort of attack produced by the weapon itself? wait, is 144 doing that? how can she do that? isn’t she like 2 pounds? how can she exert that kind of force?

A: she’s kicking really hard

His name was Dean Winchester…

Title: The Man I Loved the Most

“But the eldest, he was a maze if I ever did meet one.  Dean,” she looked at me, “I already told you, but his name was Dean.  Dean Winchester.  Man, did I love that boy with my entire heart, too.

“But this time it was the romantic love, the love that leaves you blind and stupid and heartbroken because you couldn’t understand how this person could come into your life and change everything; they changed the lighting of your thoughts, the angles of how you viewed things, they came right into your mind and adjusted things and you suddenly couldn’t remember what it was like without them.”

Word Count: 3,361

There’s a woman I take care of at the nursing home, name left out for legal purposes, whose story has always fascinated me.  She recalls facts and conversations like no one I’ve ever met, and every single day that I go in and talk to her she will pick up right where she left off, will continue a story she stopped a week ago as if only a minute had passed.

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Citizen Erased - Origin of Symmetry, 2001

“It’s an expression of what it feels like to be questioned. I spend more time than most people being asked about purpose, and it’s a strange feeling. I don’t really have the answers and I have to respond on the knowledge I have obtained so far, but the problem is that it gets printed, and something else has come along that’s made you completely disagree with what you said”. - Matt Bellamy


I’ve been spending my day sprawled on my bed, with incense burning, enjoying the sexiest posts on Tumblr,  edging myself silly to hypnos all day.
my hair is oily now from squirming around and writhing against my pillows for hours on end gooning the day away, and my skin is greasy and gross from all the sweating. My tumblr is like my mirror that tells me what I am, what my purpose is in life. My blog is a portal into my cotton candy filled head.
Cock makes me feel dumb and fluffy and horny and bimbofied. And I have all the time in the world today….. no planning today, just edging and emptiness, for hours and hours on end. It never works when I plan.. everything that’s meant to happen somehow just does when I give up thinking. So today I gave up.
I can’t do it alone for long though. Edging for hours had me aching for cock, to the point I couldn’t stand it, I was going crazy for cock. So I brought a cock to my bedroom.
My thoughts are in a puddle in the bottom of my head when the cock enters my hole. His cock has turned my thoughts into paste, then to something less than paste. They could barely even be called ‘thoughts’ anymore. ‘Thoughts’ were something people had, and I sunk low enough that seemed a stretch now.
Dolls don’t have thoughts. Dolls are hollow and horny and happy. Dolls exist to be used and never to think. Dolls drool at both ends when they aren’t being used and moan like whores when they are being used. Dolls are fun, dolls are pretty and dolls would never, ever be able to get their brains back once they lost it.
If I’d been able to think I might have had an opinion on how his cock was turning me into a brainless doll. On how I was never going to be able to go back.  
But I couldn’t. So I didn’t. And never would.

Anybody else proud of Barry last night!? I’m not 100% sure he did this on purpose, but he may have finally learned that he needs to be more subtle when it comes to Iris. When Iris brings up being married in the future and on E2, he doesn’t attempt to downplay it like in the 1X21 rooftop scene nor is he over-eager like in 1X16 (let’s start doing). But, he doesn’t change the subject either. Nope. He’s the one to indirectly bring up the possibility of E2 WA having sex. “I wonder what our MARRIED doppelgangers are doing TONIGHT. Not, “I wonder what my doppelganger is doing now.” He reinforces that they are married, asks what they could be doing tonight and sees what she comes up with. She comes up with sex and he says “sounds nice…I mean for them.” He plants a seed and then backs off. Now she has something to think about… 

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“I’m Your Alpha Now.”

||Theo Raeken imagine||

A/N: hello everyone, bree here! hope you enjoy the first part of this imagine, should I continue this?????

WARNINGS: None. :)

His voice is like a beautiful melody, matched with an award winning smile, and framed by a beautiful canvas. His bright blue irises held such darkness behind them.
And where his heart should be, lives void.
Its hard to see past the surface, when its visually so perfect. But our eyes disguise dirt on purpose.
“We can readily describe our current state. I know my answers to so many questions, as do you. What was your father like? Do you believe in God? Who’s your best friend? What do you want? Your answers are your current topography, seemingly permanent, but deceptively so. Because under that face of early response, there is another You. And this wordless Being moves just as the instant moves; it presses upward without explanation, fluid and wordless, until the resisting consciousness has no choice but to give way.” He says, Her large doe eyes stalked his every move, her small frame overshadowed by his. Shaky breathe escaped her mouth. Her heart is beating so fast it feels as if it’s about to burst through the cage of ribs it was trapped in. He senses her nervousness, causing him to feel he has the upper hand or… Power, if you will.

“I don’t understand.” She mumbles, barely audible.

“there’s something different about you, and you know it.” He hisses. “You don’t know how to control it though, it’s scares you.” She evades his eyes, searching her surroundings. It had been years since she’d seen the woods or even outside for that matter. Perhaps it was her imagination, but everything seemed so overwhelming beautiful.
The woodland seemed quiet, peaceful. The boy paused his pacing, now that even the sound of his footfalls was silent, all that could be heard was the susurration of the leaves in the gusty crisp California wind. Looking up, she was transfixed by the myriad of fluttering leaves that danced in the high boughs, making a living roof above them. but the longer she stared the more the leaves looked like eyes peering back down at her and the boughs seemed to draw closer, blocking the sunlight as if they were forming a cage around her, and suddenly she feels trapped. His eyes trailed up to were she was looking but looks back down at her, she fiddles with her fingers in a nervous manner. Her eyes meet his, and he can’t help but admire how beautifully lost she looks, as if an angel that landed in hell. “I can help you.” He told her, “Y/N, you could be so powerful,” he adds, “I mean, think about it. You are a banshee. You have a very rare gift that’s just going to waste, you could be saving people.”

“Why do you want to help me so bad?” She asked.

“I want you to be apart of my pack. I have a pack of people like you… They’re all supernatural. But-”

“-You don’t have a banshee.” She finishes.

“Precisely.” He confirms, “Y/N I need your help… And you need mine.” He coaxed.
she hesitated, before nodding slowly… Agreeing. He smirks, commemorating his victory.
“As long as you know that I am the alpha and you do as I say, we should be fine…” He turns, motioning her to follow which she obeys, stepping further and further into her inevitable fate.

I like theories.
So, at first glance, it seems like Moonbin is looking at Rocky. When you look again, he’s obviously looking back at Eunwoo, and he says something it seems like. What he says (if he says anything), we might never find out. BUT as soon as he (maybe) says it, he does the dance move.
What if he’s spoiling the dance for Breathless?
There’s no way Moonbin doesn’t know the dance for Up&Down because he was just dancing to the song a moment before, with Rocky, and Rocky does the actual dance. This is on purpose, and you can tell its on purpose because he moved so decidedly. If he was guessing at the choreography for Up&Down it would be a little more stiff, a little less sure.
And then Eunwoo joins him. Eunwoo does exactly what he does, he knows the move and also does it confidently (once he catches on).
In my mind, this leads to one thing: this is a dance move in Breathless.
(Gif credit to Admin A: @moon-hyuks)
-Admin M

Science is a lot closer to invisibility than you think 

Scientists have been tinkering with the physics of invisibility for years now, way before Harry Potter made it mainstream. But soon it might be architects and automobile manufacturers that don the superpower, for practical purposes.

Making something invisible might seem like hardcore magic, but it’s no more than an optical illusion that tricks our eyes into ignoring what’s right in front of us.


I’m sure a lot of you already know I enjoy giving my characters big silly hats, but Posie’s hat actually has a purpose behind it.

In the world of Chastley, plants act a bit differently than the ones in our world.  The biggest difference is that, much like newborn animals, they imprint whenever they begin to grow.  The plants grow much healthier when they have someone to look up to that they consider their master.  This is why, in Chastley’s world, any gardeners or botanists wear large hats to let the plants know who is in charge of them.

Contrary to what people may think, Posie isn’t a plant.  She shares characteristics of plants, but she is not completely one herself.

New trees, new grass, new… treasure flowers?

Not exactly sure what to name them yet, but these “treasure flowers” are a natural replacement for treasure chests. They might also contain other things, like Anima. There’ll be a few types of containers, and each one will serve a different purpose.

I also did a lot more work on my scripted event editor, but I can’t do anything more until I have other “actors” to work with and build dialogue again. Before that, I want to work on other important things.

I’m working on Eily’s combat animations as well, but only little by little while working on other things. Soon, I’ll be able to touch up on tools and enemies again.

Purpose you cannot deny

The thing that will keep you focused is not a strategy or technique or condition. What will keep you focused, and disciplined, and committed, is a purpose you cannot deny.

If you’re serving a purpose that isn’t really your purpose, you’ll easily be distracted from it. Yet when you follow a purpose that lives at your very core, nothing can pull you away from it.

Focus is not about trying hard. Focus is about living true.

Great achievement demands great effort. A clear, authentic purpose is what will drive that effort, and make it feel like no effort at all.

Be honest with life, be honest with others and, most of all, be honest with yourself. It is an unwavering commitment to truth and openness that enables you to connect to the power of your purpose.

Live the purpose that lives at your heart. And live with richness in every moment.

— Ralph Marston