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DannyMay Day Five: Moment in time/clocks

…He always gets a feeling first. Like the air shifts around him. A disturbance if you will. He knows it’s really bad when, coupled with The Feeling, all his clocks stall for a single second. He turns on his monitor. The nagging will not go away.

Daniel is up to something

He finds his young charge brooding by his school locker. His friends standing next to him. He can feel it down to his ghostly tail. Daniel is going to do something, what, he can’t decide. There are too many possibilities.

“Danny are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yeah man, this seems a bit drastic, even for you”

“I’m just so done with this town! How can nobody tell it’s me after three whole years of saving their collective ass!? I mean come on! I’m sticking my arm through a locker!”

As he said, Daniel has made his arm intangible and is rummaging through his locker. Nobody seems to notice.

“I should just come to school as Phantom in my regular clothes”

“Dude, with your luck people would think you’re trying to copy Phantom”

Daniel appears to be quite offended by that statement. Yelling things like “how can I copy myself as myself”

“Hey at least you have your parents on your side this time around”

Clockwork chuckles, his charge can be quite the drama queen. Daniel proceeds to bang his head against the locker.

The school day rolls by and nothing out of the ordinary has happened Yet. Clockwork knows better, “The Feeling” has not dissipated. However a tingle races down his spine as lunch time approaches.


“Oh no”

The boy he calls Dash is angrily making his way towards Daniel. Something about a test he failed and misplaced aggression. Clockwork scowls, Daniel seems resigned to the oncoming assault. The entirety of the cafeteria looking on. However something in his eyes changes. He stands.

“Dash I’m not in the mood for your BS right now”

“Who do you think you’re talking to Fen-tina

Clockwork scowls, this brute of a boy better watch himself. He may only interfere when absolutely necessary, but no neanderthal will lay an unjust finger upon his son-young charge, he meant young charge. Daniel clenches his fists.

“You know what Dash, I don’t care just leave me alone or you’re gonna regret it”

The hulking boy grins like the cat that got the cream. Clockwork’s “Feeling” intensifies. He knows the unforeseeable event will happen soon.

“What are you gonna do about it Fen-tonio?

Briefly Daniel’s eyes glow green. He looks about ready to leap at the boy. Clockwork secretly hopes this is the timeline where he does. In a deathly serious voice Daniel responds

“you don’t want to know”

the brute appeares to be taken aback by the sudden shift in the atmosphere. The crowd seems to back away a step. Daniel commands respect, and exudes lethality. Clockwork smirks. That’s the strength his young charge is admired for all throughout the Ghost Zone. Daniel’s Ghost Sense goes off. The children seem perplexed by the smoke exiting his mouth. He smirks. “The Feeling” reaches its peek.

“Anyway, I wish I could stay and finish this little exchange but…”

bright rings of light appear at his waist. His friends face palm. The students gasp in surprise and jump back. The Dash boy stumbles on a near by chair. The English teacher gasps from his position at the door. Daniel grins almost manically. Clockwork roars with laughter for the first time in eons.

As the rings travel up and down his body, leaving behind black and white jumpsuit. Realization strikes the English teacher who looks about ready to faint. The students one by one come to the same conclusion. The brute of a boy sitting on the floor looks on in frozen astonishment. Finally the rings end their journey. Danny Phantom stands before the school in all his heroic glory. He looks Dash in the eye.

“…I have ghost butt to kick, and I don’t hurt civilians, no matter how much of a jerk they can be”

he grabs his friends by the arms and phases up and out through the roof. Clockwork is wiping away tears of laughter. His young charge is always entertaining to watch. Instead of following Daniel’s exit, Clockwork surveys the damage. The Dash boy looks ready to vomit. The English teacher actually fainted. The students squealed, groaned, and sighed. A redhead kid seems to be shouting about how he knew it all along. All in all nothing too bad that would require him to step in.

Clockwork turns off the Daniel monitor. His young charge is quite the sassy hero. The Feeling has evaporated. The revelation of his Ghost half was the grand event. Everything is back to normal within the Clock Tower. A knock at the door. Clockwork smiles and prepares his congratulations.

“All is as it should be”

Fetish [Pt. 8]

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Part 8 of Fetish

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

With that last breathy plea, Jinyoung threw his soaked t-shirt to the floor. You stared back at him, eyes wide as you missed his perfectly sculpted chest, long lean torso and big, brash arms so much.

He backed your exposed body up against the cold tile that lined your wall, scooping you off the ground in one swift motion.

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The Cruise

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Summary - The beginning of my new Series! I am so excited. 

Pairing - Dash Wilder X Female Reader 

WordCount - 1,263

Written by - Tacha 

A/N - Thanks to @lunaticfringe216 for helping me come up with this idea. Also if you want to see more Dash let me know. If you want a second part to this let me know.  Also, Matt Jackson is next on the Cruise… 

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When Scott had suggested that Dash took you on a cruise. Dash was confused as to why Scott would suggest taking you on a cruise. But after trusting Scott’s opinion. Scott booked some time off and booked the cruise only telling you once everything was set in stone. 

Once you and Dash had arrived and were onboard of the cruise ship. Dash gave himself a reminder that he must thank Scott when he returned home. The idea to take himself and you on a cruise was perfect. Both of you could get away from the day to day stresses of normal day to day life. Dash could just focus on you and your relationship together with limited interruptions. 

On the second day of your cruise, Dash had gotten up a little earlier than you. Dash wanted to do something today. You and Dash had spoken about going Jet Skiing. It was something neither of you had done before. Dash was excited for today. What more could he ask for? A day with his girl and some quality time together.  

After Dash had woken you up and you had breakfast, you retreated back to your room so you could get changed.Staring at the draw you were puzzled and confused, you didn’t know which swimsuit to wear. Before the trip, you had gone shopping with Renee and Carmella. While you browsed the selection that you had brought with you, you still couldn’t decide what to wear. How difficult was it to decide on what bikini to wear?

“You know whatever you decide to wear you’re going to look stunning. If you are still stuck perhaps I could choose for you?”  Your boyfriend’s sweet southern accent broke the concentration as you tried to resolve your situation. 

“That’s a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” You began walking towards the bathroom that was allocated in your room. 

“Darlin’ your not exactly the best when it comes to making decisions. That’s obviously why you date me.” You laughed as you stood in the doorway. 

“There was me thinking it was because you have a certain Southern charm and a body to match.” Before Dash could say anything you dipped into the bathroom preparing yourself for the day ahead. 

You had to give Dash credit. He made a great choice when it came to your bikini. It fit perfectly and it accentuated all the correct places. You and Dash walked towards the dock that had been arranged for the day. There were people lining, canoe’s and water ski’s already in the water jumping and gliding around in the water. Slowly and surely the line begins to move as people began to get on their chosen activity when it finally reached you and Dash. 

“Jet ski’s for two please?” Dash asked the guy who was dealing with everything. He seemed to be a little flustered. 

“I’m sorry, we’ve only got one left.” The man shrugged, you were willing to try and rethink your plans for the day but Dash wasn’t going to give up so easy. 

“Well if it’s alright with you, we’ll share one.” The guy agreed as he began to make sure our life jackets were on securely before letting you both get on and sped away. Dash was behind you, his arms wrapped loosely around your waist. You had offered to let him drive, however, he was dead set. He wanted you to drive. Why? You couldn’t quite be sure. However, you weren’t about to argue. 

You drove the jet ski laughing away as you sped up feeling the waves bounce onto your skin, the wind running through your hair. Dash held your waist tighter as you slowly came to a halt looking at the scenery around you. There was nothing but ocean, no tree’s or over large buildings, there was no traffic. Just quite waters with sea life just below the surface. It was beautiful. 

“Not as beautiful as you darlin’.” You jumped to the sound of Dash’s voice. You must have forgotten that he was there. But it was worse that you had actually voiced what you were thinking out loud. 

“How can you compare me to something so beautiful and innocent?” You questioned as Dash pulled you flush against him, your back against his chest. 

“Darlin, you’re certainly not innocent. But your the most beautiful part of this earth that I could look on. 

“You know I wondered why you wanted me to drive and now I’ve figured it out.” Dash’s deep laughter rumbled through your ears as you felt his chest vibrate with the laughter.

“You know me too well. I was secretly trying to find an excuse to hold you in the middle of the day.”

“Honey you don’t need an excuse. It never normally stops you.” It was one of the things you loved about Dash, he didn’t care what people thought.

“I know but it seems like the gentlemanly thing to do. What do ya say we go back to the cabin, get dried off and head to the bar for a drink.”

“Dash we’re hardly-” Splash! Dash had pushed you into the ocean. You resurfaced looking at your boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, that was hardly gentlemanly.” Dash who had remained on the jet ski, slipped himself into the water, wrapping his arms around you tightly

“But now you’ll want a shower…perhaps I could join you.” You rolled your eyes.

“you’re really something you know that.”

Are you were both showered and changed, you and Dash walked into the bar area. Something was different with Dash he seemed more fidgety and nervous. Completely unlike Dash. You and Dash found a quiet and remote booth. The beautiful candles that helped with the entire atmosphere.

While you examined a drinks menu, Dash observed the small things that he had begun to pick up about you. the way you would adjust your hair whenever you were examining something. The way your eyes would look at him, they twinkled in the light. You didn’t have to say anything your eyes said it all.

There was something that Dash had been meaning to ask you. It wasn’t anything major yet to Dash it was everything. He wanted to do this properly and know that when you both returned home the magic and the memories would continue when you returned home. 

“So there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Dash cut the silence between you making you look up at him. 

“Okay…what’s up?” 

“Nothing’s wrong Darlin. I just wanted to talk to you about something.” A waiter came back with your drinks settling them down before leaving you Even to the waiter seemed to connect on the importance of the moment. Dash took a sip of his beer. 

“So what do you want to talk about then. Must be important. You’re doing that nervous twitch.” Dash had no idea about the nervous twitch you were talking about. 

“I want you us to move in together. I don’t know about you but I feel like the time’s right. We could find an apartment or a small house when we get home. It’s completely up to you. I’m not going to force you to do anything.” Getting up and draping your body over the table, you pulled Dash closer by the shirt passionately kissing him. 

“Of course I want to move in with you. We will start looking once we get home.” 

“I can’t wait Darlin.” 

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Why does Dash think eggs are the worst to incubate? Like what's the difference?

Dash: Oh my FUCKINg- If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Eggs. Hurt. Your asshole. Marsh has a hole that giant hard round things are SUPPOSED to come out of. I do not.

“But Dash,” you say, “you birth crazy monsters and squids and slugs out your ass all the time!” Yeah. Sure. But I get tested for compatibility to make sure that when the time comes, those things will do some of the work FOR me by having a biological imperative to LEAVE my body and enter the world.

Eggs don’t give a fuck!! They’re all warm and cozy and happy sitting where they are and because I’m a human, my body just thinks “Hmm I’m too constipated to handle this shit so I’m just gonna give Dash horrible cramps and then flat-out give up.” So I have to PUSH. HARD. EGGS. THROUGH MY TRACT. ON MY OWN.


(And to be clear, I’m not talking about little squishy fish eggs or whatever. They’re cool. They can hang.)

Johnkat day 2015 (Species swap - Explicit)

Happy johnkat day! I didn’t manage to finish anything, but have a snippet from a WIP:

That’s when you realize you could kiss him and he’d let you. He’d let you, and so much more. Holy shit. Okay, so this is what it feels to be human and turned on.

That is so not okay. “Fuck,” you breathe. “Alright, so, I need to go, before-“ you point vaguely at the door.

“Don’t you dare!” he snarls and okay his voice is doing that dual-pitched shiver that tells you that staying put certainly a thing you should do. “Just shut up. Stop talking for one second, I can’t think when you’re talking, just give me a moment to… to… figure this out, okay? It’s no big deal, I’m not- don’t leave me.” That last comes out raw and soft and small, like you walking away would dash him to tiny confused (scared) pieces.

“Come here,” you tell him and wow that should not have been so easy, he’s crawling into your lap like the distance is physically painful (it might be by now). He’s heavy, densely muscled, but not nearly as tall and big as you thought he was. He fits perfectly against you. Obviously he ruins it by nearly putting out your eye with his horns as he tries to press closer. Jesus those things are lethal. “Careful, John, stop trying to- calm down!” you shunt your forehead against his, keeping him steady before he spears you through the throat.

“Fuck you,” he growls, breathing hard through his nose. “You smell good,” he adds, voice small, all confused and miserable about it.

He looks aroused, all heavy-lidded with this small gasp hitching up his chest as your nose bumps against his. You want to kiss him. It’s John. And you know what, you don’t actually care he makes a handsome troll, it’s just, it’s John. John who’s clenching the fabric of your sweater between his fingers like he’s worried you’ll change your mind. 

He’s your co-palhoncho. He’s your friend.

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I'd like to add that I've been in the group for months, and still only get 15 notes 'selfies'. The problem needs to be addressed, there is two different sides and if you don't think there is you're probably in the inner clique. Multiple people I've talked to have talked about being bullied, left out and attacked, it's not fair. You have to address the fact that there is a clique problem, a lot of people are on the verge of leaving because of it, and you look ignorant to the situation.

It’s like being apart of a group in which no one takes notice of you, you don’t get talked about on the gossip blog, your posts get ignored on the dash, people don’t make the effort with you when you try and make conversation, so what are we supposed to do? You can’t do anything about selfie notes but you can do something about the clique. You could also call people out for bullying once in a while.

We can’t do anything about the clique when we’re not getting any information. Just saying there’s a clique and expecting us to magically be able to fix it isn’t going to work. We need names and we need receipts so that we can contact people about their behavior. It would also help if everyone who is having an issue came to us off anon so that we’ll be able to compile a list and if there is an overwhelming number of people feeling attacked by the same person(s) then we’ll be able to do something about that. 

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that we can’t do anything about in character conflicts. The only things we can give warnings for are issues where the lines have been blurred between ic and ooc. This means an in character conflict that was spurred by some sort of ooc disagreement. Something that has nothing to do with your character but is being taken out on your character regardless. It can also mean an in character conflict that was turned into an ooc issue for no reason. We understand that in character conflicts can make people uncomfortable, but considering the nature of this group and the amount of disclaimers we give about supporting in character drama since this is based in the real world and not everyone has to get along in the real world, there’s nothing we can do to keep that at a minimum. However, if there is an overwhelming number of people complaining about the same character in regards to in character conflicts then we can speak to the writer about their portrayal. We can’t tell them how to play their character because we welcome creativity and we understand that not everyone in the world is pleasant and agreeable, but we can let them know that people take issue with said portrayal and they might work on it.

In regards to gossip blog mentions, as we’ve said before there isn’t much we can do about that. The gossip mods can’t mention everyone all the time but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been trying. They get asked questions and they respond with the names/information they think best fits the question. If you want your character to be spoken about specifically then please send their name in. This is a big group with a lot of characters, it’s impossible to mention everyone all the time but the mods are doing their best. They’re not robots, they’re just people. 

And in regards to posts on the dash getting ignored/lack of interaction, we’ve been working on that.That’s exactly why we have a three strike system, that’s why we do role hogging warnings once a week. You get a role hogging warning if you’re not interacting. If we don’t see you interacting with people outside of your group of friends on your blog or on any other blogs (because we do check them all) then you get a role hogging warning. There are obviously some kinks with this method, but we’re working on it. It is a learning process after all but we’re trying to attack this issue as best we can because we are a dashboard based rpg so dashboard based interaction means something. Google hangouts may be fun and convenient, but it doesn’t count towards activity, so making posts about talking to people on hangouts rather than talking to people on the dashboard or responding to posts on the dashboard won’t help you.

We made our rules as specific as possible for this exact reason. We’re giving ourselves guidelines for how to address these issues and we’re also letting you know what those guidelines are. So, if anyone is having issues with a clique, has noticed any clique-like behavior, or is having any issues with any character really please contact us off anon either here or on google hangouts @ subt.hq so that we can help.

Title: Devil in the Details (ch.5)
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Fem!Reader
Genre: Angst
Warnings: None
A/N: I’m not gonna lie, I hated the last chapter lol. I rushed myself too much and it could have been better. You never get better if you give up, though! So I put a lot of effort into this chapter. Hope it’s okay<3
Tag list: @badwolfandtimelords @the-glasses-are-my-disguise @geeky-girl-394  @princeofsassgard @wisestydia14 @seargantbcky @swviolinlorei @jedishrubbery
Chapters 1-4: (tumblr) (AO3)

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V: Between A Rock and A Hard Place

True to his word, K-2SO was making an effort to “like” you, hard as it was. He was constantly apologizing whenever he made a snide remark, which would be nice if he would stop making them all together. Silver linings, you figured.

You found it pretty strange, though. It was like you were seeing more of the droid than you were of Cassian, but you passed it off as work getting in the way. He’d been especially busy lately so it was impossible to see each other for more than a few minutes at a time. Strangely, K wasn’t nearly as busy, so he kept you company whenever he felt the need. More often than not, he had messages from Cassian to deliver to you, which he hated reciting back. You, on the other hand, thought it was adorable.

“There’s something different about you, Y/N,” K2 said as he walked beside you.

“Different how?” you asked, power walking to keep up, like always.

“You’re glowing,” he replied simply, “Are you pregnant?”

You stopped dead in your tracks.

“I assumed that’s something you and Cassian have been up to. If I’m wrong, please correct me,” he went on.

You held up your hand to stop him. “No, you’re not wrong. I just… I don’t feel pregnant,” you said, looking down at your stomach.

“That may be something to consider,” he said.

“I’m not pregnant, K.”

“I still look forward to being an uncle someday.”

You rolled your eyes and opened the door to the infirmary. “I’ll see you later today. Give Cass my best, okay?”

“Before you go,” he said, making you halt your movements. “There’s something very important I need to tell you.”

You looked between him and the medical bay, trying to gauge how much time you could get away with. It was relatively empty that morning so you decided to humor him.

“Okay,” you said, letting the door shut. “Tell me.”

“When you first met Cassian,” he began, “He tried to kill you, didn’t he?”

You shrugged. “Kind of. He basically shoved a blaster in my face, so…”

“He was going to kill you when you returned him to me,” K said abruptly, “He changed his mind when he realized he’d forgotten the Intel we were there to gather.”

“Wait, what?” you asked, half chuckling at the statement. He had to be joking.

“He planned to gain the Empire’s secrets through you, because we were empty handed.”

Your eyebrows drew together as you tried to make sense of his words. Your Cassian, the man you’d fallen so deeply in love with, had lied to you from the start? If that really were the case, who was to say it wasn’t all a lie?

“However, he changed his mind again, that indecisive idiot. Cassian loves you, he never lets me forget. It’s quite disgusting at times,” he continued, “But he hid the truth from you to spare your feelings. I thought you should know if you’re really serious about him.”

“Thanks for telling me, K,” you said, lost in your thoughts. You turned to walk away when he stopped you again.

“Please, don’t hurt him,” he said, “He may be an idiot, but he is still my friend.”

You nodded and entered the infirmary, your mind racing. Needless to say, the whole conversation left you uneasy and made it hard to focus on your work. Doing the best you could didn’t seem to be cutting it, but it was all you could do not to dash out of the room to ask Cassian for the truth.

The way you saw it, when you did confront him, there would be hell to pay.

By the end of the day, you were itching the leave work to find out what was really going on. You believed K2, he wouldn’t lie to you like that. He was physically incapable of it, actually. Because of this, you began to question your judgement of Cassian and if you’d rushed into things too quickly with someone you barely knew.

He greeted you with his classic smile and embrace, both of which you returned half-heartedly. Sensing your discomfort, he grabbed you by the shoulders and caught your gaze.

“Are you alright?” he asked, searching your face for answers.

“I need to talk to you about something,” you said, swallowing the rock in your throat. “It’s important.”

Cassian nodded and led you back to the living quarters, his own anxiousness growing as well. The silence that accompanied the walk made him uncomfortable and suspicious. K-2SO wouldn’t have told you, he thought to himself. There was no way he would actually do that, not to him.


The door to your bedroom shut behind you and you took a deep breath, running both hands through your hair and letting them stop at the base of your neck. Your eyes were dropped to the floor and Cassian watched you pace, so he leaned his back against the wall and waited for you to begin.

“K told me something this morning,” you said, sitting on the edge of your bed.

Cassian felt his heart drop from his chest to his foot and onto the floor.

“He said that you really were going to kill me when we first met,” you continued, “Then that you changed your mind and wanted to get information out of me, since…”

“Since your mother is an Imperial General,” he ended your sentence for you.

You nodded and stared down at your hands. “Was he lying?”

He sighed and looked around the room, at anything and everything that wasn’t you. “No.”

“How long were you pretending?” you asked, your voice and hands shaking.

“One day.”

“Don’t lie to me, Cassian, please.”

“I’m not,” he said, moving to stand in front of you. “I fell in love with you in one day, barely even that.”

You sighed and dropped your head into your hands, your fingers massaging your forehead to keep the oncoming headache at bay. “I can’t believe this.”

“I should have told you,” Cassian sighed shakily, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I knew this would happen.”

A tense and deafening silence fell over the room as the two of you organized your thoughts. You thought for sure he could hear your heart racing in your chest through the silence, considering how loud it was in your ears. He couldn’t, because his was just as loud. The world could have been ending and neither of you would have heard it.

“How can I make this right?” he asked softly.

“I don’t think you can,” you replied, “Why couldn’t you have just said something? I would have understood, Cassian. Why did you have to lie to me?”

“I didn’t lie,” he stuttered, kneeling down in front of you. “I just… didn’t tell you the whole truth. I couldn’t, it would have crushed you.”

“I have been used my entire life,” you began, emphasizing your words. “I have been lied to, taken advantage of, made to feel small and insignificant and like I didn’t matter. You made me feel like I was more than what the galaxy thought I was. For the first time since my dad disappeared, I didn’t feel hopeless. Now I’m losing everything all over again because you don’t know how to communicate.”

Cassian sighed and ran a trembling hand through his hair. “You’re not the only one who’s losing something here.”

“That’s your own fault,” you hissed, narrowing your eyes at him. “I didn’t ask for this.”

He dropped his gaze to the floor and stood. “I know you didn’t.”

“Then why keep it from me?” you asked, “Look at me, Cass. Look me in the eye and tell me I deserved this.”

When his eyes locked with yours you felt your insides collapse in on themselves. It was a look you’d seen only once before that shook you to the core. It was the same look he had on his face when he stumbled into the infirmary and pointed a gun in your face. That same pained, angered, and afraid expression.

“You didn’t deserve any of this.”

“Then tell me why.”

He stepped closer, so you stood to match his height. His face was mere inches from yours as he spoke. “I never told you because I loved you enough to spare you the pain. You’d lost enough, and I was going to take even more from you. Be glad I changed my mind.”

“Now you want me to thank you?” you scoffed, pushing him back gently. “All you did was delay the pain, Cassian. It would have hurt less if you’d told me before any of this started.”

“So help me make it right,” he said, his tone softening. “Let me fix this, Y/N. I can’t lose you.”

“You want to fix it? Fine,” you said, pushing past him toward the door. “You can fix it by leaving me the hell alone.”

Cassian stared at you in shock, his heart hammering in his chest and his lungs malfunctioning. His worst nightmares were coming to life right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t stop them, try as he did.

There was no question about it. You wouldn’t forgive him, just as he’d predicted.

You opened the door and looked at him expectantly. Hesitantly, he began to leave, but not before leaning in and whispering a final, “I love you,” followed by an, “I’m sorry.”

Once he was gone, you laid in your bed, face down in your pillow and trying to piece your sanity back together. It was hard to tell where the pain began and the anger ended, so all of it melded together into one big haze of tears and tremors. You began to question whether or not you’d made the right choice as you slipped under your covers, the tears on your cheeks growing cold.

Was it really worth it? Was it really worth losing the man whom you loved and who was your only friend over? The line between right and wrong became blurry as you laid there in silence. Taking in shallow breaths and placing your hand on your abdomen, memories of your conversation with K-2SO that morning flooding your already troubled mind

If there was the chance that you were pregnant- which was very likely- it would need to be verified and addressed. You’d have to tell Cassian you were carrying his child, and you just weren’t prepare for that. A sick feeling settled in your gut as you imagined the outcome. You shook the thought from your head and turned onto your side, pulling your sheets up past your mouth and taking a deep breath through your nose. Things would only get worse, there was no denying that. At very least, you could get even a sliver of sleep while you still could, so you did.

When the door slammed shut behind him, Cassian truly felt the gravity of the situation weigh down on his shoulders. He’d finally found someone he could trust and open up to, and he ruined it, as always. There had to be something he could do to win back your trust, and he was determined to figure out what that something was.

An idea flashed into his mind as he wandered the halls. It was a glimmer of an idea that relied on odds that were against him, but it was the best he had. If he could pull it off, there would be no doubt in your mind that he could be trusted. As quickly as he could, he made his way up the stairs and into the meeting room where he found several of the rebel leaders, all of which gave him a disapproving look as he burst into the room.

“Captain Andor, this is a private meeting, what are you-”

“I need everything we have on Y/N’s father.”


** i had free time today so i wrote this, i hope you enjoy it. thank you for reading**

You were rudely awakened by the sudden aching in your abdomen and lower back. Rolling over to check the time on your phone, 2:53 AM. UGH!I shouldn’t even be awake right now!” You muttered this quietly so you wouldn’t wake up Sehun. He was laid next to you, snuggled into you with an arm thrown over you. He looked peaceful so you refused to even wake him up to help you. Moving him slightly so you could climb out of bed and rush to the bathroom to check whether you had in fact started your period.

Groaning in pain louder than you had meant to, you started to raid the drawers, cupboards or anything that held the much needed pads/ tampons.”UGH, how could i forget to buy he simplist of things!” You Groaned even louder when another more intense type of pain come over you, it caused you to double over slightly clutching your abdomen. You heard the bathroom door opening, footsteps softly tapping towards you. Sehun reached behind you and began running the bath with hot water, to the temperature that you like as well as it being hot enough for it to soothe the aches. Once it had filled so far, Sehun turned off the tap and shuffled over to you. He sat you on the edge of the bath, stripped you of your pyjamas and laid you in the bath. “Baby, how do you feel now?” he spoke softly as he leaned to kiss you on your head as you laid further into steaming water.

Sehun, I don’t have any pads or tampons as well as painkillers” you whined into his shoulder. Period pains were the bane of your existence and they always hurt no matter what you do to loosen the ache. Wrapping your arms around your belly as an attempt to ease it, Sehun was sat facing you on the floor, with his arms resting on the side of the bath along with his head on his arms. You stared at him, admiring his beauty- this distracted you momentarily so you wouldn’t think about the aches.

Sehun stood up and walked out of the room but later returned with his wallet. “Baby I’m going to a 24 hour shop to get you your pads/ tampons or whatever you prefer and some junk food to help ease it, right? That is what you usually do, right?” Sehun was babbling, he usually did this when he was slightly distressed. what would you do without this angel, you will never know.

Sehunnie, either will do but in a medium size please and can we get ice cream as well?” you asked quietly breaking him from his babble.
I’ll be back as quick as I can honey” he walked towards you and kissed your forehead before dashing out of the flat, leaving you to soak away the aches.

Sehuns POV

Y/N moved next to me, she had been tossing and turning all night. This wasn’t like her at all, she usually wrapped herself around me with her head nestled onto my chest and her hand on my chest. I loved it. However, tonight she was fussy; not that I minded but never this fussy.

She reached over to check the time on her phone, I peeked over her shoulder silently so she didn’t know I was awake. It was 2:53 AM, damn it was early but why was she awake? She gently moved my arm, I forced it limp to keep my cover of being asleep. I was just curious to see what she way doing.
She headed into the bathroom grunting, groaning while clutching her abdomen and her back. I know exactly what this is and I know she needs me now even though she will try and hide it from me. Hence why she let me sleep instead of waking me up, silly Y/N. I chuckle a little before getting up until I hear another grunt and a loud thud. I rushed forward but let my feet move lightly so I don’t frighten her, I open the bathroom door to find Y/N on her knees doubled over. It was her period, we have been together for a while now, a little over a year and she was still shy. My beautiful shy Y/N.

I padded into the bathroom, running a hot bath for her, I know that this eases the aches a little bit and I know that she gets them bad. Feeling that it was hot enough to place her in, I helped her undress, placed her in the tub and sat next to the wall of the bath watching her closely. He bath seemed to ease it a little bit, she still clutched her belly.

Baby, how do you feel now?” I spoke softly so the small amount of tension doesn’t expand and implode on me. I kissed her forehead and she visibly relaxed. This action eased by distress a little bit but there was still that nibbling itch in my chest.  While I had travelled through my spiralling thoughts, I failed to notice that Y/N had moved her head to my shoulder and whined a little bit. I gave a small smile at her clinginess, it was her coping method towards the pain.

Sehun, I don’t have any pads or tampons as well as painkillers” she practically muttered this under her breath but I head it clearly, she needed me to go to shop and as much as I hate going out ridiculously early in the morning, I had to for Y/N. she always forgets this stuff, i had to make montly runs to the store, im practicall good friends with the man behind the counter.

Baby I’m going to a 24 hour shop to get you your pads/ tampons or whatever you prefer and some junk food to help ease it, right? That is what you usually do, right?” I babbled, I tend to babble a lot and she knew that, I could tell by the odd look she was giving me now. She looked up at me and spoke softer than she usually would. “Sehunnie, either will do but in a medium size please and can we get ice cream as well?” What was with my girlfriend and ice cream, it was her ‘go to’ food when she was on her period. It was always the same flavour as well, I sometimes wonder if she gets sick of it.
“I’ll be back as quick as I can honey” I promised her before kissing her forehead and dashing madly towards the 24 hour shop.

*returning back from shop*

Baby? I’m putting your ice cream in the fridge as well as the rest of your sweets in the cupboard and I have your stuff here” I was filling a lass with water so she can take her painkillers right away. Walking through to the bathroom, she’s still in the bath tub but barely awake. “Baby? Wake up, I have your painkillers and pads” I nudge her slightly and she jumps up, splashing water on me. She slowly takes the painkillers with the drink. She sighs as I pull her out of the tub so she can put her clean pyjamas on along with her necessity.

After I drained the tub, I pulled her back to bed and snugged into her. Y/N is more relaxed now and it running her hands through my hair, just as I like it.

Your POV

Sehun took such care of you last night even though you had attempted to not involve you. Actually making sure that he was actually asleep this time before moving to eat breakfast. The morning munchies have arrived, you didn’t mind because you remembered that Sehun had brought loads of different snacks in last night you planned to indulge in this fact and watch your favourite programs so that Sehun had a good sleep since you had woken him up last night.

Sitting down on the couch, you slouched with your legs up. It was basically your browsing position but with food and television. Engrossed into the program, the couch dipped and you felt a warm body lay against you, joining you on the indulgence of snacks.

Sehun was munching slowly as his eyes were on you, eyes filled with concern. You turned to him and told him that you were fine this morning and that you had taken pain killers for the remaining aches in your abdomen and back. Sehun continued to wrap himself around you, he kissed your belly gently before saying “I don’t how you do that every month” he huffed at this. I just laughed at how adorable he was being.

Sehun babe? Thank you for this morning, I know it was ridiculously early and you didn’t have to go out and buy all of this” The words flew out of your mouth as you continued to feel guilty about waking him up.
Y/N, we go through this every month and to be honest, I love helping you, taking care of you and so on. Oh and feeding you” he popped another small piece of chocolate in your mouth. He was right though, he loved to coddle you even though his ‘image’ concluded him to be a sexy (which he is) and overly confident (which he is). Sehun was a giant ball of fluff when it came to you, he was always been affectionate and passionate. It is a thing you admired about him because underneath the hard, cold exterior maknae of EXO was the wonderful, kind hearted man you called your boyfriend. He hugged you tighter and spent rest of the day just hanging around the flat, Sehun continued to coddle you but you enjoyed every second of it.

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What is the first thing Samezuka and Iwatobi boys are doing with their significant other when they're arriving at their warm home after a freezing day outside in winter? I just found your blog, and I red all your post. You are amazing!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh you’re too sweet, thank you you’re more amazing)

Makoto: He takes off his gloves and shoes and head inside first, smiling warmly at his partner’s reddened cheeks and wet hair before moving to help them take off their scarf and jacket. “Here, let’s get inside and I’ll make some hot chocolate.” Just to see them flustered he’d plant a kiss on their forehead before going inside. 

Haruka: When he sees his partner taking off their gloves and breathing on their hands, he takes them in his own and lifts them to his mouth, giving them a quick kiss and puffing a slow breath on them as well before looking up at them with curious and sincere eyes. “Is that better?" 

Nagisa: ”____-chan, I’m cold! Hug me!“ He’d cry out and snuggle right up to his partner, loving the feeling of their body heat and kissing their cheek as a way of apology for hitting them in the face during their snowball fight. "It should snow more often, huh?" 

Rei: He lets out a long sigh when he comes through the door, still a bit frustrated that there was snow all over the ground. ”_____-san, are you cold? I’ll prepare some tea immediately, so please take a hot shower first.“ But he wouldn’t be able to move right away since his partner would be cuddling up to him to share warmth. 

Rin: Rin would most likely still be smiling to himself until they got home since it’d been forever since he last had a snowball fight. When they walk through the door he tackles them into a hug even if they’re still covered in snow, and would either bite their ear or tickle them. "That’s for getting snow in my mouth!” But he’d still make hot chocolate for the both of them after anyway and cuddle on the couch. 

Sousuke: “Wait there.” He tells his partner who’s still standing in the doorway, and takes off his jacket and shoes first before going into the bathroom. He comes back with a face towel dipped in warm water and wipes the snow off his partner’s face and hair. “You’re gonna get melted snow everywhere if you come in, you know.” When asked if he’s mad, he’ll just kiss them with a smile on his face. “Of course not. It was fun.”

Nitori: He’s a bit of a downer about it, sulking a little because he doesn’t like being way too cold, but if his partner had fun that’s all that matters. “Jeez, you’re completely soaked! Here, give me your jacket and take a bath, okay? …W-What are you saying, of course I won’t go in with you!” While they took a bath he’d still be blushing at the thought while making tea.

Seijuurou: It was probably his idea to have a full-on snow war, from making forts to a ferocious snowball fight, but he’d feel oddly refreshed when he comes home and puts his hands on his hips with a wide grin. “Ahhhh, that was fun! Alright, now that we’re home, what do you say we take a bath together and drink something warm?” If his partner refuses he’d wrap an arm around them and beg them between short kisses. “Eh, what do you mean, ‘no’? Then… let’s stay like this till my toes warm up.”

Momotarou: He’s covered head to toe in snow from rolling around in it, but he rips off his jacket and flings off his boots before dashing into the hallway and leaving snow in his tracks. “Race you to the bathroom, _____!” But if his partner doesn’t respond in two seconds he’d run back and squeeze them into a hug while rambling on about how much fun he had and he’d need to be told to get off.

werewolf ashton [part 4]

PART 1  || PART 2 \ PART 3

You felt very jittery, you felt that time was moving so slow, and you wanted it to move faster. You looked back on the clock, making sure that the hand that showed the seconds was in fact moving and not standing still.

11:30am was what the clock read, you looked back down on your phone, making sure that the time on the clock did in fact match with the clock on the wall…it did match up.

Ashton had told you yesterday that he would be here at noon, so he could go take you out into the woods to go help him with getting rid of the traps that were going to capture the wolf that had helped you in the woods when you were lost. And right now, you were just waiting for the clock to strike noon, so you could see Ashton again, which had you both nervous and excited.

“You do know that staring at a clock isn’t going to make time go any faster”, you aunt chuckled as she walked into the living room.

“I know, but couldn’t hurt to try”, you said.

“What time is Ashton arriving?” she said with a smile, as she started to organize a few things that were out of place.

“At noon”, you answered, looking down at your phone.


“I still can’t believe that she is hanging out with him”, your cousin shouted from the kitchen.

“(Cousin Name)”, your aunt said with a warning tone, “I thought I talked about this yesterday”

“It’s alright, I mean she has a right to have an opinion of him”, you said not wanting your aunt to get mad at your cousin.

You looked down at your phone, for who knows how many times this morning. You still had around twenty minutes till noon, and you were really bored, considering that there wasn’t much on TV to keep you entertained and you were too jittery to focus on anything.

“(Y/N), how about you go pick some lemons from the tree out back, that way I can make some fresh lemonade for later”, she said with a smile, “it would also help distract you from looking at the clock”, she said convincingly.

You really did need something to distract you mind from looking at the clock. You agreed and walked into the kitchen. You noticed that on the countertop was a basket that your aunt told you to use to carry the lemons. She had a lemon tree growing in her backyard, filled with ripe lemons, ready for picking. You glanced down at your phone one last time, you had twenty minutes exactly.

You were starting to get nervous again, quickly shaking that though out of your mind, you went to go pick some lemons. You were thankful that the tree wasn’t so tall and a good amount of lemons were near the bottom of the tree, so you didn’t have to stretch too much. You looked down at the basket, it still wasn’t full despite already having a good amount, but the only lemons that were left were on the higher tree branches, which were becoming difficult for you to reach. You raised your hands as high as they could to reach the yellow fruit, but there weren’t many that you could reach and pick, since for some you could only brush your fingers against them.

You let out a frustrated sigh, not believing your luck. But you weren’t going to give up, you tried one more time, managing to pick one more, but there were still more that you couldn’t reach.

You heard a laugh that you had missed.

You looked over your shoulder and sure enough on the backyard porch; Ashton was standing there, looking like he was holding in his laughter. You felt your stomach do flips at seeing him, you couldn’t understand why he made you so nervous, yes you did find I’m attractive, but you shouldn’t be this nervous around him.

“Need any help?” he said letting out a bit of his laugh.

“No… I’m doing just fine”, you said stretching once again in hopes to reach another lemon, “but I mean if you insist”, you said as you failed to reach another one.

“You’re so weird”, he said walking over to you.

“I’m weird”, you said pointing to yourself, “I’m not the one that randomly sneaks into people’s backyards”, and you said noticing him stand next to you.

“Hey your aunt let me in”, he said with a dimpled smile.

“It’s noon already?” you said not noticing how fast time went.

“Yep” he said easily reaching for the lemons that you struggled to reach.

One by one, he started reaching for the lemons. You took a step back letting him finish, but also giving you a better view of Ashton. You could easily see the muscles of his back stretching against his black sleeveless shirt. You noticed the way they moved with each movement he made, and looked at the way his arms were to tone as well as tanned. You were getting an eyeful of Ashton, distracting yourself by thinking what it would feel to place your hands on his back to feel the muscles underneath.

You were so distracted that you didn’t even realize that he had finished picking the lemons.

“(Y/N)?” he said snapping you out of your thoughts.

“Hm, sorry wasn’t listening”, you said hoping he didn’t notice that you were basically staring at his body.

“I could tell, what you were thinking about?” he said with a smirk.

You immediately felt your cheeks get warm, he noticed, or at least he had some sort of idea. You tried to calm yourself, hoping to not embarrass yourself any further.

“Nothing, just thinking that I’m going to go see Pup today?” you said.

“Pup?” he said not knowing what you meant.

“That’s sort of what I mentally named the wolf in the forest. Hope that isn’t too weird”, you said embarrassing yourself even further.

You noticed the way Ashton smile became soft on his face, his eyes shining with happiness. You must have guessed that he was happy that you weren’t afraid of the wolf, that you actually did like him, already giving him a small pet name, thinking so much differently than the people that reside here.

“Nope it’s not weird at all, but why pup, I mean he is a wolf, doesn’t he deserve a strong name like fang or something like that?” he said with a small laugh.

“Mainly because he reminds me of a puppy, so Pup”, you said honestly.

“Fine his name is Pup, how about we get going”, Ashton said with a laugh.

He had finished picking the rest of the lemons, which you thanked him for the help, which he said was no big deal. You were going to pick up the basket, but notified that it was quite heavy; making you quickly put it down to get a better grip on it. But before you could go and lift it again, Ashton quickly reached for it, lifting it with ease, almost as if it weight nothing more than an empty basket. You looked a bit surprised at him. You knew that the basket was quite heavy, you needed both your arms to lift it without it being too much of a burden on your arms, but he easily picked it up.

You stared at his arms, noticing that he wasn’t even forcing himself, not seeing the strain of his arms as he held it. You knew that he was strong, you could see it in his toned arms, but you didn’t imagine that he was that fit to hold a huge basket without any force.

You went to open the door for him, and he easily lifted the basket onto the table.

“Hey, me and Ashton are going to go now”, you said to your aunt as you made your way to the door.

“Alright sweetie”, she said with a huge smile, “you better take good care of my niece Ashton”, she said humorously.

“Don’t worry, I will”, he said with a bright smile as he opened the door for you.

“Try not to be out too late”, she said as Ashton closed the door.

You two crossed the street, and began walking into the vast green forest. As you both began walking into the woods. You were both walking into a comfortable silence, just feeling his warmth right next to him. As you both walked into the woods, you felt his fingertips brush against yours. Your cheeks began to warm as you noticed how close his hands were.

You wanted to hold his hand, you really did, but you didn’t know if it would be weird. But you just really wanted to hold his hand. You began leaning in your hand, letting your fingertips brush even more against him. You just needed to curl your fingers and you two would be holding hands.

But before you could do that, Ashton held your fingers first. He was lightly holding your hand, just letting his fingers mingle with yours. You looked over and noticed that he didn’t seem to be nervous, but you could lightly see a pink hue on his cheeks, giving away his poker face. You looked forward, not being able to hide the smile that found its way on your lips. You felt how warm his hand was, warmer than most people, almost like as if he had a fever, but now you were getting used to holding his hand, that this felt normal to you.

You noticed through the corner of your eye that Ashton was also smiling, tugging on your hand, pulling you towards him, as you were now sheltered by the trees. As you entered deeper into the forest you started seeing the change in nature. Shades of green painted across the leaves and grass and other foliage, dashes of colors given by the flowers, and noticing  everywhere had an earthy scent, similar to what Ashton smelled like yesterday when you were pressed against his back.

“So what now?” you asked when Ashton came to a stop in the forest.

“Well do you want to look for the traps or do you want to look around here, and not get lost”, he said with a smile.

“You are not going to let that go are you?” you said.

“Nope”, he said accenting the last syllable in the word.

“How about we do both, you show me the woods, as we scout for the traps?” you said.

“Sure”, he said this time pulling on your hand, beginning your walk down the forest, “who knows you might even see Pup”.

You brightened up at knowing that the wolf could be anywhere, you knew that you should feel afraid, but it really did remind you of a puppy, a really big puppy, but still, you can’t not love him. You looked around the trees, looking to see if Pup really was there, if he was friendly with you, there was a chance that he was friendly with Ashton, considering that he really does help him out.

Ashton led you more into the woods, as you took in more of the wildflowers and seeing the sunlight bounce off the leaves, creating a surreal effect. There was a big fallen over tree log (it’s about a bit taller than your waist) in the path in front of you, Ashton let go of your hand, easily stepping onto it. he offered his hand to help you up. You noticed that the sunlight bounced off his hair beautifully, his dark blonde curls, lighting up in the sun, creating an almost halo like appearance. You placed your hand in his, as he easily pulled you up onto the tree log, almost effortless for him. He held your hands, making sure that you were steady on the tree and wouldn’t fall over. Once he knew that you wouldn’t fall, he jumped off to the other side of where you began.

He looked over at you, waiting for you to get down. Its wasn’t hard to get off, but for some reason you felt that you would easily fall off. Ashton noticing your trouble, instantly lifted his arms for you, letting you know that he would be here to catch you; his hands were reachable so he could help you off.

Once again you placed your hand in his, and he quickly held your hand tightly, giving you support to climb off, as his other arm readied for him to catch you. You stepped off without needing too much of his help other than his hand to steady you. You were once again on the ground, and about to take a step forward, till you tripped over something.

You lost your balance, waiting to feel the dirt on your face, but Ashton quickly caught you, wrapping his strong arms around you, as you placed your hand on his chest, to better steady yourself. You were enveloped by Ashton’s arm, feeling his hot skin radiate to you. You couldn’t help but inhale his earthy scent, you wanted to bury your nose in his chest, wanting to smell him even more, but you knew that you couldn’t.

You looked up at Ashton, his hair still shinning in the sun. Being this close you could notice all the small details of his face. You let your eyes wonder down to his lips, you noticed how he lightly licked them, you looked up into his hazel eyes, and noticed that they were staring down at your lips as well, making you lightly bite your lips with anticipation of what was going to happen next.

You wanted to kiss him, and it looks like he did as well, it was just a matter of who was going to start it. You wanted him to be first. He started leaning in. Ashton started closing the little space. You could feel the warmth of his lips ghosting over yours. He slightly opened his mouth letting the tip of his tongue; lick the corner of your mouth. You heard a faint growl from Ashton, feeling it vibrate in his chest, as he tasted your lips, liking the taste of your lips. He walked forward, making you take a few steps back till your back met with the log; his hands were placed on either side of your hips, trapping you. You looked into his hazel eyes, noticing that they were darkened, giving them an almost animalistic look to them that made you want to kiss him even more. Ashton began to lean in, you felt his hot breath against your lips, making you swallow spit in anticipation, we was about to close the space between your lips and his, till he heard something deeper in the forest.  Ashton placed space between you, looking in the direction of the noise

“I’m sorry (Y/N), stay here”, he said a bit frustrated since he wanted to kiss you too.

“Where are you going?” you asked, noticing him walking away.

“I’m going to go check to see if there’s some traps there, since I think that was a wire trap nearby, and I want to make sure it didn’t catch anything”, he said going in the direction of the sound.

“Why can’t I go with you?” you asked.

“That way, I don’t have to worry if you accidently set one off, some of them are really well hidden, it just don’t want you to get hurt”, he said over his shoulder.

“But what if you get hurt?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t, let just say I’m good at finding traps”, he said as he flashed you a bright smile.

He went deeper into the forest, behind a few bushed and you eventually lost him. You leaned against the tree log and waited for him to come back to you, and maybe continue your kiss with him. You were getting a bit bored, waiting him.

You heard something rustling nearby, and quickly looked in that direction. The leaves of the bush continued rustling.

There out of the bush, you were met with hazel eyes of the wolf.








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When all you got is a cup and an urge to sing to yourself, you were obligated to do the cup song. Of course, that’s exactly what Hana started doing. The movie may be a bit ridiculous, but the cup song was probably something that got her to smile even a bit genuinely.

“I got my ticket for the long way ‘round.
Two bottle ‘a whiskey for the way.
And I sure would like some sweet company,
And I’m leaving tomorrow, wha-do-ya say?”

Preference 2: He accidentally breaks your phone but he makes up for it

Louis: Well today was like any other lazy day and you and Louis were both cuddled up in each others arms and enjoying each others company. ” Babe I am so in the mood for playing some football right now” Louis says out of the blue. “But it’s our lazy day” you whine. “Well we’re still going to be together that’s what matters right?” he questions. “I guess so” you mumble. “Well come on and get off your lazy bum cause we are leaving to the park in like 10 minutes” he says kissing your cheek. “Ughhhh” you groan while getting up and going to your room to get dressed. Like Louis predicted in the next 10 minutes both you and him were off to the park and during the car ride you were just on your phone going through your social media. “Why’d you bring your phone love?” Louis asks. “Because I need it” you reply. “For what exactly?” he asks. “For emergencies” you say. “Right” he says exaggerating. “Whatever, just be happy I agreed to come” you say while pecking his cheek. “You’re right” he replies. You guys soon arrive to the park, while walking over to the soccer field you quickly check your phone for any new notifications. “Babe can you please make a sacrifice to just let go of the phone for just a little while” Louis whines. “Hold on just a sec” you say eyes not leaving the screen. You hear Louis groan then turned quiet for a while and then before you know it your phone got snatched out of your hands by Louis. “Babe give it back” you say. “Nope” Louis says emphasizing the ”P”. “Come on give it back please” you whine trying to reach for your phone but you were too short so you were basically jumping and on your tippy toes to try and reach your phone. “Well then I guess you have to catch me then” he says while running off. You run after him sort of giggling in the process because you were sort of having fun. You almost caught up to him when you suddenly hear something fall out of his hands. “Oh shit!!” he yells. Thinking it was Louis phone you went to him to comfort him telling him he can just get a new one but when you reach Louis you noticed it wasn’t his phone but yours. “Louis!” you gasped. “Babe I’m so sorry it just slipped from my hand and I couldn’t catch it in time” he rambles. “Just let me see it please” you say. He hands you your now broken phone seeing no chance in repairing, the damage was too much for them to replace the screen itself you immediately start crying. Louis soon notices and tries to comfort you “Babe don’t worry we will get you a new one” he suggests. “Louis it’s not the phone that I’m mad about it’s the memories. I’ve had every single picture and video from when we first started dating” you sobbed. “Babe I’m-” he was soon cut off by you. “Can we just please go home” you say. “Sure” he replies. The car ride back was silent and very very awkward. When you guys reach the house you head to yours and Louis shared bedroom and slammed the door shut to signal that you didn’t want to be bothered. You cry yourself to sleep and you were awoken by Louis shaking you to get up. “Y/N Y/N get up please” he says shaking you awake. “Mmmmmm” you stir from your slumber. “Look” he says showing you the box of a new phone. You slowly sit up and take the box from his hands. “Thanks Louis but it’s not the same. All of the memories on the old one meant a lot to me and I just find it depressing to have to start from scratch” you say. “Y/N just open it and you’ll see my surprise I have for you” he says wrapping an arm around you. “What?” you ask confused. “Just open it” he whines. “Ok ok” you say. You open the box to find a brand new phone you grab it and turned it on. “Ok what is the big surprise?” you ask. “Look” he says pressing the photos app. You gasped and see all your old photos and videos not believing of what was happening. “But how?” you asked shocked. “Well I managed to back up all the photos and videos onto my computer and when I got the new phone I just downloaded it onto the new one” he explains. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!!” you repeat while throwing yourself on top of him kissing every part of his face. “I love you too babe. Now how about we have a lazy day just you, me, and the TV.” he suggests. “I’d love too” you agreed. And the rest of the day you and Louis do absolutely nothing but cuddle into each other’s arms like earlier.

Niall: It was the hottest time of the year and you and Niall were desperately trying to find something to do to cool yourselves off. “Another popsicle?” you ask. “Definitely” he replies. Both of you were cooling yourselves off by eating popsicles the whole time. “What should we do to cool ourselves off besides eating popsicles the whole time” Niall asks. “I have no idea” you say. “How ‘bout we go to the pool” Niall suggests. “That sounds like a plan” you reply. “Well let’s get going then” he says. You guys change and soon leave desperate to cool off and when you arrive both of you dash to the pool, Niall jumps in first. “Come on Y/N the water is perfect” Niall says while swimming around in the water. “Hold on I’m just putting our stuff down then I’m going to put sunscreen real quick then I’ll be able to join you” you explain. “Ughhh” he groans. You soon put your sunscreen on and you grabbed your phone to put a timer on so you know when you can jump in but before that you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and throw you in the pool. “Wait Niall I still have my pho-” you were soon cut off when you reached the water. You popped your head out of the water and was searching for your phone. “Where it is? Where is it?” you repeatedly question yourself. Niall see’s you and questions what’s wrong “Babe what are you looking for?” he asks. “I’m looking for my phone. I told you before you threw me in that I had my phone on me!” you yell. “Sorry princess I didn’t hear you” he says. “Wait I think I found it” you say. You dive into the water and reach for your phone then reach the surface examining it.  "Maybe we can put it in rice, I’ve heard that works" Niall suggests. “No it won’t it’s been in the water for a while and I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work no matter how many days I put it in” you say crying. “Princess please don’t cry you know I hate it when I see you cry” Niall says. “I know but I’ve just taken so good care of this phone for so long and to me it’s an accomplishment because of the other ones I have broken in the past” you explain while sitting on the edge. “Don’t worry princess I’ll get you a new one” Niall says. “And?” you ask. “And what?” Niall asks confused. “And what else would you give me?” you ask joking around. “And I’ll treat you to a shopping spree” he says laughing. “And?” you giggle. “And I’ll do the chores for the rest of the month” he smiles. “And?” you say not controlling your laughter. “And you’ll get unlimited of these” he says puckering his lips and moving closer to you but before he can kiss you you push him into the water. “Hey!” he exclaims before pulling you in with him. “So do we have a deal?” he asks. “Eh why not” you say before kissing him. “That’s my girl” he mutters before deepening the kiss.

hello my lovelies I will be posting the other boys later today but I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what the new preference was.

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I want to know why its acceptable to post brown bodies on your dash. I want to know why the bodies of burned and maimed woman, children men are always on my dash. Its not enough thats it my own people. My nigerian people i probably made eye contact with when im walking down the street or smiled at in a car. but you post it up no warning, out on the table. I know its to make a statement . To show look what they are doing. But you go to far. You complain of black bodies in the U.S left in the street and taken photos of , reblog it 300k times and say they leave us out like animals. Yet you do the same for brown people burned alive and raped and mutilated. I never in my life saw pictures of 9/11 victims on my dash. pictures of the sandy hook children murdered and passed around pictures, bombings and shootings with white casualties never have their dead body on my computer. Why is that? I see the brown terrorists dead bodies exposed, brown shooters and brown babies. No white shooter and no white people who died in fires done purposefully or raped or mutilated. I really triedd not to say anything but i see it on my dash no triggger warning. These are people who have died in the most worst way and you reblog it til it reaches 25k notes an it stays in your likes or your archive. please stop doing this. please stop making brown people murdered into a photoset to reach the heart of people who obviously read the worded posts and not feel anything but the pictures of crisp people is what gets their heart pumping!! stop stop stopp 

So I have a reasonably large audience here, so I’m going to put this out into the fandom in the hopes that the people in question will see it. If you agree with it, by all means reblog this, I want this to reach as many eyeballs as possible. 

If you send messages to me or any other writer or artist in this fandom telling them that you hate them, that their work is trash and never should have been made, that they’re ruining the fandom then this message is for you. 

If you tell someone that their work or their presence is ruining this fandom then you are wrong, they not ruining the fandom. You are.

No one is the gatekeeper of this fandom, not me, not you, not anyone. I can’t tell anyone that they’re not a real fan, that headcanons that make them happy are wrong, that their art or their interpretations are wrong. I cannot tell anyone that they don’t belong here. No one is more of a fan or less of a fan, there aren’t people who deserve to be in here more than others. I don’t care how much art you make or look at or reblog, I don’t care how much writing you do or read. Your opinion is not the be all and end all, you don’t make the call of who gets to be here and who doesn’t. 

Maybe some people forget that that behind these screens, behind the art and behind the writing, we’re just people. We’re people from all walks of life with all sorts of backgrounds and jobs and situations. We’re real. And messages like these don’t do anything but hurt or upset or anger people. REAL PEOPLE. 

If you’re okay with that, if the idea of doing that to people makes you happy or smug or makes you feel like you’ve put someone in their well deserved place then please take a good look at yourself and ask yourself what it achieves, what good comes of it. 

I’m pretty sure that sooner or later someone is going to see this and open an anon ask on my blog and spew hate at me for this. And I’m gonna be honest, that’s going to upset me. Will that make you feel good? Because to whomever that anon is who sends hate to me or anyone else, we have something in common. We’re both fans of One Piece. We’re both fans of this amazing creation which makes us laugh, makes us cry and makes us excited. So much so that we’ve both become part of a community, because this IS a community. We’re both here because we want to create because we’ve been inspired, or we want to talk to other people about something that makes us both excited or we want to see the amazing things that people in this community make. We have that in common. We’re part of the same family of people, the same community. Sure, not all of us are going to get along, what group does? But do you want to be part of a group of people that hurts each other for kicks? Is that what you want this fandom to be like? Would you want that to happen to the people that you do like here?

So I implore you. Don’t hate people. If you see something that you cannot stand then block that person, unfollow them, make your dash a better place for you. But when you see art or writing or headcanons that make your heart sing, share them, spread them, leave reviews and comments and love. 

Please, spread more love across our fandom, not hate. 

anonymous asked:

I find that people answer questions/accept prompts more when the asker is anonymous, so here it goes: Teenage AU: Gail goes for walks regularly to get away from her overbearing mother. One day she witnesses Holly getting kicked out for being gay. After some hesitation, Gail comforts her.

rest assured, sunshine, i answer both. i get a lot more prompts as anon than named though so that might be a reason why you think that? thank you for the prompt :) hope you like it (edit because shit I totally forgot to say: homophobic slurs. very sorry for not including that earlier)

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Why do I even bother posting my opinions on this website when I know all you’re going to do is attack it from every angle possible? I’m sorry.. were you following me because you though I was sexy in the one gifset you saw one time on your dash? Yeah well if you don’t like what I have to say about these issues but I’m not the kind of person to shut up and take it, so you can leave and there will be no hard feelings. You don’t need to message me about why you’re right and I’m wrong, just stroll up to that unfollow button and hit it. 

As for the others that stay and adore me as much as I adore them, thanks. Much love. xx

5SOS preference #2: you're too little

A/N: thank you guys for getting ‘where were you?’ to 40 notes overnight and 51 in 24 hrs and i hope you guys like this one just as much if not more!

“Y/N what’s wrong with you?” You and michael were having a lazy day and he was playing with your hands and arms.
” what do you mean babe?” You say as you hardly pay attention to the question. He wrapped is middle finger and thumb around your wrist and held it up to you to show you how small it was. He gave you a look like ‘you know what I mean’ you sighed and sat up.
“Its nothing michael” you say brushing it off like it was nothing but you and michael both knew better.
” oh I’m so glad to hear that! When your done lying to yourself and me then we can talk. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you. Your eyes are sunken in, your body is so fragile I geel like if I simple hug you you’ll fall to pieces right in my arms and that’s not okay Y/N, and it breaks my heart. I know you’re suffering, but what I don’t know is why you won’t let me help you. Look at you Y/N your too little.

Ashton: you had stayed over Ashton’s house he was still asleep you were awake, so you decided to try and make him some breakfast but because he had the house built from the ground up his cabinets were really high, in act they we a bit to high for you. As you jumped trying to reach the flour for your pancakes it was no use you could only get so high, so you took it upon yourself to climb on the counter to accomplish you goal. Although the climbing helped you still had talmost there until you heard a low chuckle behind you which made you jump and fall backward into the arms of the one you love. As he laughed you made a childish pouty face. “ it’s not funny” you pouted “ your just too little” he laughed.

Calum: your parents had kicked you out because they didn’t like Calum, and you weren’t going to leave him just because o get higher so you had to stand on the counter on your tippy- toes to reach your goal you were your parents didn’t agree with your choice so you left and since he was older and had his own place you moved in with him. You weren’t a bad kid you just fell in love, and for you to be punished I your opinion was unreasonable and unfair. But you knew you still had to go to school so you woke up at your normal time got dressed and everything you need to do to start your day. ( lets pretend for the sake of is preference that hummer are still legal and they are still made) as you get ready to leave you grab Calum’s car keys and are about to head out when you hear “ Y/n where r u going with my keys?” he asks" to school what do you think?“, ” Y/n you know I drive a hummer right?“ "yea so…?” you questioned “ well its just that like you’re so little and I don’t ink you’ll be able to see over the dash.” he laughed. You just rolled your eyes and left the house.

Luke :you had just had your and Luke’s first child it was a baby girl named Abree Nichole Hemmings ( sorry if this isn’t a name that you like I just really like that name feel free to change it) she was so small and fragile in Luke’s hands you were so tired from the birth that you just kinds fell asleep after it leaving your new born daughter in the hands of her father and you couldn’t have been happier. a couple hours later you wake up to the sound of Luke feeding Abree and all he could say was “ you’re so little” softly to her as tears of joy stream down his face as he stares into the eye that at first belonged to him and with that there was no doubt in your mind that you ad made the right choice.

AN: hey guys so this is my second preference and i hope you guys liked it, i did this on the laptop i got for Christmas and the keyboard is a little slow so if there are any typos im sorry. also feel free to make requests they are always open so don’t shy! and i also now Luke’s wasn’t that great so forgive me but i ran out of ideas

Ni xx