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My favourite things about the Saints row games:
-Boss is canonically bisexual/pansexual
-Boss is canonically agender
-You can be the first female president
-Nobody cares how you dress
-Nobody cares how you look
-Oleg you guys? He’s literally the best. Smart big ole guy!!!
-The whole fandom 💙
-The fact that Peirce is a very soft boi he’s just a baby he tried his best and boss loves him for that
- Boss being a giant nerd/goofball
-Johnny is very very gay for boss. Very gay.
-The fact boss loves their friends so much???? -Literally everyone is their friend????? -EVEN MATT AND MATT TRIED TO MURDER THEM???????
Thank u 4 listening. (Also feel free 2 add ur own)

Daily reminder that Barry has not only confirmed that everything he does is for Iris (“Everything I do is for you.”), but also that all he thinks about is Iris (“Thinking about…well, what I always think about.”). Like the boy has literally outright stated that his thoughts and actions are centered around Iris but…SnowBarry is endgame.

I really like this scene right here…in the last pages it was semi-confirmed that he was likely part of experimentation, which is very much a victimizing process.  Laurent is trying to baby him, as if he has no idea what he is doing because of whatever happened to him with that and with Bloom Vanitas.  But Vanitas is clearly fighting against that…from claiming revenge on Vanitas (hopefully we find out why soon) to this.

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Hey I just found your comments about the decline of ragehappy and domination of Fake AH Crew AU's. I've been trying to break in and my only real success has been my one GTA story. There were two I put literal days into writing and people just didn't even give a shit. It's super disheartening because I feel like the only way to do well outside of Fake AH is to be already well known - but you can't do that without compromising what you want to write anymore...

Hey anon, yeah it does really suck that fake AH Crew fics get more attention than others. But , to be fair , the ragehappy side of the fandom has severely declined in general. I remember like last year, I could post a fic and get 20 comments in a day, Fake AH Crew or otherwise! Now I’m lucky to get a few. Interest has just severely declined and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will pick up again soon but , i don’t know. Maybe a lot of us have just grown out of AH. Even I find myself watching and keeping up with the content less and less these days.

But if you wanna link me to your fic I’d happily read it / show some love !!!! :)

Puppy Dog Eyes - Drabble Request

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“[Y/n], doll!” Bucky singing your name plus his gallant smile once he found you on the couch were enough to make you suspicious.

You lowered your book so he could only see your narrowed eyes. “What do you want, Barnes?”

“Oh, c’mon, doll, don’t look at me like that,” he all but whined. You marked the book and laid it on the coffee table.

“Don’t pretend you’re not here to ask me for something.” He opened his mouth to respond, but you were quicker to continue. “And don’t say it’s nothing. You know the meaning of the word ‘subtle’ as well as Steve.”

“Thanks!” The blond supersoldier yelled from the kitchen.

“This is terrible, Steve!” Bucky answered.


“Anyway, doll,” he sat beside you and grabbed your hands gently before pressing a caste kiss in each, “All I came here for was a minor, tiny, innocent favor from my favorite person in the world.”

“Hey!” Steve yelled again.

“You two share the first spot!”

It took a few seconds, but the answer eventually came. “Okay!”

“Now shut up, I’m trying something here,” Bucky shouted then turned back to you.”

You arched an eyebrow. “And what would that be?”

He brought your hands nearer his face and rested his chin on them, while still holding them with his own.

“You see, you make those delicious cak-“

“You’re asking me to cook for you?”

“Only if you want to feed your boyfriend and your friend.”

“But I’m so comfortable here.”

And you indeed were. Laying on the couch, binge watching a new show, with chocolate right next to you, wrapped in a cozy comforter and your favorite hoodie, the hood pulled up.

But then Bucky gave you that face.

“No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”

You tried to avoid you gaze from falling over him, but there was no way to pull away from him. Not that you really wanted to.

You had no choice but to raise and make his favorite cake, with Bucky grinning beautifully. At least he and Steve kept you company.


can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Ffffjdgssv I sketched this from memory so like loooolllll what even is anatomy eugh

Farmer!Mark from feistymuffin’s fic The Art of Cultivation 

Hoooly shit I love this fic with all my heart I really recommend it. This made me super nostalgic about my grandparents’ farm and doing farm work n shit.

Also, dirt details are really fun to draw

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Wait but why do u hate the green Bros? I'm genuinely curious??

just kind of explained it lmao but beyond my issues with their politics and their opinions,, theres grown ass men who can do goofy stuff and fuck around and be witty and do improv really easily and bounce stuff off each other and the greens are just…not that. the mcelroys can do that kind of awkward weird off-beat humor and it works for them but when the greens do it its flat and boring and just…unfunny? ive never seen a single crash course or vlog from a green that i enjoyed, ever, and let me tell you ive seen a lot bc ive had teachers who LOVE to just turn on a video instead of teaching

plus the revulsion might be partially fueled by how strong and weird their presence was on tumblr frm way back when i first joined & had zero interest in them whatsoever lmao..they were kinda forced down everyones throats and my rage is a little bit stemming frm that

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what's your opinion on bi people using gay as a term for gay people and bi people? like, saying 'im so gay!' when they express attraction to their gender. do you think it's a term strictly for gay people or do you use it as an umbrella term?

I was influenced into saying “I’m so gay” in fandoms because it’s used a lot, but since I’ve given thought to it a while ago, I’m trying to avoid it, and when I notice I used it, I correct myself. I’m bisexual, I’m not gay. 

I don’t think it’s fair either to gay people or bisexual people to be honest. We appropriate something that is not ours and in the process we erase part of ourself. So while I understand why some bisexual people use it, I think we should move past that, in respect of both ourselves and others.


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I’ll add to the comments as usual.

The DM ran photos of DK in the exact same outfit with the exact same shopping bags iSaturday – walking alone. Check it out. No way she wore the identical outfit and had the same bags yesterday. The story conveniently tags them as yesterday when it was known N was back in NYC. The “getaway” makes for a much better story than 2 friends hanging out like he’s done with several female friends in the past few weeks (Ira, Jarah, Liz) – and been photographed with them too. These pics were set up.

what is everyone talking about with norman and what did this DK woman do? i’m late and curious because i really don’t want to find a way to dislike norman

grooooooooossssssssssssss. well if the other rumours are true, she wants a baby w him.

I honestly am surprised about Norman and Diane. And to the person that said Norman is a horrible person, you’re wrong. Norman liked Diane and I believe that Norman can do whatever he wants to do with his life. If Norman wants to date Diane, that’s fine.

So he is w a disgusting famewhoere. completely changes the way i see him. bye bye norman, no longer your fan (and im a lesbian, so this isn’t butthurt shit here)

If this is true, I don’t want to go to WSC London now. I don’t feel like meeting him if he has been lying to us this whole time.

Norman has to address this. He’s getting so much hate. I hope he shuts it down. Please Norman say it’s not true.

I can’t believe he lied to us. If this really is true, then everything he says is bullshit.

Anon: Mod, I am at a loss how this whole narrative in the NR fandom went from “DK is vile, they’re not friends ” to “DK is vile they’re definitely not dating cuz NR is sweet and great” to “They’re dating! They’re both vile!”…. Like, where is this coming from? Norman’s own fans would rather believe he’s some sort of vile scumbag than the alternative that maybe, just maybe 1) NR and DK are both decent people? And 2) none of us knows the private details of when/how they got together?

Mod in your opinion do you think he would have done that? He did things that made us believe he was single so do you think he was really lying to us the whole time? I want to cry if he was. I thought he was different. Do you think there’s a chance that he is just friends with her?

Just friends my ass. They’ve been together off and on for over a year. Time for fans to take off the delusional glasses and accept it. He’s a good ACTOR, isn’t he?

II thought that if this happened I would feel angry and sad and disappointed. But I feel relaxed and calm and I wish Norman finally have found the woman that will stay with him till the end. I feel really happy for him.

I hope that Norman realizes that Diane probably called the paparazzi and set that whole thing up so they would finally be outed as a couple. She is a real piece of work.

A few choice words like unwise, irresponsible, childish, selfish, asinine, and dishonest, as well as many more like them are all coming to mind right now.

I know it’s his life but I think he needs to say or do something for his fans now. Just like when he shut down the EK rumor. Btw, TMZ also reported that as official too, if I recall and that was never true either. Please say something about the truth of this, Norman

In the midst of this DK stuff, someone on Facebook who works at LaGuardia airport says she talked to Norman at work today. Do you know if he’s heading somewhere?

What had Diane done and why does everyone hate her?

I am an extremely disappointed… I was gonna say fan, but I can no longer even bring myself to write that much less say it. What an effing nightmare. Seriously, I’m not sure if Norman could make a more foolish decision.

I want to be clear this is not a DK hate (or even dislike) post. I have to say I find it a bit ironic of NR fans blaming the trash mags for NR not being able to “live his personal life”. If I’m not mistaken didn’t the pap pics originate in daily mail? Doesn’t DK and her people have a deal with them and they set up pics all the time? So I’m assuming DK or both of them are courting this attention, yes? I think we need PR wife again, lol.

Ok wait, it doesn’t have to mean they are together. She could have been hanging with him like he does with a lot of his female friends. And I stil think the pics are only one day. Not a “weekend getaway” I really hope he says something now, though. This back and forth is too much. I pray it’s friendship and nothing more because I don’t want to have to stop supporting him. Say something Norman.

I cannot think of a single nice thing to say about Norman right now and I’m not sure I will ever be able to again. Anon: Dont you think that this is kinda ridicilous , this whole dk / nr is going on since 2015 , if they were together , they would already admit that and dont forget joshua and diane broke up a long time ago , so nr and her had a long time chance to admit it 🙄(sorry my english is not very good ) 

Everybody should calm down! In my opinion it´s obviously, that they are a couple. I think we don´t have the right to judge about his or her life! Nobody knows what really happened between DK and her former boyfriend….. I never liked her … but the most important thing, is that he is happy…. and we have to accept his choice…. ( sorry again for my bad english)

So are we to believe they have been so careful to not be seen out together in more than a year and now they are caught in his parking garage? Set up

she is just so unlikeable. ive read her interviews and seen her interviews. she is not likeable. this is bad new for his brand, but its his life. i know i won’t tune into anything he does if she is accompanying him or being mentioned. i know celebs are humans, but i also consider them brands that i choose to consume. ive no interest in using my money & attention to help her brand, and won’t consume anything she is attached to. sorry normski, not interested if you come w her as an add on

But hold on remember when he was photographed with Elsa Hosk? and they aren’t together. I know because of DK, it’s strange but I don’t think it proves it yet. Until Norman comes out and says it.

Mod , i would like to help you a bit. I also dont believe that they are together , in fact i do believe Diane might have a crush on Norman (who not) and im sure Norman knows that , but it seems he is enjoying his single life and told her that , and still wants to hang out as friends with her , because why not? Maybe they were out having dinner , maybe he or she made dinner at their homes! 😊( just what i think about the whole dk/n thing)

this norman stuff with TMZ, is utter bullshit. they are probably just friends and so what if they are dating, they should be happy that they are happy.

Mod , it seems you doubt about if they are friends or not ….

Mod, do you think they really are together or do you think the friends theory is possible? I just want to cry if it’s true. It’s not that he’s with someone but that it could be her! I hate her. She is nothing like him she is so full of herself and now he looks like a cheater and a liar. I didn’t think he was anything like that but now he looks like such a fake person. Not who he said he was to his fans. I’m so sad. What do you think Mod??

If them unloading a car together is the smoking gun on their relationship… damn! I am in a relationship with a bunch of cab drivers! Dammit… and here I am thinking I’m single! 

I’m sorry I’m laughing at a lot of this this man can’t be any where near a woman or his female fan loose their shit “ oh he’s with her no ” if he is dating her at least she is close to his age if she slept with him I’d hi- five her good for you Diane 😂🤣💪🏹 let him live his life I don’t know her we really as fans don’t know the both of them it’s his and her business if they are dating or not what ever and I would love to be at his next convention to see if these “ fans ” ask him about it

Sorry!! I meant good luck to HIM. I want the man to be happt but she is just YUCK. My bad. You always rule. I’m going to drink whiskey til I puke this weekend. Why do I care? I have no clue but am just disappointed.

Can someone post the pics of DK that are supposedly from Saturday, please. Also, are those pics on tmz from yesterday or Thursday. I’m confused!

Sooooooo are they together or were they just carpooling to like Whole Foods and Best Buy or something?

I’m done with NR. Cannot support this disgraceful behaviour whatsoever. More to the point how can he be okay with a supposed partner calling the paps on them? Entire thing is a mess. he is not who he pretends he was.

NR and DK kept their relationship hidden this long because they knew people would never forget about how their relationship got started (cheating) and they knew if they went public they would be one of the most hated couples in Hollywood. I seriously want to throw up she is such a horrid human being. N has developed really shit taste in women.

Here it goes. Seems like we finally got our proof and Norman and DK came out and made it public finally. They are together. You can’t tell me she’s just a friend cruising around with him and unloading his car. Not after all. I’m so disgusted, I almost vomited. I can’t believe Norman fell for this woman. I’m SO SO disappointed and disgusted! 😞

Those two horrible people deserve each other. And they deserve every ounce of hate that they get as long as they are together.

Isn’t there a simple way to clear it up? One or both of their reps will confirm or deny the rumors, right? NR had to do that with the EK thing. Plus I think isn’t DK going to LA for Oscar weekend stuff? If she gives any interviews I’m sure they’d ask about this, right?

Tumblr Artist Emotional Rollercoaster

Someone likes an art post: 

Someone reblogs an art post: 
“Heyyy friend! 😍”

Follower likes an art post: 
“Aw thanks, ‘@ so-and-so’!😘”

Follower reblogs an art post: 
“What would I do without you?😊”

Follower reblogs an art post with awesome tags or comments: 
“This is what I do this for!!!😭”

Mutual likes an art post: 
“Thanks, fam! 😁”

Mutual reblogs an art post: 
“You da shit 😎”

Mutual ignores an art post and reblogs someone else’s art and leaves great tags/comments: 
“…. 👀”

I KNOW fully this is NOT the mindset I should have, because that’s not what art is about. I KNOW that. Please don’t lecture me.
It’s just… I can be so petty. LOL 😂

SLBP introduction

tagged by @amigoingbananas thank you jess bb uwu
All are welcome to fill this out!!! You don’t need to be tagged to do it!!!!! @ing your friends helps get it going, but regardless please tag it #helloslbp so it’s easy to find. 


Uh I honestly don’t remember? I have a really wacked up sense of time. Something happened like 2 days ago and I felt like it’s a week ago. I was in the voltage fandom but with BMPP ending I just sort of…grew too sad and cut myself off from other games. That being said, I remember seeing a few of the old voltage fandom people reblogging about SLBP and a drama surrounding one of the lord’s rp blog suddenly got to my dash? So I guess I went to check what the big deal was because I’ve never seen drama this big around voltage rp blogs before or ever. lol.

I have a small budget I set aside every month for leisures and I never go beyond that budget so I usually have to adjust according to my needs. So if I need to buy a new skin care for example, then I won’t be buying anything game-wise or just buy from what’s left from that budget if needed.


I always am good with picking my first guys, 9 out of 10, they always end up being my favorite and not just because they’re my first choice lol. I guess I’m just wasting my life’s worth of luck uselessly like this, not that I can control it. My first lord is Hideyoshi and he is also my favorite lord.

I chose him because he was so kind to the MC in the prologue, it’s something in the way he talks and approaches her and there’s a kindness in his eyes behind the mirth and playfulness. I guess I like that.

The thing about Hideyoshi is, he’s very thoughtful, he’s very observant though he may not show it all the time, and he’s so very kind and selfless. Though he always kinda masks it and when you call him out, he’d just say “I’m not kind at all, I just protect who I want to protect, I’m just selfish~” or something along that line, it’s been so long lol. And also when Hanbei took the food MC was eating, Hide who usually would protect and side MC, let him take it and instead ordered another one because Hanbei was sick and he knew it even though the other tried to hide it from him. Another thing is in his first ES where he bought so many fireworks, obviously from his own pocket, to cheer up the people of the castle. He didn’t mention it to anyone though, not even to MC. He just has this innate altruism that he never boasts of bc it’s what natural for him, I suppose. It’s this simple gesture of kindness and how he never tries to take credit for it that makes him my favorite.

He’s humble despite everything he’s achieved too and never ever mind being the butt of the jokes if it meant everyone can have some fun and laughter. Do you know how hard that is? You have to be completely comfortable with yourself to be able to pull that off. And in Inuchiyo’s route as well as his event stories, it’s almost clearly established that Hideyoshi also likes MC but after being rejected he still goes out of his way to support MC and Inuchiyo. This also happens in his most recent ES where he pushed MC towards Inuchiyo instead because he knew Inuchiyo likes her. Like? Dude? Again, do you know how hard that is? 

I guess the latest ES do have a lot of mistakes in translations and having had friends showing me the tenka stories as well as playing them myself, I am very disheartened that his portrayal in SLBP is altered, in what I think is an attempt to adjust him to better fit the western character trope. If it is, then it’s very unnecessary. He’s just a friendly, kind and easygoing dude and while maybe it seems like a weak (as in impact-wise) character/personality compared to the other lords, that’s all he needs to be. That’s enough for me and I believe to all of you as well.


Yes! I am actively playing and chatting with everyone in game. Please feel free to chat with me! My ID is 


Everyone is very very sweet and supportive and I’ve met some very great friends here! I really wish I could meet @cottonballwithmustache and @laurifakristalina irl for sure though! So close yet so far away?? Maybe mainly bc of my work schedule though sobs.


I would love it if they give us more ES for the second batch of lords. I know, I know, I am very biased. Hideyoshi, Inuchiyo, Ieyasu and Mitsunari are all there, so what can I say? Sorry Masa and Yukkin, but it’s 4 against 2, you’re losing the battle of my heart lol.


Hello I’m Fran! I’m an OL in my early twenties, seeking to save as much money as possible to go to school again lol. I can’t keep a conversation so if I sometimes die in the middle of talking, I don’t hate you or anything. I love girl groups

I’m tagging, but obviously y’all don’t need to do it if you don’t want to lol. And if you have done it, please tag me in yours, thank you! I’d love to get to know you better but I follow like 1.5k blogs so I can’t keep up with things on dash @.@

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so I was tagged by @teereckt and @vclgin and @adam-levineyard to post six selfies so here we go

they’re from oldest to newest and on top of it all the oldest was taken in september and the newest was taken just before new year’s I think because honestly I didn’t take many selfies during the summer (although I do have one bathroom selfie where I’m covered in fake blood because of work oops)

but hey friends thanks for tagging me and now I’m gonna tag @junkheart and @sassassino and @shuurima and @elontheloose but if someone else wants to do this you can just blame it on me (8

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i'm new to the fandom and i'm having a hard time finding people that are active with new episodes. do you know some good people to follow for meta and liveblogging and general, up-to-date flailing over new stuff? i only follow people who post pretty pictures, which i love, but i want to dig into this fandom!

I’m not sure about meta, maybe search through the tags? like spn spoilers and such

The people I follow who are active:











There’s def more but those are what’re coming up in my tag rn.

Hope this helped!

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Hey Jab, what do you think of the drama going on in the Let's Play YouTuber fandom?

i’ve never been a follower of any of those people, mostly because i don’t really “get” youtube culture. like i can see the appeal of doing a Let’s Play and stuff, but the rest of it honestly sorta confuses me, i guess it’s a bit after my time

i will say that i’m pretty disappointed in their reactions from a general standpoint, especially in the face of how the fandom seemed to handle it. the gaming community at large (if it could be said to have one) has been gradually infected by this really nasty undercurrent of white nationalism over the past decade or so, and it’s really ramped up in the face of the last election. when a prominent youtube personality lost several lucrative endorsement deals because of his antisemitic content, i was not at all surprised to see the gaming community rally around him, crying “censorship”, “SJW” and “special snowflake” like they always do- regrettably, this has become the new normal, i no longer expect anything else from people that self-identify as gamers

if other prominent personalities in the youtube circle had been more willing to openly condemn their disgraced peer, specifically doing so WITHOUT attempting to justify or defend him, it might have been shifted the tide somewhat. instead, they largely pulled their punches, trotting out the old feeble “oh he isn’t a bad person, i know him personally and he isn’t like that, this was just a joke that got out of hand/was taken out of context, he made a mistake but you all should take it easy on him” song and dance. whether this happened because it was genuinely how they felt, or because they wished to address an unavoidable issue without risking the loss of income that would come with an exodus of subscribers, is really a non-issue, because in so doing, they sent a very clear message: propagating hatred is both acceptable and defensible, as long as there’s profit to be had

extremely disappointing, especially considering how young some of these guys’ fans are. you’d think they’d want to set a better example by showing a little backbone. but then again, like i said, the hateful element has been building in the gaming community for years, the pressure to pick the “correct” side must be enormous for these gaming celebrity types. it happened to that GameGrumps guy, after all, i guess no public figure is immune anymore

Is Love Enough (part 5)

Words: 2k

Summary: You finally learn what it is that Crowley wants.

A/N: Master tag list is at the end; sorry for the ones that aren’t working. If you’d like to be added, let me know.


You had been staying in a lavish bedroom for a few days. Crowley would keep you company unless you wanted to be alone. You weren’t sure where you were, he claimed it was safer that way. “Crowley, I really appreciate you helping me out. I do. But I need to get a hold of Sam and Dean. Something is wrong with Cas and…” you trailed off, worrying about the boys. “What is he goes after them? We need to find out what happened and help him.”

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So there has been alot of things going on in my life that I don’t talk about on here. I always want it to be a fun zone where I can forget about certain things in my life….

That being said…I am going to take a complete step back. I need to focus on me and my daughter. I love you all and you guys can tag me still. But I have to do what right and right now,I’m going to go.

I wish it wasn’t like this,My life has been super shitty lately and Tumblr was my escape. I can’t type anymore because I’ll start crying.

i love you all,
Liz 💜