like what are u doing tom

The Doctors as "My Immortal" Quotes

William Hartnell: “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?” asked Professor McGonagall"

Patrick Troughton: “Then swooped he in singing to the tune of a Gothic version of a song by 50 Cent.”

Jon Pertwee: “And den……………..I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11”

Tom Baker: “U must go back in time and sedouce him. It is the only way.”

Peter Davison: “he put his arm around me all protective.”

Colin Baker: “I need to wear like da hotset outfit EVA.”

Sylvester McCoy: “What was DAT al about?”
“It wuz to blackmail u.” I snarked.

Paul McGann: (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!)

Christopher Eccelston: “You dunderheads!1111111111” screamed Dumbledore wisely"

David Tennant: “I’m good at too many things? WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!”


Peter Capaldi: “I was even upset went to rehearsal with my Gothic metal band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666. I am the leader singer of it and I play guitar”

I’m so sorry.

so I was chatting with @dickgrysvn about Netflix and she was telling me how the US netflix doesn’t have some of the good stuff, and I was like?? no way we could have more than you guys

but then we found out that in Canada we have those guys but you don’t?? (not a full list) and like??? wth

  • antman 
  • Age of ultron
  • cap 1 & cap 2 
  • iron man 1 
  • Deadpool
  • thor 
  • gotg 
  • tangled 
  • anastasia 
  • shrek 
  • spiderman movies 
  • avengers assemble 
  • ultimate spiderman 
  • Legend of Korra
  • suits 
  • lotr series 
  • sherlock movie 
  • shadowhunters (weekly episode) 
  • downtown abbey (weekly episode) 
  • riverdale (weekly) 
  • star wars the force awakens
  • teen titans
  • tom & jerry 
  • teenage mutant ninja turtles 
  • jurassic park 
  •  x-men movies 
  • tron
  • troy
  • mission impossible movies 
  • transformers 
  • pirates of the carribean 
  • misfits
  • paranormal activity 
  • Cinderella 
  • Maleficent
  • The Dark Knight 
  • Assault on Arkham 
  • Batman vs Robin 
  • B99 
  • Ex Machina 
  • Fresh prince of bel-air
  • full house 
  • Hannibal 
  • The Hunger Games 

what do u guys even have other than NCIS, CIS and criminal minds? lol

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Hey so there's this orange stripped tom with a white underbelly named Casey and he wears a tie what do his parents look like

are u actually asking me to turn my parents into fursonas

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Okay! Tord walking down an alley of trees that lost their leafs and he just walks away so u can sed his back. Sad kinda like but beautiful at the same time as he yet lost everything and gained everything. Is that okay? I'll be doing similar anyway <3

speedpaint : x

i know this isnt exactly what you asked for, sorry about that

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Why wouldn't Taylor put an end to all this nonsense then? I can't believe she has not caught wind of the talk. She would simply have to post something from the U.S. on an important day, like Tom's Bday, to stop this talk.

Because Tom already said it was over. So did Luke. So did Tree. Not sure why Taylor would need to say anything. Besides, shippers are going to believe what they want despite any evidence to the contrary. I swear, at this point, we have more concrete evidence of the existence of Bigfoot than we do the existence of Hiddleswift.

imagine shizuo learning about memes and trying to make everyone laugh but it doesnt work because every time he memes he goes “hey did i do that okay?? that’s how you do it right??? was that funny”

the masses have wanted this and so i present: SOME TOM/MARCO/STAR HEADCANONS

  • star n tom remain friends. they realize tht they didnt work out and like their friend dynamic better
  • they have friend dates n one of their main topics of conversation is how ADORABLE  N DORKY THEIR BF IS
  • tom goes to fuckng high school to be closer to the both of them anfd shenanigans ensue which includes the gym ““““mysteriously’“ ““ “ burns down and an influx of bunnies plagues the school
  • tom sleeps over sometimes they stay up playing mario kart and marco kicks their asses until they start kissing him to distract him fuckoin CHEATERS
  1. “marco do u think squirrels can feel” “star please we have a test tomorrow” “marco what are squirrels” “asK TOMORROW T OM”
  • meet the parents
  • threesome dates become pure chaos gthey have to go to open spaces like fairs bc buildings r subject to magic bursts or fire
  • since marco is dating both a prince and a princess hes subject to kidnapping n tom and star bond over planning fucking m u r d e r
  1. when they arrive to save marco n kick ass they find him on a recliner, sipping from a bendy straw with destruction and unconscious baddies all around him like “hey guys i was starting to think i needed to find another ride home”

@magehand replied to your post: @adhdalistair replied to your post: …

yeah lu is 100% the only confirmed poc, im pretty sure u could stretch and say some characters are confirmed white like all the tom bodetts? but outside of them and the director i dont think any other characters have any confirmed skin colour (outside of like… drows obv but u know what i mean)

ye i get u…so yeah it’d be pretty unfortunate of griffin to make her the big bad right after confirming that, to say the least

i do have faith in him Not to do that but, like its still a worry esp when so many ppl are pushing for it

pay attention to me

i found out everyone i love + their mother has at least 100 followers and i only have like.. 38. so . heres another promo post

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how the fuck yall doin im paul and i curse a lot. im genderfluid and my pronoun preference changes, but use they/them if you dont know my pronouns for that day? i have like 38 followers and im dying inside
my pages are really…. not-updated so dont rely on those rip
i would prefer if you didnt follow me if you were kin with paul, tamara, scribble tom, or sheriff thompson from eddsworld?? like please dont oops,
uhhhhhhh what the fuck do i say. uh. reblog this please im lov u *smorches the air*

Chapter 32.

“Hi.” I said flirtily. “Im Enoby Way da new student.”

“Da name’s Tom.” he said. “But u kan call me Satan. Datz ma middle nam”

We high-fived.

“Well come on we have 2 go upstairs.” Satan said. I followed him.

“Hey Satan…… u happen to be a fan of Gren Day?” (sinz mcr and evinezenz dont exist yet den) I asked.

“Oh my fuking god, how did u know?” Satan gasped. “actually I like gc a lot too.” 

“omg me too!” I replied happily.

“guess what they have a concert in hogsment.” satan whispered.

“hogsment?” I asked.

“yeah that’s what they used to call it in these time before it became Hogsmeade in 2000.” he told me all sekrtivly. “and theres a really cool shop called Hot-“

‘topic!” I finshed, happy again

He froned confusedly. “noo its called Hot Ishoo.” He smiled skrtvli again. “then in 1998 dey changd it to hot topic.” he moaned.

“ohh.” now everything was making sense for me.

“so is dumblydor your princepill?” I shouted.

“uh-huh.” he looked at his black nails. “im in slitherin’”


u go to this skull?”(geddit cos im goffik) he asked.

“yah that’s why im here im NEW.” I SMELLED HAPPili.

Suddenly dumblydore came in started shredding at us angrily.

“NO TALKING IN THE HALLS!” he had preppy blonde hair and his beard was short. “STUPID GOFFS!”

satan rolled his eyes. “his so mean to us goffs and punks just becose we’re in slytherine and we’re not preps.”

I turned around angrily. “actually I fink mebe its becos ur da barke lord.”

“wtf?” he asked angrily.

“oh nuffin.” I said sweetly

then suddenlyn………………. the mirror appeared.


“hey where r u goin?” satan asked as I fell.

I got out of the mirror n it was bak in the pensive in professor trevolry’s classroom. dumblydum wuz dere.

“dumblydore I think I just met u.” I said.

“oh yeah I rememba that.” dumblydor said, trying to be all goffik.

sinister came in.

“hey dis is my classroom wait wtf enoby what da hell r u doing?”

”um.” I looked at her.

“oh yeaH I forgot bout that.”

“wth how?” I screamed forgetting she was a teacher for a second. but shes a goff so its ok

professor sinster looked sad. “um I was drinking voldemortserum.”

she started to cry black tears of depression.

dumblydum didn’t know about them.

“hey r u crying tears of blood?” he asked curiously.

“fuck off!” we both said.

p rofessor sinster started crying again in her chair, sobbing limpid tears. “omfg enoby…I think im addicted to Voldemortserum.”

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what do u have against ariana

I don’t have anything against Ariana. I listen to most of her music. But it’s exactly why I made that comment. Have you listened to the stuff that doesn’t come on the radio?

She’s very sexual which is fine but girls like that are dangerous and Tom seems like the kind of guy that’d easily get caught in her web (no pun intended). Plus, Ariana seems way too wild and granted Tom is young and has yet to really experience the party scene, I just think he can find someone better to put his time into.

Sorry if I offended Ariana fans but it’s just an opinion. If Tom and Ariana get together, best of luck to them. Love works in mysterious ways and opposites do attract.

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What in the fresh hell is gigi doing one they tan your white ass to look like a whole different race and gave u 4c wig to wear and ain't nobody wanna say maybe we should just get a actual BLACK GIRL smh... ur my boo story is cray 😳 if I had tom as like a good ass friend anyone who tried me who is a guy I wld name drop like crazy don't let me get tom on that ass!!! Those abs those arms do not lie 😍 keep writing 👏🏽👏🏽

Adding Gigi to the list of people we need to cancel this year! They don’t give two shits about black girls and it shows.

I would love to have Tom ready to beat somebody’s ass for me😂 All that boxing he does, he probably knows how to knock somebody the fuck out👊🏾

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Sweetie! I need your help ~ Uhm, well... I have restarted acnl for one time and uhh I'm not very happy with my town at the moment, I dislike the name(its very original) of the town and the map. I have here 3 dreamies, but I want to restart. Tom Nook can buy my town, but that's not really matter for me :0 Help me! What should I do? I really hope for having this game for a very long time, so should I start new town, so I could be happy with it? Maybe I should get another copy..?

I would restart! I mean… you don’t like the map nor the name of your town and you can get your dreamies again! If you are willing to restart I wouldn’t spend money in another copy ( -u-)> 

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I was open minded about the dnc chair thing altho I was wary of Ellison cause I do not fucks with the Bernie-bastards coalition. Plus Perez was boring and doesnt come off as smart? Anyways I watched Ellison on TDS and I was like nope nope! He was there spouting "we lost cause of economic anxiety" white ppl bullshit I was like damn how that watermelon taste Uncle Tom. He said the democrats have lost blah # of governorships since '09 I was like what ELSE HAPPENED IN 09 U PURPOSEFULLY IGNORANT MAN

how does perez not come off as smart? he’s pretty accomplished lmao you don’t achieve what he has by not being smart.

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11? 19? 47? 48? 💕💕

11: When you are dating someone do you believe in going on “breaks”?

nope the only time id ever really consider it is if one of us was spending an extended period of time overseas but otherwise i dont think it would be particularly constructive but u do u i guess 

19: How do you know it’s time to end a relationship?

in all honestly ive never had to so its hard to say !!! theres so many different reasons as well :/ i think u just know when its time but idk 

47: Which “famous couple” is your favorite?

uhhh i can only think of fictional couples off he top of my head? so im gonna say tom/ella from please like me and andy/april from parks OH but i did love soko and kstew when they were together

48: What’s your favorite love song?

i really like wouldn’t it be nice by the beach boys because my bf sent it to me once and told me it was exactly how he felt about me so it has a lot of personal meaning 

beyond that my faves are 

  • Come on eileen
  • love on the brain
  • any of regina spektors love songs - samson, fidelity, us
  • Love makes the world go round