like what are the motherfucking odds

es headcanons 2: electric boogaloo


  • they’re a flirty flirt. even when the situation does not call for flirting, there will be flirts if they are left to their own devices
  • has been in fistfights before, and has won 3 of them. has been in a total of 5. 60% win ratio motherfuckers come get some
  • has a somewhat bad memory and sometimes writes things on their fingers as reminders
  • they have a surprisingly high spice tolerance??? like as an experiment diego brought habanero peppers and they were completely fine??? what the fuck???
  • they have a very… odd sense of humor. if something falls over they just point at it and snort, but if someone tells a well thought out joke, they just sit there like “okay”

(others below the cut bc this is going to be v long)

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25 Days (’Til He’s Mine) - Day 8

Haven’t read any other 25 Days posts yet?  STOP!  Go here to read all the previous installments and get caught up.

I know I’ve been whining about that exchange fic I (still) gotta finish, but I feel like I’ve been seriously neglecting this fic, so I wanted to at least get something out.  So here, have a thing.

Lance dragged himself out of bed with a feeling of dread pooling in his stomach.  He scrubbed a hand through his wild nest of hair as a yawn split his face.  Keith had already gone to work, left early to prepare for a presentation first thing in the morning, and Lance was supposed to be meeting Hunk for drinks after work this evening.  Keith had frowned a little at Lance’s suggestion that he open his advent gift today without Lance, but he’d agreed it was probably the only way to do it unless he waited until tomorrow - an option neither of them had considered seriously.

Shuffling into the bathroom, idly scratching at his stomach, Lance could admit to himself he’d only suggested it because he was a fucking coward.  What Keith opened today seemed silly on the surface, but there was some real feelings buried in there and Lance was honestly glad he wasn’t there to see Keith’s face when he read what Lance had left for him.  Except, now he didn’t know what to expect, and the uncertainty was eating him alive.

He hurried through his shower and other morning ablutions, words flitting through his brain.  For some godforsaken reason he’d thought it would be cute to write silly little holiday haikus for one of the days.  And it had been a cute idea - right up until the poems had taken a hard right turn into the realm of Serious EmotionsTM.  There were four of them in total and the words for each were seared into his brain, unforgettable at this point.

The first, titled Keith wasn’t too bad.  It had stayed pretty close to Lance’s goal of being silly but well-intentioned.  He’d really only wanted to make Keith smile with it.

Sexy, adorable

Unexpected best friend

Wrong about aliens

Lance didn’t think there was much in those three lines that would give his boyfriend pause.  The second, Christmas was much the same.  The only underlying truth it was likely to expose was that Lance really had no skill for writing haikus - the syllables/sound units thing honestly confused the shit out of him.  So yeah, the poem was poorly executed, but heartfelt and cheesy - pretty much everything Lance aspired to be on a daily basis.

Lights, tree, warm cookies

Together with my family

Everything I enjoy

Selecting a suit from his closet at random, Lance dressed with just as little focus as he’d spared for showering.  He couldn’t let go of his own irritation long enough to stop second guessing himself.  Because if the first two poems had been exactly what he was shooting for, that all fell apart with the third, Tradition.

Old and comfortable

There is still room for one more

How we show we care

That was so much more revealing than Lance had planned to be, gave away so much more than he really felt comfortable with at this point.  But instead of fixing it with the last haiku, he’d just fucking doubled down and practically served Keith his heart on a platter when he’d penned the last poem, Family.

None of your own now

Will share mine with you instead

Love making you smile

What in the fuck had he been thinking.  And now he hadn’t been around to see how Keith reacted to those words, to what essentially amounted to a confession of much deeper feelings than anything they’d ever talked about. People said it all the time, often he even agreed, but right now, Lance felt it on a bone deep level - he was a fucking idiot.

He stumbled into the kitchen seeking coffee.  If he was going to keep contemplating his complete and irredeemable stupidity, he’d damn well do it when he was properly caffeinated.  However, he was immediately distracted from that pure and noble goal by a large yellow square stuck to the microwave. Stomach turning over in anxiety, he pulled the note off and read:


There’s eggs inside; just need to be reheated.  Hopefully you didn’t wake up too late to eat them.  See you at work.


P.S.  These things are harder to fucking write than they look, but here goes nothing.


Insane but perfect

Gives me what no one else will

What no one else can


All are born and die

Only chance in between

Stars align; found you


Lance’s hands were trembling and his eyes were stinging by the time he finished.  Oh hell.  It looked like Lance wasn’t going to have to tone down anything - he was going to have to up his game.  Because against all odds, his boyfriend was a motherfucking romantic bastard.

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So if you compare the colours that 2 lists off in Momentz with the handkerchief code + the one he was wearing in the app, he's one kinky motherfucker. I thought it was odd that he was just listing off colours and then just saying 'dirty' randomly, but then I realised the song was kind of dirty as a whole and I was just like 'Oh.....ooooh'

fUCK THATS …. a GOOD POINT MAN THAT.. is a G OoooooOood point tell me … what do they mean…. i’m sweatign…. hOoooOoooo

copy that

Pairing: Stiles/Derek

A little drabble I wrote at work.
Fun fact: I have taken every one of these calls myself.

As summer jobs go, it’s better than waiting tables. Stiles knows the lingo, he’s done the course, and he is good to go. Okay, so he’s freaking out just a tiny bit as well, and he brought three pens in case two of them stop working, but he’s got this, okay? He’s got this. Besides, this is Beacon Hills, not L.A. What’s the worst thing that can—

And Stiles nips that question in the bud before he can get it out, even in his head. He’s not going to tempt fate by finishing it.

He sits down at his desk, plugs his headset in, and stares expectantly at the phone and the radio console.

And nothing happens.

Nothing continues to happen, stubbornly, for twelve whole minutes. And then the phone rings. Stiles hits the answer button, his heart pounding. This is it. His first 911 call. He opens his mouth to speak, and finds the caller is already yelling at him.

“—and it’s been thirty-six minutes and it’s not here yet!”

“Wait, what?” Stiles squints at the screen, waiting for the map to update. “What isn’t there yet?”

“My fucking pizza!”

For a second Stiles is stunned into silence, but only for a second. Then he remembers that this fucking brain surgeon is tying up an emergency line. “Oh my god! Are you kidding me, dude? You can’t call 911 over a pizza!”

“I’m a taxpayer!” the guy yells back.

“You’re a fucking idiot!” Stiles ends the call and slumps back in his chair, glaring at the screen.

Oh. Okay. So that wasn’t really in the training. In fact, Stiles is pretty certain he’s not allowed to hang up on anyone, even if they are total douchenozzles. But hey, this is a learning curve, okay?

Stiles quietly panics that calling the guy an idiot is going to send him into a rage-fuelled killing spree for revenge, and that it will all be Stiles’s fault. He really doesn’t want to kill anyone on his first night.

He’s still having a slight meltdown about it when he gets a call from one of the deputies on road to run a name check for him.

Okay, now that’s a lot less problematic. Stiles has been running name checks through the police database since he was fourteen. But, of course, the less said about that the better. It’s weird to do it with his own user ID and password and not his dad’s.

After that, Stiles falls into a routine. He’s got this. This is going well. Okay, there are only four deputies working, and only three actual jobs in the entire system, but that’s quite enough to handle right now, thanks very much. Carol, the dispatcher who looked after him for his brief mentoring period, could run multiple major incidents on a busy Friday night in her sleep, but Stiles suspects she’s not quite human.

He wants to grow up and be just like her.


At midnight, Parrish comes in to see if he wants a bathroom break. It’s only when he’s standing up that Stiles realizes how much tension he’s been holding in his body while he’s been sitting for the past few hours.

He heads to the bathroom, makes a coffee on the way back, and slides back into his seat to find out he’s missed exactly nothing.

“So how’s it all going in here?” Jordan asks him.

“Um, good?” Stiles tries to make it sound less like a question. But pizza guy hasn’t called back and he hasn’t gone on a rampage either, so Stiles is taking that as a win.

Yes, he’s winning at this.


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Seokjin - 

How could you not have told him?! He’d been sitting with you, watching some silly variety show on television when suddenly your door opened. He looked at you in surprise before rising, just in case it was an intruder only to see none other than Seungri walking in. He felt his mouth dry up and could have screamed when you ran up and jumped at the kpop superstar.

“Seungri, thanks for coming! This is my boyfriend Seokjin. Seokjin, this is my cousin, Seungri! But I’m sure you knew who he was.”

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

Yoongi -

You were texting someone a lot then suddenly told him company was coming over. He helped you clean up until there was a knock at the door, then ducked away to answer it. He opened it and had to resist slamming it in his face out of shock. T.O.P was at your door. Yoongi swallowed and when he didn’t answer your calls for him, you peeked around the wall, then smiled widely. What? Why hand’t he been told about this? He was going into shock.

“Uncle Seunghyun, you’re here! We’re sorry about the mess we tried to clean up. I missed you!”

Originally posted by hobioppa

Hoseok -

He was in the middle of stuffing his face when you walked in with a guest. Hoseok could only slowly look up and choke on the food in his mouth when you and Daesung looked at him. Your cousin just started laughing openly while your poor boyfriend was dying inside. In the end though they both laughed at this very strange introduction. He didn’t feel to bad about it because at the very least, he made a lasting impression.

“You both are weird and now I’m hungry.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Namjoon -

It looked suspicious when you ducked out of the house. He wasn’t mistrustful of you, only worried about why you would leave the house so late. So he did what any worried boyfriend would do, he followed you. He didn’t sneak or anything, but got a bit more concerned when he saw you meeting with a man in a mask and dark shades. He called out to you, startling you and your friend.

“Namjoon! Don’t do that! Well, this is an odd way to meet my brother, right, Jiyong?”

Originally posted by daffodiltae

Jimin -  

It looked like you were on a date, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Because you were sitting with motherfucking Taeyang and Jimin felt his whole world imploding. He felt no jealousy, oh no, for the moment he kind of forgot about you. Cause motherfucking TAEYANG was right there. When you noticed him you happily waved him over. Youngbae raised his hand to shake and once again Jimin was losing his mind. You may have lost your boyfriend to your brother.

“It’s nice to have my two most import men together for lunch– Jimin? Can you hear me?”

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Taehyung -

He should have known. He should have scrubbed the practice room to sparkling perfection how come he wasn’t told sooner?! Your brother was coming to visit and watch the practice with you, that was all you told him. He slipped in with you without anyone noticing at first but when Taehyung caught his reflection in the mirror he could have screamed. Jiyong had been watching intently and was smiling now that chaos had broken out in BTS’s practice room.

“I told you they were going to lose it, now pay up GD!”

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Jungkook -

There was definite nervousness for the maknae. He was told that he was meeting your younger brother that day. Jungkook had no clue who he was other than that, just like you intended. When you arrived at the nearly empty park, there was a shout of “noona!” followed by a man with a mask covering his lower face. When he pulled it down, Jungkook had a near meltdown and stared at you both like a deer in headlights.

“Seungri, there you are. Don’t go wandering off without us, you don’t want to get noticed do you?”

The Plum Guy (Part 2)

Summary: A month later, just as the reader was losing hope about ever seeing this plum guy, they bump into each other for the thousandth time.

Word Count: 1,240

A/N: I had no idea the amount notes tpg would reach so thank you all! Hope you like this bit. If everything goes well, maybe it’ll be a series.

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One Month Later

It was a cold and cloudy day; your favorite kind of days. You came from a place of constant sunshine and humidity so to finally live in a place that was the exact opposite made you excited to go out everyday. But in this case, you were stuck inside working all day. It was another slow day in this bookstore so you sat at the counter staring out the window.

“You know, it’s probably slow right now because people don’t want to come into a store with someone greeting that has that look on their face.” A voice popped out from behind you. It was one of your coworkers, Pietro. Since he was related to your roommate, she hooked you up with this job.

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which anime creator should you fight

anno hideaki: don’t fight anno. he is a shoujo at heart and loves animals. he probably wants you to beat him up. you won’t feel good about it. leave him alone in the hell of perpetual eva reimaginings he created for himself. 

oshii mamoru: you might win. it’s not unlikely. but say you did fight him and you did win. from that day on, well, computers might start to behave oddly when you’re around. machines breaking down. odd messages on your phone from blocked numbers. is it worth it? is it worth it to fight oshii mamoru? 

urobuchi gen: please kick this motherfucker repeatedly in the shins. please fight urobuchi gen. 

miyazaki hayao: you want to fight him, i know it. you’re dying to. you’ve admired him for so long and you just can’t help but wonder what it would be like to punch him in the face. i am telling you: don’t do it. he is an old man with nothing to lose. did you watch the ghibli documentary? he gives zero fucks and he is nationally beloved. he will kick your ass and asahi shinbun will run an article about how you deserved it. 

tomino yoshiyuki: you should fight him but know that it will just make the peace-not-war message of future gundam series more hamfisted. do it anyway. 

utsumi hiroko: she’s a woman in a male-dominated field who was lead on a show all about sparkly muscle teens. you can’t take her. she’ll dolphin kick you. a fujoshi army will appear to assist. do not fight utsumi hiroko and her fujo army. 

ikuhara kunihiko: definitely fight ikuhara. he is a phony and he made you cry. fight him. do it for anthy. growl growl.   

kon satoshi: the man is dead, my friend. he fought cancer and you come to me asking if you should fight him? do not fight satoshi kon, the only way to do it is to raise him from the grave and you cannot fight zombie satoshi kon. 


Genre: Angst 

Prompt: Dan runs away to California for the summer to escape from tragedy, meeting a young mystery who understands the word like the back of her hand. They become each other’s escape.

Warning: Mentions of Death, depression, and abuse. 

Word Count: 7,319

My grammar is probably shit, anyways I really hope you enjoy this. I absolutely loved writing this. I’m really proud of it. <3 ~ Odd

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The weather isn’t what you’d expect it to be here. Maybe he came at a bad time, or maybe the universe was reflecting his feelings onto the weather, he didn’t know. The soft sand ran in between his cold, rough fingers as he drew lines that the breeze blew away.

 The sun didn’t shine, the water wasn’t crystal clear, the heat wasn’t beating down on him like he hoped it would. No. Dark gray clouds hovered over the beaches, the water was dark with a high tide coming in, and it was cold and windy. It was nothing that Dan expected it to be, but maybe that was for the best. Maybe the unexpected was good. Surprises were supposed to be wonderful pieces of random happiness, but lately any sort of surprise just hurt. 

 His whole body hurt, inside and out. Nothing felt good anymore, everything felt numb or painful. Memories popping up in his head at every blink of the eye, paining him, forcing him to remember what happened, to make him relive what happened, when all he wanted was to forget. His dark brown eyes looked away from the sand, and stared at the water coming in much higher now than it was earlier. 

‘Phil would love to watch this’ he thought to himself, thinking about his friend back in London. He wondered what he’d think of him being here, how he’d feel about him just packing up and leaving so abruptly. Dan believed that he would be disappointed, upset that he just decided to go off the grid like that. Not tell anyone where he was going, not leave anything behind to be a remembrance of him. ‘They don’t need it’ he had convinced himself that there was no point in being there anymore, it was just another reminder.

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I saw you were doing prompts for femslash so i came up with a prompt for you! - fem!felix/kimball, sweaty sparring match (ps you're an amazing writer)

The war is over everywhere but Chorus and Kimball has a lot of reasons to dislike her situation and more than a few reasons to dislike her mouthy mercenary. Luckily for her, Felix is bored and wants to make an ass of herself in front of an audience Kimball obliges.  PS: thank you, anon, you r sweet I semi hate ship these two a bit XD

It’s post-war year two and half, Commander Kimball. Two years, eight months, and how many deaths after the killing supposedly stopped and here you are with your battle rifle hung off your fingers, blood running down your inner arm like the warm water off a summer rain. You were born on this planet, Vanessa. You and your boys and girls are all Chorus natives, fifth and sixth generation kids whose great grandmothers and grandfathers hit atmo on this fucking jungle-rock with nothing but their ad-hoc Harvest-built terra form kits and private-venture colonization rights.

These are the children of pioneers and cowboys.

They, like you, have a bit of a mean-streak in their blood, twists of dark matter striping their genetics and cosmic dust in their bones. Kids who’ve never seen the Inner Colonies, never swung a transport over the white spire spacing hubs of Tribute, never crossed the FTL gaps of space time to see the ‘home-world’. These are not Earth children. They have no romanticism for the old world and they are inclined to flinging themselves into the void, inclined to rip themselves free of the gravity well and hurl into violent trajectories with the promise of freedom. They are romantics, but not nostalgic. They have nebulas in their eyes. Jungle dirt under their nails. Monsoon rain in their bodies.

Felix doesn’t get it.

Felix is here for the money.

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Bleach 685 Liveblog

If there are three things this chapter has made me entirely sure of, they are:

1)      If you’re canon in Bleach (or somewhere close to it, a la Ginran), one of you is going to die, and

2)      The chapters are indeed still being written by Kubo himself (because lately who hasn’t been wondering?!) and

3)      Kubo is a certified sadist TM and spends his entire life dreaming up creative ways of making his fandom suffer

You all know the drill by now. Spoilers/incoherency/fangirling below the cut.

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It seems like with a lot of NaLu fics, Natsu is either portrayed as incredibly dense to the point where he doesn’t remotely know what sex is and thinks babies are hatched from eggs (bonus points if Lucy has to be the one to explain things to him because reasons), or he’s like a fuckboi ladies man that hits on anything with legs. 

I don’t understand??? Why are the common fanon portrayals of him two complete opposite sides of the spectrum? Why is that middle ground not used as often? 

I mean, personally, I write Natsu as a bit more suave and flirty because I find that dynamic to be more enticing than “person A and B are both dense motherfuckers, he’s 30 chapters of them not realizing they like each other until the last chapter where they kiss and it ends,” but it’s just kind of imo

Like, the two most popular portrayals of the same character are completely different. Like, fanon Natsu A and B and you don’t know what you’re going to get until you’re halfway through the first chapter (or more). I don’t know, it’s just weird.

Is This Love That I Found

TITLE: Is This Love That I Found

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: One Shot- After Ch. 4

AUTHOR: wastingallmytimeonyour-smile

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being in an arranged marriage with Loki. You aren’t too unhappy about it, but he is and is at times rude to you. You two argue and bicker a lot before you both begin to fall in love. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Hey once again! I have been absent from writing for a loooong while. I was really let down for a few months and since starting my master’s program, have also been extremely busy. I’m on my way to forgiving Loki (The whole TS thing was gross, but that’s not Loki’s fault right?) and had a few hours to spare to put this together. This is a continuation, or a short one shot of Melody and Loki before they married and right after Ch. 4. of my story Is This Love That I Found. I hope you all enjoy!  


I Want to Pull you Against My Skin

“What do you see me as?” He pressed, his eyes flickered between mine, and I could feel myself drowning in them. I just looked between them, my mind seeming to go blank.

“Loki…” I whispered, and suddenly he leaned in, his lips pressing against mine as he kissed me. My knees wobbled, and my hands flew up to grasp his biceps for support as his arms slipped around my waist. Those biceps… those biceps…

What was happening? Weren’t we fighting? Weren’t we about to drop the engagement and now we were kissing in an empty corridor?”


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The oath of vengeance will be so good for Vax if (when) he takes a third level of paladin cause like. Vax is a vengeful motherfucker; he has trouble letting stuff go, has trouble seeing past the surface wrongs, especially when it involves his family. (There is a reason he and Percy get on so well, and are still so often at odds.)

And he could have been a good paladin of Sarenrae – she preaches redemption, and he has that too, holds on to hope for forgiveness because they are elbow-deep in blood and if he doesn’t believe in a building a better world and growing from wrong then what is there?

But the Raven Queen will guide his righteous anger and I for one cannot wait to see it.

Okay guys, I’m gonna try to crack out a bit of information from the trailer and see if we can see what it can give us and see what would happen to our fav babes. This is mostly speculations and honestly, I’m probably going to be wrong about some of this, but now that I’m finally done fangirling about the klance shirtless shit, I can finally try to make some sense of all this so, sit tight boys cuz I screencap-ed the hell of this trailer and fuck I have some few things to say.

Also I’m not going to point out the who’s the galra deserter here since I’m sure there is already enough speculation about that so, this are just the thing that I found interesting.

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In her first-ever column for, Jaime King proposes a solution to end the girl-on-girl hate.

Jaime King, actress (films such Pearl Harbor and Sin City; TV shows such as Hart of Dixie), model (everything from Abercrombie to Chanel), wife, and mother (baby number two is on the way) has been in the limelight since she was 14. And after two decades in the industry, the 35-year-old hybrid is ready to speak out about the obstacles women face in and out of the industry—from body shaming to online abuse. In Xo, Jaime, a new bi-monthly column for, King will break down how and why these issues should change. In part one of her two-part first column, here, King talks about the lack of women who support other women. She explains her struggle with it, why it’s toxic, and how changing her view of herself led to the friends she has now (a.k.a. the Taylor Swift girl gang):

I don’t know if you remember your first experience, like in school where you were bullied or talked about, but, for me, I was 12 or 13. I was pretty, and I looked a certain way, but I didn’t have the money and I didn’t have the address. I was very creative—and in Omaha, where I grew up, that wasn’t something that was really acceptable. You had to be a cheerleader or a jock at the school that I went to, and I remember the feeling at that point, like, Oh, okay. What do I do? Maybe if I change the way that I am, if I try to be more like my sister…My sister was very popular and she was accepted. I knew if I emulated her then finally people would love me. I started doing my hair and doing my make-up like her. I started stealing her clothes so that I could try and look like her—whatever I could do to get out of feeling like I would never, ever possibly belong. And then, the interesting thing is, it got worse. People said I was a poser, that I was trying to be something that I wasn’t. I didn’t understand. If I’m not acceptable how I am and I’m not acceptable when I fit into what you look like, then how am I ever going to be acceptable to you? It wasn’t the boys who were bullying me; it was the girls. And it’s very similar to the way that it is now. Most of the bullying women suffer in social media or the workplace—the body shaming, the ageism, the talking about the way someone dresses—comes from other women.

We live in a society now where we don’t have to be that way to each other. It’s not like back in the day where we were competing for the hand of the heir of the throne. The experiences I’ve learned by having very strong women around me—women like Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift, and Jessica Alba—is that there can be a group of strong, creative women without competition between us. The thing that solidifies us is this idea that, no matter what, we will always support each other. People find that fascinating about our friendships, like it’s some sort of odd thing. And it really shouldn’t be.

Little girls who are 10 or 11, 12 years old—kids like my nieces—are being bullied (and bullying) at a much earlier age. They’re picking it up from the media: Those reality shows that are completely based on women degrading other women, calling each other ‘bitch’ and 'crazy motherfucker.’ And that one word, 'crazy,’ has a very big charge for me—the idea that women are crazy because we are naturally sensitive, intuitive, and emotional. Those are a few of our gifts, right? But people say, Okay, if you really want to make it in the workplace you can’t cry, and if you really want to be CEO, you can’t be emotional. To me, that’s such bullshit. Women are shutting down these natural, beautiful parts and are becoming hardened because of it. They become anxious, depressed, bitter, and resentful, and they start looking at the world through this very cut and dry, black-and-white space. They start taking each other down, bashing each other. How do we find the balance between being sensitive, intuitive, emotional as women but also strong, clear, vibrant, and focused? I think we’re still trying to figure that part out.

When I talked with my sister—my sister and I are very close—she told me that she was miserable in school. She was bullied, and I had no idea because my sister was the head of the drill squad; she was homecoming queen; she was everything that I thought I had to be. I remember my mother distinctly saying to me, God you were so happy. I remember what a happy child you were until you turned about 12, 13. The minute you thought about what other people thought about you was the minute that your life turned into a living hell.

I thought if I went into modeling, I would escape this unending feeling of not belonging. Then I realized that I didn’t feel any different. No matter how successful I was, I still didn’t feel like I fit in. And then I was like, Wait a second. What is this thing? Because clearly it’s not about success. Clearly it’s not about people telling you you’re beautiful or having money and all that stuff. I started to have that awareness that it was a gift that I never fit in. Had I fit in, I don’t know if I would have ever left Omaha. It wasn’t until I really started to understand that who I am is enough that I started to attract people who knew that they were enough. Slowly but surely, I started to develop a really great group of friends that were all uniquely individual—all totally different, and you’d never think that we’d all be together, but we are. It’s because we all had to go about things in a strange and unique way to find out who we were.

Women need each other more than ever. To me, there is nothing more profound than a deep conversation with one of my girlfriends. It’s so reinvigorating and refreshing because we get to be each others’ sounding boards. It’s my experience that men need to be acknowledged, they need to be told that they’re doing well, but women need to be heard. What I’m proposing is that women let go of this idea that there’s only space for one of us.

There’s space for all of us.