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EXO Scenario Masterlist


When You’ve A Had A Bad Day And He Makes A Bubble Bath For The Two Of You - Requested

Experiment Log - Opposites Attract


Hot Dinner Date Where Things Finish In The Car - Requested - Smut

When You Plan An Evening Out In NYC To Tell Him You’re Pregnant

What Began Before EXO Begains Again After

His Sister The Writer

Tourist On London Town


When A Guy Is Getting Too Friendly - Requested

Definitely Daddy - Suho Smut W/ Daddy Kink

When You Are Too Tired To Do Anything Because You’re Sick

A Single Father And His Daughter

The Proposal


The Tiny Things You Do To Him While At The Movies- Smut - Requested

When He Finds You In The Street - Requested

What Happens When His Ex Shows Up

Running Man: Now Starring You And Lay

Once Turned On


After Trolling People Together, He Takes You-Smut


He Visits His Long Distance Girlfriend To Propose

Visiting His Girlfriend In Vietnam After A Fight

Is A Connection Against The Law Of The Jungle


As It Starts With Open Arms


The Silver Lining At The End Of A Bad Day


You’re Doctors And You Save Him From Getting Hit By A Car But Get Injured Yourself - Part 2


While Talking About Your Ideal Family You Let Something Slip

When You Get Tired While Hiking

He Speaks Korean, Not English. You Speak English, Not Korean

You Dominating Him Until He’s Had Enough Of It - Smut

Finding Out You Have Cancer

Chanyeol’s Little Sister And The Maknae - Part 2

Noodle Boy and Girl

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So not long ago I found this group Pristin and I was watching their black widow performance and I'm so sure 90% of the crowd were fangirls and the amount of screams got me shook and I found out this fangirl said "I'll drop out of high school for you" to Roa and I can relate some much , you should check them out their vocals and visuals are good and also they are hell gay tbh - sore loser anon

I’ve checked out Pristin before, their album was good, I did like Black Widow and Wee Woo grew on me a lot but I don’t think I’m gonna stan. I really hope they do well though, and I think Roa is super fucking cute

tb @foryoubybts to put my music on shuffle n post first 10 songs

🍃 good thing - nct 127

🍃 closer - oh my girl

🍃 growl - exo 👀👀

🍃 magnetic - got7 (BeST SONg)

🍃  2! 3! - bts (also best song)

🍃  incomparable - monsta x

🍃  i like that - sistar

🍃  wee woo - pristin (binch i lov this i listen every day)

🍃  tomorrow - bts

🍃  eoeo - uniq (TuuUUune)

i tag @ilovekihyun @jhopesavedmylife @4libra @kihyunswife @heartnuts iDk

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You should do a Drabble with just some good old Phan smut.

oh god, i need to edit the fuck out of smut otherwise it’ll be like

“fil put his wee woo in danyul’s poop shoot n they felt gud”