like we don't have things like this normally

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Sometimes its okay to just be a guy?

trans guys are just guys too. seriously, y'all are acting as if this Headcanon means that we want peter to go get “I’M TRANS” tattooed on his forehead – which, yes we do. that’s part of the trans initiation, every Trans™ must get this tattoo, it is Law.

besides the fact that this is a headcanon (which you numbskulls seem to lack the ability to understand), him being trans would change NOTHING about him. except that you would then finish the sentence “he’s a boy that got bitten by a radioactive spider, now he fights crime while wearing a spandex bodysuit” with “oh and he happens to be trans”

seriously peter parker isn’t Just A Guy because he’s a fucking superhero, him being trans would be one of the most boring and regular things about him because being trans is so fucking normal, the only thing that really makes us different from cis people is that we have to deal with more idiots like you

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Like armys just love to go on exo post and say this company/brand should get with bts and maybe they won't flop.. like bitch Samsung got over 500k pre-orders for the galaxy s8 with exo phonecase, that is more than the amount for people in the bts fanbase try again. They beg on every news article even @ing vogue and gucci.. they want what exo has.. thing is we don't have to beg because brands come to exo

they need to stop and this isn’t even a bash at armys bc i bet the normal armys in general are sick and embarrassed of this behavior bc in all honestly it is NOT a good look 

Just….no one asked…why r u guys doing this to urselves man….one sec acting like exo is irrelevant and below you then u go and do shit like this….it’s just plain embarrassing 

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Any thoughts on the current YouTube talks about "Can you be a goth if you don't like goth music?" The answers seem to be a mix of yes and no.

I haven’t seen any videos like that, but in general my opinion is also a bit of a mix of yes and no, with it leaning towards “yes”.

As a subculture goth has been around for about 40 years, and it has evolved so much since the beginning. We have new styles in both fashion and music, and I feel like if everyone *has to* still like the same things goths did back in the early 80s the subculture will become stagnant. It’s normal that cultures and subcultures branch out and change, it’s not a bad thing.

While music is the base for the subculture it has evolved into having so many other uniting qualities as well that it gets a bit tricky trying to find where the line of “goth” is drawn, and I think that’s up to personal interpretation in the end. “Goth music” is such a broad term nowadays and so much alternative, “darker” music is influenced by everything gothic that it is also much harder to say what really is goth music and what isn’t. I do think it’s good to know the original bands and be somewhat familiar with the early icons and the music style, but you can’t force yourself to like something you don’t like. If the music is not for you then it’s not for you.

Personally, if you don’t like any goth music (old or new, pure or influenced) I would slightly wonder why you want to be a part of a subculture that is so closely connected with the music (especially since there are other subcultures that are pretty much the same as goth with the exception of the prevalent music tastes), but I don’t see it as an obstacle. In the end it’s not up to me to decide how other people define themselves, and music is just one of the things that connect goths nowadays anyway.

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last night i had a sex dream abt one of my closest friends and i don't even like her, i'm not attracted to her in any way, i'm so scared that i just want control over someone and my attraction to girls in general is predatory i dont know where this is coming from

we all have had that weird sex dream about someone we didn’t even think about like that. it happens and it doesn’t make you wrong or gross or predatory in any way. your love for girls is natural and I love you so much you are so valid and normal. I have had the same thing happen and it’s just something you just acknowledge and get over. it’s just a dream and ily

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do you have tips on starting a conversation with a blind person who you don't already know? there's this really cute girl who rides the bus who's about my age but it's not like i can just wave and smile at her lol... she gives off nice vibes and seems nice i just have no experience with this situation!!

Ah hey! So honestly I will tell you to just talk to her like a normal person lol. This is another one of those things where you should try to put aside any thoughts about trying to talk to her specifically as a blind person because we really are just ordinary people. Maybe you like her shirt and you can say “hey, that’s a cute shirt!” Or be like “hey, I think I’ve seen you on here a few times and you seem nice. What’s your name?” You know, just basic stuff like the way you would approach any person on the bus that you have seen a few times and want to talk to. So this is more of a general social skills thing than a blindness thing. Just say hey! We are ordinary people just like you. :)

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Heechul with long hair or Heechul with short hair ???? I'm for Heechul with long hair don't know why but i have a thing for Heechul with long hair .

bruh idk…..heechul with short hair does things to me bc 

wow look @ him he actually looks like a normal decent human being hmm

but heechul isn’t heechul if he ain’t lookin better than all the females in the same room as him

Mhmm that’s more like it

I guess we agree on something nonnie ;’))))))

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Hey, Host? I brought you some caramel squares and candy corn. Also a friend of mine, whose a Draconian Elven healer, sent me some Draconian Honey and Dragon Berry tea. I don't like tea myself, but I heard it's really good and it helps you relax. So I thought you might like it. (PS, Draconian Honey is like normal, or what one would call Earth or Midguardian, honey, but a 100 times better, and Dragon Berries taste like a mix of strawberries and mangos)

Oliver fidgets nervously and gestures towards the new drop box for gifts to the Egos. “Um, I’m sorry, but Dark demands that each new gift for the Egos be put through this system first. We have to approve everything… I’m pretty sure Wilford just steals all the sweet things for himself…” Oliver makes a sympathetic face. “I’m very sorry.”

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So I've come to terms that I'm predominately attracted to black girls. I'm asian mixed and I don't know why I still feel some kind of guilt like I'm still treating poc's wrong. It's hard to explain, like I saw this post from an Asian girl that read "I'm not a fetish" and it made me question myself, am I still treating poc's wrong? I'm so conflicted with myself. I don't know why I'm attracted more to black women, I just feel they are so beautiful and more in depth than other girls.

Fetishizing and loving black women are two different things. You are perfectly fine with finding black women beautiful ☺️. Fetishizing is wanting to be or sexualizing black women. Simply liking how we look and be attracted to us is normal. Everyone is attracted to different people and having a preference is totally okay!

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what is a hyperfixation? like, what would be an example of one? i'd never heard the term before like three months ago and i still don't quite understand it. is it possible i don't get them? is that normal for someone with adhd?

From the FAQ:

What is hyperfocus?

  • Hyperfocus is pretty much what it sounds like. “Hyper” means “lots of” and “focus” is self-explanatory. Basically, it’s what happens when we get sucked into an activity and lose awareness of pretty much everything else, including stuff like needing to eat or use the bathroom.
  • Not all ADHDers experience hyperfocus, but a lot of us do. It doesn’t matter what type of ADHD you have; it’s a general ADHD thing. In addition, some ADHDers are able to control what they hyperfocus on, but most of us have to figure out what kinds of things are most likely to trigger hyperfocus and save those activities for times when it will be okay to get “stuck” for a while.
  • The term “hyperfixation” is a new term that is meant to be an umbrella term for things like hyperfocus, special interests, and perseveration. You can read more about it here.

Welp someone going to die

the druid au that happen cause i was inspired by this. I asked what if and this happen


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I'm a Ravenclaw. I like reading, learning, and helping others. I have average marks. I value intelligence, individuality, wit, creativity, hard work, acceptance, and open mindedness. Because perspective and understanding of a problem is important. And also these are things I like in people. But I feel these traits aren't evident in me. (I believe I can be these things sometimes.) Idk, I'm not the most analytical and I don't have the most knowledge about certain things. Help. -Confused and lost

“I value intelligence, individuality, wit, creativity, hard work, acceptance, and open mindedness. Because perspective and understanding of a problem is important. And also these are things I like in people.”

You said it right there! You value all the things that make a Ravenclaw a Ravenclaw. Normally the things we value are deep-seated truths about ourselves, and the fact that you may not see yourself as an analytical braniac, doesn’t mean you’re not a Ravenclaw. There’s SO much more to being an eagle than having top marks. 

It’s ok if you don’t feel like you fit or are confused. We all were for a while. Over time, we grow and develop and begin to understand ourselves more as we’re introduced to new challenges and people and circumstances and what not. 

But if you value those things, that’s INCREDIBLY important in the sorting process.

When in doubt, go with your gut. You know yourself better than any quiz or anyone else. 


-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

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Does anyone ever get so frustrated that they cry? Because I do it really often when it comes to things I don't understand or know how to do. I feel like I'm a little kid throwing a tantrum and I don't like it but I can't stop doing it, it just happens.

This is a normal reaction to being frustrated. Some people cry in response to big emotions, some people act out in other ways. One of the reasons you cry is that it’s obviously your emotional outlet; the other is that with ADHD it’s really hard to hit pause—when we feel something, we act on it because we don’t really have a filter.

Followers, does this happen to you? How do you deal with it?


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BPD doesn't mean you're abusive and if you relate to any of the BPD Tumblr memes it doesn't mean you're an abusive person. A lot of the time the memes there are simply describing the impulses someone with that has and it's a struggle to function when your brain is constantly wanting to break into pieces for the simplest things. We may feel a certain way but we don't act on it.

no shit but like… do you all seriously not see the issue with making memes about the impulses like “haha that bpd feel when you want to make your FP cry for not responding to you for an hour!!” like you are Normalizing a reaction to behaviors that are harmful. like theres a difference between just joking about it and the kinds of posts we’re talking about.

i have bpd so obviously  i fucking know we have these impulses and it doesnt make you abusive. but you actually Can control your behaviors and its fuckin stupid that so much of bpd tumblr discourages self criticism or taking goddamn responsibility for your behavior

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I'm shocked its hotter here than there, normally when I head out there to visit family I'm assaulted with heat (and at least one intense hail and rain storm that breaks windows and car wind shields but only lasts an hour then cloudless sun) haha! Funny thing my family always says "if you don't like the whether, wait ten minutes."

that’s what it’s like back home in Alberta, the foothills to be precise, always different en minutes apart. One moment it’s 30º, the next we have a crazy-ass windstorm with golfball sized hail 

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I genuinely love kpop, but I have a friend who only talks about kpop. She always makes kpop references and learns the dances to every song (which I wouldn't mind if I could play a song without her dancing to it) and things like that. It's so obnoxious. I don't know how to tell her to stop because at this point all we have in common is kpop. It's too muchhhhh

I used to have a friend like this named Jessica. She was a genuinely lovely person but a tiny bit of a Koreaboo. Kpop is a nice passion but it shouldn’t be your life.

If you can’t have a normal conversation or do things non kpop related then you have a serious problem. Kpop shouldn’t affect your normal everyday life. It’s music and people you don’t know.

Some people take kpop too seriously and I can relate to some being annoying. Enjoying the music, learn the language and have fun but talk about other subjects too.

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Jonsa is disgusting, they are literally cousins and practically siblings, don't normalize stuff like that, it's nasty

1. It’s a show with twins fucking each other. What are you even doing watching this show if you’re so sensitive to things like that?

2. Nobody is normalizing it. I think we can all agree that nothing in that show is normal. People like it anyway because it’s entertaining. That’s it.

3. It should pain you to know that chances are you have ancestors who married their cousins. It was pretty normal in the olden days. KEY WORDS: the olden days.

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I would love to have our literary expert blogger - just-a-wretched-wumman take a look at the quote, Weighing In by Seamus Heaney and on the analysis and give us her thoughts. She is so knowledgeable about these sort of things and could probably provide some great insight. Why don't you tag her and see what she thinks? Just one request, she's like Mensa smart so you have to ask her to explain in normal people talk. hahaha

I think you came to the wrong inbox!

@just-a-wretched-wumman Would you like to add anything to the analysis of this poem?

BTW the poem speaks of dealing with an adversary. Heaney regrets not acting sooner because he was trying to be civil. Fans aren’t the adversary. A little blonde miss is the adversary. Can we all like Cait again, now?! Please?

do you ever just change your outfit four times in a day because nothing feels right and when you have to leave but it’s still wrong you feel horrible the entire time like you’re walking around with a rock in your shoe and everything is off and bad and it’s like you’re PMSing but you’re not and you just want to go home and cry and/or rip your skin off

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bananastagramtumblrcom/post/163867836225/so-ive-been-doubting-being-a-larrie-the-last-few This is where Larries are really going to start to fall apart. The BL's have themselves created this fandom that is VERY performative and does rely on Louis' thanks and there being a prize at the end. So now not only is Louis dismissing them but more Larries are starting to say maybe there is no end date and I don't think that's going to sit well with the fandom at large who have been waiting for SOMETHING

Text because the OP’s font is too small:


So I’ve been doubting being a larrie the last few days. I know when I started (early 2015) its bc things seemed to be moving somewhere/suggesting something could happen. Nothing ever did. Now it’s like “What are we waiting for exactly?”. They’re solo now so there’s no “Showing support at concerts so mgmt can see we will still accept a boy band if some are gay” anymore. H & L still dont act like normal buddies in public, so what’s the point? What are we aiming for? Aside from general fandom ofc.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization? at it’s very core it’s just a group of people who believe that louis and harry are in a long term committed relationship. there are no goals there. like…’s just a belief. you don’t have to work toward anything because we aren’t the ones that are in a relationship and i’m not totally sure where that idea came from. like it’s always just been about believing louis and harry are in love, there’s nothing to prove or to do except just? support them? and i don’t even mean verbally or on your blog like…just… in general. there’s no goal because it’s not our lives, it’s theirs. like you’re basically telling me that you’re doubting being a larrie because there’s nothing to do???? you support louis and harry in whatever capacity you feel comfortable that isn’t invasive to their actual lives and the people that they know. like….are you doubting louis and harry are in a relationship??? this ask confuses me tbh because like you’re basically saying “i don’t think i’m a larrie because i don’t see a point because i don’t believe there’s a tangible goal” which….there never has been tbh.

the thing about larries is that it’s not like? an organization?

Oh, did somebody tell Amy, bc she has all those shirts for you to buy…..  🤔

“It’s not a cult!” - said by everyone who’s ever been in a cult, ever.


mommysaver1971 said: Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence & form their OWN opinion. If someone doesn’t believe that is fine but just don’t come in our lane and bash us. Absolutely perfect response by bananstagram👏👏👏👏
mommysaver1971 said: &once again the misconception that Larries goal is 4 them 2come out. &once again u have completely twisted it saying that’s what we want. Cause no! If they come out one day great! If not that is their personal choice. Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy& support their careers.& perfect response to this anon.No one has 2believe in Larry & unlike the shit being spread that we are a cult or organization its not true.

directionereg said: @ydaegu if coming out is smt they want , we ll support them..If not , we ll still supporting them..No larrie ll get any benefit from Larry if they come out!!! we ll only be happy"4 their happiness" cuz we love them !! Its not a goal !!..we have a goal to make them on the top in their career field “music” in this case we ll get benefits cuz as fans our faves ll be the best in “music”,we ll hear their lovely songs,enjoy their interviews & concerts!As any other fan’s goal

So then why are so many of your fellow larries NOT watching any of the interviews, or going AWOL during promo for their mental health, or becoming very suddenly busy with real life and work?

If you can admit that supporting Larry is “in your heart” then what are you blogging about Freddie calling Brett dada for? What does that have to do with Larry? Why are you mocking Eleanor being present? If Larry can be supported off tumblr then what are you all doing on tumblr? Because it doesn’t look like you’re having FUN.

Larries just want everyone to look at the evidence

You just finished agreeing with the OP that there wasn’t a goal! LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Antis need 2stop acting like that’s all we care about when the truth is we just want them happy

Except that you’ve decided they aren’t happy because they aren’t performing their lives the way you wanted them to! You can’t accept they’re happy NOW, because you believe they can’t be free. If they were, then why are you complaining about ANY aspect of their promo or the things they’re saying at all? LISTEN TO YOURSELVES.

Anon asks a very good question. I wonder if they will find the answer satisfying.