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@klanceisviolet said: hey there bibi! we don’t know each other a lot but you were a sweetheart last time on your stream, and I wanted you to know you’re an awesome person <3 also for you art, could you try to draw a sleepy keith/lance/pidge/whoever?? (it’s my mood rn)

You’re so sweet!! I’ve been in a very keith mood lately so here you go


Thinkin bout how [S] Credits confirmed Roxycallie and Dirkjake to pretty much the exact same degree: Showing them living together and being the primary establishers of their respective kingdoms and giving us a show of close physical contact

this aint like deep or anything it just makes me happy 

heres some other snapchats i think are severely underappreciated

Rose enacting some lewd as fuck pornographies. Caliborn would burn. Kanaya looks like she already had wayyy too much cake 

I literally didn’t even notice this until just now but this is Dirk complimenting Jake’s craftsmanship!! What’s nice is Jake’s sick new robot that Jake made!! Or is it….jake himself???

its both and its cute. i love dirk thanks

john left the clown pictures up all this time…give the boy his dad back :( 

i dont have anything to say about this one either i just like it. cans will obey

His Hair: Part 1

This is my very first Lin x reader fic and I am more than a little nervous. So take it easy on me guys, I’m new to this, haha. Sorry for the length, more parts are coming soon. :3

Thank you to @strongenoughfoundation for answering my ask a few days ago and giving me the courage to post this. I hope you like it too, haha.

The first time you noticed was when you met him.

Hamilton was just beginning and you had been practicing your dances for weeks to audition. By some stroke of rare luck, you made it; you were a part of the cast of Hamilton. Albeit a small part, but a part, nonetheless. All of your friends had cheered like crazy and insisted on celebrating the instant they heard the news. But now that the giddiness had faded away, you were left with a stomach full of butterflies and a nervous shake in your step.

Today, you were on your way to a certain dressing room and you couldn’t have felt more underdressed: sweatpants and an old T-shirt were your usual attire during dance practices and that’s what you were wearing right now. Not only that, but you were sure your hair was a mess, because all you’d done was rake it back into a messy ponytail before coming here. Daveed, fellow actor (and quick to becoming your best friend), had found a friend’s phone left behind and asked if you could take it to him. But that friend happened to be Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Yeah, sure, no problem. You could totally take the phone of the guy you secretly thought was amazing and give it to him without stuttering like a fool. No problem at all.

You’d reached the door and you took a breath before knocking. A cheerful, “come in!” sounded and you hesitantly inched the door open.

He was across the room, sitting on a chair with one leg pulled up and his elbow resting on his knee. You took in his jeans and grey tee, along with—oh dang, his hair was longer than you’d thought. Almost-black and with a charming wave to it that made you admire how it curled beneath his ear. Then his dark eyes flicked from the laptop to you, his mouth curving up near the edge, and yep, okay, he was really cute.

“Sorry, I don’t think we’ve officially met yet,” he said, standing up and tugging down the hem of his shirt. “You’re…?”

Oh, yeah, your name. You should probably stop gaping like a fish and tell him that. “(Y/N),” you stammered. “It’s (Y/N). Um, I know who you are, so…” Ohmygodshutup.

But he only smiled wider at your nervous antics and stepped across the room to you. “(Y/N),” he repeated. “I like it.”

You grinned stupidly. “Thanks, uh…is it okay if I call you…?”

“You can call me Lin. Everyone does.”
“Okay. Um. Daveed sent me because you forgot your phone.” You held up the phone you’d been fiddling between your fingers.

Lin’s shoulders sagged a little when he saw it and he dragged a hand over his face with a relieved laugh. “God. I’ve been looking for that for an hour.” He rubbed his fingers across his temple and then back through his hair, before holding his hand out gratefully. “Thanks.”

For some reason, your throat suddenly felt dry. “N—no problem.”

When you handed it over, your fingers brushed against his. There was an instant reaction in your skin, a little thrum that traveled into your hand. At the same time, you thought you heard the slightest catch in Lin’s breath.

Yeah. You were definitely in trouble now.

catfish- jared k. x soulmate!reader (part one)


also wtf tris is the SWEETEST PERSON on the planet she deserves all the love in the world and more. so this is dedicated to @pacman-tattoo thank u for the inspo <3

basically it’s a soulmate au, the one where u write something on your skin and it appears on your soulmates skin too and i love jared kleinman so here is a gender neutral jared x reader for y'all!

(also i did research and since benj pasek based deh on something in his personal life and he was born in pennsylvania im assuming deh takes place there)

my masterlist!  part two!

warnings: swearing (surprise surprise!), uh angst? fluff?, mention of genitals/nudes ’,:) it’s like pg-13 dw, incorrect grammar, shitty writing, i say “you” WAYYY too much even tho it’s an x reader and thAtS the PoiNt

word count: 3,182

(one last thing: jared is bolded and you are italic)

You always thought that whole ‘soulmate’ thing was bullshit.

You thought that whenever you found random things written on your arm it was your brother playing a weird prank on you.

But then ‘the talk’ came…

Because no one really addresses soulmates, it’s a private thing. You found out your parents weren’t soulmates when you were a kid so you know it’s a sensitive topic for them and never brought it up out of respect.

Once you learned about it, you realized your soulmate had been trying to talk to you for a long time and you never responded. Then you continued not responding because 'what if they thought I was rude for never writing back?’ even though, most of the time, it was just little notes to themselves.

So ever since then, you’ve been petrified of writing on yourself. Just the anxiety of the potential rejection from the one and only person the universe thinks you’re perfect for was enough to make you not even want to touch a pen. You’ve been told it’s irrational but isn’t the whole thought of soulmates irrational?

But then, as you were about you get into bed, big letters started to appear up your thigh.

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anonymous asked:

on your biblical women post you added some names in the tags, so can you explain further why you like them as well?

  • Claudia Pilate - oh, the Pilates. You would think they would be the obvious villains of the Passion Play because, yknow… they’re the Romans. They’re the colonizers. They’re the ones who, essentially, send jesus to his death - but because the gospels are written as propaganda, some of that aimed towards Romans, the Pilates get pacified in the text and that puts them in this fascinating, villains-but-not, moral-but-not perspective that is one of the most complex and interesting parts of the passion. So some sources say Claudia is plagued with dreams about Jesus, and that’s why she warns her husband off killing him, and others say she’s a Christian convert - the first Christian convert. The Pilates and their weird psuedo-political actually love match moral quandry marriage/role in Judea is honestly the greatest
  • The Queen of Sheba - SHEBA IS THE BOMB HONESTLY. MY FAV SINCE I WAS LIKE SEVEN YEARS OLD she’s a figure that’s shrouded in myth - there’s arguments over where the kingdom of Sheba even was, so like most of the stuff in the old testament it’s all up in the air, historiography-wise - but honestly I love even just the concept of her, a queen in her own right with her own kingdoms to rule over, who wants to learn and understand about other faiths and people and so rocks up to the court of King Solomon like ‘teach me about god!’ and he looks at her like ‘mmmk… if you teach me about love’ WHAT GREAT RECIPROCITY BETWEEN THEIR ANCIENT NATIONS
  • Jezebel - LADY MACBETH, CERSEI LANNISTER, CLAIRE UNDERWOOD ARE ALL JUST DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF JEZEBEL. She’s the woman born into a male dominated world and uses every weapon she has - sexuality, manipulation, other people’s perception of her - to make a place for herself and win some power, any power. She’s villified for it, of course, and she meets her end because that’s what happens to women to connive, don’t you know, that’s what happens to women who assume that they’re on an equal playing field with men - and she’s demonised in the text because the text wants so badly for you to assosciate a woman who had agency with sin, and with false prophets, of going against the natural order of things. Jezebel knows her world, she knows how to wield power, she knows what symbolism does so even when she knows she’s about to die, she dresses up in all her finery and jewels because even though she lost, she’s still the queen.
  • Esther - y’all know your Margaery Tyrells and all those beautiful lowkey political conniving queens? ESTHER IS THE ORIGINAL FLAVOUR. ESTHER IS PROTOTYPE and i love her so much. So Esther’s a foreign queen in a foreign land, married to a king who killed his last wife. But despite all that, and the fact that she has absolutely no political capital, she still manages to use her beauty and her guile and her intelligence to sway the emperor and save not only herself BUT HER ENTIRE PEOPLE IN HIS KINGDOM. And she even makes him fall in love with her along the way ESTHER IS SO BOMB THAT IN THE SAUSAGE FEST THAT IS THE BIBLE SHE GETS HER OWN BOOK.
the outsiders and their ability to wrap presents

idk where i got this idea but its happening so here you go

-he has,,,his own method
-it gets the job done
-not correctly
-but done

-he doesn’t really know how tbh
-he’s been taught a million times but always forgets
-sometimes gets someone else to do it for him bc he’s like that
-always uses the most obnoxious wrapping paper he can find

-how this boy learned to wrap so well, no one knows
-v neat and aesthetic
-fancy ribbons n stuff

-never goes over the top
-it’s neat though
-bland ass wrapping paper

-well he tries
-really hard
-still not very good

-thats funny
-he has NO CLUE how
-you’re lucky if you get a present from him in general
-if you do, it would be a miracle if its wrapped at all

-he does not know how
-at all
-so his gifts are very poorly wrapped
-uses wayyy too much tape so it’s like impossible to open

Fighting With the Boys

Requested by @cityofdespair9

Summary: Being with a batboy isn’t easy and leads to quite a few fights.

Warning(s): None (Damian’s turned into a drabble so…you’re welcome?)

Dick: It’s usually trivial things that set either of you off. Like when Dick spills his cereal on the floor and doesn’t clean it up, he’s just…he’s a fairly messy guy and it gets irritating. And of course going off about one thing leads to another.

“Will you cleanup the spilled milk on the counter for once?! Oh and I don’t know, maybe tell me next time when you decide to play dead?!”

That’s what this is really about, (Y/N)?! I told you why I couldn’t tell you and that should be enough!”

Make-ups usually lead to a heated make out session with Dick. Either that or a cuddle marathon where you both apologize and he gives endless kisses to the top of your head and plays with your hair. If you get angry to the point where you walk out he usually walks right after you and will apologize…or just pick you up and carry you back to the apartment. He doesn’t like leaving you angry.

Jason: It’s actually really hard to tell when Jason’s angry at you. Probably because he’s angry all the time, but also because his anger(at least towards you) comes out in the form of extreme sarcasm and morbid jokes.

“Geez, I must be dead to you…again.”

After you catch on to his anger you have to pry the reason out of him, most times you don’t catch it and he just gets over it. But when you’re mad at him - oh boy, the whole thing changes. Jason flares up ready to retaliate until he gains control of himself(or joins in the screaming match.) Hugs from you are his favorite of your apologies, or just a lot of sighing and talking things out, and he will never deny a post-fight movie night.

Tim: The main arguments that come up with Tim are he doesn’t get enough sleep, forensic geek talk(more like squabbles though), he’s stressing himself out wayyy too much considering how young he is, and that he tries way too much to pretend he isn’t struggling trying to keep up a social life as well.

“Tim, you don’t have to go to the school play…no one’s gonna notice. It’s just a cheap production of Aladdin anyways.”

“But, (Y/N), my best friend is the lead, I have to go.”

And then he’ll stay up all night trying to catch up on the time he missed at the social event, leading to the real fight. Most of the time Tim will give in(especially if it’s about sleep) but he’ll occasionally disagree with you to the extreme and he’ll lock himself away, or stop seeing you for a couple days. But he’ll come out of it and pretend like nothing happened afterwards.

Damian: You pointed out his flaws - and quite a few of them - leading to your first fight(minus all the miniscule daily quarrels which are the majority of your “fights”.) The comment that angered him most was your accusation that he was incapable of any real emotion. Real emotion? He had emotions - didn’t he? Regardless, he did as he usually did - insulted you and proceed to walk away.

“How would you know? I doubt anyone in their right mind has ever shown your worthless being emotion!”

The hurt in your eyes confirmed to Damian that he did in fact have emotions and he didn’t like what he was feeling now. Regret? Guilt? It didn’t matter, what was done was done and he stalked off to brood in his room. Over a week passed and both of you were suffering, until Damian caved. He knocked on your door and when you opened it he held out your favorite chocolate bars and flavor of soda, along with the movie you’d been dying to buy(but were too cheap to actually purchase.)

“Here,” He pushed them into your arms and turned to leave.

“Damian,” You stated plainly, making him stop and turn his head, slightly afraid you were rejecting his gifts, “I’m gonna need a movie partner.”

I accidentally deleted someone’s ask about the Capricorn star dress, and what we saw a long time ago with this

I want to say this is Mashima’s art for the capricorn star dress, but it can’t be! It looks wayyy too much like a dragon. I am unsure if the draco star dress ended up being used in the movie, though.

The thing that gets me about all the Noora hate in terms of her being in a relationship with Willhell, is that people don’t seem to understand that it’s abusive and that she’s not really to blame. 

Like, okay disclaimer: she and William’s relationship took up wayyy too much of season 4 and overshadowed Sana, and I will be the first to say that that was totally unfair and highly annoying. But there is a lot of hate on Noora specifically for being in said relationship. And people say that she is a crappy character because of how reserved/different she was after season 2. But that was because of the way William treated her.

1. He literally blackmails Noora into going on a date with him. Do I even need to say more than that? Like, seriously.

2. William undermines her confidence and makes her question her morals, telling her that what she feels is naive, when it’s not. That is a huge emotional abuse tactic that my abusers used on me for years, and it slowly worms its way into your head. 

3. He is physically intimidating and uses that to his advantage against Noora (he backs her into a wall when he’s mad, stops her from walking away with his arm, pops out of nowhere and drags her into classrooms). 

4. “I know I should ask you if you’re ready [for sex], but I don’t care now”

5. He blames her for being afraid to stand on trial against someone who sexually violated her, and was pissed at her for potentially getting assaulted in the first place. 

He slowly but surely reduces her to an anxious mess, and a girl who is a shell of who she used be. She’s no longer as outspoken because he has managed to undo things under the guise of him being misunderstood. I don’t see how that is Noora’s fault. I’m not saying you have to like her, but please don’t blame her for being stuck in an abusive cycle. Those are hard to get out of.

Jake Dillinger x Reader @ Sbarros HCs

(Right so I’m avoiding 60 trig problems atm, heere’s some Jake dedicated to @yo-homeslice and @dearnerris bc our boi)

-Jake explains there’s this rad little pizza place in the mall, and claims it has the BEST pizza EVER.

-You’ve really only passed it, maybe grabbed a breadstick sample or two

-He’s soooo excited, because not only is it his favorite pizza place, but it’s his favorite place in the entire world!!!

-You look at the menu, and he’s making suggestions and trying to steer you to try his personal favorites

-So you’re just like “surprise me!” because you know it’ll make him happy

-Boi gets like four different types of slices (he couldn’t pick one, and wanted you to get “The Maximum Experience”)

-And a shit ton of garlic knots

-Cutie prolly takes lots of pics hhh

-The slices were big and they were decent, but Jake definetely played it up like wayyy too much

-The garlic knots were prolly better than the pizza itself

- “That was delicious, Jakey. We’ve gotta come back.” and his face LIGHTS UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE

- You guys go back to your place and cuddle and fall asleep within like minutes because you’re so full and f00d c0ma


Whoever does NOT give BTS privacy are NOT real fans at all, I don’t care what anybody says. BigHit really had to write in 4 languages of how ‘fans’ took the same airline as BTS because of the illegal information they attained and how they were trying to sit next to BTS and take pictures.

BigHit made it clear that BTS are under stress mentally and physically because of these ‘fans’. BTS deserves so much better.

They are HUMAN. They are NOT unreal. They are NOT exotic. Treat them like humans. This is going wayyy overboard. This is honestly too much, and this is already effecting my day. This is ridiculous that I have to wake up to this information.

BTS do so much for us. They learn different ways to communicate with us, they always keep us up to date when needed and even when they don’t need to. They do many Vlives for us and they make songs for us and share their personal emotions. They want to connect with us but we allow things like this to happen. What does that say?

And for all of you who don’t think that BTS becoming more well-known won’t effect them, you’re wrong. You’re 100% wrong. If BTS gains more fame, things like this will happen a lot. They gain more fans and more people trying to follow them.

If we can’t get these things under control then why let BTS stay idols? Why let them suffer???

I’m just done.

My friend showed me a blank version of this meme and first thing thought of was: Robinson. Somehow it became this kind of thing~ My contribution to the fandom u w u 

Somehow that “use me” scene is probably one of the most questionable scenes to be taken out of context.