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Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

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My friend showed me a blank version of this meme and first thing thought of was: Robinson. Somehow it became this kind of thing~ My contribution to the fandom u w u 

Somehow that “use me” scene is probably one of the most questionable scenes to be taken out of context.

Ok I don’t see why everyone hates on Hinata for giving up on her clan and not fixing it and preferring to be with Naruto like..

1: She was literally treated like shit and called weak by her clan members???? Why would she feel obligated to fix her clan when all they did was treat her like garbage

2: Naruto made her feel good about herself and her clan members made her feel bad about herself? Why would she choose her clan over someone that made her feel good and inspired her like I don’t understand

3: What is one person going to do about an entire clan how is she gonna fix it all by herself

Your Not-So Friendly Neighbourhood Consulting Love Poodle
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock:*writing frantically*
  • John:*reading the newspaper*
  • Sherlock:*taps his chin with the pen*
  • John:*glances at him over the paper*
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*hastily crossing things out*
  • John:*sighs* Aren't you usually at Bart's-
  • Sherlock:Do you know where William Shakespeare lives?
  • John:...
  • John:William Shakespeare? in-
  • Sherlock:*frustrated* As in the playwright and romantic poet, yes.
  • John:*amused* Why?
  • Sherlock:*frowns* I need his help.
  • John:*folds his paper* So, you want to know where William Shakespeare lives? Presently?
  • Sherlock:*through gritted teeth* Yes. It's a perfectly simple question.
  • John:*forces a neutral expression* Oh, he lives in Stratford-Upon-Avon but he's a pretty busy man. What with all the plays and poems he's writing. Plus, it's a two hour drive.
  • Sherlock:*nods* Mmm. A phone number?
  • John:*hiding behind the newspaper* Try the Yellow Pages. Why are you so keen anyway?
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* Women seem to like him. He writes romantic poems.
  • John:*smiles* Ahhh *pauses* Here... *gestures for the paper*
  • Sherlock:*narrows his eyes*
  • John:*rolls his eyes* Trust me.
  • Sherlock:*sighs; hands him the paper*
  • John:*writing, folds the paper and seals it; smiles* Go get her, mate.
  • Molly:*yawns; enters her office and finds a note attached to a muffin*
  • Molly:*confused; reads the note* "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite. I do love nothing in the world so much as you'. Your not-so friendly neighbourhood consulting love poodle. PS. I think Shakespeare is still alive."
  • Molly:...
  • Molly:*grins*

anonymous asked:

I feel like the Dan blanket burrito method is something that Arin notices wayyy too much, and one day he finally asks Dan why he does it, and instead of answering, Dan just rolls Arin into the blanket and gives him little smooches

“Why do you always do that with the blanket?” Arin asks between episodes. “Quote unquote normal people just… Y'know… Fuckin’ cover up with it.” Before he can really process what is happening, Danny has scooted as close as he can get and has wrapped the blanket around him, too.

He kisses Arin on the nose and grins. “Burrito kisses!”

It’s an answer Arin will accept.


Guys. The pure relentlessness… gah I liked this vid wayyy too much XD had to share haha

(Not my Video!)

PLL Season 5 Episode 14 "Through a Glass, Darkly"

Alison showing up after the funeral..

Mona’s Mom slapping Alison..


Don’t bring the supernatural stuff onto this show..
Stop trying to make Ravenswood happen..

That Aria and Alison scene..


This whole “Grunwald” scene..

Caleb teaching Aria to hack..


Someone needs to teach these girls how to fight back..
“A” got Aria so easy..

“A” took the computer.. WHY DID ARIA HAVE IT!

The video of Mona getting attacked..

I don’t trust Alison or personally like her at all, but I feel like they are saying “Alison killed Mona… Alison is A” WAYYY too much..
Usually when they make someone seem so “obvious” like that, it’s never them.

Alison getting arrested..
“When I’m gone, you’re next.”
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Mike breaking down and crying..

Emily crying because Paige is leaving.. LET ME HUG YOU!

Spencer getting her name cleared!!!!!

“A” writing in the sky..

wardrobe cohesiveness

it’s all too easy to get hung up on collecting cool items. I know that feeling. I lived it for the first four months I was in Japan, just buying anything and everything that seemed cool. I jumped between different styles and pieces constantly. I’d buy something new, and sell it off within a month to fund more purchases. Being surrounded by so much cool, weird Japanese shit was just too tempting.

of course the end result is that i have too many things that don’t work well together and I don’t really like anything for too long, etc. I spent wayyy too much money and time searching for and buying random things that I didn’t need. Would have been much better served by focusing in on one line of purchases.

Didn’t learn this lesson until i realized how much I like Edwina Horl/drapey stuff and sort of ended up moving in that direction. Now I really only buy things that fit my tastes and wardrobe and I’m much better off for it. It can be tough to narrow down your spending to a single defined point; the thing to remember is it’s not about appealing to a singular ‘style’ as much as it is simply about buying things you like and want to wear without allowing yourself to go too far into overspending. Figure out what you like and pursue it. I’ve realized that I like to wear loose, drapey stuff and as such, I focus on collecting brands that work along those lines. 

I’m the kind of person who overthinks everything so that approach works for me. Plenty of people are less cerebral and that’s cool too. If anything, I think it’s important to sell off anything that isn’t working for you as opposed to hoarding (sentimental value is one thing, imagined value is another) and purchase intelligently and responsibly. I also loathe fast-fashion but that’s a different subject