like was crying while i made this edit

I have this head canon that H&L have made a little video every year on their anniversary.

Something like:

“Hi, today is [insert month] 28th 2011 and we’re celebrating our first anniversary together, hope we can share it with you soon!”

“Hello, today is [insert month] 28th 2012, two years now, still here, see you soon”


“Hello everyone, here we are, [insert month] 28th 2017, celebrating 7 years together, still happy, still going strong, see you next year”

One day they will edit all the videos together and release them

Finally it’s finished!!! //cry river of blood

I’m too moody to give any damns to my supervisors at work so art-therapy!!!

Without further ado, @kazliin -senpai, here is my little (late) gift for you. Features both Yuuri and Viktor from your fic. I took the pics using my phone and when I edited it, surprisingly the lowlight on Yuuri’s page made such greyish effect o/////_/////o) and it mirrors the shrowdness in his heart while Viktor is so smooth (as I edited the raw pic). Anyhoo, I hope you like this fanart and keep on writing awesome stuff!!! *whisper*moartocome


“It was hard. I used to hide and cry in the bathrooms a lot, and I was very confused for a while. But I’d like to think that I made some good decisions too.”

Renowned model and Holyhead Harpies seeker Cho Chang opens up about her role in the war, speaks of lost love and healthy grieving methods.

The Daily Prophet, June 2000.

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hey! follower and I am also. destroyed from this new ep but I figured u might know uhhhhh is this the first we're hearing about "lup"? or have we heard of this character before

weve heard abt her a few times!! 

1) when angus made taako macarons and taako had to cast presdididgidtsion on them to fix them his wand went Freaky and shot flame into the wall to spell out her name (L U P)

2) when thb told barry they didnt trust him he started crying and was like “LUP.. WHATS THE POINT LUP THEY DONT EVEN TRUST ME”

3) uhh god theres probably more that i dont remember 100% for now. point is shes been an Unknown Feature for a while and ive loved her just as long


based on where he got the umbrastaff and where griffin described her voice coming from (a few hundred feet away in a cave nearby barrys), its basically common knowledge that the skeleton with the red robe from the end of the gerblin arc was lup (or.. her body. at least)

im ALSO pretty certain that the umbrastaff trying to shoot kravitz at the end of their date (when he started mentioning a lich nearby) was lup trying to protect barry

Okay, I know that the four dimensions in Arc V are AUs of the previous four Yugioh series, but… imagine if they weren’t.

Imagine if Yuma tried his best to defend Heartland against the now-corrupt Academia. Imagine him and Astral fighting to their very limits and beyond to protect everyone, but ultimately, there are just too many of them. Shark, Rio, everyone Yuma knows is helping him fend off the invaders, but even they can’t handle an army.

And in the end, all of them are carded. Even Haruto, who Kaito tried especially hard to keep safe. Kotori, Shark, Tetsuo, Rio… none of them could survive Academia’s massive invasion. Kaito vows to avenge Haruto and everyone else.

Even Yuma, for all of his abilities, who never gave up even when his bitter end approached him head-on. This time, his Kattobingu wasn’t enough. Yuma lost.

Once the battle is over, the only ones from the original cast left are Kaito and Astral. However… no one can see Astral, and since he can’t interact with anything, he can’t do anything to help anymore. He still looks after Yuma’s carded form to this day, searching for a way to return him and everyone else to normal.

Edit: Just in case anyone was wondering, this is legitimately what I thought happened before it was revealed that they were AUs. So for a while, whenever Yuto brought up Heartland, I would die a little inside because it meant that Yuma and the others were most likely dead. It made the show a bit painful to watch at certain points.
The Critics Rave About Lauralot
One Year

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Exactly one year ago today, on October 27th, 2015, the first episode of @thebrightsessions​ was released onto the internet. We didn’t formally launch (aka post on social media, tell people, etc.) until November 1st, but in order to make sure Episode 1 was processed by iTunes in time, I posted it on October 27th. 

There’s so much I want to say: people I want to thank, gratitude to express, awe to be felt at the fact that this thing that existed in my head is now consumed by so many people. But no one wants to read a 7k word essay by me about this thing, so I’m going to break it down by numbers instead.

The Basics:

  • Years in existence: 1
  • Episodes: 25
  • Mini episodes: 6 
  • Minutes of content released: 472
  • Pages written: 474
  • Evernote notebooks created: 11
  • Website pages created: 26
  • Social media accounts managed: 12
  • Playlists made: 15

Who’s Heard It:

  • Downloads: 1.6 million (!!!)
  • Countries reached: 186 (so close to world domination)
  • American states reached: 54 (Armed Forces stationed internationally count apparently??)

What Our Listeners Have Done: 

  • iTunes Reviews: 538
  • Super nice messages received: over 100
  • People who said they started therapy after listening: 5 (this number means more to me than I can ever say) 
  • Fanart/edits made: over 200 probably? I lost count
  • Fics on Ao3: 19 (no, I haven’t read any - I just like seeing that people are writing - keep going!) 
  • Patrons pledged on Patreon: 294
  • Months in which they’ve made my life better: 12

And of course, the thing (other than our amazing listeners) that I’m most grateful for- 

The People Who Have Made It: 
(in the order in which they joined the project)
(but still by the numbers- I’m dedicated to this format now)

  • Episodes in which Julia Morizawa has performed: 23
    • Secret notebook pages made: 50
    • Times she’s made me cry while recording: approx. 7
    • First takes of utter perfection: like…17 at least
    • Days she’s inspired me: all of them
  • Episodes in which Briggon Snow has performed: 10
    • Instagram posts: 61
    • Days it took him to understand Caleb perfectly: 1
    • Level of infectious enthusiasm on a 1-10 scale: 14
    • Times we’ve happy cried on the phone together: 3
  • Episodes in which Anna Lore has performed: 9
    • Graphics made: 32
    • Characters she’s inspired: 1 (Chloe)
    • Character friendships she’s inspired: 1 (Chloe and Sam are basically Anna and me) 
    • People in the cast she’s kept sane: at least 1 (me. It’s me. I don’t what I would do without her)
  • Episodes in which Charlie Ian has performed: 6
    • Emails I’ve received about his voice: too many
    • Times he’s whispered into the mic and it’s creeped me out: also too many
    • Great ideas he’s thrown out that I’ve used: most of the season two finale actually and a lot others
  • Episodes in which Ian McQuown has performed: 5
    • Times he’s said “tight, tight, tight” on recordings: infinite (this is just a thing Ian says) 
    • Pages I wrote for him last night because he’s so good that I want Agent Green to be in the podcast more: 23
  • Episodes in which Alex Gallner has performed: 5
    • Goofiness levels achieved: the actual perfect amount for Adam
    • Hearts broken with his performance in Episode 23: all of them
      • Like, honestly, I’m still a little mad about it and yes, I know that I wrote it but it wasn’t that bad on the page and then Alex came in and read it and I wanted to crawl underneath my bed and never come out and honestly I’m surprised we got through multiple takes of it. 
  • Episodes that Mischa Stanton produced: 11
    • Crazy crossovers written: 1
    • Quickest turnaround on an episode: 2 days (they are so fast!)
    • Incomprehensible sound notes from me perfectly interpreted and turned into actually good sound things: all of them
    • Other amazing podcasts made: 1…for now
  • Episodes in which Andrew Nowak has performed: 1
    • Times I grinned during recording out of sheer joy from finding someone so perfect for Mark: 12
    • A bunch of other stuff that I can’t talk about because you guys haven’t heard it yet. 
  • Episodes in which Alex Marshall-Brown has performed: 1
    • Episodes in which Alex Marshall-Brown has come in and completely owned the character from the first take: 1
  • Compositions written by Evan Cunningham: 4
    • Weeks spent composing: 2 (he’s crazy good, guys)

And the people you may not hear about…

My Family: 

  • Scripts read by my sister, Elizabeth Laird: all of them
    • Psychological notes given: again, all of them
    • Creative notes given: again, all of them
    • Characters played: 1
  • Texts from my father about Sam’s cat: 4
    • Phone calls with my father asking about what was going to happen with Caleb and Adam: 2
    • People my father has told about his daughter’s podcast: infinite, which really means a lot to me. 
  • Phone calls with my mother in which she helps me break a story arc: at least 100
    • Email reactions I’ve received from my mother after she’s listened to an episode: approx. 20
    • Comfort given: infinite
  • Days they’ve inspired, encouraged, and supported me: 9,327

And on a personal note…

  • Hours worked: approx. 300
  • Hours procrastinating: approx. 600
  • Times I’ve cried at fanart or a message: roughly 7,000
  • New friendships formed: 20+
  • Podcast meet-ups attended:
  • Longest distance traveled for a meet-up: 5,437 miles
  • Podcasting heroes met: pretty much all of them??? which is crazy???
  • Months spent writing the podcast before I finally started going to therapy myself: 6

Okay, well, that sort of ended up being a bunch of words anyway, and probably less digestible than if I had just written everything out. But it’s late, and this made sense at the time. I started writing this on October 27th and it is no longer October 27th, so it’s on to a new year. 

I wish I had words - eloquent words, not just a bullet point list - to express how grateful I am for everyone who has helped me make this thing and everyone who has listened to this thing. 

2015 was…not a stellar year for me. By the middle of it, I was fed up with things and desperate to shake myself out of what felt like a period when my life was completely stalled. I initially started this podcast as a way to make something all by myself, with no one else’s help. This would have been a foolish mistake. Bringing Julia, Briggon, and Anna on for that first season changed everything. They’ve been with me every step of the way and I really mean it when I say I don’t know what this podcast would be - what I would be - without them. 

And then there’s you guys. Those of you who have listened, who have cared about these characters and this story - who have blogged about it, tweeted about it, taken it and transformed it into art or other writing. You all give me more inspiration and comfort than you can ever know. You’ve given this thing meaning beyond itself, and that is unbelievably humbling and wonderful. 

So Happy Birthday @thebrightsessions​. Let’s see what the next year has in store. 

And for the rest of you, please: always stay strange. 

I had a panic attack on Thursday. It was just terrible… after a really nice and exciting day i had to go and watch a movie that made me so sad. I started shaking and crying and breathing very heavily… all the pain i had felt all those years just came over me and i felt like dying. I immediately put my headphones on and started to listen to bring me the horizon. I felt like screaming inside and scratching my body from the inside…after a while my eyes were so covered in tears that i didn’t see anything anymore and just started to scream cause the feeling was so bad😞 thank god, listening to hospital for souls helped me to calm down and to fell asleep….❤️

Yashiro, that has believed all his life that he could only feel pleasure through pain, is now falling apart because Doumeki is showing him unconditional love. This panel with him and his uncle just broke me. His uncle says somenthing like *“You love pain, don’t you?” and he say “Yes” while we can see him crying. In the last panel he says “Me, who can’t feel pleasure without pain”. This man literally engraved this in him, and made him think that that was his true nature, and see him facing all that now, because love and gentleness are something so shocking to him is just so sad, and yet Yoneda Kou made it so beautiful that I can’t stop crying.  

*Made an edit with the dialogue:
Uncle: You love pain, don’t you? (Itai no sukidayona)
Yashiro: I do. (Un)
Last panel: If it doesn’t hurt I don’t feel it. (Itakunaito kanjinainda… Ore)

round: flowers | prompt: pansies: remembrance; loving thoughts

5 Things Tag

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

make-up bag (like I’m doing lol)
fluffy key chain

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

Clothes… clothes everywhere…
Tons of accesories
Make-up & perfumes
Plushies (most of my friends say that it looks like a toy store :’>)

5 things i’ve always wanted to do

Visit Japan and USA
Go to Japan Expo and cons
Meet with my online friends (cause everyone of you is so precious <3)
Learn several languages
Buy merch of things I’m obsessed of (animes+mm etc)

5 things that make me happy

Drawing (while listening music)
My friends & family
My Husbandos
My phone <3
Dye my hair (cant wait for summer to come <3)

5 things i’m currently into

Nightcore (I was always into it tho)
Editing (like clothes for Zury etc)
LLSIF (but for 2 years or smh)

5 things on my to-do-list

Stay all night, sleep all day
Find new music
And maybe get more into kpop? (thanks to my sis)

5 things people may not know about me 

I’m Turkish (dont think ppl know this unless they chatted with me lol)

Yoosung’s good end (& day 10) was one of the things made me cry A LOT in MM and I couldnt get over it for like 1 week?

I kinda have psychopathic thoughts? Sometimes? (once my French teacher said I have a wide range of imagination and sometimes I scare him :’>)

I’m like a smol child and need atteantion (pls take care of me :’> Btw thats smh my friends say, cause they’re like my mum lol)

Eventhough I look sociable from outside, I’m EXTREMELY shy (like there were times I was ashamed to ask questions, even when rebloging things, I’m stupid ;;) , dont know how to start convos etc. (So if you wanna talk with me  dont bother to send me message, I’ll always answer :’>)

I’ll tag @vanillaamoursucrethings, @fairies-hideout@fairywale, @eldaryanna, @mcl-danielle, @mikamycandylove, @meloncetes and @fictitious-life-ls ♥♥♥

Sunrise || Empty Arena + Storm
Our Last Night
Sunrise || Empty Arena + Storm

** Use ear-buds **

I made this while thinking of a friend who is going through many medical problems at the moment, ones unresolved. I know she doesn’t care for me, and won’t see this, but I’ll always care for her, no matter what. Through everything. I love you Hope, forever and always.

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“Teddy (Edited)”  ~  Fred x reader

“Could you do an imagine where the reader is Lupin’s daughter and engaged to Fred and after the battle is over(fred doesn’t die) The reader breaks down over her dad’s death and Fred comforts her but then she (the reader) remebers that her brother, Teddy is home with no parents and Fred and the reader take care of him and raise him? Sorry if this is long or confusing.” ~Anon

Thank you for the request! I got a similar one to this a while back (You may be the same person?), so I edited that story and made it to fit this request! I hope you like it! And, thank you once again!!😊💕


Y/n stared at the lifeless figure below her, her mouth agape, tears flooding her eyes. It was too much to handle. It was too much to comprehend. Remus Lupin was gone.

Remus was y/n’s inspiration: a smart, caring, compassionate person. A person who had been through so much and gave great advice. Most importantly, he was her father.

Fred wrapped his arms around her, her crying into his chest while he did the same on her shoulder.

“NO-” y/n sobbed. Her tears created a spot on Fred’s shirt.

He rubbed her back gently and rested his chin on the top of her head. “Y/n… I’m so sorry.”

All of y/n’s emotions seemed to fade. She lifted up her head and stared at Fred’s chest with an open expression. She felt numb. Her eyes were red from the tears and lack of sleep. Remembering her brother, she started to panic. After detaching herself from Fred’s grip, she ran.

Fred followed in haste. He caught up to her and grabbed her wrist. She stopped and turned to him.

“Where are you going?” Fred looked more worried that he ever had before.

Y/n started at Fred for a moment, unsure of what to say.


Her eyes swelled with tears once more. “To get Teddy.”

Y/n stood on the front porch of the Tonks’ house. She raised her fist to knock, but she lowered it afraid. She couldn’t bear to tell them.

Fred rushed to her side, following her. He pulled her into his arms as she continued to bawl. “Shh…”

Slowly pulling away, she knocked at the door lightly. Her knock was answered.

“Y/n.” The woman rushed the two inside. “Where’s Nymphadora?”

Y/n’s eyes were focused on the floor, staying silent. Fred placed his hand on her shoulder.

“And your father?”

Y/n looked up at her step-grandmother, Andromeda, with sorrow. There was a lump in her throat forbidding her to speak.

The lady’s expression started to match y/n’s. “I see…” she said, taking a seat in the nearest chair.

Y/n walked over to Teddy’s crib. She looked at the sleeping infant inside as a tear rolled down her cheek. Turning around, she knelt down beside the filled chair. “I…” She paused. “I am so sorry…”

“They were so young…”

Andromeda got up from her seat and made her way toward the crib. She picked up Teddy and handed him to y/n. “Take good care of him.”

Y/n nodded. “I will.” she sniffled. “We’ll visit as soon as we can.”

Fred, Y/n, and her step-grandmother looked at Teddy.

“He looks so much like your father.” Andromeda stated.

The Burrow had come very lively after the war had ended. Y/n awoke one morning to hear George snoring loudly from across the room in his own bed. She unwrapped herself from Fred’s embrace and walked over to Teddy’s crib, smiling as she picked him up. Cradling him in her arms, she walked down the stairs to find Mrs. Weasley fixing breakfast in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mrs. Weasley.” she said cheerfully.

“Good morning, y/n dear. I hope you slept well.”

“I did. Thank you.” She set Teddy down in his high chair. “Do you need any help with breakfast?” she asked.

“Oh no, dear. But, thank you.”

Footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. “Mum.”

Mrs. Weasley turned to face one of her sons.

“Let us fix breakfast. You could use a break.”

The redhead woman shook her head with a grin. “Alright, Fred.”

Fred walked over to y/n and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her close. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. “Good morning, Love.” he began, resting his forehead on hers. “You got out of bed so quickly that I didn’t have time to snatch you back up for a good morning kiss.”

“Well, maybe if you’d woken up about 50 seconds earlier.” y/n joked.

He chuckled. “Yeah.”

She turned around, facing the smiling toddler banging on the high chair tray. Fred moved his arms around her waist, holding her from behind. “I can’t wait to marry you.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, since you watched bon voyage, I have a question. I've read that tae cried and that suga is the only one that knows why, or something like that. They don't show it in the episode right? (When tae cried). Do you think that happened during their "date" when they were alone? does this mean that that moment wont appear in one of the episodes? What do you think? :((

hey nonnie <3

I can’t lie to you babe, i’ve been thinking about this all morning. During the commentary live they did say that armys probably won’t know why tae cried because they won’t show it, so it’s highly likely that it was during the taegi “date/team activity” and that we may not see it, depending on what was caught on film and what they choose to edit out.

While they were all talking over each other after the second or third time someone brought up tae crying, tae made a point to say that he and yoongi had some deep conversation, so that might have been part of it, but hopefully they show it (AND GOD I HOPE WE GET AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT OF THAT) and then we’ll know for sure. All I do know for sure is that Tae cried, Yoongi cried and that if the rest of bts do know why they shed tears, they won’t say in case it gets aired on an ep of bon voyage.

But this is all stuff they said during the commentary live and we actually haven’t seen any group or paired outings yet. Those are yet to come laskdfjdslkf and i cannot wait to get my hands on the footage of my daegu boys bonding !! They already showed a little clip and it was them doing a high five or hand shake thing on some stairs lsakdjfsdkf

I’m hopeful tho that even if we don’t get to see tae crying (which would break my heart fyi) we at least get to see some real genuine moments of those two bonding. They’re so sweet together.