like voting matters

the liberal response to low voter turnout is so condescending and useless, like, even if voting did change anything, people still feel like their vote doesn’t matter, and the default liberal response to this is just to lecture people about how it’s actually important to vote without trying to understand why anyone feels so disillusioned with representative government


So what do you guys want to do?

My Own (Adaru32) Nero Devil May Cry Theories/Headcanons:

Thought I’d make one last headcanon/theory post with my 3rd favourite character of Devil May Cry. Still feel a bit weird sharing this since I’m the type of person that would rather let the creators give answers about their characters, and how some people can get really opinionated about theories/headcanons (Take this for example).
So if you have any questions for me regarding headcanons/theories, expect a “Best to let the creators decide on that”, or an “I’m not sure” answer from me.  Will reblog whenever updated:

- Nero’s deaf in his right ear. The events point to:
1. Him leaning his head off to the left side when listening to his tunes, while Sanctus is “preaching” in the beginning of the game.
2. Him covering his left ear when Kyrie shows up to see her gift.    
3. His taunt where he holds his hand up to his ear and asks, “What you say?”
4. Him covering only his left ear when Bael yells at him.

- If Nero ever got a tattoo(s), he would go for tribal symbols and/or inanimate/still-life objects that are symbolic to him. It/They would be located on area(s) that isn’t/aren’t on his demonic arm. Mainly on his human shoulder, upper arm, the back of his neck, and/or back.

- If Nero played an instrument, he would go for a guitar. He would even be a singer, too, considering that his English voice actor’s in a band as the lead singer and guitarist.

- Nero’s taste in music would be almost anything. From any type of rock and metal to club/dance, rave, techno, dubstep and a bit of pop.

- If Nero owned a computer, he would mostly be on social media, play some games, and watch videos on Youtube. He tries hard to get along with people but due to his short temper, it’s hard. He’ll have his sweet and friendly moments but most days, he would rant about problems, be a bit egotistical, and let off some steam at people that bother him, or people he feels that are trying to 1-up him or change his mind when it comes to opinions or facts.

- If Nero owned a gaming system, he’d be down for almost any console and mobile device. He’d also be down for almost any genre and be more of a multiplayer-type gamer than a single player, and would just cause chaos with his short temper and egotistical behaviour. He will have good gaming moments, though. When it comes to teaming up, he’d rather go solo. But if he ever teamed up, he would do it in a heroic way (Example, someone’s having trouble with an opponent, then Nero comes to the rescue at the last second and takes care of the problem. The person that was in trouble would either just thank Nero and leave, or constantly follow Nero and ask to team up, or something, while Nero would tell the person to buzz off, or something).

- If Nero owned a cellphone, he’d use it for almost anything from surfing the web, to taking pics, to using apps, etc.

- When it comes to governmental/political elections, Nero would vote for third party when he feels like it. But at times he won’t vote at all due to not caring, or feeling like his vote won’t matter.

- If Nero was a Youtuber, he would mainly be a gamer and occasionally show off some talents of his (Which I’m still trying to think of what he would do besides playing guitar & singing, and parkour stunts).

Can anybody save my poor beautiful baby?!


Poll results for Sunny’s not-quite-dead sister’s name!

And it looks like Dan won. Wow. You guys really chose Dan. You’re all awful.

And seeing as how you’re all awful, I’m vetoing Dan. Number 2, Luna is the new name of Sunny’s sister. Thanks to everyone who voted, and I hope you now understand the futility of your actions!


oaksmash: #MyNameisOak #SpOakenWords #Vote “Be the change.  It’s strange to think this day isn’t worth celebrating.  It’s crazy to feel as if this gift of choosing who you wish to head our state is a plate some won’t eat from.  It’s a dim sum,  when one chooses not to add their drop to the ocean, a la carte.  We need a bright future. America needs its voice and that’s found in the choices you make about it with ya ballot. It matters… Your vote matters like black lives, not voting is far more chilling than a new born with dry eyes, it’s still born but lacks life. Is it that deep? Ya damn right.” #Vote #KatyPerry #Voted #StickerGamOnFleek #OneStickerToRuleThemAll #WhyIsItStillSoWarm #GlobalWarmingIsReal

akajean  asked:

Hi Kenia. First off you are amazing for being 1 of the most nutritious 101 blogs. I thank you for that as an 아주마 fan, lol. Really enjoyed your statistics, and wonder what you think about the voting system? I personally think it'll be more scientific to keep the 11 pick because you're supposed to form a group instead of crowning solo artist like other shows. My ideal ending would be having 1 동생 team and one 형team, such a shame I'm not a producer. Anyways, thanks again and sorry for mumbling!

Hello~~ I apologize for this being super late. And wow wow thank you for liking my blog. :’)

I think Mnet was smart to use 1 pick (not so smart in 2 pick) because with 1 pick they can be sure that all the guys chosen have a large fanbase or are popular with the public. If they kept 11 pick until the end, then we would see akgae stans use check picks which doesn’t give a good indication of who’s really popular and who’s just a check pick. 

The goal it to ultimately make money and Mnet will make the most money if they know their group will have a large fanbase right from the start. Even if akgae fans only support their pick, they’ll still buy the albums, stream the music, and go to concerts because they want to see him. 1 pick is also an interesting take on having a bias which is a prevalent concept in kpop and it fosters a community of people solely dedicated to that 1 person which again, fosters fanbase growth and money for Mnet. In addition. 1 pick makes it feel like your vote matters more because everyone only has 1 vote to give whereas with 11 pick your vote doesn’t matter as much because there are 11x the number of votes (and some may be check picks). 

There might be a lot more to be explored behind the cognitive concepts that underlie 1 pick (or there might not be kjrweklr I’m probably over thinking this) but it worked for Mnet last year: IOI had a large fanbase from the start which gave them a solid base from which to build their subsequent successes on. 

don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining

I work at a grocery store and this year management decided we were going to start doing employee of the month. I thought it was a great idea. Customers wouldn’t notice or care, but it’d be something fun for us employees to do and I thought it’d be really nice for employees to get some recognition for their hard work. We were told it’d be vote based, with us employees electing the employee of the month. Management asked us all to vote every month and gave us voting cards and a submission box in the break room.

Three months into doing it, only front end supervisors have been “voted” employee of the month. One of them was plausible because she’s well liked (though a bit of a slacker tbh) but the other two aren’t. No one’s voted for them, perhaps aside from themselves. Turns out that the first month they didn’t actually count the votes, they just randomly drew from the box. The second and third month, management picked the employee without consulting the votes at all.

It isn’t common knowledge that they’re doing this (I only found out because I’m friends with a supervisor) and they’re still acting like our votes matter. Everyone’s starting to get suspicious though. I really don’t get what management thinks they’re achieving by doing this. You’re not boosting morale by making the election a ruse. You’re not boosting morale by making only supervisors employee of the month and treating the rest of us like we’re too stupid to notice the pattern. You’re not boosting morale by ignoring all the other departments of the store and having the only winners come from the front end. You’re not boosting morale by insinuating that only supervisors deserve to be employee of the month. The supervisors who’re being made employee of the month aren’t getting anything out of it either, since they know it’s meaningless.

There was one month when we all got together and agreed we’d vote for one of our porters. He’s so underappreciated and constantly has to deal with disgusting messes (including shitplosions and vomit) and he would have been so surprised. But they probably didn’t even bother looking at the votes that month. I bet they were tossed in the trash. Because why use employee of the month to recognize and give credit to individuals that everyone agrees upon when you can essentially do absolutely nothing with it instead!

This will be my one and only post on Alpha Male Madness this year. I don’t want to make a huge deal over popularity contests but I can’t lie and say I don’t want Jensen to win so go vote!

alright so like, I don’t agree with most of the outcomes of that stupid crunchyroll anime awards and YOI dominating every category (especially ones it didnt deserve like best animation or ED) but like, I get it, its popular. but now it seems like after this whole awards debacle its becoming popular to hate on YOI. Im seeing this mostly on youtube with all the male anime reviewers coming out of the woodwork like “well i never liked it anyway” or “it didnt deserve any of those awards it’s just popular because it’s gay” it’s like a lot of people are seeing the drama of these awards as an opening to bash on YOI…and mostly, they’re bashing on it for being “Yaoi garbage” (literally this is all the comments on any youtube vid about those stupid awards)

but yea, I can see YOI is going from “anime who made history” to “its popular to hate this thing” and “everyone else hates it so i can finally spew my homophobic thoughts on it w/o anyone caring” like ……….

Re: Third parties.

Certain states were never going to be a contest. Massachusetts, for instance, will probably never be red unless the apocalypse really does happen (I’m not discounting it, but hopefully the world keeps spinning tomorrow or we wake up on January 1, 2017, and someone’s like APRIL FOOLS). In that case, absolutely vote third party if you want to, particularly in smaller races.

But it takes a LOT of privilege to vote third party in a swing state. I won’t completely say “fuck you” for it because literally every prediction site was giving Clinton a nearly 100% chance of winning up until today, but I will say that I really hope you’re okay with four years of Donald Trump and what that will mean for your less privileged friends.

times like this i wish i was already in the twenty-third century and not stuck today in a country that has elected the worst candidate to ever be nominated. part of me literally wants to hit the snooze button for the next four years, but then i remember, i can’t just pretend that this doesn’t change things. Trump has made promises that, if he keeps, means terrible consequences for thousands of people. 

even if you aren’t directly affected by the catastrophe that has happened, remember, others are. whether it’s the poor, ethnic and racial minorities, women, Muslims, intellectuals, the LGBTQ community, people on medicare, journalists, liberals or anyone who doesn’t identify as a trump supporter, their lives are going to get much more difficult because of the bigot that has been elected. 

i’m ashamed to know that my country could let this happen. i’m sorry to the international community who have either A.)  lost any respect for us or B.) scared shitless about what could happen now. 

i’m scared too, but its important to think ahead, right now Republicans own the house and senate, but in two years, many state elections will be happening and if Democrats win than we would have a Democrat-leaning congress who could do something about the repeals and bills that Trump is pushing for. 

Now is not the time to retreat, now is the time to stand with local politicians who offer change, to use your vote as powerfully as you can (I know it doesn’t seem like your vote matters, hell i was in one of the states that didn’t even get counted in the election this year), and keep speaking out against the politicians who use intimidation and prejudice to get what they want. We can turn this around America, yeah we screwed up and have to deal with four years of shit that we could have avoided if we’d voted differently, but lets keep fighting and prove to the world and ourselves that we are more than what Donald Trump envisions us to be. We can ‘make America great again’ by using our voices, if you’re a writer, write how you feel about this election, make a poem, a post, a article, and essay, if you’re an artist, photograph, paint, draw, construct something,if you’re a politician - say and do something, push for more open minded laws.

Even if your voice is small it has a place in this world to be heard.