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Hiya!  The International Baten Kaitos Day of Haberdashery got me wondering: a couple years go, we tried to sort out who the favorite characters of the English-speaking Baten Kaitos fandom were.  But we didn’t settle the really important question: who has the best hat?

OK, yes, yes.  But who has the second and third best hats in all of Baten Kaitos?

Reblog with your first, second, and third choices for best Baten Kaitos hat by November 24, 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (currently GMT+5).  That’s short notice, but democracy waits for no one.  The winners will be announced on November 25, the last day of Our Glorious Spiriter Week 2017.  Trophies will be delivered in the back by Verus in a position that minimally compromises lung function.

Hat criteria:

- Headbands (adult Gibari) don’t count.  Ridiculously high collars (adult Ladekahn) don’t count.  Crowns (young Ladekahn) and headdresses (Corellia) are OK.  Helmets are kind of pushing it, but I suppose you could include adult Giacomo and Ayme’s headgear in your vote if you wanted.  For the Children of the Earth, please remember that their hats should be considered separate from their extremely distracting masks.

Stuff that encases the entire head (Guillo’s hood, Kamroh’s…enormous wood pumpkin) does not really count as a hat for the purposes of this poll.

- And, hey  -  don’t forget about shopkeepers while voting!  That dude in Mintaka didn’t wire up his hats for nothing!  (Also, if you’re voting for a character who appeared in both games, please specify which version’s getting your vote.)  Just to make it clear, you’re not restricted to the illustrious representatives in the photo selection above  -  any hat-wearing individuals in the franchise are fair game.

OK, good luck!  Exercise your right to vote in a civilized and peaceful manner, just like our friends in Alfard!

Candidates and voters are requested to refrain from wing-ripping.  Until the last couple days of voting, of course.


did some au character designs that don’t make sense! pls dont take them seriously It’s really fun (the only rule was that they had to take most after their dad)

Amestrian!Trisha + Ishvalan!Hohenheim
Ishvalan!Trisha + Xingese!Hohenheim

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Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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northern downpour // panic! at the disco

fun tonys fact for tonight! expect some surprising or interesting winners because for this season, the american theatre wing changed how the tonys are voted! now, instead of every voter voting in every category, voters only vote on categories in their field. light designers won’t vote for best set design, actors won’t vote for best costume design, choreographers won’t vote on best book of a musical, etc. it might shake things up!!

miku39k!❤  <- my entry for miku’s official english twitter banner contest! 


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