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Revenge leads to revenge

What… do you mean this wasn’t a prompt? I’M SO SORRY! I couldn’t help myself, this was too cute. 

Summary: There’s a Katsudon, a Kitten and Victor still doesn’t know Yuuri’s dog was called Vicchan. 

Words: 1,121 (I didn’t want to use the read moooore)

Yuuri felt slightly embarrassed about his loud laughter echoing through Victor’s apartment, but Yuri kept pinching this horribly ticklish spot right at his fourth ribs from bottom to top and he couldn’t exactly hold his reactions back.

Ah! Is this little piggy sensitive on his ribs~?, Yuuri felt his cheeks burning as his hysterical laughter only became louder and more desperate, his head thrown back against the carpeted floor and his body arching up away from it but into Yuri’s fingers, only helping him to dig more accurately into each individual rib.

Yurio!“, Yuuri finally gasped, his hands trapped under Yuri’s knees and his legs kicking behind him. ”Ahahaha! Yurio, please!“

“You Katsudon” Yuri rolled his eyes, not easing up his assault, not even a bit. “Calling me ‘Yurio’ is the reason why you’re here laughing your head off!”, a snort followed by a shriek burnt Yuuri’s nostrils.

“I’m sorry! I’m sohohorry!”, Yuri didn’t stop, though, and when his hands started to travel down towards Yuuri’s hips, Yuuri let out a loud shriek. “Not there! Not thehere! V-Victor! Vic-ack!”, Victor, who was laying down in the sofa enjoying himself watching the Yuris playing around, noticed, out of experience of course, how Yuuri was reaching his limits.

He couldn’t help a tiny smile pulling at the corners of his lips, though, when he saw Yuuri trembling with silent laughter. That was the signal.

“Alright, kitten”, Yuri hummed, looking up at Victor and flinching when he was right beside him in seconds.

“Victor!”, Yuri squeaked, his hands still managing to keep Yuuri in the edge of madness, now squeezing the fleshy parts on his inner thghs. “I think Yuuri had enough, Yurio”, a pinch in the side was enough to send Yuri flying off of Yuuri, the latter curled up into a tiny, giggly and trembling ball.

“Don’t you think?”, Yuri shook his head.0

“I do n-ah! D-dohohon’t!”, Yuri tried to push Victor’s hands away as soon as his fingertips made contact with the clothed skin of his belly. Yuri giggled like a child and a soft pink hue started to cover up his cheeks and the bridge of his scrunched up nose.

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OH MY GOSH so i wasn’t planning on progressing the main quests like at ALL in breath of the wild because calamity ganon is huge and scary looking and i don’t do well in fights bUT THEN king rhoan told me what happened 100 years before and how zelda is still at the castle but won’t be able to stay much longer now i’m like DANG IT PRINCESS I’M COMING