like unicorn you know!!!

You know how in Harry Potter, unicorns only like girls?

Imagine a trans girl wandering around the Forbidden Forest, exploring. She stops, sits down, upset because of various things.

And then this unicorn comes out of the trees, and comes towards her, curiously.

She knows they don’t like males. She’s worried that it won’t like her. But the unicorn comes over, and rests beside her. It lays its head on her, touching its horn to her forehead in comfort, nuzzling her.

And she starts crying, because the unicorn knows, regardless of the rest of the world.

Imagine a genderfluid student, who on the first lesson with unicorns can approach them fine, but then the next lesson, the unicorns retreat. They can sense that the student’s gender has changed, and they know.

Imagine a trans boy who’s only just realised, having a lesson with Hagrid, the first lesson with unicorns. And Hagrid pushes him forward, expecting a very different reaction. And after explaining about how unicorns don’t like males, Hagrid understands when the unicorn pulls away, and apologises to the boy, who just stares because…he’s accepted as he is, immediately.

Imagine how a unicorn might react to a non-binary student - perhaps they like them best of all, because unicorns, I doubt, fit into our gender binary, even if they have an understanding of gender. But the unicorns treat the non-binary students differently to both male and female students, because they are a different gender, and that is fine.

Just imagine unicorns being accepting of non-cis genders and helping people be accepted as they are.

Ok so this has been driving me nuts but I’ve been thinking about the Hanahaki Disease trope.

If you’re unfamiliar with the trope, the premise is that it is a disease that causes the victim to uncontrollably cough up flowers, eventually leading to death by suffocation. It is contracted by intense feelings of unrequited love. The only cure is reciprocation of that love, or a surgery to remove the disease, but in doing so also removes the host’s feelings for the subject of the unrequited love.

The mysterious thing about this trope is that it seems like it just popped up one day? Just appeared out of the nether, people were really taken with the idea and spread through various fandoms like a disease (lol).

So I got curious where exactly this trope spawned from so I did a bit of Googling and it seems like it came from a 2008 manga by the title of Hanahaki Otome.

Now, uh, background established, I’ve been pondering this trope. I think fictional diseases are rad (I mean, look at my love for gembond yo). There is just one thing that I really take issue with with Hanahaki. The whole fixation on romantic love. Technically, I don’t believe there’s anything that explicitly states that the love felt must be romantic, but if you base it on one-sided platonic love that requires reciprocation? Either the situation falls flat or becomes mildly incestuous in portrayal (though I will say that the removal of feelings by surgery aspect seems all the more tragic).

Anyways, what I’m getting at is that as someone who is looking at this through an aromantic lense, the sense of tragedy is rather lacking. If under this disease, why wouldn’t you just go through with the surgery and remove these pesky feelings that are giving you such grief? Why die for such an unnecessary reason for someone who obviously doesn’t feel the same? (Of course, stories featuring these tend to be focused around some miscommunication but boy do I not have that kind of patience or tolerance when a life is at stake.) It all seems rather blown out of proportion is what I’m saying.

So I propose a different version of Hanahaki, a more aro-friendly version. Instead of the point of contraction being unreciprocated love, I think it would be more meaningful if it was regret. A deep regret that consumes the soul (which is a bit more open ended so hey, you can spin this romantically if you want, but it doesn’t have to be!). You can cure this by either finding a resolution to the regret (fulfilling what was not fulfilled or making peace with it), or by surgery in which case you would lose all motivation for the subject of the regret. A clean slate in both ways so-to-speak, but no passion, no (platonic or romantic) love, no emotional baggage.


wait - you are not alone
if i could keep you from the edge
if i could hold you back again

One Night - Warren x Reader SMUT SMUT SMUT

A/N: this just popped up into my head at the moment and I am not entirely sure if I should write more to this or not. Its unedited! This is super smutty and I don’t know if this is good since its like my first actual smut. It’s got like 1.6k words and is totally shit. Ummm let me know what you think!
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: cursing, smut obviously, unprotected sex.
Another night of partying was spent on you practically taking a few shots of cheap vodka that burnt all the way down and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Yet,somehow you’d find yourself sitting in the club and scoping out people you found attractive, male or female, because let’s face it everyone finds at least someone of the same gender attractive. Straight or not, you couldn’t deny that at one point every female pretended to be a lesbian for Ruby Rose. Simpler times.
You found yourself looking back at the bartender, giving her a small smile as she filled another shot glass for you and spoke up, “on the house”. She definitely wanted in your pants and if you got drunk enough,maybe you would. You smiled, lifting the small shot to your lips and let the fiery liquid make its way down your throat and it burning your nostrils. She smiled, her black hair pulled up in a right braid behind her and she was almost a “ plain Jane” to you. Kinda like Bella from twilight, maybe you’d find a… Your thoughts were almost halted by a half drunk blonde male wearing a black leather jacket, complete with the studs. That wasn’t what caught you off guard however. It was his huge magnificent white wings that were tucked by his sides as he drunken made his way near the bar. And god, you kinda got flustered as you averted yourself while he sat down in the empty stool next to you.
Being a non-mutant, you didn’t want to bombard him or make him feel like a freak but you did however catch when he ordered you one of those expensive fancy fruit drinks that somewhat sounded like “unicorn cloud” but you didn’t really know. The bartender snorted slightly but made the drink and slid it to you, it was kinda an awkward tension. She had been flirting shamelessly the whole night and now there was a giant man bird, who was very fucking attractive by the way, flirting with you or actually, bought you a drink. Not like you’d expect them to compete but you found yourself being drown in the more fancier drinks bombarded by the two. You couldn’t hold that much alcohol! “As much as I appreciate it, I’m more into having sex with males, don’t be offended, I just want to try new things” your voice finally sounded out, but it was a little slurred. Of course, offended, the bartender switched shifts to another woman. You hadn’t meant to hurt her.
After what seemed a long while, the blonde male beside you looked at you, licking across his plump lips with his tongue. “So, you wanna get out of here?” His accent filled the room, British, deep, husky. He was straight forward, but of course, Warren was, you just didn’t know that yet. Your cheeks got hot and you coughed before mustering a nod and a ‘yes’.
It wasn’t long until you found yourself being hoisted out of the club carefully, a short flight was taken and you were giving him directions to your place, and after a while, landed at the doorstep. “I’m Warren by the way” he mumbled, slurred as well. You barely heard him so you didn’t speak, just opened the door and was scooped up as he looked around and closed the door behind him by kicking his door back. He smirked down at you and pressed a hard, vodka tasting kiss to your lips. His green eyes were gleaming as you pointed to your bedroom. He walked - stumbled slightly - with you to the room before tossing you onto your bed.

The cold collision of the blankets to her back was enough to completely finish you off but you wouldn’t have it, that low cut dress in the back was a perfect little mistake and you didn’t want to seem weak just yet. Just by looks you thought he had great stamina. Your eyes glinted down at the boys mouth working between your legs as he shoved that skimpy little skirt up your hips and grazed his tongue over those pastel pink laced underwear, earning a groan to fall past your pink lips. Instantly, your hands tangled into the blonde mess of curls and you felt herself unravel so freaking easily, Warren’s wings were tucked around him, grazing your legs as he pushed those panties to the side. He didn’t even know your name and he was about to fuck you up.
He was obviously hard through his tight leather pants as you, a non mutant writhed and hissed at the contact of the cold air on your dripping wet core. He practically gasped at the sight, god it was so amazing! Warren dipped his head down again before pressing his tongue against her slit. She tasted great and soon enough, he was delving his tongue in and our of her, working his thumb on this beautiful strangers clit.
Meanwhile, you were looking down at him, a whimpering mess as you tugged softly on his full head of messy curls. Small begs and whines were calling out but Warren wouldn’t have it, you had to cum at least once before he got inside of that beautiful cunt. You watched as he pushed two digits inside to stretch you, scissoring and curling them simultaneously. It was enough to cause you to throw your head back and cry out, “god dammit, Warren!” Ironic much. That white hot coil between your legs was literally about to burst and warren just delved his face right back in, his nose brushing your clit in the process. You came undone at the sensation, your back arching and your hips raising from the bed as you shamelessly ground your hips into his face as you grunted and groaned, juices dripping down your thighs. Warren was quick to lick your mess up and popped his head up from your dripping core, your juices shining on his face as he smirked at your panting state.
He was very fast to situate his wings as he hovered over you, his jacket discarded and his chest showing, lined with scars as you wondered how they had gotten there, but that wasn’t your business was it? He chuckled, “like what you see,princess?” He hummed out slipping his leather pants off as he rid himself of his boxers. You tried to get a good look st why he had down in those pants but he was pressed against you now, talons hooked in your bed post to steady himself as he rubbed the head of his cock around you entrance before pressing his hips forward to mold his body against yours completely in one thrust. He was huge, stretching you further than any other one night stands had, and it burnt a little but to be honest about it all. He groaned loudly, tossing his head back as his Adams apple bobbed, a long strand of curse words falling from your lips next. You had gasped at his entrance of course, and was now clinging to his neck for dear life as he started a rough and steady rhythm of fucking in and out of you.
Warren watched your chest bounce with each collision of his hips to yours,and when he positioned himself and pistoned his hips deeper into you, you tightened your best against him, making him groan out loudly, the sound of your skin and both of your careless moans filling the room as he got as much pleasure as he could out of it. This boy could go for a while, and your legs were shaking, covered in a thin layer of sweat as both of your chest slid against each others easily. That’s when it happened, no warning, nothing. He came in hot spurts inside of you, and little to say, it would have a huge affect later on. Warren rode out his high, not really caring about yours, should he? No. You were just a one night stand would possibly force him to leave after you would call him a fucking freak the next morning. He pulled out and huffed, flopping down beside you as you made a “what the actual fuck” face.
Morning came and you were buried with his face in your chest, his blonde curls sprawling all over you and you blinked, sunlight in your face. Hungover,of course, but you did remember parts of what the blonde and you had done. He was half awake, you only knew this because he nipped at your breast before peeking up at you, grumbling a quick “morning” as he mentally prepared himself to be kicked out, but he wasn’t. Why would someone kick out someone as beautiful and magnificent as him, and after all, he didn’t spend a good amount of Money on you in the process to woo you! But, any male or female horny and needy enough would, right? You smiled, still a little agitated that you weren’t able to get off last night and you were possibly fertilized, you didn’t say anything other than “morning, my name’s (y/n) by the way” softly as you ran your fingers through his hair as you debated if you should go get an over the counter Plan B or not to be sure but damn, those little pills were expensive. Just one coated nearly $60 as you last recalled, but, yet again, you weren’t a baby killer, so you left it to fate, yet didn’t tell Warren you weren’t on birth control. Maybe, just maybe there wasn’t a tiny human growing inside of you…

Brooklyn Nine Nine High School | 2

Overview: Brooklyn Nine Nine High School has an odd assortment of staff. Jake Peralta’s students get the highest grades in any English class, despite his carefree attitude, much to the annoyance of his by-the-book colleague, Amy Santiago, who can’t seem to find a way to make math class fun. Finals are coming up, and all the students are stressed. Gina can’t take any more kids coming to her, crying over their report cards, drowning away their sorrows through substance abuse. Rosa’s getting tired of chasing after students that are smuggling cans of beer. Principal Holt expects the teachers to make sure Brooklyn Nine Nine doesn’t lose its place as the #11 best high school in New York by the end of the year.

Author’s Notes: AU where the characters of Brooklyn Nine Nine work in a high school. Jake is the English teacher, Amy teaches math, Charles teaches Home Ec, Gina is the guidance counselor, Terry is the gym teacher, Scully teaches art class, Hitchcock teaches chemistry, Rosa is the security guard, and Holt is the principal.

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Ratings: T

Warnings: Food Mention, censored swearing, also skip to the end if you want to get straight to the Dianetti

Previous Chapters: 1


Chapter Two: Unicorn Frappuccino

Jake strolled into the classroom. He sat at his desk and surveyed the room. A good quarter of the class was missing. “Where is everyone?” he asked.

One student, Hector Lopez spoke up. “Jake, didn’t you hear, Starbucks released a Unicorn Frappucchino. It’s really cool, it’s colorful and the flavor changes as you drink it! Some people wanted to try it before school and went to the Starbucks across the street.”

“Okay, I know what a Unicorn Frappuccino is.” Jake told him. “Besides, I’m hip and young like you guys. I know what all the trends are. Any of y’all got fidget spinners?”

A voice from the back of the class chimed in. It was Edward Zheng. “Aren’t you like, forty?” The class giggled. “How would you know about the Unicorn fraps and fidget spinners?”

“They’re all Gina posts about on Instagram. I’m pretty sure she’s being paid to advertise. She insists that she’s the one that started the Ice Bucket Challenge,” Jake informed.

Several students spoke up.

“Ms. Linetti still hasn’t followed me back on Instagram!”

“I sent her thirty DMs, she still hasn’t responded!”

“She once DM’ed me that gif of Kermit falling off a building.”

“She commented that my selfie was rad. I’ve been obsessing over that for weeks!”

“Guys! Please raise your hands! Not all at once!” Jake started to wonder if his students were always this disrespectful or if he was just beginning to notice. “Alright, what are we learning today?” Jake said to himself as he scrolled through the syllabus. “Ah, Romeo and Juliet. ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.’”

“Isn’t that from Hamlet?” Edward chimed in.

“Alright, who’s the teacher here, you or me? You wanna get up and teach the class?” Edward nodded. Jake backtracked. “Wait, you do? Nevermind, you can’t. I’m the teacher.”

Another student, Fatima Islam, walked into his class, holding a Unicorn Frappucchino, her vibrant hijab gleaming under the fluorescent light. She scurried to her seat.

“Fatima, you’re late,” Jake informed.

“I know, I’m sorry, but took what I got!” she beamed as she pointed to her drink.

“Your drink matches your hijab. That impresses me, so I’m gonna let it slide.” Jake addressed the rest of the class. “Prinicpal Holt’s been on my case lately about marking you guys late. From now on, if you guys are late, I won’t be able to mark you present in the attendance.”

The class nodded. Jake went on with putting the lesson together. “Okay, Romeo and Juliet. Little did Juliet know that he was Romeo, throwing pebbles. And her daddy said ‘stay away from Juliet.’ She was crying on the staircase, begging him please don’t go. And she said, Romeo take her somewhere they can be alone-“

“-Are you just repeating the lyrics to Love Story by Taylor Swift?” Edward spoke up.

“Edward, your homework tonight is to listen to Taylor Swift’s Fearless album. I expect you to be ready to discuss your thoughts with the rest of the class tomorrow,” Jake instructed.

The rest of the class, Jake did the best he could with what he got. He had students read out passages from the book and interpret what it means. His work was decent, but part of him wished he were better prepared. He remembered Amy’s three binders full of lesson plans for her geometry class. He wasn’t dedicated enough to make three whole binders, but one little binder wouldn’t hurt.

Fifteen minutes until class was over, and five students walked in, all holding unicorn fraps in their hands. The group was led by Addison Jennings. They were all talking and laughing amongst themselves. They casually made their way to their desks.

Jake felt anger growing in the pit of his stomach. He never felt this annoyed about his students before. Have they always been this disrespectful, or has he been too laid back to notice?

“Just what do you think you’re doing? You come to my class when the period’s almost over, and you disrupt our discussion?”

“Chill out, Jake, we went out to Starbucks, and time just got away from us,” Addison coaxed.

“You’re all being marked late. From now on, if you’re late to class, whether it’s by thirty minutes or thirty seconds, you’re gonna be marked late,” Jake reprimanded.

“This is so unfair!” Addison’s friend muttered under her breath.

Jake overheard that. “You know what’s unfair? I go out of my way to get here on time and teach you guys the material you need to pass this class. And you guys repay me by showing up late and disrespecting my authority.

Addison fired back. “You show up ten minutes late every other day! And you never have a lesson plan figured out! We’re forced to sit around and wait for you to get your lesson together!”

Jake sat back. She was right. He was a crappy teacher. He didn’t respect his students, why should they respect him. Jake took a deep breath. “You’re right. I slack off, too. It’s my fault for being too easy on your guys. That only encourages you guys to slack off more. I’ll make you guys a deal. If you come to class on time and behave, I’ll pull myself together and come up with an actual lesson plan.”

The class nodded in agreement. The rest of the period went smoothly. Addison gathered her things in her tote bag, and walked to her next class. As she walked down the hall, she heard a woman’s voice yell out, “Hey!” She turned around. It was Rosa Diaz, head of security and Brooklyn Nine Nine High School.

“I know that walk. You’re hiding something. Give me your bag.” Addison gulped and handed her bag to Rosa. Rosa rummaged through it and pulled out a can of Red Bull. “You realize you can’t drink this stuff until you’re sixteen, right? Do you have any idea how much caffeine is in this?” Addison whimpered.

“I better not see you carrying this stuff again. Now get to class.” Addison nodded and skirted away. Rosa put the Red Bull in the pocket on the inside of her leather jacket, where her flask used to be, before Jake got Principal Holt to confiscate it. She went to Gina’s office to share it with her. She peeked through the door and recognized Randy Jackson, a student, talking to Gina in the guidance counselor’s office. Rosa caught Randy every day with alcohol on school property. She decided to listen through the door.

“Listen, I’m woke, not a moron. I know how you teenage boys think,” Gina told him. “You see an attractive woman in power, you get turned on. The fact that her power doesn’t threaten you makes you a feminist. And Rosa’s a catch, I get it. But you can’t keep on smuggling beer bottles to school every day. It won’t make her notice you. She’ll never notice you. Now I better not see you here again.”

Randy nodded and sprung out of his chair. He dashed out of Gina’s office and saw Rosa. He ran in the opposite direction, not wanting to face Gina’s wrath.

Rosa smirked to herself and walked into Gina’s office. Gina’s eyes widened.

“Did you hear any of what just happened?”

“Yeah, dude thought I’d fall for him if he drank beer. What a loser. I’m more of a Red Bull kinda girl,” Rosa said as she pulled the Red Bull out of her pocket. “Wanna split this?”

Gina got out two wineglasses from her desk drawer. “Sure, but which student did you confiscate this from?”

“Don’t worry, it’s from a female student.”

“That doesn’t exactly make me feel better.”

“Come on, Linetti,” Rosa rested her hand on Gina’s knee, “You know you’re the only person I’d wanna get drunk with.”

Gina delicately placed her hand on Rosa’s hand. She traced patterns onto Rosa’s skin. “Remember when we were chaperones at prom last year?”

Rosa laughed. “Some kid spiked the punch and we drunkenly grinded on each other on the dance floor!”

“To be fair, I wasn’t really that drunk when you grabbed me by my arm and dragged me to the middle of the gym,” Gina admitted.

Rosa smiled. She wished she weren’t blackout drunk that night. She wished she could remember the feeling of Gina’s body against hers. All she had from that night were videos of them dancing on Snapchat. Rosa leaned her head against Gina’s. “Good thing Holt’s gay. If he were straight he might’ve fired us for dancing like that in front of all those students.”

Gina sipped from her glass. “He still was pretty mad, tho. Remember when Jake chugged the entire bowl of punch and threw up? Amy had to drive him home and he threw up again, in her car!”

“Don’t get me started on when Amy drove back to the prom and we got to meet Three-Drink-Amy!” Rosa chuckled. Her eyes met with Gina’s. Her tone got serious. “I’m really glad I get to share those memories with you.”

Gina knew she had to go for it. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Rosa’s. It was quick, but it felt like fireworks. Gina pulled back and looked into Rosa’s eyes as if she were the moon and stars. You could literally feel the fire between them.

They both sniffed. No, that was actual smoke. They smelled smoke. “What is that?” Rosa said as she ran out of the room, with Gina close behind. Smoke was pouring through the door of the chemistry lab.

The chemistry lab door burst open. Hitchcock ran out, his face covered in soot. “IT’S ALIVE!!! IT’S ALIVE!!! IT’S ALIVE AND ON FIRE!!!” he yelled as he ran down the hall. The entire room was engulfed in flames.

This was bad. Very, very bad.

“Dammit, Hitchcock!” Rosa groaned as she pulled the fire alarm. A shrill sound rang throughout the school. Students started evacuating. They were in a panic, causing traffic in the hallway.

“MOVE, B*TCH, GET OUT THE WAY!” Gina yelled as she grabbed Rosa’s hand and pushed students out of the way. They ran out to the parking lot and looked for their friends. None of them were there. They could only hope for the best.

Headcanons about marriage with Tony Stark

Heacanons about the reader being married to Tony

    You met Tony at a big business meeting. He was trying very hard to get you to work for Stark Industries. You were one of the best business minds there was, as far as black women in business went there was just you. In the meeting he listened to you sell your bosses product and charm everyone in the room. If a business wanted investors to throw money at them they talked to you. Tony had to have you on his team.  Eventually, you agreed (once you saw the pay increase that is) and soon the two of you were dating.

    Years later, you were comfortably at his side. People often tried to sell you as some gold digging woman, looking to heighten her status by using Tony and other’s thought Tony was just using you as a steady lay. No one actually thought Tony would ever get married… ever. Your friends were skeptical of your relationship with the so-called “playboy” but you knew Tony too well to ever pay any mind to anything anyone said.

Tony proposed to you after The Battle of New York. Realizing his own mortality gave him a sense of urgency, and while he wasn’t sure about a lot of things in his life he was absolutely positive that he needed you in it. Needless to say, you said yes.

Tony let you and your choice of a wedding planner, plan your wedding. Despite him verbally giving you permission to handle everything he wasn’t totally removed from the process. As he sat in his workshop working on suits you would show him color pallets and read off guest lists. You valued his opinion on these things.

Your wedding day was something every little girl dreams about. He refused to let the officiator have all the fun with saying vows, so he had requested that you each write your own vows. His words of love, and admiration made you both laugh and cry. Tony was nothing if not a smart ass.

You thought it would be hard to convince him to take an actual vacation for your honeymoon, he could get so consumed in his work that you were sure you’d have to drag him out kicking and screaming. It was not so, he was more excited than you were to run away to a secret island and do what newlyweds do.

Paparazzi had a field day with the two of you, and your PDA. Tony could be disgustingly romantic when he wanted to be. The tabloids were flooded with passionate kisses, and embraces, also I couple of middle fingers thrown  by the both of you once you noticed the cameras.

Once you got back home it was back to work, which meant Tony was back to being a workaholic and you were back to yelling at him about taking care of himself. It would be unbearable if he wasn’t so hell bent on helping people. That was the only thing that made all of your nagging worth it. Tony Stark wasn’t lazy, or dumb, he was just absorbed in trying to make the world a better place, and you couldn’t be mad at that.

With that being said, while Tony saved the world, you saved him. You kept him alive and relatively healthy, you were there for every nightmare, panic attack, and sleepless night. In return, he treated you like a princess. The only thing you occasionally wanted for was him, and it wasn’t hard at all to get his time. Okay, it took some planning, but he was always willing to work with you.

Because you were so crucial to Tony’s survival the rest of the Avengers often called you when he was being particularly ridiculous. You usually got calls from Fury, Natasha, and Bruce, each telling you to come get your husband before they killed him.

You and Bruce were close, he was a science bro so he was around the tower often. Sometimes you checked in on him, made sure he was eating and getting sleep. He was a quiet man, but you could sense that he was grateful to have someone looking out for him, even if that meant Tony made dumb jokes about Bruce trying to steal you away.

You and Steve often butt heads, only because he and Tony did. You had a hard time liking anyone who Tony wasn’t 100% fond of. They were “friends” sure, but you were ultimately on your husband’s side in most battles so it wasn’t uncommon for you to tell off Captain America.

Speaking of arguments, though your serious arguments were few and far between, when they happened they could get ugly. You were good at arguing. You were a business woman, of course you were good at arguing. You didn’t get to where you are by batting your eyelashes and swinging your hips, oh no, you clawed your way to the top; therefore Tony was never prepared for your serious arguments. Though they were usually about things like his health, there were a few petty subjects like other women being to friendly at benefits.

Tony always knew he was in trouble with a few simple phrases: “I just think it’s funny how…” “What you’re not about to do is…” “What do you mean by that….” “Oh she seemed nice…” he would sit down and buckle in to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter.

On the very rare occasion that you were wrong (I know, super rare, like seeing a unicorn) you would swallow your pride and apologize and the same goes for him. Apologies were always exchanged for wrong doings, and you never went to sleep angry because Tony Stark was Iron Man and anything could happen to him, so you didn’t like spending time being angry with him.

from “Signs” by sassafrasx

because this is one of the cutest fics i’ve ever read ♥

oh merlin and his menagerie of ridiculous animals


It’s my owl pun shirt! Isn’t it a real hoot? 🦉💖

Astral Shine

Nickname   Astral
Gender   Female
Special Talent   Magic

Positive traits   Loyal. Trustworthy. Diligent. Observant. Curious. Kind.
Negative traits    Impatient. Self-doubting. High self-expectations.
Neutral traits   Ambitious. Emotional.

<3 Studying. Testing theories. Winter. Reading. Cupcakes. Animals.
</3 Deadlines. Boredom. Spicy food.
ÓAÒ Disappointing others.

Born in Hollow Shades, Astral Shine was raised in a simple way. Protected by the dense forest around it, nothing much ever happened in the small village and Astral had plenty of time to indulge in her favourite pastime - reading the dusty old tomes and scrolls hoarded by the village elder and trying out any spell she could find. Her aptitude for magic was discovered early on by both her parents and the elder mare, and the village pooled their bits to make sure that Astral Shine could make it to Canterlot for the Magic Kindergarten auditions.

She was accepted into the Magic Kindergarten and she has never stopped developing her skill and increasing her knowledge. Only recently was she chosen as Princess Celestia’s newest student after Twilight’s ascension to royalhood left a vacant space. She has many years of difficult studies ahead of her, and looks up to all the Princesses.