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okay real talk, the hit on guentzel really got to me. it just made me so angry, and when he tried to stand up but couldnt my blood ran cold. there’s nothing worse than seeing injuries like that. ristolainen better be suspended. i hope jake is okay, and if he isnt (he mostly likely isnt) i wish him the best recovery possible.


Stranger Things Appreciation Month ➝ Day 18: Favorite Song From The Soundtrack

↳ Heroes - Peter Gabriel 

We can be Heroes, just for one day
We can be us, just for one day


OC x Jungkook
Three Word Prompt: Tattoo, Sweet, Love
Soundtrack (x) & (x)
12/ ? of my drabble game
(a/n) I’m sorry I feel so bad for writing this first, but this just hit me and I could not stop LOL. adds tattoo shop kookie to my list of muses… yass. Also this is not a drabble seeing as its a thousand words but enjoy loves ^3^ ily 

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Even seeing him up there, being stupid, made me smile and I was so in love then that I thought I was invincible but then time found its way back and moved between us so we were farther away than before.
—  if only time was the only thing separating us (via fraagmented)

i dont really wear graphic t-shirts as much as i wear graphic sweatshirts but yeah. i got this from redbubble bc i love the design but man i really wish they had a womens fit bc i hate the neckline and large sleeves on unisex jumpers


This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.

I am in love with everything in this scene.

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okay but best friend michael will definitely be the cheekiest person like he’s one of those people who goes straight to your fridge whenever he’s coming over and he also likes to make funny comments on your family’s statements but it’s no secret that your mom treats him like her own favorite child and your family loves him bc he’s cute and funny and charming but mostly because he respects and cares about you a lot and you’ve never thought of him as anything but best friend until one day it hits you when one of your relatives asks “why don’t you and michael just date already? you two would look cute together and he’s also a really nice guy.”

                ❛  hey, there’s this really good burger place nearby  ( don’t tell grillby i said that )  and just thinking of their sauce is making my mouth water. are you down to try it? if not, we can still look around, but i’m pretty hungry.          \ @realknifc !

I’m feeling really proud of Pyo right now. The fact that he is going to direct, plan, and produce a play that he’s going to enjoy makes me so happy for him. The amount of love I feel right now for this pure man is indescribable. I know he’s going to do well since he pursued being a play actor and graduated from Hanlim Arts High School. He has my full support and love!

You know I’m fucking sick of people trying to dismiss WestAllen as a heteronormative romance. It isn’t. Romances that involve people of color are never heteronormative because we aren’t represented as love interests like, ever. So stop trying to be like “ugh hetero tears. Ugh, more straight problems” if all you wanna see are two white dudes together. It’s fucking transparent. Like yeah I get that it’s an m/f relationship, but when you say “I’m forced yet again to watch Barry pine for his foster sister”…obviously you didn’t read the comics or know at all what you were signing up to watch… Like for fuck’s sake do you know how hard it is to get a black woman as a love interest in fucking anything? Miss me with that shit, I am supremely annoyed. Stop acting like m/f relationships between white folks and m/f relationships that involve poc are the same thing because they are fucking not. People really don’t get intersectionality like just look it the fuck up.