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so when I say “don’t let yourself be the only black person in a group of whites” i have a  total of 3 experiences that come with this piece of wisdom. 

The first time some shit happened, it was on an online chatroom when I was like?? hella young, i think 11 or so. Some white in the group accused me of calling them a bitch (i didnt) and got all the other whites to ostracize me. Months later, the same girl who accused me of that tried to talk to me again, saying “no we didn’t say it was you, it was someone else” and tried to gaslight me. This was just when I was 11.

A few years ago, I was in college and I met this one white girl who introduced me to her white friends. (She had 1 Chinese friend in that group, but still.) I started hanging out with her white friends until a white boy in the group said some bullshit. I can’t remember what he said, I just know that we had a heated argument about the Dominican Republic, and he was tryna tell me about MY island. Next thing you know, I’m out of the group chats, but the white girl was still my roommate. 

One day, she texts me “ugh I hate him” and im like ???? girl what he do (not that Im surprised). And she tells me how he threw a tantrum over the fact that she wrote, on her personal blog, under a readmore cut mind you, that she was on her period. He was grossed out and said she shouldnt say that ever because half the world’s population was grossed out by it.

The entire group jumped on him because the entire group, except him, were white women. SO on top of not being the only black in a group of whites, know that if you are, white women will never have your back with racism, but they will suddenly want your sympathy and emotional support when they get hit with misogyny from their own men.

Its pathetic.

Learn from me, guys.

Don’t let yourself be the only black person a group of whites.

(I’m intentionally leaving out the third part because it was pretty recent and has to do with a group of whites on tumblr and my petty ass would @ them, but I’m not about to drag some whites to this blog when they shouldnt even know anything about it)

-mod r

anyways,, there’s no “right or wrong” way to come out to someone??? if someone wants to make some grand deal outta it then okay thats their choice but there’s also no reason why someone cant come out over text??? like if someone wants to just make it not a big deal that’s their choice? “hey dad imma be visiting my gf soon” like ???? idk for some ppl it doesnt have to be like this make it or break it moment, not everything is a movie. 

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today i saw someone make a rude joke about mx not getting their first win and stuff and it really bummed me out like i know i shouldnt care about some dumb joke but i do bc i love these boys so much and it feels like no one else sees in these boys what mbbs see....but also i know it doesnt matter because it's about how happy they make us all and also how happy we are and UGH idk it just made me sad :(

there’s unfortunately been a lot of negativity surrounding monsta x nowadays. I saw a lot of monbebes on twitter being sad about it and it broke my heart. Sadly we cant do anything about it. People are going to always spread hate regardless. All we can do is ignore those comments and retaliate by showing more love for our boys. The bigger they get, the more hate they’ll get. That’s just how it is :( 

Gamzee’s mech, codenamed Capricorn.  I’d love to have a badass quote to insert here about how badass the story is and how badass Gamzee is in the story, but I’m not that witty.  I woulda drawn Karkat’s mech Cancer, the nightmarish black and red monster that haunts John’s dreams, but I stay true to my title of Makara trash queen and … yeah.  This will not be the last fanart I draw for this story, though, and that’s a promise.

So uh just go read it, okay?  Best week you’ve ever spent reading a novel-quality fic I promise.

fullview please because tumblr royally ganked the quality ugh

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WHY on EARTH do white people insist on giving their opinion on racism?! I saw someone ask 'is there racism in xxx city' and then white people all answer like 'I have never encountered racism while I was there' and 'you shouldnt let racist people stop you from going somewhere' and shit like that and it really pissed me of because they do not understand yet they insist on giving their input. They dont realise the subtle racism we encounter. The stares. Cnstant feeling that you're not welcome. Ugh.


Text || Jayson
  • Charlie: i quit,
  • Charlie: u win, im sorry. i shlud have never done ne of the thngs i did, i shdnt have slept with ethan and i shouldnt hav ben mean to you. i'm so so s osos so sosososo sorry, jay. i love yu so much nd id do anthing to get u back, lfe suxs without my favorte gay. i shld nevr hav let my felings fr ethn get in the wy and im sorry pls pls pls plspls pls pls dnt hate me plase

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as a white person who acknowledges and hates the fact that I have white privilege, i get so pissed off at other white people that dont like talking about it. all the shit that white people still do, and UR gonna ignore it cuz it makes YOU uncomfortable? i got into a fight w/ a white cis boy who claimed it was the responsibility of the oppressed to come talk to HIM about THEIR oppression. HE shouldnt be expected to go and ask THEM. and then he said he wasnt racist cuz he had a Mexican girlfriend.

White people are a mess and as a white people, I can personally confirm this.