like ugh i shouldnt but i do

SU height discourse

“ugh the animation on su is so inconsistent!”

i present you this, from ian jones-quartey’s blog:

“okay, but i dont like how the characters look. why do they always look different?”

from that same post:

“okay, flexibility is one thing, but theyre just being lazy! they cant be doing it on purpose! i know better, he might be one of the main boarders in a professional animation studio, but I have a blog!”

“but, my opinions! shouldnt they dictate how professionals do their jobs??”

managed to get to the Goron City on todays playthrough! I’m about to start Vah Rudania’s quest thing but i keep getting sTRESSED OUT cause i feel like all of the monsters are like one shotting me and im like wHY HAS THIS GOTTEN HARDER…i was assuming since it was an open world map the monsters shouldnt get harder because what if i went here fIRST OR SOMETHING… ugh im probably just awful in general lol also i keep getting mad at myself for not figuring out the puzzles… i didnt figure out the cannons or the mine carts lmao i need to do better… use my brain.. that kind of stuff lol