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Jinyoung Appreciation Post

Okay, I’ve just been thinking about my little pumpkin and I just wanted to take the time to do an appreciation post for him so here we go. Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine.

When I think of Jinyoung, I think of warm hugs, coffee, books and home tbh

he’s literally such a boyfriend like– how even am I supposed to live my life when he juST,,,, exISTS??

Have you seen that precious eye smile?? Don’t touch me okay

He’s so cute and so sweet I’m not fckin okay

one more boyfriend gif before we continue


He’s also rude af tbh


R U D E 


Just… Just stan him, okay?

He deserves it. He’s cute. He’s talented. He’s super fckin hot. He can act his ass off, and he’s savage. HE CALLS HIMSELF JINYOUNGIE PLS STAN THIS CUTIE PIE Also the peach ghasghsh 

Stan Park Jinyoung. 

Thank you, this has been a PSA.

Boyfriend Jeno

@bingeulbingeul-round here’s the boyfriend Jeno bullet point scenario, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this!!


  • Okay so our little Jeno bean who isn’t so little
  • He would be the sweetest damn boyfriend i s t g
  • You both go to the same school so he makes sure he’s able to walk you home everyday
  • His eye smile oml don’t with me
  • Just seeing you standing there makes his heart flutter
  • When you smile at him he melts like butter on toast 
  • To him you’re the most beautiful thing in the world
  • You’re his gravity god that was cringey I apologise
  • But he would definitely do cringey stuff so I guess it fits
  • The pick up lines 
  • Idk if it makes it worse but he’s not even joking or messing around when he sends cheesy stuff he’s being 100% real and thinks they’re super cute
  • Which I think is super cute but some may find it just idk cheesy I guess lmao
  • He’d also be a big help just in general
  • If you were struggling with homework he’d offer his services straight away
  • And by that he’d probably kick you out of your seat and do the work for you
  • You can try stopping him all you want but have you seen the size of his arms? It’s easier to just give up
  • Talking about his arms if he was wearing a tank top or they were on show it’d be really hard to stop yourself from staring
  • You attempt to be discrete about it but would fail miserably
  • Everytime he catches you he gets slightly flustered and starts laughing 
  • This causes you to go red because like it’s lowkey embarrassing which is like a chain reaction, the more you go nervous the more he laughs at how cute you are
  • Everything you do is cute btw there’s no escaping that
  • You get up out of your seat
  • cute
  • You start frowning
  • cute
  • You trip and fall flat on your face
  • Cute for like the first 2 seconds then he’s like woah wait she fell and goes to help you up
  • Can I just point out that cuddling Jeno would be the best thing in like idk existence???
  • Imagine his strong ass arms crushing you lovingly
  • So damn good ugh I need a Jeno hug
  • Plus piggy back rides are definitely a thing
  • Your feet don’t even have to be hurting you could just step outside and he’ll be like
  • ‘So do you want a piggy back ride to the store?’
  • And who are you to say no, free ride right?
  • Dates usually consist of going to the park, staying at the dorms or going to get lunch together
  • When it’s park dates you always take a picnic and end up buying ice cream if the truck is there
  • But sometimes the dreamies crash it and it turns into a date + the dream team
  • Which is a little annoying until you all start playing together and it turns out to be fun
  • When you’re at the dorms Jeno kicks them out and sends them to the hyungs dorms sorry not sorry
  • Then you’ll steal everyone’s bedding to make a fort and play mario kart or something from insie your little cuddle fort
  • I say cuddle fort because Jeno is most likely sitting behind you with his arms wrapped around your neck so his controller is just underneath your chin
  • Which is comfortable yet annoying since your view is sometimes blocked by his controller
  • And finally going out to lunch
  • You both play rock, paper, scissors to decide who pays
  • You don’t like Jeno always paying for you so you suggested this and it stuck
  • You usually go to a little cafe close to the dorms
  • It’s both cute and quiet, making it perfect for the both of you
  • It may not be anything extravagant but it was yours and Jeno’s favourite place
  • But tbh Jeno didn’t care because anywhere he went with you was perfect
  • As long as you’re by his side he’s happy
  • And when you’re not there all he can think about his you and you alone
In Defence of Seiya

So, one, because I’m currently writing him, and two, because he’s one of my most favorite characters, I wanna break a lance for Seiya, today. You’re still allowed to hate him afterwards, obviously, but maybe just hear me out, ok?

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with one of my dearest friends, a die-hard UsaMamo shipper just like me, but, other than me, the beauty of the Seiya x Usa BROTP still alludes her, and Seiya has a bit of a bad rep for her, but she gracefully allowed me to sum up our conversation, here. So, there you go!

(Also, I’ll be referencing to Seiya as a “he”, here. This is Stars arc, 90s anime, we’re talking about, and there he’s, at least to me, quite obviously portrayed as a guy, in his civilian form.)

Seiya was an ass for impersonating Mamoru toward the end. It deliberately hurt her, even when he KNEW how much she was hurting. Yet he still did that, and then even gave her that inappropriate “am I not good enough” line, after she broke down.

So, the scene meant here is this one, of course.

And I think it’s important to keep in mind that Seiya had no chance knowing that he was inadvertently impersonating the guy that Usagi misses so much.

He’d just, upon remembering their good times, made peace with her and the situation, was about to say goodbye for good, as he saw Usagi’s desk (with that adorably cute Mamo-chan doodle on it) and placed the rose, which is always in his performing outfit, on it as a goodbye token, when he was interrupted by Rei who was in frantic search of Usagi.

So, he came up, saving her by distracting the enemy, and just threw the damn thing he just so happened to hold in his hand.

He had no way of knowing what that image would do to Usagi. He’d never heard of Tuxedo Mask. Or that he threw roses. He was just the guy to the rescue, coincidently happening to have a rose at hand. He wouldn’t know to do this on purpose.

And yes, he says that line, but he’s breaking down with her, as he does. But it’s not a “take me”, it’s not a self-serving opportunity he sees to cut in and steal the girl…. Remember this is JUST after he’s sighed and smiled and been thankful for the time he did have in her vicinity. It’s more a … you’re hurting so much, I feel your pain so much, god I wish I could take that pain away from you, and damn if it were me I’d never do this to you, you’d never be in this much pain because of me, I promise I would never do that to you, I don’t treat you like that, I don’t want you to hurt, why can’t it be me, all I want to do is make you feel better, why can’t it be me?

He loves her, in the selfless way that he wants what’s best for her, and he’s not allowed to give it to her, and it’s frustrating!

Seiya was an ass for telling Mamoru he needs to protect Usagi at the very end of Ep. 200. Like, he really needs to be told that?

So, again, Seiya doesn’t know the guy. He knows nothing but that he was now apparently not so bad as he thought, and instead dead all year, and now appearing in some sort of armor, as he was revived. Personally, I never understood it as a way of Seiya telling Mamoru off, but instead it was stepping back, acknowledging that it was Mamoru’s place to protect her, be by her side, and not his. I understand it as a message solely intended for Mamoru; I’m not in your way, I know she’s yours, but damn take care of her cause she’s worth it.

(Excluding the part where I really don’t like it when men talk over women’s heads over their protection, especially when we’re talking about the girl who JUST saved all of the friggin’ universe, but ah well…)

I still feel like Seiya should have respected the boundary line that was implied by Usagi’s relationship.

The way I see it, to him, Usagi was in somewhat of an abusive relationship, albeit emotionally. She was in a relationship with a guy that upped and went and left her hanging without a word, so much that she skidded into depression. Personally, I myself would be MAD at my friends if they saw me in one and didn’t at least try to act like he’s maybe not the best choice in the world.

And as someone who’s in love with her, who adores the ground she walks on, only wants what’s best for her (which in the end, is what love is) I wouldn’t want her to be in a relationship like that, REGARDLESS of if she’ll be with me afterwards, then, or not,

and, like, this was his view, and still he really didn’t try anything (at least in the 90s anime version, but Manga!Seiya and 90sAnime!Seiya are so different, with different motivations, different feelings, different genders, I really don’t compare the two at all.)

Remember this is the story/show where Usagi gets kissed by people left and center, without her consent? In the anime, he wasn’t one of those. He picked her up on a friendly date, they had chemistry, and he kissed her on the cheek as a goodbye. These are all things you’d do with your friends, his only fault here was that he happened to be in love with her at the time, at least the way I see it.

Shouldn’t Seiya have asked about Mamoru, then? At least try to find something out about the guy?

well, for one…would you have? I wouldn’t want to hear the praises of a guy you know has left her without saying anything. Also, I mean… He’s not in her life. She’s depressed. And he’s mad at him for treating her that way, he even says it out loud to his photo; He doesn’t say “Ugh I hate that you exist” he says “I don’t like the game you’re playing with her” - I don’t like the way you treat her. He’s legit MAD at Mamoru for doing this to her.

This is an amazingly protective, friendly gesture, if it were true. This is how I would want all of my friends to react if it happened to me, and if it were actually the case – and Seiya has no way to think otherwise. It wasn’t, of course, but he had no way of knowing that. In fact, if he had dug further, asked about him, he’d have found out Mamoru has NEVER ONCE written back and his standpoint would have only gotten clearer. And if he’d dug even further, the story he’d have gotten wouldn’t have helped Mamoru’s case in this instance, either.

No matter the praises Usagi would have sung… I mean… what would have come out? He’s my lover from a past life, we have a miracle romance, then he was brainwashed and turned evil and almost killed me, before I killed him, instead, and then our future daughter turned up, and he left me because of dreams, and I cried myself to sleep, and then later he was kidnapped again, and right when I had him back he left me for America and now he’s never written back… It doesn’t SOUND so good.

Seiya wouldn’t have learned anything that he wouldn’t have interpreted in that exact way that he did.

But, then, the moment he realizes he was wrong, that Mamoru was dead, actually, his heart breaks for her. How could Galaxia have done this to her?

And then the only thing he does is try and make sure Mamoru treats her right, tell him to. He steps away without any fight whatsoever. Seiya loved Usagi. He loved her despite the fact that he had no chance. Just because she didn’t love him back, and was in a relationship with someone else, doesn’t make him a bad guy. In fact, I think he was an incredibly decent guy.

So many people lash out when they are in an unrequited love. It’s an incredible sort of heartbreak, and it’s understandable that so many do, but it’s also pretty harsh. The people they adored get devalued and degraded to bitches and asshole who are fools for not wanting them, get faulted for making them fall in love in the first place, and get left behind so the person can go and heal and forget. And, sometimes, the other party isn’t so innocent, either (which obviously isn’t the case, here), but even without that it’s really hard to just take yourself and your hurt back, and simply adore that person, while staying in their lives, no gain whatsoever.

Seiya does that. He adores her. He doesn’t blame her once, only wishes it were different. He takes himself back, and simply becomes the awesome friend that she really needs in that depressing time. And that is pretty damn selfless.

I mean, he didn’t choose this. He didn’t decide, oh, I’m gonna fall in love with this ditzy girl who has someone else; it just happened to him, and he dealt with it in a pretty heartbreaking way.

I mean… he repeatedly risked his life for her, this girl who will never be his.

And I understand that. I mean… I adore that girl, too. We all do, right?

  • Random Person From My Class (RPFMC): *finds smut I may or may not have tried to write*
  • RPFDMC: What IS this? What is this gay shit? DIsgusting!
  • Me: Excuse me, that´s mine.
  • RPFMC: YOURS? How can you write something this tasteless, this disgusting?
  • Me: It´s called fanfiction.
  • RPFMC: Ugh, noway! That is SO disgusting! You should feel ashamed of yourself for writing something like thiss!
  • Me: I should really start making a list...
  • RPFMC: A list? Of what?
  • Me: Of all the idiots thinking they can tell me not to (try and fail to) write smut and actually expect me to stop doing it. If ignorance is bliss these people must be feeling amazing!
Ao3 Pro-tip

If a ship doesn’t warrant a mention in the summary for your story, you should not use the ship tag.

If the ship merely exists in the background, like because of canon compliance, you should not use the ship tag.

Tag the ship only if it is actively going to be explored or developed in the story.

anonymous asked:

Heres a MYSME request like you wished lol RFA members reacting to their S/O leaving them? Im a shit for angst.


Yes you’re a shit.

I mean, I love angst too but an angst deserves a happy end! Like… UGH T_T

Okay, I’m gonna do this T_T I won’t do for Jaehee though, because I realized that I don’t know her personality well enough to even guess her reaction… I completely cannot imagine how would she act. But I’m going to go through her route soon and then I will edit this post and fill the gap.

So… here it goes:

◄ Zen ►

He doesn’t understand.

It can’t just get to him, for a moment he’s just dumbfounded.

And then he starts to ask. Why? What happened? Did he do something…? You weren’t a perfect couple, of course, but perfection doesn’t exist in this world. You argued a bit once a while, sometimes forgot about each other… It just happened. He wouldn’t ever think it was that bad for you.

Perfection doesn’t exist…?


He’s always thought of himself as of someone perfect.

But here you were, shining and filled with good he always desired. You were perfect in every single inch of your body.

Yet you left him. Because… he was worse…?

Of course he was… How could he even think that he’d be good enough for you…

He doesn’t want to lose you. But he doesn’t want you to suffer because of being with him…

He’s torn apart, so he keeps asking the same questions over and over again, hoping that it’d make him at least a bit more aware as to why.

He tries to carry on, but he can’t. He’s not able to focus on his work or to act as cherfully as before. 

There’s a paining burned gap in the centre of his heart.

Princess… …No, I won’t stop calling you that… No matter what you do, you’ll be a princess… even if I was supposed to become a pauper. Please… reconsider it. I want you to be happy, I truly do…”

◄ Jumin ►

He respects you.

There’s nothing he can do, other than to respects your will.

In quiet, emotionless voice he just asks: “Is there anything I could do to change your mind…?”

He has this slight glimpse of hope, but then you say that there’s nothing.

You’ve decided to leave him and he can’t do anything about it.

He used to control other people a lot, even when he didn’t want it. He used to know if something’s about to happen. But he didn’t notice. How could he not notice…?

He’s wrecked inside, but he lets you do whatever you want. He has to restrain himself from forcing you to stay. He knows that’s what he desires right now - to make you stay with him forever. But he respects you. He truly respects you.

All the women are the same, he used to say. 

He knows that you’re not like the others, but he can’t just put it together. 

You were supposed to stay by his side forever, so why did you left…?

He loses it. He completely loses it. Not even his Elizabeth 3rd can help him now. Never in his life has he felt so lonely.

He knows that he’ll never meet anyone like you and he doesn’t care anymore.

He stops to use the RFA messenger, acts as if the C&R didn’t existed. He’s completely wasted.

I have no right to say that… but if I could, I would keep you here forever so that you wouldn’t escape from me. Although right now, it doesn’t matter anymore… I would never want to hurt you like this. It’s your choice… Only yours.”

◄ Yoosung ►

He tries to say somthing, but his voice creaks down and he stays quiet.

He’s having so hard time, trying his best to keep his composure up. It seems so impossible right now, but he can’t show how weak he feels because of this…

So he smiles… and it’s the most devastated smile you’ve ever seen. It’s anything but happy.


You shouldn’t do this… You shouldn’t leave him…

“Wait… don’t leave… p-please…”

But you do and he can’t help it.

He’s alone now. Abandoned.

He falls. He completely loses himself. He feels just like a few years ago, when Rika passed away. No… He feels even worse, because you were supposed to be his and his only.

What can he do now? He believed that you’d be always by his side, but now he has nothing. 

Games? Screw them.

RFA? He doesn’t want to look at the chat as long as you’re still there.

It hurts, it hurts so much. Too much. He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want anything. He’s not even sure if he wants to live anymore.

“Even since Rika left, I haven’t feel so… bad. Was that wrong… to hope for us? I don’t know what happened, I don’t know anything anymore… but how bad must I be to deserve the most important people always leaving me like that…?”

◄ Seven ►

“…” He stares at you for a while, his face emotionless. “Good” he speaks and turns around, as if he was the one who leaves.

He would never try to stop you. He always insisted on you leaving him and now you do. That’s how it should be. He doesn’t deserve anything more.

So why can’t he accept this? Why is he feeling so… empty?

He shuts his emotions now. He let them slip for a moment, for the mere while he let himself believe that he can be happy with you by his side…

He can’t.

He’s an agent. He must do what he’s supposed to. He will die without anyone noticing. No one will ever remember him.

How could it happen that he doesn’t want to live like this…?

Yet, he has no right to refuse.

He’s an agent, nothing more.

On the chat, he acts as if nothing happened. He tries his best to be like before, to once more become the person he was before he met you.

He keeps conviencing himself on that’s how it should be.

But the urge to hurt himself over and over is too strong for him to just ignore it…

“Huh…? … What are you saying, I’m fine… I told you that you should stay away… It’s a shame that you realized it so late, I shouldn’t have let you… like me… It’s not as if you’d worry about me now anyways… You’ve made your choice and that’s the best you could do… Just forget about me…”

Worthy (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

Title: Worthy
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters:  Ladybug & Cat Noir 
Pairing: LadyNoir
Rating: T
Summary: Due to being bullied frequently by the school mean girl, Chloe Bourgeois, causing Marinette to clearly show her sadness through her alter ego, Ladybug. Cat Noir notices and texts her late at night to have a private chat with her about what’s going on with her. 

Links —>

Originally posted by miladybugnoir

Ugh! You’re such a loser, Marinette! Stop being such a klutz!

You’re such a failure!

UGH! I hate you! Can you just disappear from existence so I can be happy?

Gross! I would say you look hideous but hideous is an understatement for how you look!

Hey Marinette, Has anyone ever told you that you’re getting as big as a blimp lately? You know guys HATE fat chicks! You’re never gonna get a boyfriend if you’re fat!

Do you seriously think Adrien would love someone like you? I mean, you’re nothing special and you’re not beautiful, so stop thinking you are because YOU’RE NOT!

Your parents say they love you but in reality, they don’t! They feel sorry that they gave birth to a nobody, a loser, a burden, a useless waste of life! The whole world would be better off without you!

She tried to forget about these hurtful, cruel remarks thrown at her by the blonde witch she’s forced to go to school with every day but unfortunately, they just stuck there like glue. She wondered what she did to Chloe to deserve this emotional abuse. What did she ever do to her? Why couldn’t she just leave her the hell alone and worry about her own damn self?!

But sometimes she thought, was everything Chloe saying to her was true? For a while, she looks in the mirror and sees if she was gaining weight by looking at her body side to side, and even pinch some parts of her abdominal area.

She would look at a reflection of herself in the mirror for 20 minutes or fewer and just stare at it, examining every detail of her appearance.

Am I pretty?

Am I good enough for Adrien?

Am I good enough for anything or anybody?

Am I…just a mistake?

She would ask herself while she was in her room. Tikki would tell her not to listen to Chloe’s cruel words; her best friend, Alya would tell her the same but sadly, Chloe’s voice telling her these cruel things would just replay over and over in her head like a loop, overpowering the good things her friends tell her.

Every day, she would pretend to be this happy-go-lucky girl who doesn’t let Chloe’s words get to her but on the inside, she was crying and feeling destroyed. She knew the saying, “Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, but that was all nonsense to her.

All of it!

The words Chloe was throwing at her definitely more than just “hurt”. They were soul-crushingly cruel and heartless. She didn’t understand how that girl could be so nasty and not care about who she hurts. She didn’t understand it all, none of it.

It was late, but her partner just had to have a private talk with her as he noticed that she hasn’t been acting like herself lately. She just sat there waiting for him on the rooftop, her head buried into knees.

“M'lady?” A familiar said behind her.

She looked up and there he was.

“Oh, Hi Cat…. Noir”

He sat next to her. She just gave him smile so he wouldn’t see her hurting inside.

“You’re looking quite lovely as usual” He complimented.

Ladybug blushed and looked down, “Thank you, I guess”

“So, tell M'lady, What’s going on with you?” He asked.

“Huh? What do you mean what’s going on with me? I’m fine” She still had that insincere smile that she was masking under her pain, she hoped that it would work but Cat Noir wasn’t buying the fake smile.

“Ladybug….. For the last few days, you haven’t been acting like, you know, you” He said in a worried and concerned tone.

Ladybug forced out a chuckle and said, “Oh you silly kitty! Where’d you get that idea? Really, I’m fine.”

From the look on Cat Noir’s face, he wasn’t really falling for the happy front she was putting on now.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I just told you that I’m fine!”

“I don’t know, it’s just that…..” Cat Noir sighed, “It’s just that for a while, you seemed down in the dumps and you looked like you were about to cry at times, and when I ask you about how you were feeling, and you say the same thing, that you’re ‘fine’ and shrug it off like it’s nothing. I just wanna know…. Is there someone hurting you?”

Ladybug’s fake smile faded, she bit her bottom lip and shifted her eyes left and right, “Well, I- Look! Cat Noir, I appreciate your concern but there isn’t anyone hurting me at all,” She lied through her teeth. “I just have a lot of things on my mind sometimes but they aren’t anything serious. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m okay”

“Are you? Are you really okay?” He questioned her, looking into her eyes. “Are you really fine as you say you are?”

“Um, I think I better go now, ” She told him, getting up and getting prepared to leave. She didn’t want to talk about her personal issues with him; she’d rather keep it bottled up inside than bring someone else into her own problems. “I’ll see you ar-”

He stopped her by grabbing her arm. “Ladybug! Wait! Don’t go! You know why I texted you to meet me here! You know why I’m asking you all these questions! I’m worried about you!”

“Cat Noir, I have to get home!” She lied so she can avoid this conversation.

“M'lady, please, Can you just talk to me about this? It’ll just be between me and you, nobody else has to know!”


She couldn’t hold it all in anymore, she couldn’t keep all of this pain bottled up inside her and hide it behind an inauthentic happy smile.

She began to break down in tears and covered her face so he wouldn’t see her crying, she thought she’d look weak in front of him.

“M'lady” he looked at her, shocked, he never saw her break down and cry like this before, she never looked like the type to cry but who cares? He just had to be there for her!

He wrapped his arms around her and comforted her. “Shh! Shh! It’s okay M'lady, I’m here”

She buried her face into his chest, soaking his suit but it didn’t matter. All that matters is that his lady was hurt and he wanted to everything he can to help her.

“I’m sorry” Ladybug apologized. “I’m so sorry”

He looked down at her with a worried expression on his face. “Sorry? But you have done nothing wrong”

“No! I mean, I’m sorry for keeping this from you!” She told him, she tried catching her breath and wiped the tears from her eyes; she stood up and walked away from him, looking down on the ground.

“I know you must this I’m a disappointment to you. I’m sorry that I come off as this confident, cool superhero with no worries, no problems, and never lets anything get to her but all of that is the opposite!”

Cat Noir frowned, walking close to her. “M'lady-”

“I GET BULLIED OKAY!?” She snapped, “There I admitted it! Ladybug, the brave, awesome, confident superhero gets bullied!”

He just stood there, shocked. “Bullied? You mean….. In your civilian life?”

“YES!” Ladybug let out a sigh and looked down on the ground.

He wondered why would she keep this from them, he was her friend and she could trust him so…. Why would she think that he’d be ashamed of her because of this?

Ladybug sighed and shook her head, still looking down at the ground.

“You see….. Every day, I get talked down to like trash, like I don’t have any feelings. Every day, I get told I’m worthless, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I’m unloved, a failure, a loser, that the world will be better off if I was dead, and I get told all this by someone who hates my guts, someone I did nothing to, someone who loves hurting me so much that it’s almost like a frequent hobby or sport to them!”

Hot tears rolled down her face as she was struggling to say more through the emotional pain.

“…They love seeing me like this! They love to see me emotionally destroyed in this way! My friends always tell me, don’t listen to them! Don’t listen to them! They’re just trying to get under your skin! They’re just trying to bring you down for their own personal gain! Well, guess what?! It DOES get under my skin! It DOES bother me! Every day I put a smile on my face and everyone thinks I have no problems or issues but they don’t know that my smile is fake and is really just a masquerade to hide my pain and struggled. Every night I cry myself to sleep thinking about that person’s words against me! Every day I look in the freaking mirror and wonder if I’m beautiful, wonder if I’m worth living! Wondering if anyone ever truly loves me! Wondering If I’m ever good enough for anybody! I just….. Hate going through stuff like this! I hate feeling like this about myself! I’m so sorry that I lied to you about being fine when I’m not!”

She fell onto her knees, bursting into more tears.

Cat Noir felt every emotion, every feeling, every pain in that she had just told him, He had no idea that she was going through that, he had no idea she kept all of that bottled inside her all this time.

He ran up to her and held her as tightly as he never did before. She has never poured her heart out to someone like this, not even to Tikki, Alya, or even her own parents; only to someone she only sees when she’s in battles with Akumas. It was a surprise that she told this to him.

“Ladybug, listen to me!” He lifted up her chin to face him, “You haven’t disappointed me, and you don’t have to be sorry! In fact, I’m glad you told me all of this. Just so you know that person is 100% wrong about you! You know what you are?”

Ladybug sniffed, “W…. What?”

He held her hands and looked straight into her wet bluebell eyes, “You’re totally worthy of life just like everyone else, you’re good enough because you are and you’ve always been! You’re not a failure, you’re not a loser and the world isn’t better off without you because you’re the most amazing, bravest, most wonderful person that I ever met -”

She cut him off, “Oh, You’re just saying that!” she sobbed. “You don’t know me at all! You don’t know what I’m like in my civilian life!”

“What? No, I’m not just saying this! Please hear me out! I’m serious!” He told her.

“For real?” She questioned. “Are you for real serious?”

“Yes M'lady! I’m DEAD serious!”

She put her hand over her mouth in shock,

Oh my gosh! Am I dreaming? Cat Noir serious? And DEAD serious!?

“Now, please listen to me because you have to hear this because it’s really the truth!”

Ladybug nodded and let him finish what he had to say to her.

“You’re right; I don’t know you’re civilian life” He began to finish, “But I wanna know what I do know?”


“I know you totally deserve better, you deserve to know that you’re loved, loved by your family, loved by your friends, loved by everybody in Paris and of course, me as well. I know that you’re worthy of living, and that person is wrong about you completely! DEAD WRONG! I am your friend, Ladybug and I’m always going to be here if you need someone to talk to because I care about you deeply and you’re one of the few important people in my life and it would destroy my soul if I see you leave this earth. So please, don’t ever feel like you’re alone! Don’t ever feel like nobody loves you! You’re beautiful, M'lady! Inside and out, and don’t let anybody, not even some jerk take that away from you!”

After he was finished, he gave her a nice warm hug, stroking her hair. She had never seen this side of him before and it surprised her, she knew that he liked her but everything that he put all his heart and soul into telling her all of that changed everything she used to think about him.

She didn’t know why but his comforting hug made her feel… safe, secured and protected like nobody could harm her. She wished it would stay like this forever. She loved this moment so much that she forgot what she was so upset about.

“Feel better?” He asked.

“Oh! Uh, Yeah,” She sniffed and wiped whatever was left of her tears from her face, “I guess I do. In fact, I feel more than better!”

“See? Now, aren’t you glad you talked to this silly kitty?” He joked.

She let out a small giggle, “Yes, I am”

“Awww! See there’s that beautiful smile that I love so much! Yay! I made you feel better! Glad I could help! I should reward myself since I made you smile”

“Hmm, how about a plate of baked Tuna?” Ladybug jokingly suggested.

“It’s a deal!”

Both he and Ladybug both laughed. She couldn’t believe it, Cat Noir made her feel better and she was grateful that he texted her tonight here, if he didn’t, she would have done something to herself

Their Miraculouses began to blink, that was a sign that they were about to transform back.

“I love to stay and talk some more but we better get back home before we accidentally show our identities to each other”

“Yeah” He chuckled.

Just before they were about to leave…..

“Cat Noir?”


She walked up close to him, “Thanks”

“You’re welcome, M'lady! I’m glad I could be a help and if you ever feel like this again, text me ASAP-” Out of nowhere! She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He felt like he was dreaming right now! He thought is this really happening?! It is! The love of his life that helped just now just kissed him.

She smiled and giggled, looking at Cat Noir’s face that was now the color of a tomato. “You’re such a great guy and I’m totally grateful to have great friends like you! I’ll see you around, okay?” And just like that, she left, leaving him standing there awkwardly on top of the roof with a goofy smile on his face.

He touched his cheek and said, “Cat Noir, you’ve done great my friend! I am never washing this cheek ever again”

anonymous asked:

I have schizotypal and my therapist said me making everything about typology was an example of odd beliefs ahdhajshdhdhs I hate this

It’s not lol. This will be a long answer since it’s a frequent topic between my therapist and I.

My therapist and I understand it in a very different way:

typology helps a lot of people who have difficulty understanding others on the typical “human” level most people experience. People with low empathy autism, people with generally low or absent empathy with PDs (such as schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial and narcissistic) would be included in this lol.

A generally accepted and backed by science belief (which continues to be proven correct) is that something that makes humans different from animals is the ability to intuitively connect to an understand a person by synthesizing emotional states, and seeing things from their perspective as a person, not just logically (the logical ability to see from another persons perspective is cognitive empathy, which many low affective empathy people are very capable of, though often use it for detrimental or self interested purposes, thus the generally true stereotype that antisocials and narcissists are manipulative).

Emotional or affective empathy is pretty standard, and people without it are seen as “risks”, since they lack what is seen as the intuitive, though subjective moral compass based on affective empathy. Think “what would stop this antisocial person from murdering me since they won’t feel much, if anything about it?”. A surprising amount of people feel this way. That, or they pity us.

This brings me to my main point. Typology is a great system for being able to understand another persons point of view. It’s a very adaptive strategy. Typology helps you remember that other people are, well, people, with their own feelings, thoughts and motivations. Understanding typology gives you the intuitive insight that most people already have, but we have been deprived of. Instead of saying “oh my fucking god this person is so fucking dumb”, it becomes “man I hate fi. They have such weird reasons for doing things.”. “I fucking hate this person, they just keep stepping all over everyone, something is seriously wrong with them” becomes “ok, it’s an enneagram three, I don’t like threes or how they behave but I understand their emotional reasons for doing so”. “Why does this idiot keep ruining their life” becomes “SP blind spots are so odd, I don’t envy that lol”.

It’s not an odd belief either. People use stereotypes to understand others on a regular basis, a topic frequently explored in social psychology. I mean, it’s one of the main psychological reasons racism exists, or political ideologies and political loyalties. We just choose different stereotypes than most people. Same strategy, different system. It’s not an odd way of thinking. How often do you hear things like “liberals :/” and etc? Often. Very often. It’s just how people work.

Leads me to my annoyance with people that go “ugh why do you have to classify people with typology so much?” If I didn’t, I would continually think it’s a personal fault of someone whenever I didn’t like them, instead of “people with this function or type exist whether I like that or not”. It shifts your perspective to a more healthy one. If didn’t use typology, i would have absolutely no reference (other than my own) to understand someone’s emotional or non-logical subjective personal reasons for doing things.

Also, many low empathy people just lack the motivation and desire to get to know people as a way of discerning their motivations. “That person is an ISFJ and is probably doing that because they care about someone” is way easier for us than “oh let’s get to know this person and maybe then I’ll understand them.”

Also, for us sx users w/ low empathy out there, it’s a very helpful way of adjusting our behaviour towards specific people since we don’t get the “sense” of that person like other people do. OTHER sx users just kind of “know” the other person, we have to draw on frameworks so understand them, and the sx makes us want to do this– to adjust our understanding of the other person.

Thus why sx blinds with low empathy are so frequently distrusted… because they should be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they have no motivation to adjust their behaviour towards other people at all other than social acceptability, which is transparent and shallow.

Sx blinds with low empathy are very empty people, honestly… but without typology, how would I know that? Wouldn’t they just come across as distrustworthy and shallow for no reason? With typology, you can go “oh, that explains that” and not “HOLY shit this person is PRETTY EVIL”.

Ti users are fond of typology since it is a system of logical frameworks that work together to produce a coherent picture. Te users are fond of it as a quick efficient reference to understand a subject. Etc.

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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Thomas: LOGIC!!!

Logan: *Holding phone and repeating after it* El príncipe es stupido-Oh.

Thomas:  I’m sorry.

Logan: You know you should uh really give us fair warning before you pull us into one of these vlogs Thomas.

Thomas: Are you learning Spanish?

Logan: Not really, I’m trying to learn a particular phrase in a multitude of languages. You know what? It doesn’t really matter. What can I do for you, Thomas?

Thomas: Okay, so I just recently had an audition. 

Logan: Oh yes, for one of those stage productions for professional make believe.

Thomas: Yes, and the audition is over

Logan: It would seem so

Thomas: I either get the part, or I don’t.

Logan: Y-yes, that’s how it works. Is this new information for you, or?


Thomas: …and Supreme Dark Overlord of Negative Commerce - I’m afraid I’m going to need your name.

Anxiety: *Sighs* Tsk… No.


Thomas: This debate is sponsored by the National Essential Reasoning Department, or N.E.R.D.

Logan: Uh, or, or we do not have to abbreviate it.

Thomas: and the Public Humiliation Foundation.

Anxiety: I’m a monthly donor.


Thomas: Me me big boy. Nope.


Thomas: Yesterday I was texting someone who I like very much. They made me feel itty bitty butterflies in my tummy and sunshine in my heart.

Logan & Anxiety: Ugh


Logan: Aw, what’s the matter Anxiety are you worried that your silver tongue will land you in second place?

Anxiety: Hiss

Logan: I’m sorry - did he just hiss at me?


Thomas: Anxiety, this morning I went to get a coffee and the barista was extremely charming.

Anxiety: Ugh, charming.


Anxiety: If she did exist she’d be preposterous and pointless.

Logan: FALSEHOOD! *Screeches like Lemongrab*


Logan: You learning things is the closest I’ll ever be to feeling love.


Anxiety: Save your insults, I’m just gunna duck out.

Logan: Actually, um, I was going to tell you that was a good debate today.

Anxiety: What? W-w-what do you mean?

Logan: I mean you did a good job.

Anxiety: H-how? I was barely trying. I hissed at you.

Logan: Yes, I must admit that is a fairly uncommon debate tactic. But, despite you clearly not enjoying taking part, you still participated, you offered your points, and you even reasoned in your own way. And all of htat is commendable

Thomas: This is so pure

Anxiety: I gotta say I don’t really know how to react to you complimenting me. I kind of thought you didn’t like me. Especially after last time after you called me a defeatist. 

Logan: Well, you are wrong about a lot of things. But I don’t necessarily mind your company. The other two can bring in a whole lot of sunshine. And that can be unbearable. and I can’t imagine having a debate with either one of them.

Anxiety: I-i guess I just kind of assumed that-

Logan: You jumped to a conclusion.

Thomas: We were just talking about this weren’t we.

Anxiety: Touche. Thanks.

Thomas: Glad to see you guys working some things out.

Anxiety: We didn’t work anything out.

Logan: He’s stubborn as ever.


Logan: It’s interesting. 

Anxiety: What?

Logan: Now that we’re at a little bit of a standstill, I finally feel a sense of peace in this household.

Anxiety: I guess?

Logan: The atmosphere is calm, the air is tranquil, and it finally feels that we’re at a point of higher sophisticated feeling.

Roman: I’m back! Did you miss me?

Logan: YOU’RE MOM MISSES YOU! I’m sorry while that was savage, it was a little extra.

Roman: What did you do to him?

Anxiety: *Snicker*

Morality: LOGIC! Now where did you learn such childish humor. Tsk tsk.

Peter should be glad this isn't canon
  • Peter: We have to do something about Groot. I swear, that kid needs to learn or two about respect.
  • Gamora: Quill, don’t be too hard on him. I’m sure it’s just a phase. You know how they are at this age.
  • Peter: Ugh. You’re right. But it’s times like these that I wish my dad were here. <sob>
  • (also, spoiler warning, but whatevs)
  • Ghost!Ego: Howdy.
  • Peter, after screaming like an 8-year-old girl: Not you! Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in that bad place?
  • Ghost!Ego: You know they call it that but once you’ve gotten used to it noncorporeal post-existence isn’t all that bad. Hey, Mephisto’s place is swingin’. Plus, I get to have what I truly wanted in the first place: eternity with Meredith.
  • Peter: WHAT! How cou-
  • Ghost!Meredith: Oh hi, darling. I’ve seen you’ve met your daddy.
  • Peter: That can’t be. Why are you with him?
  • Ghost!Meredith: Oh, honey, I’ve been a baaaaad girl.
  • Ghost!Ego: Say those orgasmic words again, my love.
  • Ghost!Meredith: Hail Hydra.
  • Peter: I don’t even know what that means.
  • <flashback to a scene where Ego and Meredith shoot darts at a poster of Captain America.>
  • Peter: What did Captain America ever do to you?
  • Gamora: Enough. Just… call for Yondu specifically. I have no clue what this “Hydra” is but it can’t be a good influence on an adolescent.
  • Ghost!Meredith: <Glare of disapproval>
  • Ghost!Ego: Well, love, I told him I didn’t approve of the green who-
  • Gamora: Get lost, spectres.
  • Ghost!Ego: Meh, whatever. Meredith and I would just blow this pop stand and boogie an eon away at Mephisto’s dance party.
  • <Justin Bieber’s “Baby” plays>
  • Ghost!Meredith: Honey, it’s our song!
  • Ghost!Ego: Duet?
  • <They vanish into the void while singing “Baby,” while Peter’s face freezes, with the caption “screaming internally” placed in front of him.>
  • Ghost!Yondu, but with ridiculously tiny angel wings: Just a spoonful of Yondu helps the ravagers get down!
  • Gamora: Speak of the devil.
  • Ghost!Yondu: Now what is it you want me to ask? This face of an actual angel’s got pressing business to attend to.
  • Gamora: Parties at the afterlife?
  • Ghost!Yondu: Like you wouldn’t believe! Is his face frozen like that? Boy, snap out of it.
  • Gamora: Now, about Groot.
  • Ghost!Yondu: Ah, Puberty. I remembered when Pete hit that mark.
Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 25 Review

AKA the finale, let this trainwreck end.  Drinking game is, just like last month, in full effect, with the exact same rules.  Let’s get this salty-ass party started.

TL;DR:  Hug good, it’s basically shot-for-shot identical to the Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Good Ending.  Seeing Epileo on screen is also good.  But it’s not enough to save the adaptation, because it doesn’t wash away the frustration of 5 episodes of the plot going nowhere, characters getting shoved in the background when they shouldn’t be, characters not getting developed at all, and basically the entire show jumping off the tracks (story-wise) and never actually going anywhere.

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Masterlist (you’re gonna need this if you want anything to make sense)

A/N: Hello, everyone! I finally finished the first chapter of the sister series to Breaking! This first chapter may be a bit rocky because I only need it to establish what’s about to happen but I can’t wait to keep working on this! I’ll try to have chapters out as soon as possible and I hope you guys like this! 

Before you read: Remember, this story takes place after the end on the main story AND after the Alex end. A lot of stuff is going to rely on knowledge of the first series so if you are knew to this, I do encourage you to reading the entirety of Breaking first! It is long but it will be essential to understand what’s happening. Thank you so much!

Wordcount: 1315

Warnings: Cursing, that’s all for now anyway!

Tags: (I will be tagging everyone from the original series, tell me if you no longer want to be tagged! I will also be tagging some of the new people who were asked to be tagged!) @midnightokieriete @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demigod-runner-who-potter @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @littlemissshortcakes @pinkyiger7 @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-51 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired @martapetrovic @robotic-space @tayahqr @asprinkleofmermaids @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @pandartist @apandawithcookies @kitcatgirl2016

Traveling Back

“Miss Titania, you act as if you have seen a ghost, perhaps my friend and I may help you? What is a lady doing so far out here?” Alexander looked at you with a cautious expression. What do I do? What do I say? I can’t give him the same story, it doesn’t fit! I feel so drained…Think Y/N, think! Keep it simple, keep your story straight.

“I..I ran away…” Nice save, me. Way to use personal experience.

“You ran away? Why on Earth would you do such a thing?” John asked.

“I had to! I… didn’t belong there.” Subconscious, could you maybe stop making me say these things?! John and Alex both stared at you quizzically, you continued. “I was a servant, until I left. I-I’m sorry I’m not explaining myself very well, I’m just…” What the hell is wrong with me? Why is the room spinning so much? What the hell am I supposed to do? How did I even get here? I don’t know what to say! I can’t breathe, I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t! You were hyperventilating, you couldn’t figure out why. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, images and voices started to flash around your mind. A man with dark skin, wearing blue, busting through a door you recognized. He shouts, “HERCULES MULLIGAN!” with a huge smile on his face. You sucked in a huge gulp of air and opened your eyes. Your vision began to stabilize itself, your heart rate calming down a bit. That’s when you took notice of the fact that you were laying down, arms wrapped around you, two faces looking down at you.

“Miss Titania, are you well? You started shaking uncontrollably!” John exclaimed.

“I have seen Myles do the very same thing, my dear John. Perhaps it is more common than what we first perceived.” What the hell was that? It was like…a VHS being sped up…or rewound? That’s when you realized something, you could see it in your head, as if it were a memory. You remembered the children, Alex’s children, being excited about the man in the door. You remembered the man picking you up and running around the room. You remembered it, but you knew it didn’t happen. You don’t remember seeing that man until just now.

“Forgive me…this happens sometimes.” Alex helped you to your feet.

“No, no, please forgive us. It was rude for us to try and pry, but we only wish to help.” John explained.

“Um, this is going to sound really odd but…where are we?” You asked. Maybe I can figure out what year it is.

“We moved out of Valley Forge a few days ago.” Alex answered. Either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. It’s clearly not winter…so it must be 1778? I went back twenty years? That explains why Alex is so young, why John is…alive, and what all these tents are. Living quarters for the soldiers. I’m in the Revolutionary War. I need to figure out what I’m doing, they’re gonna ask me to leave because women and wars, ugh right? I can’t exactly leave them, there was never really a surplus supply of ways to survive as a woman until World War I, again ugh, right? Also, there’s no telling what my existence has changed to this timeline, I could’ve changed the entire course of how his war ends…Alex could die because I showed up…I need to stay and watch after him, make sure everything stays on track. At least, that was the excuse you gave yourself.

“Miss, perhaps you would like us to escort you to town? This is no place f-“John started.

“No! You can’t send me away! I can help!” Why did I say that?!

“How so?” Alex questioned.

“I…I can tend to wounds, a nurse. I am a supporter of the revolution, I would like to offer my assistance.” Alex stared at you suspiciously.

“I’m sorry, but we already have plenty of nurses, I believe it-“ Fuck! He doesn’t trust me, say something! Anything!

“I have information!”

“You have what?” John inquired.

“I have…information…I can tell you anything you need to know about the battles ahead.” Anything, tell them anything they need, gain their trust. John and Alex looked at each other, as if they were having a silent conversation. They both nodded and turned to you.

“Prove to us that you have information of value.” Alex requested.

“You are currently moving out northwest, correct?”

“How did…”

“Right now, troops are moving out to stall the British forces from moving up to New York City. They evacuated Philadelphia, while we the American’s persistently harass them to slow their pace. Has General Lee already been sent out ahead or is that still being strategized?” John ‘s eyes fixed on you.

“Alexander…we have to take her to the General…now!” John insisted, although Alex didn’t seem to be listening.

“Who’s the General in charge of the group moving Northwest?” He asked. He was testing you, your eyes slanted.

“Clinton, General Clinton.” You answered, he looked oddly impressed. He nodded, a small smirk on his face as he motioned for you to follow.

“This way.” The three of you made your way out of the tent, untying the string around your neck to take off your cloak and folding it into your arms. Men were filing in from all directions, laughing and celebrating. They were all wearing the same clothes as John and Alex, they were soldiers, coming back to base after successfully cutting down the enemy’s course. Whenever they passed by John and Alex, they’d stare at you with confused eyes. They didn’t recognize me, outside women were not allowed on the base. You were too focused on the stares for a while and didn’t realize the two men leading you were talking.

“When do you think he’ll head back out to England?”

“A few more months at the earliest, he needs to lie low for a bit longer until he can go back. He still has to wait for Cato.” Cato? Why does…that sound so familiar?

“Aren’t I always the topic of conversation?” Another voice interjected, you turned to where you heard it come from. It was the man you saw in that ‘memory’ You could feel the cells in your brain pulsate. His bright smile lowered slightly when he saw you, but it was still pleasant. “Hamilton, you didn’t tell me we had a new nurse coming in!” He approached you and held out his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is-“

“Hercules Mulligan.” You weren’t sure why you said that.

“Haha, it seems that my reputation proceeds me!” He chuckled, his charisma was very apparent, quite charming, you couldn’t help but smile back at him. Alex rolled his eyes.

“Mulligan, please, this is not the time!” He said with slight annoyance.

“Oh! That reminds me! The General wants to see you to discuss the next plan of attack.” Herc pointed over his shoulder towards one of the larger tents. Bingo, he must be in there! You gathered up the skirt of your dress in your hands and began to full on sprint to the tent. I need to talk to him first, try to get to him before the opinions of the other two. I need him to trust me. Alex and John called out to you, you could hear them running after you. But they weren’t fast enough.

You skirted to a halt, the mud on the ground pushing into the straight lines of your heels digging into the Earth. You pushed back the fabric of the tent and practically threw yourself into the illuminated interior.

“Mr. General! My name is Titania Taylor, and I would like to offer my self to the efforts of the revolution, sir!”

I am determined, the world won’t know what hit her!

alicedcampbell14  asked:

Hey cutie! Wish you good luck with your blog Im sure it will go well! I loved your scenario tbh i just wanted to say that ^^ also if Its not a problem and if you have the time, can you write a scenario with Mafia!Dazai and his s/o fighting for something and then making up and maybe make out :3 Thank you so much for your time and again good luck with your blog! ♡♡ (Im already getting notifications about your posts tho)

Hello dear!♡ I wanna thank you so much for your kind words. I didn’t expect anyone to have notifications on when I post *casually hugs*

It wasn’t anything new that Dazai flirted with another woman. After all, it also was a part of his job, but this time it went too far.
You went to a small event that the mafia hosted.

The way he stroked her knuckles, sent her that sweet smile you loved so much. Jealousy built up within you and all you could do was squeeze the glass of liquor in your hands till it broke and the shards mercilessly dug into your sensitive flesh.
The breaking sound of glass seemed to snap Dazai’s attention back to you - where it belonged to. Having a slight clue what the reason for breaking the glass was, a sigh left Dazai’s lips.

“You do know that I don’t mean it, right?”

With your lips tightly pressed together, you tried not to reply, but your sharp tongue didn’t know any limits when you spilled your feelings to your mafioso-ish lover.
“What would you feel like if I flirted with any existing man, Dazai?!” You raised your voice, not caring about all the attention you attracted nor about your bleeding hand.
“Even if it’s for work, do you really think it’s pleasant watching you?! Ugh..”
You pinched the bridge of your nose, not wanting to look in Dazai’s eyes since you knew how dark they had to be.

“Others would die to be in your place. It’s only for the mafia, [Name].” Dazai felt like he drove against a brick wall (which was very likely if he drove). He knew about your little disagreement to make contacts by flirting with women, but never had Dazai seen you..jealous and so angry.
Your bangs threw a shadow over your eyes as the first sentence of Dazai echoed in your mind.

“So..I’m only one of many, huh?”
Not wanting to hear Dazai’s voice or see that man, you slammed some money on the table and left the fancy event alone.

Honey brown orbs looked at their owner’s own little glass of liquor. Yes, Dazai was aware of your jealousy each time he complimented and flirted with another woman. However, he didn’t expect you to snap that day.
“Looks like you messed up pretty bad, huh?”
It was Odasaku, one of Dazai’s very few and closest friends. The blue-eyed male took the seat where you sat just a few minutes ago. Odasaku knew how to knock some sense into Dazai without upsetting his best friend.
“It’s not my fault!” Dazai tried defending himself even though he already knew he had to apologize some time later.


It was already late at night when Dazai came home. To his surprise and relief, he found you waiting on the couch. The mafia executive expected you to be long gone, but there you were, eyes sparkling and lips quivering as you told him that you were sorry for leashing out on him.
“Dazai! I’m so sorry!” You muttered, stood up and stumbled over to the slightly confused brunette. Cologne hitting your nose, you wrapped your arms around Dazai’s torso.
Bandaged arms found their way around your waist and pulled you flush against the one you loved to pieces.

“Look at me, [Name].”

Should you really look at him?
What if Dazai was angry and wanted to break up? Or what if he only came home to tell you he had found another, better woman?
You were scared of looking into Dazai’s orbs, but his hands cupping your cheeks made you do so.
What you saw was affection and love towards you.

“I’ll talk about that issue with the boss, alright?” Voice smooth as silk and his touch being so soft and soothing, you leaned into Dazai’s warm, large hands. Happiness filled every inch of your being; so Dazai would stay with you and by your side.
“Thank you, Dazai..” Mumbling and blushing, you wanted to place a quick kiss on Dazai’s slightly chapped lips, but what you got was something much deeper.

Dazai knew it was wrong of him to flirt with women around you and he’d make sure that you knew that you were the only one on his mind and body.
Turning an innocent kiss into something more heated, Dazai kept his one hand on your butt and the other one around your waist. You lightly grasped the collar of the dress shirt while your lips moved in perfect sync with Dazai’s. “Ngh..D-Dazai..~”

Stumbling over to the couch with you, Dazai hovered over you; his hands roaming your body while his lips were busy kissing your neck.

“Let me show you what I can do when we take things slow..”

BoJack Horseman sentence starters

Mix of funny and serious

“Kites are sky trash.”

“You were born broken, that’s your birthright.”

“fool me once, fool me twice, fool me chicken soup with rice.”

“Suck a dick, dumbshits!”

“My fingers are cramping from all this typing… it’s like their having their period!”

“I don’t think I believe in ‘deep down’. I think that all you are is just the things that you do.“ 

“You know, sometimes I feel like I was born with a leak, and any goodness I started with just slowly spilled out of me, and now it’s all gone. And I’ll never get it back in me. It’s too late. Life is a series of closing doors, isn’t it?”

“Wait, is this going to be like that time you promised to take me ice skating, and I got really excited about the ice skating, but then instead of ice skating, you left me at home so you could go to the strip club and then you took the strippers ice skating?”

“The universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to being happy isn’t the search for meaning, it’s to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually, you’ll be dead.”

“I hate you, and you are a horrible person, and you not understanding that you’re a horrible person, doesn’t make you less of a horrible person.”

“That’s the problem with life, either you know what you want and you don’t get what you want, or you get what you want and then you don’t know what you want.”

“Would you like a alcohol?”

“Closure is a made up thing by Steven Spielberg to sell movie tickets. It, like true love and the Munich Olympics, doesn’t exist in the real world. The only thing to do now is just to keep living forward.”

“Ugh. Honeydew is garbage fruit”

“Hooray! A task”

“Hey, I got to go, uh, do a prison thing.”

“I’m gonna take a shower so I can’t tell If I’m crying or not.”

“Am I holding a gun or a broom?”

“Family is a sinkhole, and you were right to get out when you had the chance.“ 

“If you’ve never taken a nap on the sidewalk, then you don’t know how to drink.”

“You know that I don’t do the whole love thing. Either you end up hurting someone or they hurt you. So what’s the point?”

“It happened again. Why do I keep thinking things will make me happy. What is wrong with me?”

“You can’t keep doing this. You can’t keep doing shitty things and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay. You need to be better.”

“It doesn’t get better and it doesn’t get easier. I can’t keep lying to myself thinking I’m gonna change, I’m poison. I come from poison and I have poison inside me and I destroy everything I touch.”

“It’s so cruel to let people love you. All you’re doing is promising you’ll one day break their hearts.”

“Why so gloomy, roomy?”

“You look like a pile of crap ate a second pile of crap and then crapped out a third pile of crap.”

“Responsible for my own happiness? I can’t even be responsible for my own breakfast.”

“Yes, I ate all the muffins, because I have no self-control and I hate myself.”

“I don’t like anything about me.”

UGH the feel when you think an update account is really nice and decent. But then you notice they don’t mention Freddie, even when he is being mentioned straight from Louis’ mouth. Yikes.


#do you sometimes want to throttle one or both of them at the same time #because despite how far they’ve come – individually and together #despite Emma continually reassuring him that he’s not a villain #and despite Killian constantly turning up for her where others have failed to in the past #they’re both still convinced the other is going to come to their senses at any moment and leave them #in the first gif we have Emma’s hopeful ‘it’s not gonna change anything’ #secretly terrified that that’s not up to her; #that she’s going to lose him to his own self loathing #and then there’s Killian #certain that he doesn’t deserve her #where in the second gif he thinks he’s going to lose her #and Emma’s worried that his happy ending involves something *other* than her #they are such fools #such lovestruck fools #who are still learning to love and be loved #and i’m aNGRY because they have no freaking idea how much the other loves them #ugh #otp: it’s you

I’m sleepy n today was bad and now I’m agitated and I’m just

Cringe culture ppl need to remember that they were once kids that did cringy things too, and that at the time, it was fun

Like, give it four years or so, trust me, that kid will cringe at their own past but have fond memories of it

Chill. You don’t have to cringe at them in the present and replace those would be fond memories with bad ones where a fuckin grown ass man was mean to them and their friends for having fun

Like surprise motherfucker, the kids aren’t the one to be cringed at, you are. Because you’re a goddamn adult, taking time of their day to bully kids

Also bad art blogs. Like. You’re not making any kid wanna improve. You make them discouraged and ashamed that they didn’t get born drawing like Leonardo da Vinci. As if improvement doesn’t take time and nourishment and practice

Y'all like ‘ugh look at this there’s no effort and it’s so bad’

Like. What the fuck do you know? That full lined and colored art probably took a kid hours to make, and they’re happy with the shading, even though the light source makes no sense and is non-existent because they haven’t learned about yet. And maybe they’re damn proud of those tears they drew because they just found out they can fiddle with the opacity and they’re rly happy with how their angsty pic turned out and it was just how they imagined it in their head while reading some fic

Same to artists that are obv older but just starting out. Like hey, they’re glad they managed to draw those hands the way they want to, but you come in here like oh my God Jesus fuck your anatomy sucks learn how to draw

Like guess what asshole that’s what they’re in the process of doing

Stop expecting beginners to have your however many pretentious years of experience you have

Do you also go tho preschools in your spare time and stare at the kids learning to write and just go “OH MY GOD THIS SUCKS SO FUCKIN BAD LEARN HOW TO WRITE LMAO UR LETTERS ARE SO WOBBLY AND UR E IS FACING THE WRONG SIDE UGHH CRIIINGEEE”

Let people grow

Fuck you