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New Philinda vid cause I really can’t help myself 😊 any feedback is great 😆

my boyfriend started second shift this week(working 3-11pm), and i work 7:30-4. we both work monday through friday. and i’m trying to put on a happy face because eventually if i act like shit doesn’t bother me for long enough, it finally comes true. that whole fake it till you make it saying. but in all honesty, that hasn’t happened yet, and this week has been really hard for me and a thousand small things have been picking away at me and deep down, there’s a part of me, albeit irrational, that’s stressed and anxious and nervous about our relationship and opposing schedules. and i know it’ll all be okay, but sometimes your brain just thinks up these fucked up little “what ifs” that are really hard to let go. so yeah, i’m doing alright. i’m a little stressed out, and winter always brings out a more depressed side in me, and this week was really bad. but i’ll be okay. i’m always okay. i just needed to get the bad shit off my chest.


“Dean, what are you doing?”

“Just touching those beautiful lips of yours… I’ve been watching you talk all day, just waiting for Sam to get lost so I could do this.”

“Well, what are you waiting for, Winchester? Kiss me.”

“Don’t rush me, I’m going to enjoy this… nice and slow.”

Like I can see Theo in hell right now and I believe he’s quite happy:

  • Like Scott McCall is probably a celebrity in supernatural hell and Theo goes in like,
  • “I killed him once.”
  • “Wait- that was you? *fangirling*.”
  • He’s probably extremely popular and works out way more.
  •  Like everyone wants to spot him.
  •  Supernatural Hell is like unisex so you can best believe he’s getting some.
  • He has little minions running around for him.
  • He’s festered some positive relationships that allow him to confront the ghosts of his pasts (no pun intended) and really fix his issues.
  • Oh and he’ll probably betray the fuck out of everyone, steal their powers and return to Beacon Hills in a dramatic show of gashing fire and electricity most likely to a Macklemore song. 

But then again- there’s this other way I see this happening which I happen to find hilarious:

  •  Theo walks into hell with the bridge of Let It Go in his mind and a wicked pokerface on.
  • Roommates with Peter Hale
  • He tries to take on the top dog on the first day
  • Gets his ass beaten
  • Becomes the Alpha's bitch
  • Lowkey likes it because he’s got daddy issues
  • Basically fucks his way to the top
  • By the top I mean surface world
  • Returns to Beacon Hills.

The Ones Who Ran 🐍 🐍 🐍 by @colubrina

■  Draco/Hermione feat.  Theo/Luna  Blaise/Ginny

Dramione Fanfic

Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger

“So,” Draco took another swallow of coffee, “do we fight or get out?”

Hermione lowered the half of the croissant she’d been raising to her mouth and said, her voice level, “ I beg your pardon?”

 “Oh, now you bring on the manners,” Draco muttered before leaning back and raking his eyes over the witch as insolently as he could. “You surely didn’t think I married you for your looks, Granger, or your winning personality?”

“It has occurred to me you might have simply lost your mind,” she snapped. 

That moment when you realize the lady you’re talking to thinks that your mother is the reason why you didn’t go to college in New York when you got accepted there.

Like, yeah, but not in the way you think.  She broke her leg.  And she was still telling me to go (and I didn’t).  You really can’t get much more pro-supportive-independence than that.  0.o

The Band Sister (part 3)

Summary: You’re Calum’s cousin, and eventually you become the band “sister” but you want more than that with Luke

(Part 1) (Part 2)

Luke’s POV

She has a boyfriend.

Y/N has a boyfriend, and not a single one of us knew about him. I mean, she’s always been like a sister to us and she couldn’t even tell us about her boyfriend. Although..I don’t know how much of a sister she is feeling to me right now. God she’s always been beautiful, but today when I saw her dancing in her room in just her underwear, those definitely weren’t brotherly thoughts I was thinking.

“Luke? Luke are you okay?” I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Y/N’s voice, and looked up to see everyone was staring at me. I looked down and realized I must have dropped the glass I was holding because I was surrounded by shards of glass.

“Oh, yeah. The cup slipped right through my hands, I must be even more tired from tour than I thought!” I tried to laugh it off like it was no big deal. I cleaned up the glass while the other three boys greeted Tucker.

Once I finished I walked over to where Tucker and Y/N were still standing, the rest of the boys had headed out to the backyard to join their families and friends for the rest of the night. “Hey, it’s nice to meet you Tucker.” I put on my best fake smile, while shaking his hand.

“You too, I’ve heard so many stories about you and Y/N in your math classes. Man I wish I had been in your class, mine almost always put me to sleep!” He smiled at me, while wrapping his arm back around Y/N’s waist.

I could feel my jaw clench at the sight of this, but tried to calm down realizing how ridiculous I was being. It wasn’t like I was dating Y/N, or even had feelings for her. “Yeah we had some great times back in the day, but I’m surprised Y/N never really mentioned you whenever she talked to us!”

Y/N looked down at the floor, but I could still see the blush spreading across her cheeks, before looking back up right at me, “Well, I didn’t want to subject Tuck to four of my pseudo-brothers before we were even that serious. I know you guys would’ve harassed him until he left!” She gave me a pointed look, but I was more focused on the feeling in my stomach that had started when she had called me her brother. I couldn’t help but feel confused, I had always considered myself her brother but now I never wanted to hear her call me that again.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. Anyways I’m going to head out back and grab something to drink, you two coming?” I said, already walking away.

“Right behind you!” I heard her call out to me, but I was already out the door looking for something to distract me from how I was feeling.

What was supposed to be one of the happier nights of my life, ended up being one of the worst. I was supposed to be spending time with my friends and family who I hadn’t seen in months, but instead I was so focused on how Tucker kept touching Y/N, and how they looked oh so happy together, while I was sitting in a lawn chair missing one of my best friends who was right across the backyard from me.

“Dude, what’s been up with you? You’ve hardly talked to anyone all night long!” I looked over to see Cal pulling up a chair next to me.

As soon as I turned my head away from Calum, my gaze was drawn right back to Y/N. She looked lighter than the last time I had seen her, like she was floating around with no worries at all. And she was so happy, always smiling or laughing her obnoxiously loud, but amazing laugh,  “Did she tell you about him Cal?”

“Who, Y/N? Nah, I think she was scared what we would’ve done to him! But seeing her with him, I can tell she really likes him, and he seems like a great guy. Have you talked to him at all?” Cal asked me.

I just shook my head. “Is that what has been getting you down this whole time?” He looked surprised.

I sighed, “I guess I just miss my best friend, you know? I’ve hardly had a chance to talk with her this whole night because she’s so wrapped up in him.”

Cal clapped me on the back, “Just go talk to her, she’s still the same old Y/N, she just has someone else in  her life now!” But Cal didn’t understand that that was the problem, I don’t think I want her to have anyone else in her life.

I made my way over to where Y/N was standing with Tucker, Mikey, and four other girls. Y/N saw me approaching, and sent me a big grin, “Luke! You’re finally making an appearance! Anyway I want you to meet my friends, this is Laura, Mia, Izzie, and Kalia.” She said pointing to four girls I recognized from our high school.

I smiled at them before turning back to Y/N, “I wasn’t aware you even had friends outside of the band.”

She laughed, “Well I guess there’s a lot of things you don’t know Luke.”

“I guess there are.” I said with a sad smile on my face.

The boys and I had made plans to meet Y/N for breakfast at one of our favorite places in town, Julie’s Diner. We had eaten there so many times over the years I couldn’t even imagine counting them all up. 

I was running a little late, so when I finally got there everyone else was already there. “Hey guys, sorry I’m late I forgot what it’s like to share a bathroom with people who actually like to be hygienic,” I gave Cal a pointed stare.

He rolled his eyes before replying, “I don’t know what you’re talking about I am always clean.” 

Y/N threw her head back and laughed when he said that. “Calum, I’ve known you to go almost an entire week without showering.”

“Hey! That was one time, and we were 11 years old, so that doesn’t count.” He said trying to defend himself which only caused Y/N to laugh harder. I couldn’t stop staring across the table at her while she laughed. Her entire face lit up and she had the same crinkles next to her eyes that Cal always gets, but on her they were much cuter. 

It felt like old times again, and all the uncomfortable feelings I had been feeling for the last day were washed away. We were just about to order, when we heard the bell ring on the door signaling a person coming into the diner. “Hey guys, hey Y/N! Sorry I’m late, my run took a little longer than expected this morning.” I looked up just in time to see Tucker kiss Y/N, and suddenly all the uncomfortable feelings came rushing back.

“I didn’t know you were joining us for breakfast Tucker.” I said, and even though I could feel myself glaring I couldn’t help myself.

“Y/N invited me, said she was hoping the most important people in her life would like each other as much as she likes us.” he said, glaring back a little bit himself.

The rest of breakfast was just plain weird. Y/N and Tucker had so many inside jokes together that I barely knew what they were talking about for the majority of the time, and he always had to be touching her all the time, and if I had to hear him call her ‘babe’ one more time I honestly might have thrown up right then and there.

Finally, we finished eating and I practically ran out of there hoping to get away from Tucker and Y/N as fast as I could, but right when I opened the door to my car I heard Y/N yelling my name. 

I sighed before turning around to face her, expecting a lecture on how I treated Tucker, “What’s up with you lately? You seem like you hardly even want to talk to me anymore.” She was twirling the ends of her hair, which I knew was something she did when she was uncomfortable.

“Of course I want to talk to you Y/N, but ever since we got back I hardly have a chance to! Wherever you are, there’s Tucker, and with Tucker comes a slew of inside jokes that no one else understands. I just miss spending time with the Y/N that was my best friend.” I wanted her to look up at me because I knew her eyes would give away how she was feeling, but she was still playing with the ends of her hair.

After it had been a few minutes and she still hadn’t answered or even looked up, I grabbed her hands from her hair, “Y/N, answer me.”

She looked up, and I could see how troubled she looked, “I just don’t know what to do. It feels like I have two completely separate lives, and I just want them to be able to coexist with one another so I don’t have to choose one or the other.”

“I guess that’s fair, but if I have to put effort into this so do you. Is that alright with you?” I asked, searching her eyes, and giving her hands a squeeze.

She nodded, “Yeah that’s alright, want to hang out with me tomorrow? I’ll make sure it’s just me and you all day!”

“I have to do some band things in the morning, but I’m free after noon!”

“Alright then I guess we have ourselves a nooner all planned out!” I snorted when she said that, and I may or may not have giggled a little bit when she winked before walking away. I knew she meant it as a joke, but even the thought of having a nooner with her left me feeling breathless.

Y/N and I had had the best day together. We got lunch, then ended up going to a go-cart race track where I definitely dominated her even though she claims I cheated. Then, we somehow found ourselves in the middle of an arts festival downtown that we spent a few hours going around and finding pieces of art that would wow us, and then turn around a find a piece to laugh at together. It was one of the best days we had spent together, and I felt like everything was back to normal.

We were currently hanging out on my trampoline at my house with my two brothers who were spending the two weeks I was here at home so they could see me as much as possible before I had to leave again.

I had laid down in the middle of the trampoline, and let the other three bounce me around while I took a break. I had just closed my eyes, and was enjoying the sun on my face when I heard my brother Jack talking to Y/N, “So I heard you found yourself a boyfriend, is he any good in bed?” my eyes snapped back open at that sentence, and I saw him waggling his eyebrows.

“Jack, what the fuck?” I said to him, clearly not amused.

“What I just wanted to know, but if you’re going to be so sensitive about it I’ll just leave.” he said, before pulling my other brother Ben alone with him.

“Sorry about that, Jack likes to get into other people’s business” I apologized to Y/N before standing back up to continue jumping with her.

She just laughed, “I see that.” We jumped in silence for a little while longer until Y/N broke it, “So Luke. Think you still have the best trampoline flips now that you’ve been out of practice for so long?”

I could practically hear the smirk in her voice, “Is that a challenge Y/N? Because you know I never  back down from a challenge.” We made eye contact before scrambling into positions.

We had spent months back here practicing our flips, and I had always had the advantage over Y/N because I could get more power in my jumps to do a higher flip. “Ladies first Y/N.” I said with a bow, before ushering her into the middle.

She was gaining up momentum, and I have to say I was very impressed with how much higher she was jumping than she had before. When she did her flip it was much higher and smoother than I had ever seen her do before. “Very nice, very nice. But was it good enough to beat the flip-MASTER?” I said in my best announcing voice, before taking my position in the middle.

“Yeah, yeah. Just take your position Hemmings.” she said between laughs. I did a few stretches before actually jumping just to hear Y/N laugh one more time. And then I took off, I knew that I was jumping higher than usual because I could see past one of the tree branches that normally blocked my view. So when I finally flipped, I knew I had won before I even landed.

Y/N flopped down in the middle of the tramp, and I laid down right next to her, “How do you always manage to beat me, I’ve been practicing for months because I was finally going to beat you this time!” she sounded exasperated which  made me laugh because she was so worked up over this silly competition.

“I just have the skillz, babe.” I said, making sure to emphasize the ‘z’ in skillz so she knew I was joking. She started to giggle again, and I flipped over so I was laying on my side looking down at her, “You know Y/N I don’t know that I’ve ever heard you laugh as much as you have since we got back.” 

She just smiled up at me before saying, “Like I said Luke, a lot of things have changed.” I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was just so beautiful, and in the setting sun I could see every single freckle on her face, and the way her mouth curved up into her cheeks like she was constantly happy about something, and finally her eyes. They were the most amazing Y/E/C, that stood out against her newly tanned skin. 

I was so entranced by her, that I didn’t even notice I had been slowly leaning in closer and closer, until suddenly our lips were only centimeters apart. We were so close I could feel her breath on my face, and finally I couldn’t stand it any longer and I closed the distance.

This kiss was nothing like I had ever felt before. My lips were on fire, and my head felt fuzzy but completely clear at the same time. I pulled her body closer to mine, and everywhere her skin touched mine was tingling. When I started to move my hands down the sides of her body something must have clicked in her head because she put her hands on my chest and quickly shoved me away. “I, I, I have to go Luke. This can’t happen I have Tucker.” She stammered out before running away.

I just laid back down and let out a gust of air. While, that certainly clears up how I feel towards her, and it’s anything but brotherly.

A/N: guys you’re the best people ever and every single message I got wanting a part 3 was amazing!! I love you all, and I hope this part lives up to your expectations :) Send me a message for requests, comments, or if you want part 4!