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Jacob's hat is actually collapsable, it was notes in the book underworld. So that's how it doesn't crumple.

Oh that makes so much more sense now, thanks for the explanation!

I actually really like how Ubisoft talks about the small details, just kinda makes it all so much more convincing

It seems like UbiSoft has forgotten about stealth in AC. The first and second had them greatly, and while the next three games had elements, they seemed more like hack n’ slash games. Then 4 just had a few here and there. Same with rouge. Unity and Syndicate just seemed to have ignored it and added RPG elements instead (which wpuld be cool if it was an AC RPG on it’s own). I still love the games regardless, but still, come on UbiSoft. Brimg back the stealth.

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Hello people!

“A Treasure To Be Discovered”
This is a new project I did recently. A wallpaper inspired by the great game Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.
I was impressed by the ambient and the pitate world.
I hope you like it!

Link to see details and process:

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Ranked play is a lot better in R6S since people very consistently talk and strategize about how to go about the attacks, even though it feels like Ubisoft is very actively discouraging pre-planning or discussion to the maximum extent possible but w/ever the point is that if you log the 30+ hrs it takes to get to lvl 20 and have access to ranked play it’s Better but still far from the ideal they marketed the game as.

So Reginald the Great is supposed to be a sequel to CoL but there’s a paradox because Aurora is smol in the book

Like one could say “oh this took place during the events of the game” but Gen is also in the same scene and Aurora didn’t even meet Gen until she was “older” so what is happening here can Aurora just like change her age now is she like Pearl from AA Ubisoft help me out here

One thing I love about AC is its progressive development. I started with AC4 and then when I played AC2 and saw they were already working on building ships that were evidently precursors, I was impressed. It’s like Ubisoft already had it in mind, so they were experimenting and growing their experience along the way to those ends.
I’m catching up on the series and eager to see what lies beyond Black Flag.

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Mirror's Edge Catalyst Announces A Closed Beta

Companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft have been using beta campaigns as a way to lure in gamers to get excited for upcoming titles, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst happens to be one of them. Registration for the closed beta has opened up right now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers. The CBT will take place some time before the game launches on May 24th.

Ubisoft seems loose with bans.

Yeah, so. I’m trying to sign up for Tom Clancy’s The Division beta registrationand I’m putting in my info correctly but its just blankly freezing when i click Login. So I go to Create Account and fill that in and when I hit Create, it says IP **.**.** Has Been Banned.
Like what the fuck, Ubisoft? I dont even deserve this. I play FarCry and Assassin’s Creed on PS4 console legitly. You cant even hack that kind of stuff.(that I know of?)

I google searched it and apparently people get banned from even the forums for even just reading them. Dafuq. If anyone know’s whats up or how to fix this, can you let me know? This just irritates me.