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A New Day (Assassin’s Creed Syndicate - Ambient Soundtrack) - Andy Fransen  

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I imagine that mod support will either be through an in-game menu like you said, or it'll be through Bethesdanet, where you'll be able to sign in and link your account to your console, and select mods to download.

Makes sense. Yeah, I’ve been imagining something between like, GTA V’s in-game DLC menu (which is in the pause menu, but in this case it would probably be implemented into the main menu), or like Uplay from Ubisoft games, which functions as an app within the game that opens a browser of its own, etc.

So, I was just informed about a game coming out next year, and holy cow I don’t think I’ve been as hyped for a AAA title since Fallout New Vegas!

It’s called For Honor, and normally I don’t like Ubisoft games, but it looks AMAZING!

I mean it is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for for years: a good looking hack/slash 3rd person medieval game!

And going by what I’ve seen on it, the fighting mechanic isn’t like other hack/slash medieval games where you just swing wildly and hope you hit, it actually looks a lot like real sword fighting which is more of a dance than flailing your arms.

I mean look at it!

I just-

-aaargh it looks so good!

I’m sorry if this is a big post, I just wanted to talk about this to calm the hype.

When i heard Jacob say “Steal from the rich it’s criminal, but stealing from the poor; that’s capitalism.” I felt great and i loved it but then i remembered that Ubisoft like any other Company is Capitalist so i dought they really mean that.It is just like Unity.They gave us a feel in the trailers that the game will be about the “Great French Revolution” but at the end it was all the way arround.If they do the same in Syndicate it will be very disappointing.But if I am wrong i am sure that we will see Karl Marx and Engels in Syndicate and perhaps it will be a hint about a future set during the Russian Revolution of 1917.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue was one of two major releases last year (2014) alongside AC Unity. Ubisoft wanted to bring a new game to both platforms, since Unity was going to be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC only. Regardless, Rogue turned out to be a more solid game, even though it ran on last gen’s game engine and looked out of date on consoles. The game was good, but felt empty alongside its predecessors. The game was also a bit short, but had enough content to make everyone happy I suppose. Plot was clearly the most important part of Rogue, and they succeeded well.

Elitsa Alexandrova was the composer for Rogue, and I’ve honestly never even seen that name until now. Based on my research, she doesn’t seem to have much on the Internet about her besides this soundtrack. She has some stuff on Soundcloud, which was nice to listen to, and she apparently is a harpist. It also looks like she works for Ubisoft as a sound designer as well as a composer and pianist.

The score for Assassin’s Creed Rogue is, to say the least, atmospheric. Alexandrova relies a lot on reverb for her tracks for this game. The “Main Theme” is actually very good. A female vocalist (not sure if it is Alexandrova or someone else) sings beautifully and the flute/piccolo melody is catchy and memorable. It also certainly fits the world perfectly, when applied is very pleasing to the ear. The buildup is nice and provides the main menu/main plot points with something to remember every time it plays.

After that, it unfortunately gets a bit boring. The soundtrack is VERY long with 31 tracks, even though all of them are about one to two minutes long. “The Hunter” provides some cool string music that sounds a lot like Unity. The strings are very intense and sound very cool, especially the harmonies and chromatics. The percussion adds a nice glitter effect to the score. “I Am Shay Patrick Cormac” is another take on the main theme and provides a cool sense of heroism here. The idea becomes a bit more modern and sounds cool.

“Northern Lights” is another very interesting cue. It provides music for the beauty of the sky once the world turns to nighttime. The world is, indeed, quite beautiful and one of the best-looking worlds the series has ever seen. The atmospheric pads and weird percussion provide a good sense of atmosphere here. The best cue on here, however, is “Dangerous Waters”. It reminds me a bit of Brian Tyler, but with more emphasis on full orchestra. It is an incredible cue for rambunctious action music lovers. Though most of it is orchestrated in the strings, it gives you a good kick to get you away from the subtly music.

The score for Assassin’s Creed Rogue is good, but not as good as its predecessors, to be honest. There are some very nice gems on here, but as a whole the soundtrack is a bit all over the place with mood and emotion. With the game it works, but the music barely takes any risks, and while it doesn’t sound bad, it created a small amount of boredom.

Music As Written For The Game: 3/5
Music As Heard On Album: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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