like u cant be serious

“so what are ur religious views?”

idk i really like bees

“what’s ur sexuality?”

who cares about sex, i want bees

“how do u feel about politics?”

i feel really passionate about saving the bees. i like bees. actually let’s just make a bee our next president. just a fluffy little bee. we can name him o-bee-ma. world peace is truly within our grasp

in my dream I went to see cap 3 and the woman taking everyone’s tickets was asking trivia questions about the cap movies before she let anyone in

and i was like. cool. i know the cap movies i can do this.

her question for me was “which bath scene was your favourite?” ??? who tf takes a bath in captain america. nobody. wtf kind of question is that? ??

i think i made something up about a steve shower scene and she let me in