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my opinion on twenty one pilots 

  1. amelia earhart - first woman to fly across the atlantic ocean solo, i mean if that’s not badass what is 
  2. charles lindbergh - apparently his nicknames were slim, lucky lindy, and the lone eagle i guess that’s cool 
  3. bessie coleman - first black woman and first native american woman to hold a pilot’s license, also badass, a cool gal 
  4. jacqueline cochran - apparently one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generations, that’s rad
  5. bob hoover - it doesn’t say much about him but he’s wearing a cool hat in his photo, i approve
  6. louis bleriot - this dude has a big mustache
  7. buzz aldrin - you know him, you love him, good ol’ buzz
  8. steve fossett - first person to fly non-stop around the world in a balloon, i commend him 
  9. chelsey sullenburger - a true icon of our generation
  10. jeane yeager - the first non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world in the rutan voyager aircraft apparently? that’s sweet
  11. glenn curtiss - apparently he started as a bicycle racer, and was like you know what, let’s try out planes. this dude has ambition and i can respect that 
  12. hanna reitsch - germany’s most famous test pilot and a nazi, not cool
  13. dick rutan - apparently flew the same flight with jeane yeager yet the plane was named after him, rude. don’t like him and his name seems made up
  14. harriet quimby - first woman to gain a pilot’s license in the us and again, has a cool hat. idk what it is but pilot’s sure do like their hats 
  15. antoine de saint-exupéry - a rich french dude, i know nothing else about him
  16. dogulas bader - idk but he’s smoking a pipe in photo tho so obvious he’s going for some kind of look 
  17. wiley post - first pilot to fly around the world, like one day he just decided to do it, i mean good job i guess but i would not do that 
  18. howard hughes - a business man and owner of hughes aircraft company? apparently he had a lot of money?
  19. richard e. byrd - no personal feelings on this guy from the 5 seconds i spend researching the topic 
  20. raymonde de loche - she seems cool i like her
  21. amy johnson - john travolta was before her in google but i’m not putting him on this list, she’s got the typical aviator glasses on in the photo and seems cool. i like her

and thus concludes my opinion on twenty one pilots

I am reading the Rogue One novelization...

so far I feel most cheated by:

1. the fact that the movie didn’t articulate that Jyn’s change of heart comes from a dream she has of her mother telling her she is not just her father’s daughter

2. the fact that Bodhi lies about meeting Galen on the lunchline and I never find out the truth. Did their eyes meet across a crowded room and it was looooooove? Or did they meet at the secret underground gay club? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW.

3. the fact that there is no way for the movie to adequately demonstrate how hilariously into Jyn Cassian is against his will. Is he taking lessons from Mr. Darcy?? (I DON’T LIKE HER, I SHOULD KILL HER, WHY AM I SAVING HER, SHIT I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAVE HER AGAIN)

4. the fact that it was Cassian’s gun that Jyn “found”

5. the fact that there is a backstory about K-2SO volunteering to wipe his own memory in case Cassian needs there to be no witnesses to his shadiness. their love is pure and true.

6. Bodhi Rook….I want a whole goddamn movie about him.

7. Also the fact that the book keeps calling Baze and Chirrut “brothers” but also like obviously describes a situation in which these dudes are super married. They’re not a little married, they’re the equivalent of a diamond jubilee kind of married.

8. Also I need approximately 10000000000% more backstory for Baze and Chirrut. And their own movie. And a tv show.

9. I object STRONGLY to the repeated bullshit about the inside of Jyn’s mind being the cave. I get it. The cave was a big deal. Can we leave this image alone yet????

10. This book goes out of its way to find characters to kill off. And if you were holding out hope that the little girl Jyn saved somehow made it out of the city before it blew….nope. Let’s definitely linger on the small child dying. Let’s flesh out her home life a little bit first so that you, the reader, cannot in any way avoid crying.

voltron characters as things i have heard people actually say in my ap classes part two:

sendak: “i would willingly stab out my own eye with this pencil if it means i look more badass”

haxus: “sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and think ‘holy shit i’m so attractive’ or ‘who the fuck dragged this piece of shit out of the garbage’ and there’s just no in between”

thace: “sometimes i sigh so loud that i’m genuinely surprised my lungs aren’t catapulted from my chest cavity”

prorok: “wow can you believe you get to breathe the same air as me ??? you must be blessed *finger guns*”

rolo: “wanna hear about the time i saw jesus after mixing four shots of caffeine with two red bulls and a redline ??? lol i don’t know how i’m alive either but i got my essay done in like twenty minutes”

nyma: “i got an 89 on the last essay and a 36 on the one we just got back and all i can say is get you a girl that can do both”

shay: “*shoving cloth into her bag from the theater department* i keep telling everyone that i own cats but it’s a lie. its a dirty dirty lie these are for the raccoons that visit my backyard. i also buy cat food for raccoons can you believe the predicament i’m in”

kolivan: “bitch i would punt you into the sun no hesitation”

ulaz: “my life is the bee movie except every time someone says ‘essay’ i die just a little more inside”

antok: “everyone says i’m a chill guy but my life is crashing down around me and my internal monologue is one giant keyboard smash on caps lock *takes sip of coffee*”

Bad Verbal Communication Skills Problems

- “fleverghabkerf wait NO I mean- you- how are you doing”

- having to think for like twenty minutes to piece together your thoughts for a simple sentence

- constantly getting asked why you said that/what you meant and just laughing and acting like it was a joke

- “why are you talking so loud all the time oh my god” or “stop mumbling”

- not being able to tell when people are angry

- or, the alternative; not being able to tell what “tone of voice” you’re using so you ‘sound angry’

- constantly getting in trouble for talking back even though you just didn’t have time to think out and comprehend what you meant and what “tone” you used

- always asking for clarification and having people repeat things over and over

- interrupting and stuttering, and then interrupting again to try to apologize

- not talking at school and being written off as the “weird kid” when really you just can’t communicate verbally in a “good” way

- responding to a whispered secret in a loud voice unintentionally


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I am a feeble little non-binary noodle and kurt’s doing a spectacular job looking after me

What Happens In Vegas: Part 3

A Bucky x Reader / AU drabble series

Master List 

A/N: You guys have been so awesome with the feedback on this story! I’m so glad you like it. I haven’t been able to stop writing it! Let me know what you think. I live for your reactions! ♥

Word Count: 896

- language. 

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine. 

Another knock at the bathroom door made you jump again, this time yelping in surprise, clutching your heart. The sheet slipped a bit and you caught it, wrapping it around you tighter.

“Y/N, you’ve been in there for like twenty minutes and I have to pee…” It was Bucky again, and you rolled your eyes so far in the back of your head you saw your own skull. “You okay in there?”

“I’m fine,” you snapped quickly, standing up. “I’m coming out.”

Fuck. The ring.

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  • my brain: but obviously they'll be addressing some of the issues raised in TST so we can all have enough time to adjust for the narrative reality of-
  • me: could we.... could we like, stop, for like, twenty minutes, maybe
  • my brain: the final problem i mean they're keeping so much under wraps and just time-wise
  • me: ten minutes even
  • my brain: it would make the most sense i mean as a RUG PULL but considering the estrangement at the beginning of the next episode-
  • me: STOP
  • my brain: i mean it's called THE LYING DETECTIVE-
Smol human tol turian

Vetra: Wow, I always forget how short you humans are.

Ryder: You don’t say?

Vetra: I mean I have to be careful out on a mission, I don’t want to step on you.

Ryder: You’re too kind.

Vetra: But don’t worry, I’m sure if you drink your *looks at note* milk and eat your *glances at note again* vegetables, you’ll grow up to be big and strong.

Ryder: I’ll keep that in mind.

*A few feet away*

Liam: So for how long has she been doing these?

Peebee: Like twenty minutes, and I don’t think she’s gonna stop.



It had been two years since Marinette and Adrien had told each other their secret identities.  Dating was a little hard, honestly, if you didn’t know your significant other’s first name.  So they told each other and life went on.

It had been a year since Marinette had moved into an apartment with Alya.  Living with the Ladyblogger had made sneaking out for patrols and akuma attacks difficult.  It had been almost impossible for Adrien to escape Nino’s watchful eye for the six months they’d already been living together, so they decided their friends needed to know.

Alya had been living with Marinette for a year.  It was strange, living with a superhero.  It was stranger when said superhero’s boyfriend sometimes forgot he wasn’t a cat.

Which was why Alya initially didn’t think too much of Marinette standing with a package of cat treats in her hand, staring out their balcony doors.

“Mari, I’m home!” she called, and Marinette returned it with a greeting of her own.

She took off her boots, and made her way into the living room, freezing and cocking her head as she stared at the multiple large holes in the wall.

“Mari, what–?”

“Check this out.”  Marinette turned to grin at Alya, holding up the bag of cat treats.  Temptations, Alya noted.  They’d been her cat’s favourite when she was growing up.  But that didn’t give her any clue as to why Marinette had them.

Marinette shook the bag, and they stood in wait for a few minutes.  Alya was beginning to think that her friend was messing with her when a black blur came into view, gradually getting larger and larger before Chat Noir himself came crashing through the screen of the balcony door and skidded to a stop at his girlfriend’s feet.

Marinette raised her eyebrows and smirked at Alya, who was staring between the superheroes in confusion.

“What the fuck?”

Adrien groaned, pulling himself out of the mess of mesh he was tangled in and scowled at Marinette.

“He’s like a real cat,” Marinette laughed, offering a treat to her boyfriend.  Adrien just swatted it out of her hand.

“I don’t even like them,” he grumbled.  “I really don’t like this, you know.”

“Wait–you don’t like them?” Alya questioned, a grin spreading across her face as she made her way further into the living room.  “Does that mean you’ve tasted them?”

Adrien’s scowl deepened.  “I figured if shaking the bag made a sound that I somehow managed to register in my apartment when I wasn’t transformed and made me race across the city and crash through your wall, then they probably tasted good.”  His lip turned up at the memory.  “They don’t.”

Alya burst into laughter, clutching her stomach as she sunk to the door.  “That didn’t stop you from doing it–how many times?”

“Six.”  Marinette smirked, tapping her boyfriend on the nose.

“It’s not like there’s any choice on my part,” Adrien pointed out, his tail curling around his leg.  “One second I’m in my apartment, the next I’m crashing through the wall into yours.”  He ignored Alya’s continued laughter, pointing a finger in Marinette’s face.  “Nino and I are trying to watch a movie, so I’d appreciate it if you’d stop.”

With that, he pecked Marinette’s lips in a quick kiss and jumped off the balcony.

Alya pulled herself to her feet, grinning at Marinette.  “We’re doing it again so I can film it, right?”

Nino glanced up from his phone as Chat Noir crawled back in the window.

“What is happening to you, man?” he wondered.

Adrien released his transformation, sinking into the couch with a sulk and grabbing the bowl of Cheetos.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”