like tumblr was during the mishapocalypse

anonymous asked:

Can you pls explain the meaning and story behind mishapocalypse ???

Okay here goes… 

Mishapocalypse first started on Tumblr on April 1st, 2013, in which hundreds of people changed their profile pictures to a photograph of Misha Collins. The photo was originally taken during a panel at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

The idea for Mishapocalypse was first suggested on March 4th, 2013 by Tumblr user lokisleathersuit… 

God bless you @lokisleathersuit

Anyway, it soon spread to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

It has grown in popularity every year since! Yay!

Me trying to introduce my friend to Mishapocalypse:
  • Me: *shows photo of Misha* Look this is Misha
  • Friend: Oh, ok,I know him from some TV show
  • Me: He plays Castiel in Supernatural
  • Friend: Oh yes
  • Me: But do you know what happend with him on tumblr every April 1 st?
  • Friend:
  • Me: *psychopatic smile* It's called mishapocalypse
  • Friend: Mishapocalypse...?
  • Me: Yeah!!! During it everyone become Misha and like and reblog every Mishapocalypse post! *quiet laught*
  • Friend: This is kinda weird
  • Me: Who cares? *show mishapocalypse photos* Look, this is what happens too during Mishapocalypse
  • Friend: *terrified*...Is there any way to escape or at least survive it?
  • Me: Oh yeah, there is one way...
  • Friend: What it is?
  • Me: YOU HAVE TO BECOME MISHA *maniacally laught*