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The design of Bucky’s muzzle in the film is so aesthetically/symbolically pleasing because of how much it tells you. I mean, there’s posts and posts going around about how expressive The Winter Soldier managed to be while having like 6-7 lines totaly, but it’s also what he doesn’t say and what he can’t say that’s telling.

What seemed so startling to me was that the mask wasn’t cloth or leather or something that is easily taken off, but hard and confining and tight on his face. Bucky isn’t supposed talk. He’s supposed to carry out his orders like good little attack dog that he is.

The mask- or muzzle- keeps him tight on a leash and anonymous. He’s not supposed to say much, because he’s not supposed to be there. He’s the ghost story, he doesn’t have a voice he has a legacy and a trigger finger.

The rest of his face is uncovered (Unless you count the war paint, but you can still see everything there), because none of that’s a threat to the people who own Bucky. They don’t care about his looks and they don’t care about how safehe is, they just don’t want him to have a voice (consent) or to spill their heinous secrets. They want to keep him tight to them and dependent.

I mean, there’s a reason he was okay with taking the goggles off on the bridge, but didn’t even think to touch the mask. Didn’t take it off. It was Steve who took it off. 

Which. It was Steve who gave him a voice again. Steve removes Bucky’s mask and we have a face to point to the figure, we have more than just a shadow and a ghost, but a person, something that can show the audience and the world his autonomy. We see his emotions more clearly when his mouth is open in slack-jawed confusion, when his jaw is set and furious in the bank.

The first thing he learns after his mask is removed is his name. Bucky has a name, and the next thing he says is asking about Steve. 

Steve removes Bucky’s muzzle- removes some of his shackles and restraints- and we already see a man- albeit a shell of one- rather than the vicious brutal attack dog that Hydra molded and forged from Russian winters and blood.

I love those OTPs where half or both of them are just constantly reciting wedding vows to each other and the writers like to pretend that they’re 100% platonic.


Face claim for the Berserker siblings:

Heather the Unhinged➡ Katie McGrath (mostly in the tv show Merlin)
Dagur the Deranged➡ Michael Fassbender (mostly in the movie Macbeth)

They even say and do things I imagine the characters would say and do?

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Like yes? 

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dagur would totaly say it hes a dramatic shite

My badass crazy and silly baes♥

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Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Dom!Roman, spanking, oral, swearing

AN: I’m sorry if it’s not kinky and is like totaly awkward and cheesey I re-wrote it cause I got embarrassed and tried to add more but I don’t think I wrote it very well :P

Roman kept his gaze straight ahead, fixed on the road, your hand slowly skimmed its way over his crotch and he had to bite back a groan or Peter would wake and know what was going on. Peter had woken you both early that morning and Roman had insisted that in your sleepy state and tiny pyjamas, that you had to sit on his lap.


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i... may be i need for some money rn ?

so… my computer was back… until it wasn’t anymore… To explain myself : my computer has had a problem with the power input in itself, like, it’s inside it, it’s not the cable. so when i power it, it may as well receive power or not and i can’t know if it will work or not and for how long.

So i have to buy a new one as soon as possible… But damn computers are expensive ‘-’

so i wanted to ask you guys : if i were to open commissions, would you be interrested ? 

i don’t want  you to feel like you are forced to pay for content of course, but when my computer dies, it will be kinda harder to update safe again XD

So, you all know how i draw, i was thinking maybe a drawing like this for 10 € ?

and a drawing  with more characters and a little backround for 17€ ?

and for traditional art 23 € ?

And for the subjects :

-no gore kinks, vore, pedophilia, emetophilia etc

-nsfw classic is okay even with a little bdsm, or micro/macro, sentient species intersex, somnophilia, things like that

-sfw is totaly okay, but i’m bad with details… so it will be simple…

-for the characters, i can do anything i think, even ocs, but you have to show how they look first.

-i shall show you how it look and you can refuse it one time if it’s not what you wanted ? so i’ll redraw it once (except for the traditional) and if you still doesn’t like it you only have to pay 1/3 of the price ? (i count on you to not make a fool of me here)

-should i think of comics, line only, etc or is it not worth it ? i think line should be half of the prize maybe ?

What do you think ? i don’t feel legitimate to beg for money here, i’m sorry guys… i never asked for money in exchange of my drawings before, i’m not sure it’s really worth it for you… if nobody is interested, well, maybe i’ll go try to have a loan at the bank ‘-’ (lol), or hey, i can save 50€ per month for… one year and a half and see you then XD. Or maybe if i have good grades to my finals, my parents will kindly buy me a new computer. But i won’t count on it…

So tell me what you think, i think i can do like plenty of 10€ commissions if i found persons with money and who are willing to waste it on my art ! ‘u’

do you think it could work ?

should i make a real commission sheet ?

would any of you pay money to get art from me ?

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For the haunted house thing, beforehand Viktor would totaly be like "dont worry babe ill protect you" and then a minute in he has to leave early through a back door bc he got too scared lmao



Hi! I aculy made an oc that ill more likely will draw! :D
His name is Liam, he’s a goat and has been dreaming of being able to live of drawing, singing and dancing. But he’s back legs were realie hurt in an accsident. He’s prostetic legs are to clumsy to dance with so Liam is working to imorove he’s singing and drawing even more. Liam is about 14-16 years old and pansexual.
(im not sure if he will stay as “he” thoe… >:Yc)

Ao no hono o / The blue light

Highschool student  Shuuichi Kushimorimi  (Kazunari Ninomiya) lives with his mother and step sister. He might seem kinky, sarcastic and carefree at the first sight. However, at home ,in his room he changes to different person and thinks about how to get rid of very heavy burden- his step father. His step father Ryūji Sone  is alcoholic, he is violent towards Shuuichi’s mom and sister and steal money from them. When Sone sexually harass Shuichi’s mom, Shuichi cant take it anymore and decide to kill Sone no matter what. From this point Shuichi’s life gets just more and more miserable. His friend threaten him, police is suspecting him. His burden is just too heavy for teenager. 

I will just say this and in short… THE BEST NINO MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Nino’s acting was damn perfect for just 17 y.o boy. His facial expressions were so realistic and so was his portrayal of Shuichi. (sasuga for future Hollywood star XD)  Very mature acting for such young actor and for such difficult role. Cast was also great and their acting too. Plot is suuuper interesting, deep,  sad and very depressing. T_T It will make you think a lot about society and morality etc. It was long time since I saw this heavy movie during which I could not take eyes off screen. I know it is kinda bad to be thinking: glad he killed him, and I dont want Shuuichi to go to jail… I know it is not right to kill anybody but I still think Sone deserved it.  This movie is full of questions and I liked that. This movie was totally my cup of coffee-  focused on social problems, psychology  and thrill (bonus- chibi and serious af Nino XD ) = all what I like ♥ But it is totaly not the movie you will watch to relax or to cheer yoursefl up. I reccomend this movie to anyone who likes psycho thrillers and jmovies and Neen :) or when somebody likes heavy movies. 

my rating: 7,5/10



THE EYEARE CROOKED.and let’s not even TALK about the MOUTH.



Anywayyy, I am totally a thousand percent sure a rule 63 Anakin would have an undercut. I don’t why, but it is fact.


Extremly early but I didn’t know what to do so I already made a chirstmas version XDD I think I made some more when christmas is really near and not just like…now totaly too early XD Hope nobody minds~