like top wants his belly to be exposed

I didn’t want to write general hcs for  “RFA reacts to chubby MC” since I wouldn’t have a lot to add to what other blogs already did, but in a more specific scenario like this, I feel like I can pull it off! Hope you like this <3

Chubby MC on a sexy outfit


  • Ahhh… what were you thinking when you bought this dress? You liked the color, but you should be away from something so… tight.
  • And what were you thinking when you considered using it to go on a date with Zen? There will be paparazzi everywhere and you will definitely end up in one of those mean columns about worst dressed people
  • Yeah… better take it off and save the trouble, right?
  • “Babe, what are you doing?” “Oh uhm… I just thought I could use this on our date, Zenny. But I won’t, it’s too tight and it has no sleeves, so everybody will see my fat arms and… don’t worry, I’ll just take it off.”
  • “Ah, yes, that’s good.” He hums in agreement. See? Not even him likes it, of course he wouldn’t like it, you look just… pathetic.
  • “Yes, it’s good because… you just look too sexy and I don’t think I can control myself with you like this. Also… I really don’t want to punch any guy for drooling over you tonight.” He walks towards you, smirking.
  • Oh… is that the reason? He thinks you look… sexy? The sexiest guy you’ve ever seen thinks you look sexy? Oh… he’s smiling so sensually right now.
  •  “Well, I… maybe I don’t want you to control yourself, Zenny. But please, no violence, okay?” you give him a peck on the lips.
  • Zen smirks again. It will be a challenge keeping his hands off of you, but it’s worth it seeing you so confident.Oh, and he likes the color too.


  • Those plus size it-girls make it look so easy…
  • But no matter from which angle you look at yourself in the mirror, the cropped top looks hideous on you.
  • Oh well… you bought it, and you’re almost late to meet Yoosung.
  • He spots you on the street you were supposed to meet for the date and his eyes immediately runs to that little bit of skin exposed in your belly. Oh… shit!
  •  He keeps glancing at it when he thinks you’re not looking, and… ah, he would never say how ridiculous you look because he would never want to hurt you, but his gaze is making you feel even worse!
  • “I… I know it looks awful. I just… felt like risking myself a little, but I won’t anymore, don’t worry, you don’t have to look at me like that. Ugh… what was I thinking showing my giant belly like this, I…”
  • He interrupts you by bringing you closer, circling your waist with his arms. The contact with that glimpse of your bare skin makes you both shiver and blush.
  •  “I-I… I couldn’t stop looking because you look really… really… beautiful, MC.” You widen your eyes, and though he’s still a little flustered, he can’t help but chuckling from how cute is your expression.
  •  “Please, risk yourself whenever you want. But just… make sure to hold my hand, okay? Everybody has to know you already have a boyfriend.” he says that, but as you start walking, his arm is evolving your waist, the tip of his thumb brushes slightly against your skin… Naughty boy.


  • Both of you needed new clothes
  • So you were shopping, and you both thought it could be a good idea buying new bras and such.
  • Halfway through, you regret it. Because it’s so hard not to compare yourself to her. Ahh, her body can be considered perfect to most people, big breasts, but yet such a tiny waist. As for you… just the very large breasts.“Alright, MC. Let me look at what you picked!” she says after you get home and start taking the shops out of the bags. You notice how her tone is even friendlier than usual, probably because she notices you got a little gloomy after leaving that store…
  •  “It’s not as beautiful as the ones you chose. For girls like me, it’s not a matter of it’s beautiful or not, is just… a matter of if will fit or not…” you start justifying yourself as soon as you show her.
  • She looks at you, then at the bra, then at you again.
  •  It’s so hard not to feel embarrassed, because she’s clearly imagining you wearing the bra… and she probably hates it.
  • “Yes, you’re right… it’s not as beautiful as mine.” She nods, taking your bra and hers in her hands. “It’s more beautiful, actually.”
  • “R-really?” “Yes, I can’t wait to see you wearing it.” She smiles, and you immediately blush. Well, you… are definitely on the same page, you can’t to see her as well…


  • You told him over and over how he didn’t have to get you new beachwear when he suggested going to one of his private beaches for the weekend.
  • You had your old bathing suit you always wear, it’s comfortable, it has a neutral color, it wouldn’t drag too much attention.
  • But ahh, he handpicked this bikini himself. You know because it’s your favorite color. How can you not even take a look at it when he’s being so considerate?
  • Ugh, but it’s still a bikini! Too much skin, too little fabric… no, this won’t do!
  • You walk out of the booth and find a pair of black eyes hovering your whole body.
  • And your immediate instinct is to cover your middle in embarrassment, but he detains you by hugging you
  • “The color suits you marvelously.” Is that the only thing he could notice?
  • “What? Uhm… yes… the color is nice and all, but I…” “But it’s not good enough.” Yeah, no shit. “Would you feel uncomfortable with a cat-shaped window on the cleavage?” Is he serious? That’s what’s bothering him? Not… you on a bikini?
  • “I… I don’t think I would…” “Good. Rather than that, you look perfect as always. Now shall we?” he offers his hand to you. And after spending an amazing afternoon with him, you were definitely feeling comfortable.


  • You never know what to expect from a date with him.
  • But as you received a package with a sequin dress and dancing shoes on it, it was obvious… he was taking you to dance.
  • Okay, dancing sounded fun, but what’s with the dress? Why so sparkly? Doesn’t he know these things only attract more attention to your figure?
  • “Hey! Got the delivery?” he asks you over the phone. “Yeah, the shoes are adorable! I can’t wait to put them on!”
  • “Yeah, can’t wait to see you wearing them, what about the dress?” oh, how you wished he had forgotten all about the dress. “It’s… cute. Not for me, but very cute.”
  • He laughs. “Oh! I actually thought the same, you know?” Huh? So why did he send you? “I thought  ‘cute, but not for me’”
  • Then he sends you a pic of him doing a  flirty pose and wearing the dress. And you can’t help but smile, yeah, he… doesn’t look exactly great.
  • “That’s why I sent it to you, a cute dress should be on a cute girl.” You blush and want to protest, but he doesn’t notice through the phone. “At least try it on, just think it could never look worse than it did on me.”
  • Ugh… how come he knows your body better than yourself? It couldn’t look worse because actually looks… really nice. You realized this yourself, but even if you didn’t, you would through the way he looked mesmerized when he went to pick you up
Sleeping Habits h/cs

I fart in my sleep

-Mod Tomato

(P.S. Never sleep with mod Pineapple cause she SUCKS)


  • He sleeps like a plank
  • Being a ninja, he’s able to sleep literally anywhere without a sound
  • Some people freak out when they see him sleeping cause they think he isn’t breathing
  • He wakes up with the slightest sounds and can go on a few hours of sleep


  • Very similar to Saizo
  • However she’s more relaxed than he is and isn’t as sensitive to sounds when in a safe area


  • He likes to sleep on his back
  • His favorite spots to nap are under the shade of a tree with his back leaning against it
  • He remembers a lot of his dreams, but he tells no one what they were about


  • Talks in her sleep, mostly giggling
  • She can sleep in literally any position, much better than Saizo, a born natural
  • Having slept in traps a lot, her flexibility is unreal and many ask her what her secret is


  • Drools when he sleeps and is a big pillow hugger
  • He’s also a very loud snorer
  • No one likes sleeping next to him since he’ll latch on and snore loudly in their ear


  • She goes through like 5 different facial phases when she sleeps
  • It goes like calm -> happy -> sad -> angry -> distressed -> calm again
  • She also mumbles a lot while she sleeps
  • Most of it being “nohrian scum”


  • Literally the perfect sleeper
  • No bedhead, no sounds, no drooling, just beauty
  • At least, no imperfections that anyone’s seen
  • There’s nothing wrong with this guy


  • She sprawls out in her sleep
  • Her tummy’s exposed and her limbs are everywhere
  • You gotta be careful cause she tends to beat people up while she sleeps
  • She’s also a terrible blanket hogger
  • She’s one of the army’s top five people no one wants to sleep beside


  • Drools when she sleeps
  • She dreams about murder a lot, so there’s a rule in the army that no sharp objects are allowed within 10 meters of her reach
  • She likes to sleep on her belly with her head cocked to one side


  • He talks a lot in his sleep, most of it being asking out chicks or flirtatious remarks
  • Sometimes he makes out with his pillow thinking it’s the beautiful woman from his dreams
  • Xander walked in on him once
  • He just left and never spoke of it


  • She’s a snorer, but not as bad as Hinata
  • A lot of her dreams are about her mom
  • She also cries a lot when she sleeps and wakes up crying in the middle of the night
  • She likes to sleep on her side while holding a pillow


  • A very silent sleeper being an assassin
  • She also doesn’t make any sounds when she sleeps
  • Also very sensitive to sounds
  • She places her hands between her legs when she sleeps where she hides a dagger in case someone tries to attack her


  • Farts in his sleep
  • He sleeps very dramatically all sprawled out tossing and turning
  • He has a very nice nightgown that he wears to bed for comfort
  • Mostly sleeps on his back


  • He takes his eyepatch off when he sleeps
  • He does use a pillow, but most of the time his head is resting on his hand
  • Other than Subaki, he’s one of the most handsome sleepers of the army
  • Having been a thief in the past, he’s very sensitive to sounds and touch so he isn’t much of a cuddler


  • She likes to latch onto the poor unfortunate soul sleeping next to her, crushing them
  • Though she’s not a sprawler, she does roll in her sleep
  • Careful she doesn’t punch you if you wish to see the next day
  • If she wasn’t a terrible sleeper, many in the army agree that her resting face is beautiful
  • Also in the top 5 people you don’t want to sleep next to


  • He dreams about justice and having good luck
  • But because of his terrible luck he falls off the bed a lot
  • He also snores very loudly while sleeping on his side, cradling the pillow against his face
Pregnancy Series #18: Photoshoot


Ashton: You and Ashton had been talking about this day since right after you found out that you were pregnant. It was finally the day of your pregnancy photoshoot and the two of you were going to the beach, as it was where you spent most of your time and it was where the two of you wanted to get married one day. You hoped that when Liam was old enough that he would be involved with the wedding, and you two were willing to wait as long as you needed to for that to happen. You were going to meet the photographer there, but it was taking you forever to find something to wear. You wanted to have at least two outfits, and you already had the first one but were having trouble finding the second one. “Ash help me!” you whined to him, as he already had his picked out and in his bag ready to go. “You look amazing in anything babe! Just pick something!” You groaned, as he wasn’t being helpful at all. After awhile you finally decided on a blue wrap and a flowing white skirt that went all the way down to the ground. Ashton smiled, you knew he didn’t care what you had on, he just cared about the new life that the two of you had created. The drive to the beach was peaceful, one of Ashtons hands never left your belly and Liam never quit kicking.

“You must be Ashton and Y/N? It’s great to meet you two! You picked a great location.” The sun was setting in the background, so you knew you didn’t have much time to get the shots in that you wanted. You decided that you wanted to change into your second outfit already, so you put on the blue top and white skirt. You could tell Ashton loved it because it exposed your belly, and he thought you looked sexy. The photographer gave you several poses that you both loved, and showed off your belly perfectly. Ashton was even coming up with some of his own and you were really proud of him. Liam was kicking like crazy, and he was kicking so much that eventually the photographer decided that the two of you needed a break. Ashton grabbed the bottles of water you put in the car and handed one to you after opening it. “Listen up Liam, you’re hurting your mummy while you’re in there. Calm down for Daddy okay?” Ashton spoke to your belly, and you found it more cute every time he did it. “He’s still kicking like crazy Ash. This kid never sleeps!” “Let’s hope thats not telling us how he’s going to be when he’s born!” “He gets it from his father, not his mother!” You and Ashton threw the bottles away after you finished them, and you laid down on the sand.

You laid down fully in the sand, your hair flowing out behind you. Ashton laid at your belly level, placing kisses all over it making sure that he didn’t miss a spot. Wherever his lips went, Liam’s kicks were a second behind them. He was definitely a Daddy’s boy and he wasn’t even born yet. You started hearing camera clicks as Ashton was kissing your belly, and looked up to see the photographer capturing the accidental moment between you and Ashton. “I’m sorry if I’m intruding on your moment, the two of you just looked so precious I couldn’t let it go!” You tried to assure her that it was perfectly okay, and not to worry about it. “Can I see that picture actually?” She nodded and showed the picture to you and Ashton. Once you saw it, you knew that it was the absolute best picture you had taken that day. She had managed to catch the moment between the two of you perfectly. The sun was setting in the background, and the looks you were giving each other looked like the ones you gave each other the day you fell in love. “That’s it. Thats the picture, I know it.” Ashton kissed your forehead as you said that, telling you that he agreed with you. “Wait a second, Ashton are you crying?” You looked up at Ashton, and saw that he was wiping a tear from his eye. “No of course not!” “Yes you are! Ash sweetie, why are you crying?” “I’ve never seen someone more beautiful then you Y/N…” 

Calum:  For the first time in a really long time, it was a day where you and Calum were able to do absolutely nothing together. He didn’t have to go to the studio, you had no duties to attend to with work, and there weren’t any doctors appointments to go to. You were grateful, because with the twins getting bigger and bigger every day, the pain you were in was worse then ever but you knew it would be worth it in the end. It’s not like you could forget that either, Calum loved to remind you every single chance he got. The two of you decided that you would just lounge around the house together all day, doing whatever you wanted to whenever you felt like it. You didn’t have a set schedule to follow for once and you were loving every second of it. Calum suggested that you spend the morning in bed, which is exactly what you did. He even gave you a foot rub, which was absolute heaven. Not to mention, you hadn’t actually seen your feet in weeks so it felt nice to have the pain relieved. He even played “this little piggy” with each one of your toes to get you to laugh. You knew Calum was going to be a great dad, he was still a giant kid himself and you loved that about him. You hoped the girls would get more personality traits from Calum, you liked to think he was the better of the two of you. 

“Calum?” You asked mid foot massage. “Yeah?” “The three of us are hungry…. Can we go eat?”  He smiled, stopping the rubbing (which made you kind of sad) and helped you up off the bed. He went into the kitchen and began cooking, but your first mission was to go pee due to one of the twins using your bladder as a trampoline. All over the bathroom you found little post it notes from Calum, each one having a reason he loved you or a cute saying on it. He must have done it before you had woken up, because they had not been there before you went to sleep the night before. Your favorite read “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” and you took it from its place on the mirror, placing it in your pregnancy journal next to your bed. Once you made your way into the kitchen, Cal was setting two plates down for the two of you, each one with a sandwich and chips on it since it was lunch time. “Why don’t we go eat outside? It’s such a nice day out. Junior looks like he wants to play too!” Cal gestured toward the dog, who was wagging his tale a mile a minute and a ball in his mouth. Laughing, you grabbed your plate and followed Calum and Junior outside.

You ate your lunch that Calum had made for you whilst he threw the ball for junior in your backyard. Calum was right, it was a really nice day outside and it made you think about how when the twins were old enough they could be out here playing as well. Once you finished eating, you laid down on the grass, looking up at the clouds in the sky. Calum noticed what you were doing and joined you, pointing out the different shaped clouds. The playing seemed to have worn out Junior, who laid down next to you and placed his head gently under your belly. You had noticed that since you became pregnant, Junior had become more protective over you and even barked when Calum came in the door now as he was trying to protect you. Calum noticed this, and took out his phone. He started to take several pictures, wanting to capture this moment forever so he would never forget it. He almost had a mini photoshoot with you, loving that he got to spend the day off with his family. “Look at Junior protecting the girls already! Such a good boy.” Calum patted his head and you smiled. “You know, it’s all thanks to Junior that these girls are coming.” You grinned at Calum, and he looked back at you confused. “Excuse me?” “He’s the reason we met Calum! We picked him out together. Remember?” It was all coming back to him, the day you two met, and how he wouldn’t let you leave without saying he could have visitation rights to Junior and a date with you. Here you were, two years later and two babies on the way. “How about a treat to thank you buddy?” Junior got up, barking after Calum as you went inside. You really did love your dog, you had a lot to thank him for. 

Michael: Michael was constantly taking pictures of you and your growing belly, but never posted them anywhere. You knew Michael was dying to let his fans know how your pregnancy was going and show them pictures of his growing girl, but he respected your insecurities. He knew how much you hated how big you were getting and he didn’t want to post anything you were uncomfortable with.You were thankful for that, being in the public eye wasn’t easy for you to begin with, but now that you were pregnant you never wanted to leave the house. Michael was always there to reassure you that you were absolutely glowing, but you just didn’t feel like it. You loved that you were pregnant, the thought of bringing another life into the world was one of the greatest feelings in the world. You were so excited to meet your daughter but you just weren’t comfortable with your size.

Michael had dropped hints here and there about doing a pregnancy photo shoot, but never came out and asked you because he thought you would say no. You took the task upon yourself and sought out a photographer and set up a date and time to meet. Michael was out with the boys, but when you sent him a quick text and told him to meet you at said place and time he dropped everything. He was confused, but showed up anyways. You were dressed in a black sun dress that showed off your protruding belly perfectly. “Y/N?” Michael called, causing you to turn. “What are we doing at the park?” You smiled, reaching out your hands for his. “I know how badly you want to show off my belly, so I set up a photo shoot.” The smile on Michael’s face widened as he dipped his head down to kiss your lips. “I brought you a nice shirt to wear. It’s in the back of my car.” You smiled at him. “Hurry before the lighting isn’t right.” Michael nodded, pressing another kiss to your lips before going to your car and changing.

When Michael returned dressed in a nice black button down shirt instead of his old ratty band tee, you were putting on the finishing touches of your outfit. You tied a pink ribbon around your belly and attached a small wooden tag that read I love you to the moon and back. “What’s that?” Michael asked, pointing to the tag, a grin spreading on his face as he read it. “Do you like it? I thought it was fitting.” Michael nodded, placing both of his hands on your belly as he stood in front of you. “It’s perfect, Y/N. All of this is perfect. Thank you for doing this for me.” You smiled, placing your hands over his. “I would go to the ends of the earth for you, Michael Clifford. I love you.” Michael opened his mouth to respond, but stopped when he heard the shutter of the camera. “Sorry!” The photographer blushed. “I was just testing the lighting, but you two look so in love, I had to capture it.” You smiled, letting out a small giggle. “It’s quite alright. Shall we get started?” The photographer nodded and began giving the two of you instructions on how to get the best photos of your pregnant belly.

Luke: You were never shy about your pregnant belly. You loved the fact that you were carrying a child and you flaunted it whenever you could. You were constantly posting pictures of your bump on social media, keeping friends and family and even Luke’s fans up to date with the progress of your pregnancy. Luke was so in love with you and your belly. He was constantly touching it or talking to it whenever he was around. He also liked to d raw on your belly. Whether it was with his fingers or a marker, sometimes he’d even paint it. You thought he was insane but he loved making your protruding belly into an art project. Jason was due soon and neither one of you could wait to finally meet your son. Luke was always telling people how he didn’t think he could love you more until he found out you were pregnant with his child.

One day, you were sitting down in the rocking chair in Jason’s room, admiring the work you had done and thinking about how soon, your little boy would be sleeping in here. You ran your hands over your belly a few times before you felt a small flutter causing you to giggle. Jason had kicked your hand. “Mummy can’t wait to meet you, baby.” You smiled down at your belly. You hadn’t noticed Luke had entered the room until you heard him clear his throat in the door way. “Am I interrupting?” He asked and you stuck your tongue out. “No, we’re just having some mummy and Jason time.” You rubbed your belly one more time before turning to look at Luke. You noticed he had a small can of paint and a paintbrush in his hand. “Time for another art project?” You laughed and he nodded. “I got this really cool idea. You’re gonna love it.” He walked over to you, kneeling in front of you and rolled up your shirt so it sat on top of your belly. “Hi buddy, it’s daddy. I’m gonna do a little painting again okay? I hope you don’t mind.” Luke spoke to your son before placing a kiss on your belly and opening the can of paint. What an adorable little shit, you thought.

“Are you going to tell me what you’re painting?” You asked as he dipped the paint brush into the red paint. Luke shook his head. “Nope, it’s a surprise.” You poked out your bottom lip, pouting at his reply. “It’s my belly, Luke! I deserve to know.” Luke just chuckled, continuing to paint on your belly. “Relax, Y/N. You’re going to love it I swear.” You gave in for a minute, before leaning forward to see what he was painting. “No peeking Y/N!” Luke scolded and you pouted. “You’re a doo-doo head.” You and Luke decided there would be no swearing in front of your son, even when he was still in your belly. Your insult, or lack there of, just cause Luke to chuckle again. Then you heard someone else giggle and you turned to see Ashton in the door way of the nursery. He had his phone out and you knew he was either taking a video or pictures. “What are you doing here Ash?” You asked. “I just stopped by to check on my God son was all. But this, this is awesome.” He walked over to you, showing you the picture he had taken of Luke painting your belly. There was a long red rectangle, almost completely colored in. It read “89%” and under it, it said “Loading.” You couldn’t help but laugh. “This is brilliant Luke! Why wouldn’t you just tell me?” Luke shrugged. “I wanted it to be a surprise…I thought it would be a cute pregnancy photo shoot type thing. That’s why I had Ash come over.” You shook your head, letting out a small laugh. “You think of everything.” You pouted.

(Ashton and Calum written by Danielle, Michael and Luke written by Nessy)

In season 6, Stiles and Lydia are dating, and a week before classes start Lydia stays over at Stiles and Scott’s apartment one day. It’s a very hot and humid August day, so they decide to just lay about in Stiles’ bedroom with the AC and all these fans on while watching movies. Lydia’s tank top she’s wearing is rolled up and exposing her belly. Stiles is absentmindedly tracing a single finger on her skin when he gets to the scar from being stabbed by Tracy he stops for a moment. Lydia having noticed and enjoying his touch asks why he stopped and what’s wrong. His response? “It’s nothing…I…just hate this scar.” She sadly smiles at him, “I like it.” He sits up, chocolate brown eyes looking confused at her, “Why?” Her hand drifts to the spot, “Because it’s what made me stronger. It made me want to change. Made me realize I was weak.”

Jeff Davis you should take notes, we Stydia shippers have great ideas. :)