like tons of people died there and had their body's taken away

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Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - Little Red Riding Hood - This is the story behind Negan’s red scarf

Negan x Female Reader 

A/N: Thank you so so much for your response to Naked Noises! I was super nervous to post it, but you’re feedback has been amazing & I am so happy you guys enjoyed it!  xoxo This is a short, three part series based on the Little Red Riding Hood for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash challenge xx  I hope you like it! <33 

** fun fact: all my titles are based off songs! 

Tags: NSFW, SMUT - (part 2+3 have loads ;) ) 

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The raindrops reflected the grey, murky woods creating a mirrored labyrinth that proved difficult for you to run through. The water got in your eyes and soaked through your dirtied denim jeans. However, despite the muddy boots and damp clothes, you ran as fast as your legs would take you. The ache that twirled around your ankles and calves meant nothing because you were just desperate to get away from the place you called home.  

For over a year, you had been living under the protection of your Grandmother. She was a tough leader whose sole purpose was to watch over the people of Oceanside. Although, that wasn’t always the case. 

The change happened the day the men in your community banded together announcing that they would fight and defeat the Saviors. Your father had made an agreement with the group’s infamous leader to work together, but that Negan took complete advantage of your humble community, leaving your people with almost nothing to survive on. It wasn’t until one Savior brutally murdered a member of your own that your father finally decided to lead the fight to stop them. 

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motel ‘97 - 08

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 2.1K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09,

“Jungkook.. Please..” You whimpered as you latched onto his arm. “You almost shot her are you fucking crazy?” He yelled at Namjoon as he grabbed you by the arm, pulling you into him. He smoothed your hair down and let you recoil into his chest for a few moments. “But I didn’t. Now let’s go. Anyone could be here any second. They definitely heard the shots.” Namjoon huffed as he moved over Yoongi and grabbed Jungkook’s pistol. You were still sobbing in Jungkook’s arms as he scooped you up and began to carry you in the direction of the car.

“Shh.. I got you.. You’re okay… You’re okay..”

Everything was a haze. Blobs and blurs of color. You felt your body being lifted and didn’t fight it. You couldn’t fight it. You were sick of fighting..You just wanted it to all stop. To go… To end. You felt numb and weak. You had to put on a fight just to keep your eyes open. Was this actually real? Am I asleep? Where am I? The last thing you remembered was a gunshot and Jungkook’s arm. Were you shot? Was Jungkook shot? Did Yoongi shoot? Those were the last questions your subconscious could render before you blacked out due to fatigue and exhaustion.

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In Deep Water


genre: fluff!!! like actual proper cavity inducing fluff <3

warnings: swearing, fish death, a fish funeral, rip fish

word count: 1859 (idk how i did it but i did yEET)

read on ao3!!!!

a/n: ngl i had a shit ton of fun writing this and it’s so so nice to write fluff after essentially having fic after fic about smut. i hope you guys enjoy reading this bc i’m super duper proud of it!! as always, feedback is much appreciated :) love you all <33

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Voiceless Pt 3

Summary: (Reader Insert) Reader is a mutant/inhuman with a powerful voice (works a little like a banshee / a little like a siren). She’s had it a little tough since discovering her powers. She is found and taken in by Tony Stark and the remaining Avengers after the events of Civil War

Word Count: 1573

Warnings: Typos (sorry), Swearing, angsty-ish, cliffhanger (cause I KNOW some of y’all don’t like ‘em)

A/N:A giant “Thank you” to @17sullivan who read my idea for this fic, then read this chapter and is an all around wonderful person. Thank you for the push love!

And a thanks, of course, to the fabulous @writingwithadinosaur, cause she is just the best human ever!

And to the anon who told me this was one of their fave things I’ve written, I had no idea anyone really cared about it, but since you mentioned it, here is an update :)

Originally posted by tony-starkes

“What do you mean missing?” you asked Vision when he re-entered the lab. You’d gone there looking for Tony, but Vision had been the only one in the room. He had also been looking for Tony, so the two of you split up to find him, but neither had succeeded.

You called his cell for what felt like the millionth time, still not getting through, as you went down to the garage to see if there were any of his cars missing, but they were all accounted for.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” you called out to the AI.

“Yes, Miss Y/L/N?” it responded.

“”Where and when was Mr. Stark last recorded in your system?”

“He was last recorded exiting onto the roof 3 and one half hours ago.”

“And you have no record of him re-entering the building?”

“No, Miss.”

“Did he have or call one of his suits?”

“No, Miss.”

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A Synopsis of Le Mouvment Final, the Sailor Stars musical

Here is my mostly comprehensive synopsis of Le Mouvement Final, the final Sailor Moon revival musical that opened in Tokyo on September 8th, 2017. This synopsis is full of spoilers. And pictures. You have been warned. 

Also, I apologize for errors and omissions. I took notes for this one, but it’s a tad hard to take comprehensive notes in the dark. 

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Let’s talk about N3hemia.

This has been discussed to death, but just like fanfictions of similar plot, I think I can bring some new things to the table.

When N3hemia was first introduced, besides being tripped up for a moment over her Biblical name, I was bothered by how stereotypical she was. She’s the tough, sassy Black woman, with African dress superficially copied and pasted into a complete fantasy world (I’m getting tired of that–make up your own cultures.), and who can of course use ancient mystical power, duuuhhh. And her people are all enslaved because apparently Black people can’t not be enslaved even in fantasy worlds!

Nevertheless, I loved her, because she was always the smartest person in the room–smarter by far than Sardines, because the author had no reason to make her deny things or refuse to go after clues. She actually did things for her people with her power.

But for some reason, this wonderful woman attached herself to Sardines, with the sole purpose of praising her to the heavens and supplying her with information, eventually giving her life to supposedly ensure that this one awful person, Sardines, gets off her ass and does literally anything that she’s supposed to.

N3hemia is not Sardines’ nanny.

The author tries to act like Sardines is so vitally important to the salvation of the world that no matter how much of a buttface she is, everyone else around her needs to throw themselves at her feet in sacrifice to force her, kicking and screaming, to actually do something heroic.

That’s revolting.

Sardines could have been an antihero, and that would have been fine, but she would need to not be glorified by everyone around her, including the author.

Let me compare her to an actually logical and well-written chosen one: Harry Potter.

Spoilers ahead. Skip past the large paragraph to avoid.


The reason why Harry was the Chosen One was because Voldemort attacked him instead of Neville and accidentally made Harry a Horcrux.

The reason Sardines is the Chosen One? She’s, um, the magical lost princess of some conquered land, and also!! Um!! She’s not human!!

I fail to see why that makes her The One who can take down the evil force.

Harry was the wizarding world’s best chance at defeating Voldemort, but if he had been a complete asshole who refused to lift a finger, no one would have thrown their very lives at his feet in attempt to force him to be a hero, or if they did, they would be seen as pathetically misguided. Dumbledore would have surely tried to reason with him, but I don’t believe he would have ever randomly taken his brilliant mind and skills out of the equation on the off chance that it might persuade Harry to give a damn. He would have found a different way to bring Harry around, or worked around him. Either way, the Resistance would continue without the bratty child.

End Harry Potter spoilers.

Now, as you may have gathered, a few things surrounding N3hemia’s death plan make no sense.

Firstly, Sardines had refused to join the rebel movement…

Even though she once freed a ton of slaves and risked her position and her life in doing so…

And even though she is currently disobeying the king and risking her life by letting the rebels on her hit list go.

Help the rebels? Noooo, too dangerous, I only care about my freedom, the king’s too powerful, he’ll kill you all.

Help the rebels by letting them go? Oh, Sardines, that’s so dangerous, the king will have you killed if he finds out!

Sardines: *shrug and grin* I know! I won’t get caught! I’m just awesome like that!

If she really cared about her freedom and nothing else, and was really morally grey, she would have simply killed them all. She’d probably think she was doing them a favor!

She’s the best assassin in the world, you guys!!!1!1

This has kind of become a Sardines rant, but I feel like everything becomes a Sardines rant.

But going back to what I touched on earlier, N3hemia’s death is supposed to push Sardines off a mental cliff and make her do things.

But… WHY???

I don’t understand how N3hemia dying in some unrelated assassination is supposed to make Sardines think, “Oh, yes, I’m going to go after the king now.”

Did N3hemia assume Sardines would think the king was behind her assassination? Why?? It was Grave who killed her, so does N3hemia have THAT low of an opinion of Sardines’ detective skills??

And why should her death make Sardines do anything at all? Was it supposed to make her go, “Everything has been taken from me, and I don’t care about my own life anymore”?

But couldn’t it just have easily made Sardines go, “There’s no point in trying because this cruel world takes everything away,” and proceed to kill everyone the king wants her to and go live alone in a hole somewhere because obviously she’s not supposed to be happy, like had actually been established as her mindset??

That was a HUGE risk, and not one N3hemia should have taken. It was the stupidest decision she ever made in her life. Her worth as a person was more than just a body to throw at the reluctant protagonist’s feet, and her worth to her people as their actually badass defender was far greater than that of the dumb Uber-Special Protagonist who can’t be persuaded to look beyond her own nose. Sardines already pissed me off, but the fact that it took her best friend’s shock-porn death to make her actually care about anyone besides herself makes me hate her all the more.

Again, Sardines can be an antihero, but she needs to not be glorified so. The author doesn’t let her have real consequences for her actions. When she disobeys Chaol and shows her full skills, she has no repercussions. When she stays up all night during a competition doing recreational reading, her performance doesn’t suffer. When she doesn’t give a shit about the string of murders, neither she nor anyone she cares about is affected. When she tromps down into the catacombs unprepared and runs away from a dangerous creature she could easily kill, she still gets out alive. No matter how rude and selfish she is, people just see her as cute or something. Would Harry Potter be treated that way?

Sardines creates a huge anomoly within the universe.

When N3hemia and Elena were having their cryptic chat, my mind started racing with possibilities, and at this point I still somewhat trusted the author, so I really thought she had something especially planned for Sardines, something that would get deep into the heart of the character and make her act.

N3hemia throwing her life away was never on my list of possibilities.

That wasn’t unexpected in a good, well-written sense. That was unexpected in a “wtf this is stupid and illogical” sense.

Let’s compare again: Wonder Woman.

Spoilers, again. One paragraph this time.


At the end, her lover dies, and it does spur her on through grief to defeat Ares, however, he dies following his own heroic path. He did not die simply so she would get off her ass and save everyone. He died blowing up a chemical weapon-filled plane so no one else would die. As a consequence, it did destroy Diana, because that’s realistic.


End spoilers.

This is the difference between respectful death with realistic grieving, and “fridging” a character just to make another character act.

And the worst part about what happened in book 2 is that it wasn’t just the author who chose it, it was N3hemia. She purposefully decided her life was worth nothing except as a pawn to spur on the heroic deeds of an asshole.

Again, that’s horrifying.

Especially since she is the one, stereotypical POC present.

Finally, back to Chosen Ones, let’s look at another: Frodo Baggins.

Why was he the Chosen One?

Well, Hobbits were actually much better candidates for Ringbearer than Wizards or Elves, because their lack of powers made them harder for the Ring to influence.

But why else?


“I will take the Ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way.”

He Broke Me- PART 3 (final)

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1.3K

Warnings: talk of cheating, angst

Written by: Kace

A/N: This is the last part of ‘He Broke Me.’ I hope y’all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had some trouble deciding between two different ending scenarios, but ultimately chose this one because I wanted the message to get across (you’ll understand after reading), but who knows? Maybe I’ll write an alternate ending one of these days.

He Broke Me Masterlist

The bright light shining through the window seared the inside of your eyelids, causing you to wince slightly. Your body was sore, sending pain through your entire being with only small movements.

Opening your eyes and waiting for your blurry surroundings to clear up, you had a mini panic attack. Where were you? What had happened? Why are you feeling like shit? Then it hit you. Everything that had happened to you within the past 24 hours, hit you like a ton of bricks. The choking, the punches, running for your dear life. The look on Jensen’s face when he saw you. Everything came back all at once causing a choked sob to slip through your lips.

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All My Scars

Could you do a Rick x reader? Where the reader has bad scars on her body from encounters with other non-friendly survivors. So, she doesn’t trust easy now and is insecure about the scars. She falls for Rick but doesn’t think he’d find her attractive

I’m starting to speed up on these requests so hopefully this isn’t being posted a month later. If it is…ugh I don’t deserve any of you hahaha

You longed for the days when you could trust people. You did for such a long time and you imagined that was probably your downfall. Trusting others had left you with not only emotional wounds but also physical ones. You couldn’t even think about the things that had been done to you. When there was nothing to lose, people didn’t care what harm they caused. And that left the burden on your shoulders.

During your travels, you’d run into the woods to get away from the latest group of survivors that were trying to hurt you. You wanted to kill them but it was easier to get them lost in the woods so you could just get away from them. At that point, you had completely given up on the idea of ever finding another group. You would just be alone until you died. That was the plan.

Unfortunately, that plan never works.

Another group found you, although much kinder than anyone else you had encountered before, you still wouldn’t trust them. They had taken shelter in a prison which was insane but also clever to you. Still, you refused to sleep in the same cell block. You slept alone in your very own cell block for several weeks following your arrival to the prison. The group brought in quite a few people besides you and it was like its own little community. They even had a council set up. Everyone helped each other out, everyone did their fair share. You weren’t sure how long you planned to stay but you would at least give your wounds time to heal.

The group had given you the space you needed for the most part. Only Rick Grimes had tested your boundaries. At first, it drove you insane and you lashed out at him quite a bit. But now, you were starting to warm up to him despite how hard you tried not to. He seemed almost broken in a way. He didn’t offer any empty promises of everything getting better and you’d forget about all of the bad things. He did reassure you that whatever those other people had done to you, no one in the prison would ever hurt you. And after a while, you started to believe him. He told you that you had friends here and he’d always be there whenever you needed him. That you didn’t believe.

How could he say that to you when he didn’t know you? He didn’t see the scars. He didn’t have to look at them every day like you did. You woke up every morning, disgusted by the scars that marred your skin. Rick would be just as horrified if he ever saw them. You risked heat stroke every day, wearing long sleeves and long pants just to cover them all. And even more embarrassing for you was that you even cared what Rick thought. You couldn’t help but catch feelings for the man. He was the first person to actually try to get to know you. He actually cared. But everything was so delicate, so easily destroyed. You were careful.

You and Rick were working out in the fields. Rick was planting some seeds while you were pulling weeds. You had on your usual long sleeve shirt on and you were soaked in sweat, beads of sweat rolling down your back and down the sides of your head. Your face was bright red but you didn’t want to guzzle down water despite how thirsty you were. You knew water was too precious to drink too much at once.

“Y/N, maybe you should take a break,” Rick remarked, reaching out to touch your arm, “Or change your shirt. You’re looking really red. I don’t want you to overheat.”

“I’m fine, I promise,” you said. You playfully swatted him away, pointing to the opened packets of seeds in the dirt by Rick’s feet, “Come on, we still have a lot to do before sundown. Let’s keep going.”

Rick sighed, lowering back down to his knees, “Sure. Listen, Y/N. It’s been a few months since you got here. You haven’t really warmed up to anyone else around here. Don’t ge me wrong, I like hanging out with you. I really do. But everyone else…they…”

“What, they’re afraid of me?” you grumbled, “Annoyed with me? What?”

“No, just concerned,” Rick said, “I know I’ve said this before but you can trust the others. I’ve known most of them since the start. Glenn for instance, he saved my life. And Maggie and her father let us stay when my son got shot.”

“I know they’re good people, okay?” you said, your heart racing, “It’s just…hard.”

Rick nodded, “I know. And I know that you don’t wanna talk about it right now but…I just wish you’d open up to me. I wanna help.”

“I’m just not sure you can,” you replied, “It’s a lot of shit to take in, Rick. I don’t think you’d ever see me the same way if you knew.”

“I’ve seen a lot of shit,” Rick argued, “I think I can take it.”

“Rick!” you exclaimed, aggressively ripping weeds out of the ground. You threw them down as you got up on your feet, “I just can’t, okay?! I can’t! Please, I don’t want your opinion of me to change. And it will if I told you. If you knew. If you saw.”

You turned and started walking back to your cell block. Rick scrambled onto his feet, “Y/N, wait! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have pushed you, alright? That was wrong of me. Please, stop!”

You could barely process Rick’s words as you started feeling faint. Your legs became numb, feeling so lightheaded. To Rick’s dismay, you collapsed like a ton of bricks. Rick ran towards you, scooping you up in his arms without breaking stride.

“Hershel!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, “Hershel! Y/N needs help!”

You bounced around in Rick’s arms as Hershel came out into the yard after hearing his name, “Rick? What happened? Come on, let’s get her inside.”

“We were working and she got up and she just fainted,” Rick explained frantically, “Could be heat stroke. I don’t know.”

“Definitely overheated,” Hershel said, “She’s covered up like this and it’s just too hot for that. Come on, we’ve gotta get her to a cold shower, lower her body temperature a bit.”

Rick nodded and the two of them brought you to the showers in your cell block. Luckily, he’d helped you set up your showers so they would work like everyone else’s in cell block C. He remembered being hesitant to do it as he knew it would isolate you further but you had begged. It had even brought tears to your eyes. You couldn’t stand the thought of sharing a bathroom with another person even with curtains separating you. It was too much for you to handle. Now, he was grateful for doing it. He didn’t want anyone crowding around asking what was wrong. You both needed the space.

“Shouldn’t we um…ya know…strip her?” Rick mumbled awkwardly.

“Let’s just get this long sleeve shirt off for now,” Hershel said, “I’ll look in her cell and see if she has any shorts we can change her into.”

As the cold water beat down on your warm body, Rick peeled off your sweat soaked sweater, gasping in shock at the marks and scars all over your body. Your chest, your stomach, your back, and even your arms. Had you done these to yourself? Or had someone else done them to you? Given that these scars were all over your back, it was clear that these were someone else’s doing.

“I found one pair of shorts,” Hershel said as he came back into the showers. He came to an abrupt halt when he saw Rick running his finger along one of the scars going down your shoulder, “Oh god. What happened to her?”

“I don’t know,” Rick mumbled, “She never wanted to talk about it. Now I feel terrible that I was pushing her so much. Here, I’ll change her into the shorts. If I could just…have a minute with her.”

“Of course,” Hershel said, “I’ll get some water from outside to put in her cell for her when she wakes up. She needs her rest.”

Hershel left you and Rick alone and he took off your boots and took your jeans off, trying to be quick and get your shorts on before you woke up. He set your clothes and shoes aside, waiting under the cold water with you.

The water was shutting off just as you started waking up. The cold water soothed your skin, relieved to be rid of that shirt finally. But you couldn’t remember taking it off yourself. Did someone else take it off of you? You panicked, searching for the shirt to get it back on before a pair of hands grabbed yours.

“Y/N, it’s okay,” Rick said, “It’s just you and me here.”

“Rick,” you said, slipping on the wet linoleum as you tried to stand up, “Rick, why would you take my shirt off? Why?!”

“Hershel thought it was a good idea,” Rick said, “He found a pair of shorts to put on you. We didn’t want you totally exposed.”

“I can’t believe you,” you whimpered, your face crumbling as you tried covering yourself, “I didn’t want you to see this.”

“This is what you thought would change my opinion of you?” Rick said, “Because it doesn’t. These scars…they’re why you wanted to be alone here, why you don’t wanna trust people. Aren’t they?”

You nodded, “Just…not every group has been as nice. That’s all I can say. I hate these scars. I hate them.”

“I’m sorry for all the things that have happened to you,” Rick said, “But I just need you to know that you don’t need to hide these things from me or from anyone here. My heart broke for you, Y/N.”

“So…you’re not totally mortified?” you murmured, lowering your arms a little.

“Of course not,” Rick said, “I really like you, Y/N. I like all of you. And nothing’s gonna chase me away, okay? I’ll be here when you’re ready to tell me. Even if you’re never ready, I’m still gonna be right here. These scars just mean that you survived whatever bullshit this world threw at you. That’s pretty damn impressive, Y/N.”



You sighed, “Maybe…maybe one day I can tell you how I got these. It’s just…not the time yet. I’m just glad you don’t mind them. ‘Cause I like you too.”

Rick smiled, leaning in to place a kiss on your cheek, “Good. Come on, Hershel left some water in your cell. Let’s get you dried off and dressed.”

He took you back to your cell and sat you down on your bed, tossing a water bottle your way. You looked around your practically empty cell as Rick searched your bag for a shirt, “Maybe I could move into cell block C with all of you. I think I might be…ya know…ready.”

“That’s great,” Rick said, “I know you’d rather cover your arms but I think it would be best if you wore a short sleeve shirt or a tank top for now.”

“That’s fine,” you said, “I don’t mind. While it’s just you and me anyway. It’ll take some time to let everyone see these.”

Rick laid a tank top down across your lap, “That’ll be fine. Just rest for now, Y/N. It’s gonna be okay from now on.”

A few months ago, that statement would’ve angered you. But now, that promise didn’t feel so empty. Now that your scars were out in the open, you felt a little more free. You would probably always feel insecure about them but at least you could start figuring out how to cope now. Hearing Rick say it would be okay, you believed it.

Remember how I said I hoped this wouldn’t be posted a month later? LOL I AM TRASH. But…at least I try, right?

In Which I Break an A Song of Ice and Fire RPG campaign in 3 sessions

So… tonight was one of the crazier gaming sessions I ever had. I’m playing in a D&D 5e campaign HEAVILY modified and blended with the Green Ronan (I think) A Song of Ice and Fire RPG. It sorta follows the plot of the book, but many prominent elements of it were randomized so there was a decent chance for things to diverge, to prevent metagaming.

I played a character named ‘Marlyn Torrent’ of Littlesister. I was a sisterman, from the Three Sisters island group in the mouth of White Harbor, obstinently sworn to the Vale of Arryn. His backstory was that he was the second son of a second son (actually sixth, but only two survivors), and his house wanted to draw closer to the culture of the mainland. He was sent off to be a maester, and forged four links before returning to the Sisters to live as a smuggler. I was a shady fuck, wheeling and dealing with maritime trade schemes. And each and every one of my twelve crewmen had elaborate backstories that never got used. Except the Witch-Kid, a Qohorik witch boy who had a goat helmet and general occult air that resembled Baphomet.

So in a mini personal session 0, I am tasked with smuggling potatoes into King’s Landing from White Harbour. I’m super suspicious, to the point of bunkering down at the wharf instead of saying the code word to the foreman, waiting for some shit to go down.

At this point, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish comes to chat with me personally, slimily telling me that when you are told to say a password to a foreman, you tell the foreman a password. He blackmails me with my true identity and hands me a sack of money. 1,500 gold dragons, all to sit at port all day with my longboat, the Bitter End, readied to leave. The other vessel at the docks is a Braavosi vessel with a silvered hull. So I pay my men and waste time at the Tourney of the Hand the next day.

Another player is a Reacher knight of the minor Blackcherry keep, sworn to Oldtown. He is a jousting monster, statistically, and he is pitted against the head of House Mallister. So I decide to help him. I make a nat 20 insight check and tell him about all the conspiracies and cheating going on at the tourney, convincing him to let me help. He has a black spear, so I harden it by heating it over a flame. This gives it a crazy damage bonus, and Mallister is not only dehorsed, but permanently hobbled. The bonuses begin stacking up to the point that Blackcherry makes Jaime Lannister eat shit on a tilt. He ended up losing to Ser Loras, but he put the fear of God into everyone competing and gained a ton of fame.

I then competed in an archery tournament and the pitched melee. In the melee, I walked dead up to Thoros of Myr and Nova’d him. I was multiclassed “maester” (a homebrew skill god class) and battlemaster (as a riff on Oberyn Martell). A battlemaester. I spilled a ton of dice on Thoros, sending him fleeing with a Menacing attack. This let another player, a Stormlander knight and absolute Con/Strength monster, nearly cave his head in. The Red Priest was punch drunk, essentially, from there on out. I then took his stupid flaming sword and drowned it in a trough before walking off the tourney grounds.

The next session was spent in a lot of politicking that I don’t want to get into. Suffice to say, I tried to reroute a lot of maritime resources from the West of Westeros to the eastern shores, consolidating naval power under Stannis, and hopefully build up the Sisters and the Vale. I used the spectre of Salladhor Saan, the Pirate King of the Basilisk Isles, Euron Greyjoy, and such to scare the Vale and the Stormlands into a naval build up. This inspired Renly, who had already married Maergery Tyrrell at this point due to a very odd roll, to send the Redwyne fleet to King’s Harbor.

There was a lot of ratfucking that night. Our real encounter was against Dornish bandits. The only thing that matters here is that my character was enraged about our people burning bodies, and I mispronounced Quinton and Daeron as “Kwin-TON” and “Day-RON.” Nobody caught on.

Third and final night (Majora’s Mask music). So yeah…Robert finally dies after holding on waaaay longer than in the book. He was a CONster. Tyrion (Tai-ree-ON!) Lannister loses the trial by combat and is executed via moon door. And I back out of smuggling my Stormlander allies to Dragonstone because holy shit it’s R'hllor Town, Population: Immolated.

I go to town, politic with the other characters and NPCs a bit (Littlefinger again, and the Wisdoms of the Pyromancer Guild; I give Thoros his sword back here, because fuck it, he is broken, and send him packing to Dragonstone), and then Ned Stark miraculously fucks off with Sansa because the GM (George Martin) rolled under an 8 on a D100. He doesn’t get betrayed and moves to regroup. Things fall apart like an Igbo literary classic. Chaos consumes the city, and my Northern hunter ally identifies Arya Stark in the crowd. I was looking for her anyway, but his homebrewed-ranger passive perception is through the roof. The horsefaced girl is taken aboard the Silvered Braavosi vessel.

I drop two of my ten wine barrels overboard, light my arrow in a brazier, and loose.

The wildfire destroyed the port, and I set a near collison course for the escaping Braavosi gally. I roll TERRIBLY HERE. Even with my navigation bonuses, I’m fucked in the face by both Cleganes on this. But I keep it up, my crew and allies firing flaming arrows onto the ship. I get pincushioned in the retaliation and have to pop my second wind. After hailing and signalling for naught, I drop a barrel and let it strike the ship. It deals a decent amount of damage and rocks the gally. A boarding action and several Braavosi deaths follow. The captain tries to hold Arya Stark captive but she nat 20s on her escape; the captain is captured and the crew die or surrender in short order. The ship’s mild damage was salvageable. We slipped past Stannis at Dragonstone unmolested. Everything went swimmingly.

I spoke to Arya about her sword (I had been monitoring Braavosi activity and Syrio Forel specifically for two sessions; Arya was always a priority). I also used a Braavosi rapier (Dex builds!), and she mentioned it was called Needle. When she explained the name, I mentioned that the girls in my family also did not sew. I told her she was a lot like a cousin of mine.

Woooooosh, right over everyone’s heads.

So despite my party’s protests, I sail to Pentos rather than White Harbor or the Reach. They are pissed, and fucking Arya nat 20s again and finds my incriminating sails, though I manage to bluff my way out of the situation by admitting to being a smuggler who needs many sails. I basically force all but the two North men to take new ships, and go on a spending spree when I hear that Balon Greyjoy had returned to reaving. I am cackling. I sell the remaining wildfire to the Pentosi to repair and restock my new ship, the Quicksilver.

That night, I attempt to drug the two Northmen with shade of the poppy, because they refuse to leave Arya with me and the fellowship is broken (thanks again, Boromir). They wisely refuse to eat anything I give them.

So they aren’t knocked out, but they are not granted guests’ right.

I told the Greenlanders to fill their lungs with air, for tonight they sail in the shadow of the Kraken’s mast.

I was the son of Dagon, Quellon’s lesser brother… Neron Greyjoy, the Chained Kraken.

Funny thing about battlemasters- they have a pushing attack that can move characters 15 feet. Which is a lot on a 20-man longboat. One round of combat and an action surge later, the Northmen are in the drink, and I am sailing towards a friendly Harlaw Fleet just south of Dorne. Renly foolishly moved the Redwyne fleet away from the Arbor, which is about to be sacked.

And Victorion apparently TOASTED the Lannister fleet again on another clutch roll based on my ravenry. So what started as an attempt by a minor lordling to get petty revenge on his enemies, steal a meger portion of the Redwyne fleet, and return his hostage cousin to Pyke resulted in essentially a decisive Greyjoy victory on day 3 and future queen of the Iron Isles Arya Greyjoy, mentored by Asha. And we’re coming to pick up the pieces of the coming Renly/Stannis massacre at King’s Landing.

Holy fucking Drowned God, Captain


I’m rusty

Couple: KanaMari

“It’s too hot today…”

“Temperatures will continue to rise today, reaching a peak of around 32 degrees celsius and then slowing down to a low 14 degrees by 10PM. Let’s enjoy our cloudless summer everyone!”

The little radio by her bedside table buzzed with excited MCs cheering into their microphones before a pop song began to play, accompanied by some static in the background. Its antenna had seen better days, with the paint chipping and the red dial to change stations no longer able to move. But still, as utterly useless as it was now, Mari couldn’t get herself to toss it.

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But Dad. . . [Zach x Reader]

Request:  Could Ya do an imagine where the reader is Owens daughter and he catches her and Zach kissing and gets mad and starts chasing Zach?? Thanks babe😘

Warnings:  Poor editing, excuse my mistakes!

Words: 1,071

“Are you okay?” Zach asked, taking hold of your elbow and pulling you closer to him as people pushed and shoved trying to get to the front of the dock. You were waiting for the boats to get here so you could go back to the main island. Your thoughts were jumbled together and you couldn’t comprehend what just happened. It started out as a normal day then before you knew it the Indominious Rex got out and all hell broke loose. 

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Coffee Shop - D.O. Blurb

I woke up trembling. 

 The nightmares were getting worse. Every night, something different, but always nerve destroying. 

 I walked into my bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. I grabbed a towel and held my face in it for a moment. I was trying to shake the visions in my head. 

 When I got back to my room, I saw that it was nearing 5 am. My alarm would be ringing in an hour, so I may as well have stayed awake. I threw on my gym clothes and tennis shoes. I took off running. It helped clear my head and shake the nightmares. Lately, however, my feet were pounding the pavement more than usual. 

 Unfortunately, today, it seemed like the visions were following me. I kept running. I knew I had passed my normal two miles, but all that I wanted was to let go of last night’s dreams. 

 I finally ran out of energy about halfway through my small town. I stepped into a coffee shop to grab something to replenish the lost nutrients in my body. I got a bottle of water and treated myself to a scone. 

 I was sitting at a table on the patio of the coffee shop, letting myself soak up all of the sunlight I could take in. Summer was drawing to an end, and I was going to enjoy it all I could before I had to go back to running on a treadmill. Some people were thoroughly dedicated to running outside, even in biting cold, but I was not one of them. 

 I had closed my eyes for a second to just bask in the light when I heard a voice say, “excuse me, but may I borrow this chair? All the other seats are taken." 

 I opened my eyes and was caught off guard by the handsome man smiling at me. He had short dark hair and deep brown eyes. His heart shaped lips formed a gorgeous grin.

Originally posted by letmecumbaek

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Are We There Yet (Steve/Sam/Bucky x Reader) (Part 7)

Omg, after not updating for months, I bet you guys hate me, huh? Well, I finally got some inspiration so here you go, part 7! Yay!!

AWTY Masterlist

word count: 2838

warnings: cursing and a lil bit of horror (? but it’s comedy horror, i guess lol)

Originally posted by elvenbarnes

(unnecessary gif lmao) 

Despite what Steve said about the road trip not being violent, you ended up the next hour nursing a nasty cut on the corner of your lower lip and a bloody scrape near your left brow. A couple of bruises dotted against your arm as you winced slightly when Bucky touched your shoulder. A guilt ridden look covered his face as you offered him a reassuring smile. Steve had you icing your right shoulder as he nursed Sam’s injuries after your mini spar with the two. After the insult that Sam had thrown at Bucky, a small fight ensued, forcing you to get caught in the middle to break it up ignoring Steve’s protests as you jumped in between the guys. Still, a few cuts and bruises on you was worth it if you didn’t have to hear another argument between Sam and Bucky.

“Hey,” he began, taking a seat next to you on the empty bench. His movements were so light and cautious as he was so afraid he would hurt you again. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N), those punches were meant for Wilson, and I know that I should’ve held back after he made that joke and just… I’m sorry,” he rambled, shaking his head as he sighed loudly at his mistake.

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bembixamericana  asked:

and maybe if the desire strikes you some tidbits on tetchy would be sweet

the best of boys, the worst of boys

1. he comes from an extremely screwed-up gothic Old Money family in England, with a family tree rife with (a) murder and questionable shit and (b) loads of that sweet hereditary insanity. the ancestors that didn’t die in asylums usually died in like, duels and Mysterious Circumstances. so he’s always… kind of anticipated his life was going to be colorfully awful somehow, it was just a matter of when and how

2. he inherited the family business(es) after his father died (Mysteriously) but handed them over to his sister and moved to America after the stress made him have a severe mental breakdown; plus the tutor who actually raised him died around that time (Mysteriously). he had like, no plan for what to do next but Gotham seemed like a good place to be, for some reason

3. Bruce first met him when Jervis just kind of wandered in the door at WayneTech with a disturbingly futuristic piece of tech he invented and was like ‘so are you guys interested in this’

4. despite the stuff he came up with being groundbreaking enough that WT gave him basically anything he asked for any tolerated him acting extremely odd, Jervis really hated his job. part of it was his coworkers, who he very much didn’t get along with, and part of it was that he just… doesn’t like doing what anyone tells him to do, ever. the only thing he liked was that they’d give him money and materials without too many questions after a while. 

5. All the Rogues had colorful first trials, but Jervis’s was a real standout for media attention. Not only did he debut around the time people were really starting to see the Rogues as all part of a movement that wasn’t going to fade away, he had a terrifying gimmick (fear gas and JV affect your body, but he could control minds), a sensational story that nobody could agree on the details of, and he kept on interrupting the proceedings to try and explain his perspective on things, which included such statements as ‘free will doesn’t actually exist’ and ‘actually, God isn’t real’, etc.

6. ‘fell in love’ is not the right term (seeing as Earth 451 Jervis is aromantic) but the moment he forgot his office key at home and his secretary of 2 days responded by pulling some pins out of her bag and picking the lock for him was the moment when Jervis both learned Alice Pleasance’s name and became Very Interested in her

7. He wants to take Batman’s cowl, after a while, for one main reason: Batman keeps taking his hats. look, the Bat can keep his creepy… trophy room, or lair, or wherever he keeps the items he keeps dragging off, Jervis doesn’t care, and Jervis wouldn’t even mind that much if Batman had just taken his first hat, but the damn Bat must have at least seven of them by now and they don’t grow on trees. no man could suffer this and not retaliate 

8. he has tattoos on his upper arms and back (acquired during the ‘I’m going to make all the bad decisions I couldn’t make in my teen years’ phase he had after his father’s death) which very few people are aware of, since he doesn’t like showing any more skin than strictly necessary. 

9. A lot of people tend to get misled by the fact that he’s shortish and dresses fancy and uses tech a lot, and assume he must be easy to overpower. One of those people was Batman, in their very first encounter. It did not happen again. He’s far stronger than most people expect, and was one of the few Rogues actually taught (instead of picking it up out of necessity) how to fight.

10. He went to an actual school for a couple years as a teenager, before he and his sister were both kicked out (long story) and put back into tutoring. During that time, he got really into theater, and even tho he never had much chance to perform the way he taught himself to speak and move onstage influenced him subtly for years, and more obviously shaped his Hatter persona. He tends to talk and move, as the Hatter, as if he’s in a play; staring off to where an audience would be, selecting and enunciating his words so they sound like rehearsed lines. It freaks a lot of people out. 

anonymous asked:

I don't understand the artificial flowers lullaby thing in d gray man can you explain mommy

Hello my sweet nonny! I’ll try to reply as I can ahha

During the Mattell Arc in Italy, where Kanda and Allen had to share their first mission together in a deserted town remored to hide a ghost, they stumble across two outcasts, who started to live together alone in the city. 

One is Lala, a puppet who’s purpose is to sing, animated by Innocence, who also killed some people when they deserted her and that the travellers passing by the town refused to listen to her songs (which is why she is the ghost of Matter). Gurozu had been an outcast because of his appearance and was left to rot in the city, but unlike most people, he was charmed that Lala wanted to sing for him and they lived here together, as friends and also much like lovers. They lived together and were meant to stay together. They died together as well. Refusing to spend time without each other, it was planned that Gurozu had to destroy Lala when he was about to die, so the two of them can die together. 

(as Gurozu says, though it is ultimately extremely selfish of him not to want to share Lala or to see her suffer again alone. Lala however completely rolls with it because Gurozu is the only person that matters to him.)

Their story is extremely tragic. Kanda wasn’t really emotional to it at first, wanting to kill the carrier of the Innocence right away for what’s inside of them (he first thought it was Gurozu and wanted to kill him, and then switched to Lala when he learnt it was her), disregarding it all, and had to be called back by Allen who refused to let Kanda do, Allen who wanted to let Gurozu and Lala spent their last moments together. This is also when we first learn about Kanda’s quest to not die to find “That Person” and where Allen and Him get their fight because Kanda says “sacrifices are necessary” and Allen tells him that believing that is foolish and that you can avoid them. (which if you know me and heard me ramble about it, was probably a huge blow to Kanda who most likely convinced himself that he couldn’t avoid Alma’s death and had to sacrifice them.)

It is also to notice that, at the end of it, Gurozu died before Lala, because of the Akuma. Lala, on her hand, had her innocence taken at some point, and when she’s given the innocence again, she doesn’t seem to reall remember her life with Gurozu. But Lala stayed by his side after his death, singing until she broke. After that, the innocence was retrived and they went back to the Order. Allen remained shaked up about it, and since this arc was introducing Kanda, we also introduced his regeneration powers.

In Chapter 13, Allen hears Lala sings. And that’s how he describes it:

“A terribly beautiful Melody, An Artificial Flower’s Lullaby”. 

(also notice Kanda is already unconsious, so at this point, we also already learnt about “That Person” - meanwhile it’s when Lala and Gurozu both ran away from the Order (aka Allen and Kanda) in order to be safe and spend their last moments together.)

The First Anime adapted this song in a beautiful latin song that can roughtly be translated like this:

Tearful was that day
From which the ashes will rise  
The guilty man is condemned
So have mercy on him Lord
Have mercy on him Lord Jesus

I suppose the song is mostly about Gurozu at that moment (since the anime came out waaaay before the Alma’s arc) - and I don’t know if Hoshino had any involvement in it. But this is probably the most beautiful coincidence one could give.  Because you can associate every single one of those lines to a song for Alma.

As for why Allen defines it as an Artificial Flower, I think he means as, the delicacy of a flower (a very beautiful feminie and gentle voice of a rumored ghost) but which sounds artificial (from a puppet - something created by men, something mechanical that is used to carry innocence). 

Therefore, the Ghost Of Matter is associated to An Artificial Flower. 

So that being reminded, let’s jump back to Alma’s arc, about 160 chapters later. 

Alma and Kanda are artificial apostles, or Second Generation Exorcists. They are two people who lived decades before and died (or almost died) against Akumas, and who’s brains had been implanted into artificial long-lasting bodies, meant to regenerate, in hope that their abilities to controle the innocence from their past life is still possible in their new life. 

As a result, both Alma and Kanda were treated like experiments, that the Order was ready to take out anytime. As we know, Kanda was haunted by the memories of his Past Lover, A Ghost he kept seeing and associated to Lotus Flowers. Flowers he was repeated were illusions. 

And I could stop here - Every words I used to describe Lala and Gurozu can apply to them. 

They were outcasts. They were in artificial bodies meant to be taken by the Order. Alma is linked to that Ghost Kanda keeps seeing and those flowers he keeps hallucinating because it reminds him of their deaths. When Alma lost it realizing they were only experiment, they wanted to Kanda and him to die together, they wanted to kill Kanda with their own hands, so they can live together after without being used by anyone else and especially not the Order (the same way Gurozu wanted to destroy Lala). (also I think the fact Lala didn’t remember Gurozu after the innocence was taken away from her kinda reminds me of how Kanda didn’t make the connection between That Person and Alma where Alma did. Ironically, the death also followed when Kanda took back his innocence.)

The story takes a turn when Kanda, obsessed with the idea of That Person, kills Alma instead in order to keep on living, and of course, creating the denial that we know of him regarding the whole Alma thing.

Now, as the arc goes by, Alma is awaken by the Black Matter. They’re different from before, and ready to fight, and so be it. Kanda zones out and disconnect himself from the conflict to fight Alma. He doesn’t really think in that fight. I personally think he was in such denial over Alma and the pain it all provocked that he refused to think about it. He fought about mechanically against Alma, determined to kill them. 

But Allen is the one standing in the way. Again. It’s Allen who protected Alma and pushed Kanda to connect himself with reality again, a bit like he also shook Kanda in the Matter arc to allow the two lovers to spend their last moments together. I think Kanda was fighting mechanically, kinda fighting like his fight against Alma - brutal, bloody, aiming to kill. Stabbing Allen kinda mirrored stabbing Alma in his memories, and stabbing another friend might have suddenly put all of Kanda’s thoughts in perspective. Not to mention Alma was crying at that point, so eventually that’s where Kanda snapped back and started to protect Alma again. Meanwhile we also learn from Alma that, now, they don’t want to see Kanda die with them, but wants Kanda to keep living to find “That person”, hopefully not knowing Kanda killed them again years ago and now.

After we get to learn that Alma was That Person, Kanda is determined to not leave them alone. Allen helps them to run away from the Order (just like Lala and Gurozu ran away from them in Matter), and opened up a gate so Kanda and Alma can spend their last moments together in a town only Kanda and Him know well - where they had their first missions together.

Which ironically, not only conclude Kanda’s first character arc where we started it, but also conclude a tons of parallelisms that can be drawn between Lala and Gurozu, and Kanda and Alma. 

Alma will die in this place, and Kanda will watch over him until the very end. They share their last goodbyes there, confessing their love, and Alma’s ghost disappears in illusionary flowers. While also remembering the fact that Alma was an artificial apostle, you get why the Lala’s description is here as well. 

And here comes the final blow: In Hallow, they adapted this scene with Lala’s lullaby in background. 

While it is likely it is because of the place they are, and therefore an audio reminder of where we are, the facts there are already a lot of parallelism between those stories makes it even more painful. The fact this lullaby is described by Allen as An Artificial Flower suddenly gives another meaning to this song once playing over our artificial apostles, sharing their love one last time before Alma’s ghost joins the illusionary flowers again. 

And again, I’m sending you back to the lyrics of the song, that fits Alma perfectly. 

In the end, Kanda is like Lala. He watched over his lover until after death, and even the fact he then returned to the Order can be, as a whole, like how the Innocence of Lala was retrived by the Order. If Lala disconnected herself from Gurozu when she retrived her innocence, just like Kanda went on killing Alma when he retrived his when they were young, she still remained by Gurozu’s side until the broke and her innocence came back to the Order - ultimately, the same happened with Kanda. 

But again, the story changes slightly, as Kanda doesn’t die with Alma yet. Because he promised something to Alma, because he has regrets over what happened to Allen, and in the latest chapters, his new character arc is starting for real now that he also wants to discover the secret of the Order, especially regarding the Innocence.

To me, Kanda had two characters arcs, and his first one was the one covered in the 200 first chapters.

And this character arc, turning around his regrets and denial over Alma, while also learning to befriend others people again, was done wonderfully. 

The parallelisms between the introductions and the conclusions of this arc are mindblowing. How we can find all those elements about 200 chapters later is mindblowing. It’s poetic that this is where Alma and Kanda came to spend their last moments, because then all those parallelisms we might have seen are confirmed by the narrative. 

which is why everyone freaked out when Hallow put the “Artificial Flower Song” over them on this last moment. This song begging to God to have mercy for a guilty man, who was brought back from the ashes for such a sorrowfull fate. 

D. Gray Man is too clever for its own good. Also, my apologize, I’ll be crying on the side over Alma and Kanda all over again. 

Have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

I saw the post about Galra!Keith's mom being a commander/Doctor person, and I'm really interested in the theory now, and how do you think they would actually find each other? How would she think of the other paladins? These are questions I neeeeeed answers to! (If you don't mind...)

(Sorry for the wait, I wanted to give you something decent. I don’t mind at all, and I’m excited to develop it more. Also, tumblr is notorious for cutting off and breaking the ‘keep reading’ link so let me know if you can’t see all the way to her approaches on each of the other paladins. Original post)

I’d imagine it takes a while for them to run into each other, I’ll say five or six years for a frame of reference, and the meeting would happen purely by chance. 

The Paladins slowly become more known throughout the universe as they liberate planets and start to push back the Galra. As they do, they’d start to notice small things that indicate a larger (though still not strong enough to have a huge impact) resistance, and though they’d brushed off Rolo’s words before, they start looking closer. They’re responding to a distress call when it happens. 

The team doesn’t recognize the ships, but they aren’t Galra, and they’re firing at the Galra, so in this moment at least they are on the same side. When they form Voltron, the other ships give it distance, watching from afar as the thing of legends does in minutes what they were struggling to accomplish for weeks. 

When the threat is gone, they land on the planet’s surface, Keith and Hunk insisting that they at least stay in their lions in case things go south while the others go to greet their possible allies. Shiro, ever the diplomatic one, is naturally designated the speaker, though if the group turns out to be friendly, there is an unspoken consensus that Allura would be brought in.

There were a few things none of the team was expecting. 

  • The murmur that rippled through the other group’s envoys when the Paladins got close enough to recognize through the helmets.
  • The sheer diversity of those in the group that came to meet them, and yet all of them seem to know the word ‘human’ and there is some underlying significance to the word. 
  • The very human, short Asian woman in armor, with close cropped black hair and stormy eyes, bullying her way to the front of the group to thank them in a less than grateful tone, even though “We had it handled. Voltron is much more useful elsewhere, where there isn’t already a plan to take care of the situation. Do you even know how long it takes to organize a defense like this?”

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FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 5]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family, slight fluff

WORDS: 2268

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Re-written as of 8th Sept ‘16.

“Faster faster Soonyoung don’t let them beat us!!!” you cheered as the two of you hurtled down the grassy hill.

“Yah Y/N! Stop bouncing around or I’ll drop you!” Soonyoung threatened, panting heavily.

“The finish line is just a few meters away!”

Then suddenly, as if he’d planned it all along, Seungcheol dashed past the two of you, Eunmi on his back cheering loudly. They passed the white-chalked line just a few seconds before you two.

“NOOOOOOO!” Soonyoung fell to the ground, dropping you in the process.

“You let them beat us!” you scolded.

He lay on the ground, panting, “NO! You’re just too heavy!”

You grabbed a fistful of grass and threw it in his face.

“ACK! I’ll die from grass poisoning!”

“Well then good riddance to you!”

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anonymous asked:

but there’s a huge plothole in the explanation that lily’s blood in voldemort kept harry alive in the forrest. if it did, then why was voldemort able to die when the AK rebounded in the Great Hall? and why didn’t harry die when voldemort did, having lost what kept him alive in the first place? it’s been ten years i still don’t fully understand this. there is the 'master of death' explanation but idk about that.

It is confusing and complicated, but I don’t think it’s a plot hole. The ‘master of death’ theory doesn’t hold with me either. Let me lay out my understanding. I’ll try to be thorough without overwhelming you. I’m not interspersing with a ton of HP quotes, but if you need clarification or a source, let me know.

Let me start at the beginning, because fully understanding the nature of the sacrificial protection is important to understanding what follows. A sacrifice like this can only be triggered under very specific circumstances: A killer, a victim, and someone standing in the way. Most important, a moment of reckoning when someone could walk away, stand aside, save themselves, but chooses not to. That choice, based on love, is what triggers this protection.

That’s what we have in Lily Potter. James was doomed from the start, Voldemort was going to kill him no matter what he said or did. Voldemort saw him, laughed, sneered, and cast the curse. But he argues with Lily to stand with him just as she argues with him, pleads with him, not to do this to her son. It comes down to this moment:

“This is my last warning.”

“Not Harry! Please…have mercy… Not Harry! Please – I’ll do anything…”

Anything, except stand aside and let Voldemort kill her baby, so Voldemort kills her for it. She could have stood aside, and he would have killed Harry, and that would have been that. 

It’s this choice, based on love, to stand there and sacrifice herself for Harry, to die for him, which triggers the sacrificial protection. CS Lewis, who influenced JK’s writing so greatly, called this sort of sacrificial magic Deeper Magic from before the beginning of time. It’s very old, and very rare, very deep. Even Dumbledore knew he didn’t fully understand it.

Lily died for Harry, and her sacrifice protects him from Voldemort, and that’s the only circumstance under which this protection might be activated. But it stays with Harry and offers him some measure of protection from Voldemort, forever.

This, in combination with Dumbledore’s charm, is what keeps Harry safe while he is at his aunt’s house, the house where his mother’s blood resides. And when Harry is eleven and Voldemort, possessing Quirrell, tries to touch him, he can’t. 

Voldemort obsesses over this, tries to find a work around. After Wormtail finds him and slowly nurses him back to health, he lies in wait for a year in order to use ‘the boy’s’ blood. Why? To beat the protection. As he’s planning on killing Harry that night, it is a fine short-term objective. And for Voldemort’s rudimentary understanding, he’s right: he can touch Harry. Was it enough to keep Voldemort from torturing Harry? No. Was it enough to keep Voldemort from possessing Harry? Again, no. Was Voldemort able to kill Harry? No. (There are other factors at work here, too, Priori Incantatem, the twin cores.) Harry survives, and Voldemort spends the next year obsessing over the Prophecy.

What does Dumbledore say in King’s Cross? That If Voldemort had known, if he had understood what it meant, he wouldn’t have taken Lily’s blood, and her sacrifice, into himself. By taking Lily’s blood into himself, traces of her sacrifice were still around, to activate when needed.

In the forest, when Voldemort utters the AK curse at Harry, several things happen in quick succession, but it’s all very important to understand:

  • The Elder Wand refuses to kill Harry. (from JK’s old website)
  • As a result, the curse chooses to kill the Horcrux.
  • Harry and Voldemort are now separate creatures.
  • Except, Voldemort is once again trying to kill Harry, triggering once again that sacrificial protection, which is running through Voldemort’s veins.

It’s a complicated, multi-faceted set of circumstances that lands Harry in King’s Cross, the in between place. Although Voldemort is the container for that sacrifice, the literal bag of bones and flesh that’s carrying it, the sacrifice isn’t for him. It’s Voldemort mere fact of being alive which tethers Harry to life. It keeps Harry’s heart beating long enough to make the choice to move on or come back. I think the power of that spell, of the sacrifice, is actually what renders Voldemort unconscious, but that’s pure speculation.

Dumbledore and Harry have their nice little chat at King’s Cross, and Harry makes the choice to come back because, as Dumbledore says, there’s a good chance of finishing it once and for all.

There is such a poetic beauty in this arc, because the series begins and ends with same choice, the same sacrificial protection. Lily made the choice to stand there, let Voldemort kill her, rather than stand aside and watch him be killed. Harry marched into that forest with the hope that he’ll prevent any more deaths. And as remnants of that love stayed on harry, Harry’s sacrifice means Voldemort’s curses won’t stick; the curses rebound.  The snake is killed.

So, we have Harry and Voldemort facing off. Harry pleads for Voldemort to be merciful upon himself, explains about the Elder Wand, and then they shout their spells. As before, several layers of magic are at work in this moment:

  • No Horcruxes, including Harry, are available to Voldemort to tether him to life.
  • The Elder Wand once again refuses to kill its master.
  • Voldemort has refused remorse, and perhaps save himself.
  • When only Voldemort’s life is threatened, Lily’s sacrificial protection isn’t triggered as he was never its intended recipient in the first place. 

It’s a bit like that moment of the step-mother’s reckoning in Ever After: a hall full of people, the charges are laid. The Queen asks who will speak for her, and everyone is backing the eff away. 

No one is there to save Voldemort because he’s set himself up for it. Harry never killed Voldemort, either, which I’ve seen mentioned in posts. The magic is working against him, because he didn’t take the time to understand it. With nothing to speak for him, to save him, to intervene, his own curse rebounds and kills him. His body hits the floor with a mundane finality.