like tons of people died there and had their body's taken away

But Dad. . . [Zach x Reader]

Request:  Could Ya do an imagine where the reader is Owens daughter and he catches her and Zach kissing and gets mad and starts chasing Zach?? Thanks babe😘

Warnings:  Poor editing, excuse my mistakes!

Words: 1,071

“Are you okay?” Zach asked, taking hold of your elbow and pulling you closer to him as people pushed and shoved trying to get to the front of the dock. You were waiting for the boats to get here so you could go back to the main island. Your thoughts were jumbled together and you couldn’t comprehend what just happened. It started out as a normal day then before you knew it the Indominious Rex got out and all hell broke loose. 

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First Impressions (Kenny Omega x Reader)

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“The gaijin keeps staring at me,” your friend tells you excitedly. “Watch. He’s going to come over here.”

Casually, your eyes fall briefly on the man your friend is referring to, sitting at the center booth in the VIP area. You wouldn’t call him handsome exactly, but it’s undeniable that he has a certain… aura. His hair and clothing were odd, he wore mirrored aviators in a dark nightclub, and a toothpick stuck out of his curved lips as he leers in your table’s direction. As you watch, he sticks his fingers into a bullet gesture that if you didn’t know any better, seemed to be directed right at you.

Your friend is adjusting in her seat, trying and failing to look nonchalant as the man with the black and gray hair slides out of his booth and starts to approach. You’re used to this happening- your friend is the one who gets attention because she’s flashy and her loud personality constantly draws men to her.

You, on the other hand, are a bit more low-key. It’s not like you don’t get hit on, but you do tend to blend into the background more. You’re indifferent when you see the man’s trench coat out of the corner of your eye, thinking that since your friend was likely leaving with him you could head out early and get a start on some chores you hadn’t gotten around to.

Absorbed in your thoughts,  you’re barely able to make out that your friend is greeting the man and flirting. You’re stirred back into the conversation when you realize that your friend’s tone has gone from suggestive to annoyed and frustrated and no one is responding to her. Confused, you turn to see what’s going on.

The man is looking straight at you, and up close you realize how physically imposing and well, attractive he is. Although he isn’t conventionally good-looking, but his body is strong and the cocky manner in which he crosses his arms and smirks at you expectantly is surprisingly sexy.

Your face doesn’t betray your thoughts, and you merely raise an unimpressed eyebrow at him. His mouth twitches, and he gives you a genuine smile. Slowly, you can’t help but return his grin. He leans in to your ear (the club is so loud you wouldn’t be able to hear him otherwise)- the sudden movement draws a shiver from you- and asks you, “Do you want to get out of here?”

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Are We There Yet (Steve/Sam/Bucky x Reader) (Part 7)

Omg, after not updating for months, I bet you guys hate me, huh? Well, I finally got some inspiration so here you go, part 7! Yay!!

AWTY Masterlist

word count: 2838

warnings: cursing and a lil bit of horror (? but it’s comedy horror, i guess lol)

Originally posted by elvenbarnes

(unnecessary gif lmao) 

Despite what Steve said about the road trip not being violent, you ended up the next hour nursing a nasty cut on the corner of your lower lip and a bloody scrape near your left brow. A couple of bruises dotted against your arm as you winced slightly when Bucky touched your shoulder. A guilt ridden look covered his face as you offered him a reassuring smile. Steve had you icing your right shoulder as he nursed Sam’s injuries after your mini spar with the two. After the insult that Sam had thrown at Bucky, a small fight ensued, forcing you to get caught in the middle to break it up ignoring Steve’s protests as you jumped in between the guys. Still, a few cuts and bruises on you was worth it if you didn’t have to hear another argument between Sam and Bucky.

“Hey,” he began, taking a seat next to you on the empty bench. His movements were so light and cautious as he was so afraid he would hurt you again. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N), those punches were meant for Wilson, and I know that I should’ve held back after he made that joke and just… I’m sorry,” he rambled, shaking his head as he sighed loudly at his mistake.

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inej-thewraith-ghafa-deactivate  asked:

I have this idea for a fanfic where Kaz is a greedy king and Inej is the assassin who is hired to kill him but doesnt. Endless possibilities, but I feel like it could be a good series of fics :)

Ooh this is very nice! I’m not quite sure as to how long this series will be (I have a crap ton of other requests to do that come first), but honestly I’ll see how well I can do with this. Kaz is an emperor in this instead because I feel like just being the ruler of a kingdom wouldn’t be enough for him.

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand the artificial flowers lullaby thing in d gray man can you explain mommy

Hello my sweet nonny! I’ll try to reply as I can ahha

During the Mattell Arc in Italy, where Kanda and Allen had to share their first mission together in a deserted town remored to hide a ghost, they stumble across two outcasts, who started to live together alone in the city. 

One is Lala, a puppet who’s purpose is to sing, animated by Innocence, who also killed some people when they deserted her and that the travellers passing by the town refused to listen to her songs (which is why she is the ghost of Matter). Gurozu had been an outcast because of his appearance and was left to rot in the city, but unlike most people, he was charmed that Lala wanted to sing for him and they lived here together, as friends and also much like lovers. They lived together and were meant to stay together. They died together as well. Refusing to spend time without each other, it was planned that Gurozu had to destroy Lala when he was about to die, so the two of them can die together. 

(as Gurozu says, though it is ultimately extremely selfish of him not to want to share Lala or to see her suffer again alone. Lala however completely rolls with it because Gurozu is the only person that matters to him.)

Their story is extremely tragic. Kanda wasn’t really emotional to it at first, wanting to kill the carrier of the Innocence right away for what’s inside of them (he first thought it was Gurozu and wanted to kill him, and then switched to Lala when he learnt it was her), disregarding it all, and had to be called back by Allen who refused to let Kanda do, Allen who wanted to let Gurozu and Lala spent their last moments together. This is also when we first learn about Kanda’s quest to not die to find “That Person” and where Allen and Him get their fight because Kanda says “sacrifices are necessary” and Allen tells him that believing that is foolish and that you can avoid them. (which if you know me and heard me ramble about it, was probably a huge blow to Kanda who most likely convinced himself that he couldn’t avoid Alma’s death and had to sacrifice them.)

It is also to notice that, at the end of it, Gurozu died before Lala, because of the Akuma. Lala, on her hand, had her innocence taken at some point, and when she’s given the innocence again, she doesn’t seem to reall remember her life with Gurozu. But Lala stayed by his side after his death, singing until she broke. After that, the innocence was retrived and they went back to the Order. Allen remained shaked up about it, and since this arc was introducing Kanda, we also introduced his regeneration powers.

In Chapter 13, Allen hears Lala sings. And that’s how he describes it:

“A terribly beautiful Melody, An Artificial Flower’s Lullaby”. 

(also notice Kanda is already unconsious, so at this point, we also already learnt about “That Person” - meanwhile it’s when Lala and Gurozu both ran away from the Order (aka Allen and Kanda) in order to be safe and spend their last moments together.)

The First Anime adapted this song in a beautiful latin song that can roughtly be translated like this:

Tearful was that day
From which the ashes will rise  
The guilty man is condemned
So have mercy on him Lord
Have mercy on him Lord Jesus

I suppose the song is mostly about Gurozu at that moment (since the anime came out waaaay before the Alma’s arc) - and I don’t know if Hoshino had any involvement in it. But this is probably the most beautiful coincidence one could give.  Because you can associate every single one of those lines to a song for Alma.

As for why Allen defines it as an Artificial Flower, I think he means as, the delicacy of a flower (a very beautiful feminie and gentle voice of a rumored ghost) but which sounds artificial (from a puppet - something created by men, something mechanical that is used to carry innocence). 

Therefore, the Ghost Of Matter is associated to An Artificial Flower. 

So that being reminded, let’s jump back to Alma’s arc, about 160 chapters later. 

Alma and Kanda are artificial apostles, or Second Generation Exorcists. They are two people who lived decades before and died (or almost died) against Akumas, and who’s brains had been implanted into artificial long-lasting bodies, meant to regenerate, in hope that their abilities to controle the innocence from their past life is still possible in their new life. 

As a result, both Alma and Kanda were treated like experiments, that the Order was ready to take out anytime. As we know, Kanda was haunted by the memories of his Past Lover, A Ghost he kept seeing and associated to Lotus Flowers. Flowers he was repeated were illusions. 

And I could stop here - Every words I used to describe Lala and Gurozu can apply to them. 

They were outcasts. They were in artificial bodies meant to be taken by the Order. Alma is linked to that Ghost Kanda keeps seeing and those flowers he keeps hallucinating because it reminds him of their deaths. When Alma lost it realizing they were only experiment, they wanted to Kanda and him to die together, they wanted to kill Kanda with their own hands, so they can live together after without being used by anyone else and especially not the Order (the same way Gurozu wanted to destroy Lala). (also I think the fact Lala didn’t remember Gurozu after the innocence was taken away from her kinda reminds me of how Kanda didn’t make the connection between That Person and Alma where Alma did. Ironically, the death also followed when Kanda took back his innocence.)

The story takes a turn when Kanda, obsessed with the idea of That Person, kills Alma instead in order to keep on living, and of course, creating the denial that we know of him regarding the whole Alma thing.

Now, as the arc goes by, Alma is awaken by the Black Matter. They’re different from before, and ready to fight, and so be it. Kanda zones out and disconnect himself from the conflict to fight Alma. He doesn’t really think in that fight. I personally think he was in such denial over Alma and the pain it all provocked that he refused to think about it. He fought about mechanically against Alma, determined to kill them. 

But Allen is the one standing in the way. Again. It’s Allen who protected Alma and pushed Kanda to connect himself with reality again, a bit like he also shook Kanda in the Matter arc to allow the two lovers to spend their last moments together. I think Kanda was fighting mechanically, kinda fighting like his fight against Alma - brutal, bloody, aiming to kill. Stabbing Allen kinda mirrored stabbing Alma in his memories, and stabbing another friend might have suddenly put all of Kanda’s thoughts in perspective. Not to mention Alma was crying at that point, so eventually that’s where Kanda snapped back and started to protect Alma again. Meanwhile we also learn from Alma that, now, they don’t want to see Kanda die with them, but wants Kanda to keep living to find “That person”, hopefully not knowing Kanda killed them again years ago and now.

After we get to learn that Alma was That Person, Kanda is determined to not leave them alone. Allen helps them to run away from the Order (just like Lala and Gurozu ran away from them in Matter), and opened up a gate so Kanda and Alma can spend their last moments together in a town only Kanda and Him know well - where they had their first missions together.

Which ironically, not only conclude Kanda’s first character arc where we started it, but also conclude a tons of parallelisms that can be drawn between Lala and Gurozu, and Kanda and Alma. 

Alma will die in this place, and Kanda will watch over him until the very end. They share their last goodbyes there, confessing their love, and Alma’s ghost disappears in illusionary flowers. While also remembering the fact that Alma was an artificial apostle, you get why the Lala’s description is here as well. 

And here comes the final blow: In Hallow, they adapted this scene with Lala’s lullaby in background. 

While it is likely it is because of the place they are, and therefore an audio reminder of where we are, the facts there are already a lot of parallelism between those stories makes it even more painful. The fact this lullaby is described by Allen as An Artificial Flower suddenly gives another meaning to this song once playing over our artificial apostles, sharing their love one last time before Alma’s ghost joins the illusionary flowers again. 

And again, I’m sending you back to the lyrics of the song, that fits Alma perfectly. 

In the end, Kanda is like Lala. He watched over his lover until after death, and even the fact he then returned to the Order can be, as a whole, like how the Innocence of Lala was retrived by the Order. If Lala disconnected herself from Gurozu when she retrived her innocence, just like Kanda went on killing Alma when he retrived his when they were young, she still remained by Gurozu’s side until the broke and her innocence came back to the Order - ultimately, the same happened with Kanda. 

But again, the story changes slightly, as Kanda doesn’t die with Alma yet. Because he promised something to Alma, because he has regrets over what happened to Allen, and in the latest chapters, his new character arc is starting for real now that he also wants to discover the secret of the Order, especially regarding the Innocence.

To me, Kanda had two characters arcs, and his first one was the one covered in the 200 first chapters.

And this character arc, turning around his regrets and denial over Alma, while also learning to befriend others people again, was done wonderfully. 

The parallelisms between the introductions and the conclusions of this arc are mindblowing. How we can find all those elements about 200 chapters later is mindblowing. It’s poetic that this is where Alma and Kanda came to spend their last moments, because then all those parallelisms we might have seen are confirmed by the narrative. 

which is why everyone freaked out when Hallow put the “Artificial Flower Song” over them on this last moment. This song begging to God to have mercy for a guilty man, who was brought back from the ashes for such a sorrowfull fate. 

D. Gray Man is too clever for its own good. Also, my apologize, I’ll be crying on the side over Alma and Kanda all over again. 

Have a nice day!

Fred Weasley Imagine: Ghosts

Warnings: MAJOR SPOILERS; Death

Requested: Yes

A Fred Weasley imagine after the war when he’s…you know, anyways and he falls in love with a ghost that was once a student?

Originally posted by emmawathson

Being dead wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. At least not for you. After dying during the Battle of Hogwarts (never try to take on four dark wizards at once, trust me, it won’t end well), you decided to hang around the Earth plane instead of moving on. You weren’t the only one either. A ton of your classmates chose to stay here too. Honestly it seemed like the best option for you. Hogwarts was your home and leaving it didn’t seem right. 

Now you wandered the halls, helping lost students and checking in on your old living professors and classmates. Most of the time, you do this alone despite all of the ghosts that seem to constantly be surrounding you. The majority of them just moan around though, and that’s just not your thing. There is one person, however, that you truly enjoy the company of. 

Speaking of the devil, you thought, spotting Fred Weasley hovering at the end of the hallway. You drifted toward him slowly, taking in his translucent figure. He was still in the suit he had died in, which you din’t have a problem with. He looked bloody fantastic in it. 

“Hey, Fred,” you greeted, looking up at him. 

He barely even glanced down at you. “Hey, (Y/N).” His eyes were trained out the window, not really focusing on any one thing. The usual light in them was gone. That gleam was what initially drew you to Fred. Sure, his eyes were always aglow when he was alive, but so were other peoples’. But now, even in death, there was still a spark in his eyes that no other ghost had. Not even you. You admired how he kept his optimism and humor despite the whole death thing. It just wasn’t right, seeing him like this. 

“What’s going on, Freddie?” you asked. 

He cringed at your question. “Please. Don’t call me that.” 

You were quite taken aback at this. He had never had a problem with it before.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it-”

He cut  you off. “I know, I know. It’s just that, my brother, George, used to call me that.” His voice had grown soft and lacked its usual whimsical quality. 

“Oh, right…is that what’s bothering you? You miss your family?” you questioned, hoping to get to the root of the problem. You hated seeing him in this state and just wanted to help him. 

He nodded solemnly. “Yeah. I mean, at first, death seemed like the next great adventure, you know? And it was. I loved discovering what I could do with my new ghost body. Oh, and the pranks I could pull on George were endless. But there was a problem. I could never actually pull pranks on George again. That’s when the loneliness truly set in. Sure, I love the people here, but they aren’t my family. It’s just not the same.” 

All you could do was nod and listen. He didn’t speak for a few moments, but when he did, his voice was shaky. 

“I was able to muddle through for a bit. I thought, ‘Maybe if I could just keep myself entertained, I would forget.’ As you can tell, that tactic didn’t work too well for me.” His voice had broken, and if ghosts could cry, you were sure you would’ve seen a tear rolling down his cheek. 

“Surely they visit,” you said hopefully. 

“They do. Trust me, Hogwarts wishes it could rid itself of the Weasleys. But they all have lives of their own. They can’t stay here with me forever.”

You reached down and gently took his hand in yours and squeezed. Unfortunately, you couldn’t actually feel each other, but you could tell that your message got through to him because you watched his hand squeeze back.

“Fred, I can’t even imagine how you feel, but I want you to know that I am able to stay here with you forever. I will always be here when you need me. Hell, I’ll even let you play pranks on me if you’d like. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy. 

You saw the faintest hint of a smile form on his face. “Thanks, (Y/N). That means a lot, but all I need for you to do is stand-er, float here with me.” 

And that’s exactly what you did. You both hovered there, hand in hand, staring out onto the Hogwarts grounds. Students and other ghosts went by and laughed or whispered, but you ignored them. As you watched the sunset behind the trees of the Forbidden Forest, you began to wonder what exactly Fred was thinking about. It must have been a variety of things, because his facial expressions changed every few moments. He went from smiling, to laughing, to frowning. Obviously you much preferred the first two looks. 

When the stars started shining, Fred turned away from the window. 

“Thanks, (Y/N). I just needed some time to reflect, but I’m afraid without you here, I probably would’ve stayed there forever. Stuck in the past.”

You grinned, “I’m glad I could help.” 

You both floated down the hallway, about to go your separate ways for the evening, when Fred stopped suddenly. 

“(Y/N), if I’m going to be stuck with a person for eternity, I’m glad it’s you,” he confessed, showing a true smile for the first time that day.

If you had been alive, you would certainly have been blushing profusely. “Same here, Weasley. Same here.” 

With that, he disappeared, but you noticed something as he faded away. 

The spark was back.

A/N: I’m so sorry that this took so long and that it is so short. Regardless, I hope you like it! Honestly, I’m still in denial of Fred’s death, so this was difficult to write. I teared up a coupe of times, not going to lie. 

FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 5]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family, slight fluff

WORDS: 2268

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Re-written as of 8th Sept ‘16.

“Faster faster Soonyoung don’t let them beat us!!!” you cheered as the two of you hurtled down the grassy hill.

“Yah Y/N! Stop bouncing around or I’ll drop you!” Soonyoung threatened, panting heavily.

“The finish line is just a few meters away!”

Then suddenly, as if he’d planned it all along, Seungcheol dashed past the two of you, Eunmi on his back cheering loudly. They passed the white-chalked line just a few seconds before you two.

“NOOOOOOO!” Soonyoung fell to the ground, dropping you in the process.

“You let them beat us!” you scolded.

He lay on the ground, panting, “NO! You’re just too heavy!”

You grabbed a fistful of grass and threw it in his face.

“ACK! I’ll die from grass poisoning!”

“Well then good riddance to you!”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Frank believing Mrs. Graham and going through the stones trying to find Claire, but he's the one that runs into Black Jack at the hill.

This is the start of a new multi-part fic. I’m not sure just yet how many parts it will be but I do have the entire thing plotted, so stay tuned for Part Two. (And don’t worry, though there will be lots of angst, there will ultimately be a verra happy ending).

Mod Lenny   ; )

Collision Course - Part One

Frank lay awake at night. His bags were packed and waiting by the door. He was returning to Oxford in the morning and he would be returning alone.

He and Claire had only just moved into their house there—they hadn’t even begun to unpack the few boxes of possessions they had between them. Many of Claire’s things were still in her military trunk. There might be more things inherited from her Uncle Lamb than things belonging to Claire herself.

What was he going to do with it all? If she had left him for another man—as the police insisted on believing—she would have gone without taking a few mementoes of her uncle. Which only left so many options for what might’ve happened to her—and if the police were so adamant that someone would have found her body by now…

Mrs. Graham’s outrageous theory of the stones and their legendary powers came back to him. The car had been by the stones and it was the flowers right near the stones that Claire had been after. It was completely absurd to even consider it and yet… wouldn’t it be more absurd to ignore the possibility altogether? There had been many disappearances during the war—especially in his like of work—and there were a few of those that had explanations as difficult to swallow if you knew the natures of the agents involved. But he knew Claire far better than them… or he thought he had.

If Mrs. Graham’s theory did prove valid, where might Claire have found herself? Would she have been able to survive in such an environment?

What would he do in such a situation?

He liked to flatter himself that he would adapt quickly and easily—he had made it his life’s work to study history, after all… so long as he found himself in a period he was familiar with, he would do fine. His intelligence training would help him the rest of the way, at any rate.

Hopefully he had passed enough of that knowledge on to Claire to be of service to her—assuming she had paid any attention.

He sighed. He should have gone with her that day. He should have made a bigger effort to try and get involved in the things she found interesting. Not that she had done much better when it came to his interests. They hadn’t realized until the war was over how much they had drifted apart during those years. But this unexpected—unnatural—separation had already made him more aware of how much of his marriage he’d taken for granted, how much more he would need to work to reclaim it when he finally found Claire again.

When he finally managed to sleep that night, his dreams were unsettling and restless. The druids dancing as dawn broke over Craig na Dun; the chill of the rain that last night walking back from Reg’s house to find Claire at Mrs. Baird’s; the hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach as he and Reg approached the hill and found the car but not Claire.

He’d circled the stones looking for evidence of where Claire might have gone but in his dream he saw a scrap of cloth—part of a blanket shawl she had bought herself. The scrap was caught in the crack of the most prominent stone. He reached out to take the piece of cloth in hand, trying to pull it free. It pulled back on him until he placed his hand against the stone to increase his leverage. He pulled hard and this time it came free suddenly and with a scream. His momentum carried him backwards until he fell to the ground hard and woke with a jolt in his bed at the manse, the bedspread clutched tightly in his fist.

Mrs. Graham watched him warily over breakfast the following morning, like she had been able to see what had happened in his dreams too. He couldn’t meet her eye and had little stomach for the food, leaving the table early to bring his bags downstairs.

“Ye’re off then?” Reg commented, unable to find a comfortable position for his arms. After crossing them over his chest for a moment he switched to slipping his hands in his pockets and fiddling with a few coins of change therein.

“It’s a long drive ahead of me and I should like to do as much as I can today,” Frank explained.

“Give us a call when ye’ve reached a stopping point for the night,” Reg pressed him. “Or just when ye’ve reached Oxford and have settled in again. I’ll… I’ll keep ye apprised of any uh… developments; I’ll keep after the police. Something is bound to turn up sooner or later.”

Frank offered a weak but appreciative smile before shaking Reg’s hand goodbye. He could hear Mrs. Graham with Roger in the kitchen trying to get the boy to finish his meal so they could bid farewell to Mr. Randall. He slipped away before the older woman succeeded with the lad.

Still, he felt their eyes on him as he drove away and Mrs. Graham’s earnest assertions about the stones. The truth as I know it, she’d said. Certain people, on certain days… pierce the veil of time… the travelers often return.

Maybe he could summon Claire back somehow.

It wouldn’t take much to try and he had nothing to lose—there wouldn’t even be anyone around to see if it turned out to be a resounding failure but at least he would know he had tried everything.

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Part One: Nightmares. (Wendigo S01E02)

[ Previous Episodes.]

A/N: We’re at the second episode! [Throws confetti.] In this part the reader’s nightmares come back to haunt her and it show a bit of the back story and inner conflicts I have in mind. (Because just having fun with the boys just isn’t enough.) Enjoy!

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Winchester Jr.: Part VI

Prompt: Heyy could you do fanfic where the reader is Dean’s daughter from the future and she somehow end up in the past and meets Dean and Sam?

Word count: 2,821

Warnings: I’m evil.

Author’s Note: As promised, the complete chapter in Dad!Dean’s POV. There’s probably one more part after this one, so let me know if you want it in the Reader’s/Daughter’s POV or same as this one. And let me know what you think, please?

[Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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anonymous asked:

but there’s a huge plothole in the explanation that lily’s blood in voldemort kept harry alive in the forrest. if it did, then why was voldemort able to die when the AK rebounded in the Great Hall? and why didn’t harry die when voldemort did, having lost what kept him alive in the first place? it’s been ten years i still don’t fully understand this. there is the 'master of death' explanation but idk about that.

It is confusing and complicated, but I don’t think it’s a plot hole. The ‘master of death’ theory doesn’t hold with me either. Let me lay out my understanding. I’ll try to be thorough without overwhelming you. I’m not interspersing with a ton of HP quotes, but if you need clarification or a source, let me know.

Let me start at the beginning, because fully understanding the nature of the sacrificial protection is important to understanding what follows. A sacrifice like this can only be triggered under very specific circumstances: A killer, a victim, and someone standing in the way. Most important, a moment of reckoning when someone could walk away, stand aside, save themselves, but chooses not to. That choice, based on love, is what triggers this protection.

That’s what we have in Lily Potter. James was doomed from the start, Voldemort was going to kill him no matter what he said or did. Voldemort saw him, laughed, sneered, and cast the curse. But he argues with Lily to stand with him just as she argues with him, pleads with him, not to do this to her son. It comes down to this moment:

“This is my last warning.”

“Not Harry! Please…have mercy… Not Harry! Please – I’ll do anything…”

Anything, except stand aside and let Voldemort kill her baby, so Voldemort kills her for it. She could have stood aside, and he would have killed Harry, and that would have been that. 

It’s this choice, based on love, to stand there and sacrifice herself for Harry, to die for him, which triggers the sacrificial protection. CS Lewis, who influenced JK’s writing so greatly, called this sort of sacrificial magic Deeper Magic from before the beginning of time. It’s very old, and very rare, very deep. Even Dumbledore knew he didn’t fully understand it.

Lily died for Harry, and her sacrifice protects him from Voldemort, and that’s the only circumstance under which this protection might be activated. But it stays with Harry and offers him some measure of protection from Voldemort, forever.

This, in combination with Dumbledore’s charm, is what keeps Harry safe while he is at his aunt’s house, the house where his mother’s blood resides. And when Harry is eleven and Voldemort, possessing Quirrell, tries to touch him, he can’t. 

Voldemort obsesses over this, tries to find a work around. After Wormtail finds him and slowly nurses him back to health, he lies in wait for a year in order to use ‘the boy’s’ blood. Why? To beat the protection. As he’s planning on killing Harry that night, it is a fine short-term objective. And for Voldemort’s rudimentary understanding, he’s right: he can touch Harry. Was it enough to keep Voldemort from torturing Harry? No. Was it enough to keep Voldemort from possessing Harry? Again, no. Was Voldemort able to kill Harry? No. (There are other factors at work here, too, Priori Incantatem, the twin cores.) Harry survives, and Voldemort spends the next year obsessing over the Prophecy.

What does Dumbledore say in King’s Cross? That If Voldemort had known, if he had understood what it meant, he wouldn’t have taken Lily’s blood, and her sacrifice, into himself. By taking Lily’s blood into himself, traces of her sacrifice were still around, to activate when needed.

In the forest, when Voldemort utters the AK curse at Harry, several things happen in quick succession, but it’s all very important to understand:

  • The Elder Wand refuses to kill Harry. (from JK’s old website)
  • As a result, the curse chooses to kill the Horcrux.
  • Harry and Voldemort are now separate creatures.
  • Except, Voldemort is once again trying to kill Harry, triggering once again that sacrificial protection, which is running through Voldemort’s veins.

It’s a complicated, multi-faceted set of circumstances that lands Harry in King’s Cross, the in between place. Although Voldemort is the container for that sacrifice, the literal bag of bones and flesh that’s carrying it, the sacrifice isn’t for him. It’s Voldemort mere fact of being alive which tethers Harry to life. It keeps Harry’s heart beating long enough to make the choice to move on or come back. I think the power of that spell, of the sacrifice, is actually what renders Voldemort unconscious, but that’s pure speculation.

Dumbledore and Harry have their nice little chat at King’s Cross, and Harry makes the choice to come back because, as Dumbledore says, there’s a good chance of finishing it once and for all.

There is such a poetic beauty in this arc, because the series begins and ends with same choice, the same sacrificial protection. Lily made the choice to stand there, let Voldemort kill her, rather than stand aside and watch him be killed. Harry marched into that forest with the hope that he’ll prevent any more deaths. And as remnants of that love stayed on harry, Harry’s sacrifice means Voldemort’s curses won’t stick; the curses rebound.  The snake is killed.

So, we have Harry and Voldemort facing off. Harry pleads for Voldemort to be merciful upon himself, explains about the Elder Wand, and then they shout their spells. As before, several layers of magic are at work in this moment:

  • No Horcruxes, including Harry, are available to Voldemort to tether him to life.
  • The Elder Wand once again refuses to kill its master.
  • Voldemort has refused remorse, and perhaps save himself.
  • When only Voldemort’s life is threatened, Lily’s sacrificial protection isn’t triggered as he was never its intended recipient in the first place. 

It’s a bit like that moment of the step-mother’s reckoning in Ever After: a hall full of people, the charges are laid. The Queen asks who will speak for her, and everyone is backing the eff away. 

No one is there to save Voldemort because he’s set himself up for it. Harry never killed Voldemort, either, which I’ve seen mentioned in posts. The magic is working against him, because he didn’t take the time to understand it. With nothing to speak for him, to save him, to intervene, his own curse rebounds and kills him. His body hits the floor with a mundane finality.

Suga - I need U

                 This fic was based on the song “I need U” by BTS

      Suga was sitting on the green grass, he closed his eyes again and tried to remember, remember how he had ended up there. It made no sense the fact that he was there, where was everyone? What place was that?

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Run to Daddy

“Can you do a daddy 5sos preference of when the kids run on stage please? But could the kids be younger like 2-3”


If you had asked eighteen year old Luke Hemmings what his favorite thing in the world was, it wouldn’t take but a second for him to respond, “Touring!” But fast forward to now, and if you asked Luke Hemmings what his favorite thing in the world was, he wouldn’t even blink before answering “My family!” So when you took these two things and put them together, Luke Hemmings was the happiest man alive.

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I’ll Make You Proud Dad-     When You Love Someone Pt.1

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Summary- Growing up in two different houses was difficult. Finding out as a young kid your father hunted the monsters under your bed you had two options fight or flight. At 9 you started the silly games until your father died on a hunt when you were 18. Family doesn’t end in blood you learned when your father’s friend John Winchester was a hunter and his sons Sam and Dean Winchester took you in and made you one of them. Along the way your feelings grew for Dean and vise versa more than you wanted to admit.
Pairing- Dean x Reader
Word Count- 1,721
Warnings-  Death, Grief ???
A/N- This is literally like my first thing I’m writing like i’ve never done a one shot, dabble, imagine nothing like every on tumblr! I’ve been wanting to write for such a long but I never like knew how to work this shit out and I still don’t so if ya’ll wanna help me out that would be really appreciated. So try not to be so harsh I would love feedback of course, so enjoy my loves.
Part 1, Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

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Week Thirty-Three: Aphex Twin – Windowlicker.

I used to work in an office where it was basically impossible to talk about music. One guy liked Rival Schools, but didn’t bring it up very often. Another dude liked a pretty wide range of stuff, some of it awful but some of it pretty good. We once saw Har Mar Superstar together, for example. But yeah, one day, he came into work all buzzing because he’d just discovered this new track with this amazing video and he couldn’t get enough of it. Had I heard it before? Had I heard Windowlicker by Aphex Twin?

Yes. Yes I had. This was long before this project began, while I was still neck-deep in The Fall, but I had heard Windowlicker before, many times. Seen the video, too. Yes. It is good. Yes. Very weird. Very funny. Have you heard anything else by him? I asked. No? OK.

Windowlicker isn’t my favourite Aphex Twin track, but it is for a lot of people.  It’s the favourite of the average Warp Records fan, because they voted it as such. It’s MTV’s. It’s Pitchfork’s. Critical opinion and sales history is largely on its side. For many people, like my former colleague, it’s the only Aphex Twin song they’ve ever heard and ever bothered with – although a slightly smaller subset will have heard Come To Daddy too, and a smaller subset still will have heard Avril 14th, even if they have no idea it’s the same dude.

Why is it so well-renowned and so successful? Like I discussed last week with Come To Daddy, its relative success of James still didn’t really earn him an entry into the mainstream per se, forever toiling in the upper echelons of what you might call “the underground” along with… shit, I dunno, pre-American Idiot Green Day? That’s the only example I can get at right now. It’s been a long week. I don’t fucking feel like writing, I just feel like sleeping. This week saw too many deadlines to bother with this one, too, but power on I must. YEAH. Green Day in like 2002. Plenty of MTV play and record sales, plenty of casual fans who aren’t otherwise into the earlier catalogue or wider genre at large, but not quite man-on-the-street recognisable or headline-grabbing. You know what I mean. But Windowlicker is as close as James ever got to being a star.

Part of it is the record cover. Probably one of the greatest/worst covers of all time. Richard D. James’ smiling mush superimposed onto the body of a swimsuit model against an azure-blue background. Minimalist in composition, maximalist in weird-as-fuck-ness. It was years after seeing it for the first time that I actually saw the original photo, and was confused. Like, logically, this photo makes more sense, but without RDJ’s grin it just looks… off. It’s a brain-searing cover, probably hidden from many a mother in it’s time for a wide variety of conflicting reasonings. It’s pure James, though. There’s probably a wider discussion to be had about his usage of sexualised imagery within his music, from porn samples through to this, and there’s probably a metaphor to be taken from the use of hardcore porn in the esoteric Caustic Window tracks to the much softer imagery used alongside his biggest pop hit, but I’m not sure if it goes any further than that.

Then you’ve got the video. The ten-minute freak-fest containing endless masks of his own face, an expletive every two seconds, the 20-second limo shot, and potentially dicey issues regarding white people’s occasionally condescending views of black culture. It’s intended as a parody of gangsta rap excess, and it exceeds in that way, I guess, but you better believe there’d be a fuck-ton of think pieces about this video if it was released today, and not just because of its scale and, to be fair, general cinematic artistry. I’m not the biggest fan of the video, to be honest. For people like my former co-worker, it pulls attention away from the music involved. Want to hear this other Aphex Twin track? Does it have a ten minute video? No? Not bothered then.

So let’s talk about the music. I mean, people wouldn’t have bought it just for the cover and the video if it wasn’t a decent song, right? And it is a great song. I said it wasn’t my favourite Aphex Twin track, but why isn’t it? It’s fucking great! Released toward the end of his original run, pre-recession into the relative shadows of small-scale releases and silence, it captures pretty much everything that we love about him. Chaotic staticy breakbeats backed by beautiful melodies and weird vocal samples, stuffed full of weird tics and twists and turns and then it turns into a full-blown noise-wall at the end. There’s a FUCK lot packed into this six minutes, and some of it is the biggest pop hooks he has ever and will ever lay down. In a lot of ways, it’s kinda chillwave a full decade-and-a-bit before chillwave showed up, which goes to show both how ahead of its time Windowlicker is as well as how fucking recessive chillwave was as a sound/scene/aesthetic/whatever. Because Windowlicker WAS ahead of its time – you still struggle to find producers who can come out with one-off singles quite like this. The dense textures, the boundaries pushed, it sounds unreal even now. I guess I should mention the spectrogram stuff too, though that’s arguably done better on one of the B-sides.

Oh yeah, the B-sides. Not really mentioned them at all. ΔMi−1 = −αΣn=1NDi[n][Σj∈C[i]Fji[n − 1] +Fexti[n−1]] (or Equation for short) is the one with the creepy Richard D. James face spectrogram at the end, but to achieve it it has to sound largely shit. Very jarring and industrial after the pop gloss of Windowlicker, it’s a great contrast that calls back to his earlier work, but it’s not exactly the best example of it. Nannou is better, an indication of the clicky, minimalist, concretey sound he would pursue in the tracks on Drukqs, although it sounds as much like Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do by Sigur Ros as anything else. It’s a spot-on comedown track after what’s come before, but I can imaging there are plenty of people who rarely bothered to flip their copy of Windowlicker over to the other side – it’s the title track that really stands out. It’s a tough act to follow.

So why Windowlicker it my favourite Aphex Twin track? Why? I never listen to it much. I full-on forgot to listen to it all week so all of my reflections are essentially based on listening to just the A-side ten times in a row on loop at about 8:30am on Sunday morning. It’s a weird track for this time of the day and week, but it kind of suits my fried-out brain perfectly. It’s pretty much a perfect track. Maybe it is my favourite Aphex Twin thing, and I’ve just never quite realised it. Maybe I’ve just never listened to it enough. But I dunno. In creating something so poppy, so chart-ready, he loses something – Windowlicker lacks some of the warmth of Richard D. James Album or Selected Ambient Works Vol II and even Syro. And maybe he knew it.

After Windowlicker, we get Drukqs, which James is on record as saying was basically just a finished tracks dump after he lost an iPod on a plane and wanted to get stuff out before it leaked. After that, he receded into the background and went back to basics with Analord. Was Windowlicker the limit – he’d gone as far with computers, as far with the PR game, as he ever wanted to go, and now it was time to step back? Maybe. And for that reason, Windowlicker is a pinnacle of some point – but of what, I’m not sure.

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Panic Attack - Park Jimin

Hello kind anon! I will admit, this was rather difficult ; ; but I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for requesting and for loving my blog <3

“Meet me at the park in about an hour. You know which one! Then, we’ll start the date from there!” Jimin exclaimed over the phone. I knew exactly which park he was talking about, but I really didn’t want to go there. I knew there would be a ton of people at this time of the day.

“M-Maybe we could meet somewhere else? You know, because it’s going to be crowded and I don’t think you’d want your cover blown,” I suggested, trying to mask my nervousness with concern for his idol image. “(Y/N)! But I like that park! Plus, I’ll be in disguise like a superhero so no one will notice me,” he whined. I could almost hear him pouting through the phone.

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anonymous asked:

companions + what pokemon they'd have GO

youve unleashed a beast

also i linked all the Pokemon for those who dont know which one im talking about

Cait: She doesn’t actually have any until after she goes clean, and wouldn’t have trusted herself with one until then anyway, but she ends up with a Sawk and a Throh that would follow her to the ends of the Earth, courtesy of a one-time return trip to the Combat Zone to tie up loose ends. She also ends up adopting a mangy little Riolu that takes to guiding her away from the Psycho on her bad days.

Curie: Never had a Pokemon while she was in her Ms. Nanny body, but when a little Happiny comes stumbling into her life she can’t help but adore it. Years and many battles later it’s evolved into a Blissey and is arguably her most important assistant in the clinic.

Danse: In the Capital Wasteland he only had one, a mean old Quilava that had decided to stick with him when it met him on one scavving run. It evolved to a Typhlosion on the mission looking for Cutler, to try to help protect Danse. Once in the Brotherhood he recieved an Onix which quickly became a Steelix and the Ursaring and Aggron that belonged to Cutler. The Aggron can Mega-Evolve. (SPOILERS) Post Blind-Betrayal a beat up, scarred Elgyem bonds to him and scratches the Brotherhood emblem off his power armor after it sees him getting worked up looking at it.

Deacon: A Keclceon, obviously. He’ll never actually tell how he got it but the truth is that after his first face change it was the only thing that was able to recognize him. He also has a Chatot that he teaches rude words and incorrect song lyrics to and an Absol that helped him defend the first HQ he lost. People will occasionally claim to see a Zoroark with him, though he always denies it.

Hancock: Not much of a trainer, but has a ton of Pokemon that just kinda hang out around Goodneighbor and the Statehouse. The ones that are closest to him are the skinny little Persian with a bad eye and a cracked gem that sleeps at the foot of his bed, the Gabite that bites him whenever he tries to feed it but adores Fahrenheit, the Liepard that always yowls when he’s adressing the people from his balcony, and the Croagunk that has an uncanny ability to sense out bad ones in his chem stash. 

Maccready: Though he left all his Pokemon, a Teddiursa that likes to steal hats, a Zigzagoon that bullies the Teddiursa, and a Munna that used to belong to Lucy, with Duncan in the Capital Wasteland he got a Grovyle and a Krookodile while he ran with the Gunners. They’re both absolutely brutal in combat but real sweet on him.

Nick Valentine: He and Preston are the only ones with a full team, and Nick is because he sometimes ends up taking care of client’s Pokemon after they pass away. He has a crotchety old Sawsbuck that he keeps outside the city in a nearby settlement, a Klinklang that he recieved as a Klink as thanks for his first case being closed, a Kingler that always tracks water into the agency from who knows where, a Golurk that stands outside Diamond City like a guard and waves at him when he leaves, a Klefki that tries to hook on to his belt at all times of the day, and a Stoutland he recieved as a Herdier after it’s owner died looking for his daughter with Nick.

Piper: Most of her Pokemon stay with Nat while she’s travelling, the Gardevoir and Breloom from their Father staying behind and the Altaria she raised from a Swablu going out into the wasteland with her.

Preston: He got his first Pokemon when he was really young, a Growlithe that torched a patch of crops on his family farm that he stopped his Dad from putting down that evolved into an Arcanine when he joined up with the Minutemen. He also has a Dragonite that was originally a Dragonair he found half dead on the beach when he was 15. Throughout the years he also raised a finicky Eevee into an Sylveon that is incredibly protective of settlers, a Turtwig into a very gentle Torterra who has a little mutfruit tree growing off it’s back, a Braviary that he found with a hurt wing who he’s taken to calling “McGann”, and though he doesn’t get to see it often, a Lapras who lives on the coast that later serves to ferry people between the mainland and Spectacle Island.

X6-88: If asked, he’ll always say that it’s against regulations for a synth to have one but that hardly stops a duo of Skarmory and Houndoom from following him around while he’s on missions topside. They’re efficient and have yet to get in the way so he doesn’t bother with trying to stop them, and even slips them food from time to time. He also favors the Skarmory for keeping flying bugs well away from him.

EDIT: Arthur Maxon: He has three, all of whom are fiercely loyal, combat trained since birth, and marked with the Brotherhood insignia in one way or another. The one he is bonded closest to is a Luxray that he received as a Shinx to raise for his 10th birthday. He never went after another Pokemon until he was 13, when he captured a Registeel while he was looking for a deathclaw. He also cares for the Metagross that Sarah Lyons used to own, though it’s not much in a fight anymore he holds it near and dear to him because it’s the last thing he has of her. It used to be able to mega evolve.

Believe Him


Request: would this gifset work as a prompt? 

A/N: I’m happy with this. :)


You spun around, letting your towel swing open a bit and smirking, “You’ve really gotta stop popping in here when I’m naked. I think you do it on purpose. Not that I’m actually objecting or anything, because if you were down for and not dead then I’d totally try, but you know…”

Allison rolled her eyes, unamused, “Can you be serious for like five minutes? I really need your help.”

“Of course you do.” You mumbled, gesturing for her to continue as you rummaged in your closet for some clothes. Allison looked down at the ground when your towel hit the floor which made you chuckle a bit because you didn’t mind her ogling your body. It was a nice body. You were proud of it.

When she didn’t say anything, you looked over your shoulder, “Are you going to tell me?”

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I was just wondering how you choose which POV to tell a scene from. Like why the prologue in Heavenly Fire was told from Emma’s point of view and not Sebastian’s. I enjoyed Emma’s perspective but it seems like it could have been a chance to get a look into his mind? Thanks and if you post this could you take my name off?

Name redacted from incendiary question about viewpoints. :) No, I am just teasing. This falls into the category of “Writers, why do you do the things you do?” Which I always think is interesting, because the choices we make shape our work, but — even if I explain my reasoning, you don’t have to agree with it. :)

Prologues are an interesting thing in writer-land because they actually are controversial. Some people love them. Some people hate them. The big argument against them is often that if the information in them is important, why is it not in the main body of the work — i.e. why isn’t it just “Chapter One”?

Me, I like a prologue. I find that they give an opportunity to tell an event in the world from the perspective of a character you’d never otherwise hear from — for instance, Aloysius Starkweather’s perspective in Clockwork Princess. Yes, we can be told the information later in the narrative that his granddaughter died receiving her first runes, but it’s much less visceral than experiencing it on the page, and it’s interesting to be in the head of someone whose viewpoint you’ll never get again (as in 1878, Aloysius is pretty far gone in senile dementia). Similarly, we get Valentine’s viewpoint in City of Ashes and then, as far as I know, never again. And it gives us the birth of the fear demon, which means that when Agramon shows up later, we know what it is. No one else in the book besides Valentine could have been there for that, or they would not later have been surprised about Agramon being around.

Sometimes prologues indicate a time skip, big or small (the prologue of CP where we see Will and Jem at 12, or CoLS where we see Simon two weeks before the rest of the book takes place.) Sometimes they exist to set a mood (Will’s prologue in CP.) Prologues do a lot of different jobs.

As for why I chose to tell the prologue of The Dark Artifices from Emma’s viewpoint and not Sebastian’s — I have written Sebastian’s viewpoint before, in City of Lost Souls. Mostly as a way to let people know he was Up to Something with Faeries, but not what. But the prologue from Sebastian’s point of view would have been near-impossible without revealing his involvement with the Fair Folk, given that they were with him at the time. He would have had to spend the whole prologue deliberately not thinking about 1) the faeries right next to him 2) the existence of Edom, to which he is about to return 3) his overall plans, including his visit to the Adamant Citadel.

Unreliable narrators are great, but usually they’re unreliable because they’ve bought into their own mythology about themselves. Being coy is something else — just not revealing what a character is actually thinking — and Coyness in Writing is a whole other topic. It drives my critique group nuts though; whenever anyone’s being coy with info they get yelled at.

There are important factual things we learn in the prologue about the story — that Sebastian is attacking Institutes — but even if I’d never planned to write the Dark Artifices, I’d still have told it from Emma’s point of view. To me the Blackthorns have a symbolic weight in City of Heavenly Fire. They represent the stakes of war. 

Without any representation of the people — ordinary Shadowhunters, some innocent children — that Clary and the others are trying to save, they become something blurry and distantly symbolic. We can understand that they want to save their parents, and those trapped in Edom, but when what’s at stake is saving the lives of Shadowhunters overall, putting faces and personalities to those lives matters.

(Also, in the fact that they escaped the Institute, they bring important information about what Sebastian’s doing to Idris — and they could still have done that if the prologue had been Seb’s viewpoint, but from his view they would have been a bunch of fleeing kids, nameless and undifferentiated. It would have taken all the meaning out of the scene where Emma wakes up screaming for her parents and Julian gives her Cortana. It would have taken a ton of meaning out of the end, when Helen is sent away — the meaning of her being separated from her family is greatly dulled if we don't know her family.)

So I guess if the overall question is: how do I pick who tells a scene, which POV it’s from, usually I ask myself, Who undergoes the most change in this scene? Think about the engine that propels stories as three C’s: conflict, choice and change (ideally change brought about by choice forced by conflict.) Jace tells the scene between him and Alec, because he changes the most during it. Emma changes the most during the prologue. She makes the biggest choices, her whole life is transformed and she is changed as a person. Sebastian doesn’t change at all. So as well as me wanting to establish what the stakes of the war were, to put a face to all the lives that would need saving over the course of the book, I also wanted to show the birth of a hero, the inciting incident that makes someone who they are. The superhero origin story. :) Which I think is a fun thing to experience, whether you ever read the Dark Artifices or not. :)