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Monsta X

I know y'all know they deserve to win. It makes me so sad that a group of guys with so much potential who actually make really good music can’t even credit for their hard work. Also @ ahgases im an IGOT7 too and ik y'all know damn well got7 would be happy for monsta x so please no more fan wars. Please everyone just support monsta x. THEY DESERVE IT. i’m not asking for them to snatch all the trophies. I’m asking that they’re able to get just one.

me: *reading a cool informative blog and mining content for my sideblog that i specifically set up as a self-motivator to consistently engage with my special interest instead of in brief hyperfocus bursts*

my brain: why are we wasting time on this… why not do something PRODUCTIVE, like watch a tv show :/

me: ???????????????????

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wouldn't it be crazy if otayuri became the focal relationship of season 2 and then became canon? The antis would go absolutely nuts lol but as much as I'd like to finally win this argument with them and have my otp become canon, the antis would be calling kubo a pedophile and causing a massive stink throughout the fandom. This is why we can't have nice things.

tbh I don’t expect/necessarily need them to be canon. it’d be cool to get to know otabek more & get a better sense of the dynamic of their friendship.

romance is fine & dandy but that’s what we have fics & art for, to create the things we’d like to see. I think that’s the point that most of the anti’s are missing.

seungcheol x 447 words prompt-based
“i’m an emotional wreck.”
“it’s okay, you’re a cute emotional wreck.” ☀︎

some days you wake up feeling like a champion. the sun clearly rose to your feet and kissed your skin as it came up, drawing clouds your way to make sure the weather wouldn’t kill you and everything felt like the perfect puzzle piece to form a great day ahead of you. those days were the ones you lived for, ached for, wanted to breathe it in and let it sink deep into your body to remember what it feels like to win at life. those days are the ones that seungcheol comes home to summer when it’s winter.

some days… aren’t like that.

some days you wake up with the intention of never wanting to. the sun felt like it’s torturing you just as it rakes through your skin and drags you awake with the light blinding your eyes. those days were the ones you wanted to bury down in your chest and never speak of it again. those days were a reminder of what it feels like to lose at living when the only thing you do without trying is living. those days were the ones that seungcheol comes home to winter when it’s summer.

whichever, however, as long as it’s you, he’s prepared.

he starts off with a quiet coo of your name that announces his presence. though, the sound of the door closing and rummaging of items onto the dining table and cabinet really gives him away. but he’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not quite in the position to pay attention to any of that.

he continues with getting on your level, in other words, his knees because you tend to squeeze yourself in small spots by the balcony window and that is beside the sofa, on the floor. he tries to lure you out with arms reaching in, and even though you look like you’re about to sock him in the face because i want to be alone, cheol.

yeah? then why are you moving already?

seungcheol doesn’t press on it too much, chuckling when you crawl onto his lap where he rests his bum on his folded legs and finds leverage to balance you on him. it’s not long until his aura, one that you’re certain god spent a long time in perfecting cradles you in and he feels the tearstained cheeks re-staining themselves as his fingers go through your hair, the other latched onto your waist as a safety belt.

yet, it’s humorous when you say past your hoarse voice: “i’m an emotional wreck,”

he only responds with a kiss on your head, a smile soon after, “it’s okay, you’re a cute emotional wreck.”

Omnics don't surf

// I’m about the biggest fan Jack Morrison ever had (okay, I’m sure there are many bigger ones out there), but the “omnics don’t surf” line gets me. 

By and large, for a war vet against omnics, Jack stays pretty quiet on the subject while other characters are varying stages of vocal.

For a long time, I tried to play him as relatively neutral on the topic. I couldn’t call him pro-omnic because he says and does nothing to demonstrate that kind of a sentiment.

I could only imagine for an old warhorse like him, he’d come down on the prejudiced side, but maybe an omnic like Zenyatta could win him over with loyalty. In fairness, I can sympathize – omnics killed thousands back in his heyday, and are killing in Russia and Germany currently. It’s not a peace, love & granola situation.

“Omnics don’t surf” is  his other Kilgore-inspired quote (I think there’s only the two), and it tips him over to the anti-omnic side.

The smell of pulse munitions in the morning is iconic (I did actually reflect on the smell of pulse munitions in that linked post), but ‘the smell of napalm’ line has no significance other than to show Bill is flipping his shit. ‘Charlie don’t surf’, on the other hand, has a deeper connotation (to me).

See, the film line ‘Charlie don’t surf’ boils down to – ‘these are Viet Cong, they’re less than human, they don’t deserve to have this beach’ (even though it’s in Viet Nam). So when you replace ‘charlie’ with ‘omnics’, that’s basically Jack saying ‘omnics are less than human, they don’t deserve [insert noun here]’.


Okay :) 

Looks like Dad Lui wins!

I think its because y’all want to call him daddy >v> You sillies.

I will say to help the other mods that Dad Lui can wear anything as long as he’s in dad form. LOL 

I may draw him in different types of jammies lol

- Mod Hypno

also idk if anyone cares but 

grant/rikki whatever i decide to name him i imagine to be like about 15 when his sister Maria is around 5-6, so typically in his teenage angst phase. 

He’s probably like, embarrassed by the rep his father has. Its more than likely even as time passes Chick is still ridiculed for his actions during his piston cup win, like hes taking that to his car grave. His son pretty much takes a lot of crap for it too, and while he does care about his dad he feels ashamed for him and has called him out on it. (ohohoho a spicy angst) He doesn’t really want to get into racing, like at all. Chick I can see being like. “Okay I won’t force you”, since i personally HC chick himself didn’t 100% want to be in racing but his father was probably the one to get him into it with the whole we are a family of winners line. I can see chick really not wanting to be the person his father was to him towards his own kids. 

Maria is the complete opposite of her brother. She’s very much into racing and loves going to work with her parents, and wants to be just like her mother some day. She watches old video recordings of her dad racing and recreates them with her toys. She’s very young and very clingy. She doesn’t like having to be separated from her parents or her brother, even if her brother likes more alone time and doesn’t like to be bothered much (tho bc he cares he babysits her sometimes) 

Thats p general and mostly fits into any au, but i also HC specifically in the human au that chick and nat probably had their kids like, very unplanned. When Nat had their firstborn son, they were both focused a lot on their careers as casters and analysts ppl and weren’t really planning to settle down at all. But they both agreed that they wanted to raise the child together and things worked out and when they were more comfortable with each other oh look u have a little sister now. 

this is pretty rambly aa (and im usually a decent and coherent writer when it comes to my ideas) I might explain things better, later when im more awake 

complimenting a girl as a girl is like a win-win situation like if she takes it in a friendly way, that’s awesome! if she takes it in a flirty way, that’s awesome! either way you both feel good, but complimenting a guy as a girl is very weird because i feel like a lot of guys aren’t used to compliments and so they immediately take it in a flirty way and guys are so much more likely to straight up tell you what’s what and it’s like… ted please… i’m just trying to say your hair looks nice…

full offence I’m so tired of YA making girls end up with their childhood crush (who only recently even noticed them) rather than someone who actually suits/compliments their current ! day ! self !