like to win

every time someone tells me to not play mccree/switch because im bad I laugh

it’s like i don’t know or something

Spark (Pippa/Reader)

FOR @the-and-peggy for asking for Pippa! <3

Prompt: “You walked away. Not me.”

Length: 1170 words


Note: yo i may have a prequel sequel thing planned but idk whether or not to do it. let’s see how this goes before i write anything:

Reviews are like Lin winning an Oscar (which, holy shit, I am so pumped for)

You slid down the doorframe, your head in your hands, tears choking you. Pippa stood on the other side of the room, tears dampening the corners of her eyes yet no tears fell. She was stoic and cold, unlike the Pippa you were used to. Sweet, loving Pippa, who had torn your world apart in a matter of seconds.

“It’s best for both of us,” she told you in the strangled voice, holding her suitcase as if it were to protect her. As if you were about to lash out. You weren’t. You could never hurt Pippa, you could never want to hurt Pippa. Not even now, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. “I don’t want to hurt you like this, Y/N.”

“We can sort this out,” you said in a choked whisper. “Together. You don’t have to turn your back on me like this, Pippa.”

Saying her name seemed to break something inside of her. She looked at you, her expression as desperate as you were. “I can’t, Y/N. Ending this—” She gesticulated wildly “—is best for both of us. You just don’t see it yet.”

You opened your mouth to protest but found that you couldn’t. A plead escaped your mouth but Pippa, hair falling in front of her face as she shook her head, teary eyed, and turned away. Leaving the building, leaving you.

Pippa had been your spark in an endless sea of darkness. Your light, your guidance, your love. Pippa had loved you, she had said as much. Now, she had turned her back and walked out the door.

It had been a year and three months since that moment in time. You had learnt to get back on your feet, to move on. You had other relationships, other friendships, though none ran quite as deep. You could look at pictures of you and Pippa now without breaking and that, you decided, was progress.

Your life seemed incredibly calm nowadays. Calm, or impossibly boring, You worked in the local bookshop, you had a modest apartment in a comfortable part of town, and you had taken to writing. Calm, simple, boring. Every day was the same routine, the same actions repeated again and again. That was until Pippa walked back into your life.

You hadn’t expected to ever see her again — in person, at least. Of course, you saw her interviews on the television, or the major hype surrounding her latest Broadway musical. It filled you with a sense of pride, of comfort knowing she had got somewhere in life, even if you hadn’t. Best for both of us, she’d said.

It had been an average day at work. You’d been early for the bus, the Starbucks lady had spelt your name right for once, and, by the time you reached the bookshop, you felt borderline invincible.

This all came crumbling down the moment you saw a familiar face browsing through the bookshelves.

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my grandma asked if i won dnd when i finished recording and i said “well i didnt die, so thats kind of like winning”

THAT’S SO CUTE… MY ROOMMATE DID THIS TO ME AND SAGE. we got back from D&D and she’s like “oh cool! did you win?” and we had to be like “k-kels… that’s not… you don’t… you don’t win D&D” while her fwb was like sobbing with laughter next to her

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@the person who said they favor teams who are winning like the caps uh girl the capitals are treated like trash by the NHL in what world do they show any favoritism to them

the caps never get recognition and get shoved under the rug and ovechkin is told he’s not good enough constantly and they always ignore nicky, L M A O

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His line about “not being able to walk away from a bad hand” to Inej is definitely about them both crushing on the Edge Lord tbh like JESPER IS MY PANSEXUAL SON


also on a less happy note….do you remember that line in ck where kaz is still being petty TM toward him and he was pretty much calling him a loser and he said something like he can’t win with boys or girls??? 

when i read that i literally put the book down for a second because i immediately interpreted it as shade toward jesper’s crush on him. and it broke my heart. IDK IDK I JUST COULDN’T HELP BUT DRAW THAT CONCLUSION AS THE ANGSTY PERSON I AM

a bet, pt. 2

Person B: What the hell is this stupid f***ing f***ed up track?

Person A: It’s not my fault that I’m in first and you’re in twelfth.

Person B: *snatches the remote out of A’s hand and sends them flying off the track*

Person A: B! Jeez!

Person B: You can’t win the bet! I can’t get tickled! [thinking: not to mention that I’d like to win for other reasons, too.]

Person A (taking remote back): It’s not like you’re going to win. I’m pretty confident that you suck at this game.

Person B (adrenaline rush): Look who’s in seventh.

(When the round finishes, Person A is in 8th. Person B is in 5th.)

Person B: Ha! You didn’t win!

Person A: You didn’t win, either!

Person B: The person with the highest score wins. Isn’t that the point?

Person A (sighs): Look, B, if you want me to kiss you, why don’t you just say so?

Person B: No, it’s not that. I’m just overly competitive.

Person A:

Person B:

Person A: (shakes head and silently pulls B to them by the collar of their shirt)

Person A: We both know that’s not really true.

(Person A kisses Person B hard on the lips. B is blushing incredibly red.)

Person A: All you had to do was say the words.

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adiba i love bts and im so proud of them for their 3rd win but like when will twice win for the saving grace that is knock knock

this is only twices first week since the release date so they dont start getting nominated for music shows until next week !!

I don’t know about you guys but I just realized something...

*Spoilers for episode 11*

I think we’ve all grown used to the idea that Yuuri would nail his final performance of Eros and the thing is, he didn’t.

But if you look at all the other episodes, Yuuri’s had the tendency to master his Eros performances and well… Not exactly nail his Free-Skate.

Unless Kubo-sensei and the entire production team behind YoI decide to give us a fucking train of angst like they did today, I’m a good 95% sure that Yuuri WILL nail his free-skate in the next episode.

And that’s not all. The scene in which Yuuri tells Viktor that he’d like to end “this”. Well, just think about it. I strongly believe that during his free-skate at least, Yuuri will overcome all of his insecurities. Meaning, all he’s going to be thinking about during his performance will be :

a) Surprising Viktor
b) Being appreciative/thankful of Viktor


c) His love for Viktor.

All of these factors will allow him to end with a flawless performance.

Moreover, the previews do show the two of them being rather distant. I like to think that they somehow managed to talk it over (exercising communication, because that’s important, kids!) before his free-skate. *cues Viktor probably chiding Yuuri for being an idiot*

So. I’m calling it right now. Yuuri Katsuki is going to stun Viktor and ALL of us with a fucking emotional and beautiful performance of Yuri On Ice and we’re all going to cry and have our souls redeemed by next Wednesday.

And he WILL place on that podium. I strongly believe that he’ll get the gold.

P.S. My birthday’s next week. How the fuck am I supposed to enjoy the day of my birth when my otp is busy being enveloped with the angst like can we all just hibernate and wake up when the next episode has to air…???

too many white ppl not wanting to speak up bc they’re scared of bein ostracized by their white friends…and u know what i’m really sick of? white ppl who never bring up issues on their own. they wait till all the people of color on their twitter feed, on tumblr are discussing something and post a shitty rephrasing of a post a person of color already made and better to seem involved. they try to rehash a point that has been made millions of times to the point where it’s common knowledge and play this off like they’re accomplishing something. you don’t have to teach poc about racism. we fucking know all about it.

y’all are silent 364 days of the year but then when poc are upset about something you decide to chime in with your obligatory white two cents that accomplishes nothing. and you won’t bring this stuff up in front of other white people either. not ever. you’ll listen to the white people around you being openly hateful and you’ll keep your mouth shut. all this talking like you care and then you refuse to confront your racist and hateful white friends because you don’t want them to exclude you or get mad at you. if you care about us why the fuck you want friends like that in the first place? 

we can tell when you’re posting shit just to seem like “one of the good ones” and we can tell when you post stuff bc you’re scared the big bad people of color will come for you if you don’t and you’re just trying to cover your ass