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did anyone listen to that BGA song??? WHY IS IT SO IRONICALLY LEGIT???


Oscar Party Lulls Phil To Sleep & Makes Dan Shout | Phan Tweet Dabble

Summary: Having an Oscar Party with friends was tradition for Dan and Phil. Phil would fall asleep, which Dan would tease him about, and Dan would get so invested in the outcome and potentially need Phil to calm him down.

Word count: 1k

Genre: Domestic fluff

Warnings: Like one “swear” word

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Based on the following two tweets:

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27th of February 2017

Oscars night with friends both managed to be predictable and utterly outrageous.

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Jongup be bustin out these solos left and right, meanwhile I, a perfectly capable adult, still struggle to put my socks on in the morning without falling on something


- So, Mark.  

- Mark is nct’s baby. You know it, I know it, he knows it, we all know it. 

 - He was probably the most nervous cute little boy in the face of earth when he asked you out. 

 - Bc let’s be real here he’s nothing but a ball of adorableness 

 - Even if you're​ not a Mark stan, you’re a Mark stan 

 - So he like asked you out and took you to an arcade or something 

 - Idk he seems like he likes that stuff 

 - so he was all like “I’m gonna win you that plushie” when you came across the mechanical claw thing - but failed 

 - several times 

 - you won it yourself 

 - first try 

 - so now you have a plushie and an embarrassed Mark. Congrats 

 - Embarrassed Mark it’s still cute so it’s Ok. 

 - Even though you’re dating he’s still nervous around you 

 - Like he could be asking you to pass him the salt or idk for the TV remote and he would still stutter 

 - Because all that “badass” look he has with Nct127/U dissapears as soon as he’s offstage 

 - Starts laughing at random times because he suddenly remembered a (really bad) pun that Johnny told him earlier 

 - you ask him about what he is actually laughing about but he’s too busy to answer you 

 - by the time he stops laughing you’ve already lost all interest on whatever it was 

 - he’ll tell you anyway 

 - Once he introduces you to the rest of NCT you automatically become the mom of the minis + have to deal with Donghyuk’s neverending sass 

 - He’s kinda salty you stole his man but will eventually get over it 

 - Sometimes he’ll take you and the dream babies out for ice cream 

 - Because Jisung wants ice cream and Jisung is another baby so he probably gets whatever he wants 

 - Pretty much like Sicheng with Taeyong 

 - Will show you his rap lyrics and ask for opinion 

 - Could actually write one for you as present for a special occasion (maybe idk) 

 - There’s not enough shades of red for him to turn to when you compliment him 

 - he gets teased by Chenle because of that - he actually gets teased by anything he does 

 - because Chenle is just like that 

 - but he kinda (low-key) ships you two 

 - Overall all the members are happy that you two are together 

 - Because now mark has someone who can take care of him when he can’t 

 - and now there’s another person to make sure that Renjun doesn’t murder Jisung 

 - Probably enjoys movie nights 

 - a lot 

 - because: 

 1. He gets to watch a movie with you without all the other members bugging him and 

2. he gets to relax for a while 

 - He keeps a diary so i doubt he’d forget things such as anniversaries or special dates 

 - Gets dating tips from Johnny and Jaehyun 

 - Never manages to make them work 

 - But it’s okay because that’s his charm 

 - In short, Mark is Boyfriend goals idc what anyone says this is true.

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Consider: video game date with Josuke. Just relaxing at his house and playing games. Though whenever it looks like he'll win, I'd lean over and steal a kiss to throw him off~ Who WOULDN'T wanna kiss those beautiful lips, anyway?

The two of you get fairly competitive, always trying to top the others high score. You’re not above playing dirty so right as Josuke is about to surpass you, you lean over and kiss him, pulling back to watch with a victorious smirk as the game ends and you’ve won. Josuke is sitting there in shock, not even angry about your underhanded tactic as he’s just blown away by being kissed