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Last night at the APMAs, the clique/TOP won the award for most dedicated fanbase. Josh had performed with other drummers earlier that night, and was at the award show without Tyler. Josh then stated that Tyler “wishes he could be here” and that he was “off severing ties with DEMA”. 

So, what exactly is DEMA? (this theory was brought to our attention on twitter by user @jecrules)

Well, when you click on the Wikipedia page for DEMA, you are provided with a list of what DEMA might mean.

The first result is an Iranian word that means “towers of silence”. (this may seem a little extra but stay with us) If Tyler is “severing ties with DEMA” or in this case, silence/towers of silence, then that means that he is creating sound. More specifically, a new album or song. As you all know, this is currently TOP’s twitter.

The word “silence” at the top is indicating their hiatus. Silence=lack of sound/music. If Tyler is severing ties with silence, then he is working on the band’s next album or project. Now, we know this seems a bit far fetched. However, something that gives this theory some credibility also happened last night.

The @blurryface account on twitter (which is generally believed to be run by Tyler) liked the theory put forth by user @jecrules. (NOTE: THE ONLY BLURRYFACE/ECHO ACCOUNT WE TRUST IS @BLURRYFACE ON TWITTER)

The fact that this account liked the theory leads us to believe that there might be a grain of truth in there somewhere. 

This could also be about Tyler severing ties with Blurryface.

Updates to follow if we find more information.

BTS members on your birthday.

Imagine your boyfriend surprising you with love and gifts for your birthday. <3

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·He would wake you up to breakfast in bed.

·Sweet kisses on the forehead and lips.

·Sings happy birthday to you.

·Has your clothes laid out for you, “Get ready birthday girl, we have a full day planned.”

·He would be the one to tell every stranger, “YAH, It’s her birthday.”

·He would take you shopping, “Buy a whole outfit for our dinner tonight.”

-Full day of pampering.

·Does all the spa stuff with you,: skincare, massages, mani,  pedi, hair, and makeup.

·Once you walk out and reveal yourself to him he would say, “You are Ms. Worldwide beautiful.”

·He would buy special gifts for you and give them to you at the restaurant.

·When you get home he would make you stand in the living room as he lights candles and turns on music.

·He would plan out the best night of sex, whip cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries.

-Plenty of cuddles after.

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·He would have planned this all out way before your birthday.

·He would have wrote you a song and put it on a cd for you, the lyrics explaining his feelings to you.

·He would have your bags packed since he planned a trip somewhere for the both of you.

·He would have so many gifts waiting for you in the room, flowers everywhere.

·He would probably not act like it’s a big deal on the outside, just smirking at you as you freaked out.

·He would be the type to propose to you on your birthday.

-Would call you Mrs. Genius. 

-Show you his aegyo side for your special day.

-Wild and passionate birthday sex.

-Hair pulling.

- Leaves you sore the next day.

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Rap Monster:

-Would wake you up by eating you out. 

-Takes you somewhere for breakfast.

-Gives you gifts at home.

-Invites your friends over for your birthday. 

-Tells the world your his. Bragging.

-Makes you cry from his sweet words, telling you how he feels for you while holding your hand. 

-Tells you to put on the new lingerie he bought for you.

-Worships your body. 

-Very passionate sex that leads to him being dominate. 

- Daddy’s little kitten.

-Birthday spankings.

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-Would wake you up screaming “Happy birthday jagi”

-Does about 30 minutes worth of aegyo to start your day off right. 

-Endless amounts of kisses and hugs. 

-Body praising.

-Brings your gifts into the bedroom and gives them to you, watching you closely. 

-Waits until your done opening the last one and says I got one last gift. Opens the box and it has a necklace and a ring in it, 

-Holds your hands and tells you that you are the most important person in his life.

- “I love you so much my princess. “

-Does skincare with you, does a personal spa day with you. 

-You and him spend the whole day in bed with each other. 

-Movies, snacks, cuddles, and plenty of silly moments.

-Long night of love making.

-Cum play.

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-Wakes you up holding a big teddy bear almost the size of him.

-”Happy Birthday Princess.” *shows you his big smile*

-Morning cuddles.

-Many social media posts wishing his girl happy birthday.

-Buys you matching outfits.

-”Everyone will be jealous of how cute we are.”

-Takes you out dancing.

-Peppering kisses all over you in public.

-”Tonight is all about you babygirl.”

-Lip bites.

- Kinky sex.

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-Wakes you up by singing to you in a soft deep voice while cuddling you.

-Tickles you.

“Baby, i have a surprise.”

-Comes back to bed with a cute little puppy in his hands. 

-Spoils you and your new child (the pup).

-”I think he loves his daddy more than his mommy.” *teases you*

-Cooks you dinner.

- Stays in to play games with the puppy.

-After dark and the puppy is sleeping, he reminds you who daddy is.

-Mind blowing oral sex.

-Over stimulation.

-”You’re my world babe.”

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-Wakes you up by playing pranks (like squirting you with a water gun)

-Takes you to a cafe for breakfast.

-Amusement park date.

- Wins you many prizes from playing games.

-Spends the whole day riding rides and having fun.

-Gets on the park stage to sing you happy birthday in front of everyone.

-When back home, he brings out so many gifts.

-”I might be the Golden Maknae, but you’re my Golden Girl.” *winks*

-Slow and intense sex.

-Showering you in love marks. 


-noona and foxy

(This is our first actual “imagine”. We worked on it together and hope you like it.)

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That adhd post u made is blessed...but if its ok can you give any advice for like...homework? Im great with test cause i hyperfocus but hw is hell for me. Thank you!!

Sorry for the late reply!! ADHD made me put off answering this until I forgot about it, lol.

Homework is something I still have trouble with, even as a college freshman, so idk how much help I can offer but Here Goes.

  • I like to listen to white noise when I do homework and study. Most people recommend listening to music but regular music does not work for me lol. I get distracted by the lyrics or the beat or something else, either way I end up zoning out. White noise meanwhile filters out outside noise while also not messing u up. Google white noise machines or other websites/apps that produce background noise to find your own thing!
  • Get rid of all distractions. Turn off your phone and bodily put it somewhere else; another room is best, but you can also slam it into a desk drawer if you have to. I waste… so much time on electronics it’s… really bad. This goes for the laptop as well! If you can, try to avoid doing all homework on your laptop. I’ve found that writing essays by hand saves me more time than typing, just because I always go on tumblr otherwise lol.
    • If you have to do homework on your laptop, save that for last just so you’ll get some stuff done for sure at the very least.
  • Have someone monitor you. It’s a little demeaning but like. You gotta do what you gotta do. If I’m sitting near my mom or in a public place, I feel bad if I’m not being productive. Guiltshame yourself into working.
    • I also sometimes show people what I have done. I’m a perfectionist so I feel embarrassed if I have sloppy or nonexistent work, so the ‘threat’ of having someone else see it forces me to get my best work done as quickly as possible. 
  • Some people really recommend setting timers. I haven’t personally tried it, but I can see how it would help. Try that out if you think it’ll help.
  • I try to stay as organized as possible during the school day, because that helps me tackle work once I get back to my dorm. I try to do homework either by when it’s due (so class order), or by the amount of work/focus it’ll take (to make sure I’m still on my meds at the time). It also gives you more control over the situation, so I recc doing it.

I hope this helps!!

Dating Mark

request: “can i get uhhh dating miss mark lee”
note: SHUT UP THIS IS SUCH A CUTE REQUEST MARK IS SO SO SO SO CUTE also this is kinda messy i’m sorry

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- a shy baby boy
- he didn’t realize that he liked you for a long time
- he just kinda thought you were funnier than everyone else
- and nicer
- and prettier
- why is he smiling
- and then it hits him
- he RUNS to taeyong
- “wait does this mean i like her or LIKE like her? what do i do? WAIT WHAT IF I TRY TO HOLD HER HAND AND IM SWEATING?”
- “mark,,,,,, please. i’m practicing.”
- he isn’t awkward about it
- in fact, he seems really brave about it on the outside
- like, he openly asked you if you wanted to go get coffee with him
- paid for it & everything
- politely gave you your drink then sat down and gave you the CUTEST smile ever
- he’s the type to ask questions because he loves listening to you talk
- after the date was over, he went up to older members and told them all about it
- “… and my hands only shook TWICE”
- wants to go on another date the next day
- he’s so enthusiastic aw :(
- always trying to spend time with you
- because, at this point, he doesn’t think you have feelings for him but he’s determined to win you over
- he is NOT giving up

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I poured myself the biggest glass of red wine, I put Fleetwood Mac on my vinyl, I lit candles, and I legit started praying and looking for a sign. I have this incredible book that Stevie Nicks gave me in 2013 when my boyfriend [Glee co-star Cory Monteith] died. She gave me this art book of hers that she put notes in over the years and song lyrics, and then she rewrote personal notes for me that say things like, “Keep singing, and have faith.” I was looking through this book and praying that there was an answer in it, somewhere. And there was something in there that said, “The only thing that matters is you, and who you are.” That’s what I’ve been trying to do with this whole record – just connect to me and where I’m from. [The message led Michele to frantically call her best friend, fellow Broadway star Jonathan Groff.] I was like, “What’s something from our time in New York — a word, or a phrase, or something that is from theater, or from us?” And he said, “What about ‘Places?’” When you’re on Broadway, you get your 30-minute call, then your 15-minute call. You hear “Places everyone!” And that means it’s showtime.
(English) After the Rain interview from Utattemita no Hon Magazine (May 2017 edition)

Buy the magazine overseas here (Includes large poster of the Soramafu cover art, as well as lots of other utaite pics and posters!)

After the Rain was interviewed in the utaite magazine “Utattemita no Hon” for their May 2017 edition, which was published at the start of April. They discussed each track on their 2 new single CDs, the process that went into making them, and they also answered some random April-themed questions at the end :P Italicized questions here are what the interviewer was asking them to respond to. Enjoy, and let me know if you spot any typos or anything weird~!

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markhyuck fluff headcanons
idek if some of these count as headcanons
  • sometimes mark and hyuck will have lil duets where hyuck sings and mark plays the guitar for him
  • mark makes them cover high school musical songs
  • mark teaches hyuck how to play guitar but honestly hyuck would rather watch mark play the guitar because he just loves seeing mark so concentrated
  • it makes hyuck’s heart stop beating and his lungs just fill with mark and his brain short circuits awH
  • hyuck genuinely does wanna learn how to play the guitar but he cant ever concentrate when he’s around mark
  • whenever hyuck’s fingers get sore from pressing on the guitar strings, mark’ll kiss the pad of hyuck’s fingers sabfhgavsdbhd
  • hyuck pretends to hate it but they both know he loves it honestly
  • ok so mark doesnt really sing often because he’s not that confident in his voice :(((
  • bUuuUuuUT when he does it’s usually always with hyuck or because of hyuck
  • mark just feels really comfortable with hyuck ya know?
  • he feels like he can do anything if hyuck is by his side
  • i mean they’ve trained together and debuted together and experienced so many things together and mark just knows he’ll be able to do anything and everything with hyuck
  • mark likes writing songs and he always lets hyuck listen to them because even tho hyuck is mean to him he’ll always be honest (even if he has to sugarcoat it)
  • hyuck knows how hard it is for mark to show him his songs and he knows when to be mean and when not to be
  • also hyuck is mark’s muse but hyuck will never know that
  • hyuck hangs around in the studio with mark because he doesn’t wanna leave mark alone
  • he knows how frustrating song writing is for mark sometimes so he always wants to be there to calm him down
  • mark always gets inspiration late at night and sometimes hyuck will fall asleep on the floor in the studio
  • but mark always knows when hyuck’s about to fall asleep so right before he does, mark’ll drag hyuck onto his lap so he can fall asleep there
  • what a baby im screaming
  • hyuck resting his head on mark’s shoulder when he’s writing lyrics or producing something
  • when they walk home on snowy days, hyuck’s cheeks get really red and mark will pull them somewhere where he knows nobody will see them and kisses hyuck’s cheek
  • on cold days, mark will hold hyuck’s hand and put their intertwined hands in his pocket
  • hyuck looks like a big marshmallow on winter days
  • his face will be covered by a scarf and mark will always be a sneaky shit and pull the scarf down so he can peck hyuck’s lips
  • late night talks are also a frequent thing
  • sometimes mark will start quietly singing a song to himself when he’s bored and hyuck will join in afgdfgajdkfn
  • hyuck hates stormy nights bc thunder freaks him out so he always sneaks into mark’s bed and mark wouldnt even complain because hyuck makes him feel all warm and happy inside
  • mark only talks in his sleep when hyuck sleeps with him because mark only sleep talks when he’s really comfortable and relaxed
  • on the rare times hyuck sleeps in his own bed, mark will find a way to drag him back
  • ”hyuck look at this meme !!! this pupper !!!! A BIG DOGGO !!!!!!!!”
  • hyuck ends up getting annoyed from moving back and forth so much, he ends up just laying beside mark
  • i bet hyuck buries his face in the crook of mark’s neck in the early mornings when he realizes he’s woken up too early
  • hyuck makes sure mark eats enough and sleeps enough because if mark ever gets hurt from pushing himself too hard hyuck will SCREAM
  • if hyuck ever gets hurt, mark will cry
  • like, flat out cry
  • hyuck calls him dumb and tells him that he shouldnt waste his tears on him but mark gets so worried and he just never wants to lose hyuck asvadshfsdf\
  • theyre honestly fucking soulmates, whether it’s platonic or romantic, they just connect in a way that nobody else can understand
  • tbh still into you by paramore is their couple song and always will be
  • encouraging boyfriends that will always cheer each other on
  • their classmates dont question how they ever got together because there’s just something different in the way they look at each other, ya know?
  • there’s a different glint in hyuck’s eyes when he looks at mark and something in him just tugs on his heart strings
  • and everything inside mark softens into a big mush and his heart tightens up and all the oxygen in his body just leaves him bc lol bye who needs air when i have lee donghyuck
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forehead kisses when the two of them are tired out of their mind
  • if one of them cant figure out a dance move, the other will always help them out
  • hyuck’s seems really mean to mark but he’s sosososo encouraging when he needs to be
  • they’re each other’s first love dsbagfvsfh
  • no matter what happens they both know theyll always have a piece of each other’s hearts
  • because that’s just what first loves do, right?
  • when mark found out he was in love with hyuck he freaked the absolute fuck out
  • he’s had a crush on hyuck for the longest while but he wasn’t in love with him or anything
  • but then the two of climbed onto sm’s roof (wow how cliche anna) to look at the stars together and mark looked over at hyuck for a split second and couldnt take his eyes off him
  • he couldnt register how the moonlight shone down on hyuck in an almost ethereal way and he couldnt figure out how he ended up falling in love with his best friend
  • but then hyuck looked over too and they locked eyes
  • and he just knew hyuck felt the same way
  • they’re both awkward lil beans that dont know how to express their feelings which is why they work together so well
  • they kinda had a love at first sight kind of thing but it was more of a ‘i know im gonna spend the rest of my life with you whether we stay friends or become more’
  • hyuck seems like he doesn’t care much but he cares way too much
  • he notices all the little things with mark and manages to fall in love with him over and over again
  • jaehyun said they fight every night but tbh i bet you my left sock that it’s petty ass fights
  • ”hyuck close the lights”
  • ”no you close the lights!”
  • ”youre closer!”
  • when hyuck wakes mark up in the mornings, he always does it in the meanest ways bUT THEY WORK
  • hyuck screams in mark’s ear and makes mark fall out of his bed
  • mark curses hyuck out in english and korean
  • ”listen mark i may not know english but i know what bitch means and iM FIGHTING YOU SQUARE THE FUCK UP YO”
  • mark wakes hyuck up by cuddling him and peppering kisses over his face until hyuck tries pushing him off
  • hyuck falling asleep on the couch is a common thing bc whenever he watches videos on his phone, he’ll get sleepy and just pass out there
  • and one time, mark found him asleep on the couch so he carried him back to their room and put him on his bed
  • and then he went to leave but hyuck groggily grabbed his arm and asks him to stay sleepily aKHSDFBSHDKNFML
  • mark has the urge to protect hyuck 24/7

hey! sometimes when i’m stuck in an inspo drought, song lyrics have been v helpful so i thought why not make a challenge based solely around song lyrics?

so here’s how it’ll work

  • reblog the post to spread the word!
    • feel free to put in the tags some of your favourite artists/bands (my music taste isn’t great lmao)
  • send me an ask with a 🎶  or just say you want to participate!
  • i will answer privately with 3 songs for you to pick from.
    • then you make your creation based off one of the songs ! it can be any type of creation - edit, gifset, writing, headcanons, playlist (including the song you’ve chosen ofc!), fanart, anything! 
    • make sure it’s clear what song you have used + tag your creation with #hplyricschallenge in the first 5 tags so everyone can see your creation and you can see other people’s! 

a few more details below the cut and if you have any further questions feel free to shoot me an ask - any updates/further info will be tagged with hplyricschallenge

hope you consider joining! ♡

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#studyblr gets real: final version vs. trial 🍂

when i have an idea for a spread i’m never sure if i like until i see it on a paper so i rather try it somewhere else and then put it in my bujo 

since September 1st was 19 years later, the spread is hp themed with some AVPM lyrics 🎶

How the Vrains OP and ED might be hinting at Kusanagi’s betrayal

In light of @pendulumprince’s post about the “Kusanagi is evil” theory, I wanted to also add my two cents about it (I was just adding on to the post itself but realized it was getting long and also has more to do with the OP/ED and only kinda has to do with the foil between Kusanagi and Akira.)

I feel like lighting in the Vrains OP and ED is used in a sort of simple but clever way. We see both Yusaku and Go running against a bright blue sky - for Go, it represents his bright ambitions that are so different from the others. Although Yusaku has a more secretive life than Go, his conviction is clear and he walks forward without hesitation (the same with Go). In contrast, Aoi is standing still and looks away from a setting sun. She hasn’t reached her key motivation yet. Guess who else has a still shot during twilight.

It’s a harmless kind of cute shot honestly, but it’s also the only shot we get of Kusanagi in the OP. He’s a pretty major character so you would think that we would see him supporting Yusaku from the sidelines at least. Instead we have just this to work with. Here we don’t even see the sky - it’s just Kusanagi completely confined in his truck and the night time starting to fall on the city in the background. We see him at the “in-between” period of the day. He’s not fully lit, not like our protagonist Yusaku. It gives an indication that Kusanagi may also be “in-between.” And in fact, in the OP and ED he is NEVER fully lit.

This image can easily give an indication that he’s working hard in the night toward his goal (his brother), but we also don’t see the screen he’s working on. It’s likely none of the hot dog truck monitors because those are usually blue and he would be looking up at them. Even if it’s intended to be the hot dog truck, it has a completely different vibe of secrecy, and we don’t have eye contact with him. Moreover, he is once again somewhere between light and shadows.

The last shot we’re given is Kusanagi standing dramatically in the rain, this time no visible light source to be found. On top of that this shot is right on beat with the lyrics “Never give up” which match with his determined, defiant look here. He’s put himself in darkness and is not even attempting to shield himself from the downpour. It’s similar to the darkness that always shrouds Akira.

We know that Akira’s not necessarily evil, just that he feels that he’s thrown himself in darkness and made himself a hellhound for the sake of Aoi.

My point is that, given all of these hints, I think Kusanagi is going to be given a choice somewhere down the line where he’ll have to choose between his loyalty to his brother or his loyalty to Yusaku, and the choice he ultimately makes may be one that puts a strain on his relationship with Yusaku. 

Stranger Kisses

John Laurens x Reader

Modern Christmas AU

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 950

Warnings: Kissing

A/N: I loved writing this one! I am currently working on the James Madison Christmas request, it’s taking sometime because I am having a hard time making it hamiltime but I will get it up! I plan to write at least two more today, to try and catch up on the 12 days of Christmas, having missed two. Enjoy!

He wasn’t looking away. He didn’t show any sign of doing it anytime soon. His hand was pressed against the glass like a child marveling at a toy in a shop window. Except, you could not be labeled by a price tag. You sat in the coffee shop, reading a new Christmas romance novel sipping a cup of hot chocolate. John Laurens couldn’t take his eyes off you. His friends, Alex, Lafayette, and Hercules urged him to move on. John only smiled at you ignoring his friends.

He smiled at you like an old friend, and oddly it felt that way too. You tried to lose his attention and pretend he wasn’t there. You blushed and sunk in your chair. A mix of butterflies and weight hit your stomach when you heard the french doors of the cafe open with the ring of a bell. He was planted in the doorway. His scarf frosted in snow, his hair pulled tight. His nose was like Rudolph’s.

His friends pushed him forward, out of the doorway. They spoke quietly and John nodded to them. They went to the front to order coffee. John was in line, turned away watching you. You sipped your drink self-consciously. You caught his eye, and he turned away. Only when you weren’t looking. You watched him when he wasn’t looking at you. It was like a game of cat and mouse between stolen glances.

You laughed to yourself at this thought. You saw his head turn around at the sound of your laugh. He was looking at you. You didn’t turn away. Then he was leaving the line. Walking across the floor towards you. He stopped at your table and looked modestly at the chair.

“May I sit?”

You nodded and closed your book, placing it on the table. His mouth was fallen open. His eyes were smiling at you. “Excuse me for staring,” he said. “But, I can’t help myself. I’ve never seen anyone so stunning before. I just couldn’t leave without saying something.”

You smiled at him. “That’s your cue.”

He laughed, warmth glossed his freckled cheeks. “I know this is very straightforward, and we just met-well really not met. I just could not take my eyes off you.” he grinned. “I can’t now.” you smiled at him. “I just couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t tried.”

You laughed. “You know, you are kind of being rudant.” He blushed. “You keep saying that you just had to try. So, what exactly is it that you are trying to do?”

“I don’t know.” John shrugged lightly. It’s a Friday night, and I can’t take my eyes off a beautiful girl sitting alone in a coffee shop. You just look like you don’t deserve to be alone.”

You laughed uncomfortably. “Thanks, I think. It would be nice to not be alone. But, who gets everything they deserve?”

“It doesn’t have to be that way. This is straightforward, and I don’t mean to sound creepy but would you like to join me and my friends for a cup of coffee?” He was smiling and so full of hope. His hope was fragile like his smile. He was hopelessly in love. You looked to his friends standing in line. They smiled at him. You heard one of them say, “Don’t throw away your shot.”


His hope. His smile. Broke in two. “Oh, I-I-I,” he stumbled to get out of his chair, pushing it across the floor with a squeak. “I am so sorry, I better go-”


He turned around. His cheeks were red matching his nose. There was that hope again. Just a spark. “I said no to coffee with your friends.” you smiled. “Not you.”

“Oh.” Red washed across his entire face, but so did a smile. So did hope.

“I don’t want to have coffee with your friends. I’m sure they are wonderful people. But isn’t that like your parents coming along of your first date?” You said with amusement, watching the changing expressions on John’s face.

“D-Date? DId you say date?”

You stood up, and put your book in your bag. “Your friends can have coffee, here, how about we go somewhere else?”

“Yes.” John had a wide spread smile. “I would love that.”

You offered your hand. “Let’s get to it then.”

He took it reluctantly and you walked to the door. His friends were there all smiling. They pat him on the back and spat some rap lyrics. “See ya later, buddy.” the man named Alex with long hair said.

John smiled goodbye to them and walked under the doorway.

You gasped. He met your gaze.

Mistletoe wrapped in a red bow dangled over your heads. Alex grinned madly. John blushed harder than ever before. You and John looked back at his friends. He smiled at you. You took a step closer to him, bumping feet with him. You closed the gap between you.

You kissed the handsome stranger under the mistletoe.

When you pulled away you laughed.

“Oh god, what did I do wrong?” he yelled.

“Nothing.” you smiled. “I just only realized I don’t know your name. I don’t know if I want to know, I kind of like how mysteriously handsome you are.”

John grinned. “I am still pretty mysterious and handsome without the name.” he smiled. “Name’s John. John Laurens. Pleased to meet you” He shook your hand. You were still holding hands.

You tilted your head back and laughed. You put your arms around his shoulders. “You’ve got an interesting way of introducing yourself after you just kissed someone. (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” you leaned forward and grinned saying. “Pleased to kiss you.”

Good Kid

Race has managed to convince the newsies to go out with him when his attempts for Spot’s attention seem to lead him somewhere.

Inspired by this post.

Somehow, Race had managed to convince most of the newsies to go out with him. Usually, there were more than a few who sat out. He could understand Crutchie and Davey, who didn’t drink, but when Elmer refused, he knew that something was up. However, for once, his more reserved friends had chosen to come along, so Race had found a quiet bar to keep them entertained. He had a feeling that they wouldn’t appreciate the loud clubs that he frequented and anyway, this place had karaoke.

This was how Race had managed to find himself sat at a table in the middle of a bar full of newsies, sipping his vodka and coke through a straw with his two best friends and flatmates on either side of him.

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anonymous asked:

Which Evanescence songs do you think best fit the Sakamaki brothers and their mothers?

Oh…! This will be interesting. I’ll really have to think about this, so I apologize if this comes out a bit later than normal! Thanks for sending in your ask! Oh, and I decided to put in specific lyrics to kind of explain why I think the songs fit them. This took a LONG time, but it was SUPER fun! Thanks again for the great ask!

Shu- “Bring Me To Life” : How can you see into my eyes like open doors?/ Leading you down into my core/ Where I’ve become so numb/ Without a soul/ My spirits sleeping somewhere cold/ Wake me up inside/ I can’t wake up/ Call my name and save me from the dark/ Save me from the nothing I’ve become/ I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside/ Frozen inside, without your touch/ Only you are the life among the dead/ (I feel like this describes Shu when he first meets the heroine and she is the only one who makes him feel that life is still worth anything, and that he doesn’t need to sleep it all away anymore)

Reiji- “A New Way To Bleed”: I feel it coming over me/ I’m still a slave to these dreams/ Is this the end of everything?/ Or just a new way to bleed?/ So go and tell your friends/ That I’m a failure underneath/ I’ve played this game before/ And I can’t take anymore. By drifting far beyond the edge Freedom, freedom/ (So, this really reminds me of how Reiji feels toward his mother and his inferiority complex and whatnot. He always feels like a failure because his mother always paid more attention to Shu instead of him, no matter how hard he worked. Also, he is still plagued my dreams of forever being lower than Shu, because his mother says so. I don’t know. I don’t really like Reiji because I feel like he is over dramatic, you know? Well, I wrote a whole review on his route and how much I didn’t enjoy it so keep scrolling and your bound to find it.)

Ayato- “Snow White Queen”: You belong to me/ My snow white queen/ There’s nowhere to run, so let’s just get it over/ Soon I know you’ll see/ You’re just like me/ Don’t scream anymore my love, cause all I want is you/ (I think this is pretty obvious. He is the best and feels like everything should belong to him- including Yui. She has the best blood after all. I can just see him singing this to her. Also, the part where he would claim that they are the same… I feel like he would be trying to get her to admit that she also wants him, just as he want her, in sexual manners and otherwise.)

Kanato- “Sweet Sacrifice”: It’s true, we’re all a little insane/ But its so clear, now that I’m unchained/ You poor sweet innocent thing/ Dry your eyes and testify/ Don’t deny sweet sacrifice/ One day I’m gonna forget your name/ And one sweet day you’re gonna drown in my lost pain/ Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes?/ (So anything with the word “insane” would probably veer me towards Kanato. Also, there are many slight insults in this song, as I have placed them above. I can see him singing this to Yui just to make her upset and remind her of her weakness and how inferior she is to him. I can also see the reason for his cruelty being his mother. She treated him like nothing but a little songbird to get her hot-and-bothered, so now he feels the need to treat Yui that way too. Call it making things even, I guess.

Laito- “Call Me When Your Sober”: Don’t cry to me/ If you loved me/ You would be here with me/ You want me/ Come find me/ Make up your mind/ Can’t keep believing/ We’re only deceiving ourselves/ And I’m sick of the lie/ Must be exhausting to lose your own game/ Selfishly hated/ No wonder you’re jaded/ You can’t play the victim this time/ How could I burn this paradise?/ How could I- you were never mine/ (So… this is Laito because the song really reminds me of his sexual abuse with his mother. Due to Cordelia, he has a warped perception of love. I could see him singing this about her when he has finally had enough of being treated like a thrown away toy.)

Subaru- “Say You Will”: It’s taking you too long to decide/ And I don’t want to be the one… crying over wasted time/ If you think you’re strong enough to let me in/ Then come on, stand up and be honest/ Say you will or say you won’t/ Open your heart to me/ Now or never tell the truth/ Whenever you’re around/ I can’t fight it/ You get under my skin in a way I like it/ And I can’t take anymore/ Tell me what you want from me or leave me alone/ Cause I’m all caught up and I’m losing control/ (I think this is the best song for Subaru because I see him as being really confused with women, due to his problems with his mother. I can totally see him singing this to Yui, screaming at her to make up her mind about how she feels about him, similar to how he feels about his mother. And if she doesn’t know, to just leave him alone.)

Cordelia- “Missing”: You won’t cry for my absence, I know/ You forgot me long ago/ Am I that unimportant?/ Am I so insignificant?/ You won’t try for me, not now/ Though I’d die to know you love me/ I’m all alone/ Isn’t someone missing me?/ And if I bleed, I’ll bleed/ Knowing you don’t care/ And if I sleep just to dream of you/ I’ll wake without you there (This represent Cordelia best because I feel like this is what she feels towards Karlheinz. She wanted him to lover her, but she felt insignificant in that he got two other wives after her, just because she wasn’t keen on the idea of birthing children. And I know she’s a bitch, but everyone is a bitch for a reason.)

Beatrix- “Lose Control”: Can I really lose control?/ Just once in my life/ I think it’d be nice/ Just to lose control, just once/ With all the pretty flowers in the dust/ (Again, I think pretty self explanatory. Beatriz has sooooo much self-control, I can really picture her just looking in the mirror and wondering what it would be like to finally lose her composure, to stop being so perfect all the time. Like, correct me if I’m wrong, I swear she sighs in the anime. And not just a regular sigh- a DEEP sigh. And we all know how those go. So, yeah, I don’t know… I just feel like pretending to be perfect and calm and composed can get so damn tiring, right?)

Christa- “Going Under”: I’m going under/ Drowning in you/ I’m falling forever/ I’ve got to break through/ Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies/ So I don’t know what’s real and what’s not/ Always confusing the thoughts in my head/ So I can’t trust myself anymore/ I’m dying again/ I’ve got to breathe/ I can’t keep going under (I think this song is a perfect fit for Christa because it sort of describes how she is unstable within herself. One moment she’s one person who loves Karlheinz, and the next she hates him. Also, it fits because she is very confused most of the time, and all because of what Karlheinz did to her. He is the one who is mixing her mind up, y’know?)

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wait what fanwars? what's happening I felt like I've been under a rock these days ;-;

Big Bang: has a comeback

Haters: “No!”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “they need to stop winning on music shows!! it’s annoying!!1!1 the songs are crap!111!!11″

VIPs: “you’re allowed to have your opinion but I like the songs so please don’t put me down because of it.”

Haters: “shut the fuck up im right and you’re wrong”

5 seconds later


VIPs: “I thought we were over this.”

Haters: “Yeah well this happened so i don’t like it and big bang should stop existing.”

VIPs: “I understand it was wrong and we’re sorry but I still like them.”

Haters: “You like them?????!/1?! that’s a sin!”

VIPs: “but your idols aren’t perfect either”

Haters: “Wow!! look at this!!!!11!1 can u believe it??/ VIPs are so fucking rude how dare they say this to me!11 I’m allowed to hate on who I want but don’t hate on the people i likek!!1! WOW VIPS. LOOK BIGBANG LOOK AT THE PEOPLE YOU’VE CREATED”

VIPs: “Bu–”

Haters: “vips are so rude i can’t believe this, stupid g-goat”

VIPs: “Goat? haha that’s sort of funny”

Haters: “SO LOW!11!!11 VIPs put DOWN THEIR OWN IDOLS?? EWWW1!”

VIPs: “oh sorry then.”

Haters: :))))))))

TOP somewhere in the background: “Stop this shit i don’t like it”

VIPs: “Ok”

Haters: “there’s nothing to hate on now what.”

5 seconds later

GD: *does interview*

Haters: “can u believe that!!?!?! he hates SHINee and EXO!?!?!? What was his song crayon?? lyrical genius yeah right!!!”

VIPs: “you mistranslated the interview, read this. he didn’t hate on anyone”

Haters: “no thankyou what i think sounds better i mean theyre worthless anyways so are their fans. all stupid for loving them.”

VIPs: “but we all like different things i don’t hate yours so pls don’t hate mine.”

Haters: *send death threats*

Haters: *act like victims when they get called out*

Haters: *add excuses when people tell them why they’re wrong*

VIPs: “we give up”

Haters: “about fucking time.”

5 seconds later


a list of writing prompts by crooked-queen

i know that a bunch of people have either asked me for writing prompts or about what to do when they have writer’s block, and i’m not always able to get to them, so i decided to set aside some time to compile a masterlist of prompts i’ve created that should help you kick those dull writing days. they’re all yours to explore. i simply ask that you tag me in anything you write based on one of these so that i can read it!

starting something new?

  • You walk into a bar, and there are four people sitting at it. Who are they? What conversation are they having?
  • List all of your desires. Build a utopia with that list. Now list all of your fears and build a dystopia with that one.
  • The classic, “Follow that car.”
  • Describe your daily routine, but set it in an action film.
  • What’s your alter ego like? Create one, then strand them somewhere dangerous.
  • “We need to…not talk,” he whispered, “for once.”
  • Put a playlist on shuffle. The first lyric is your first line. Alternatively, open a dictionary and find a word you don’t know on the page. Learn it and start writing from there.
  • Romeo falls in love with Hamlet. Alternatively, Juliet’s got a thing for Ophelia.
  • Start a story with the main character’s death.
  • Ask two different strangers for the time today, carefully observing them as they check and tell you. When you get home, write a love story between the two.

stuck on a current wip?

  • Throw your characters into whichever one of the following is most unlike your current setting: space, the woods, the sea, the city, the desert, or the suburbs.
  • “Behind you.”
  • Go on TV Tropes and choose a trope at random. Make this the foundation for your next scene.
  • Write a kiss scene between two characters who would never kiss. Antics ensue.
  • “I have an idea.”
  • Arrest one of your characters.
  • Pick up today’s newspaper and read the headline. Now, have your characters pick up the same paper and react to it, adapting the headline to your story’s universe. ( J.K Rowling, for example, would substitute Trump for Voldemort. )
BTS reaction to you sleeping with a plushie

“How would bts react if you fell asleep holding a plushie?? ;v;;tysm!!” Here you go sweetie!


Jin: I think he would just stare at you while you would still be fast asleep. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of your cuteness and would probably lie beside you to stare at you in a more comfortable position.

I think he would smile at you and giggle a little when you’ll open your eyes and would be kind of surprise to see him next to you. You would try to hide the plushie but he would say you should sleep like that more often.

SUGA: He would simply feel like all the stress went out of him as he would realize you’re sleeping with a plushie. He would sat in front of you and put his elbow on the edge of the bed, his hand caring his head. He would stare at you like that until you’ll wake up. He would be kind of hypnotized.

Rap Monster: He would act jut like SUGA but I guess he would sat somewhere in the bedroom and keep on doing something (writing song lyrics probably?) while stealing glances at you. He would feel inspired and you would be his muse.

J-Hope: He would find you so cute he would kind of squeal and do some noises. He would consequentely, wake you up and as you would land your sleepy little eyes on him; he would be doing aegyo. “I’m a cuter plushie that this bunny, hold me to sleep instead?”

Jimin: He would act like Jin aside from the fact that he won’t be able to keep his hands to him. He would probably play a little with your hair, or maybe softly skim your skin. You would slowly wake up under the touch of his fingertips and he would just smile at you: “It’s not my fault you’re too cute!”

V: He would fanboy over your cuteness. Like he would completely lose it. He won’t be able to handle the feels and would stare at you not knowing what he should do. He would probably try to pic the perfect picture of you so he could save it as his homescreen. He would also film himself (vlog type) and wouldn’t stop blabering aout your cuteness and about the fact that you’re sleeping with the plushie he bought you. He would end up doing too much noise or would accidently put the flash in your face.

Jungkook: He would be like Taehyung but he would be able to control his feels and he won’t really be fanboying. He would be discret and he would still manage to take a pic of you sleeping with your plushie to save it as his homescreen, and even maybe your contact picture.


Here it is! I hope you all enjoyed this fluffy overload reaction? Comments are welcomed! <3