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Lol you do know it's kinda racist to assume Keith and shiro are related just because they're supposedly both Asian? Wtf like we don't even know if Keith is Asian or white but people are already head canoning him as shiro as brothers or whatever cause their last names are similar

…I’m not assuming they’re related because they’re both asian????

Literally just taking theories and small facts from the original Voltron and applying them to the show now since it’s pretty much a reboot??

And whenever I see a hc of them as brothers it’s usually adoptive siblings at most???

All the ingredients of a lovely Daily Mail pointless letter: not much happening, rambling storytelling, a bit of Margaret Thatcher and a dash of pidgin English when them foreigns are talking. Classic.

A kit has to get used to the water somehow.

“Ow, ow, OW– Haxus, would you please cooperate??” came the exasperated sigh.

The kit in question had once again scrambled out of his mother’s relatively gentle grip to clamber up her arm and cling to her neck, squeaking and chirping and staring fearfully at the wide expanse of the water before them. 

Jera was sitting down, legs crossed with the river lapping at her knees as she tried to get her son used to the idea of a body of water bigger than the bathtub. Every time she’d hold him at arm’s length and try lowering him into the water, he’d quite literally curl up over himself to keep from touching it before starting to squirm enough to free himself. All she’d gotten for her troubles was clawed-up arms and one very clingy kit.

There was a ripple a ways out as another Galra surfaced, stood, and headed towards them, shaking water from his face. He drew closer, squinted at the sight of Jera trying to remove Haxus from her neck, and sighed.

“No luck? You’ve been at this for almost an hour. We both know he’ll like it if he just gets in, he loves playing in the water at home,” Rokir said with a shake of his head. “…I’ve got an idea.”

The still-fretting kit was easily transferred to his father, where he took up the same position of holding on to his neck. Jera stood and followed her partner as he began to slowly walk into deeper water. Haxus squeaked and mewled as he eyed the water that was steadily getting closer and closer to his position, and Rokir didn’t stop him as he proceeded to scramble up onto his shoulder, and then to his head to try and keep clear of it. But it was a moot effort, as soon the older Galra’s head was submerged except for the very top where the kit clung to his ears and tried unsuccessfully to stay completely out of the water.

It took several minutes of plaintive crying and chirping at Jera who remained out of arm’s reach, one hand lifted to try and hide her smile, before Haxus finally took notice that the water lapping at his paws wasn’t hurting him any. Rokir felt the kit moving around on his head as he batted at the water, slowly realizing that he knew what this all was (besides, if he wanted to get back to the drier person that was his mother, he really had no choice).

As soon as all four paws left his head, Rokir turned to follow Haxus as he proceeded rather clumsily through the water, doing that awkward kit-paddle as he splashed towards Jera. But by the time he reached his mother, the kit only held on to her arm instead of climbing up to her shoulder, hesitantly reaching out to swat at the glowing particles that sometimes surfaced from the river’s depths.

The remainder of the evening was spent letting Haxus swim back and forth between the two of them until a tired-out kit signaled that it was time to return home. Rokir’s forward method was a success: since then there were times the two of them had trouble pulling their son away from the water.


I was three years old
Splashing everywhere
And so began my love affair
With water

alright. after receiving over 6 messages and going back and forth between “should i go into a deep luna character analysis or just talk about a favorite moment” i decided to go with the latter since 1. i want to see 4x08 before i write a lengthy meta on her as i believe something grand will happen in regards to her character, and 2. i have always wanted to talk about a specific moment that takes place in 3x14 which gets overshadowed by other scenes and themes.

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A selfie a day!

So. Karate today… Welp that’s going to be exhausting. I haven’t been for the past two weeks and this week I made myself go. But the good thing is I can stop here at the museum and like…


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What do you play Overwatch on? Also who do you main?

i play on pc!! and this might sound silly but i main hanzo (at everybody’s great despair) when i play vs ai, but in quick play i lean towards support (esp. mercy recently!! but lucio is also a fav)

hey guys, help me out:

do you think gansey had been to the barns pre-series?

part of me wants to say yes, because he and ronan were best friends, but part of me wants to say no? because, like, there’s a lot of dream things/Obvious Magic at the barns? a lot of stuff that can’t really be Explained? right?

answered! thank u guys!! <3