like this year was great because i had logan

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I think X-Men Evolution is the best cartoon ever because I liked the idea of some x-men as teenagers and my two OTP of this show is definitely Scott/Jean and Logan/Ororo, I also like the fact that Logan and Ororo ship Scott and Jean together

When X-Men Evolution came out I was really young so I didn’t watch it that much and when I did watch it I didn’t like. When it reaired on Disney XD a few years ago I felled in love with it. It was a really great show. I wish it had lasted longer. Their version of Rogue is one of my favorite versions of her. All of the X-Men cartoons are good. I haven’t finish watching the 90s X-men cartoon and Wolverine and The X-Men cartoon yet but they were really good. I really want another X-Men cartoon. A new X-Men cartoon could being in new fans to the comics. Almost all of the Superhero cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s got me into comics.