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major throwback to when BTS were smol baby beans (well jimin and suga are still smol but whatever)


Tanaka-sensei, thank you so much for all your hard work! For now, please rest up and take your time recovering because we also care for your health! 

~ Kuro finally tries his luck and helps Mahiru out into making a cake! 

For @kairei-chan‘s and @xpeppermin‘s Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project! Please do have a look and share your sentiments through fanarts and messages! 


Aqours 1st Live LV Thoughts
  1. It’s a rainy day (typical Vancouver weather)
  2. My throat is sore from all the screaming (srsly actual screaming)
  3. Both my arms are disabled after 3 hours of waving the glowsticks
  4. It’s wet and cold af and I’m hungry (I came straight to the theatre after work so no dinner), so I’m eating hot cup noodle LOL
  5. Even after all of the above, I’M SO EUPHORIC AF LIKE OMFG WHATTA EXPERIENCE I need to ramble asap nvm I have to wake up for work in… 4 hours LOL

Very long rambling under the cut:

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Reaction no. 99: When you and your friends run into the classroom to take a good seat before an exam.


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