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WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

I got the information you asked me for. The location of your daughter.


going on what i know about lock-ins, i won’t press you for details.

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Fic: "Is there a reason you're naked in my bed?"

I feel like this is trashier than my usual trash…if that makes sense. Hope you like it!!! Featuring the return of Drunk!Baz :)

When Simon gets back to his room, Baz is already there. And that’s not even the most shocking thing about this situation. Baz is passed out in Simon’s bed, completely naked, snoring away. Thank Merlin he sleeps on his stomach.

Simon makes his way over to the edge of his bed. Because it is his bed and he loves his bed. Some drunk and confused probable vampire is not going to keep Simon from sleeping in his own bed. He shakes the sleeping boy aggressively. The snoring stops and Baz’s eyes peel open then close again almost immediately.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” Simon asks, shaking Baz again before the boy is unconscious again.

“‘m not naked. Socks.” Baz’s arm twitches. Simon thinks Baz was trying to point to his feet, but couldn’t manage being sober or conscious enough to move or speak clearly.

Simon shakes the boy again and says, “Baz,” attempting to wake the boy more successfully.

“Go away, Snow,” Baz barely manages to speak coherently, the scent of whiskey ghosting across Simon’s face. The boy’s eyes don’t open and the snoring resumes only a moment later.

“BAZ!” Simon nearly shouts as he shakes the boy harder.

Baz’s snores dissolve into a low groan but the boy still doesn’t manage to reopen his eyes. “Get in,” Baz mumbles. Simon watches as Baz’s breathing deepens and steadies once again.

Clearly Baz is more drunk than last time if he’s suggesting Simon climb into bed with his naked roommate. How in Merlin’s name is he supposed to fit in the bed with Baz. Wait, no. Better question. How the fuck is he going to get his roommate’s drunk ass out of his bed so he can sleep in it - alone.

Simon uses all of his strength to shove Baz, but rather than waking, the boy rolls over towards the wall. He diverts his eyes until Baz is facing the wall and then re-evaluates his options.

At this point it makes the most sense to sleep in Baz’s bed. It is the only free space in the room, unless Simon sleeps on the floor,which he is definitely not going to do when there are two perfectly good beds in front of him. But Simon doesn’t want to sleep in Baz’s bed. Simon wants to sleep in his own bed. And he’s just stubborn enough to do it even if there’s a drunk, naked, twit passed out there.

Frustrated, Simon groans. Baz’s snores are getting louder now, echoing off the walls and filling the room so Simon can’t think. He resolves to just fucking suck it up and get into his bed. To prove a point, he tells himself.

Before he climbs in, he grabs the pillow off Baz’s bed and uses it to cover the boy’s bare ass. Simon lays facing the center of the room.

He closes his eyes and lets the snores coming from the boy in the bed next to him lull him to sleep.