like this one better!

Requested by my feels-twin, @miyakokurono ^^- 

Hope you like this hon!

(I did this in a HC-esque style, if you don’t mind. ;w;

The other one is on the way~ ;3)

It got kinda long, so under the cut it goes! ^^-

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i know i know ill stop uploading art but also. i love haruki elisia and marzipan, and their cool big bro kata who ive already uploaded a picture of so instead. u get an old quick sketch of them

Ever had a moment of drawing when you just make something you didn’t plan to? For me that’s this drawing.

I was just sketching bodies in my sketch book and then my mind went ‘Looks like Amethyst’. Then I drew out Amethyst, and the colored it digitally. Haven’t done Steven Universe art in a while, but I had fun drawing this.


shiro being there for his team when they need him


You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on


Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals