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“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”


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I'm probably a little ignorant but... About the list of writers you would punch: why?

dude don’t worry you’d probably only read most of these pretentious fucks if you were a pretentious english major like me lmao

  1. charles dickens: too many characters. ridiculously long books (like an average of 500+ pages) even though most of his shit could have had half the word count if he wasn’t so fucking longwinded. his plots are creative but at what cost
  2. f. scott fitzgerald: overrated imo. also became an alcoholic later in life, probably stole a lot of ideas from his wife, used her as his ‘muse’ but didn’t like. support her when she had mental health issues. fittingly, most of his female characters are weird unattainable trophies instead of actual people
  3. john steinbeck: this is more of a personal opinion but he’s so boring. i actually like his writing style (it’s pretty easy to understand), but he deserves a punch for making me read grapes of wrath
  4. william faulkner: reading as i lay dying is what i imagine having a stroke feels like. i’ve been informed that i should dislike faulkner more for being a cheating bastard than his actual writing though
  5. percy shelley: ‘edited’ frankenstein by swapping out common words for pretentious alternatives and making it 200% harder to read. i’ll never forgive him for what he did to that beautiful book
  6. ayn rand: blah blah blah helping people is bad blah blah blah capitalism is good blah blah blah altruism is a plague. that’s the plot of every single one of her novels and she’s a longwinded fuck, so she’ll hit you over the head with that social darwinistic bullshit for 700+ pages. racist and pretentious and i think i actually want to fight her the most

honestly i feel like i would punch most 19th-20th century writers at least once though

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”


“ … and at the same time it was very freeing. Because, if anyone talked shit about me, like, yeah… I’ve only been playing for two weeks. So, suck it. Do you have the balls to play in front of 4,000 people after playing for two weeks? I don’t think you do.”

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since u not stan exo anymore u sucha different person

comments like this one piss me off so much lmao

why do some ppl assume that if one person doesn’t talk about some topic that much it automatically means that this person doesn’t like (in this case stans) this thing (anymore). i stan exo, i stopped following their activities on a daily basis but that doesn’t mean that i don’t stan them anymore..? i don’t get this kind of concept like it would be one thing if i’d be a person who shares every thought and every moment online, ok it would still seem kinda stupid to me since you never rly know what kind of person sits behind the screen but it would be less unreasonable to me, i would get it more or less then, but i’m not that kind of person? i do share SOME things yes, but not every detail and not every thought i have?
i know this ask isn’t rly directed in any positive or negative direction (or at least to me it sounds kinda neutral lol idk if you wanted to piss me off on purpose or not lmao) but just like me, exo also changed over the years and that’s nothing bad at all like change is smth natural to happen, people grow up over the time and change (some positively, some negatively). tell me what you want but to me exo isn’t the group they were back then, i fell in love with ot12 back then but that’s not the “nower” exo, you know? members left, exo grew up so did their fans (at least some lol) and that’s nothing bad or smth, it’s smth complete natural to happen. just bc they changed and grew up that doesn’t mean i don’t like or stan them anymore? YES they are different from what they have been back then, NO that doesn’t mean i don’t like them anymore. exo isn’t smth i wanna follow and know everything about anymore, but that DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T LIKE/STAN THEM ANYMORE.
that also applies to me, ofc i grew up over the years like my first exo crack video was 3 or 4 years ago, i was 16 back then.. like what do you expect? people change all the time, opinions change, mindsets change, everything changes, that’s natural. and honestly, i don’t think i changed in some bad way, rather the good way, i got more mature and educated about all kind of stuff and i’m happy about that. i’m happy about what i’ve become. i’m also so happy and thankful for the people who actually like my content that isn’t exo (or even kpop) related, cause apparently plenty of people like me for the way i am and i don’t get why i should change smth about my channel concept like the idea of stop doing what’s fun to me and only upload shit some viewers want like…what halfhearted bullshit would that be? sorry but that’s nothing anyone’s ever gonna find on my channel.
people mainly follow me on yt and i know it’s been AGES since i dropped smth exo crack related or whatsoever but i was never a person who uploaded things on a daily basis like…same concept as it has been all the time: if i’m motivated, i’ll upload smth, if not, i’ll leave it like that cause forcing yourself to do smth (at least in my case) always turns out badly. youtube is smth that makes me happy and is fun to do, it’s my hobby and i know that since day 1 of my “youtube career” (ew that phrase is so gross to say but you know what i mean lol) i make people happy and make them laugh with my videos, doesn’t matter if crackvideo or my face videos. the videos about me doing my makeup or whatsoever also get some good amount of views and positive feedback so why should i stop doing smth that helps others to distract themselves from daily stress or whatever? i actually worked on some exo edits (not cracks, edits) the past months and wanted to drop them by time, but comments like these always demotivate me like hell cause i don’t wanna give ppl whose goal is to piss someone off what they want. i know i’m a hypocrite for saying this rn cause if you wanted to piss me off, congratz m8. you successfully did it.

Eggfan or no, there’s something really cool about how Robotnik can now join the ranks of villains who have actually won (even if only temporarily).

In this day and age, if anyone goes “Ugh, Eggman is a crap villain, what achievements has he made?”, you can actually say “He won”, and it would hardly be an exaggeration.

ok so i’m not seeing the actual shitshow on my dash rn, i’m just seeing all the posts about it, and this is something i’ve been meaning to touch on but never really got around to but here it is: it is impossible to be racist against white people. if you prioritize white feelings over actual problems people of color face every day and think jokes about “white people things” is on the same level as police brutality against bpoc or racial slurs, please just…. take a step back, listen to poc, do some googling, read, unfollow me, whatever. i don’t have the patience to deal with this.