like this is such a flawed and interesting relationship

The interesting thing to me about Elliot and Tyrell’s relationship is that you can clear-cut have a good guy versus a bad guy. That’s the way we sort of set it up at the beginning of the whole show. What’s incredibly fascinating to me is, what if these two people actually have a connection? What if literally the guy we’re supposed to hate actually loves our hero? And there isn’t this sort of conventional antagonistic relationship that they have — that it’s out of love, as opposed to hate, that there’s this friction, that there’s this battle? I always thought that was interesting, that usually the hero and the villain of any story are deeply flawed characters. Well, what if these two have the same flaws and are two sides of the same coin, and they both see that and feel that and connect on that? I think there’s something a lot more complicated there. We can go into a lot of deeper levels into what that relationship and that conflict will look like going forward.
Gilmore Girls Post:

Do people really hate Logan? Very new to the GG fandom but, Logan and Rory where so great together. I mean all of her bf had some major flaws and drawbacks. I liked Logan though, he was adventurous and intelligent like Jess was, he was loving and cared for her like Dean did. He had the two major draws that her other love interest did plus he was nice to her family but contined to support her decisions when they did not. He surly wasn’t perfect but going into the relationship he was extremely clear with Rory his history with girls, his family and the life style he lead. On an even more major note Logan have her the space she needed when she wanted it but always kept her as involved with him as she wanted to be. He invited her to all the events and didn’t lose it If she said no. Dean could barely give her space for laundry and Jess wouldn’t even call her to makes plans or invite her to his events or come to hers with out throwing a fit. Rory wasn’t a perfect character or girlfriend in the slightest to all of these guys and they didn’t always respond well either but I liked Logan so much. It makes me sad to find out so many people hate him.

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Personally I kinda like mon el he is funny good hearted and yes a bit flawed that is trying to do better and there is nothing wrong with that,I don't get the whole abusive bs blah blah or kara is perfect she doesn't have to date blah blah,stupid,but I don't like the fact that they haven't given him a storyline outside being kara's interest so far and that's why I am looking forward to the next episode where we will see his origins.

Very true. I love Mon-El and how complex his character development has been but I’d love to see more of him outside of his relationship with Kara. I want him to interact with other characters like J’onn or Alex (we already saw him build a friendship with Winn and I love it but lately they barely ever talk anymore and when they do, it somehow relates to Kara like when they just bonded over Winn’s advice on their relationship), I want to see him dealing with his past and adjusting to earth outside of his relationship. And another thing that I want! I love how Mon-El is so open and honest about his feelings for Kara and all the beautiful things he says to her but I also want to see that coming from Kara. I want her to talk about why she’s in love with him, about all the things she loves about him and to express her feelings a little more. I want her to tell Mon-El about how proud she is of him and his journey, about how much she loves the fact that he always makes her laugh, about how much it means to her that he admires her so much… Mon-El thinks so lowly of himself to the point that he honestly thought he deserved to die and having someone as incredible as Kara valuing him and expressing that appreciation would mean a lot to him. So yeah, I already know Mon-El is absolutely in awe of Kara and now I wanna see it coming from her as well.

Do book stans have a schedule? Cause honestly it’s like every two weeks y'all pop into the tag to talk about how great and flawed Alec and Magnus are in the books. And how it’s totally fine that Alec is biphobic and it shames Magnus and plots to take his immortality with his abusive ex. It’s fifty/fifty on whether you’ll defend book!Magnus for keeping his past to himself or demonize him for it. Either way.

Stop defending biphobic behavior as a character flaw and stop acting like it’s an okay or good or interesting thing. It’s not. Especially not when we all know that these issues don’t get resolved on page. Alec and Magnus’ relationship isn’t important enough to Casserole for her to actually build them up on the page. It all happens off page.

Honestly just stop trying to preach to show fans about how we some kind of debt to CC and the books. We don’t. We don’t owe her anything.

The 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge

Day 10 - Least Favorite Companion 

River Song 

“Why the ever living fuck do people believe River Song is a feminist icon?” 

Look, I fully understand why people might enjoy the character: the actress who plays her is charismatic, the concept behind the character is interesting even if the execution is flawed, her unique relationship with the Doctor, while problematic, still lends itself to potential story possibilities, ect. and so forth.

It’s fine if people like River Song. I don’t care about that. 

What I take umbrage at, is the mentality, that River is some how this big break through in female representation for the show. 

Ok, first off, River is not the first companion to be the Doctor’s “equal” in terms of abilities. Susan, Zoe, and both Romana’s, have been shown to be the Doctor’s equal in terms of intelligence and capabilities.  The Doctor just has more real world experience than them and the same applies to River because it’s the Doctor. He has more experience than everybody and everybody takes a back seat to him because he’s the star.  

In fact the only companions to be equal to the Doctor in terms of experience and story focus would be Barbara and Ian. Back when the Doctor was new and didn’t know everything yet, Babs and Ian were discovering the universe along with him and they saved the day just as much as he did. 

Add into this, the fact that River is a text book example of a “ Strong, Independent Woman Syndrom”. We are told she’s this amazingly smart person but all we see her do is “action stuff” cause “Strong Independent Woman” ya’ll. Despite the fact that one can not be independent if one’s entire life revolves around someone else.  

Every major decision River makes, from birth until death is for the Doctor. A man she has been brainwashed to be obsessed over.  And we never see her over come and break away from this. She was created to solely be a love interest, not a character in her own right. 

To claim River Song is “Independent” or a representation of “Feminist values”, is an insult to every real woman who has ever worked hard to achieve something because they themselves wanted it for no other reason than to please themselves.    

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Feminism is about choice! Since every decision River makes is greatly influenced by others or Moffat’s “timey-wimey” predestination, she therefore has no agency with in her own story. And with out agency, River Song can never be a positive influence in the fight for real female representation.    

honestly and i love mass effect so much because it’s such a perfect example of the ‘found family’ trope. like, for all it’s flaws, bioware set up so so many intricate relationships not just between shep and love interests, but between everyone, between all the different crew members and ground teams and species and ugh they pull off so much world-building and character-building just through npc’s various dialogues even when you can’t interact with them and wow i love mass effect

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you know i always felt so bad for buffy cause i felt that she never really got emotional support from the rest of the scooby gang, like she was going through a lot of fucked up shit for a teenage girl and her friends(mostly xander) always criticized her for not being a perfect virginal madonna type girl child. the only person who i felt like she had a really interesting relationship on the show was faith.

hmm I would have to agree and disagree. I think Bonnie and her friends forged many meaningful connections - buffy and willow for instance but also Buffy/Cordelia, Buffy/Giles - and while these connections weren’t always 100% supportive and flaw-free (some of these flaws was caused by creative lapses on the part of the writers) IMHO that’s realistic. No relationship or friendship can be one hundred percent empathetic and supportive all the time because human beings aren’t wired that way. We all fuck up and make selfish, impulsive decisions and hurt people we love. What matters is how we atone for these human errors and what we choose to prioritize. I think despite all their struggles, Buffy and her friends did prioritize each other in a meaningful way. That being said, I agree that Buffy was ultimately isolated in a way that none of her relationships platonic or romantic seemed to alleviate (Faith being the important exception, but also Kendra! When Kendra said “you’re not the only freak” to Buffy MY YOUNG GAY HEART FLUTTERED SO HARD ugh Kendra/Buffy should’ve been a long and beautiful relationship sigh anyway) and I think that’s a deliberate part of her narrative. Being a young woman who fights back is isolating in a patriarchal culture. Being a hero is isolating in a culture based on power and violence. And often people who are called to do a certain kind of work the way Buffy was are isolated in profound and tragic ways. I think it’s meant to make us question the true costs of heroism and strength, and provoke more questions than answers about what it means to stand up and fight back. IMHO.

When you meet someone you have to assume something about them, it’s the same as projection. If you find them fascinating, maybe it’s because they smell good or they’re symmetrical or something, you immediately assume that they embody the ideal. That’s an oversimplification, but the oversimplification has a basis. The basis is: if it’s interesting to me, it must be close to the ideal. Well yeah, except that the person you’re attracted to is warped and bent and flawed and twisted in 300 ways and you’ll find that out soon enough, as they will about you. That often just blows the relationship to bits because you think “oh well she wasn’t who I though she was”, but it’s like who ever said she was who you thought she was?? Where did you get the misapprehension that she was going to be who you thought she was? God what do you know? You’re led around by your sense of smell and your ability to detect symmetry. That’s not very sophisticated.
—  Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

someone: why do you like mettaton so much

me (internally): i think mettaton is a far deeper character than some people give him credit for- he’s deeply flawed and tends to be incredibly selfish, but at the same time cares a lot about certain people, more than i think he even realizes. he’s super complex and interesting and his relationships with the other characters - especially alphys and napstablook - are really interesting to me.

me (externally): sexy calculator

               consider this a PERMANENT SHIPPING CALL.  because??  not done one before.

               so um.  i’m just sort of curious.  as i don’t really often do a lot of shipping on my muses but i’d be interested in it??    since it’s a part of life & all. & i’m interested in all kinds of relationships but this one is solely for the romantic/life partner kinda’ bonds. be it fluffy, angsty, dark, unrequited, possessive, love/hate.  i want realistic, flawed relationships as well as lovely, hopeful ones.   also Arya is into any gender potentially so hmu. 

               **note like that if you like this post    it isn’t locking us into a relationship or even def. trying anything.  i’m just curious & this might be a better way than waiting for either of us to say anything. 

kismet-sims  asked:

19 20 and 30:)

19. What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?

It’s extremely hard for Bunni to keep interested, and at the same time feel loved and not paranoid. This really goes for any relationship whether platonic or romantic. based on past experiences most relationships feel like a way to further the other person, and leave her in the dust once they got what they wanted. so really, most relationships are all destroyed by this :)) its great

thaddeus is the only exception! good brother.

20. In what ways does your character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism?

she used to compare herself ALL the time to Jubilee, and even Amaryllis & Thaddeus to a degree. when you’re all created for the same single, important purpose its kinda hard not to criticize yourself and compare.

30. What does your character find repulsive or disgusting?

bugs and weather changes. she can deal with bugs as long as they stay away, but weather? hell no. on her planet the weather was like a constant 65F. San Myshuno can reach 100F if it wants to in the summer, and at that point she’s like that scene in the old Spongebob where he’s all dried up in Sandy’s dome yellin about water.


Black Sails meme: [2/5] relationships
  ↳ Eleanor and Richard 

“I was focused on the work and I saw no future in which a daughter would have a meaningful part in that. But, Eleanor, look how wrong I was. Look at what you’ve accomplished here. Pirate crews repurposed as merchant shippers and showing profits. You have proved the conceit possible. You are making real what was for decades a fantasy. The idea that this place can be transformed, made profitable, redeemed from within and on its own terms? You are doing this without any help from me, nor from Whitehall, nor from anyone in London at all. It is entirely of your own making. And it is miraculous.
One day, years from now, someone in London will sit down, light his pipe and tell his children of the unlikely success story that was Nassau. And he will say it all began with a woman who decided to make it so. You have proven me so very wrong. And I could not be prouder of you for it.”


overall rate: 10
romantic rate: 7
sexual rate: 10

basic dynamics
these two are extremely similar, besides the fact that the sagittarius is less likely to show interest at first. this romance will be more like friendship in the sense that most people will think they’re just best friends. they will have a lot of fun together and always have something to laugh about. their fatal flaw is that they probably won’t talk about their true emotions very often. this relationship will either be very short or very long-term. no medium.

how they deal with arguments
it is likely that they won’t argue very often, but when they do they will tackle it head on. they will try to sort it out as quickly as possible (eventually coming to a mutual agreement). that or they will start laughing in the middle of the argument. if it is very serious chances are they will split up for good. and while both are reasonably forgiving, it is very unlikely that they will pair up again.

So, I just finished the final season of Hemlock Grove...

and all I can say is Thank fucking God it’s over. I wanted to claw out my own fucking eyeballs just to make it stop.

I mean, this show has always had its flaws, but THIS season!? It’s like they gave up. No horror. No suspense. No atmosphere. Boring. Meandering. Nonsensical. More plot holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese. And most infuriating of all… they unnecessarily destroyed the central friendship between Roman and Peter and proceeded to kill off EVERYONE for the sake of finality. It was such a slap in the face to people who have followed this show, and its core relationship, from the beginning.

The writers wasted any potential this show ever had of being a dark, weird and interesting drama and turned it into a muddled, frustrating mess.

It was truly, completely fucking awful and I cannot wait to move on and forget this show ever fucking existed.

mojavejourneys  asked:

Fallout OC questions: `11, 19, 31, 45 and 52 for Callinan.

11. their biggest flaw? do they recognize it as a flaw?
pride. he doesn’t think he has any serious flaws.

19. what natural alignment are they? 
chaotic neutral

31. what’s their love life like? are they interested in anyone or in a relationship?

flirts his was across the mojave, tends to prefer casual, low-commitment relationships, but head over heels in love with one arcade israel gannon.

45. are they the type to get distracted and go off to an unknown nearby location or do they stay on track?
he stays focused on his goals & completely tunes out distractions. 

52. are they good at disarming traps or do they constantly miss them?
pretty damn good, his perception is fairly high. & he looks where he’s going.

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KyoSaya if you still do the shipping thing ?

3 = I could see why others like it but not at all my taste

I’m more than likely in the minority here but yeah, I’m not a fan of KyouSaya. Like, at all. And it’s not like I dislike them, they are both my two favourite characters (Kyoko because she’s the pinnacle of awesome, and Sayaka because she’s flawed and interesting). It’s just that I don’t see them in a romantic relationship because they barely had any interactions to begin with. Out of the few times they actually talked, they were more or less friendly two times - the first one ended with Kyoko being angry and Sayaka being arrogant, and the second one ended with Sayaka turning into a witch.

I mean, both of them had more developped relationships with the others. Kyoko and Mami ? They have a CD drama and The Different Story. Sayaka and Madoka ? Lifelong friends, Sayaka is always willing to defend her and Madoka returns the favor by supporting her emotionally. Sayaka and Mami ? She sees the latter as a role model and they share the same idealism (even if Sayaka’s is misguided). Heck, Sayaka has even more history with Kyousuke than with Kyoko. Really it seems to me that KyouSaya was mostly one-sided from Kyoko’s part and even then, considering her backstory with Mami and the shell she developed, it’s incredible that she fell for Sayaka so fast just because she “saw her past self in her”.

If it were more developped like, say, Kyoko’s relationship with Mami, then okay. But as of now we have nothing but hints, and their personnality clash too much. Not my cup of tea, really.

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Nice pictures of Lee Pace but I think he's gay. Sucks when good looking guys are gay!😔

Who said that???? Just because someone isn’t in a relationship or is single, it doesn’t mean he is gay or must have big flaws….

And honestly I don’t know anything about his private life. I just liked him in some movies. Like Hugh Jackman. It is quite interesting how every male actor I like was or is called being gay … Lee Pace, Richard Armitage, Hugh Jackman, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans (maybe he is)…… 

By the way my number one will always be Tom Hiddleston. And I’m sure he is not gay. Because once (some time ago) he wrote (was it on facebook or other homepage) that he is straigth and we know he had a girlfriend (and that he likes boobs… lol). 

This is such a dumb problem but like… this guy I’ve been seeing is TOO nice…he’s TOO polite and TOO well-educated and TOO wealthy it’s like….okay…am I dating a one-dimensional lifestyle channel movie romantic interest
Idk man I like guys who have flaws it just feels like he’s doing everything in his power to please me and I thot I wanted that but I really don’t after all…I want like a legit human being who is independent and not constantly trying to do things to impress or make me happy

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The argument shal/adins use (my parents had a 10 year age gap and it's healthy) is flawed bc? Most age gap relationships aren't and THATS THE POINT. Why would you risk minors getting hurt just bc SOME relationships might be okay?

yeah like..just because age gaps are normalized in your life doesn’t mean you should expose kids to potential harm and abuse. there is no good reason for anyone to try and justify an adult being romantically/sexually interested in a child, and no singular experience will overshadow the inherent abuse in minor-adult relationships.

Oz is my favorite shounen protagonist. His character development is perfect and well written. He is clever, understanding and has a gentle personality. His character and relationship with other characters are both realistic and cordial. I usually don’t like shounen protagonists, they are annoying and perfect but Oz is calm, sincere and has flaws which make him stronger and more human. He lose, he fall but he stand up and continue fighting. He is too beautiful, reading him is really interesting..
     –submitted by anonymous