like this is such a flawed and interesting relationship

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Do you think it's fair to start a relationship with someone if you're depressed?

This is a very interesting concept. I realize that at the inception of a budding (or potential) relationship with someone, it is best practice to showcase your most refined and flawless self. You want to the person of interest to think you’re perfect, you want them to like you. People are inherently flawed, however. The nuance between individuals makes us exactly that; individual. One’s allergy to peanuts, phobia of heights, reluctance to anything spicy (me af), susceptibility to depression, everything about us makes us who we are. When gauging the morality of a decision, especially when it’s not exclusively your emotions being weighed in the equation, I’m not so sure I have enough information to answer the question you’re asking. What I do believe is true in life, is love is the most beautiful thing we as humans do, make and feel. Without love, life would be utterly meaningless. We need it for purpose. We need it for passion. Love makes colors more vibrant, sounds more euphonious, food more delicious. We as humans have been able to manufacture a great many things, like clothes to keep us warm and drugs to make us “happy”, but something we cannot develop in a laboratory is love. It is something we cannot buy, it is something we cannot cheat. True love is the most precious and authentic display we can gift this world.
So, do I think it’s fair or unfair to start a relationship with someone if you’re depressed? I think it’s selfish to deny yourself and the world the opportunity to love. Be honest with your partner. Relationships take work, but love is in fact the most beautiful thing in this life.

I Want To Know You

This spread is for getting to know a person, spirit, or deity! It lays everything out and is probably going to snatch/roast you. Proceed with caution and hopes of honesty. 

1. Who you are. 

This card can be a card you place as a signifier of who you’re doing your work on if you know (for example, for myself I always place Queen of Wands, or for one of my spirit guides, I place Sirius.), or a card that you draw to answer a question. 

2. The good part of you. 

This is the good part of you. I ALWAYS go for the positive definition for this card, reversed or not, because the intention of this spread is to have a positive thing here. 

3. The bad part of you. 

This is where you get snatched, alright? Don’t be upset. I’m going to make a further spread on how to target this card specifically, but this is the card that shows either your insecurity, your main flaw, or something that you’ve recently hecked up. 

4. The downside to your good.

Every beautiful thing has an ugly side, and this is what the bad part of your good is. For me, it’s usually like “Hey, you’re really generous and kind, but you are emotionally unstable and draining yourself.” 

5. The upside to your bad. 

This is where your bad helps you. An example for myself is like, “Hey, you find really unhealthy relationships, but you’re great at cutting ties.”


If anyone is interested, I’ll do this for them, just shoot me a message with your name or initials and the spread name!

Part of yourself that will be vague or you will be confused about

Neptune in 1st: How you see yourself. You will be confused about who you are and will keep searching for yourself in other people’s eyes until you realize that people’s reaction and image of you is not what defines you but how you view yourself does. 

Neptune in 2nd: Money. You are probably bad at saving calculating money and you easily give them to who ever needs it. you will waste your money on art and music and your work can be related to art and music. 

Neptune in 3rd: Your thinking is blurred. your ideas are scattered and unorganized , you also may have problem in focusing and you may stutter when you speak. when you speak your words are always soft and sweet. relationship with siblings is very victimizing as you may always take the blame for their mistakes. 

Neptune in 4th: Meaning of family. you will have idealistic views of how a family should be but you may be disappointed because your family do not hold these views. you will always be confused about your roots and mother as you can never clearly see your mother. she may haven’t been there for you when you needed her or she doesn’t provide you with the amount of love that you need. 

Neptune in 5th: Passion. You are passionate about many thing yet you don’t know what they are and every time you think you finally found something you are passionate about you lose interest fast and go to another one.  

Neptune in 6th: Work. You procrastinate a lot in your work and tend to be lazy and you lose energy fast. you are also probably bad at organizing work and you are messy when it comes to your health as you might forget eating or drinking water sometimes. 

Neptune in 7th: Relationships. You fall in love easily and you tend to idealize that person and see them as angels but when you realize they have flaws too you become disoriented and confused. you want love like that exists in movies and dramas where both of the lovers sacrifice and die for each other. 

Neptune in 8th: Intimacy. You will be confused about intimacy and might give of yourself too much and sacrifice for your partner a lot. You will have fears of abandonment and alone which might make you clingy and you might turn a blind eye to your partner's flaws just to keep the relationship going. Just like Neptune in 7th you will idealize these relationships and you will see your partner as an angel instead of who they really are.

Neptune in 9th: Beliefs. You will be confused about what you believe in or what people make you believe in. People may play with your beliefs and make you believe their own beliefs. Sometimes you will feel empty when it comes to faith and beliefs. You might change your beliefs constantly until you find the right one.    

Neptune in 10th: Ambition. You will be confused about what is it that you want to work in and you might work different jobs until you find the right one. You will have vague relationships with authorities (father as well) as they will true to mold you to their own liking. People will see what they want to see in you but not the real you.  

Neptune 11th: Friendships. You will have lots of confusing friendships, you will be idealistic when it comes to your friends and you will see them as you want to them to be but not for who they really are. May have artistic and introverted friends and you may also end relationships suddenly because they become harmful to you than good. Very idealistic and you want to be able to live in a utopia one day. 

Neptune 12th: Dreams. You will have weird dreams that sometimes may be a prediction or a message to warn you about something, maybe its your subconscious trying to make sense of everything that is going on or is actually trying to help you to full wake up and be aware of your surroundings. in your dreams you will feel like Alice falling in the rabbit hole and with no way out. in your dreams you will feel everything and will interact with the objects in your dreams at the same time you will also be watching the dream as if it is a movie.   

I’m just so happy with the way YOI subverted all the expected tropes with Victor’s character? I never expected him to be evil or an inherently bad person or dying or something sinister like that. This was clearly not this kind of show from the beginning. 

But seriously the smartest writing in the entire show might be the way they crafted those early episodes to give us the impression of Victor as a rather… hedonistic playboy; impulsive and eccentric. A man who needed to learn love, compassion, etc. The flaws we do see from him add to this impression; he can be very tactless, he’s forgetful, etc. Both of these flaws can easily be tied to selfishness or being uncaring, but they’re just flaws he happens to have (the lack of tact likely because he has so few close interpersonal relationships). The reason he comes across hedonistic is because for once in his life he’s actually allowing himself to enjoy himself, which he hasn’t had a chance to do before. And of course as for the touchy feely playboy thing well… see episode ten (this is not normal for him. It’s just toward Yuuri who he honestly thought was romantically interested in him). 

He’s selfish, he only thinks of himself. Yakov says so. At this point in time we have no reason not to trust this outside perspective. The Eros story is clearly meant to make us think of Victor. He’s the playboy who comes to town, and Yuuri is the beautiful woman that has captured his attention. 

But the show just FLIPS THAT ON ITS HEAD Victor is not that at all and I… love it??  The thing is, none of those things (Yakov’s comments, the Eros story) come from Victor himself, and all of the above are totally different with full context (once we discover it i.e. after the banquet reveal) or are misconceptions. 

And Victor is SO much better a character for this. 

It’s expert writing. It’s so good. I love this show. 

Femslash February couples meme day 23

Femslash February couples meme

Day 23: the couple you like writing/creating content for most of all (and why)

Kitty and Illyana are two of my favorite X-men. I love Illyana’s dark magik, sarcasm, and angst about being unable to control her inner demons. I love Kitty’s sense of humor, cleverness - in computer science like in politics - and I love the girls’ flaws too.

One of the things who inspire me to write shippy stuff is the kind of relationship where there’s subtext, enough of it to really believe in the relationship, but it’s frustratingly not canon. And they have been this for too long. ^^ Well, first, in the whole Claremont arc.

(Also, Kitty’s been recently named “the queerest X-men” and sounds like a repressed bisexual, and Illyana never had a male love interest, and both lesbians and aro and/or ace people would like to have her but still she’s very probably queer. She’s got at least one lesbian and one bisexual alternate versions)

Also, I love the evolution of their relationship. The uneasy beginning, when for Kitty Illyana was “just” her boyfriend’s tiny sister she babysat, turned into a teenager by dark magics. Where for Illyana Kitty was “just” an alternate version of the mentor she had to kill.

Then them growing into teammates and best friends.

Well, with sort of competing teams, but still best friends, and I love what the plot did with their psychic link.

And then Illyana sacrificed herself and became an innocent child again, and Kitty was torn between being happy for her and losing her best friend, and honestly even if it stopped here I would have loved their story and ficced a lot (I have).

But they made Illyana come back! And even if at the beginning they were estranged first (lazy writing), then angry at each other (not lazy but I didn’t like it), and then Bendis had them reconcile, yeah! (then he shipped Kitty to space, not yeah)

So they have potential futures together. Lots of them. To be honest, when Kitty was leading the young X-men as “professor K” and Illyana was part of Magneto and Cyclops’ team, I had some hopes for them to be the Xavier and Magneto of next generation. They can be best friends and will always be, but they have also potential to be adversaries - but also to be a team by themselves. It didn’t go here, but Marvel is still the fandom of hundreds of AUs.

Some “canon AUs” for them:

So many possibilities!

Also, they have this “science and magic” vibe that I always love. And the contrast between their so weird lifes and very relatable personalities will always work for me.

(And I have a friend who ship them, so at least one person will read my fics. It really helps.)

I should write them again.

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But you do rag on Peter/Spider-Man A LOT. Why?

i do not!! i rag on deadpool equally as much, if not more,, ask anybody. deadpool is a literal murderer. i’ve had trouble writing this finale of ask-spiderpool because i believe that wade has Far more to apologise for than peter, (wade is absolutely selfish and nearly every action wade’s taken on ask-spiderpool has been driven by selfishness – wade lied to peter for a very long time to keep peter’s attention on him) and on TOP of that i fully believe wade is stubborn enough to not apologise for some of the things he did. wade is flawed. he’s so flawed that he’s either a writer’s dream or a writer’s nightmare. i figure that’s pretty much a given. do you know deadpool? everything he does is terrible, mostly. do you want me to harp on about how terrible deadpool is?? i will. he kills people. also!! he’s profoundly interesting. and what else is interesting? poking flaws in other characters. flaws are interesting. conflict is interesting. wade and peter arguing is the interesting part of their relationship, to me. and it’s so much harder to root for a couple when there’s only one character in the wrong. if wade was the only screw-up,, wouldn’t you be like “fuck.. why does pete even waste his time, man..”  spider-man has a million reasons to dislike deadpool. deadpool can’t just have unwavering respect for spider-man. that relationship isn’t fair. that relationship isn’t interesting. that relationship is one sided. spider-man needs to be taken down a peg or two. they both need to have something to learn by the end of it. at least,, that’s how i feel. i wouldn’t have invested so much into it if that wasn’t the case. 

look,, i love these characters and the reason is because their flaws are interesting and are something i want to see being conquered. neither of them are perfect, please,, that is so bori n g  


There seems to be a pattern when it comes to couples in South Park. Person A wears a secondary color which is a combination of the two primary colors Person B wears.

Here is the “main” couple of South Park, Stan and Wendy. Stan wears Red and Blue, and Wendy wears purple. In this couple we can also see a second color comparasin, with Wendy wearing yellow and Stan wearing brown. It could be said that yellow is a brighter version of brown, showing how Wendy is a more cheerful character than her counterpart.

This is the second most prominent couple in South Park, Craig and Tweek. Craig wears blue and yellow, and Tweek wears green. It seems as though the person wearing the two primary colors is usually the more emotionally repressed of the pair, and perhaps the duality represents two different sides of the character which only the person bearing their corresponding secondary color can put together?

Okay, so the two most canon couples in South Park share this color scheme pattern. But how can we apply this? Can this predict which couples in the future will become canon?

There is a lot of evidence throughout the show that this couple will eventually become canon one way or another. With Cartman’s sexual fixation on Kyle (the Imaginationland trilogy only being the most dastic example of this) and Kyle’s jealous nature (not only in season 20, but also in the episode “It’s a Jersey Thing” where Kyle fought agressively to protect him from a woman who tried to rape him) and feeling of responsibility (he’s almost always the one to save Cartman when he’s in over his head). The color scheme rule works here too, with Cartman wearing yellow and blue and Kyle wearing green. There is also a complimentary color scheme going on here, Kyle’s green and orange contrasting nicely against Cartman’s red and blue, symbolizing how they’re complete opposites and yet are most successful when they work together.

Now, just in case you guys think I just pulled some random thing I noticed out of thin air to show you my OTP is “canon” or whatever, let me show you this:

Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner also follow this pattern. Cartman wears yellow and blue, Heidi wears red and green. Notice how Cartman doesn’t wear red when he’s around her, because that would contrast with the green in a way that suggests conflict, which is something their relationship lacks. There is, however, a hint of orange in Heidi’s hat, which contrasts with Cartman’s blue and suggests that their relationship will eventually come into conflict - something interesting I’d like to point out here is that Heidi didn’t start actually wearing the hat until season 20, setting her apart from the background cast and establishing her as a foreground character much like Wendy. The inclusion of the hat symbolizes a redefining of her character as a powerful genious, but it also foreshadows the inevitable conflict. As much as Cartman tries to redefine himself as Eric, he won’t be able to escape his own character flaws, and this will eventually be the downfall of their relationship.

Now, just for fun, I’m going to see which other couples would fall under this pattern…

Clyde wears red and blue, Token wears purple. I’m not going to claim to know anything about their relationship, but according to their color schemes, they would make a very nice couple.

Professor Chaos wears blue and a little bit of red, Mysterion wears purple and green (green and red are complimentary colors) (it’ll be interesting to see how they interact in Fractured But Whole)

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What's your opinion on Emori/memori in general? I'm not a fan of her, personally. She's badass and she's a survivor but she's too cruel for my liking. And I know why she is this way but still, especially after the newest clip. Let's just leave Raven out of it ok girl? And idk about memori. I don't think she's a great influence on him but she does make him happy, and I think she really does care about him and only him.

Originally posted by raven-gifs

I love Emori. She’s a badass bitch and no excuses. And I don’t mean badass as in, dominating everyone with flashy fighting. I mean Bad. Ass. Bitch. She is NOT a flat “Strong Female Character,” who acts like a stereotypical male hero without earning it, and rejecting feminine characteristics.

She’s a survivor. Not a hero. She’s a mutant. She’s a reject. She’s a robber. She’s an outlaw. She will do whatever she needs to get by. Murphy is her people. Everyone else is a means to an end. She’s been ground down and she’s clawed her way to where she is. And she’s NOT on top. She’s not a winner. She’s not powerful. She’s lost everything and she clings to what she has left, John. She doesn’t trust anyone but him, for good reason. She’s smart and suspicious. And loving. She has hopes and dreams even if they are small dreams of a little bunker to ride out the apocalypse. 

That is a GOOD character. 

She is not a Disney princess. She’s not an ingenue. She’s not a helper person. She’s not “good” person. But she’s interesting and her choices affect the story and our heroes.

Would I follow her lead? Not in a million. Would a trust her? Nope. Do I like her? 


And it’s fantastic that with a character as flawed and complicated as that, as tough and ruthless as she is, she has such a tender, gentle relationship with Murphy. You say she’s a bad influence on Murphy? Do you forget that this is the boy who peed on a kid? Hanged Bellamy? He’s come a long way, but he’s not a Disney prince, either. Emori brought him back to humanity. Gave him a reason to love and trust someone, gave him a reason to think beyond his own survival. Again. This is a good story. Their relationship is interesting and realistic. 

I don’t look for my favorite stories to be stories of perfect people. I like flawed characters making hard decisions and becoming better people. And I don’t think Raven is some delicate flower who needs to be protected. I don’t think Raven would appreciate being treated like that, either. In fact, it’s part of her character that she doesn’t. She’s more like Murphy and Emori than she is like Clarke or Abby, to be quite honest. She’s the one who felt no remorse at torturing Lincoln. The one ready to blow up the bridge or army or generator. She’s the one who accused Bellamy and Clarke of being killers, and denied Abby medicine to treat patients. She’s growing and changing and becoming more humane, but no. Raven is not a Disney princess either. And I like that about her. 

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Is the reason why femlash fics are so few because the ships are fairly a new thing? Or just gaining popularity? I feel like luna/ginny is just new. Or is it just only getting popular in tumblr lately? It's so frustrating. The lack of femslash fics. :(

Also most femslash fics are either short fluffy ones or smutty ones. No really long ones with proper development. It’s so sad.

This is a question that needs a really thought out analysis of fandom culture as a whole, and doesn’t just have one answer. I’ll try to talk about a few. One of the reasons is that the main, and well-developed side characters are usually male. People read and write about protagonists more because there’s just more knowledge and depth available, it makes writing and connecting with the character easier. This is of course directly connected to real life gender dynamics and societal beliefs. Speaking of which, they influence the fandom a lot. Sexism in fandoms is real and very evident. How many female bashing fics have we encountered, especially in slash fandoms? How many times we’ve seen female characters get hated on for qualities and flaws a male character would’ve been happily excused or forgiven for? A direct example of the most common attitudes toward the grief of Cho Chang and Severus Snape. Who gets more sympathy? Sexism doesn’t end with attitudes toward characters as well. There’s also that implicit belief that a story, or even a relationship, must have a male to be interesting or meaningful. I know this sounds like a terrible accusation, but we all have varying degrees of sexism to unlearn inside of us and some of us naturally project those to their fandom experiences.
Lets try another approach. Here is the demographic information of the AO3 census survey. One important point the note is that according to this data, 80% of ao3 users are female, and 29% of the participants are straight. This, along with my own observations, points to the obvious. There are a good portion of straight people, who are mostly female, interacting with content they’re interested in and apparently that’s slash. I don’t like to generalize or stereotype fandom as a whole, but i’d have to be really ignorant to say that mlm commodification/fetishization doesn’t play a part here. It’s not a nice thought, but homophobia (especially against wlw) is very much alive and well in fandoms. 
But… that can’t be it, right? That’s not the fandom we interact with? Surely, those people do exist, and we do come across them from time to time, but are they really the majority? No, actually they aren’t. Back to our data, when combined 49% of the participants identified as not heterosexual, and 55% identified as belonging to a gender, sexual and/or romantic minority. So why is there so little femslash content in a community that is in majority formed by non-cishet females? Two explanations come to me. One, women don’t feel comfortable reading/writing about female sexuality because they’ve been actively taught that it was shameful and should be kept secret. I’ve heard multiple LGBT female fans say that it felt too personal to write about femslash. And two, and perhaps the most explicit factor. There aren’t enough people who support femslash content creators because of the reasons above and maybe more. Femslash writers get only a scrap of attention and appreciation slash writers receive. The lack of likes, notes, hits, kudos and comments results in them not being motivated to get involved with bigger projects, or stop writing femslash all together. 
A little disclaimer, these are all my personal thoughts about the subject, which are mostly HP fandom centric and made by thinking about the majorities in demographics. I’m not targeting any one group, or disregarding any other. 

The interesting thing to me about Elliot and Tyrell’s relationship is that you can clear-cut have a good guy versus a bad guy. That’s the way we sort of set it up at the beginning of the whole show. What’s incredibly fascinating to me is, what if these two people actually have a connection? What if literally the guy we’re supposed to hate actually loves our hero? And there isn’t this sort of conventional antagonistic relationship that they have — that it’s out of love, as opposed to hate, that there’s this friction, that there’s this battle? I always thought that was interesting, that usually the hero and the villain of any story are deeply flawed characters. Well, what if these two have the same flaws and are two sides of the same coin, and they both see that and feel that and connect on that? I think there’s something a lot more complicated there. We can go into a lot of deeper levels into what that relationship and that conflict will look like going forward.
my final statement on Kevin’s adaptation

Look I’ve gone my arguments about the inevitability of adaptational impossibility in shifting a narrative from an immersive and intensely imaginative reading experience to a cohesive audio-visual presentation of certain filmmakers’ visions–it’s never gonna get things Exactly Right to Please Everyone

and also Sullivan fucked a fair few things up from the books we can all admit that because it’s on view for all to see and has been for literally decades

but my final argument is this















look I own the first two Sullivan Anne movies on DVD

I watch them I enjoy them I love them for a lot of reasons

but much like my relationship dynamic with my tunnel-visioned conservative-voting father whatever love I feel does not mean I’m gonna DEFEND IT AGAINST ALL COMERS AND IGNORE ITS FLAWS like there’s moments you just gotta go “oh my god, dad, I love you but shut up,” and “Kevin who the fuck told you it was alright to write in a dodgy as fuck aging love interest with smoker’s teeth?”

I’m not going to insist that Anne the Series be everybody’s cup of tea

but I am going to ask all the affronted purists to return the favour

one fan’s grimdark shitshow is another fan’s moving and refreshing new take

one fan’s Definitive Classic is another fan’s “ehh it could have been a lot better”

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What do you love about Sansa Stark?

Anon, prepare yourself because the  anwer is LONG. There are a lot of things that I love about her (she is my favorite character in ASOIAF afterall..). 

The first reason  that comes to mind is that she is NORMAL. She starts the story as a very avarage 12 years old, she loves stories of knights and songs about love. She wants to live in a fairytale. These are all things that made me feel connected to her from the start. 

I love her flaws: how  sometimes she cant face the truth, because it scares her.  It makes her more relatable. Her relationship with lies its one of the most interesting things in the books. (the unkiss! the trident incident! and i can go on and on…). 

I love her kindness, how she saved Dontos, or helped Lancel. 

Her desire to be loved and to find someone to love. This is something that breaks my heart, I dont like how some people accuse Sansa on being power hungry and wanting to be queen because she wants to rule everyone (looking at you dumb and dumber). Thats not what i understand from her story. Sansa wants to be loved, she wants to love. To the point that she betrays her father for it (it was a betrayal….just not for power but FOR LOVE). 

“How well I know that, child,” Cersei said, her voice so kind and sweet. “Why else should you have come to me and told me of your father’s plan to send you away from us, if not for love?

“It was for love,” Sansa said in a rush. “Father wouldn’t even give me leave to say farewell.” She was the good girl, the obedient girl, but she had felt as wicked as Arya that morning, sneaking away from Septa Mordane, defying her lord father. She had never done anything so willful before, and she would never have done it then if she hadn’t loved Joffrey as much as she did” 

Tyrion was surprised. “Truly? His own daughter?“ Sansa had always seemed such a sweet child, tender and courteous.

The girl was wet with love. She would have done anything for Joffrey, until he cut off her father’s head and called it mercy. That put an end to that.“ 

Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart, and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa would never make that mistake again.

Wich brings me to another reason as to why i love Sansa: she learns from her mistakes. She adapts. She uses the hard lessons to be better. 

How she loves to sew and dance, how she uses her femine traits, her lady courtesy as an armor. Sansa is not just a lady, she is THE LADY.  She rappresents all that is good about that term.

Ser Boros was an ugly man with a broad chest and short, bandy legs. His nose was flat, his cheeks baggy with jowls, his hair grey and brittle. Today he wore white velvet, and his snowy cloak was fastened with a lion brooch. The beast had the soft sheen of gold, and his eyes were tiny rubies. "You look very handsome and splendid this morning, Ser Boros,” Sansa told him. A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what.

Sansa felt that she ought to say something. What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A lady’s armor is courtesy, that was it. She donned her armor and said, “I’m sorry my lady mother took you captive, my lord." 

How Smart she is. (but i hate how she doesnt believe in herself..she doesnt trust her instinct because she lost lady) 

Her relationship with Bran (how similiar they are, both young and loved children whose hopes and dreams are broken early in their life)

Her (very problematic but real) relatioship with her sister Arya. 

Her strange link  with the greek goodness Persephone (who blossomed in the spring but is the Queen of Winter) 

How Grrm is setting up the classical story of the student who surpasses the master with her and littlefinger. 

Her strange parallels with Jon snow (maaan i could go on and on on those…)

How she brings out the kindest side of  the characters personality  like Tyrion, Sandor and yes even Dontos. 

How she looks like Catelyn but has the same sense of honor as Ned.

How she calls her self: the blood of Winterfell. How even after joffrey and the lannisters, and losing her direwolf she is still A STARK.

How she builds a castle in the snow which rappresents her home. 

But my ultime reason for loving Sansa stark with all of my heart is this quote:

There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.  

This is important for me because Sansa is a person what endured beatings, and awful men and is afraid for  her life since she was a 12 years old who has seen the “love of her life” kill her father. Still after all she has suffered, she believes that there are good people, that the hope is not all lost. She didnt become cynical, she becomes stronger but not hateful. 

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I hope people know that most lapidot shippers hate the current state of the show + their relationship. This isn't what we wanted. There are pretty much no new (post Log Date 7 15 2) lapidot shippers, 99% of us started back when Lapis and Peridot were still interesting and well-designed characters with a lot of potential..... there were like 59976457 ways for lapidot to be a deep and interesting relationship between flawed people and the Crewniverse chose NONE of them

I honestly feel really sorry for you guys! You didn’t deserve this to happen to your ship!!

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Rose quartz !

  • First impression: man what a beautiful design, she sounds wonderful.
  • Impression now: *puts my hands on my face* oh boy
  • Favorite moment: revealing that she’s unable to see humans the same way greg sees her was pretty darn interesting? i liked that as a character flaw.
  • Idea for a story: idk maybe we find out what the fuck was the point of those lions and why she would do this to steven if she knew about the consequences
  • Unpopular opinion: looking back, i dont really agree to the idea that jasper and bismuth were both wronged because they were “fucked over by rose”. in jasper’s case, she hated rose because she killed pink diamond, which was totally justified and necessary.
  • Favorite relationship: gregrose was cute…….for a while
  • Favorite headcanon: rose is just someone who was incapable of leading a rebellion but she loved to pretend like she knew what she was doing to reassure the gems. she would just say what the gems wanted to hear which is why she was always treated like a big deal

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For the ask meme, Leo? :D

First Impression: lol everyone is saying he’s gonna secretly be a sweetheart but obviously that’s not gonna be the case. His hair looks dumb and I won’t like him.

Impression now: I like him a lot he’s such a sweetheart

Favorite Moment: Idk if this counts but in the Leo manga when he tells off Xander about how Garon most likely is the one who ordered Corrin dead and then left without him even getting a chance to reply. Like normally he’d never say something against Xander to his face but he just couldn’t take the charade any longer and just said it. You go lil bro

Idea for a story: Birthright AU Birthright AU Birthright AU

Unpopular Opinion: I think his worst flaws actually make him a really interesting character. I don’t agree with any of them on a personal level and I never will but that doesn’t mean I can’t find him to be more unique and interesting because of them. Every character being the model of perfect morality can be a little boring, but Leo teeters on the line in such a way to make him a very fascinating character.

Favorite Relationship: I find his relationship with Corrin to be very interesting because it’s obvious he’s willing to go through a lot for them. Like betray his country and tell off his brother type of stuff. That’s some pretty heavy stuff and something he doesn’t do lightly but he still does it without regret because he loves Corrin so much. It’s fascinating because he doesn’t really do the same for his other siblings, probably because they don’t do such extreme stuff as Corrin.

Favorite Headcanon: He first started drinking coffee to look more mature and adult like, but he hated the taste so bad he couldn’t drink it without milk and sugar, which just ended up making him look childish again. Now he drinks it on the regular and can’t function well without it in the morning, but he still can’t stand black coffee.

Why Marichat needs to become pre-reveal canon

Okay so here is what I think about our favourite love square. I don’t know if anyone has talked about it, but I thought about it and just decided to write it down. Marichat needs to become a canon or at least Marinette needs to like Chat with the mask, and he needs to start liking Marinette in her civilian form. I feel like they kind of already do, but they just haven’t realised their feelings yet. Anyways the reason this needs to happen is that, they both fell for the other’s ‘perfect’ half. Ladybug has a lot in common with Marinette, I’m not going to list it, but just for example - they both have a heart of gold. But Marinette is awkward, clumsy, and shy in front of her crush, while Ladybug is the perfect superhero with seemingly loads of self esteem. Adrien on the other hand seems to be perfect in his civilian form. I mean just look at him - he is nice and kind, handsome, model, always this sort of calm and cool but never in an i-am-better-than-you-all way. While Chat Noir is his wild side, he makes mistakes, he is dorky, he can get jealous, too flirty. Chat and Mari both have features considered to be flaws (although in my opinion they are both too precious for this world) and they both fell for someone who seems to be perfect. I ship the whole love square so badly, but I think that they can’t have a healthy, normal post reveal relationship if they don’t fall for the imperfection first. Because wouldn’t Adrien love Marinette just because she is Ladybug and wouldn’t a part of him always love the other half of her more and vice versa? Besides if they can’t love each others flaws they can’t love each other at all. I feel like pre-reveal Marichat is the only way their feelings can escalate naturally. And as I said it needn’t be even a real relationship - just a spark, some real confirmation that they can love someone who’s not flawless. Otherwise there would be broken hearts (I can talk about why, if someone is interested?). Additionally it would be just perfect if they both fancy both their normal and hero form at the same time. Hope whoever is reading this got my point. And also - Marichat in my opinion won’t be sin, it would be just two dorks being awkward and cute together. Also Ladynoir is my fave part of the love square so I could not resist adding the other gif as well.

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i havent finished it yet but god kare kano is THE best shoujo anime ever. . like everything was good? the characters were realistic and likeable despite their flaws and even the side characters were well writren and got to have such interesting development and it was such a healthy relationship

bc theyre two kids who are learning more abt themselves and how to be themselves more and just branch out rather than try and keep the images theyve built for themselves their whole life…and they help each other do that by finally opening up to one another and they manage to change enough to do things they didnt realize were important while they focused only on their images like? making friends and spending more time w family ??

nd its not terribly over dramatic either in the way that its resorting to drama as just a pull for u to keep watching like most shoujo anime does now (AHEM love chuunibyou and other delucions COUGH) and the story goes at such a good pace and the animation is so so pretty and it just makes u feel very good and happy when u watch it bc it is so sweet i love it PLEASE WATCH KARE KANO!!!!

@nikapsarska No offense hun, but get outta here with that ‘Malec isn’t interesting’ bullshit. Malec is dynamic and has one of the healthiest relationships on TV, whether thats MLM or not. If your straight ass dislikes it, then don’t watch it. Why do you straights enjoy putting gay people through pain? Go watch your unhealthy hetero relationships and bask in the glory of miscommunication and flaws. Imma be sitting over here enjoying the PERFECTION that is Malec