like this is some mamoru and usagi age gap shit

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One of the things that irks me in those antis while complaining about age difference. Either they work together with hidden homophobes or either themselves are hidden homophobes looking for some excuse to bash a gay ship. Otherwise, how come straight ships in big series like Inu Yasha never got this amount of shit antis complaining? I so bet most of them are fueled by homophobia because of the different proportion of complains.

Yeah, I think so too.

Gay ships are most likely to be attacked by discourse than straight ones will ever be.

I.e. people calling sormik incest(I’ve seen this shit) because they were raised by gramps. Or mikayuu for having spent 4 years living together and calling each other family.

Umm hello? Winry and Ed, anyone? They were raised together too???? For more years than Mika and Yuu?? Called each other family??? Ed calls Pinako “GRANNY”???=

I can’t believe all my childhood friends’ ships are incest now.

Then there’s Otayuri, with 2 years and some months of an age gap, so people call it pedophilia.

What about Mamoru and Usagi, hmm???