like this is funny but also really truthful and important

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I am sorry if I am hurting you with this, but how did you fell for Byakuya? I mean, his questionable morals are excused by his upbringing until a certain point. And even if he softened up a bit, he isn't the friendliest kid in town.

So what if he isn’t the friendliest person I know? He doesn’t hesitate to tell the truth and will always tell you if he thinks you’re doing something stupid. It’s a really important trait for me. And he his kind. In his own way. He doesn’t like or even really know how to show it but deep down he is really nice and respect others more than everything.

He is also extremely smart, our conversations are always so interesting even if I can’t always keep up with everything. I know I can always count on him if I have a problem. And I find him funny too even if most of people don’t.

Oh and the fact that he accepted the fact that he was wrong and did and still does his best to become a better person really impressed me. Not everyone would be able to do it you know.